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Jolla is back in business!

Dear Jolla fans, community, customers and Jolla Tablet backers,

Last time when I wrote here, we had just heard that our financing round had not succeeded as expected and realized that we were in a full on financial crisis situation. In other words, the whole continuation of the Jolla story was in a real jeopardy and unfortunately we had to make some drastic moves to handle the situation.

I was personally very happy to see so many community members and followers react to the dire situation we were in. My personal “we are fighting tweet” got 548 retweets and the wonderful initiative ISupportJolla gathered a lot of heartwarming comments and helped us fight the battle. I can’t thank you enough for the continuing support you have shown to us!

Now, it is my pleasure to share you really good news: we’re back from the death valley! We have just finished our latest financing round and secured solid new financing to the company. This investment enables the continuation of Sailfish OS development, the community activities and other company operations. It’s clear that this recent struggle hit us hard and left some battle wounds but most importantly this means that the development and life of Sailfish OS will continue strong. This alone is worth a celebration!

Our focus areas in the future

As already said many times before, we are very excited about Sailfish OS 2.0 and we’ve also seen that is has been taken on very positively by our current Jolla customers and also our business partners. We aim to continue the development of the OS, and scale up our resources as soon as possible to match the needs of all our customers.

On the partnering side our focus remains on the BRICS countries, concentrating strongly on India and Russia. India is a very exciting opportunity to us, since it is one of the booming smartphone markets with over 100 million new smartphone users every year (and growing).  In Russia we’ve also seen a lot of interest towards Sailfish OS, and this is gradually moving into concrete projects – we can’t wait to tell you more about these projects.

Additionally we have a few other very interesting projects cooking up for Sailfish OS but more about these a bit later.

About the Jolla Tablet project

We receive daily more and more questions about the status of the Jolla Tablet and many people are seemingly frustrated – rightfully so. After I showed the cost breakdown for the Jolla Tablet project in my previous blog post, many have asked that why did we spend a big part of the tablet crowdfunding money on software development and not the tablet itself. To me this question as such does not make sense, since Sailfish OS is our product, our crown jewel, which we aim to make perfect for all of you – the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software.

As you all know, we were already late with this project when the financing struggle hit us, and unfortunately this unexpected delay in financing will clearly have an effect on the project. Now that the immediate financing challenge is resolved we will put our attention to the tablet project and develop a plan for dealing with it.

All of your cases will be dealt with as soon as we have the plan ready to be implemented. So hang in there, the answers are coming.

All in all, good news this time – and thanks again for your countless support and nice encouraging words along our journey. We’re in this together!

Happy Holiday Season for all!

Your Jolla captain,

Antti Saarnio

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Jolla. Fearless entrepreneur and business adventurer.


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    Congratulations on this ! 🙂

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      … but after investing real money you can’t bump your IGG supporters with “the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software.” There’d be a breach in logics …

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        What have they’ve been smoking there in Finland, Jolla’s headquarters? Tablet (hardware doesn’t make sense to him) of course since his ego is not able to process that people were giving money for tablets and not for f**** new OS version. After this article I get additional boost to request my money back!

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          As far as I know Prometheus was a fierce mythological figure. Are you sure you chose the right alias? Please stop using crude language.

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          Whoa, man. But the tablet is really only just a piece of hardware. The OS is as much, if not more, a great part of it. The new OS experience would make your swiping LCD plate a bit more exciting. I am frustrated as well, but don’t dis the software please. I am buying it only for the software. And I don’t mind personally what they spent the money on – just that it had not put a jolla tablet in my hands is my only gripe. Hope it changes soon.

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            On what will we run this OS…? Tablets right? or are you suggesting that we give another 270$ for hardware? Anyway, I don’t want to be a part of this. As soon as they issue my refund, I will forget Jolla for good, and move on! Those who would like to stay, it is their call.

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          Think your tablet, when it runs out of power, it’s same tablet, but OS is not running. Yes, it becomes something worth of about fishing net weight. You see OS IS main thing of tablet.

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          let you give you my thoughts on this.

          I have been there when Google jumped onto the tablet hype without having anything ready in Android for tablets (Android 2.3 times). It was a horrible user experience and the tablets where basically useless.

          I am one of those who already do have a Jolla development tablet and I can tell you that developing SF 2.0 has been an absolute necessity to make it useful on the tablet.
          Of course I am also not happy with the tablet project situation (I also spent money for another 2 of them) but I think it would have been a big mistake to just deliver the hardware without an tablet optimized OS.
          A tablet just isn’t a bigger phone, also Google had to learn this the hard way.

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        @launchpad: Well, from a consumer perspective, the hardware wouldn’t have been possible without the software. Adjusting Sailfish so it would be more hardware-independent was an essential part of the tablet project.

        From the corporate perspective of course, the tablet only existed as a showcase to proof how SFOS can run on multiple form factors and platforms.

        So that was the reason why, from day 1, SFOS 2.0 was advertised as a part of the tablet campaign. And theres no problem with logics at all. 😉

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          Except people have no tablet.

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          A bit difficult it is to understand of this jolla tablet philosophy, the Igg backers supported Sailfish development, but what these are:

          How much they supported the Sailfish development? If they are originally Jolla tablets. Please, if there is something I don’t understand, and they are nothing to do with Jolla, teach me. There is something the common man does not understand, it begins to seem that it would have been better if you had never participated in the jolla tablet Igg campaign.

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          More bullshit supporting an inept company.

          This idea that the “Tablet Project” was really a Software Development Project is demonstrably true, but that wasn’t what we contributed to. Which ever way you spin this it was at the very least accidentally misrepresented, most likely a con-trick from day 1.

          Building a Tablet includes no requirement that Sailfish should be “hardware independent” on the contrary: what was required was to tailor it to work on the chosen hardware.
          How does developing SF 2.x to work on various Smartphones help Jolla deliver a Tablet? Hardware-independence might be a goal for Jolla, but NOT for Tablet contributors.

          As for the rest of it just PR crap. In the seemingly unlikely event that Tablets are delivered they’ll be a year late and couple of hardware generations out-of-date.
          It’s probable that the original-spec (now legacy) motherboard chipset components will no-longer be available, requiring another lengthy re-spec and re-design. Rinse and Hold.
          It’s deja vu all over again.

          The only “Winners” in this are the owners of the Sailfish OS who have garnered yet more cash, and stay in their (no doubt) well-paid jobs.

          I’ve no objection to the vanishingly few Sailfish enthusiasts being thrilled at having shiny new OS on their ‘phones, even if we paid for it & got nothing.
          But please don’t come here and preach about why we’re all wrong to be pissed off.

          Finally the notion that 548 re-tweets of support represents the “Community” is simply stupid and vainglorious.
          I’ll give it six months before Jolla (the “Software Company”) is dragging its begging bowl around the VC companies again. There are around 10,000 ex-“sailors” out here who’ll never touch Jolla again, and deter everyone they know from doing so.

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            Well said – totally agree.

            I signed to IGG camgaign because of promise of Tablet and then they con me out of more money for shipping of a Tablet and then more money for perks for TABLET.

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            I do agree that priorities have been wrong. Even as a phone owner I see a lot of effort that has been put into fancy (some ill-conceived) GUI redesigns, but too little effort into fixing very basic bugs & actually improving functionality.

            However claiming that:

            >> Building a Tablet includes no requirement that Sailfish should be “hardware independent” on the contrary: what was required was to tailor it to work on the chosen hardware. <<

            … is just wrong from a software engineering perspective. Although management does seem to be slightly delusional, their engineers and coders are actually very good. You can tell by the way Sailfish is constructed that the devs were really thinking about what they did and tried to create a clean & well-designed architecture.
            And becoming (more) hardware independet is ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do when you think about adding another platform. The last thing you want is to add platform-specific quirks and workarounds that just create more setup-specific bugs and maintenance bloat, especially with the small team they have.

            • Avatar

              I think you don’t have a clear idea of how hardware actually works, and that software has ultimately to access hardware. “Hardware independent” does not exist, unless you are using Java, that runs on a virtual machine, which has anyway to be ported to any hardware it has to run on.

              • Avatar

                >>“Hardware independent” does not exist<<

                Oh right, so that is why everyone always rewrites all of the code when hardware changes.

                Unless they use Java of course.

                And that, kids, is why you don't want to design for hardware independence: Because it doesn't exist. Unless you use Java.

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            Absolutely! I signed on for a linux based tablet full stop. Not for a Sailfish development project.

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      … what would be the strings attached ( e.g. by your new investors ) concerning the serving of tablet deliveries ?

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      Great to hear, that you have managed the problems and you have money again. But i am not glad to hear, that “the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software.” Maybe it is – for your buisness – not important, but it is the product you have sold and the product which is most important for us customers. We have supported the hardware, for sure. Even your company becomes more and more incredible, i still want the tablet. I think you will loose all respect of the community if you don’t deliver it. As an effect, you will loose much of the support, which also will have negativ financial effects. Its seems, this is most important for you.

    • Avatar

      Congratulations, yes. I’ve been looking forward to the tablet for the last year. Fact is: I bought into an openness promise and a tablet concept unlike any. Not a corporate product but a community concept. I might still have bought into it on different sales-pitch but you didn’t offer any. You do not answer hard questions, do not deliver the real story. I feel cheated.

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    Good to hear! Hope you come up with a plan for the tablets that will suit everyone as good as possibel.

    Would have loved -and expected- to see an update on Jolla-Adventures, since the deadline for the first round has passed and no information is given whatsoever.

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    Good to hear the financing was succesfull enough to continue working on Jolla/Sailfish. Hope some former employees can join the company again to get back to full speed developing.

  4. Avatar

    Congrats! As they say, when life gives you lemons, make a lime other half!

    • Avatar

      Hehe. That made me lol :)! Agreed. Congrats!

  5. Avatar


    The good news is just in time for Christmas, hope you guys have a great one.

    …and I hope there’s a new phone on the horizon somewhere, I desperately want an upgrade 🙂

      • Avatar

        Me as well, but then my tablet has already arrived. (I understand why Jolla needs to focus on fixing tabletgate first).

  6. Avatar

    Fantastic news, feels like an early Christmas present. Can’t wait to get a 2nd generation Jolla device! Keep going, oh wait, swimming!

    • Avatar

      Niin on,odotan edelleen saavani tilaamani tabletin.Onneksi jolla selvisi kriisin yli. Toivotan reipasta myötätuulta jollalle.

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    Good news so far. Partners in India and Russia are great, but there are still much SFOS-Users in Europe and anywhere else in the world waiting for new Hardware. Please do not forget us 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Excellent news. Great job!

    But Until tablet are fully refunded or delivered I see no point in doing my victory dance! Fix it as soon as possible plz.

    • Avatar

      They are completely ignoring refund to a IGG contributors. I’ve wrote a dozen mails regarding money refund and they are playing with us by not giving any answers, and sometimes they completely ignore the mails. They are not a company, they are a joke. Normal company after screwing things would issue a refund to people that are doing such a request, those who are willing to wait or whatever, they can keep waiting. Those who wish to get a refund should be able to get it without any problems. I bet that they don’t even read this blog posts and totally ignore the feedback from the Contributors…!

  9. Avatar

    “We receive daily more and more questions about the status of the Jolla Tablet and many people are seemingly frustrated – rightfully so. After I showed the cost breakdown for the Jolla Tablet project in my previous blog post, many have asked that why did we spend a big part of the tablet crowdfunding money on software development and not the tablet itself. To me this question as such does not make sense, since Sailfish OS is our product, our crown jewel, which we aim to make perfect for all of you – the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software.”

    REALLY????? Maybe it’s because the IGG campaign is for

    “Jolla TABLET – world’s first crowdsourced TABLET” notice it doesn’t say Jolla OS. Why is upper management at Jolla so dense?

    • Avatar

      Well at least my impression was that IGG campaign for tablets included two things 1)produce a hardware for a tablet device and 2)adapt sailfish OS with required new features to meet requirements for tablet and some new features. I think that it was stated right away that tablet will be shipped with SFOS2.0.

      • Avatar

        Yes, and no, at the very beginning they made it sound like the device would be capable of running SF 2.0, no argument there; not that it would necessarily come with it out of the box.

        • Avatar

          If you just want the hardware.. then why buy the Jolla? You buy a Jolla Tablet because of the OS and it’s community.

          Also.. how many companies do you you know that would so open and transparent with such things?

      • Avatar

        Running OS 2.0 but not to spend money on software. Are you all pretending to be jerks or you were born natural with it?

      • Avatar

        This is amazing. Poe’s law was written exactly about People like you. When I read posts like your, in which the poster says something like
        “It was obvious that the Campaign money will go on SFOS development, if you didn’t understand that than youre an idiot”
        “Of course they spent the money on the OS, what use would be a Tablet without an OS”
        I really can’t understand whether you are trolling or sincerely write all this crap.

        Jolla’s webshop offered me to BUY* A TABLET, not fund OS development. And also the fact that they showed a fully working tablet running Sailfish during MWC (which was in fucking MARCH) proves that we wouldn’t get a OS-less device either way.

        * – don’t you (or anyone else) fucking dare to start all that “it was just a pre-order” shit all over again. I already wrote what a real pre-order is under some previous blog post.

        • Avatar

          Well, if you purchased a tablet from Jolla web shop we are different cases. I backed up IGG group funding project which aimed to produce Tablet device and as a reward/perk I would have a right to get device (If it ever materializes) with reduced price. Project description included both HW and software work to do.

          So in a case that you made a purchase from Jolla web store you are of course right and should get back every dime you spent.

    • Avatar

      please send him the hardware only.

      • Avatar

        this comment made my day 😀

        • Avatar

          What exactly did you find funny in his comment? Do you both think that a “hardware only” tablet is a useless brick or something? I don’t know about him or you, but I see no problem whatsoever in installing whatever OS I like on an x86 tablet with unlocked bootloader. This was the reason I pledged the campaign in the first place.

          And even if you are unable to do that, isn’t a piece of decent hardware better than noting at all? Because this is the alternative you are suggesting.

          • Avatar

            It ain’t a brick if I install another linux distro on it!

    • Avatar

      ““Jolla TABLET – world’s first crowdsourced TABLET” notice it doesn’t say Jolla OS.”

      Actually, the IGG page says Sailfish OS all over it.

      However, the perk for contributing to the funding is to “receive a Jolla Tablet”, not receive a Jolla Tablet running Sailfish 2.

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    A new flagship phone with top of the top hardware is a must.

  11. Avatar

    The albatrosses on this blog and tjc now have bone sideways in throat. No promotion (from pegboy) forthcoming-I bet. Good job! Now the albatrosses embark on ever furious spamming -just watch.

    • Avatar

      good to hear so the development can continue…looking forward to next update…

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    Thanks for the update – glad to see Jolla is still in business 🙂

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    > In Russia we’ve also seen a lot of interest towards Sailfish OS

    This interest is kinda at risk, considering that you still didn’t tell us a single word about the future of Russian contributors. People were asking you about it for three months now (ever since the “And we’re sailing!” blog post).

    (Once again: I pledged your IGG campaign on its first minute, when the counter was showing “32”. Still got neither the tablet nor any information).

    • Avatar

      I’m grieving about Marc Dillon left Jolla. His contribute to Sailfish OS hardly overrated.

  14. Avatar

    A simple yes or no wil do. Can I await my tablet or not…..

    • Avatar

      Of course you can await it, but if you will ever get it? Recent experience makesme sceptical about ever owning the tablet:-(

    • Avatar

      Some of us don’t want to wait any longer, and we have every rights to get an refund. Check the IGG terms of use, but somehow Jolla ignores that and still do whatever they please. Now that you have financial power what is stopping you from issuing a refund?

  15. Avatar

    Congrats. Looking forward to see more from you.

  16. Avatar

    Never lost fate on you Jolla. One thing is sure that SailfishOS will be on devices. It is amazing product like linux was when invented. Keep up good work Jolla team. Best wishes to keep delivering tablets who have ordered it. Still dreaming to have one my own.

  17. Avatar

    Good news, let’s hope to hear from you good news also about the tablet soon, with a full performing Sailfish 2.0. Happy to be an IGG contributor, anyway.

  18. Avatar

    Great news Antti. I will remain patient with the tablet and try to keep my wife calm since she has been waiting for it even more than I.

  19. Avatar

    I’m glad you got your financing, but the answers for the tablet backers are disappointing again. Another ‘hang in there’, another ‘we have plans’ – but no information about the plans.
    Everything we know we pieced together on our own. i.E. that tablets have been produced, but you couldn’t pay for shipping. And that the factory started selling them on their own.

    What about the people who were asked to complete their order in mid-October? I payed 40 bucks for shipping and tax – but then you couldn’t ship because of money problems. Does your new financing mean that my tablet get’s shipped now? Today? Tomorrow? Next week?

    I’m really happy you got your financing, but I’m also mad that you still are unable to give us some real talk.
    It just sucks so much to give your money to people who you believe in, with great risk, but then having to fight for every little crumb of information that way.
    We got to know about your financing troubles from newspapers. The details of tablet production and shipment had to be pieced together by people talking to customer support – and it took me a lot of messages and very aggressive language to get some real answers.
    Even the news of you finding new financing got to the news before it got to us.

    And I still don’t know whether I will get my tablet, that has already been produced and paid for. Including tax and shipping.

    I wish you all the best, but I can’t wait to be out of here and not have to deal with you anymore.

    • Avatar

      -1 : They do not say : “Another ‘hang in there’, another ‘we have plans’”, what they say is : “Now that the immediate financing challenge is resolved we will put our attention to the tablet project and develop a plan for dealing with it.”
      I think it is honest to tell the truth but it would be honest too to read a message before answering…

      • Avatar

        I read the message. It literally says ‘hang in there’ and it speaks about a plan, without saying anything about the plan. I still don’t anything more about the fate of my tablet than yesterday.

        He shared more information with TechCrunch than with us here. He told them the tablet might get cancelled. That’s more information as he shared with the tablet backers.

        • Avatar

          Wait, what? Link please? Tablet getting canceled would be really shitty. I could understand some of the delays, and the fact that the OS needed some real development work to get it ready, but given that there’s even been a few that actually have managed to ship (supposedly, has anyone gotten any?), canceling the rest of it for those of us without it would be a travesty!

            • Avatar

              Saarnio said it’s now considering options on that front — including potentially canceling the tablet and refunding backers — now it has secured fresh financing.
              So that answers my questions of a month ago, asking if the tablets had been produced, had they been paid for, had they been shipped to Jolla.

              The answer appears to be NO, No, and hell no. Tablets don’t exist.

              Some 20 or so users have collectors items, and apparently are under deep non-disclosure agreements because I haven’t heard a word about them.

              • Avatar

                @JSApoulsbo There was never any doubt about whether or not the tablets were already produced or not. All official communications from Jolla told us they weren’t. (Except for the handful that they managed to deliver, probably from a test batch.)

                • Avatar

                  They indeed told us that tablets were produced, and they were produced.
                  I was asked to complete my order in mid-October. I payed 40 bucks for tax and shipping, and got a response that my tablet will ship within 10 days. That tablet was produced and ready to ship. But then Jolla couldn’t pay and the tablet stayed at the fulfillment center. We even know that the fulfillment center started selling those tablets without Jollas consent.

                • Avatar

                  Jolla Tablets weren’t produced? What is these then?


                  Here is a typically poor Google Translate translation of the product info for this tablet that looks remarkably like the Jolla Tablet:

                  “Original is swordfish system, may take into account the sailfish system in the country for public use are not used, we have to brush Andrews system is easy to use, Thank you for understanding!

                  “jolla tablet, Zhuo blue plate, distributor, welcome to come to discuss cooperation after retail distribution, new original unopened; at the end the best choice to buy gifts, 1 year warranty, ordering hotline: 13052072120. Nokia original class team to create Jolla Tablet. Simple simple, pure Scandinavian style, Intel 64 位 1.8Ghz Atom processor, 8 inches 2048 × 1536 ultra-high resolution IPS screen, pixel density up to 330 PPI, display is very delicate, 2GB of memory to run, 32GB internal memory, support maximum 64G MicroSD card expansion, 2.0 megapixel front camera, 500W pixel camera, 4300mAh battery, equipped with Android 4.4 operating system, massive Android applications and games. Body measurements for the 203 × 137 × 8.3mm, weight 384g. The plate by the US FCC testing. Members have been waiting the tablet pro who can start, there are questions feel free to contact online customer service; new imported unopened, feel super good, runs smoothly, the unique double-click the wake-up screen function to ensure hundred percent authentic, all chips than foreign cheaper price, buy is to make; own gifts, the air quality a face Kazakhstan. Shanghai large spot straight hair; a higher price than the Nokia N1, unique design

                  “If there is a real fan of swordfish, sailfish Sailfish to the original system, please contact customer service, Tel: 13052078120, you can book in advance payment, 20-30 days can be shipped, sailfish system version is issued directly to the company’s warehouse in Finland Jolla; The price is 1280 yuan;”

                  • Avatar

                    So i can buy one when i am in china.

                    Jolla you jokers – cant believe they are already produced.

                    Love the Community thanks for all information guys.

    • Avatar

      I can understand you and that it isn’t fun.. but also you need to understand that in crowdfunding you bear all the risk. So accounting for delays is part of it.

    • Avatar

      +1 they are still ignoring us… Issue a refund and free us from further misery. We will be gone asap.

    • Avatar


      A great post. I fully agree.

  20. Avatar

    Good news 🙂
    Loke @Jarno i hope that as many sailors as possible can come back aboard.
    I’m not asking about the tablet – because the blog says pretty clearly that the corresponding meeting will take place _after_ Christmas.
    I’m sure we will get some info then.
    Keep on sailing !

  21. Avatar

    Great News! May the wind from now on take you on a downwind course, making it a fast and smooth passage to your next desired destination. Navigate well!

    No death valleys anymore (by the way: how comes that sailors end up in dead valleys?)

    • Avatar

      Maybe a maelstrom would be more fitting 😀

  22. Avatar

    Ok, cool 🙂

    Time to repair the Flashlight app on Sailfish OS 2! 😀

    • Avatar

      Flashlight seems to work fine for me on Sailfish OS2.0. Is something not so good there for you?

  23. Avatar

    Great to hear that SailfishOS development can continue. Congratulations for that!

    When thinking what to do with Jolla Tablet and deliveries to IGG backers you might want to consider following. If backers – who are your biggest fans – have paid you money and you don’t deliver how likely are they to give you money again? Then you can decide whether money will flow in future from those individuals or whether there will be some other consumer base that will bring you income.

  24. Avatar

    Congratz on the financing!

    Now, as an IGG supporter & enthusiastic user, if I could offer you a humble word of advice: Please do not alienate your supporters by saying that our questions don’t make sense. If a question doesn’t make sense to you, please just explain the situation; pointing out that the question doesn’t make sense feels like an attack. If you’d just explained the situation along the lines of “the software is the main point of the tablet and we want it to be as good as possible; without it, the tablet would only be an expensive brick” without condescending our questions as nonsensical, I bet nobody would have anything against that.

    Anyway, thank you for the information you were able to give, keep up the good work, and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  25. Avatar

    Hienoa!!! Ei muuta ku eteenpäin ja kohti uusia seikkailuja… Hyvää joulua kaikille teille jotka teette hienoa työtä

  26. Avatar

    This is good news. I certainly hope you can rehire recently separated staff.

    A tip from an old communications guy — when you have evidence of customer dissatisfaction and you’re communicating publicly about it, don’t qualify it with words like “seemingly.” It takes away from the impact of a word like “rightfully,” which was exactly the right word to use.

    And personally I would still rather get my tablet than a refund…

  27. Avatar

    (y) keep going. Looking forward to 2.0.1. Ship my tablet whenever. It’d be nice if in 2016, but if literally all my tablet money went to just SFOS development, that’s fine too.

  28. Avatar

    Congratulations on that successful financing. Hopefully, there is more hardware coming to market in 2016 using Sailfish OS.

    Actually, since hardware is aging quickly, for me it would be a nice option if one could change money invested in the IGG tablet campaign into a voucher to pay down something of the new hardware stuff instead.

  29. Avatar

    …the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software… Sorry Jolla captain, please realize that many of your tablet customers feel like you slapped them in the face. You used our money to sail into stormy waters. Hopefully the new financing will help you sail to where the sun is shining.

    • Avatar

      Makes me feel like slapping the captain.

      Dear jolla

      When we bitch about the tablet, we are not bitching about not getting a mediocre collection of electronics in a flat container. We can get better tablet hardware for less money from any store. We bought your vaporware tablet to get Sailfish on a tablet.

      Until your customers are excursively hardware manufacturers and not flesh and blood humans, you’ll have to put up with customers asking you to deliver your product in a physical device.

  30. Avatar

    Congrats. But partnering with russian government (or companies? I guess we will never know if russian government is your investor, as you don’t care about giving real information) is strongly pushing me back from reactivating my once beloved Jolla phone, as I don’t want a Putin-phone (no racism against Russians, I’m half russian myself. Just not understanding, how one can talk about privacy on the one hand and partnering with an autocratic government on the other.)
    And I can’t understand you not understanding people who complain about pushing out the money from the campaign for SFOS. As you don’t give any information about your plans and strategy to the community, no-one can know in which state the OS is. So many people (me included) have the feeling of beging betrayed. If you would have been open and had communicated what you were going to use the money for, we wouldn’t complain. But maybe you would have had a smaller result from IGG. So, I think is justified to feel betrayed.

    • Avatar

      Sorry man, but despite your excuse you do sound like a yet another Russophobiс paranoid. “Autocratic government” bullcrap aside: Russia doesn’t have even a half assed surveillance system. All feeble and illiterate attempts of our government to somehow restrain the privacy and freedom of information are ridiculed and instantly overpassed. Compared to Western countries we are the shining example of Internet freedom. We have nothing that even comes close to PRISM/NarusInsight/X-Keyscore/whatever.

      The REAL reason why our government is interested in Sailfish is that it is a perfect chance to steal some budget funds under the pretence of co-developing an independent mobile OS. I estimate the part which is going to be stolen as ~60-70%. But remaining 30% still will be a good help for Jolla.

      So please no more of this “Putin-phone” bollocks. There is nothing bad whatsoever for Jolla to cooperate with us.

      • Avatar

        Do not spend your time on this troll.

      • Avatar

        Sorry man, if you feel offended. But what I did is this: I differenciated between russian people and russian government. And if you talk about Jolla “cooperate[ing] with us”, I guess by “us” you mean russian people? As I said, I am half russian (having a russian father), so I could count me into this “us”. I used to live in Mockba for several years and left it after being attacked by milicia twice when taking part in gay parades. (I am not sure I would be allowed to write this from Mockba, as this could count as propaganda for homosexuality, right? Maybe underaged people are reading this.)

        I don’t have a problem with Jolla cooperating with russian investors or russian companies. But I do have a problem with Jolla cooperating with russian government. I do not say they are doing this, but Antti Saarnio’s post of Medvedev shaking hands with Xi Jinping on twitter makes me wonder what is going on and makes me afraid.

        You say “we” (you? government?) don’t have a half assed surveillance system. I hope it will stay like this and that Jolla will stay away.

        Again: I’m not afraid of russian people. And to be honest: if Antti Saarnio would post a photo of Angela Merkel shaking hands with, say, Barack Obama or David Cameron, after talking about opportunities for Jolla in Germany, I would be a little bit afraid, too. What I loved SFOS for (besides the really superb UI) was it’s indepency. I hope it will stay like this.

    • Avatar

      2nd Half 2015 goals:

      The Sailfish Secure approach will allow solution concept adaptation to e.g. local needs, and also collaboration with other security partners. End customers like governments or large corporations are able to adapt the solution to their preferred hardware platform, i.e. the solution is not tied to a specific hardware configuration.

      Privacy and security remains our top priority. During the second half of 2015 we are aiming to answer the increased demand in privacy of mobile communication. We continue building the trusted and transparent open alternative to other operating systems with no control by any country or major industry player.


      To conclude, as long as the investor is not a government and not the major industry player than those parties you are afraid of remain just target customers for Jolla.

      “We aim to continue the development of the OS, and scale up our resources as soon as possible to match the needs of all our customers.”

      I think that is an important phrase, we can’t let one customer decide the direction for all:
      Intex -> Androidization of the interface ,
      China and Russia -> Perverse spying and backdooring (just exaggerated, populist example)

      Wish Jolla good luck and look forward to news from BRICS as well as Fairphone.

  31. Avatar

    Congratulations! I truly wish all the best for your efforts. You deserve success, world needs Jolla and Sailfish!

  32. Avatar

    Congrats with the good news!
    One thing though:
    Could you please write more clearly that your goal is to ship the tablets to all the backers? Because otherwise people are going to think that “dealing with it” means paying damages and forget the tablet ever happened.

    We believe in you jolla 🙂

  33. Avatar

    Congrats with this news :).

  34. Avatar

    Congratulations! I am very happy that you are still in business. And of course I am continuing to hope that you can resolve the tablet issue so that I can get mine, too. As someone said in the forum, Jolla needs also the tablet platform for Sailfish to be a serious player.

  35. Avatar

    Good news! As a tablet backer I would like to see a sailfish OS tablet delivered – either manufactured by Jolla with current design or by partner with refreshed/upgraded HW features.
    Keep sailing!

  36. Avatar

    Rock on sailors!

  37. Avatar

    I’m happy, that Jolla ist back in business and sailfishOS is still on the road and market. Yes, I’m looking forward to more news about it.

    But to put off the funders of the tablet today, makes me unhappy at the same time. Jolla has taken the money, but coy for months about a concrete statement for the customer and can not imagine a plan.
    Please close this gap immediately, thats part of your business too.

  38. Avatar

    good to hear that, what a relief!
    I’d still be glad to get the tablet whenever you’re ready 🙂

    • Avatar

      And again, we get more information from the press than from the blog.

      • Avatar


        IMHO both did a good job this time: the interviewing journalist and Antti with his blog and openness towards the interviewer.

        You can’t expect the CEO to think of everything in a blog and to follow all of the “community noise” in detail while securing operations. That’s why good journalists are helpful.

        But I do think it is the job of a head of community to have an accurate picture of the linked community, if you call a supportive community as an integral part of your business. I also agree, that community management is horrendous at this point in time :/

        @JuhaniLassila: Get it right, with heart – or pass the job to s.o. else who real motivation to do so ! Not so many ( constructive ) comments CAN / should end up without any replies in a jolla nirvana. If the burden’s too heavy, think of re-convincing & keeping s.o. such as @CarolChen as a head of community.
        Jolla just underlined again the importance of BIRCS markets – an she’s capable of handling both English & Chinese communications in a blink of an eye …

        • Avatar


          Note @AnttiSaarnio: maybe delegate more freedom to your community management to get the job done right ! They shouldn’t be forced / reduced to coming up with phrases alone – but rather being in charge of mitigating in a community-business embedded reality convincingly & competently giving sense to this symbiosis.

    • Avatar

      In this article there is a question to consumers : “what is still to be seen is how the consumers are going to see the need for alternative operating system — are they waiting for that?”
      I can give my answer : “Yes, I’m waiting for an alternative OS”. Not only for privacy reasons, but also because other OS producers only have one goal in mind… money ! OK, making money is a normal situation for a company, but money to finance the product we paid for ! But the situation with current OS is that they are becoming the “gadget” that allow to bring money from somewhere else. e.g. see how MS promise “continuum” with his Win10 mobiles, but now that it is almost ready to ship, they announce : “continuum ? yes but only for those who subscribe to Office365”.
      Yes, consumers are waiting for an alternative OS, and not all consumers know why it is important but… it is important.

  39. Avatar

    Great to hear! The most important thing was that the development of Sailfish OS could continue – which seems to be the case now. /me is relieved. 🙂

    I also hope that the “temporary layoffs” will really be temporary and many of the sailors can be offered a chance to get back on board again… If they still want that, that is. 😉

    Looking forward to an interesting 2016!

  40. Avatar

    Again! Nothing changed. 🙁
    No concrete info were written as usual.
    Missing some word about the SFOS licensing for mobile devices manufacturers.
    And the last paragraph seems to be a little hypocritical. “We’re in this together!” Where was the steersman, when we needed an info about the tablet status? Do you remember those weeks of silent?

    Despite my critical stance, I am so happy to read this good news. Hope that final shutdown is averted definitely.

  41. Avatar

    This is awesome! I hope you have found a safe harbor and that you can push out a new device. Doesn’t have to be much different than the current one as it runs the software pretty great. It is time for a new one though.

  42. Avatar

    Jolla have been more than transparent about their ordeals, this strengthened my trust in their products and overall conduct. I have said this a million times…All i want is a Jolla, even if i have to wait for another 6 months.

    • Avatar

      You’ve already read the article in techcrunch “One of them is to continue with the tablet production. One is refunding of the tablets…”? There is a 50:50 chance, that you have to wait until infinity …

      • Avatar

        I am for a full refund. I don’t trust them anymore. Those who are willing to stick with tables fine, but I don’t. This is absolutely too much.

  43. Avatar

    Great news Jolla! With almost all said already, here just my votes:
    – Great thing that SailfishOS now seems to have future with several partners. World really needs sanitized operating system. SFOS 2.0 is good starting point.
    – Tablet is needed since SFOS should be utilized wide variety of hw (including RaspberryPI=> IoT world). next device should be way easier to make.
    – Antti: Learn to really utilize and value community. They are more than willing to help.
    – Antti with all respect: Let someone else handle communications and community relations, I’m sure you are better in business side. Hint: Corporate attitude does not work here.
    – Make sure you have Store that has monetizing support. Only way to get top good base grow remarkably. This is, and should have been, priority number one from the beginning.
    – Working together with Russia, India or China in customizing ok as long as you have control on OS core and important components. Increase co-op with high profile security companies like F-Secure etc. to ensure purenes.

  44. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the information. Please be explicit in time line, when you are going to deliver the tablets. Honestly I don’t care about the Jewel OS. What I care is whether you can deliver the table withn a reasonable period of time. As a backer I am frustrated with level of communication

  45. Avatar

    Just early enough to ship until Christmas!

    • Avatar

      Christmas 2016 … 2017 … infinity?

  46. Avatar

    What is cause for rejoicing before you give the money back to those Igg supporters, who have not received tablets. If you have a working condition, so return the money, the tablets will surely not come.

  47. Avatar

    None of the company leave the financiers to fend for themselves

  48. Avatar

    Finns do not, at least not before have been talking about fairy tales, take it now for igg supporters.

  49. Avatar

    Great news. A good project can continue sailing.

  50. Avatar

    Good news, I’m (still) looking forward to getting the Tablet, and starting to develop Qt(qml) apps for it. Hopefully Sailfish OS will move to Qt 5.5 (or 5.6 by that time) instead of backporting newer features. I hope a lot of community applications will show the power of open source.

  51. Avatar

    Well, it’s nice to hear that the boat is still afloat, but as someone who didn’t back the igg tablet campaign, I also would have preferred if you would have spend more money to deliver the hardware and less on “upgrading” the OS, because in my opinion specifically the GUI handling introduced by the 1.99/2.0 upgrade was more like a downgrade.

  52. Avatar

    I am glad to hear that Jolla is still alive and look forward to more good news and my tablet. Though one might want to be delicate with the subtleties of phrasing. For I bought the tablet to help support Jolla. I didn’t buy it to support Jolla. Let that one marinade.

  53. Avatar

    Good news you’re not bankrupt but bad news Antti that you don’t seem to understand that we paid for a tablet not an OS and you still can’t say when you are going to deliver what you promised.
    As for references to graphs (“cost breakdown”) can I refer you to the graph that said that you were shipping in November / December. Actions not words or graphs are now required. So far every communication sadly only reveals how optimistic Jolla is. What would have happened if you had only raised what you claimed you needed to crowd-source the tablet? The original assessment of costs to deliver the project was clearly just fanciful.
    Next you’ll be blaming the Christmas break for more delays and the fact that you laid off staff required to ship our tablets. You said that you were gearing up for dispatch in the Summer but are now saying that you need to plan to deal with the tablet. This suggests you were never ready to ship at all.
    We still don’t know how many tablets you haven’t shipped, whether they have been manufactured, whether you have paid for them or even how much or how little funding you have now received.
    We live in hope but that’s all. Credibility zero I’m afraid. Please don’t release any more software upgrades until you’ve delivered every last tablet. That would just be insulting.

  54. Avatar

    Ukko perkele auttoi lopuksi

  55. Avatar

    Slush speech in 2015 where you warrant, that we will get the tablets, you keep your speech? Mies pitää sanansa.

  56. Avatar

    Tablet is nice open hardware. Please send me soon my payed HW and I will be happy. 🙂 I want only my payed HW. Used OS on that HW is future. 🙂

    • Avatar

      ^^^ THIS.
      I would be 80% satisfied even if I got an absolutely “clean” tablet (which wouldn’t be the case since Jolla already had a working “tablet” version of Sailfish at the time MWC took place). Even if I eventually get my tablet with Sailfish installed, I’ll probably install something else as dualboot, like Debian.

  57. Avatar

    Geeks not need to have tablet in “production state”. We are near same as developers. Please send tablet/HW soon. 🙂

  58. Avatar

    > many have asked that why did we spend a big part of the tablet crowdfunding money on software development and not the tablet itself. To me this question as such does not make sense, since Sailfish OS is our product, our crown jewel, [blah-blah-blah]

    OK, now this is really offending, dear Antti. Here are the simple facts:
    1) You advertised a Tablet
    2) you SOLD people a Tablet through your webshop
    3) you had more than enough money to make the Tablet
    4) you spent all the money on your OS instead of the Tablet
    5) now you have enough presumptuousness to act insulted when we ask about that.

    You really suck at PR, Antti. Even that guy in an ear-flapped hat did better (at least he wasn’t so blatant as to call your community “making no sense”). That “crown jewel” Kafooster of yours is just icing on the cake.

    • Avatar

      This blog post is almost insulting to the backers.

    • Avatar


      1) Wrong. They advertised a tablet with SFOS 2.0
      2) Webshop is not the topic when we’re discussing where crowdfunding money went to.
      3) The graph they published recently shows that the money from the crowdfunding didn’t cover the tablet costs by far. Each tablet they’d sell is a financial loss for the company.
      4) There is no evidence to back the myth that “all” money was spent on software. Actually, it has to by a blunt lie, because there *is* hardware that they shipped. Also, the OS is part of the tablet, no way to separate the 2.
      5) You guys don’t ask, you spread lies.

      • Avatar

        Oh hi Ossi, I’m glad you didn’t die yet from your Koolaid overdose.

    • Avatar

      Your comment is very similar to mine, which is still avaiting moderation since 12:50.
      Must be a reason , as later ones are already posted.
      I am ready to email my post , censored by jolla, to those who wish.

  59. Avatar

    “What would have happened if you had only raised what you claimed you needed to crowd-source the tablet?”

    I can’t deny I also thought how much they underestimated their costs during the campaign.

    “To me this question as such does not make sense, since Sailfish OS is our product, our crown jewel, which we aim to make perfect for all of you – the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software.”

    That’s a very unfortunate statement you made there. I understand the stress you accumulated in the past few days is making dealing with the usual 3-4 trolls around here (yes, you guys are obviously trolls even to random visitors like me) not an easy task at all. I also understand English is not your first language (nor is mine), but please consider having somebody reviewing your posts. And if you already do that, please consider having a second, third, fourth and even fifth person reviewing your posts.

    Let’s break your sentence down, shall we:
    “To me this question as such does not make sense”
    No. Slap your hands for ever typing that crap please. Do that now. Done? Cool. Now reword as “I disagree with such views because this and that”. You are dealing with enraged people waving their pitchforks and torches at you, and the last thing you want is have the chief troll shouting “HAAAA!!!! I told ya the captain is into insulting and stealing business!!”.

    “since Sailfish OS is our product, our crown jewel, which we aim to make perfect for all of you”
    I think I understand your point. You develop SF. You sell SF. You like making software. Sadly software won’t run on thin air, so you have to go through all the trouble of building the physical devices. That’s your point of view and one can agree or not. What you can’t disagree with tho is that you made a Tablet campaign. Unfortunately people tend to visualize a physical tablet in their minds when you say “tablet”, and so that’s what they expect. Software illiterates give the OS for granted, like you just fetch it from thepiratebay or something. That’s a reality. You don’t sell a software and give some device to run it. You sell a device and put something on to make it work. Sad, but you’re fighting against windmills if you’re hoping to change that mentality anytime soon. To normal people, you guys make phones. For that reason, I suggest you have somebody who has never set foot into your HQ reviewing your posts, in addition to the other 5 dudes.

    “the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software”
    As I said, I understand (maybe) your views. But as a matter of fact, you still sold us a combination of hardware and software. Even if software costed 99.5 and the hardware 0.5, you still have to deliver us those two things together. Not the hardware alone, not the software alone.
    Otherwise you could have made a campaign to have SF officially support some Samsung tablet and release a tutorial on how to set it up. In that case it would be totally acceptable if you spent 100 on SF and 0 on the hardware, and I would just take into account I’d have to buy the hardware myself. But you even posted photos, the Lastu case, news about high quality screens and USB ports. Not very software-ish. So please no more “it’s just a way to witness our software’s magnificence”. Without the hardware your software is as good as it was 50 years ago (ie: non-existent).
    Sure, we got an update for our phones. But 1) it doesn’t feature stuff you promised for the tablet (eg: split icons) and 2) it’s not what you advertised on the crowdfunding. Again, you advertised a tablet with SF2, new CPU support, faster menus and all sort of whistles and bells, but a physical tablet nonetheless.
    To repeat the latter example, had you made a campaign like “Major version bump” or something I would totally not complain. But let me state that once again: to me (most of us?) it was obvious that the Jolla tablet would be a combination of a newer, adapted for the hardware, improved version of SF plus a physical hardware. As much as I expect to find some piece of hardware in the box when I buy an Android tablet. Yes, Google doesn’t care at all about hardware and lets manufacturers licence their OS. And yes, I don’t give a flying crap about what Google cares about as long as there is something I can touch in the box I just paid for.

    In conclusion I hope to see my tablet soon, but I really expect you to stop using those community-nuking statements.
    I’m sure I didn’t type anything you weren’t aware of yet, but the message here is not “give me teh tableet now” as much as “STOP CAUSING PR DISASTERS”. And yes, I still want teh tableet i giv u money four.

  60. Avatar

    I feel next year Jolla will settle the tablet/gate by offering those tablets that are held by the manufacturer to those who still want one and refund monies to those who can’t get a tablet or who are requesting a refund. This way Jolla can get out of the tablet business and control its cash outlay (refunds). They are not going back into the tablet business and they will not “take the money and run”, both options are too costly.

  61. Avatar

    Congratulations on continuing the Sailfish OS journey! We in India are eagerly waiting for the next phone (Jolla/Intex) and hope it gets launched before the current handset dies. Couple of points:

    (1) Jolla has been “out of stock” on Snapdeal for a long time and does not ship to India from the Jolla Shop. Time to consider new retail partners?

    (2) Can users in Europe order the Intex Sailfish phone when it comes out…if yes, how ?

    Godspeed, sailors !

  62. Avatar

    It was a good decision that SailfishOS had and still has the priority. I’m looking forward to the next update. OpenSSL and other vuln. software packages need that the most. Keep up the good work.

  63. Avatar

    “We receive daily more and more questions about the status of the Jolla Tablet and many people are seemingly frustrated – rightfully so. After I showed the cost breakdown for the Jolla Tablet project in my previous blog post, many have asked that why did we spend a big part of the tablet crowdfunding money on software development and not the tablet itself. To me this question as such does not make sense, since Sailfish OS is our product, our crown jewel, which we aim to make perfect for all of you – the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software.”

    I backed the campaign because I wanted the tablet. Of course having an OS on it is nice as well, but if given the choice I’d rather take the hardware with incomplete software than finished software with no hardware. I’m a programmer so I can tinker with the software myself, but I can’t build a tablet device from scratch. I’m certain I’m not alone with this opinion.

  64. Avatar

    I don’t understand. If the problem with the tablet wasn’t hardware why you never send us our tablet? Because software will be updated in the future… then it is impossible don’t send us tablet for software matters… crazy

    • Avatar

      @michdeskunk who said “the problem wasn’t the hardware”? It was hardware, then logistics, then the financial crisis…. and probably (my personal guess) a great deal of naiveté of Europeans dealing with business partners from the other side of the world.

  65. Avatar

    Great news!
    When I was putting my money to Jolla tablet it was clear that it was a risk investment for the small mobile OS company. Those people who doesn’t understand it should just buy some android tablets from big companies.

  66. Avatar

    Please can indicate clearly when we receive our tablet? It is very important to us. Thank you.

  67. Avatar

    questions as such make no sense?
    I paid the money, so I expect to call the tune.
    I backed THE TABLET.
    You are talking about jewels?
    Are you at
    Either you deliver or at least set the EXACT delivery date, or refund me in full, as I have many times requested.
    I am being fed with spam from zendesk, now you feed me with your arogant BS.

  68. Avatar

    I’m really happy that I invested in your OS as it truly is valuable.
    Being able to install it on anything and ofcourse it being completely open source like you first said.
    I don’t think it really matters that their isn’t any hardware, I don’t think it matters that you’ve managed to cull your support and fan base.
    More than anything, I feel like I was a part of this project from beginning to end. The updates and communication from you guys have always given me a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to give you my hard earned money.
    Good luck in the BRICs…

    • Avatar

      ….oh, and I really don’t want a tablet from you guys anymore. Sorry, just feel burnt by totally lack of trust and transparency in your business.

  69. Avatar

    Thing is, without hardware any OS investment is null and void. The production and release of the tablet was your chance at getting bums on seats. That was why we invested.
    Without hardware YOU DONT HAVE AN OS! You seriously need to find a rational and human being to sail your ship and talk to what community you have left. I’m out……..

  70. Avatar

    Great news!!!! Continue with that spirit Jolla!!! Please prometheus stop complaining, is Christmas!

    • Avatar

      I will, as soon they issue full refund under my name. And I will leave this blog and any other immediately… But they are ignoring that.

  71. Avatar

    First of all, glad to hear the good news!

    I’m waiting for news about the Jolla Tablet but can understand that it will take a little time before a plan is made up. BUT please, please, please be open and sincere to us!

    If I get the tablet from you I’ll consider buying the phone as well. But before I get the tablet (or a refund if it is cancelled) I’ll wait.

    And, yes. I wanted to say that I’m more interrested in the hardware (and being able to hack it by myself) than in the Sailfish OS. Unfortunatelly Sailfish is NOT OPENSOURCE, so I cannot hack it as easy as I would like to and I don’t have a full control of it.

  72. Avatar

    Outstanding! I can feel parallels with the non-aligned movement.

    There has to be an alternative, secure mobile OS for those who are not partial to US corporate behaviour and its liking for data theft.

    • Avatar

      “..There has to be an alternative, secure mobile OS for those who are not partial to US corporate behaviour and its liking for data theft…”

      But who will tolerate being misled\lied to by Corporate Suits intent on making a buck and feathering their own nests…..

      Oh, there is, its Jolla!

  73. Avatar

    A promise is a promise! Ship the tablets to us! I believe in Sailfish as much as the next person but if I don’t end up with that tablet then it is very unlikely that I will ever use Sailfish since the phones are overpriced and unavailable in my country.

  74. Avatar

    For me it has been clear that the tablet would (only) be a proof of concept for the OS. I trusted in Jolla and the SFOS and ordered both, a phone and a tablet. Now, after nearly a year with the phone i can not imagine how to use an Android- oder iPhone instead of my Jolla. So I’m awaiting the tablet though there are no other tablets with SFOS aboard in sight.
    If Jolla wants to be unlike and hear in future it needs us, the community, to tell. But I only can tell about the OS if I use a phone and a tablet with SFOS all day.
    Cancelling the tablets might be no goot idea.

  75. Avatar

    Continued good luck Jolla!

    … but remember, without platforms running (jewel in the crown) software, that software isn’t much more than vapourware.

    Jolla absolutely must actively participate in increasing the availability of quality hardware running Sailfish otherwise you could find yourself back in death valley.

  76. Avatar

    Let me pitch in and explain to you what you find so hard to understand. First and foremost our perk was “Receive a Jolla Tablet…” Not “Receive the satisfaction of making Jolla’s product better with no benefit to you whatsoever.” I do not care what business plan you have for your company, how you plan to make money or how you want to name your kids. If you sell a tablet that IS your PRODUCT. I do not give a damn if creating that product entailed exploring Mars or a parallel universe, what I do care about is getting my tablet, the PRODUCT I gave my hard earned money for.

    Second you sir did not use the money to make the software compatible with the tablet, you used it to make the software a better product for you to sell. This my friend by definition is EMBEZZLEMENT. You used our money that we gave to you to make a tablet for the advancement of your company. Had you done this to any investor you would be looking at a lawsuit right now. Please keep in mind that a lawsuit is not something that I am not willing to do even if that means I lose more money. Actions are not without consequences and you better come up with a plan to satisfy us as soon as possible or else I will be rallying here and anywhere else I can to get what we are owned.
    I loved Nokia, maemo and meego and I like the fact that you are developing the continuation of those but I am not willing to have this in my expense.
    Please do your job and stop insulting us.

    • Avatar

      Well said sgv_6618.

      Antti should think carefully before visiting the USA. We throw people in jail for this level of bait-and-switch or embezzlement in this country.

      He’s a year late, and many dollars short. Even if he gives the money back, we deserve interest. Not to mention some compensation for opportunity lost due to having no tablet for a year believing one would arrive any day now.

      • Avatar

        Exactly. I think that if they do not provide us with a meaningful resolvement of the situation we should start thinking of sueing.

  77. Avatar

    Congratulations! All the best to Jolla!

  78. Avatar

    dear Captain Jolla,
    Congratulations with the good results for the financing round. I suppose this is good news for SFOS 2.0.
    But, please stop insulting IGG Tablet backers for the trust & money they gave you.
    Please deliver on your promises or give us the money back, rather sooner than later

  79. Avatar

    I would be cautious with the low strategic value of hardware. Two factors encourage jolla to have their own hardware:
    1/ The Android OEM system makes it almost impossible to update and patch systems (let alone in time). A lot of unpatched vulnerable systems will be out there destroying the reputation. Read:

    2/ at some point, jolla must make money to pay employees. Google still makes 90% of its revenue with ads, not with Android. The OS is only a way to funnel people into the ad-machine. Apple is making a lot of money with a nice combination of hardware and software. So the perfect combination of both for those not wanting to go into the Apple – world makes a lot of sense from a market perspective

    3/ your community is mostly the ex-N9 community and technical people. The N9 was more expensive than the iPhone. If you do a jolla2, this should be high-end and may even be expensive. Keep the jolla1 as budget phone.. But I know it is hard to get such hardware. But not impossible. In Germany a company has recently started to produce routers. It isn’t impossible to find a garage in Finland to solder nice manufactured phones. Real ones. That hold battery for days. With a camera like the N9, with security and privacy and Finnish cloud services

    Just my 2 cents for your consideration in this ocean of feedback. I’m happy that Jolla’s journey continues.

  80. Avatar

    Good to hear funding is enough to keep going for now. As I stated previously if the tablet delivery does not happen, I will buy a cheap Dunbdroid phone so I can flash Sailfish OS to it. If that works then I can do the same to my new OPPO R7 Plus. The tablet to me is not that important but the survival of Sailfish OS is. If I spent au$300 (number 5160 on the delivery list)for a tablet and don’t get it – too bad, so sad – take it as a donation to ensure the Sailfish OS development continues.

  81. Avatar

    I haven’t decided by whether or not I mean offense by this, but what were you thinking with this “statement?”
    As an American with no network that can support your Jolla Phone, my only option was to wait for a tablet. I jumped in on your IGG the moment I saw it for the promise of receiving a Jolla Tablet. Having a new and updated OS is all well and good but I could care less if you sent me a tablet with the phone’s OS and promised an update when the new release is ready. I’ve spent the past year with my limited time learning to develop for your product it now looks like I may never even touch, and even if I did, will have been outdated by a year despite paying near to retail price. The segment of consumers waiting for an alternative to iOS and Android are not quick to trust, and fast to distrust when given good reason, and it seems my hopes at least have been fruitless. I am not yet demanding a refund merely because I don’t want to admit the last year was wasted with severely outdated tech waiting for this unicorn to ship. Learn to communicate honestly with sufficient detail to not burn the remaining bridges you have left, if your employees don’t want to come back to you you should wonder about your customers. I hope the next “update” is more useful or it will really point Jolla out as sailing a plague ship.

  82. Avatar

    There’s been a lot said about the IGG campaign and the money spent on the OS and rightly so people feel aggrieved that their promised return on their investment hasn’t materialised. I am one of the no doubt many while who didn’t contribute to IGG but put in a preorder for the tablet as soon as it was notified, I paid the full UK price with the money being taken from my credit card. Here we are almost in 2016 and no tablet, no idea when I’m going to receive it either.

    I have no inclination to invest in a phone, as my Nokia 808 pure view takes some beating in terms of camera, the Jolla phone comes nowhere near it. SFos2 to me was the natural successor to Symbian. I hold onto the hope that a partnership between Nokia and Jolla will materialise and a Jolla Pure view may one day be a reality

  83. Avatar

    I bought a Jolla phone to support european technology companies. I supported the IGG campaign for same reasons.
    Whats’s the result? A phone years behind american companies, a tablet not delivered with nowadays old technology and an OS designed for customers in India and Russia. Congratulations! Jolla! Great Job! Went back to Apple.

    • Avatar

      Because Russian investors interested in SFOS. I do not be surprised if the money were came from Russia.

  84. Avatar

    Good news on securing funding. I am one of your IGG backers. Please continue with the Jolla Tablet project as I have had the phone for over a year now and would love to have the tablet as well. If the Jolla tablet is cancelled, are there alternative tablets that we can load SFOS 2.0 onto?
    Good luck with everything!

  85. Avatar

    When do Jolla start the refund process?

    • Avatar

      +1 I’ve been sending them a dozen emails, but they are ignoring it. Issue a refund and we will be on our way.

      • Avatar

        How to issue a refund?

        • Avatar

          They have money to transfer it via PayPal. That is what they’ve done to Majkel from Netherlands. Check two blog posts before this one. If you are asking how to request for refund, that is possible through IGG Jolla tablet site. Scroll down and you have link for contacting Jolla support to issue a refund.

  86. Avatar

    I am about to give up on Jolla Tablet. If Antti does not come up with a waterproof plan how to sort out this mess after the holidays, my first tablet will be iPad mini 4 instead of Jolla.

    It was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to move on now.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, If no invite/indication of tablet/redund before new year I am forced to put my jPhone to rest for good and go all in Apple. New iPhone 6s Plus already bought, will be a new IPad and a MacBook to after new year. Can’t wait for this scam anymore.

  87. Avatar

    Good that Jolla is still alive, then the question is really for how long?

    The reason for most of us backed Jolla in the first place was to get a TABLET with understandings that it would run on an alternative OS. So it should be fairly clear that we wanted a piece of hardware with some version/form of software. To say that it’s legitimate only to advance OS/SW is a bit stretch.

    Also it’s so hard to comprehend why Jolla is gaining and, at the same time, still mistreating a few thousands of paying, willing and probably very knowledgeable beta testers.

    I believe many of us are or have been in the same/similar fields, we can be very positively vocal, being a marketing force to advance their course, or we can also be very negatively loud.

    The next step is crucial and it totally up to Jolla.

  88. Avatar

    Software is the crown jewel, all right, but shall we run it only on virtual machines in our laptops? IMHO what is really very urgently needed now is the hardware to run the software, so a tablet and a new phone! Or you make a software which is easy to install on other Android phones!

  89. Avatar

    Merry Christmas @jolla. Please don’t give us anymore sw updates until you have refunded tablet/ shipped. Can’t sw without hw you know so make it your top and only priority until it’s done.

  90. Avatar

    Merry Christmas to All,too. Personally I wish and want everything good. I like my Jolla phone very much and I am fond of all its updates. I am committed to receive my Jolla Tablet. It has no matter, if it is outdate or not. I would like to have my (fucking) Jolla Tablet very soon, indeed. 🙂 🙂

    Jolla can maintain its realibilty only just by delivering the paid tablets in addition to furhter development of Sailfish OS. Of course, all who would like to have their money back, they should get. There are no any alternatives.

    • Avatar

      > Personally I wish and want everything good. I like my Jolla phone very much and I am fond of all its updates. I am committed to receive my Jolla Tablet. It has no matter, if it is outdate or not. I would like to have my (fucking) Jolla Tablet very soon, indeed. 🙂 🙂

      For some reason when I read your comment I picture Darla Dimple from Cats Don’t Dance, about to blow a fuse.

      • Avatar


        That really made me smile.

        P.S. That PNP transistor is really good, but it would have been better if it were NPN (majority holes.. 🙂 ).

  91. Avatar

    Dear Jolla management:
    A lot of us supported the IGG campaign for similar reasons: we love the Sailfish SO.
    But, and there’s always a but, we paid for a perk, which is a TABLET, so, where the problem is? Ship the tablet or refund the money. Catch the money and run has a name: FRAUD
    So, how the hell do you want the sailors trust in you if you don’t meet your promises…..
    Maybe you have to ask all the IGG supporters if they want the tablet or a refund, then you will know where you are and you will be able to trace a route, in other way you will be ignoring your best market.
    Good luck and Merry Christmas to everyone

  92. Avatar

    Let’s go brothers!

    Considerate la vostra semenza:
    Fatti non foste a viver come bruti,
    ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza.
    (Dante – Inferno XXVI)

    and Merry Christmas @jolla

  93. Avatar

    Great news. Thanks Jolla. I believe in you and this great idea! Stay tuned and merry christmas!

  94. Avatar

    You play a dangerous game Antti.

    You are on the verge of destroying the people that are willing to support and buy devices, and hence give you a platform for starting the business.

    Obviously you need to size up and sell more devices, but I would find it unlikely that having a trail of burning customers would be a benefit to you.

    The tablets obviously exist, at least the 32GB version as they are being retailed directly by the factory.

    At this moment I am waiting on 3 x 64GB tablets, and 3 covers. I fully expect them to be shipped to me. Any other result is also the end of my interest in Sailfish OS, Jolla, and or any business endeavor where Jolla employees, current or previous, take part.

    To be able to further support this company hardware is needed. Software by itself, without hardware to run it on is useless. You would be better off releasing the hardware, and then continuing afterwards to work on the software.

    The communication methods of Jolla are less than optimal to say the least.

    • Avatar


      It’s awfully frustrating being put off for the 10th and 100th time. I see jolla had serious problems, i understand taking care of these problems takes time and nerves – also for the customers. But these half-hearted statements like “answers are coming”, “…will clearly have an effect” still continue the jolla series of bad communication.

      I understand some users here are just happy to hear jolla is doing better – so am i. But me personally, i do not have a jolla phone, i never got the chance to try sailfish OS so until now – ass a tablet backer – i only paid for an OS i could never even use on a device that supports it.

      That leads me to the point where communication in this blog post maybe really got insulting:

      “many have asked that why did we spend a big part of the tablet crowdfunding money on software development and not the tablet itself. To me this question as such does not make sense, since Sailfish OS is our product, our crown jewel, [..] the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software”

      For who? For jolla? They just wanted a platform to test their software on? And we paid for it? Is this what they are saying??? Offering preorders, making me pay for the lastu case (70€!!!) under the certain impression that we will get the tablet was what? A misunderstanding?? I mean there are still users that try to defend jolla on this.. but honestly, who on earth would have contributed to the campaign knowing that they’d finish the software part but not the hardware part? rarely anybody, i’d say..

      Now before i lose my temper i should stop here. I REALLY tried and will try my best to support this company. I would have loved to contribute on jolla’s software as a developer. As said in the comments of this post and of all the other posts for so many times: PLEASE, jolla, try not to chase away the remaining supporters of your project!! The divergences between the promises of the corporate identity in general as well as those made in the indiegogo campaign and the reality already are drastic enough..

      Still, i hope jolla can govern the situation and provide us with hard facts regarding the tablet backers’ situation ASAP to gain back some love which i am very willing to give, assuming we will not be taken for fools anymore.

      Now, unfortunately i suspect only community members will read this. IF jolla employees read this: i really do wish you all the best. I hope you can settle the situation. And to everyonee i wish you great holidays and the best for the future and i hope we can get some good news, even though i’m pretty sure we will have to wait until january for even any news..

  95. Avatar

    Yea, “Happy Holiday Season for all!” but without the gifts…. Also I did not see any confidence in the future. Send us a medal at least “I took part in the Jolla project”…

  96. Avatar

    Skip the Jolla tablet, team up with nokia for hardware running SFOS.

  97. Avatar

    OK. So, how can I get my money back?
    Even if Jolla will somehow manage to deliver the tablets, this platform seems dead now. No company will write software for it.
    What about a warranty?

    I want my money back.

  98. Avatar

    Absolutely looking forward to receiving the new Jolla Tablet!

  99. Avatar


    you have recently been in contact with us regarding a Tablet refund request. We apologize for the delay in getting back to you. This has been due to the difficult and unclear situation faced by Jolla, which in turn has impacted the Tablet project.

    What we at Service and Support have been advised to share with you is that more information will be forthcoming about the Tablet project’s status after the New Year. Decision-making regarding the Tablet project is a prioritized item on the Jolla Board of Director’s end of year meeting agenda. So, once more is known this will be shared via the Jolla Blog and email.

    Therefore, and in light of the above, no further action is required of you at this point regarding your refund request.

    On a related note, some backers have asked about people who may have already received a refund. To this point, Jolla has only refunded a handful of backers, but this was by mistake at that point. Much of the refunding action was based on the understanding that funding would come in – it did not; mistake made. From here on out our aim is to devise a plan that is fair for all Tablet backers.

    Finally, for any backers who may have previously received information from us regarding refunding options (“Option 1” and “Option 2″), please disregard this previous communication going forward.

    We look forward to resolving this situation with you as soon as we can in early 2016.

    Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
    Jolla Customer Care”

    They prioritized tablet project? Are they joking?!?! I haven’t got that impression. I thought their priority is Sailfish…, maybe I am only delusional.

    They made refund to handfull IGG backers by mistake?!?!? Issuing refund for something that they haven’t delivered is mistake? Are you telling us that not returning money and obviously breaking IGG terms of use are normal procedure and thing to do? In most civilized countries it a de-facto standard to issue a refund for a fiasco like this one that they’ve made…

    “Ignore two options for a refund that Jolla suggested” Damn I will, I want a refund NOW, not in 2016, 2017 or whatever. There is nothing to discussed about. You f*** up big time so it is fair that you issue us a full refund, so we can finally move on with our life!

    • Avatar

      I want refund January 1st 00.00.01 or I can’t finance my new year cigar.

      Atleast great news that refund is coming in January .

    • Avatar

      > Much of the refunding action was based on the understanding that funding would come in – it did not

      Well NOW it did 😉

    • Avatar

      “Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
      Jolla Customer Care””

      Well I for one am neither patient nor understanding.

      “From here on out our aim is to devise a plan that is fair for all Tablet backers.”

      Fair at this point is only a FULL refund. As things stand right now, best case scenario is a late Summer to Autumn delivery of a two year old, questionably manufactured and designed HW. I cannot imagine them pulling off anything better than that or even that to be honest and that is not good enough by any means. Anything less than a FULL refund would be blatantly stealing our money.

  100. Avatar

    It’s obvious that Jolla wants nothing to do with the hardware game. Now that they seemingly have licensing deals the best avenue for them is to focus on those. So I really can’t see them proceeding with making the tablet. It would be a device they would have to support and it would be a distraction from what they have said is their focus.

    The only thing that makes sense to me in regards to the board meeting re:tablets is to determine how much they will refund the tablet backers.

    I hope it’s the full ammount because they really could have delivered all the tablets months ago. The hardware was ready, shown off and won tablet of the year at MWC. Maybe it didn’t meet their standards but it could have been done. Early software and all since anyone who contributed to this project should have been a tech savvy power user.

  101. Avatar

    So glad!
    Katajaiset Jolla!

    And the investor is Nokia…

  102. Avatar

    This “india” news is interesting, I’ve had worries about that, because that may have been bad news for the phone Intex (hopefully still) plans to bring to us :-).

  103. Avatar

    Good news and well done on getting through this tough patch. I am now looking forward to hearing some positive news about when tablets will be shipping to your IGG investors.

  104. Avatar

    All the haters, lets repeat it again: You never “bought” a tablet. There is no such thing as “your tablet”. You invested in a company (kind of like a VC), your investment might or might not pay off, if it does you’ll get tablet, if not then, sorry, you shoulda known what you were doing and it’s only your own fault.

    • Avatar

      1/ We do not hate, we just do not accept to be lied
      2/ It is not a question about losing money, it is about Jolla lying, cheating, on the indiegogo campaign
      3/ Jolla are liers and it is our right to make as much noise as possible to be sure everyone learns how they treat people.

      • Avatar

        I don’t see where we were lied. Things in companies can go wrong, especially the small and underfunded ones. Like it’s easy to make a tablet… I do hope to get a tablet eventually, but I never held my breath so I am not pitchforking now.

          • Avatar

            You kickstarted something. That’s a risk investment.

            Delays are to be expected, and it is even possible that you don’t get the end product at all. I’ve backed several things where the company went bankrupt, and I backed a few things which really were release (most delayed), and were really cool products.

            Be glad they actually try to really bring it to you after all. And read the kickstarter policys.Nobody ever guaranteed you a product. You invested in an idea of a product. The product itself is the vision and your believe in that they can do it. Nobody told on time or on budget. If you’re working in the industry, on time and on budget is rather rare.

            • Avatar


              Delays can be expected, lying about them no.

              Being an IGG campaign is no excuse for lying, taking the money to develop something else, and hiding financial status.

              If Jolla had pulled this with a big investor, instead of a bunch of enthusiasts and fans, they would have been sued out of existence by now.

            • Avatar

              It is funny when someone is suggesting to read IGG policy meanwhile same person haven’t red it by it self… Here I will help you: Look under “Disputes between Campaign Owners and Contributors”

              • Avatar

                Prometheus why do you bother answering? The idiot doesn’t even know that it was an indiegogo campaign do you think he has read or can interpret correctly the policy?

                • Avatar

                  I am only trying to open their eyes. I am truly sorry to see that most of the people doesn’t know their rights and for some that are too extreme to see clearly that it is not contributors fault for the bad decisions but Jolla’s management.

        • Avatar

          I am sorry that you just joined to this blog – NOW. I suggest to read all those previous blogs, and google for additional information from other websites, and then come back to write something smart.

          • Avatar

            Actually he was Ossi’s stooge since day one, making encouraging noises at his gibberish (and posting some himself)

        • Avatar

          Change your glasses, then. They asked for money to develop a tablet (and at maximum adapt the OS), and spent it developing a new OS version. They promised a “finnish design” tablet, then went with a generic reference design. They asked for TVA for tablets they knew they couldn’t afford to ship. They hid their financial status.
          If that isn’t lying…

    • Avatar

      > All the haters, lets repeat it again: You never “bought” a tablet

      All the fanboys, lets repeat it again: I BOUGHT A TABLET. I’m not even registered at fucking IndieGogo. I never did any “investment”. But even the people who did, did it to receive a TABLET, because that was what that campaign offered, not to fund development of an OS which half of them can’t even see because they also don’t have a phone.

      Actually screw it, I’m tired to repeat the same obvious facts over and over again. Keep trolling all you want.

      • Avatar

        Don’t pay attention to those hypocrites, they’ve got an OS update on our expense, and now they are trying to convince that it is totally normal… I’ve read so much BS that I have almost become immune to their stupidity.

      • Avatar

        Have you approached IGG? The Jolla Tablet IGG campaign is still open as part of their “InDemand” program.

        “Indiegogo may remove a Campaign from InDemand if Perks have not been fulfilled within three (3) months after the estimated delivery date, or if the fulfillment of Perks is delayed indefinitely.”

        The currently listed “estimated delivery date” is Nov 2015, but Jolla has indicated that fulfillment has been delayed indefinitely.

        “Campaign Owners are legally bound to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Contributors (including delivering any Perks). … If a Campaign Owner is unable to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Contributors, the Campaign Owner will work with the Contributors to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, which may include the issuance of a refund of Contributions by the Campaign Owner.”

        Since IGG is a Delaware (US state) corporation, Jolla is Finnish and the Contributors are from all over the world, exactly what constitutes “legally bound” might not be what you expect it to be.

        • Avatar

          Bingo, right on the spot.

          Then again it is not always black or white, there is lot of grey in between.

          There are people who “invested” in IGG, which carries “Risk” attached to it.

          Then there are people who “bought” the tablet, which an organization cannot categorize in “Risk” bucket, but in “Committment” bucket and here legal position varies from the above, and it is more of an issue if the order is not honored for whatever reason, since it is “advertized” as a “Product”, so the legal implications vary from case to case.

          • Avatar

            Risk? They’ve produced tablet and they knew the price of that. Somehow they decided to waste all the money into Software development which was not the original agreed. Please don’t tell me about how it is written on campaign “Sailfish OS 2.0”, because it is not. It clearly says “Running sailfish OS 2.0” which means “able to run that OS”. Campaign was regarding tablet, and not OS adjustment for Intex devices. Stop BS people. Jolla needs to refund money by the terms that they’ve agreed. They’ve agreed to the Terms of use before they’ve created a campaign, therefore they are legally bound to this. Yes IGG cannot force them to oblige that terms, but we can raise a legal action suit against Jolla and clearly call to this agreement that Jolla accepted, so stop spreading lies how it is our fault and that we need to take a risk for their poor decision!

            • Avatar

              Every campaign is a risk, since at the start there is no concrete product or service but just an idea. The company decides to bring it to reality and to raise the fund it creates a campaign, it is also important to note that the campaign is created as a test bed as well as to feel the pulse of the market for the idea.

              Running Sailfish OS 2.0
              You are absolutely right, it does clearly mentions and your understanding is perfectly valid, you need to also consider whether that particular version of the product was already available at that point in time, since in court of law if is proven beyond doubt that at the campaign creation time if the above said version of the product (or service) was present then it would mean that company just needs to assemble the hardware and there would be no need to create / update the OS, so it would be imperative for the defendants to prove that Sailfish OS version 2.0 was indeed present at the time of campaign creation (Time-stamp, date and time of the campaign becomes the validating entity as evidence).

              Risk? They have produced tablet and they knew the price of that
              When a new product or a service is created, there is no prior idea or knowledge of the costing. There would be lot of changes in design with respect to Hardware, Firmware, Software, logistics, Management and Communication cost, the cost of actual creation of the product (service).

              The “fact” that Jolla communicated that one of the reason that delayed the project was changes in the display (Design change, Hardware Change, Software Change, Firmware change..(changes in device drivers etc..)) , means that your above statement is a pure conjecture and invalidates your argument. Which means that you cannot stand on legs in the court of law with above statement.

              so stop spreading lies how it is our fault and that we need to take a risk for their poor decision
              Please tell me what part of the statement(s) in my comment is a/are lie(s). Where did my comment say it was “fault” all it said was “risk”, do you really know the difference? And where was my comment implying that it is/was a “poor decision”. Do you really understand the meaning of the “risk” within the context that was written, do you understand what “Risk Coverage” in insurance “Risk Taking” in financial markets “Taking risk to approach a girl” have the same meaning? They are contextual and meaning varies. Did you ever try to read and comprehend completely what was written by me or was it your absolute hate for Jolla making you write the statements that you have done, it is so personal in nature, please stick to reality.

              It appears you have taken the position of white here, which leaves me the position of grey, and we shall find out how it pans out, and grey is fine with me.

              • Avatar

                Fist of all we haven’t bought a shares from Jolla so you can say that we need to take a risk. Second, yes they are hold accountable for not delivering the tablets. They’ve accepted the agreement from IGG and all lawyers and jury would say the same, they need to respect the agreement. Third, Jolla made the agreement with backers for us to fund them and them to deliver what they’ve presented. By several articles and their official blog, we found that this was not the case, so they clearly broke the agreement. They need to respect the agreement and issue a refund, at least for us that want to move away from Jolla and their philosophy. And Forth, I will not write a mile long posts, just to persuade you to think rationally. Believe whatever you want. We all know what is the truth and what is right. They haven’t fulfilled their duty, so they need to issue a refund. EOD (end of discussion!)

                • Avatar

                  And another thing, Why do you care if we are asking for our money back? We are not asking for yours, but ours, haven’t we?

                  • Avatar

                    Where in my post did there was ever a mention that Jolla should not refund in this thread?

                    Please go through my posts in this thread, the reference was to one of the poster’s point of view and opinion. You continued the discussion to my posting not the other way rouund, also you started imagining things and started making comments which were unwarranted. If you had some patience you would find that the poster whom the comment was intended had already received refund, then why did you assume that you will not be eligible for refund?

                    The rights that you have to post in this forum is exaclty same as mine as a customer and consumer of Jolla’s product and servcice. You need to first understand how to post on this thread for a 50 year old guy acting like a 15 year old kid.

                    As for as mile long posts, take a look at the mirror, you will find the answer.

                    You may be Brit settled in USA, but the but will always be a Brit.. 😛

                    • Avatar

                      From the point where you mentioned that IGG contributors should take a risk or you haven’t wrote that either? “then why did you assume that you will not be eligible for refund?” I have already contacted Jolla support service, and after 20 emails that I wrote, they haven’t shown a glimpse of their plans for returning money. I am looking at the mirror every day, and I am quite satisfied. I haven’t tricked or fulled anyone, comparing it with certain persons… Best regards

                    • Avatar


                      I’m happy for your ”mine as a customer and consumer of Jolla’s product and servcice”.

                      Well, I’m not happy for me, despite I BOUGHT some PERKS:

                      1.) 2x Jolla tablet >>> <<<
                      2.) 2x Lastucase
                      3.) 2x 64 GB update perk
                      4.) 2x shipping costs

                      I've not “INVESTED” in an IDEA.

                      And, you know what?

                      I'm NOT a customer and consumer of Jolla’s product and servcice(s) …LOL

            • Avatar

              @ prometheus why dont you start a legal action then?

              • Avatar

                Because it costs a lot to file lawsuit in Finland to get back 270$, but there is another option which I will consider and that is to file lawsuit in my country and then turn this to be verified by European court. This is what my friend lawyer said that it is also a possibility…

                • Avatar

                  You should do it then, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”

                  • Avatar

                    I will wait for their next move, since Antti has mentioned that it is likely that they will close “tablet campaign” and return money to backers, but again, I am no so sure, since they’ve said lot of things, and only some of them were actually happened.

    • Avatar

      Seems like “Hater” has now replaced “heretic” in hipster vocabulary.
      We don’t “hate” jolla – but I certainly hate being lied to, being led to believe there was still a hope of receiving the tablet I invested in, while Jolla already knew that they had spent the tablet hardware money developing the OS so that they could sell it to the OEMS.
      In case you really have the language comprehension problems you display, let me expand – the IGG campaign was to develop a tablet, that would run Sailfish OS. That was what we invested in.

      What we got was a bunch of lies.

      First, it isn’t a new tablet – it is a small variance on reference hardware.
      Second, the money that we gave for the hardware development and to adapt the OS was spent developing version 2 of Sailfish OS.
      Third, we were feed a bunch of half-truths when it became clear that Jolla was unable to pay for its hardware suppliers. We got the lies about the waves, and some were even charged VAT for a tablet that Jolla knew it would be unable to send.
      Fourth, all we get as clarification is a statement that hardware doesn’t matter to Jolla.

      And you claim it is our fault that Jolla pulled all these stunts? Are you joking?

    • Avatar

      a) if it was a venture capital situation they would be suing their ass off. As I have said before using funds for a purpose other than the fund owner intended is by definition embezzlement. This is exactly what Jolla did, they used the tablet money to make their OS more appealing to potential buyers in the hopes that they would get funded to be able to fulfill their tablet commitment. The funding failed and the were caught. To make it more simple. If you took money from somewhere to invest, keep the profits and return the funds without anyone finding out, hopping that you wouldn’t get caught but the investment fell through, that would be exactly the same.
      b) The help center and terms of use of IGG state: “What happens to my money if a campaign fails?” […In the event that a project does not succeed, campaign owners are expected to communicate the situation to contributors in a transparent and timely manner. If that a campaigner cannot fulfill perks, they are bound by our Terms of Use to work with contributors to find a mutually agreeable alternative. This may include a full or partial refund from the campaign owner, alternative perks, or discounts on a similar product…][…Campaign Owners are legally bound to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Contributors (including delivering any Perks). Indiegogo does not recognize any third party and/or agency affiliated with the Campaign as a Campaign Owner. If a Campaign Owner is unable to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Contributors, the Campaign Owner will work with the Contributors to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, which may include the issuance of a refund of Contributions by the Campaign Owner…][…If you are dissatisfied with a campaigner’s alternative, you do have the ability to use our Terms of Use to bring a suit against the campaigner…]

      What this means is that by not delivering the perk they will be in breach of the terms of use that they have agreed upon. Furthermore their communication is not done in either a transparent or a timely manner.

      To sum up the f*ed up big time.

      • Avatar

        I totally agree. There are always those Jolla Talibans that are trying to persuade others how we all need to let go of it…, since it is Jolla’s fault for all of this mess, and not ours. For all of them, why do you care if we are asking for our money to be issued back? We are not asking for your money, but ours…?

  105. Avatar

    People, we need more comment on Facebook and twitter with hashtag:
    #jolla #jollatablet #ISupportJolla #intex and addressed to @IntexBrand @JollaHQ @Cybette @AnttiSaarnio
    Help people know what they are doing here. The more we will be the more they will listen. They do not read this blog comments.

    • Avatar

      Please keep Intex away from this, I want their cooperation with Jolla to succeed.

      > They do not read this blog comments.

      I think they do, last blog post even had their PR guy answering some of the honey tongued Comments with stuff like “thanks a lot for your support”. Also don’t forget Antti’s “does not make sense” blooper in this very post. So I guess they do read the comment Section of this blog.

      • Avatar

        If they read it, why they haven’t release funds/issue refunds to us, so we can move on…? For God sake, they need to do only one thing what is right and that is to return our money… How f*** hard this can be for them. They have money now, where is the holdup now?

      • Avatar

        I will involve all their partners until I have my refund.

  106. Avatar

    For those of us who managed to get a refund, but really wanted a Jolla Tablet …

    I have been looking at the Taobao website that is selling what appears to be the Jolla Tablets. If you missed the link, the URL is –

    I have also found an English language front end to Taobao. The Jolla Tablet is available there via –

    The price on the English Taobao site is about 10 USD more than the Chinese site. I think that the total shipped price to the US (via EMS) comes out to around 240 USD (191 USD price plus 3 USD “Express fee” plus 30 USD shipping plus 3.5% credit card surcharge). I got as far as where they ask for a credit card and stopped there, so I didn’t get a final shipped price. Still deciding whether I want to take the risk of ordering one.

    If any of you do try to order one, let us know how it turns out.

    Also, it looks like they come with Android installed. Are there any instructions for installing Sailfish OS on them?

    • Avatar

      You are really willing to pay twice for the tablet ? You are too dedicated. I admire that.

      • Avatar

        He said he got the refund, so he at least gonna pay only once. But dedicated, yes 🙂

        • Avatar

          Well, I haven’t yet ordered one from Taobao, so I don’t know if I am THAT dedicated.

          But, yes, I am one of the fortunate people who have received a refund.

          I am running Sailfish OS 2.0 on a Nexus 5 and it works great on that platform (though I haven’t been brave enough to swap my SIM card into it and try to depend on it). But I’d really like to see if Taobao is really selling the Tablets that should have gone to the crowdfunders.

    • Avatar

      Two days ago I ordered a Jolla tablet at Today I received this:
      “Item with batteries can not ship, i have send you full refund, usually will take 5-8 working days to your credit card.” But from I received a tablet (with battery) some months ago!

  107. Avatar

    Hi, it is nice to see that Jolla got funding, and will continue with Sailfish OS.
    It would be nicer if I was able to play with Sailfish on the tablet whose construction I helped to fund.
    However, after more than one year of half-truths and lack of communication, I am afraid I don’t trust you guys anymore.
    Congratulations, you transformed an enthusiastic backer into an “hater”.
    I wanted a Sailfish OS tablet, and maybe even a phone when my current android became old.
    All I want now is a full refund.

    • Avatar

      Exactly. The same thing is with me. I trusted them. I was IGG backer and planned to buy a phone (before I ended buying Lumia device), but after what they did, I only want my full refund. And as soon as possible so I can move on…

  108. Avatar

    I share everyone’s frustration with the delays and agree that the project definitely could have done much better of keeping us backers updated. That said, it also appears many backers see IGG or KS projects as some wholesale pre-order warehouse. Every single project here carries risks: it’ll highly likely be delayed or even turn out to be un-doable, but you’re offering your money to support someone’s vision at the risk of losing all that money. We’re being crowd-venture-capitalists.

    I feel Jolla should ideally partner with someone for hardware: Sony comes to mind for me. They build quality hardware, with annual refreshes. They’re a highly regarded Open Source/AOSP contributor and their Open Device program is very “custom ROM” friendly. Think SailfishOS instead of CyanogenMod.

    Jolla could bulk-buy, say, 100k tablets/phones at close to cost, install SailfishOS and resell to us eager backers. That way we all win…great, leading edge hardware and winning software.

  109. Avatar

    Antti and remaining Jolla Crew,

    Congratulations on your financing round. I am glad to see that you will live to sail another day.

    Regarding the tablet I would like to add my 2-cents:

    1c: I am one of the backers from your IGG campaign and although I have like most of us been very disappointed in not only the tablet delays, but even more so the history of extremely poor communications from Jolla on this blog. That said, I backed the tablet because I believe in the OS and the reasons behind the OS, and I wanted have it on a suitable hardware platform for the USA (so not phone) for app development.

    2c: I am now concerned that even if you do ship my tablet you will not support it with future updates to the tablet version of the Sailfish. Given my reasons for wanting the tablet, which is probably similar for many of the IGG backers, this would be a real problem and I certainly do not want a device that is a dead-end for software development, after all I already have a Nokia N900 and a Nokia N9 that completely fulfill that role!

    For me then the key requirement is to have either a fully supported device (preferably, but not necessarily the tablet), or a full refund so I can go a buy a fully supported device (preferably a Sailfish device). Most of all I would very like to get a clear and meaningful statement from you about your tablet plans before the end of 2015.

    Thank you.

    • Avatar

      > or a full refund so I can go a buy a fully supported device (preferably a Sailfish device)

      I’m 99% sure that as long as Jolla is alive, all devices running Sailfish will be receiving updates. So you either believe in Jolla and then there is no point in demanding a refund, or you don’t and then there is no point in buying a Sailfish device.

      • Avatar

        Well that is most certainly true. They are even willing to steal money to be able to give you an OS update as they have proven.

  110. Avatar

    ★ ★ ★ MERRY XMAS, SAILORS !! ★ ★ ★

    Thanks for Sailfish OS 🙂 – don’t let down the tablet & convincing future HW support ! HW still is a substantial other half 😉 ….

    Counting on you & the best of luck for this !

  111. Avatar

    Congrats to Jolla and merry Christmas!
    I am really happy reading the news.
    And I still hope to get the tablet!
    When I read all the extremely aggressive and righteous posts, I hope that they will stop posting and do not bother us stupid and blind fans any more 😉

  112. Avatar

    Thanks for Saimaa Jolla.

    Will be back later with review comments.. 🙂

  113. Avatar

    Missä homma toimii. Suotuisat tuulet puhaltavat. Purjeet ennen kuin nostaa lippu. Eteenpäin, eteenpäin seuraavaan Tappava Laakso, Jolla-sininen Valkoinen soturi.

  114. Avatar

    I’ve given up hope by now to ever receive that tablet or my money back.
    Personally, I hope Jolla goes out of business soon to put an end to this charade for good, and in future Mr. Juhani Lassila may find himself a job stacking shelves in a supermarket where he can not do that much damage.

    • Avatar

      We must admi than between @cybette and this guy, their PR are very good liers. They could work for any other big companies lying about dangerous vaccine or severe environmental hazards.
      On your resume : PR @Jolla is a good career booster.

  115. Avatar

    Here there are hundreds of posts, more of them, coming from the same people are repeating the same thing using the same words ….
    Please, add somethings new. Something like “good luck “, “have good winds” or at least Merry Christmas to all sailors and to the Jolla team.

    • Avatar

      Or, Jolla can finally issue a full refund and “those people” will never bother you or them again with that comments… How about that?

      • Avatar

        Hi prometehus, I have no answers to you. I try to not bother you.
        Please add a little bit of Christmas feeling.

        • Avatar

          I am not trying to offend you, I am just saying that you need to see this from different angle. People are fed of all this crap, and they wish to move on with their life. I am one of them, and I am only waiting for Jolla to be for once fair and release our money and issue a refund. I have asked for refund a month ago and still they are trying to stall the whole process by this dumb article. They will tell us what next in January. Most of us, don’t wish to deal with Jolla anymore, so what is a holdup? Again, I respect those who are willing to wait or stick with Jolla. I only want from those persons to respect our decisions and opinions. Anyway, Merry Christmas 🙂

        • Avatar

          Do you think that we do not wish them to succeed? Do you think we just like to be mean? I loved this project from the get go and with the first opportunity I had I supported them. What do I get in return? Deceits, lies and false promises. I don’t know how you respond to someone that has embezzled your money, maybe you would say Merry Christmas, I say give me my money back.

          • Avatar

            Well the facts are that they’ve used money to their personal agenda, and they haven’t delivered tablets. In fact they’ve misled people regarding shipping info. They have ability to fix this by returning money to us… The only question is why they are stalling this decision? Why people can’t get their money now?

        • Avatar

          i did try multiple times to add positivity to the criticism i had.. i wished them merry christmas, success, luck and strength for the continuation of their mission. i still am trying to support them and i still would just pay the taxes, take the tablet and may be some day make my peace with the whole thing. but neither did they react on the criticism nor on the positivity. the “answers” they provide in their blog posts are a serial of misdirections and extenuations of unnecessary and unexplainable deferrals. instead, we have never been provided with real numbers, real facts, real estimations. multi9ple tablet shipment delays and weeks without communication until they provide us with information like “well we kinda screwed up but not really, because also it was murphy’s law, so just sit down and wait for a few weeks, we will get there”.. the figurehead of the #unlike #peoplepowered jolla ship leaves the boat and not a single word in their blog. not to mention the several communication failures like “this question does not make sense”

          ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

          (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

          yes, positivity is king. yes, they need our support. yes, i wish jolla all the best. yes, i still support them. but i think nobody will disagree if i say, they didn’t do much to deserve it..

          merry christmas and a happy new year to all sailors and the jolla team 😉

          • Avatar

            I agree totally.

          • Avatar

            > i think nobody will disagree if i say, they didn’t do much to deserve it..

            You forgot about Ossi

            • Avatar

              yes, how is possible to forgot our Jedi “Ossi Wan Kenobe”… 😀

    • Avatar

      > coming from the same people are repeating the same thing using the same words … Please, add somethings new. Something like “good luck “, “have good winds” or at least Merry Christmas to all sailors and to the Jolla team

      Not sure what you mean, those people you are talking about already use these words

    • Avatar

      @angatti: Those people (always the same, as you noticed, probably even using different nicknames) are meanwhile safely wrapped in a cocoon that’s made up of their own half-truths, myths and lies. They lost any connection whatsoever to reality. They’re no longer discussing real issues here, but spend hours fighting the shadows of the legends they created themselves. (I wonder when they start accusing Jolla of hiding aliens in Area 51 and throwing a tantrum because Antti Saarnio doesn’t tell them instantly how many aliens there are and where they came from.) You cannot expect anything new from them. All they see is what’s inside their petty little cocoon.

  116. Avatar

    But when I get my tablet? When they informed of the shipment? This is not serious.

    • Avatar

      It is a non-stop joke from Jolla. They will never deliver the tablet neither pay us back.
      Please make noise online (twitter/facebook/blogs) about this. it is our only strength: our number.

      • Avatar

        Wait, we cannot say that they are not going to return our money back… Yes they are stalling to issue a refund, but I believe that for once they will do the right thing and respect our wishes. This is at least what they can do for us…

  117. Avatar

    When do you have the board of directors meeting deciding if we get a refund or tablet? Would be good to know.

    • Avatar

      Honestly, they need to decide regarding tablet or refund? I am quite sure that refund would be only option for some people. Those who are willing to wait for tablet to appear (with another delay), it is their call…., but I think that Jolla should for once respect our request. Anyway, I think that somebody mentioned January 2016.

  118. Avatar

    While it obvious that Sailfish is the Jolla’s key asset, as Antti said, the excitement over Sailfish on a tablet was key to the Indygogo campaign. I’m not so convinced that this piece of incidental market data should be discounted. From a personal perspective as a long time open source developer and user, a finely curated tablet experience is still missing from the market place. Android OS works but is a bit klunky and not really open source and an Ubuntu tablet has been slow to arrive in the marketplace and it seemed that Jolla was ready to capitalize on that niche.

    I still support Jolla’s concept and appreciate their hard work to make this a reality. I’m disappointed that the Jolla leadership seems to have back-burnered the tablet but remain hopeful for success in the long run.

    • Avatar

      I think that the Tablet was a mistake and they should have been targeting a number of existing Android tablets (with libhybris adaptation libraries instead – there seems to be a bunch already). That wouldn’t have gotten them the attention that the IGG got them, but that attention is working against them now.

      • Avatar

        Sorry to disagree, the Jolla tablet was not a mistake. It gave Sailfish OS the capabilities of the following:-

        1. Ability to render on multiple form factors – screen size optimizations, which they can use for other future products
        2. Ability to have better control of multithreaded applications
        3. Ability to optimize for different types of devices
        4. Ability to have adaptibility for different SOCs – also future products and devices
        5. Ability to have devices capable of having multiple functions (specific for a purpose, much liike your JCVM, J2SE, J2EE etc….)

        Also, as you are rightly aware, Android is just sitting on top of Linux Kernel (be it Dalvik VM, ART, whatever in future), the actual Android developers need not worry about underlying OS implimentations, they just need to compile class files and load it on to the VM, it is Android’s headache to provide the implementations for the underlying OS (may be JNI or whatever), the application developers are exposed a set of interfaces and thats about it.

        But Jolla is very different, they actully do all the optimizations for the Sailfish OS, and even the application developer needs to take care of lot of OS related issues, that is where Jolla is putting there money now, that is why Jolla do not have many applications – as of now….

        The Saima release is a pretty large one and address lot of these issues and has optimized a lot in terms of not only performance but other extemely futuristic and valuable capabilities, they have really made Saima now “Real Smartphone / Tablet OS”, at least that is how it seems to me after using it for few days on my Jolla phone.

        And, you are right the attention is really working against them…. 😀

  119. Avatar

    Jolla is now in the tough position of still being alive, with all the attendant responsibility that entails. Make the most of it. Decide what makes you different, and ride that difference as far as it will take you. For myself, I hope that decision is to keep the hardware platform. A selfish hope, to be sure, since I would still love to get a tablet. But I think that decision is also the rational one. With the tablet, Jolla is uniquely positioned to take market from Android devices. Without the tablet, Jolla must shop its OS around to hardware makers who have little or no incentive to back it. Building and shipping hardware is brutally difficult, but it is the only way Jolla will have a future. I hope you choose that path.

    • Avatar

      I disagree, they’ve already prove that hw is obvious not for them. They had issues while releasing Jolla phone (delay), and now tablet fiasco. They should decide to cut the costs and shut down hw division, issue a refund to us (if they are willing to restore their credibility due to “tabletgate affair”) and let other like Intex to deal with hw. Less projects/devisions less possibility to make mistakes.

  120. Avatar

    The headline of this campaign is and I quote: “Jolla Tablet – world’s first crowdsourced tablet”. – Not Sailfish.. I wouldnt have ordered anything if the project headline was anything like “Development of an OS”.. And the latu bag that I have paid 49$ for – There are no logic in the fact that this money have gone to development of an OS. This whole project seems to me rather suspicious!

    Crowdsourcing supporters are most often trendsetters, nerds – in its most positive sense or technology evangelist which probably will spread the bad news about Jolla – If You dont deliver or give a refund, we will bury You!

    Developing an OS which is not spying on people is a great idea but in the end it all revolves around trust!
    If we – the supporters dont get what we have paid for, our trust will be minimal and an OS delivered by a firm people dont trust is worth nothing!

  121. Avatar

    Dear Dr Antti Saarnio,
    I am really surprised that you still stand behind the statement that your primary objective was the OS. I have the OS on my phone and I cannot understand how it was able to eat up all the money from the hardware project. Especially since there was an extra round to perform a hardware upgrade!! I expect that you send me a personal mail with your apology and the possibility to receive a cash settlement or the possibility to gain stock in the company. If I bum into you in this weekend in New York at NRF or in Barcelona for the Mobile World conference, make sure that you have a lot of money in your wallet to be able to pay for this mistake.

  122. Avatar

    Just tell me when I can expect delivery of my Tablet, please.

  123. Avatar

    I quote: “To me this question as such does not make sense, since Sailfish OS is our product, our crown jewel, which we aim to make perfect for all of you – the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software.”

    Has it ever come to your mind that LINUX folks want a hardware platform where a native LINUX can run and may (as is my case) not care too much about a new OS?

    I would like to get the hardware with whatever is running on it as long as it is running LINUX as a base. I can handle Xfce and test and run “my” LINUX software to have a tablet doing what I want it to do.

    No fancy requirements – not interested in Facebook integration or Twitter. Not into cloud computing.

    I want the tablet for offline use: Have it handy with the PDF of my cars service manual when troubleshooting. Have my documents accessible for offline-reading when abroad. Maybe a couple hundred mp3’s to listen to. Connect to the internet and check my mail. Maybe even run sylpheed as mail-client.

    A truly open system would not have needed such updates as: We can now install untrusted sofware without jolla account. Why would I need the account to do something with MY tablet anyways?

    You may want to consider the LINUX geek group which came to Jolla in another light.

    That said – I spent the money knowing the risk but still hope that one day in the very near future I will get a tablet from Jolla!

  124. Avatar


    Opted out now and asked for my refund or for the tablet as is. We’ll see how Jolla will honor this request.

    Steering my ship to new horizons – too bad a LINUX based tablet sounded great.

    All the best to Jolla


  125. Avatar

    Roughly one digital meter of „rightful frustration” below your original statement here at the top, let’s remember, dr Saarnio:

    “People powered (…) Your say shapes the product. Jolla is all about the power of people coming together (…) to challenge the mobile industry (…) users can suggest new features for Sailfish OS, and discuss ideas with Jolla Sailors (our development team). (…)”
    And here:
    „On the partnering side our focus remains on the BRICS countries, concentrating strongly on India and Russia.(…) In Russia (…) we can’t wait to tell you more (…)/ About the Jolla Tablet project/ (…) many people are seemingly frustrated – rightfully so.(…) many have asked that why did we spend a big part of the tablet crowdfunding money on software development and not the tablet itself. (…) Now that the immediate financing challenge [i.e. the «unexpected delay in financing»] is resolved we will put our attention to the tablet project and develop a plan for dealing with it. (…) So hang in there, the answers are coming. All in all, good news this time”
    This is imho no good news. “Of course a tablet needs an OS, silly” – but this is hardly the point, Dr Saarnio. Admitting contributors’ money explicitely earmarked for producing a tablet for them (be it as publicity stunt for a revolutionary OS) was spent on bridging an “unexpected delay in financing” is admitting wrongdoing, bad planning, bad luck, whatever: in any case, it was followed by bad communication. And communication was Jolla’s first and foremost promise.

    So indeed, how much longer do we need for you to tell us what? The story of this failure to deliver and speak up about it, for instance? I still like those hardware specs, Sailors, they sounded so convincing… But I also like a good story (with this, if we ever hear it, being one of the more expensive I’ve ever paid for).


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