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A new decade for Sailfish OS

As the year 2020 and a new decade are just around the corner I’d like to thank all our partners, customers, community members, and fellow sailors across the world for being part of the world-changing Jolla Sailfish story for another year. Not only was 2019 a good year but the entire decade has also been a wild ride for us together. Sincere thanks for sailing it with us!

Our dear Sailfish OS, and our company Jolla is steadily approaching an age of 10 years. Most of you know the history. Already from the start we had a bold vision of offering the world a transparent, trusted and privacy-preserving independent alternative for the most personal tech device we use to manage our daily lives – the smartphone. This is the vision we’ve been carrying through all stages of the story, from developing and offering Jolla branded devices in the early days, to the licensing business we’ve been pushing for the past few years.

We are mobile and tech enthusiasts who want to build and develop a mobile operating system we want to use ourselves, and to perfect Sailfish OS for our licensing customers. In parallel we’ve created the Sailfish X program to carry on the Jolla device heritage for all you like-minded people who want to be independent from the big players, who cherish privacy and data integrity, and who simply just enjoy being boldly different!


Strong partnerships and rigorous deep development

The Sailfish OS product is in great shape, and during this year we have released all together six (6!) new Sailfish 3 software releases and six SDK releases. These releases have included enhancements and major features for security, overall user experience, application handling and redesign of some core Sailfish apps. During 2019 we also released a totally rearchitected version of our unique Android-apps-on-native-Linux app support, now including support for Android 8.1 level apps for compatible Sailfish devices. We also launched support for the Sony Xperia 10, our first device to come with user data encryption enabled by default.

Implementing user data encryption has also been a major effort including changes to many different areas of the device. System startup, alarms, emergency calls, system upgrades, and many other areas were impacted by these changes, which required over 12 months of work.

During 2019 our partnership with Open Mobile Platform (OMP) in Russia advanced significantly, and the project has taken great steps forward. Some of the news is available on OMP’s web page.


What to expect in 2020?

Our expectations for the year include new licensing customers, a rapidly growing number of new Sailfish OS users both through our licensing customers and the Sailfish X community program. We will continue to develop the product to match and exceed the needs of our customers, and also to enhance the day-to-day experience for all Sailfish users.

Our 2020 Roadmap includes improving security architecture for UI, privacy-preserving multi-user support, and new enablers for cloud-based services, to name a few. In addition, our product roadmap includes several important updates for Sailfish OS developers. We will be updating our compiler toolchain, working to improve the SDK, and to offer more APIs with documentation to better serve our developers in creating native Sailfish OS apps. We’re also working to enhance communication between all Sailfish OS developers by introducing updates to our online discussion tools.

While development is continuing at an increased pace, we are also working on new licensing partnerships in new countries. These cases take a lot of time to push through, and we will be working hard to bring these up and live during the first half of 2020.

We are now at a great starting point for another Sailfish decade to come. I want to use this opportunity to thank all Sailfish partners and fans for the past decade and wish the best of success to us all. Happy New Year and decade everyone!

Your captain sincerely,


Sami Pienimäki

CEO & Co-founder of Jolla Ltd. Opportunistic entrepreneur,

loves family, skiing and cars.


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    No plans to upgrade Qt?

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your notes. The roadmap items mentioned in this blog are only few examples. Qt upgrade is a major change ahead of us, but we are not announcing a schedule for it yet.

  2. Avatar

    Any plans to update Qt?
    The qml engine upgrades alone should be enough of an incentive.

  3. Avatar

    2010, the year of bluetooth in Jolla?

    • Avatar

      Sry, ment 2020, but fits to the subject…

    • Avatar

      (Trying to make my best impression of Puss in Boots’ ‘cute stary imploring’ eyes)

      Please, Jolla devs? A bluez-to-fluoride translation layer?

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    I’m surprised multi-user support is considered a priority for 2020. Phones seem a inherently ‘personal’ device, to me. Or is this intended for app confinement and privacy, the way Android uses it?

    • Avatar

      Maybe one profile for personal and corporate ?

    • Avatar

      Corporate tablets and PDTs are intended to be less personal than a phone.

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    Thanks a lot to all of you at Jolla for your great work! 🙂

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    Hopefully Jolla could support more devices officially, not just Xperia.

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    where is QT update? Waiting for a century ,dont you think it is first priority !?

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    > improving security architecture for UI, privacy-preserving multi-user support, and new enablers for cloud-based services

    👍 Sounds promising. Next/ownCloud accounts? GPG in emails? Startup services for apps?

    > more APIs with documentation

    Please, please, also better documentation for the APIs already there.

    For a next good decade to come 🥂

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    > where is QT update? Waiting for a century ,dont you think it is first priority !?

    Couldn’t that be part of:

    > our product roadmap includes several important updates for Sailfish OS developers.

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    >Our 2020 Roadmap includes improving security architecture for UI, privacy-preserving multi-user support

    Nice! Does this mean some (at least basic) sandboxing support? And what about the software distribution method, are there any plans for switching from rpm to something more secure and suitable for mobile OS (Flatpak?). 🙂

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    Thank you for great work. Looking forward for next decade of Jolla and Sailfish

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    Unfortunately I had to buy a new phone as the company I work for no longer supports 2-factor authentication via SMS – only via Microsoft Authenticator.

    However, I was thinking ahead so I bought an Xperia XA2 so I can install Sailfish X one it one day 🙂
    I also update my Jolla phone once in a while to keep up to date with the changes. I think you are doing a good job.

    Thank you for still supplying updates to those of us who still have the phone with two halves – and I hope that some day in the future I can return to using SailfishOS on a daily basis.

    All the best for 2020 and many years to come.

    And finally a message to Huawei in case they are paying attention; this *is* the ‘droid replacement you are looking for.

    • Avatar

      In Microsoft Authenticator you can use call based authentication. Login to Office365, got to your account. On the left click Security, pick Multifactor Authentication . There you can set your mobile number as contact and a bot will cal your Jolla and you have to confirm your MFA with pressing #. No need to get a new phone.

    • Avatar

      If Microsoft Authenticator is anything like Google authenticator, than it’s just a TOTP (Time-based One Time Password) app and we have this covered in Sailfish (e.g. sailotp)

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    Happy New Year Sami,to everyone at Jolla and fellow sailors. Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2020
    Sail on 🙂

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    Where are you in terms of refunding Tablet purchasers please?

    • Avatar

      maybe when Puttin makes a spy payment on the operating system, he finally works with Jolla.

      I don’t think that whenever they gave away the stolen money. such thieves have nature and it is 5 years to go

    • Avatar

      They did the lottery a couple of times to give full refunds to whoever was the biggest brownnoser at the time, and since then they are just waiting for all of us creditors to die.

    • Avatar

      Get over it. An investment did not have the expected return. Years ago. And you still have nothing better to do than writing whiny comments. We heard it. Yes. Some people lost some money. That’s what happens all the time in the universe and still there are discussions without that topic. Out there. In the real world where people win or loos and move on.

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    Alas, Jolla’s customer service is of no help. For some reason, my Xperia 10 can’t get the latest update (Nuuksio). The phone can receive and make calls and so forth. I paid for the full version of Sailfish X when it became available for Xperia 10; there was no free trial version of Sailfish. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue as I am? Could someone help me resolve my issue?

    • Avatar

      this is another example of the level of this company, first they stole money for tablets (after all, they were ready, they even appeared on the Chinese market), then they ordered cash registers for “free software” and as you have already paid, they have you deep in ….

      • Avatar

        You may buy an android or iphone, stop the whining.

      • Avatar

        And they shot Kennedy…

    • Avatar

      Yes, there is some issue on the update lately, for sure on Xperia 10.
      The latest device can’t see the 3.2.1 updated, even forcing the release mode with terminal, and downloading the update.
      I reboot, and OS is still at Torronsuo, but terminal says he is on 3.2.1.

      Will open a TJT answer and contact help.

      • Avatar

        As a plus, flashing directly the 3.2.1 from fail before the bash ./flash step.
        (Not exact number of devices connected)

  16. Avatar

    Payment schedule? #jollatablet #tabletrefunds

  17. Avatar

    Thanks for your perseverance!
    And also wish for a next good decade 🥂

  18. Avatar

    Sounds great, but what about browser? The most frustrating part which forces me to use android support…. Is it possible to make SFOS port of brave browser?

  19. Avatar

    If such a port would exist – you could even sell it in addition to SFOS license – I *personally* would buy

  20. Avatar

    “We will continue to develop the product to match and exceed the needs of our customers,…”

    Thank you for your information. Happy ongoing new year, too.

    What comes to the sentence, I’m wondering what that means really. Perhaps the needs do not meet and the scales are not equal. 🤔

  21. Avatar

    When are you going to introduce MFA support for Exchange? At present I can’t use the email client because my company’s policy no longer support ActiveSync … 🙁

  22. Avatar

    any news on VoLTE/VoWiFi support?

    • Avatar

      hello Zlutor 🙂

  23. Avatar

    Thanks for your work, guys!

  24. Avatar

    sony xperia 10plus power consumption is particularly fast, 40% of electricity is consumed in standby mode overnight

    • Avatar

      @meego, it’s not just the Xperia 10, this was present already on the X.

      I found that putting the device in flight mode would often lead to significantly _higher_ power consumption. I’d estimate the drain to be at least 3 times as high as “normal”, easily emptying the battery and killing the device overnight.

      SystemDataScope showed that high CPU activity correlated with flight mode. I assume some sync process (calendar, email?) panics when connectivity is lost at an unexpected moment, but I can’t tell for sure.

      BTW, the “normal” idle power consumption after some time (with my regular apps started) is also about 3 times as high that of a freshly rebooted device (running those same apps)…

      • Avatar

        Battery does not drain it self. (at least mine doesn’t) You keep location, wlan etc.on? My Xperia X is 99% full after three hours, if there’s no calls or surfing.

        • Avatar

          Just to add- it just had it’s two years birthday.

        • Avatar

          Same here with X and XA2. But a friend of mine has the problem.

          • Avatar

            Same=No problems in years.

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    Dear Jolla,

    Thank you for your continued work! I have bought a second license mostly as a way of supporting you, now that you decided that you don’t want subscription money from me.

    Did you know that you can easily apply for funding from NGI Zero? If you haven’t already, please have a look at the ‘NGI Zero: A treasure trove of IT innovation’ talk from 36C3. Video here

    The talk is an interesting showcase of currently supported projects. Relevant points for Jolla are at
    32:15 There is money left for 2020
    37:35 30 minute application procedure
    38:29 Who should apply?
    38:50 Sailfish mentioned as wanted project

    Please consider applying, perhaps to bring apps from proof of concept to high quality or to speed up migration to current versions of kernel, Qt, etc.

    (I would vote for fixing TZ support in Calendar, but would welcome any improvement.)

  26. Avatar

    To bring more clients you need to recover trust first. Refund the money from the tablet fiasco!

    Being more open as you started it will bring more ideas. See where is Android now and soon it will take lead fuchsia OS on smart devices.

    You can survive being close source (i.e. Apple) but not to fool people like it was done with tablet. Here it requires more ambitions and be satisfied only with the top quality. From the SDK and OS examples I see it is not the case.

    • Avatar

      Please guys, stop whining over the tablet, don’t rub it in all the time. Crowdfunding is always a gamble and Indiegogo is a pool of hope and disappointment.
      Jolla apologised long ago so take your loss.
      Compare the tablet case with Puzzle phone. People invested a lot more in it than in the tablet, yet nothing came out of it, no apolgise in their blog, no regret, nothing.
      The Youyota tablet didn’t make it either. The lesson is: crowdfunding is tricky.

      • Avatar

        Please people, stop telling swindled customers to shut up. We know what is crowdfunding. Taking away money pledged to a project and spending in in another (even though related) isn’t “tricky”. It’s a swindle.
        Coming up with a lottery that was only run twice to pay brownnosers like you is just another scam.
        Stop telling us to shut up or coming up with “whataboutisms”.

        • Avatar

          It is much wiser to take your loss than to keep whining about a failure that happened years ago.

    • Avatar

      Rational phone design as a concept left the building quite some time back. This one looks cool and would be extra cool with SFOS.

      Maybe “the Russians” would fund it 😮

  27. Avatar

    Happy belated birthday to your Xperia X, @tansku71! Mine is also just about to celebrate two years with Sailfish OS. Also, congratulations on not having any problems with high power consumption.

    If you re-read what @meego and I wrote, you will notice that the battery isn’t draining itself, by itself. It’s about phones that are on, but left alone and not used for anything, that consume 40% of battery level overnight. As these devices last much longer when running Android, it’s clear something goes wrong with Sailfish.

    I don’t know the particulars in @meego’s case, but I can answer your questions from my own perspective.

    To save power, I keep location off unless I need it. For example during night, as I frequently wake up in the same place I went to sleep 😉

    When I wrote ‘flight mode’ I actually meant that both WiFi and cellular were turned off. And do note that power draw _increased_ with radios off, contrary to expectations.

    So, while your specific phone seems to be nice to its battery, @meego has problems with an Xperia 10+ and I can confirm the same/similar problem on an Xperia X – most likely already since Sailfish 2.

    • Avatar

      “When I wrote ‘flight mode’ I actually meant that both WiFi and cellular were turned off. And do note that power draw _increased_ with radios off, contrary to expectations.”

      That is my experience as well. I don’t understand it!

  28. Avatar

    Youlaunched support for the Sony Xperia 10 thanks for that, but do you intend to bring other devices in 2020?

  29. Avatar

    I think sailfish has come a long way so keep up the good work. But I do have to say that just when I think all is good I get disappointed yet again. This time it’s the swipe close. After years of swiping apps close from the middle of the screen, now it just keeps bringing up the top menu. Why isn’t closing apps still in the middle of the screen and the top menu to open located on the sides of the screen. ie – where the icons are located – left and right. I assume that closing apps is more a priority than accessing the top menu. Why change such deep seated habits? I don’t get it.

  30. Avatar

    Congrats on the great work, Jolla!

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