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Jolla Tablet Developer Loan devices shipped! What’s next?

I’m happy and excited to tell you that the pre-production tablets for the Developer Device Loan Program members have been shipped, and they will be in the hands of developers really soon! We will learn from this pilot shipment to enable smooth deliveries to all our Indiegogo contributors. Developer program members have also been given access to the Community Beta Group, as well as access to our next software release candidate. We use this valuable developer feedback to improve the experience of all our customers.

Furthermore, we will soon deliver the SDK (Software Development Kit) with added capabilities for developing tablet apps to the Developer Device Loan Program members. They will be our extended testing crew before the official release. The new SDK will have an updated emulator supporting the tablet’s screen resolution, with orientation and scaling changes, and the option to deploy to the tablet.

News for all developers:

Our teams have prepared additional support for native Sailfish OS application developers. The Harbour infrastructure is ready for the submission of tablet-compatible applications, and Harbour QA will start reviewing them once the new version of SDK is released to the public. The main reason for us not to start reviewing yet has been to make sure that the UI compatibility issues are resolved with an up-to-date SDK by application developers before they submit their applications to Harbour. If you want to find out more, please take a look at the email from our Harbour QA team to the Sailfish OS Developers mailing list and the Harbour FAQ. SDK release target date is in sync with the Sailfish OS early access release. We will announce the release via mailing list and this blog.

Once the SDK is released, we will publish corresponding updates to; Design pages are updated to match Sailfish OS 2.0, as well as API documentation. Develop pages will have dedicated how-to’s for both the Jolla Tablet and the Jolla smartphone. We hope that you will find them useful for the development of your native application(s)!

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Iekku Pylkkä

Head of Developer Affairs at Jolla. Interested in QA, open source, developer community and communication. Punk, nature, singing, badgers and Shetland sheepdogs are near to heart.


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    Thank you. Keep em coming

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    Loving the current speed and quality of your blog updates <3 Keep em coming, yes!

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    Have you considered how many tablets will be damaged upon delivery? No?! In packages not even send the books.

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    I know you guys is very busy with the Jolla Tablet lately, but personally I wish that you guys could fasten the update of “Bjorntrasket” to normal users, its been a while and I haven’t see any update yet, still good job for the tablet part guys 😀

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      There were few problems in it which needed to be fixed. So, we are in need of one more release candidate..

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      Wow, nice to hear that, good jobs guys 😀 , take your time to fix it 😉 . Oh by the way, to me, I don’t mind wait a little bit longer and directly updated to Sailfish OS 2.0 😀

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    Will loan devices be shipped With splitscreen feature or without?

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      This feature is in development and will be included in later software updates this year. So loan devices are shipped without.

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    waiting for “Bjorntrasket” . . .

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    Great news! Thanks for the update!!!!!!!!

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    Since I haven’t followed SailFish OS from the beginning, will your SDK support Java programming language. I know that due to fact that OS is linux based and you probably use C and C++ as native language. I bet that there are many of us that are Java or C# developers that would actually like to create apps for Jolla…

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      The Sailfish SDK is a direct derivative of the Qt SDK, and as such, is based on C++, because that’s what Qt is based on. (Although you can probably avoid most coding in C++ by using Qt’s declarative QML scripting language.)

      There are some “language bindings” available, if you’d like to access features of Qt from a language other than C++:

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        QtSharp looks interesting. I am a C# developer, but I also use Java occasionally. I would hate to spend some time learning C++… Anyway, thanks.

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          Hi prometheus, you might be interested to check out an ongoing discussion in the mailing list regarding a similar topic (not directly about development in SDK, but using other programming languages in general).

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      C++ is the main language for Qt, but its not that hard to transition from java/C# to Qt/C++.

      The Qt API is fairly high level so you don’t have to worry too much about the nuts and bolts of it if you don’t want to.

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    Hope developers can post some unboxing & software demos on youtube or they are not allowed to do so???? Feels like I’m already getting my device very soon. BTW if agw then I’ll be home in september last week & will be the perfect time to get the TAB as I am a sailor by profession so it was my duty to support JOLLA….keep coming boys…destination isn’t far. My custom engraved Lastu case should be delivered next week.
    One more question, will the Mapbagrag Case come along with the Tablet or after that????

    • Avatar

      As mentioned in the previous blog post, software isn’t public (and Tablet is pre-production, developer program members have signed loan and testing agreement, so you have to wait until our Indiegogo contributors have their Tablets.

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      Hi rahulrai, the mapbagrag® case will be shipped with your tablet 🙂

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        What about the lastu case, will it also ship with the tablet? thanks

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          Hi ziplepingouin, yes, same goes with the Lastucase, if you contributed to one during the Indiegogo campaign, it will be shipped with the tablet!

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    Thanks for keeping the information flowing freely.

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    Have the developers from the loan program a duty to develop an app or something else?

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      I personally think detailed reports from their early beta-testing of the hardware would be sufficient payment (especially as these devices technically remain “Property of Jolla Ltd.”, at least from the sticker attached to them). Further app development would be more icing on the cake. 🙂

    • Avatar

      We expect them to continue their valuable work to SailfishOS and report issues they have found via Community Beta Group.

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    Glad to hear you got that 1st batch out!
    Surely various NDA’s won’t prevent Developers from posting their thoughts on, and reactions to their new Tablets?

    I for one would like to get an impression, if only vicariously, of what its like….

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    I’m very impressed with what you are doing here. As a long term developer of open-source scientific applications (and an astrophysicist), I’d be interested in considering doing some development for (probably) some technical/scientific/scientific visualizaton/prob & stat apps. Or maybe something else . . .

    How to get started? Is there an appropriate discussion group? Is there a place to sign up for the SDK? Does Sailfish virtualize, say, on another linux box?

    • Avatar

      Hi the9cat, glad to hear your interest and thanks for your comment! A good place to get started will be – where we provide info about Sailfish OS, how to design and develop apps for it, and more. From the website, you can also download the SDK, which contains an emulator that runs on Linux, OSX and Windows. There are several IRC channels you can join for discussion and support, as well as the Developer Mailing list, these and more links you can find under the Community section of Hope to see you in the community soon, and welcome!

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    Any reports from this first batch, video or something. its sept now. ready to ship or what?

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