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Jolla C shipments & what’s next?

We’re happy to tell you that all of the community device program Jolla C devices have now been shipped. These also include the few challenging cases, which for different reasons did not ship during July as promised. So if you were among these rare exceptions, you should receive your device in a few days. We hope you all enjoy your new Jolla devices.  

The Sailfish Community Device Program continues soon in August with the first online sessions – in mid-August we’ll arrange two sessions with working titles “Sailfish OS tips and tricks” and “Community Pootle”. All program participants will be invited to attend the live sessions, and for others we’ll post the sessions later to Our community manager James Noori will email event invitations to you in a few days.      

Any ideas, suggestions or questions related to the community program? Please email or comment here in the blog. 

On behalf of the Jolla team,



Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


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    We need more devices!

    • Avatar

      +1000…and smaller ones.

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      Euh how about that 2nd part of the refund for all the tablet users ?

      Just reminding you AGAIN

      • Avatar

        yeah for sure the second part of the refund would be grateful

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        Will ye just get over the bloody tablet thing.
        You backed a highly experimental device on some crowdfunding page and it went titsup, sh1t happens.

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      Let’s start the Sailfish Community Device Program success story with a lot of more devices, increase the fee and earn more money.

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    bring on the Fairphone2 support!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Now I got my Jolla C and try me in the new OS for me. I can think already many things I would have changed or adjusted personally.
    Should I send my suggestions via mail here:
    The device like it otherwise very good. Keep it up. Greetings from Germany.t

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      Yes, this is a really good question. I’ve had a brief look at the Mer Bugzilla repository but if that is where suggestions for improvements are kept they are mixed amongst so much stuff that I couldn’t find them.

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    yes, so many people are looking for Jolla C !!!

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    1. Bring tablet refund!
    2. Bring device to be able to spend refund. (Som make sure you can pay half with PayPal and half with creditCard)
    3. Make sure that Netflix or other services get native support!

    If you ignore 1, skip the rest since Jolla future is gone.

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      When were they supposed to give us the rest of our refund?

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        We should already got it but now they said one year and last day would be feb 28 2017 according to earlier blog post, but I hope they realize that they can’t keep their users money against their will so would make sense to pay back just before release of new hardware hopefully during this autumn.

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          Agree, clearing up the refund issue asap should be priority.

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          Crowd-funding is liking investing, or gambling, if you prefer. You played, you lost. Now it’s up to Jolla’s goodwill to refund people or not, or perhaps financial situation is more applicable in this case. I’m sure the nice people at Jolla want to make up for the tablet fiasco, but the money’s not theirs to give.

          And the priority of the board and investors is to keep Jolla afloat, in the hope they can get some income from licensing from larger companies, rather than to cater to individual end-users whose money is frankly… well, peanuts, compared to corporate deals. Jolla is not in the end-user business anymore, apart from perhaps attracting developers to write software for their OS.

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            lying and misleading contributors in order to gain finance is fraud and illegal in every first world country, it should be in jolla’s best interest and highest priority to get the second wave of refunds out asap.

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      Moaning about not getting your refund again? Don’t even try to say it’s because this would somehow be a huge community good will thing that will save the company because you’re literally the only one left complaining about it.

      I mean seriously, get a life and stop thinking that crowdfunding as actually a proper purchase with all of the regular consumer protections. Things went wrong and you might never see all of your money back, that’s just the reality of crowd funding and you’re an idiot for still not understanding it.

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        Take a look in the history mirror. Before the tablet scam their was 300+ comments per blogpost Now we are lucky if we reach 10 comments. I am one of the few that still care when most others has left Jolla after what they did.

        Now they have to start doing good things for the community to win them back, the community program is one such thing, second part of refund is another.

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          It’s not because all the whinners have left the blog that there is no more interest.
          You may have heard about the 1500 subscriptions to the Community program, gone in a few hours.
          I think those people still care, even if they don’t comment every blog post with useless things!

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        Hi L_A_G, Like Dave99 are most who paid for tablet and received nothing. We just gave up because Jolla doesn’t care to our comments.

        I was thinking seriously to reuse the refund for this Jolla C program, not to invest other money.

        To success, Jolla MUST do 2 simple actions:
        – Full tablet refund
        – Open source all or at least more core parts of the Sailfish OS.

        To protect themselves they can add license conditions for hardware manufactures or companies who want to sell the OS.

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        @L_A_G: +1!!!
        @Dave999: really? Again? it seems like you live under a bridge and dont have 150€ for living! will you shut up for ever when you get your refund? This topic was explained and discused enough.

        The topic is about Jolla C! If you don’t have to say something topicrelated then just don’t do it! thank you!

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          It is not discussed enough until Jolla refunds in full.

          It is amazing how some people would be ok if they walked to a store and then got conned 150 € out of their pockets.

          • Avatar

            @anttimonty: You did not walk into a store. You gave for charity. Now the charity ofganisation offers you to pay you some of their money as a gift. Not only are you greedy enough to take it. You even complain because you want it sooner than they announced to pay it.

            • Avatar

              No they promised many times for the product so it is not charity. They even showed working product right at the start of the campaign so don’t try to feed us this charity BS. They mislead people and they need to own up to their shitty actions.

              Again if they wanted to fund Sailfish development then the campaign should of been for that and nothing else.

              If you are so loaded up with money. Please send it to me and I will give a Jolla tablet. Oh wait I will BS you for an over year and then use the money for my own amusement and call it charity.

            • Avatar

              > You gave for charity
              > greedy enough to take it

              You know Ossi, you are such a fat troll that you even cannot become fatter anymore – you’re just OOZING from this thread


            • Avatar

              As usually, you’re paid troll to protect Jolla brand and to hide the truth mistake made by Jolla.

              Till we will receive the whole amount from the tablet and the OS will not be truly open source Jolla is even worse than Nokia. Even Google is more reliable and more transparent than Jolla. Google missed the promised date of Nexus phone 6 with few days and refunded back some money. Jolla cheated all with the Jolla tablet, didn’t refunded the money and continuing using the money and sell Jolla C phone without any waranty and with close source OS. What the point? No features, no support, no popularity and on top without warranty.

        • Avatar

          Discussed enough ?
          Are you mad sir ? What do you NOT get about us tablet funders will NOT stop asking until we all received our full refund ?

          For now most of us have only received 50% and still some nothing at all.

          So it’s up to your beloved JOLLA to fix this a.s.a.p.

          Until then cope with it that we will KEEP demanding our money !

          Maybe you light your fires with cash, I need to work for it, and 150 euro’s is a lot of cash I am not let someone steal from me.

          So please sir either you pay me this amount or shut your mouth as this is something between us and Jolla !

          • Avatar

            @Maikel: *Their* money. You keep demanding *their* money, not yours.

            • Avatar

              you can say its their money to be used to pay every supporter that requrst refund. They have the legal right to keep the money and scam the customers but we have the same right to make our voice as customers and supporters. This is also more than money for jolla, its also reputation as their Chairman stood on the stage and said: you will get the tablet, I guarantee it.

            • Avatar

              You funny clown, you still do not get it do you ?

              Let me explain it to you.
              If you give someone money for something in return, and you do not get that something. It’s cold plain simple theft.
              And that my funny clown makes Jolla an ordinary thief (which is quite obvious sou thank you for pointing that out).

              Again I did NOT receive my Tablet so I am still entitled to MY money.

              But I know you are too stupid to understand this, might want to get your head out of the backside of Jolla so you can see and think a bit more clearly.

              • Avatar

                Hmm, you just can’t understand facts but allow yourself to call others stupid… x)

                The thing for what you gave money was “trying to build and deliver a tablet”. They did that ; and more: they’re also trying to refund.

                • Avatar

                  “They did that; and more” I have gave them money for a tablet that they have built, and they did not delivered it! I just want my money back or some technic stuff from Jolla in my hands!
                  I work to earn money, as many people do, too!

                • Avatar

                  Okay here’s the deal, Sthocs: you pay me money for “trying to build and deliver”… say, a TOH for your beloved Jolla. I’ll do that. I’ll not send it to YOU, though. Don’t worry, I’ll be “trying to refund”, so maybe you’ll get half your money in 2018 and other half in 2019 (financial situation permitting).

                  Sounds like a great plan, eh?

      • Avatar

        As much as I find Dave999’s behavior annoying, your apologist behavior sucks even more.

        I lurked this blog for a long time, but my interest faded due to RL issues and the first refund round. Psychologically, that splitting was a clever move from Jolla.

        Imagine how pissed off I was when I came here after a few month and found that Jolla “sold” new devices to people for around the same amount of Euro they are still owing me from the second refund round!

        Not only were they hiding the truth about the tablet disaster for about a year, they have the cojones to sell new devices when they have not fulfilled the last “orders.”

        Instead of dropping a simple email like “Hey, we got new phones, would you rather have a Jolla C then your second tablet round.” they only post about it here on the blog.

        I own two of the “First Ones” phones, I “believed” in Jolla, whatever that means, I wish the best to the project. But this “clandestine” sale of devices instead of making peace with the people that got no tablet is a really ugly move.

        Oh and for the record, I donated some of the money I had in the tablet campaign. I felt partly bad about not donating them the second half of my tablet refund. Now it feels like they cheated me twice. (Totally irrational, yes, but that is what emotions are.)

        • Avatar

          Hello the_mgt. Thanks for your feedback, and special thanks for the donation too. I understand your thoughts and concerns, but I have to correct you on a few things here, because sincerely: we are not cheaters or liars. I hope you read the full story why the tablet project ended as it did, and why we had to split the refunds into two parts. In a few words: without doing so, the Jolla story would have ended in a heart beat. And what comes to Jolla C: this is a limited edition community device, which aims at boosting Sailfish OS development – along with it comes a community program which has the same target. The price for the the device and the program (169€) was so low that we did not make a cent in profit with it. Covering the second part of the refund with the Jolla C device would not have been financially possible. Our intention is to cover the second part of the refund from the upcoming investment round by end of January 2017, as originally promised.

          • Avatar

            Hello Juhani and thanks for the fast reply.
            Let me be clear, that I did not call you liars or cheaters:
            1. I just stated that you hid the truth, that is something different from a straight lie. You did so for too long, by telling nothing about the troubles behind the scene. That is all business decisions for sure, but the community would probably have stood with you, when you would have asked for it.
            2. I feel cheated, that is something different from calling you cheaters. The feeling goes on, because if this was about “community”, you should have checked who this community exactly is. And I think that as a person who took part in the first Jolla crowdfunding campaign and in the tablet campaign, I should be counted into the hardcore community circle. I am probably not the only person in this category with a similar feeling.
            I don’t want to check this blog, the maemo forum, the irc channel or your twitter account every 15 minutes to get a chance of being part of your community. You have our email addresses, contact us directly, if you think community is important.

            Now, when it comes to “not making a cent profit”, that is something I can’t understand. People want new Jolla/Sailfish devices badly. The “community devices” were sold out in like 15 minutes. And yet I see total noobs on the Jolla irc channel who bought one. In general, that is OK with me, they are people who spread the word about Jolla. But at the same time, you didn’t make any profit and left community members with a bad feeling. In my naive imagination, you should make a profit when selling to new consumers and you should give a present/discount to your community.

            Oh and from what I remember, second round of refunds was announced for Q3 of 2016. But I lack the motivation of looking up the dates mentioned nor do I take them seriously anymore.

            I see that this blog gets more posts now, and I think hiring James was a good idea. Still, there is so much more space for improvement and I hope you will get your stuff together and be famous in 2017. I wish you the best, but don’t treat us like morons and take a look who has been with you since 2013.

            • Avatar

              +1, very well said!

              (ps: I think the second round of refunds was always mentioned for being “within a year”)

  6. Avatar

    I would love to see more Jolla native open-source game ports, like ScummVM and OpenXCOM.

  7. Avatar

    Yes, moar Jolla C devices, moar Fairphone 2 help for mal-

  8. Avatar

    I am selling mine for the sale price + shipping. Send me an email: if you want to buy it. (It’s only been tested for about 2 hours). I’ll ship it from Sweden (Finland next week.

  9. Avatar

    Hello !
    Need help: I just received delivery confirmation of my jolla c Community; but the address of the delivery country is not good.
    The correct address is:
    FRANCE (Not Finland)

    Details of my shipment for order #800000247
    Thank you !

      • Avatar

        Hello ! Juhani Lassila !
        Thank you
        Finally, my dear Jolla C was delivered without problem. And it works wonderfully for my use. Sincere and warm congratulations to the whole team Jolla for the work you do. Be assured of my support unreservedly!

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    Hi Jolla
    Got ny Jolla C a week ago and replaced my old Jolla “The First One”… i am NOT disapointed!

    Running fine – no bugs – no problems! Using it with my work Simcard and my personal Simcard.

    I am just hoping on a new Jolla Tablet.

  11. Avatar

    just praying for new hardware for non-developers in the near future… I’ll need a new phone soon 😀

    • Avatar

      So do I too. Maybe sometimes a new jollatablet too.

      • Avatar

        I have the tablet and it’s great! hopefully it will last as long as the phone has done

  12. Avatar

    I did not get my Jolla C yet and the store shows my order as “Paid” but does no shipping details. Did I miss something?

  13. Avatar

    Hi hschmitt
    I did not get my Jolla C yet and the store shows my order as “Paid” but does no shipping details. Did I miss something?”

    So did mine – but then came a mail, that it had shipped… pations my young padawan

    • Avatar

      I’d buy a SailfishOS-based ZTE device the second it’s out. I just purchased a Blade V7 (for another person) and it’s really a fine phone at a great price.

      • Avatar

        Please vote up or make some comment.
        We need to make some more noise to show big hardware manufacturers like ZTE that such a devise is saleable and there are people who are going to buy it.

        • Avatar

          That is really good joke, is a matter of time until Jolla runs into a financial troubles again. Also none of the big manufacture will partner, after the fiasco tablet & with such as small user base.

    • Avatar

      Great link. No open source = no popularity + no port support to other devices + etc.

  14. Avatar

    Please, bring the official Support to Fairphone 2! This devices is cool, fair, has a good and modular HW and is AVAIABLE NOW!
    You will see how much devices will be sold, after Sailfish will be avaiable officially with Alien Dalvik!

    Also mal- need your help and support for the porting!

  15. Avatar

    Hi, nice to hear that the shipments have been sent. However my shop order page still says paid and not shipped. Is this a mistake?

  16. Avatar

    omg u so evilll organization u stole mah money frum mah wollet and u used it for makeing teh yolla c and upgrading which is not wut I paid.
    Plz refund now cuz even if u explain 1000 timez whut happend i still no understand and so I troll nonstop cuz I entitled to refund cuz u stealer.

    Next time i go to kikstarter i only give money to drones cuz those are serious companies and will send me the dronez.

  17. Avatar

    All jokes aside, I’m also waiting for a new phone that I can buy. In Europe.

  18. Avatar

    I’m not sure where I’ve seen it, but I think the Jolla C does not have the Alien Dalvik compatibility software. Is that true, or did I dream it ?

    • Avatar

      So the answer is : “Yes, the Jolla C ships with AlienDalvik”. I just dreamed… which is a good news ! Just forget about my question !

  19. Avatar

    I have bought 3 Jolla phones, I’ve bought 6-7 cases, screen protectors, and I had ordered 4 tablets total.

    I now have a Jolla, but I have parked it to the side as one fine day the cell antenna stopped working (it’s less than 2 years old so should be under warranty and I’ll look at that) but I didn’t have time to mess around with it.

    Jolla has no other replacement, and I do feel screwed over by the Tablet debacle so I am out of the game. As a community member, I would not play this Jolla C game, or any other game where I pay Jolla up front for something to be dispatched later.

    Right now, Jolla is pretty much dead to me, until it can send out devices that work and that have Android compatibility. Whether it is FairPhone 2 or other ones.

    • Avatar

      This company is going under again.

    • Avatar

      Buy an Intex Aqua Fish. Pity Jolla didn’t decide to sell these in Europe, great phone.

  20. Avatar

    Dear all,

    does anybody know what is going on here?

    I came across Jolla only to find out that their MAIN PRODUCT is OUT OF STOCK since half a year and they are not planning to bring it back…

    What is going on? Why are they so intransparent? Where can we buy Jolla phones? Is this a hoax company?

    Regards M10

    • Avatar

      Hi M10!

      As we have stated before, we are now mostly a software company and we are licensing out our operating system to other OEMs in order to have it installed on their devices (Such as Intex Aqua Fish) and if we had the “Jolla C” hardware, it was a low (almost zero) profit limited edition community device program with webinars and special events bundled with it.
      In case you are interested in buying Sailfish Os powered devices, you will have to wait a little longer for devices from other OEMs to be available.


  21. Avatar

    Dear James,

    thanks for your reply.

    I understand your strategy but I have two questions in this regard.

    How can you guarantee by outsourcing the production of hardware to OEMs that the software is optimised for the hardware and that no unwanted functions are implemented in the hardware?

    Is my understanding wrong that devices could also be manipulated by the hardware itself to perform unwanted or hidden actions?

    Thanks for your reply.


    • Avatar

      Thank you for reminding me of this. Apologies for the late reply.

      It is in our plans to ensure each hardware vendor or OEM takes actions on the software side of things (even hardware related ones) as fair as possible in order to keep our word about having no possible back door and selling no private information, in fact no information at all to any party or organisation.

      We will not let any future vendor to manipulate Sailfish OS in a way that will hurt Sailfish OS users in any way, shape or form.


  22. Avatar



  23. Avatar

    Hi James,

    thanks for your reply!

    But in my opinion, if something is out of your hands you cannot control it and cannot be held liable for it anymore.

    Furthermore, look at Apple, they design and control both the hardware and the software, in order to guarantee an experience just as they want it and in order to control the devices.

    Anyway, I was really motivated when I heard about your company, as I considered it to be a real alternative to what is out there. And I think you have such a big potential – as you might have noticed yourselves – because the market is just sooo huge.

    Because people look for a secure alternative in order not to be spied on and in order not to be ripped off.

    But now as I see that you do things half-heartedly and want to produce the software only from now on…

    Who guarantees that the firmware has no backdoors or that the user experience isn’t harmed by non-compliant hardware?

    I think you won’t be successful with this concept as it does not meet customer demand and you are destroying your market share with your own hands.

    And nobody told you to sell your products for EUR 200 only. You could surely invest in hardware production too and raise your prices. EUR 300 or EUR 400 is not that much for a quality phone nowadays.

    Please do not misunderstand me, I do not mean to be rude.

    But I am really disappointed and not interested anymore in purchasing a device from an unknown indian manufacturer that just runs your software.

    I’d be fooling myself to believe this is a more secure solution than apple or android devices.

    Kind regards

    • Avatar

      Hi M10!

      Thanks again for your reply.

      In a sense, comparing Apple to a company like Jolla is a bit unfair. Apple is a mega corporation that has enough money to do anything they want (Yet as we see, they are so conservative with their decisions) and Jolla is a company with very limited budget and ambitious plans.
      To be able to become a hardware company again, we would need a huge amount of resources and investments, as I’m sure you can understand that it is not at all as simple as it looks to design, manufacture, sell and support a hardware. It requires a very large amount of investment which in our current plans is focused mostly on software development.

      Even if we are going to be back at manufacturing our own hardware at some point in the future, it would require much more resources than we currently have in our company especially after last year’s financial crisis.

      We definitely hear and understand the community, but as you said, there are things that are out of our hands, at least for now.

      But, there is hope, as Intex (Which is a very large Indian manufacturer by the way) is not going to be our only partner. There will be alternatives to Intex, as we (and them) targeted India only when putting Aqua Fish for sale.

      I hope I could clear some things up.


      • Avatar

        Hi James,

        Thanks for your answer and your time too.

        I surely understand that you set up a strategy that suits the environment and the conditions your company is in.

        I would just be super happy to see an alternative to Apple and Android that I trust. That’s basically the main driver of my argumentation. Because I am so sure that I am only one in a million who actually sends this message to you.

        And I would wish you all the financial success you desire – as I see you as a corporation that is clean and serves humanity instead of helping to enslave it.

        In this regard, I hope you will be able to launch a product soon, that is coming from you from a software and hardware perspective.

        And as regards Intex, I have absolutely no objection to any company, but my question here is, HOW can you ensure that Intex is not implementing any backdoors into the firmware for example? (disregarding the customer experience at the moment)

        And frankly speaking, I am looking so bad for an alternative phone to apple and android, and I was about to click on the purchase button to buy the Aqua Fish phone. BUT then I decided to check the customer reviews. And more than 200 one star reviews really took the wind out of my sails immediately.

        So for the moment, I completely refrained from buying the product. UNFORTUNATELY.

        Kind regards

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