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[Early Access] Sailfish OS 2.0.2 Aurajoki

We have now released the early access version of the update Aurajoki to the Jolla phone, Jolla C and Jolla Tablet.

This update contains of many bug fixes and new added features such as taking screenshot by holding down volume buttons for 0.5 seconds, added keyboard layouts for  Indian languages Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil and Bengali, new layout on Media app’s front page, new Sailfish OS logo and many more. 


Highlights of Aurajoki update


  • Wallpapers are always copied to system memory to avoid losing ambiences when removing SD card


  • Simplified backup experience
  • Backup of local (personal, non-synced) calendar is now possible
  • Backups can be made to cloud services (supported for DropBox and OneDrive)


  • Open external links to new tabs
  • Fixes missing search engines


  • Flash can now be used while taking video
  • Added reset to default settings option to Camera application
  • Improved Camera launch time

Cloud services

  • Added support for VK
  • Connectivity
  • Dual SIM support for devices with Dual SIM


  • 3rd party email API supports attachments

Events view

  • ‘Flashlight switch’ for events view Actions and shortcuts
  • Five-day weather forecast updates now automatically


  • Dropbox gallery integration.
  • OneDrive gallery integration.
  • Large photos open faster

Home and Lock screen

  • Press volume up and down together for 0.5 seconds to create a screenshot

HW adaptation & kernel

  • Support for Intex Aqua Fish & Jolla C
  • Fix support for certain SD cards that were failing


  • Support for Mozilla Location Service positioning assistance, which can use nearby wifi access points and cell towers to help determine your location.


  • Locale specific numbers are now supported around OS
  • Common smiley characters supported
  • Keyboard layouts and fonts added for Indian languages Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil and Bengali
  • Keyboard layout for Greek
  • New Russian ruble symbol taken into use

Lock screen

  • Setting to add favorite actions and app shortcuts to lock screen pulley menu
  • Lock screen transition shortened
  • Media controls are hidden if no music is played for 30 minutes


  • New layout for front page
  • Support for FM Radio (only on devices with FM radio hardware). Big thanks to Matti Lehtimäki (mal-) for writing its middleware plugin!


  • Setting to display remaining character counts for text messages (SMS)
  • Show MMS download progress


  • Allow copying text to clipboard


  • Ability to delete and share multiple contacts at once


  • Long tap * in dialer for +
  • Setting to enable automatic call recording on Jolla C and Aqua Fish
  • Faster dialing transition


  • SD Card settings for formatting SD cards, and for safely removing them
  • Setting to add reboot button on top menu
  • Factory reset is not be allowed if battery is under 15%
  • Show app version number in Android app settings page
  • Storage settings with a simple file manager
  • “Flip-to-silence” gesture setting


  • Untrusted software installation no longer requires Jolla account

UI elements

  • New Sailfish logo


Please give a visit for the full changelog, known issues, how to update and more!



James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    Yeehaw, christmas is early

    • Avatar

      Really, you received your final part of the Tablet refund ?
      I am still waiting on it.
      Guess Christmas will be late this year, if it even happens ever again.

      NOCK NOCK JOLLA !! Instead of investing our (tablet funders) money in the OS please finish your unfinished business with the Tablet backers.

      Only a FULL Refund will get us of your back (you should have considered this before you took our money ! )

      • Avatar

        Sounds like poor financial management on your part if you put all your money for every future Christmas into a bit of tech…

  2. Avatar

    Nice, that it goes further on! Still very curious, when official Fairphone2 will be supported…:-))

    And… I’ll miss the former SailfishOS logo. I love it. It’s design is simply more creative.

    Very happy that the story goes on and hope that SailfishOS will rise in India. Make lots of noise there!

    • Avatar

      same here, I’m also eagerly waiting for official support on Fairphone 2 to upgarde my smartphone.

      (currently a happy Jolla 1 user and I don’t want any other OS than SailfishOS)

  3. Avatar

    Nice to see sailfish progress but it is wrong to use tablet contributors money for something else than the tablet. Please continue with the refund program now.

    • Avatar

      I, for one, denied my refund, so they’d more have cash at hand to keep working on SFOS (even if the price of the tablet only buys some coffee for the team). Hopefully I wasn’t alone.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, given the total supporters that denied the refund should secure the refund program. If 50% wanted refund…the other 50 would cover the total refund. Jolla should have without debt to backers and no one could second guess how Jolla spent the money.

        Knock knock

      • Avatar

        If they wanted money for Sailfish development where it actually went then the IndieGoShit campaing should of been for Sailfish development and nothing else.

        • Avatar

          Or just refund and move on.

        • Avatar

          What good is a tablet without an OS? Sure, it could’ve been handled better, but are you really naïve enough to think that no software development was needed for a new tablet? That’s just crazy. Money went into hardware and software; you must have wanted the software too, because if you just wanted hardware there are plenty of other options out there.

          • Avatar

            @Daedalus: People like anttimonty know full well that all the development for what’s now “2.0” was necessary for the tablet only (for supporting different screen sizes, that is, and not taking cellular connectivity for granted). In fact, during the tablet campaign, software development for the phone almost came to a full stop. They just want to crash the party here by spreading half-truths and outright lies. Don’t even try to tell them what they already know. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Give me my money back !

  4. Avatar

    The OS is maturing, now it has legs to stand and eyes to see.. that is a lot of improvement.. 😀

    The OS now needs gloves to its fist to fight against the opponent, with help of Perkele, it is just a matter of time.. 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Could you guys pick a reference phone, even if it’s a Nexus or other commonly available model? I feel my 1st gen Jolla is starting to die and at this point there isn’t any phone one can buy to actual run this release on. I know the seas are rough, but it would help Jolla’s cause to have this release available as an image for one or more phones that are actually available. So far we haven’t heard much news from FairPhone, PuzzlePhone or Turing phone.

    Good luck!

    • Avatar

      If U didn’t had the opportunity to put a hand to the “Jolla C”, your current bet is “Intex Aqua Fish” ( or “Oysters” (

      • Avatar

        “Oysters” it is more impressive than “Intex Aqua Fish”, also more mature looking phone, by the way thanks for the info, will explore the possibility of buying one..somehow.. :D.. ))))

  6. Avatar

    No problem with update. It may be a bit soon to celebrate, but it seems it solved issues over switching from an ipv6-enabled network to an ipv4-only one.

    New browser release also seems to now not crash anymore when using geolocalisation.

    Good job, sailfish team!

  7. Avatar

    What about to open source code for more part from sailfish os?
    Is any plans to port sailfish os on OnePlus 3?
    When the second part of the tablet refund will take place?

  8. Avatar

    Thank you for some handy changes.

  9. Avatar

    Update fails with the following error: Store Problem could not determine size of update.

    How to get out of this error?

    • Avatar

      another errors also could not update Sailfish OS.

    • Avatar

      Seems same kind problems with others updates, eg. Jolla’s official programs.

  10. Avatar

    please include USB OTG feature in the intex aqua fish as it’s a very handy and useful feature. Also in future we want to see Nokia devices with sailfish OS.

    • Avatar

      …With a landscape qwerty slider.

      • Avatar

        Hear, hear! I want a Nokia E9-slider with SFOS!

  11. Avatar

    Wifi direct file transfer app like xender, shareit etc are not working . These are very important now a days. Also ES file explorer is not able to detect the external memory card. Though Jolla’s own file explorer works flawlessly but has limited features . These issues are needed to be addressed to make the OS more appealing .

  12. Avatar

    Jolla developers an Jolla OS engineers must listen to testers or users like us. We want Sailfish OS to be the real challenger for the popular platforms today. But it can be done by giving proper weightage to our feedback. So please listen to us. Developers like Coderus,Enigma etc are doing really nice work. They must take the lead to make Sailfish a grand success .

  13. Avatar

    Any rumours on the public release date?

  14. Avatar

    People expect emojis in 2016. You need to ad this as soon as possible.

  15. Avatar

    Hi, is it possible to inform us Jolla users when the final Version of any news SF Verison is ready to install ?

    • Avatar

      Hi, your phone will get a notification when connected to Internet.

  16. Avatar

    മലയാളത്തിനു നന്ദി

  17. Avatar

    When update will be for public distribution?

  18. Avatar

    The latest message is also shown with larger font on the application cover now, when the message application is in a conversation. This is very useful to me at least, as one-time passwords etc are easier to read.

  19. Avatar

    Will this release be available for Intex Aqua Fish too? Currently the mobile Internet connection is very unreliable.

  20. Avatar

    Yesterday I received a message that an update for my Jolla1 is available. I assumed that the release is now stable and installed it. Everything worked fine. The new features are nice.
    I would suggest for the future, that You inform via Your blog in advance that a release went form early to stable.

    • Avatar

      We released a post to our blog today. Sorry about the delay.


    • Avatar

      What will it bring to know it in advance?

  21. Avatar

    Hi, i just brought an intex aqua fish , and when i use Internet its not properly connecting yet, and also in wifi too, i cant download anything from jolla store or any other stores , it showing error while downloading apps from android store, even it shows an update of i cant download that also, how can i solve this ?

  22. Avatar

    i am not satisfied
    because my memory card not supported and etc.

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