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Sailfish for Gemini Community Edition available now

A few months ago, in Mobile World Congress 2018, we announced our new cooperation with Planet Computers to bring Sailfish OS to their beautiful Gemini PDA device. 

Today it’s our pleasure to announce the next steps in this project from the community edition, to Sailfish X Beta to the final release:

Sailfish for Gemini community edition

As the first step in bringing Sailfish to Gemini, our friends at Planet Computers have today made the community edition of Sailfish OS 2.1 available for the Gemini PDA. This version has been tested and verified by both Jolla and Planet. 

As it’s a community initiative, the version is still somewhat limited, but essential features are supported. With this version you won’t yet get software updates or support for Android apps. Also the overall support is limited to our community’s efforts. 

Big thanks to the community for the help in making this possible!

Up next: Sailfish X Beta for Gemini

The start phase in making Sailfish X a reality for the Gemini PDA is making it available as a beta release from The target is to start the beta release out in September.  The beta release will support software updates – even to the final version when available and will have access to the Jolla Store, but it does not include any third-party component, i.e Android support won’t be included.

Final phase: Sailfish X for Gemini PDA released

We target to release the official Sailfish X for Gemini by the end of this year. It will be sold via The full Sailfish 3 version will include all Sailfish features, constant SW updates, Android support, and full end-user support.     

PDA device with a full physical keyboard

The Gemini is a 4G and WLAN device with a full physical keyboard. With a 5.99” screen, 5 megapixel camera and stereo speakers it provides a communications, media consumption and social media device for the 21st Century. Gemini comes in a variety of different keyboard language layouts, and more. 

Read more about the Gemini PDA on Planet’s webpage or purchase a device in Planet’s shop.  

Sailfish for Gemini Community edition can be downloaded here

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen

Manages projects at Jolla HQ. Likes gadgets, travel to warm places and spicy food.



  1. Nice to see how this becomes reality. I have to admit a part of me thought it was just one of those MWC stories… :)

    • Thanks Ossi. Yeah, it is becoming a reality and the plan for it is very logically placed.

  2. Always good to see progress! Will offical Sony Experia XA2 support follow a similar release schedule?

    • Hi Jussi,
      The XA2 release is not likely to have a similar release schedule as it should come out as a more complete package just like the F5121 did. It is a different case and story with Planet Computers compared to Sony.

      • Thanks for the info, and it’s great to see some more progress. I appreciate these things take time, actually a lot of time and a lot of effort, but please hurry on the Xa2, as my Jolla battery is failing and I’m holding my breath for a replacement. Only joking, take as long as you need, but don’t give up.

    • HI Venty.

      Thanks for your comment, and thanks for noticing this. The easiest way is to contact Planet Computers about this actually. They should be able to work with you and fix the problem.

  3. Thats really good news. I’m very happy, that Gemini PDA will get official SailfishOS Support!

    • Thanks a lot Explit.

      It is indeed fantastic news that these two platforms are coming together!

  4. Very good news. Congrats to Jolla!

  5. Oh Jolla, please, please let me throw my money at you !!!!! I tried before, but there was nothing in the shop for me to buy. Not even a spare battery… So I went astray. Can’t wait to return to the sailfish community. I’m so hoping for alien dalvik support for gemini. Best of two worlds …….

    • You can already install this on your Gemini PDA if you have one! And when the commercial release becomes available, throw your money at us ;)

  6. cool, looking forward (and maybe starting to save money).

    two question

    1- Regarding Sailfish 3 – what android version compatibility are you aiming for ? KitKat 4.4 like now ? or a newer more modern engine ?

    2- Regarding Gemini : what’s your plan rwgarding alternative?
    software keyboard (e.g.: latin alphabet on hardware keyboard, cyrillic on screen ?) or selectable hardware layout (i.e.: always use the hardware keybiard, and people should put stickers on the keys for their alternative meaning, like most people to on laptops ?)

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your questions.

      1- We are aiming for a newer version of Android. What exact version will be disclosed later when we have it in place.

      2- Currently, Planet computers offers the Gemini PDA with a few different layouts IIRC, We will at least adapt to those. If we are going to make it configurable, that is still up for debate. But nice that you brought this up. This could be something to consider!

      • > We are aiming for a newer version of Android.

        Yippee !!!!

        \ ^_^ /

        > But nice that you brought this up. This could be something to consider!


        Given that the biggest market for Sailfish X is Europe (being geolocked, etc.), and Europe being greatly multi-lingual, it could make sense to have a solution to support other scripts than the one on the physical keyboard.

      • > This could be something to consider!

        Another thing to consider, is support for “compose key”, like nearly all desktop Linux do.

        (i.e.: the sequence [compose], [u], ["] -> ‘ü’ ).

        That would help writing a language with a closely related script (e.g.: writing french, german or danish on a US hardware keyboard).

        Alternative possibility : an ALT key for accented keys. Back in the PalmOS days, [AltGr] + the three lines of alpha letters = three lines of accented voyel (first line = all combination of ÉÈË… , followed by all combination of ÚÙÜ…)

  7. There will be EN /RU layout keyboard.

    • While that’s very nice, it won’t cover all the possible combinations of language you might see in Europe (which is one of the markets Jolla has been targetting specifically : see geolocks of Sailfish X)

      Almost all european language with latin script use a super set of letters US that lacks (French, German, Maltese), and though the cyrillic language I use (bulgarian) can be written with a russian keyboard, there are language that use a superset too (random example : serbian).

      Add to that, that the layouts might differ a lot (some french speaking countries are used to type on an “AZERTY” layout instead of standard QWERTY. Every slavic country seem to have 2 different locally popular layouts).

  8. I suppose this tittle of news is good. However, my question is “WHO THE BLOODY HELL USES A PDA AS SHOWN IN THE ABOVE ARTICLE? Didn’t those devices go out of fashion when smartphone debuted?

    All I care about is which Sony Xperia XA2 devices will support Sailfish 3. Furthermore, would it kill Jolla to make flashing a hell of a lot easier on Windows? Linux is the way to go, but try finding one and learning how to use it!

    • Well, a smartphone or tablet is a consumption and communication device while a ‘PDA’ is a smartphone with a keyboard and is a mobile device for productivity, creation, communication and consumption. The difference to other productivity devices is that you can have it always with you. It’s also very different to devices with bluetooth keyboards or keyboard covers or to messaging devices like the Blackberries.

      You have to decide and know for yourself what you need and want. For browsing the web, watching videos and messaging, you’re fine with a smartphone.

      The Gemini is really cool and Sailfish OS is a good match for it. The only thing that is missing is Maemo’s capability of running arbitrary desktop applications (at least gtk). That’s a weak point for a productivity device.

    • Hi!

      A lot of people actually bought the Gemini PDA and are receiving them too. A lot of people are buying them as we speak as well! It is a fantastic device with great tactile feedback which a lot of people are looking for these days. Also, it is an open platform, and Sailfish OS LOVES open platforms!

      About flashing: As stated earlier in a previous blog post, we are bringing an installation tool to the masses that brings a much easier way of installing Sailfish X on your devices. So please stay tuned for that!

    • > “WHO THE BLOODY HELL USES A PDA AS SHOWN IN THE ABOVE ARTICLE? Didn’t those devices go out of fashion when smartphone debuted?

      Some people need to type a lot.
      A device with a keyboard makes it very easy to use as a mini terminal to SSH into a remote server for admin/debugging.
      Chat addict type faster on a hardware keyboard.
      It also makes it viable as a note-taking device.

      I personally use a high quality bluetooth foldable keyboard (the old 4-part W-shaped Stowaway / ThinkOutside keyboards).
      But this form factor is also popular to a point.

      For some people using a smartphone-style touch screen is hard or impossible.
      Various conditions (extremely dry fingers, age-related tremor, Raynaud syndrome) make touch hard to detect by the screen.

      Other very simple anatomical variations make it hard to use a screen (I happen to have huge hand, it’s hard to cram long fingers on a tiny screen. Even Blackberry/Palm Pre style candybar slide out hardware keyboards are a challenge. Phablets and other larger form factors are a benediction to me)

  9. Nice work. OK.
    BUT… will any of these devices ever come to that state that “everything” is working before you stop supporting it?
    I think that you should concentrate to finish first what you have started with your limited resources or you (actually we users!!) end up to the situation where we have multiple different hardware with unfinished software. Maybe you have just too much economical pressure to get something new sold in your store.
    As an old N9 , Jolla 1 “The First One” and now Sailfish X user it’s painful to see this slow progress of development and all kind of “beta releases” because it seems that resources are spread to all over. Just wondering why I bought fully operational Sony phone and paid 50 euros extra(tablet refund) to update it to “not so well” operating and limited phone that it feels downgraded.
    Maybe that is the cost for that Google can not follow you… or can it?
    As Ossi said in last blog comments Sailfish is still far from where Meego was over six years ago and I can not recommend Sailfish to any of my friends. I’m still fine with it, but don’t know how long. It’s working somehow, but somehow not.

    • This is a good argument, but you need to understand, that a device could be as good as Nokia N9 or Android Device when you have a very BIG Team bind it. With Jolla its not the case. SailfishOS is not (yet) an OS for the mass market. I would also not recommend SailfishOS to people, who are not familiar with Linux.
      SailfishOS is a great OS. But its an OS for the Devs, Nerds and Geeks.

      If we would have more device running this OS, we would also see more Software, and maybe one day anything will run as fine as on Nokia N9.

  10. Very good. Progress, but I would prefer also smartwatch news for Sailfish 3 devices …

  11. I think that first you have to finish what you start, like the return of the money from the tablets that never arrived. More than anything, if you want to get confidence today. I have my Jolla in a drawer, it’s a shame, but my anger does not allow me to use it.

    • Well, guys, you need to understand that Jolla build it SailfishOS not for US (Community). Bacause we are a very small market. Jolla build it SailfishOS for big customers like Gouverments, Large concerns etc. We can be happy, that we still can use this OS. We are not a terget group IMHO. So, the first things which be implemented are the things, which are requested by the customers who bring money.
      Even Sailfish X is selling quite fine – this is not enough to finance the company and further Development.

      Jolla tries to find the way, where the money will come from the big customers. In this case, also we as a community will profit of this.

      But we are not a target group. If you realize this – than its very simple to understand, why many things are not got ready and why some bugs are still not fixed….

      Maybe one day this will change…

      • @ExPlit: Sailfish OS has become rather mature over the past years. To set up Sailfish OS may still be a hurdle for some but once this hurdle is taken, Sailfish OS and especially Sailfish X can be a daily driver for everybody. I don’t think you need to be a dev, nerd, geek or linux savvy to use it anymore.

        • I am neither of this. I am senior and an alpha/gamma, not a tecnician. To my opinion Sailfish is easier to use than an iphone. The first iphones were intuitive, but now they have got so many features, so many settings and choices, that they are quite complicated. The biggest difference between a Jolla and an iphone was reliability. In an iphone everything just works. But I have to say that since the latest update my Sony XperiaX works well. Yet, not everything is possible with Sailfish, partly due to the absence of a paid store, (can’t download a bank app), partly because it lacks some features (can’t stream/mirror to the tv). Sailfish is usable as a daily driver, certainly, but it is not a rival to the big brands. And this will be the case with every non-google and non-apple smartphone.

  12. Ahoi Jolla members, sail westwards to gemini bay… eastwind is arising :-) Good luck

  13. By the way… does anybody know where to buy the sailfish os phone accione p by Jala ?

    • That’s still a good question. It seems nearly impossible to buy anywhere (last rumors said it’s only sold in Jala Store in Cochabamba, Bolivia). Even Jala / Accione Website offers bot chance of this. There seems to be a chance via jala’s facebook side (shop), but as I don’t have a Facebook account it’s not clear if you could really order one there.

      BTW it’s still not clear to me if Sailfish for Jala Accione is ready and if there are real Sailfish running devices. Remember, the phone itself was announced in two different version with same design, but running android or Sailfish.

      I’d really like to get a Jala Accione P – but right now this seems as impossible as a Sailfish running Nokia 7 Plus…

  14. yes, yes…all good but STILL waiting on info on the XA2!!

    everything else is still fluff in the meantime!

  15. So you are charging for what the community do now?

    Then at least pay back the refund to your community.

    Nice to see a hardware QWERTY again.

  16. Nice to see progress here!

    Next blog article could handle a bit about future steps about Sailfish X and Sailfish 3 ;-)

    Q3 starts in couple of days and Sailfish 3 starts rolling out at first of July… wasn’t it so… ;-)
    Yeah I know, but would be nice to know some hints and approximate timelines about the two major updates before the SFOS 3 rolls out…

    • Blog post regarding the future Sailfish 3 plans will be coming your way ;)

      • Thank you James! Looking forward to read all of the plans for the all equipment with Sailfish 3.

  17. The Mali GPU on the Gemini PDA supports Vulkan 1.0, is support for it included in these plans?

  18. The screen should maybe be a little larger to avoid these big borders on right and left. No rear camera, really? The price is also on the upper side. 800 USD can buy 2 or 3 Sony Xperia X with bluetooth keyboards, right? Anyway, it’s a UK company and therefore costs and quality may be higher I guess.

  19. Totally agree to Lumen. Some information on Thema upcoming updates would really bei appreciated :)

  20. These are great news, but after buying 5 N900, 2 N9, 3 Jolla, 1 Jolla C will wait some months and se if it is a long term project.

    I bought 2 Psion 5MX years ago and it was a nice device with its epoc32 but Psion died and should say it is boring spending money and see that all the effort and time invested seems more a hobby than a real project.

  21. We need News about refund !

  22. what do you think about missing kb backlit?

  23. Thanks, sounds tempting.
    Gemini PFDA has dual-boot with Android OS and Linux OS according to the specs.
    What is the result after installing Sailfish OS?
    Dual boot with Sailfish OS and Linux OS?
    Is both file systems mounted together (Linux seen from Sailfish and Sailfish seen from Linux?

    • Read somewhere, you’ll have tripple boot then.

  24. This is really awesome. I can’t wait to get a Gemini PDA and dualboot Sailfish on it.

    As many people in the Jolla community are QWERTY lovers I think this is a very welcome partnership

    • It is indeed awesome! There are plenty more where that came from ;)

  25. @James you are refering to future BLOGS, so just wondering when.
    Asking you politely and kindly, when can we expect any news in regard of the refund ?

    In 3 days it has been 9 months since the last communication.

    • We have communicated previously that *if* we have an update, which we do not have yet, we will update the refund blog post.

  26. OMG! I just looked up the price for one of these!

    I’ll pass thanks!

  27. It is nice to see that SailfishX will support different hardware.
    Could you please also get in contact with Fairphone again to deliver SailfishX on Fairphone2?
    mals port is very good and i think the support will require low project resources ..

  28. Reading and writing this on my Gemini running Sailfish I can only say this will be a mariage made in heaven. The Gemini is the kind of mobile device I need, as pointed out in other comments, made for productivity, not consumption. Sailfish the OS best suited. I already hoped so and it turned out to be true. Swipes are the best companion for a keyboard centric device. No literal finger pointing required. Just swipes.

    Let see if we, as a community, can make Sailfish to use the full potential of this device. HDMI out (which may require some kind of mouse pointer/driver then, although I do own a GeChic monitor with touch!), full usb, different screen resolutions, etc.

    As people are talking about money here as well. There are probably some hackers out there with time/knowledge to do some great contributions for the Gemini, yet lack the money to buy one. I’m willing to help out, did so in the past for a different device. Probably Jolla/Planet could create some kind of fund people can donate money too so these hackers could buy the device with a discount. Just my 2 cents.

    • Donate to jolla? Been there, done that. Jolla shall donate money to tablet backers or to hackers first. But they should not expect money when in complete refund mute mode :D

      After that, jolla shall enabled payed apps to attract skilled developers.

      Donate to jolla? Unfortunately I fear that we are better of donate to apple currently

  29. Where did I mention donating to Jolla? Donating to community members unable to purchase a Gemini, yet able to help with the SailfishOS development. Best done via a ‘(crowd)fund’ I think. Organized by Planet/Jolla.

    Apparently I’m one of the lucky (and happy) people that got most of the money for the Tablet back and bought one via eBay that cost me a lot more. Yet when I decided to fund the project I was aware that I might lose it all. It hurt when it failed, Jolla miscommunicated a lot, but that’s the risk in crowd funding people!
    I’m surprised there are still so many people whining about it on these blogs/forums. Waste of energy, bandwidth, whatsoever.

  30. Donating to community members is like donating to jolla. That said. Nothing wrong when doing that if people want to do it. Just think that jolla should finish what they started before getting help with new stuff, or atleast mention it here once in a while.

    I don’t think it’s about the money anymore. More of a trust issue. You simply can’t trust jolla. No money, no communication, no progress. Jolla should atleast have the money to refund a few backers during 7 months if they wanted. They should atleast have 30 min to write a blog post regarding the refund during the last 7 month. But no.

    Hope to see more QWERTY sliders, but before that. Somekind of progress in the refund project.

  31. Hello SFOS Team,
    Are you really listening a world? KaiOS is gaining popularity in feature phone segment. If you dont pick this segement then may be you loose large amount of money. In India KaiOS making popular because of JIO. Please take it in consideration and speedup the process to launch sfos in india for both feature and sfos x phones. Otherwise it will be too late to sfos…..

    • forgot about it. its a proof of concept! Jolla need business customers, but not in this segment.

    • native official whatsapp will definately NOT be coming to sailfishOS, get the KAios feature phone instead. sailfish team is all talk and always slow

  32. Ok Jolla, I bought a Nokia 8110 4G, now its your turn! Ship that OS! :D

    • It will unfortunately never happen, since HMD Global (The company behind Nokia 8110 4G) has closed boot loaders, so its impossible to install another OS on it. HMD Global has nothing to do with previous Nokia. Only thee name

  33. sailfish 3 on feature phone is not moving forward, native official whatsapp coming to KAios, you lose

  34. it has been many years from the start of sailfishos, we still have no been given native big apps like …….

    give up and move on

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