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International Sailfish Community Event Recap

The first ever International Sailfish Community Event also known as ISCE was held on Friday 17th of June 2016.

For me as a fresh Community Manager and a long time Sailfish community member the event was a dream come true. The event had a lot of Jolla values in it, stirring with love & passion! The community was showing us their love, and we did our best to show the community what they mean to us. Many of you have shown us over the years what you can do to help us and the other community members. There’s a lot of value in it.

The event on Friday the 17th was full of energetic people and good Sailfish spirit, already starting from the queue to receive the Jolla C devices, T-shirts and nametags before coming in.


The event program was started with a keynote from our co-founder, Sami Pienimäki. With a title “What’s up Sailfish OS?” Sami’s presentation was about the current state and future outlooks of Sailfish OS, and of course, the community.

Here is a video of the keynote:

After the keynote we arranged three workshops for the community participants, talking about various topics related to Sailfish OS:

Hardware adaptation workshop – Carsten Munk, HW Adaptation

Sailfish design workshop – Martin Schüle, Chief Designer

Sailfish user interface live coding workshop – Joona Petrell, UI Chief Engineer

For Joona’s workshop, we have some cheat sheets that you can use for UI design:
Theme cheat sheet
Silica cheat sheet
Icon reference
Example code

As promised earlier to Community Device Program participants, there will be more online sessions arranged during the coming months on other fun and important topics regarding Sailfish OS development. These will all be shared publicly afterwards.

After all of the geeky workshops and tutorial sessions done by Sailors, we started having some drinks and talk about even more geeky and nerdy stuff. Some of the community members showed off their stunningly done hardware adaptation projects, then we had a rather nice dinner served to us, until we left the venue for the afterparty.

I would like to thank the community for attending and making this one of the best community-oriented events of all time and present you with some of the nice photos taken during the event in a gallery:

If you made it to the event, would be nice to hear about your experiences in the comments below!



James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


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    Or Was it June 2016? 😉

    • Avatar

      Yes, updated! Thanks for pointing out!


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    Is there any guide on how to install the “Sailfish user interface live coding”?

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately you cannot currently. We are not making desktop releases of Silica, though hopefully we will at some point in the future. In my presentation I used a very rough desktop build.

      Similarly dqml is not a productised tool. Qt just announced a new project called QmlLive as part of their Qt Automotive Suite. Would be awesome to get it integrated to Sailfish SDK later. Community contributions (packaging qmllive, making it build and run on sailfish targets, preparing instructions for users, integrating it to Sailfish SDK are welcome. 🙂

      While the environment was different the actual Silica code and examples I presented should run without issues on Sailfish SDK and Sailfish devices.

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    Nice James! Keep it coming…

    Eventually…finally…some blog post must contain info about refund.

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      Eventually…finally…one day Dave999 will stop posting about the damn refunds for the failed tablet in the comments to every damn blogpost.

      Yes we get it, things went wrong, you didn’t get your tablet, you didn’t understand what crowdfunding is, you want your money back and you think you’re entitled to all of the money, not just half of it. It’s beyond annoying at this point and I’m beginning to hope that they don’t refund you any more and start demanding you pay back the half you already got.

      • Avatar

        Its not about the money. I have more money than I ever need. Got it by give the customers more than they expected.

        You should not see the refund as a cost for jolla but as Investment since IF It happens most of the money Will return to Jolla and give more sales and goodwill.

        • Avatar

          Sorry, but I’m simply not buying it. You’ve been complaining and moaning about how you haven’t gotten your full refund yet in EVERY blog post for MONTHS!!! Not only have you complained about not getting your refund in every post, you’ve done it on the same day the post was put up, meaning that you’ve been checking in EVERY DAY to see if a new post has been put up to complain about you not getting your refund.

          Anyone who backed this and had any sense knew that there was a risk and why things went the way they did has been explained in this blog. The reason why they’ve decided to refund the backers is because they’re nice people, but they’ve explained time and time again that they can’t simply afford to refund everyone to the full amount. Contrary to what you might believe, your complaining about how they haven’t refunded you your full amount does not speed up their ability to finish up the second round of refunds.

          • Avatar

            @L_A_G Don’t waste your time. Dave has been around as a member of the Maemo/MeeGo/Sailfish community for ages. He joined when the main gathering point was Jolla and didn’t even exist then.

            The great feature on is that you can put people on an ignore list and simply never see their posts/comments. Dave jumped onto my ignore list pretty quickly, because all he ever did was whining, complaining, trolling. That was back in the good old Nokia days, and it’s the same now.

            You don’t need to argue with him, he’s a pretty smart guy and of course he *knows* you’re right. He knew he was wrong even before he wrote his own comment. He just sits there at his keyboard, trying to be provocative without being offensive. That way, people keep talking to him. 🙂

            • Avatar

              Guys. No one is right or wrong here. It’s just opinions and I hear what you are saying. But so far I haven’t seen a single good reason that over shadow the opportunities of the full refund.

              and as Benny said: if you have one, no need to tell me about it.

              Let’s wait for Jolla to post a blogpost about it.

              • Avatar

                Hi Dave, and everyone else! 🙂

                I hear you all. But I was wondering what blog post should come about the refund when it is already said and planned?


                • Avatar

                  Hi James,

                  I’m not sure what Dave is thinking, but I’d certainly like to see an update on the plan, just to know that things are still on course would be great. Silence for a year is not the way to go, and will just enrage tablet backers like myself all over again. (The 1st half of refund was a nice olive branch).

                  • Avatar


                    Thanks for clarifying!
                    Well, I can say that there are no certain blog-post-worthy updates at the moment. The only reassuring update from my side would be that everything seems to be on track so far with no major issues. If it continues to be like this, we will definitely have the second round of refunds delivered to the backers on time. Of course, we won’t be silent about this throughout a whole year but we definitely won’t be updating the situation every month either. At least not for now (As we are far away from the planned time for the second round.)

                    Hope that helped a bit at least.

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                  Well it was planned by you. Im not ok with you keeping half on my money as free credit for over a year.

                  I want my other half ASAP, til the i see rt as my right to post this in every blog post, to remind you on it, that there are still unrepaid debts.

                  Pay me, the rest now and i will GLADLY delete anything i ever had to do with Jolla.

                  • Avatar

                    @NoTablet There are no unpaid debts. You paid money to Jolla not even as a credit (which by definition has to be paid back), but as venture-capital. It was theirs from the day you paid it and there’s no obligation whatsoever to pay it back.

                    Now, they pay you their money without you giving anything in return. They did so in May, and they might do it again one year later. It’s a gift by Jolla (a quite unexpected one). Only people with very bad manners insist on receiving a gift and claim they have a “right” to get it.

                    • Avatar

                      Hi @ossi1967,

                      As usually, I think that you’re paid to protect Jolla.

                      Lets face the truth an admit that Jolla did a big mistake and risks to be a bad history.

                      The refund is not a gift at all.

                • Avatar

                  Just make sure sure to drop a note in Evert second blog post or questions Will arise about your motive. Also, just make sure you have something to sell before refund and make it easy for backer to support u.

                  • Avatar

                    I will, if I am allowed to. Since it is a clear matter and we have said it already, I’m not exactly sure how many people would be interested (except a few, including you of course) to be reminded the same thing every now and then. Because the answer to “2nd batch of refunds” is indeed the same thing until further announcements. And since we already have said when will the next round be paid, we will focus on more important matters (time-wise) until we get our next round of funding in order to pay you guys back.

                    • Avatar

                      Sounds good. maybe it’s better that I’m asking instead. That way you can say you were answering community question. You can’t say something and then nothing for 6 month later it maybe happening and in this case a year. You need to show more, like when you looking for investments. That was a major mistake during the campaign…no progress. Then boom. Screen bad, then nothing, than bang, parts sent to incorrect place, boom, no parts, no money. Bang no tablets.

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    Great information here, a shame that this posting does not get more comments.

    If I understand Sami Pienimäki’s keynote right, it contains two statements that I find very important:

    1) Making Sailfish OS available officially on the Fairphone 2 is the intention of Jolla as well as Fairphone and likely just a matter of months.

    2) Open-sourcing (more) code and accepting contributions is part of Jolla’s strategic plans.

    Both points would be great news and they would deserve detailed blog posts on their own.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for commenting.
      Yes this post should indeed get more attention than usual!

      Regarding your comments:

      1) Yes that is true.
      2) That one is also true!

      Detailed posts will follow as the plans are more concrete and “share-able” 🙂


  5. Avatar

    The pictures are taken via the new jolla c phone?

    • Avatar


      No the photos are taken using a DSLR camera.
      (Sorry, I don’t know the make or the model)


  6. Avatar

    @James Noori


    When the Jolla c will be shipped ? 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Olivier!

      Jolla C devices will be shipped and delivered during this month as promised. It is in an on-going process with our third-party distribution channel!


  7. Avatar

    My Jolla C is on the way to Finland by TNT 🙂

  8. Avatar

    many thanks for sharing all these videos..wasn’t able to attend your workshop but glad cold check out what you talked about..guess it would be nice of you if you could hold a webinar..remember registering for webinar by experts talked about the basics of website creation..learned quite a lot and didn’t have to go to another city in order to attend it

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