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Data privacy in Sailfish OS is enhancing even further as GDPR comes into effect

Dear Jolla customers, fans and followers,

We’re extremely proud that we at Jolla have always been careful and sensitive when it comes to handling peoples’ personal data in Sailfish OS. We feel strongly that more companies and organizations should do the same, and thus we’re very pleased to see that the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect this week, on Friday May 25. As privacy and personal data handling is extremely important to us, we have improved our already personal-data-respecting Privacy Policy even further. Sailfish OS is the only mobile OS that does not share or monetize your personal data – that is something we can be proud of together!

If you’re new to the GDPR, to put it very shortly: The GDPR is designed to allow individuals to more effectively control their personal data. The main aim is to improve public trust and harmonize data protection standards across the EU. The regulation will come into force on Friday May 25, 2018.

Here are the cornerstones on how Jolla views data privacy:

1. We collect only a minimum amount of information, only what is needed to run our services
2. We do not monetize your data, or give your data to third parties without your express consent- we only use it to provide our services to you
3. We do not collect any data without your consent
4. And last but not least: we care are about privacy on all levels!

The changes in the privacy policy and related documents are most relevant for all Jolla account holders. You should have received an email about the topic asking to accept our new privacy policy. You can also do this simply by logging in to your Jolla account and clicking accept.

The new regulation strengthens the rights of all consumers related to their personal data collected by different organizations and companies in the EU.

As stated, we have updated our privacy policy to comply with the GDPR. According to the policy you have the right to:

  • access your personal data for any purpose at any time
  • request that we correct if it is inaccurate
  • ask us to delete your data
  • object the use of any particular personal data of yours

Data privacy has always been in the core of Sailfish OS and in the way Jolla operates, and we believe this one of the main reasons why our customers and fans believe in us. And now this only gets stronger.

Thanks for your continued support, and let the sailing continue!

Your Jolla captain,

Sami Pienimäki

CEO & Co-founder of Jolla Ltd. Opportunistic entrepreneur, loves family, skiing and cars.



  1. Avatar

    Thanks for the Update, Sami!
    I’m happy to use a mobile OS, which stands for security, privacy and freedom.

    Keep on sailing!

  2. Avatar

    Since they inform us about this, which is interesting to know and everyone is obliged to inform their users.

    But could you tell us how the returns of the money contributed for Jolla’s tablet are going?

    Thank you.

    • Avatar

      With all respect, but do you think, posting in every blog update the question about refund will change anything in the situation? Do you think, when you write it in every post you get the second half of refund earlier?
      I doubt it. Jolla told meny times, they would pay the second refund part, as soon, as they make some profit and have some spare money to pay. At the moment they burn investor cash, and have no possibility to refund the second part. Such questions wouldn’t change anything in this situation.
      Its not that Jolla donn’t want to pay. They can’t….

      • Avatar

        Then, it would be good to be informed periodically of the situation. If at the time it was said that a monthly reimbursement would be made to 100 people, and this could not be continued, let them report.

        The image that is given, at least for me, is of little confidence (with all my respects). At least from the outside it looks like this.

        But a comment is finally just that, a comment and take the opportunity to ask again. What do we know (officially) of the second returns? How is the matter going? Thank you.

        • Avatar

          as long as you don’t hear anything, you can assume, that nothing changed. fullstop.

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    Nice to see that Jolla is still committed to the traditional OS development model where funding comes directly from the customers rather than the data-subsidized model popularized by Google with Android and recently adopted by Microsoft with Windows 10. Let’s hope Jolla is successful and can stop the spread of this malicious business model that had already overtaken the biggest mobile and desktop OSs because we do seem to be headed towards a grim future despite the GDPR (which companies like Facebook are trying to get around by moving their data to countries with non-existent data protection laws like the U.S).

    Also didn’t take long for the people moaning about the returns to show up either. Information being made available when there’s new information to be made available isn’t enough for them, one of the usual suspects has after all stated he wants bi-weekly jolla blog posts about it.

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    Thanks for the update. May I ask for a little clarification regarding the new privacy policy? In chapter 3 (“Personal Data”) you state under “Device details”:
    “If you have a Sailfish device (meaning a device running on Sailfish OS), we may collect information about your device such the IMEI number of the device, and the IP address when it is connected to the internet.”

    Since the IP address is regarded as personal data under the new GDPR, may I ask how often you collect these data (once when registering the device, every time the device connects to the internet, other), for what purpose this data is used and how long it is stored?


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    I feel like Jolla are trolling us with this post!

    GDPR is just standard legislation that all are complying make it look like Jolla are doing anything special when it comes to GDPR is frankly disingenuous

    All I need is concrete info on when the SF Xperia XA2 will be available please!

    • Avatar

      Safety issues ok. +1 info: Please provide us also smartwatch to buy with the superior SFOS UI. Good luck Jolla.

    • Avatar

      There is no trolling going on here.

      We are not taking advantage of GDPR. We are proudly stating that we have been extremely privacy concerned since the beginning of Jolla, and are very happy that GDPR is finally in place.

      About something special: Yes, we are developing the most privacy-respecting modern mobile OS in the world, and while that is not related to GDPR announcement, it is something special and we are proud of it.

      About XA2: We have always communicated that Q3 is the target for this release. Developments are being done as we speak.

  6. Avatar

    That’s good to know! Is possible to see what refund amount if requesting my personal data?

  7. Avatar

    Any news about refund?

    • Avatar

      I heard every time Sami reads a comment on an unrelated blog post about the refund, he resets the refund timer.

      Have you refund guys thought about group counselling? or cbt? or est?

      • Avatar

        @Beethoven: I was surprised when I read CBT and EST in this context, but then I looked in up on Google and I guess you’re referring to the therapies. 🙂

        I’m pretty certain you’re right about them resetting the counter. At least I would do this in their place. 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Thank you for this information. I would like to now what Android apps can do on my phone. Almost all apps in iTunes and in the Play Store have multiple trackers. Even Facebook Pixel, a serious spy, is present.
    What happens to my data on my Sailfish device if I download such Android apps? For example newspaper apps?

  9. Avatar

    And again my post got deleted.
    @James Noori .. you promised that no post would be deleted on the BLOG.

    Another false promise so it seems.

    But if people are to critical due to the fact they are still waiting for their refund and stating the truth you now just use censorship ?

    • Avatar

      Both your comments included personal harassments and attacks towards Sami. We do not tolerate harassment and name-calling here. We have said numerous times that we will update you about the refunds when we have an update, and clearly we do not have an update right now. We have been clear about this time after time. If this manner continues (personally attacking anyone here) we will attempt to block you from commenting. If you have any concerns regarding refunds, comment it under the refund post, not on every single post, since that will get ignored as we have mentioned before. Please behave yourself!

      • Avatar

        James, you should seek legal advice and finally sue those people. At least in my country the person at habd committed 2 criminal offences with what he wrote about both Jolla and Sami. I mean, this whole happy community idea only gets you so far and only works as long as those people dont work against the rest of us even with illegal methods.

        • Avatar

          Ossi, you clown, let’s bring this to court right now I dare you.
          I know my fair deal of legal rights and I will not only make sure I get paid right the way but I will also get paid all my expenses / hours I have spend the last years to address this issue.

          It is quite simple clear promises have been made so this would be a very simple case in court.

          I have my proof right here :
          Jolla management said (as quoted on this blog) “it will be late but I guarantee you will get it”

          Let’s have a judge decide on this .. please .. let’s go !

          • Avatar

            @Maikel, in the video you linked to they addressed those who had *ordered* a tablet. These people have long since received a 100% refund. It’s typical for ppl like you to “cite” things, leaving out the context and thereby creating lies.

            What you call “promises” is not a term a court would find relevant.

            But you still don’t understand that you are the criminal now. Jolla was friendly enough to remove the evidence so that even a state attourney will not be able to sue you. I hope you thank them, especially James.

          • Avatar

            Maikel, please stop calling people names. (referring directly to the word “clown” that you like to use). This is your last warning.

        • Avatar

          Thanks Ossi for your advice. We will take necessary actions as we see fit if this name-calling gets worse.

      • Avatar

        It was just stating the truth, I can make the same promise as Jolla made to me.
        But I will keep my word, It is taking too long James the refund needs to be done right now not months / years from now.

        Jolla owes me money and yes I am frustrated but for a very clear reason.
        I am not the only one, so yes I will keep reminding you that I am waiting on my money, it’s the only thing I can do.

        • Avatar

          Maikel, you were not stating any truth in your comments (I have a screenshot, and I did check them exactly before I left this comment). We have said that we will pay you back when we make money aka positive cash flow. If you decide to comment under each and every post demanding the same thing, it won’t change anything. We have our plan clearly communicated to everyone and comments won’t change that plan. If you have any more concerns, please comment under the refund blog post, because chances of getting a reply anywhere else are low.

  10. Avatar

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