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Introducing Jolla Angry Birds Stella Limited Edition

Looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day Jolla gift? Look no more! We’ve just introduced a special limited edition of the Jolla smartphone with an ultra cute Angry Birds Stella The Other Half smartcover! The funky, feathered Jolla Angry Birds Stella is packed with an exclusive Angry Birds Stella experience, including the Stella wallpaper, unique Stella ringtones and ToonsTV, all included! The ToonsTV experience is also a unique feature in Jolla as you can access it directly from the home screen by simply swiping over the edge.

The Jolla Angry Birds Stella is only available for a short period and it’s definitely going to be a collector’s item, so be sure to get yours soon! If you order before February 8, we’ll deliver it to you in time for Valentine’s Day.

This special edition Jolla smartphone is one result of our long term cooperation with our dear friends at Rovio, and it serves as a great example of how the unique The Other Half concept can bring new experiences and new types of content to the Jolla experience. We want to thank Rovio for the good cooperation this far! Let’s see what the future brings.

Get Jolla with Angry Birds Stella The Other Half now from the Jolla Online Shop for 249€. Available in EU, Norway and Switzerland.



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  1. Avatar

    Valentines schmallentines! I want that Other Half for myself…

    • Avatar

      I second that!


      – WHADA WEWANT? Stella OH! (And spare batteries for Jolla, pls :))
      – WHENDO WEWANTIT? In a timely fashion after your current “sale”!

      Thank you.

  2. Avatar

    Yea! I ordered one yesterday for *my* other half… 😀

  3. Avatar

    I received my Jolla yesturday and as expected it´s fantastic. Congratulation for your work. It´s impressive how you did innovate with in a such competitive market, with Apple giant, Amazon huge. Just amazing.
    On the first hour I was adapting to a device without any press buttons, but then, wow, it´s very intuitive and we really don´t need them.
    It works smooth, with a very nice visually ambience.
    Very, very welldone! Waiting now for the Tablet 😉

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