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Congrats UK, we’re back!

Last month, as part of our 10-year celebrations, we announced that we’re working to expand the Sailfish X availability to include new countries in addition to the current EU, Norway, and Switzerland.

Now we have great news for you: we have re-opened Sailfish X sales in the UK!

The UK has always been a stronghold for Sailfish OS. This started already in the early days when many Brits decided to purchase the Jolla phone and start their Sailfish OS journey. Over the years, our developer community and fan base has grown in the UK, and many of our employees (aka sailors) are also from this great island nation.

All this in mind, we were disappointed when we had to leave the UK for a while (Brexit), but now we are thrilled to start again!

To celebrate the re-launch, and also the rapidly approaching Xmas, we offer a free Sailfish X licence for every licence purchased. This free voucher you can either give to a friend, use now for another device, or save for later and use with upcoming new Sailfish X devices, like the Xperia 10 III in 2022.

Technically, we are gradually moving to a new shop platform, which we will pilot first in the UK. With this change, we are able to expand even further, and you can expect more new market launches in the near future! We appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative, about the new platform, as it helps us to improve the shop experience.

Welcome aboard again UK!

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

Manages projects at Jolla HQ. Likes gadgets, travel to warm places and spicy food.



  1. Avatar

    Great Jobs Jolla team! Although I am a bit disappointed that we have yet to see official support for Sailfish OS on the Asia market, but this definitely will be one of many first step towards it.

    You guys deserved for a holiday for your hard work.


    Sailors from Malaysia.

  2. Avatar

    Is there a release date for Xperia 10 III already?

    Would be great to see it happening soon because Xperia 10 II’s are getting harder to find…

  3. Avatar

    Wow… Maybe you could now pay the refunds from the tablet we paid 7 years ago?

    • Avatar

      This still going on? 🙂

      • Avatar

        I actually received a tablet my self. Still haven’t used it wondering if it is still supported.

  4. Avatar

    Dear Sailors,
    how will Russia’s attack on the Ukraine impact Jolla’s alliance with the Russian state?

    • Avatar

      Never felt comfortable with this, hopefully recent events will serve as a wake-up call. Would love to see collaboration with EU instead; Europe needs its own mobile ecosystem (as it used to have with Symbian), and it should be open source.

  5. Avatar

    Hey, JOLLA! You deleted my replay on the sfb’s comment, but you left sfb and cwo’s comments . Conclusions: the truth stings the eyes and born to crawl can’t fly. Shame!

  6. Avatar

    Waw, so Jolla turned to UK after Russian conflict. What about the 75% of Jolla shares owned by Rostelecom?

    I almost forgot that I paid for a tablet, never received the device or the refund. I also was cheated that the OS is open source where actually is closed source.

    With this approach you continue to struggle. 7 years down the road and you are still struggling to understand that you have to change your mindset.

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