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“Flattr” your favourite applications and developers!

Do you have some favourite Sailfish OS applications that you depend on day in and day out, like Tweetian? Or perhaps one that helps you get a good night’s sleep, like Night Silence? Or maybe even one that is fun and keeps you entertained constantly, like Heebo?

Have you wanted to show more support for these apps and their developers in addition to downloading, liking and sharing them? We have heard your requests and have added Flattr support in Jolla Store and Jolla Harbour!

What is Flattr?

Flattr is a micro donation service where consumers can donate money to content creators, such as app developers. It is an easy and convenient way to encourage and support our talented developer community. You choose your monthly budget, which is divided by the number of flattrs you make. By flattring the developers, you help them create more and better apps!

How Flattr works?

  1. Register for a Flattr account
  2. Choose a monthly budget and add funds to your account
  3. In Jolla store, tap on the Flattr button in the app description, which will bring you to the developer’s Flattr profile for the app
  4. Flattr them and show your support!

If your favourite app(s) do not have the Flattr button in their description, you can leave a comment to remind the developers to enable Flattr for their apps. Info and instructions for developers are available here.

Setting up the Flattr account is free. For each donation, Flattr keeps 10% and the creators/developers receive 90%. Jolla does not take any of the funds.

Need more Flattr info?

For more details, please refer to “How Flattr Works” on Flattr’s website, as well as their FAQ. Developers, please familiarize yourself with the Flattr FAQ on Jolla Harbour.

Let’s demonstrate our appreciation and support for the hardworking developers and their amazing apps. Happy Flattring!


Carol Chen

Community Chief at Jolla. Globe (and star) trekker. Ardent about open source and open communication. Makes decent music with timpani, drums, piano, and vocal cords.


  1. Avatar

    I wonder if it is possible to Flattr one specific developer more than once to give him a greater share of the cake…

    I’m looking forward to Flattr account integration to SailfishOS so I can directly hit Flattr in the store without being taken some place else, especially not the browser.

    Nice progress and nice choice I must admit. If all goes well the more independent developers receive some fair share over time instead of being paid off once and having to face the claims for support years after anyone actually showed some respect.

    Keep it up!

    • Avatar

      If the developer has multiple apps, you can Flattr the different apps to give him a greater share. Or you can Flattr different people/apps month-to-month.

      We’re also looking into greater integration of such services in Sailfish OS. With this, I hope at least we’re progressing in the right direction 🙂

      Thanks for your comments!

      • Avatar

        What do you mean by “We’re also looking into greater integration of such services in Sailfish OS”? What kind of services do you think about?

    • Avatar

      Looks like it should be doable – there is an API[0] that makes it possible (after authenticating with oauth2) to flattr things.

      It could work just as other similar accounts – you add an account in Jolla account settings – or it might ask you to add it once you click on a Flattr button in the store for the first time. And once you authenticate with Flatter for the first time and confirm the “can flattr things” permission it would be possible to send Flattrs with just a single click on the respective Flattr button in the store.

      All in all a nice usability enhancement that should not be that hard to implement. 🙂


  2. Avatar

    This is a great development, running over to flattr Cutespotify and meerun right now 😀

  3. Avatar

    Tweetian is a rather unfortunate example as the app seems to be pretty abandoned by the developer…

    • Avatar

      Perhaps some Flattring would encourage them to work on their apps again? 🙂

    • Avatar

      Yeah, Tweetian is a perfectly usable (and only as far as I can tell) Twitter client and I use it every day. But the apparent lack of ongoing development is kinda concerning – as even though it works fine there still is room for improvement and also some bugs.

      BTW, what about the integrated Twitter support on the event screen ? It kinda still works but seems to be *very* limited and also not really moving forward – which is kind of a shame considering how good the event screen Twitter integration was on the N9.

      • Avatar

        Tweetian is quite buggy and crashes / becomes non-responsive quite often… Let’s hope it gets fixed eventually.

  4. Avatar

    A step in the right direction. Maybe it will inspire some dev to create facebook chat app, I really miss that feature after FB API change..

  5. Avatar

    Is there an check / confirmation who registers an app for flattr? For example if a donation is send upstream to an FLOSS project, or the packager, or somebody else … ?

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