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Sailfish OS 2.1.0 now available to early access for Jolla devices

This is our biggest release in a while after Aurajoki. It marks thousands of bug fixes with fundamental improvements to the operating system and is now available for early access across Jolla devices.

2.1.0 is named after Finland’s Iijoki, located in Northern Ostrobothnia, which flows 370 kilometers into the gulf of Bothnia.

Iijoki brings major architectural changes to Sailfish OS by introducing Qt 5.6 UI framework, BlueZ 5 Bluetooth stack and basic implementations of 64-bit architecture. It also brings improvements to the camera software with faster shutter speeds, initial support for Virtual Private Networks (VPN), option to enlarge UI fonts to different levels and last but not least, a large number of bug and error fixes mostly reported by our community.

Qt 5.6 brings thousands of bug fixes, performance improvements such as faster startup of Sailfish OS apps and a ot of new APIs to 3rd party developers. For more detailed information regarding Qt 5.6 improvements please visit Qt wiki.

Iijoki’s highlights



You can now copy&paste text in Sailfish Browser.



In this release we have simplified the camera focus handling. The focus now defaults to automatic, and tapping the screen will move the focus point.

We have also redesigned shutter animation, which now considerably speeds up the shooting experience.

The redesigned exposure menu remains now visible when selecting a value instead of being dismissed after selection. A click outside of the exposure menu is now needed for dismissing it.

Online privacy through VPN

Your Sailfish OS device now supports Open VPN, OpenConnect and VPNC connections. Further options are due to be added in Upcoming releases|Next update will also include support for PPTP and L2TP. Please be advised that this is a beta level implementation of VPN connectivity on Sailfish OS devices and is targeted for very experienced VPN users, intended to collect feedback. There is currently no support for common protocols, such as PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.

For more information how to setup VPN for your Sailfish OS device see release notes.


Keyboard and languages

Keyboard layout for Bulgarian and Gujarati language are now added. Gujarati is also added as a system language.

Gujarati (Left) & Bulgarian (Right) Input methods

Gujarati (Left) & Bulgarian (Right) Input methods


User Experience

New feature in display settings now allows you to adjust system font size throughout Sailfish OS with options Normal, Large and Huge.



There are tons of more new features, details and bug fixes that has been done by our hard-working engineers. Read more here.

You can also follow our detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device hereWe hope you enjoy this update and kindly report any bugs found so we can iron them out before the public release of the software.

Kind Regards,
James, on behalf of Jolla team

James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


    • Super! Im ready to donate my 2 refund if you adding arrows to keyboard. Deal?

  1. downloaded this last night, what a great update. hopefully soon this amazing OS will be available to all. Any idea when additional devices will be available, like Fairphone or Jolla C (for all). Anyway keep up the good work.

    • Hi!

      We are glad that you liked the update!
      Jolla C is unlikely to be available for all, but I can advise you to stay tuned for further community announcements coming from MWC. Thank you!

  2. Copy-Paste Handles for the SFOS Browser – it must be Xmas !! ;)

    Congrats ! Eagerly awaiting system-wide availability of the handles e.g. for copying phone-numbers directly out the address-book …

    • Yes proper copy/paste is a great one!

      We are working hard to expand this feature!

  3. Btw why not letting the color of those copy-paste handles adapt to the current ambience colors ?

    • That’s not a bad idea at all! Let me discuss this with our UI team ;)

  4. Natively integrated VPN is a big step too ! Thanks !

    • The VPN in one giant leap forward. that’s a great addition.

    • We are glad you find the addition of VPN useful! More capabilities will be added to it with each update.

  5. Thanks!

    Living in paradise would be: SailfishOS on my OnePlus3t. Or just another, up-to-date smartphone with SailfishOS running on it.

    How could it be, that I can’t buy an actual phone with the world’s best mobile OS on it?

    • I would suggest you to wait for more future announcements regarding community devices ;) And keep your fingers crossed!

  6. That copy&paste future must be the featues since the refund. Waited for that One. Now I just need to wait a little bit more for the stable.

    Thanks in advance.

    Now you just need to add better navigation in text Fields an you have something that Will look like a browser

    • Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Oh my god, these are wonderful enhancements. :o

    • The only thing i don’t get is why there is no *smaller* font option.

      • It would not look good! Trust me!

    • We are glad it is to your liking!

  8. great work, thanks! :-)

    • You are most welcome!

  9. Great job! Looking forward to new release!

  10. If only had a device to use it on…

    • I think you speak for most of the community and most of the potential community :)

    • We are currently working hard on some great partnerships that we are going to announce soon. Let’s hope everything goes as planned ;)

      • If there is a new device released I hope you have a discount plan for the tablet contributors, I wouldn’t mind using my money for that as long as it is an option one can choose between new device discount or the second half of the refund.

        • + sounds terrific.
          I agree with you anttimonty.

          • +1 as long as the supporter got the option to choose.

            • If the 2.half of the refund is not ebough for jolla C, I would like to pay more.

      • Lets hope Nokia Sailfish device will appear. If HMD can, the more Jolla could.
        In a meanwhile I am still awaiting my device to come to me. Still awaiting.

  11. Hi James.
    Nice to see all this new blog posts from you guys.
    Now waiting for Intex to deliver all this nice features to my Aqua Fish :)
    Also very curious about what will come out of MWC, I have a felling Jolla in the future will become huge ;-)

  12. I am trying first time to use developer mode to download Iijoki. What shall I type on the SSU Domain field?

  13. I suggest a substitution for the font of Chinese characters, the current version seems a bit old fashion visually.

  14. I have updated my AquaFish to 2.1.0 from 2.0.5. It took a while and a bunch of software got installed. Phone works great but it still says that I am on 2.0.5. It is interesting that when I check for updates, the background picture is the one from but the text still says Whenever I run “version –dup” system says it is up to date although I have changed the release by “ssu -re″. Phone works, no complain.

  15. i am having problems with ssu domain thing it always says host requires authentication
    i tried solutions from around the web i think i am using sails domain right now wich appears to be not the right one
    i reall need that update ;/

    • What device are you using?

  16. When will Sailfish OS Haapajoki arrived on Turing Phones or is Jolla and Turning abandoned whole phone?

  17. Great changes. Thanks for the frequent updates which keeps me enthusiastic to use my aquafish device. Can we expect the big players like whatsapp and other popular applications to have their official sailfish os application to be released in jolla store any soon? I have send many mails to whatsapp requesting this. I don’t know whether that action is of any help. It would be great to experience those applications built with native sailfish os styles and features.

    • Thank you for your support.
      Unfortunately we can not guarantee the WhatsApp situation for now but we at least provide you with the Android alternative on Sailfish OS until Sailfish Os gets a stronger app recognition.

  18. didn’t get the update on my intex aqua fish…

    • The update is not yet released for Intex Aqua Fish as it is currently in early access for Jolla devices.

  19. when can i expect it to come to my device?

    • Which device are you using? This is only available on Jolla devices that are enrolled for early access program.

      • Okay. I’m using intex aqua fish. When can we expect a full update to come out ?

        • Updates to partner devices such as Intex Aqua Fish, as always, is solely depended on our partner’s approval (Intex in this case). When the update goes out of early access, Intex has to approve it first and then Aqua Fish devices will receive the update. There is no time frame announced for it.

  20. James: Would you mind to suggest the developer team to finally display the seconds in the clock app? I proposed it two times since May already and I don’t think there’s anything that speaks against displaying it..

    • Hi! I will forward your request for sure!

    • Except it will be additional drain on the battery. It is not useful feature. In everyday life minutes count not seconds. So for no real benefit we lose more battery every second. Use the stopwatch feature if you need more accuracy.

      • James: How about make on option allowing to switch display mode to comply needs of those who needs seconds and those who believe not-displaying seconds saves battery? And life will be easier, perhaps ;)

        • It all depends if we actually are going to implement the feature or not, but it sounds like a good idea!

          • I am talking about the clock APP, not the small clock on the home and standby screen… :D

        • The clock app of my Nokia N9 showed the seconds only when you open the app and hides it the rest of the time, this should be the golden solution.
          Many people use their phones as watch substitutes, so I don’t think nobody would benefit from being able to see the complete clock time.

  21. Hi, I haven’t got the lijoki update on my Aquafish. So I do not know the features of the update. I want to know that whether the update has the feature of Screenshot as shortcut.

  22. Well, now my Jolla C runs like a charm. Photo app is MUCH better now.
    Thank You, Jolla…

    • Witaj poldek, jak zainstalowałeś jolle do 2.1?

  23. Hello. Hopefully, Intex Aqua Fish updates will approved and ready soon. Here is a suggestion, why not make it easier to switch/power on-off the phone with a 1-click app or so? The power button on my phone is dodgy and problematic.

    Does anyone know when the Oyster SF will be available?

    • Look in the Store for “JollaReboot”. ;)

      • *”SailfishReboot”, to be exact.

  24. when intex aquafish is going to get this update?

  25. Well, in China, some Android apps(e.g. AliPay) need higher version Android system.

  26. when released lijoki in india i am waiting

  27. Hai,
    i am in tamizhnadu, i ‘ve use Intex Aqua Fish (sailfish os 2.0.5),it’s was nice but shareit app was not work for file transfering the hotspot was not turn on in automatically, and music player not scanning for all folders, and there no inbuilt music equalizer. can u pls inbuilt a dolby atmos player in os, pls solve the all problums, for our use. when u launch 2.1.0 in mobile. i m still waiting for the new updations. and i love the JOLLA.
    Thank You,

  28. Hi,
    I appreciate the continious security and feature updates.
    But what I am missing desperately is NATIVE CRYPTO. We have no GPG for eMail and no XMPP client with some kind of crypto (OMEMO, OTR, GPG). There are only not correct working android replacements.
    I hope, this change very soon.
    It would be a shame for this very nice device.

    thanks for your work

  29. Everything is perfect in my aqua fish except support of volte in it

  30. Will the problem of volte solve …….

  31. I have updated my Jolla without a problem some time ago. I observe following problems:
    - maps got uninstalled as with previous update; needed to re-install it (again) after update
    - Flashlight app stopped working (from artem.marchenko)
    - some trouble accessing corporate Wifi (peap/mschap)
    - from time-to-time I experience Wifi re-connection after some time of non-usage. Need to turn Wifi off and than on to fix the problem.

    And for some time (last two or three updates) I have no way to disable automatic usage of stored WiFi access point from the GUI.

    • You can use “Torch” as a flashlight alternative.

  32. When will aqua fish get Iijoki update …..

    • Iijoki is still in early acess mode and that is only released for Jolla devices to eliminate any final bugs. You will get the update once it is released for everybody and approved by our partner, in this case Intex.

      • Thanks for your answer james.
        about intex aqua fish.
        please solve the bugs and release update fast. We are waiting .
        update volte future on intex aqua fish. my kind request .

    • They released update only jolla devices. If all the bug solved they ll release final update to partners like intex .
      so please wait for the update.

  33. Very important update (64-bit and so on!).
    Congratulations, and thank You for Your hard work.

    And, FINALLY camera in my Jolla C work like a charm… :))

  34. I have Intex AquaFish phone,update haven’t displayed yet please tell me to I can get update of Iijoki

    • Iijoki hasn’t been released for Jolla devices either, it’s still in development.

  35. When you will public Iijoki update in india then please add two more features ”1st. Easy copy or cut and paste option in file manager” ”2nd. Make this update Volte Enabled or Give extra permissions to Android Apps.”

  36. Also my My Intex aqua fish is unable to install sailfish apps or game now from jolla store…..please help

  37. When will be the updates goes out of early access mode,Iam eagerly waiting to update it on my Aquafish.

  38. Update 4G VOLTE too…a very important one…..

  39. Intex aqua fish……..when?

  40. Ya 4G volte is so important

  41. Call me crazy, but Sailfish OS was supposed to be on Oysters SF and Turing Phone. To my knowledge, neither of those phones are available anywhere. Could someone comment on that? When will Sailfish OS be ready for Sony Xperia phones? Why is my Intex AquaFish only 2G capable in the US?

  42. Hey! It’s 12th of march but I still didn’t get this update. Jolla C/Russia ((

  43. Mr. James can you tell me when the voLTE update expected in India

    • Hi!
      Unfortunately we have no plans for that at the moment.

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