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Get your photo(s) to the official Jolla ambience gallery!

Many of you already know what a Sailfish OS ambience is. To put it very simply, it is the mood of the user interface composed from a chosen photo. In addition to being the wallpaper of the lock screen when you double tap the device open, it also sets the general mood and colors used everywhere in the device. With Sailfish OS ambiences you can even customize the sounds associated with each. Thus, it is definitely something that truly matters in the whole user experience.

In Sailfish OS there are a number of pre-selected ambiences, which come pre-installed in the devices, both in the smartphone now and the tablet in the future. Additionally we include selected photos in the image gallery for further ambience options, or just for your viewing pleasure. Here are a few examples that we use in the Jolla Tablet demo devices:

(These images have been adapted from the original, and here are the sources: Silent, Work, Vacation, Party, SailingCC BY 2.0)

Campaign: New ambience/gallery photos from our community 

We are now planning and designing new ambiences and gallery images mainly for the Jolla Tablet – some of these might be used for the Jolla smartphone as well. Here is your chance to be part of this. Submit your photo(s) and you might get featured in official Jolla products!

Jolla’s Design Team will review all the submitted photos and handpick a number of them to be featured on the Jolla Tablet, and possibly on the Jolla smartphone. We will also show all our favorite pics (that were not picked) in the Jolla Blog.

Procedure for entering

The simple steps for the Jolla Ambience Photo Campaign are:

  1. Take a photo (or photos) or choose your favorite(s) from your existing photos. The shots we are looking for should represent a mood/emotion, such as work, party, sport, happy, calm etc. You can define what the mood is. You can submit several entries, but please don’t overdo it – quality matters here!
  2. The chosen photo(s) should have a minimum size of 2048×2048 px. If your image is larger, it can be either portrait or landscape – in the end it needs to work both ways. You can use whatever equipment you have to take the photos.
  3. Read and understand the terms and conditions found here.
  4. Go here and fill in the required information to the fields and submit your photo(s).
  5. The chosen photos will be showcased and credited first in the Jolla blog when the campaign ends, and later in the actual Jolla products. We’ll also publish our favorite photos that were not selected for the actual product.

The Jolla Ambience Photo Campaign is open from April 15 to May 15, 2015.

Now get your photo gear, and find the perfect shot. We can’t wait to see what you‘ve got!


Entry images are not limited to pictures taken with the camera. They can be digital forms/re-creations of artworks, paintings, drawings, vector designs etc. All the rules still apply: you should have ownership and rights of the artwork to licence it under CC BY 4.0.


Carol Chen

Community Chief at Jolla. Globe (and star) trekker. Ardent about open source and open communication. Makes decent music with timpani, drums, piano, and vocal cords.


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    When can we expect a fix for the bug I only found out about a few days ago which is the ringtones reverting to defaults and not saving customisation, this is a pretty fundamental function, I’m very disappointed having only purchased the phone in august.

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    How about makig it a bit more interesting? I could sponsor a prize. You can win a pack of freshly roasted coffee from me. One from the very first batch (roasted and send out in August 2015).
    How about that

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      I suppose we could reward someone with some nice freshly roasted coffee 🙂 Would you like to pick your favorite ambience image for that?

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        Let’s do this! I also take over the shipping cost worldwide!

    • Avatar

      Yes certainly! However the licenses to those are unclear, plus most of the long vertical images are not very appropriate for the tablet, where it needs to work in both portrait and landscape modes. I think the JollaWalls admin plans to create a separate area on the site for tablet. Since Jolla won’t be able to select all user-submitted images, it’ll be great to have a general place where anyone can share their creations for the community. Hope to see some fresh new content, or even renewed forms of previous works!

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    My whatsapp photos and videos are not display in gallery…what shall i do for this..please help

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