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And we’re sailing! News from Jolla Tablet operations team

The Jolla Tablet project has finally reached the point that we can start the shipment process. The entire Jolla Team wants to apologize for all the delays, and thank you for your patience. It’s been a tough ride with all kinds of odd things happening, but we are there!

Today we’ve sent out the first order completion invitations to a group of early Indiegogo contributors. We start with a small group to ensure that everything works as it should. So please bear with us – if you didn’t get an invitation yet, no reason to be worried, it is coming. 

For those of you who have received the invitation: please follow the instructions in the email, fill in all the details at checkout and complete your order. Prior to finalizing the order you also have the option to purchase additional accessories for your Jolla Tablet – just add them to the shopping cart and pay for them at the checkout. Once you’re done, you will receive an order confirmation email from us. After this, it takes up to 10 business days for us to prepare your order and dispatch it.       

Taxes and customs

If your shipping address is in the European Union, Norway or Switzerland, taxes and customs fees will be calculated at checkout and they will be payable at the time of placing the order. The parcel will be dispatched to you with all tax and customs fees paid and you will receive it directly to your address, without having to complete any customs formalities.

For customers in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, India or Russia: you will be required to pay applicable local tax and customs fees once the parcel reaches the destination country. The courier will guide you through this process and help you out in case any issues arise. Please note that you will not receive the tablet until you make the required payments within the timeframe indicated by customs. In case you don’t add any extra accessories to the cart in the Jolla Shop, and if you have already paid for shipping when contributing for the Jolla Tablet on Indiegogo, your total due will be $0. 

Next steps – when should you receive the invite and the tablet? 

We are inviting contributors to the shop and shipping the tablets in batches according to the chronological order of contributions made on Indiegogo, starting from last November. Please note that you need to complete the order following the instructions in the invitation email, otherwise we’re not able to ship the device to you. It’s OK if you decide to complete your order later, but this means that we will release your priority and ship the tablet at a later time after you’ve completed your order. If you have contributed to more than one Jolla Tablet at different times, you will receive separate invitations to complete each of those contributions separately.

For many of you it might still take a few weeks to get the invitation to place the order, but rest assured, the boat is now cruising and we’ll invite you to hop on board as soon as we can.

With gratitude,

Jolla Team


Irina Avetisova-Halonen

Head of Online Commerce at Jolla. Technology enthusiast, loves photography and traveling.


  1. Avatar

    Great, I couldn’t wait any more. Thank you so much! Now it’s just a matter of days when my tablet arrives! Just finalized the pre-order 😀 😀 😀

  2. Avatar

    Hey thank you Irina.

    Just make sure I got my TabLate before sant.

    Anyone got an Invite?

  3. Avatar

    Great to hear! I’ll be wishing you folks smooth sailing from here on out. 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Invitation arrived, and shipping information confirmed! Now I wait for Uncle Sam (living in the US) to come calling about taxes.

    Thank you Jolla!

    • Avatar

      What date did you make your order on Indiegogo?

      • Avatar

        That’s sadly a complicated question to answer because I took over an order from someone who decided they didn’t want the tablet anymore. I believe he was in the first 100

  5. Avatar

    The invitation arrived to me as well!
    thanks 🙂

    • Avatar

      Just to ask did the email come from Jolla or Indiegogo? Worried I’ll miss it!

      • Avatar

        Sorry, just saw the message. The e-mail came from (at)

  6. Avatar

    Few weeks before receiving e-mail = mid October + 10 days for Jolla to send the tablet out = end of October + 10 days or so to receive it = mid of November.

    Well, its before Christmas…

  7. Avatar

    Did this guy on the pic really put on a sailor shirt with anchors for the occasion? How very sweet! I love these details. 🙂

    Received a mail today, can’t react until I’m home from work. Hope the workflow will be smooth.

    • Avatar

      that’S right i like it too.
      maybe we could ask jolla to bring one on their online shop… 🙂

      • Avatar

        😆 last time I received clothes from Jolla (the “1st one” T-shirt) they didn’t have my size… the shirt’s still in my closet as a motivation to finally lose weight. 🙂

  8. Avatar

    hmmmm…no invitation…yet. I get Jolla phone number 68…I remember exactly when I order the tablet….21.11.2014…I hope I can get my tablet soon….

    • Avatar

      Well, my contribution date is 19 Nov, one of the early birds, no invitation yet…either way I expect a couple of days before getting mine…

      • Avatar

        Yea i also contributed Nov 19 (11:14 UTC).
        Only thing i remember, it was the “Jolla Tablet for Early Sailors” the “$204 USD” perk

        • Avatar

          Follow @Haza69’s link. See if you can login and place order.

          • Avatar

            Oh great. Jolla’s been trying hard to get these tablets sent out in the order of indiegogo contributions. So now everybody’s going to try to jump the line and swarm their servers?

            Please, guys, wait for the e-mail…

      • Avatar

        My contribution date is 19 Nov, one of the early birds, no invitation yet…???

        • Avatar

          Same for me, bought the nov. 19, 2014.
          5 more weeks to wait and 1 year passed 🙂

  9. Avatar

    Thanks for this update! Starting from early October for the first contributors then, followed by the rest, in the order of contributions. Nice update indeed!

    It would be nice to have some idea of how many days the actual shipping takes (to different countries), and some preliminary schedule for the contributions on the 2nd stage of the campaign, if you please?

  10. Avatar

    Good news!
    I was among the first contributors, so when exactly am i supposed to get an invitation if live in Russia?

    • Avatar

      … just hold your horses 😉

  11. Avatar

    10 days from the confirmation mail to the shipping. And then the shipping itself.


    • Avatar

      Hopefully they learned a lesson in estimates and say a number that is 2 or 3 times what they think it will be.

      Plus there is more work in shipping internationally. For a U.S. to U.S. it takes me 5-15 seconds to make and print a shipping label.

      Internationally, it takes at least a minute. You need to put the weight of the item and item boxed. You have to fill in the item description, value, HS Tariff #, country of origin, content type e.i. gift, documents.., and senders name on the customs. Print and cut the papers in half and put them in order in the pouch. And I’m not shipping electronics and things with batteries, there’s other rules and restrictions that stuff and different countries have different rules.

  12. Avatar

    Really good news, indeed.
    I placed my indiegogo contribution on November 19, 2014.
    No mail received yet, though.
    Hopefully doesn’t take too long…

  13. Avatar

    No email until now … as far as I can remember I was one of the first … (<100)
    … but it will be in my greedy hands … sooner or later 😉

    • Avatar

      reply to my own post …. but never been so lucky … got the email now and finalized the order
      … but still can’t wait to hold the tablet in my hands 😉

  14. Avatar

    Hm, that’s strange. No mail yet, even though I was the #32 contributor on the IGG.

    • Avatar

      Hi ScumCoder. Thanks for your note. As you placed your order from Russia you will receive separate instructions regarding shipping. Getting the tablet to your country requires a few extra steps, and thus we need to handle your case separately. It will take slightly longer unfortunately, but we are doing our best to respect the order of contributions despite these limitations.

      • Avatar

        Hi Irina. I was one of the earliest supporters – the “tablet for first sailors” perk, which means the first batch. I didn’t get the invitation and I live in Russia too. I asked on twitter twice what the “separate instructions” mentioned in the faq meant, but never got a reply. Now I see why that was the case. Respecting the order of contributions seems pretty important for me as I contributed to your campaign the moment it started exactly because I wanted the Jolla tablet to become a reality and to get that tablet as soon as possible.

  15. Avatar

    I just placed my order, I wish Jolla would provide us with a choice of couriers and not just leaving it up to their partner to decide the best one (I’ve been requesting this before, I guess I’ll just have to keep mentioning it and perhaps it’s there for the next device). I also didn’t expect the extra ~$65 in tax. But I bought a cheaper screen protector on Ebay, I got the LastU-case but I’ll need a case too I guess, gonna go to etsy for that and have a custom one made out of felt (I recommend a store named phocket). Right now I’m just happy and exited that my Jolla Tablet is finally on it’s way. Thank you Jolla and good luck!

    • Avatar

      Hi ragzy, thank you for your feedback! Offering delivery method and courier choices is something that we will definitely look into in the future.

  16. Avatar

    Congratulations ! Never had a doubt about that d^_^’b !!

  17. Avatar

    I think the community deserve some explanation about the delay, and most importantly why cant jolla say anything in the past 3 weeks…

    And I really would like to hear something about the Chinese (Aigo X86) tablet with the same spec. and same internal PCB…

    Jolla said that “designed in Finlan” in the indiegogo campaign. I really hope jolla do not buy and rebrand a random cheap Chinese tablet!!!
    I do not paid for a random crappy Chinese tablet, if wanted like that i could buy it from China anytime.

    This blog post dont explain anything only say that you most likely have to wait “few weeks” to (maybe) get the finalization email… (Note: there is no exact time or anything again…)

    • Avatar

      (A) “I think the community deserve some explanation about the delay” … there will be a “making-of” you betcha ! 🙂

      (B) “I really hope jolla do not buy and rebrand a random cheap Chinese tablet!!!” … I actually wonder why you’d be interested in a Jolla / Sailfish product if haven’t noticed at all those HW devel hassles concerning display & tablet integration. It’s their 10-months-design produced within 3 days in China.

      • Avatar

        … achieved by a real small bunch of people involved ! @jolla: how many actually ?

    • Avatar

      @raron, if Jolla had simply rebranded an existing design, they would have shipped it out last November. While they did start from an existing design, they’ve made major changes to it, which is the main reason behind all the delays.

      The Aigo X86 is indeed based on the same design, but the specs are a bit different. (Jolla’s tablet has a brighter, more colorful screen, a faster CPU, more internal storage, and a few other improvements here and there…)

      • Avatar

        Yes I see the display is different, but I worried more about the electronics, because (if it is badly designed or manufactured) it will break much earlier than the display (except you drop the tablet).

      • Avatar

        Wow that sure feels like fraud. No one thought they were buying a borrowed design from China meanwhile Jolla creates a spin off company and keeps the supports in the dark until after that decision was made. I’m sure the supporters thought that a small company was creating an open tablet from scratch. Instead we are told that there are NDAs that prevent Jolla from spilling the details.

      • Avatar

        To update myself, I misspoke: I thought the Aigo had a slower processor than Jolla’s tablet, but it does have the same CPU running at the same speed. (I got the wrong info off of a bad website…)

    • Avatar

      Hi raron,

      The honest reason for the silent period was that we we’re working hard to get all the pieces together, and didn’t have much to update during that time.

      For your other question: it’s quite common nowadays for smaller device vendors operating in different markets to share some aspect of the product details, such as hardware design elements, to balance costs. This is what happened here too. Aigo is sold in mainland China, where the Jolla Tablet is not available, and thus certain elements have been shared.

      As already stated here, Jolla Tablet is a lot different from a HW point of view. It has a significantly better fully laminated display, different USB connectors and censors. Also the color and material definitions are completely different, even though they might look the same. Just to mention a few things.

      • Avatar

        previousThank you for your reply.

        Am i right about that the design is similar, but Jolla controls/verifies the production and ensure the product will be good quality?
        (Sorry I have seen a lot of cheap notebooks where the soldering of the GPU / north bridge cracked because the bad design or bad soldering/production.)

        And I understand you had a lot of work, but i think you could spent 5 minutes on making a small blog post in the previous 2-3 weeks…

        • Avatar

          Jesus Christ dude, how empty is your life? Can you not just accept the fact that they are busy, a fact that they have reiterated every single time they release an update. And every single time there are a bunch of whiney assholes demanding more updates and crying about how inattentive Jolla are.

          Maybe they are not spending all day playing Mario kart and sipping lattes, and are in fact, a small team of people trying to pull of a major hardware release, and therefore they are busy as fuck.

          • Avatar

            Shorten your sail, please. First of all, this blog is not a place for obscenities. Second, @raron’s worries are fully justified since from the first day of the IGG campain the tablet was advertised as a “design from Finland” and not a word was said about taking an already available design and modifying it a bit (other display + PCB changes). Because this was discovered accidentally, it makes Jolla’s behaviour look very dishonest and suspicious. So people have every right to ensure that the product they receive won’t be a poorly made Chinese tablet with Sailfish installed on it.

            • Avatar

              Sheez, Beethoven put it already in nice words. No they have no (or shouldn’t have) time to put a timeline behind each order and no the CPU is also NOT designed in Finland. Same goes for about anything in the Intel reference design. Also, the displays are NOT hand-laminated in Lapland. It’s a China thing, man, and it is special because Jolla changed what they could and we support a superior OS and a great company behind it. Jolla is facing huge challenges and they beed all hands on deck.

              • Avatar

                Read my post, please. I said nothing about making the tablet in Finland. The only thing that people complain about is that Jolla didn’t say anything about that the tablet is pretty much already designed. The whole IGG campaign was presented in such a way like they are going to design it themselves (and then produce it in China, of course). Maybe *use* a reference design of the PCB to decrease development cost. But not *take* an already designed tablet and change a thing here and there, then install their OS and call it a day.

                Point is, there is *no way* this tablet can be called “design from Finland”. And *this* is what makes people mad.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Juha for the clarification. In fact that is not too bad, because now there is an even bigger market for accessories like bluetooth keyboards and covers which fit exactly also with the jolla tablet!!!

      • Avatar

        Hi JuhaniLassila,

        Could you tell us who came up with the enclosure design (the shape and elements of the case) – unknown Chinese manufacturer or Jolla? Was the look and feel of the device “Designed in Finland” or not?
        And what was the case with the Jolla phone?

        • Avatar

          You have the Aigo tablet? You plan running Sailfish on it, thought the display is sub-par?

          • Avatar

            Sorry, don’t own the Aigo tablet. I want Jolla software on Jolla hardware. I’d just prefer it to be original Jolla software on original Jolla hardware, since it was implied during their IGG campaign.
            Starting from existing design explains the May 15 shipping date (which I thought was almost impossible for original design – the phone took much longer), but I supposed there would be something like reference Intel tablet internals + original external enclosure.
            Maybe Aigo is just using Jolla design without authorisation?
            Anyway, clarification of that issue would be nice. If there are different materials used, which differentiate Jolla tablet from the Chinese analog, what are they? It’s interesting too.

      • Avatar

        I’m honest, I haven’t known about the Aigo X86 before and I’m quite disappointed the tablet’s design didn’t origin from jolla – even though I like it a lot. Jolla made ( me ) believe ( by not mentioning it ) it was their language of design …

        I highly appreciate the re-design given to the technical side which resulted in enhanced display and sensor qualities. I therefore do not regret having had to wait so far.
        I already asked this a while ago in July – but what does the “better”-coined color-rendition of the improved display look like in technical terms of RGB/AdobeRGB ? I think you should know by now.

        Which sensors actually got updated by better ones ? Camera spex look identical to the Aigo in terms of Mpx ….

        Not implementing USB type C has been inconsequent in context of the comprehensive re-design given to the tablet. Limited availability valids no excuse – especially not ex post, after a long and supportive period of trust & waiting.

        So, very curious reading about your comment soon 🙂 ….

  18. Avatar

    Why are you guys thanking them? What for? All they did is ignore us weeks on end! It’s not like they’re giving us the tablets for free! Just send me the god damn invite so we can get over with this shit and never deal with you (Jolla) again. Thanks to Jolla am gonna think twice before backing up a project. Now that’s that.

    • Avatar

      @solo_man, you contributed to an Indiegogo startup campaign. That’s quite a bit different than purchasing a product!

      When you invest in one of these campaigns, you are doing exactly that: investing in a project. There is NO GUARANTEE that such a project will succeed. You chose a “perk,” something you get IF the campaign succeeds.

      Please do consider more carefully in the future about backing a crowdfunded project…

    • Avatar

      😀 … maybe because they also had to secure & develop their own future setup & strategy the same time ? They might sailing in a bit of competitive waters as well 😉 ….

    • Avatar

      You should seriously calm down. It’s a crowdfunding thing with all risks involved. For readily available products you should turn to Apple & Co., and for love to your family (since you are complaining about attention). Thanks God Jolla focused on completing their homework instead of getting into discussions here.

    • Avatar

      You complain about bad things. And you thank them for good things. Good cop bad cop style.

  19. Avatar

    after finalizing the order I get back to the original page and can again “Proceed with checkout” … do I need another one? SURE but I think this is not the expected behaviour 😉

  20. Avatar

    Yes! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  21. Avatar

    That’s great news, I’m glad shipping of the tablets starts now.
    But what about the LastuCase? It was said to be shipped separately from the tablet, is this still correct? When can I expect to receive the case? Should I contact Jolla or LastuCase for further information?

    • Avatar

      Hi schmittlauch. Thanks for your comment. If you have contributed towards both a Jolla Tablet and a LastuCase during the Indiegogo campaign, they will be shipped together in one parcel. After you get the invitation to complete your order and log in to the dedicated online shop, you should see both items in the shopping cart.

      • Avatar

        Hello irina, in this case, from which location will be sent then the whole package? from finland (inside eu)?
        many thanks in advance for answering.

        • Avatar

          Hello cemoi71. Thanks for your question! Jolla Tablet and the accessories will ship from a fulfilment centre located in Hong Kong.

          • Avatar

            Hello Irina,
            it seems you got some insigth. I haven’t cared so much about production site in the past. As shipping is made in Hong Kong, does it mean the tablet is made in China.
            By the way, that explains the long lead time of 10 days before shipping.

      • Avatar

        Unfortunately I didn’t order a LastuCase, so if there’s still one in stock I’d really like to get it!

          • Avatar

            You can order a LastuCase directly there. I’ve done it after their announcement and get the Case in mid of August directly from Finland.

        • Avatar

          Hello accumulator! No worries, it will be possible for you to purchase extra accessories while completing your order at the dedicated online shop – both LastuCase and mapbagrag Jolla Tablet case are available for purchase. Once you receive the invitation to finalise your Jolla Tablet contribution, log in to the online shop and simply add accessories to cart before proceeding to checkout.

  22. Avatar

    For the love of God, finally news about tablet. THANK YOU!!!

  23. Avatar

    I ordered on 31st of January 2015, and it is still NOPE for me… 🙁

    • Avatar

      You may have to wait a bit. I ordered on 19/11/2014. I have not had a mail yet. I am happy we have some news though 🙂

    • Avatar

      So don’t hold your breath dude, i’m afraid it’s going to take “a few weeks”

      • Avatar

        Months, a few months.

  24. Avatar

    Contributed to Indiegogo for 3 Tablets on Nov. 19th, 10:26 am – got no invitation so far. Very funny: In the confirmation mails I read “Voraussichtliches Lieferdatum: May 15, 2015” (Estimated delivery)

    • Avatar

      same here: contributed to the perk “Jolla Tablet for First Sailors” on Nov. 19th, 10:33 am and still no email (living within EU)…

      • Avatar

        Same here. Contributed (189$+20$) on November 19th (10:44, AM) and shipping to Germany. No news yet……..

  25. Avatar

    Where is the ticker showing the order date prior to which invitations have been sent?

    Would make waiting more relaxed instead of having to press Update button in your mail five times per minute 😉

  26. Avatar

    Hello Irina,

    Thank you for the good news finally!
    I was one of the first sailors (189 USD perk), with shipping address in Belgium. I have not received an invite yet. It would help if I had a rough idea for the invite date, as I will be out of Belgium next month.


    • Avatar

      Ah! A fellow country man! 😀

      • Avatar

        Hello there 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hello verydeep! The invitations are being sent out in batches following the order of contribution. Please get in touch with Jolla Service and Support team and inform them about restrictions with shipping time – we’ll see what we can do, within the limits of the order of contributions.

  27. Avatar

    As long as I get mine before copernicus it’s all good!

    • Avatar

      That should not be a problem Dave. 😉 I was not in the first few groups of contributors; I would guess that you were probably ahead of me. 🙂 (Plus, I live in Ohio, which is pretty close to the other side of the world from Hong Kong, so a long distance to ship.)

      So yeah, I’ll be sitting and twiddling my thumbs for a while… 🙂

      • Avatar

        I think it will be a hard race 😀 they are sending like 200 invites now + 10 days + 4 days delay and we are round the Oct 5. Then 800 more get them around 20 Oct then 1000 every 2 weeks…not all will get this before Xmas.

        Yeah this is me speculating. Everything has taken much longer than Jolla expected so what makes us thing delivery will get fasta?

        • Avatar

          I sincerely hope you are wrong with your speculations. Since Jolla is a company that should know a lot about CPU pipelining, multitasking, etc. they could employ these principles with shipping. Waiting with the next invitations until the first batch is shipped is a nonsense for me. I am counting on a faster pace.

  28. Avatar

    Can’t wait…also contributed on 19 Nov 2014. On the edge of my seat–when should I be concerned about not having received an email (I know part of the answer is “not yet!”)?


  29. Avatar

    Hello Irina, first thank you very much for your information.But from your statement as a representative from Jolla I’m disappointed. Again a blog with nearly no information about delivery of my tablet. Jolla sent already some invitations but see above in your post “After this, it takes up to 10 business days for us to prepare your order and dispatch it.” and “For many of you it might still take a few weeks to get the invitation to place the order”. What I expect from Jolla is a time frame when the last tablet from the Indiegogo campaign will be delivered.Will I get mine before your pre-order customers? Jolla should know how many tablets they have sold and how many are finish right now! By the way will you wait till the first group get their tablet or will you go on while the tablets are on their way. I ordered in march 2015.
    Waiting for an answer and I still believe in your product.

  30. Avatar

    November 19th was a busy day for the campaign’s PR. I bet we all get a bit of a delay based on that date.

    Glad we got an update.

  31. Avatar

    I’ll be F5-ing my inbox for days now. Surviving on nothing but the dew of a single ginko leaf and the energy of the universe. I’ll be fine.

    • Avatar

      Hmm, now to figure out which email address I used for indiegogo. 🙂

  32. Avatar

    My contribution date is also 19 Nov. I’m one of the early birds and still waiting for invitation. No panic, I can wait =)

    • Avatar

      Same contriubution day for me, I’m afraid we are two of the ones that will have to wait “a few weeks”… 🙁

      • Avatar

        Nooo. 19th is the first day. That means months until they get all 7500 first tablet to users 🙁

  33. Avatar

    How can I find out which order number I have?

  34. Avatar

    I must admit that I don’t understand the logic of sending first to small group to make sure that everything works… What could possibly go wrong? You did fire Murphy right?

    • Avatar

      Read between the line. Jolla is not ready to ship but they feel they can’t wait anymore. Why else do you think the need 10+ days before shipping. The need to put in more work somewhere. Lots of things can still happen…

      • Avatar

        If I would get invitation in next 10 days I am fine with that, but I purchased tablet on 30th of January, so I don’t know when I can expect tablet…

        • Avatar

          I eat my hat if you get an invite within 10 days 😀 expect December.

          • Avatar

            Really , I ordered Dec 8 and don’t expect an email anytime within a month .

      • Avatar

        Bingo! Dave999, you nailed it. That’s exactly what’s happening here. They realized they could not go further without giving some sort of an answer. So they came up with the pre-shipping idea. Pretty much still buying time. But I give them credit for still caring. If they don’t care any more, that would be the end of everything. I hope they get their shit together soon.

        • Avatar

          Also, I bought mine Nov 23, 2014. Guess I still have a long wait since a few guys with Nov 19 purchase date haven’t even got theirs.

        • Avatar

          Gee you guys are paranoid. Of course they’re ready to ship. They said quite a while back that they’d start shipping with the first group of contributors, and they’ve been saying all along there’d be a pre-shipping confirmation process.

          It makes sense that there’d be a small pilot group first, especially since they’ve had issues with shipments previously (re. displays/typos/automation) … this will be the first batch they’ve sent as retail goods, the previous shipments would have been samples & the customs and tax requirements would have been different – so there’ll be different labelling and packaging requirements. They’ll need to make sure the shop works when it starts taking real life orders, because no matter how well you test with a thing before go-live, there’s always issues day 1, and they’re quite often well outside your control.

          If they’ve sent 200 invites this time around (or 1, 0r 1000), there will likely be a bigger batch next time, and the next time after that, as they scale things up.

          • Avatar

            Take a look at:

            There were 5243 funders on 19th Nov followed by
            1122, 566, 372 respectively. Now depending on which timezone they associated with the project I’m somewhere between 6931 and 7879 (Canada wasn’t on the original ship list so we didn’t get to sign up until Nov 21st).

            So there’s a wait ahead. A little surprised that at this point they were encouraging further purchasing because that’s just going to bog down their shipping system with custom picklists and changes for every waybill. Fine if you’re amazon, a pain if it’s just the team round the table at the weekend.

            • Avatar

              ^This, for all the “I contributed on the 19th, so I’m early” people 🙂

              I’m in Australia, so I know I’m waiting a while.

    • Avatar

      Better safe than sorry I imagine… At the same time, they’re sending nearly 10000 tablets in a short time… I say better play it safe… 😀

  35. Avatar

    At last, I’am happy! For all of us, be patient and a whole new universe will be open for us Sailors.

  36. Avatar

    contributed 19:th november, no e-mail yet *waiting*

  37. Avatar

    Can you please learn from the phone launch and publish a list of orders by order number and details of when batches will be dispatched.
    The fact that you say it may take up to two weeks to issue the invite then a further ten working days does not give confidence. Is this because of the complexity of the fulfilment of different order choices or a lack of staff or both? Good to hear things are finally moving but more regular communications on shipping progress please.
    I’m waiting for two tablets but I guess there’s no chance they will ship together?


    • Avatar

      If you ordered them at the same time then they might be shipped together. I ordered one at 19-Nov and one in December and got the pre-order invitation only for the first one. But that is fine for me 🙂

  38. Avatar

    Thanks for the update. Patiently waiting. Please continue the good work on Sailfish OS. Irina, are you using a Jolla as your primary daily phone? How will the Jolla tablet compliment the phone?

  39. Avatar

    I ordered on the 20th November 2014, when will i get the shipping notice to Sweden? will i have to pay import taxes too?

    • Avatar

      Hello gemuir! You will be prompted to pay VAT when finalising the order for your Jolla Tablet contribution in the online shop. Once that’s done, the parcel will be shipped to you with duty and tax paid – you should get it directly to your door without having to go through customs formalities.

      • Avatar

        thanks Irina, but from the beginning the tablet was to be shipped from Finland and there should be no extra duty?

        secondly , when is it estimated to receive my device?

        • Avatar

          As far as i remember the indiegogo campaign always did say, that taxes/VAT would have to be paid shortly before the actual shipment to EU countries.
          Only the smartphone “Combo Upgrade Perk” (279$) included VAT and shipping to EU countries.
          And as contributions were going to Jolla Asia Ltd. in Hongkong, I always expected shipping directly from there.

  40. Avatar

    I was definitely among the first 100 and did not receive an invitation yet 🙁

    • Avatar

      How many invites have been sent? My guess: less than 50

      • Avatar

        IMHO: I think even less. I really do not understand this system of distribution. That shows the utter chaos and extemporary within the Jolla team (or something hidden problems). Contributed on Nov/19 afternoon and no invitation yet.

  41. Avatar

    Winter is coming…
    I had been hoping I might get my Jolla before then, but as an early March contributor I’m not so hopeful.
    Well done on finally getting them out of door, love to see some sort of schedule, but can understand your reluctance to pen something in which could ultimately turn to slush. That’ll be Summer then I guess? The time when snow traditionally turns to slush. Winter is coming…

  42. Avatar

    Please, could you publish some estimation when get somebody the finalization email depending on when backed on indiegogo?

    (I backed on November 19, 2014 at the end of the day.)

    • Avatar

      November 19th – 10:44AM – Still no invitation.

      • Avatar

        Nov. 19th at 10:22am, but also still eagerly awaiting.
        Thanks a lot for your great effort to make this come true and all the best for finding partners that produce even more Sailfish gadgets! Personally, I hope for a new Sailfish phone with decent specs before christmas…
        Sail on!

      • Avatar

        Nov. 19th – 10:46AM – ver close to you and also not invited to the party so far…! 😉

        • Avatar

          Nov 19th – 9:16am. No invite yet.
          I got in as soon as I could.

          • Avatar

            It looks like I can take some consolation here. I contributed on 20 Nov and upgraded on 1Feb. But with all these delays, I hope to get an invitation soon, within a week. Hmm, maybe!

  43. Avatar

    sorry to say that the total tablet is just only less than 10000 pieces during the funds raised periods.How many have you manufactured so far?

  44. Avatar

    contributed 19.11.2014 before afternoon, so it looks like it will take some time even for early birds 😉

    • Avatar

      @Haza69 Thank you so much 🙂

  45. Avatar

    I contributed on 02.12 but looking at number of people getting the invitation my earlier estimation of getting the tablet before Christmas was way too optimistic.

    I would guess about 200-300 invitations were sent out. Now it will take approx 2 weeks before the first tablets are being sent. Meanwhile nothing happens with others.

    Then we are in the mid of October. Perhaps the next batch will be larger, let’s say 1000 pcs. Those will be ready to be sent out in end of October.

    If I am very lucky I will bet my tablet by the end of 2015. But probably not.

    Perhaps it comes then already with Sailfish 2.1 when it finally arrives 😀

  46. Avatar

    Some people are never happy… Don’t ask for exact dates.. they’re testing the logistics process, so they’re not in a position to say yet, and if they give you one and something doesn’t pan out, you’re only going to be upset again.

    I’m happy things are kicking off – thanks for the update 🙂

  47. Avatar

    Too many indicators show that the honeymoon is over; the sailors are already divided by about three months, and obviously the team left to take care of the hardware has few resources and many problems… some of the founders are not as active as before, and probably the future will not be very rosy… in July was passed, quietly, a corporate reorganization that is expression of difficult and bad moods, there is a desperate search for funds and time passes inexorably making more and more obsolete every promise 🙁

    Where’s the captain!?

    We lost the lighthouse? It can be so hard to keep promises and restore the lost trust?

    All good, all good … but the world out there, runs!

    My 2 Cents!

    • Avatar

      … your cynical 2 cents won’t help – and to be honest they maybe are disqualifying you as a sincere supporter of the “unlike” movement / ventures.

      It is true jolla HW is facing a new ( but not surprisingly new ) situation, but if there had not been an outlook they would have divested the HW branch completely. I’m sure they were learning from their first baptism of fire, and the split-up decision will keep HW devel undisturbed from SW devel.
      Both could actually challenge and enrich each other … even if they are “only” developing platform-partnerships as a service to jolla SW.
      But no major failures permissible at this state & moment for sure. Don’t underestimate their China connections either by now 😉 …

  48. Avatar

    I think I was in the 3rd batch at US$205 – ordered the next day when Australia was added to the list and upgraded to 64Gb later. No big deal – it will get here soon enough. Looks like and Argo X86 *who cares* – probably made on the same production line *who cares* – looks similar design to Kingzone K1 phone *who cares*. It’s Sailfish OS – I support them – if you don’t, go buy Dumbdroid, CrApple or MicroSlop and stop your bitching.

  49. Avatar

    … me I care 🙂 due to the “unlike” credo which is a pivotal element of jolla’s approach both in H/W & OS design which I support. As long as they don’t loose it out of sight I don’t care – there are rules of economy.

    The Aigo wouldn’t have influenced my decision for the jolla tablet – especially if I knew which product I’m choosing the jolla tablet over 😉 ….

  50. Avatar

    Hey, what are those scary comments about? Did you forget we are sailors?

    To speak for myself, I am happy reading those news. I just was worried a bit since the price for my favorite tablet seemed a bit too low for my understanding.I honestly would have spent a little more money just to make sure, everything works fine until the end.

    Just have a look at the price of other tablets, one may purchase inviting uncle Sam to sniff out the one’s privacy as well.

    Thumbs up to the Jolla team. Would purchase the next Jolla phone immediatetly.

  51. Avatar

    How am I gonna be notify? I did not get any email from Jolla neither from indiegogo yet.

    • Avatar

      Hello federico1828! Please submit a request for our Service and Support team here: and include the email address that you believe was used when making the contribution on Indiegogo – we can check if it is present in the database.

  52. Avatar

    I just checked the specs of Aigo x86, so far the same as Jolla tablet. I spent my money to get an unique, special for Jolla and sailfish made tablet. To me it seems that I will get an Android tablet with sailfish on it, if I get it soon . If it’s true that booth tablets are similar, I feel that I was cheated.

    • Avatar

      Yup, you’ve been cheated. Rather than start from scratch, Jolla took a mid-range tablet already designed for Android, and:
      *) Replaced the screen with a new, brighter, fully-laminated one
      *) Maxed out the internal specs
      *) Updated the internal sensors and the USB
      *) Tweaked the color and materials of the casing

      Is this such a bad thing? To my understanding, Jolla is all about Sailfish, not about hardware…

      • Avatar

        Also, one important change, no Data connectivity, and $25 costlier and you will get it 1 year after you pay. I hope Jolla OS is a lot better than Android, else I will really feel cheated.

        • Avatar

          Ah, you mean “no cellular data connectivity”. In my book, that’s a plus, not a minus: at least here in the US, cellular connections are 100% controlled by the big communications companies, so it’s awfully expensive (and where I live, cellular coverage is awfully spotty). Plus, you get the added bonus of governmental organizations placing their tentacles into every cellular chip these days…

          I’d much rather stick with good old WIFI and USB. Much faster, much cheaper, hotspots are actually more available than cellular where I live, and in general, privacy is actually better.

      • Avatar

        Yes it’s a bad thing! Because they didn’t say we pimp an Android tablet. Still no copy and paste, poor Jolla apps and they don’t listening and answering to their sailors. Sail on, as long the battery of my Jolla phone works.

        • Avatar

          So, “Still no copy and paste, poor Jolla apps”, and yet you want the Jolla team to now stop everything and design a new piece of hardware from scratch? Personally, I’d prefer that they spend even less time on hardware than they have been doing… 🙂

        • Avatar

          It is very naïve of you to think that nobody else does that. Maybe it’s more obvious here because of the external casing similarity…But the motherboard is probably the same in a LOT of different smartphones and/or tablets, and that’s what we are talking about here, the motherboard, not the specs…

  53. Avatar

    No new invites today? Except that the ones using the “secret” link and skipped the question 😉

  54. Avatar

    Well done Jolla:)

  55. Avatar

    One other question. Any tablets on the way to any tech blogs, news media or any other reviewers now when tablet is “ready”? Or do we have to wait a few weeks for the first customers to write reviews. Anyone at jolla can do an official unmoving/review?

    • Avatar

      So, it’s your fault that most of us have to wait even longer? Thanks for nothing. Don’t jump the line and just wait your turn. Or otherwise stop gloating.

      • Avatar

        I could’ve sworn I clicked the reply link at your other comment.

        • Avatar

          My fault? OK. I take full responsibility for this whole mega delay since mid may. You will have my resignation on your desk first thing in the morning. But I will not return my jolla tablet. Never. NEEEVER. GoodDay! (This is how I would imagine Marc D’s last moment at jolla.)

          • Avatar

            I wasn’t talking about those delays, I was talking about your comment that seems to suggest you’re trying to jump the queue:

            “No new invites today? Except that the ones using the “secret” link and skipped the question ;)”

            Especially that winking smiley-face feels very insulting to me. Just wait your bloody turn. Don’t cause more logistical headaches for the Jolla team by trying to worm yourself into the queue, undoubtedly causing more delays.

  56. Avatar

    Any estimate for the one who ordered – and paid – the tablet on 20th of August, 2015? 🙂

    Any hope for having the beauty in hand before Christmas? This year, of course… 🙂

  57. Avatar

    If … “We are inviting contributors to the shop and shipping the tablets in batches according to the chronological order of contributions made on Indiegogo, starting from last November.” … and I ordered on Nov/19 and then ordered an upgrade to 64GB on Mar/29, so which of these order is taken as an order for my invitation?

    • Avatar

      Hello cocovina, thanks for your question! The original date of contribution towards a Jolla Tablet determines the order of invitations. In your case the original date of contribution is November 19th.

  58. Avatar

    There will be no new blog post, tweet or email from Jolla until 07.Oct
    Until then you can sit back relax and wait your tablet to come.

  59. Avatar

    I seem to have wrong email in my Indiegogo profile and cannot update it. To whom can I send my new email address to ensure I get the invitation?

    (Cannot update the email address since my account is linked to my Facebook account. Changing email requires password, and since my account is linked to Facebook, I don’t have password on my Indiegogo account. Getting/resetting password requires valid email address, and the address I have there doesn’t exist anymore. Hence, cannot get a password nor update the email.)

  60. Avatar

    @jollaSW: So while inevitably many of us still have to wait for their tablets to arrive, OS 2.0 for the phone is pending !

    @jollaHW: … and more advanced other halves beyond those NFC-tagged plastic caps 😉 !!
    The successor of the Mk1 requires a considerably more receptive design to offer room for Other Halves with integrated PCBs !
    You wouldn’t be able to convince many with the current bricky charms of a TOHKBD2-mated device :// ….

  61. Avatar

    (If it helps for your QA process i.e. “Are our contributors receivig the invitation e-mail?”)

    My case: contribution 19-nov (Jolla Tablet for Early Sailors)
    Country: Spain
    64Gb perk: 07-mar
    Status: no invitation e-mail yet

    I hope it helps.

  62. Avatar

    It is good news you guys startes shipping, but it would be nice if there were a few more details about the expected time frame.
    Everyone who contributed on the first day but was not lucky enough to make that list of “selected few”, is now feeling a little cheated. And it goes the same for all early adopters who are now checking their email every hour.
    I have been in your shoes, and I know it is tough, getting the logisitics right is important, and you’re a small team which makes things even harder, but people react better when they have some guidelines, rather than vague directions. Something to consider for the future 🙂

    Have a good day Jolla,

    And get me my tablet already 🙂

  63. Avatar

    I also contributed on November 19 and have not received an invitation yet.

    Similar to other people commenting, I found out today that the Jolla design is a rebranding of the Aigo X86 tablet. It’s disappointing to learn that they’re using an ODM design and yet they are still 4+ months behind schedule.

    However, this does explain why they were using adb early in development to diagnose boot issues. At the time I wondered why they didn’t just use UEFI, since Intel tablets ship with UEFI and Linux has decent support for Bay Trail, but now it’s clear that they were just taking an existing tablet with Android and porting SailfishOS to it.

    So, Jolla it would be great if you would publish a schedule of how many invites have/will be sent and when. Otherwise I must side with other comments in believing this is yet another stalling tactic to appease backers who have grown tired of waiting for a branded ODM device to ship.

  64. Avatar

    I hesitated to purchase the Jolla Tablet because of the lack of clarity on the final pricing of the tablet (Jolla tablet price + shipping fees + local taxes, if any + custom duty fees, if any + other fees, if any).

    Now that you have this information, why don’t you publish this information – a country wise list of fees for courier, local / VAT, custom and any other miscellaneous fee?

  65. Avatar

    So… has anyone here actually gotten an invite at all?

    • Avatar

      So… Have you looked at the first few comments to this blog? 🙂

      Yes, quite a few folks here have gotten the invite. I’ve seen plenty more on the TMO boards and on TJC. From the anecdotal evidence, it appears that Jolla has selected at most the first 200 Indiegogo contributors (and possibly less than that) for their first group of invitations.

      • Avatar

        Probly less, I haven’t got the mail and I ordered on the 19th before noon in the early bird perk. No mail yet.

        But if I recall correctly, the campaign had rather explosive start. : )

      • Avatar

        Yeah…. The comments are dizzying. By the team I got done reading, I wasn’t sure if anyone had actually confirmed or if it was all complaints.

  66. Avatar

    I wonder if I shouldn’t have got my invitation yet as I got one of the “first sailors” perks within the first few hours of the campaign. Do I need to worry that something is going wrong?

  67. Avatar

    So despite the positive news, Jolla have succeeded in pissing-off their supporters, yet again!

    So to resolve this:
    1. Say how many people are in the 1st group of recipients
    2. Publish a provisional schedule of the intended distribution batches, and the numbers in them.
    3. Ideally publish the confirmation email times corresponding to the batches i.e 09:00 – 09:45 Batch 1, 09:46-10:15 Batch 2, and so-on

    A little bit of work. A lot of happier sailors!

    • Avatar

      Yes, that would be nice!

    • Avatar

      Hm, yes, I think that “And we’re sailing!” is a bit premature. IMHO “And we’re sailing!” implies that at least some tablets have been shipped, and the recipients have been given a trackable shipping reference. I am sure that we will hear via this blog, TMO or TJO when this happens, but there are a few days to go before we get to that point.

  68. Avatar

    you take you’re time jolla.
    perfection does not happen when rushed.


  69. Avatar

    …nice video: was that Marc Dillon who left the sinking ship exactly when it disappeared??? 🙂

  70. Avatar

    send a tablet my way and will do an extensive review vs Apple mini, nexus 7 and note 8.

  71. Avatar

    can anyone let me what could be the extra charges i mean custom charges i need to pay for Canada(calgary) or india.

  72. Avatar

    “And we’re sailing!” Are you kidding? Last December when I ordered the tablet on Indiegogo (and lets face it the term “crowdsourcing” gets rather stretched when applied to the pre-ordering of Jolla tablets whatever site they may have been ordered from) I was somewhat concerned that it mightn’t arrive prior to my departure on an extended holiday. As it happened it didn’t causing me a degree of inconvenience to make alternative arrangements. Still, I trusted Jolla’s public statements that the device would ship soon enough and at that stage believed it would be available by the time I returned home in early September. Well, that never happened.

    Now, Jolla’s public statements have become rather obscure – shipments are now about testing rather than getting promised product to customers! What on earth do you need to test at this late stage? You are showing no confidence at all in your product and you shouldn’t be surprised if some of your customers start to feel rather uncomfortable with this situation.

    Where is your shipping schedule? Where is your policy on refunds? Can you explain what you are actually doing, other than playing for time?

    I understand that Jolla does not really want to be in the hardware business. On this, I think your thinking is sound, you are terrible at it.

    • Avatar

      They are not ready yet and this is their way of buying some. I have no issues waiting. This tablet is like a bonus, a win on the million dollar spin. However, I do agree jolla should invent a way for users to refund the down payment before sending the tablet. Now it’s just ugly, pay tax, refund, shipment and then return it. Just ugly, but according to some law.

    • Avatar

      They need to test the logistics chain. They’re shopping to countries they haven’t previously shipped to, and while they’ve shipped a small number if developer devices previously, they need to test out their processes for making sure that they can handle the variety of different options and customs requirements (which are different for samples vs. actual product). They’d do it for a small number of people and scale up as they go, making adjustments if they need to.

      There were nearly 6000 contributors on the nineteenth – so contributing on the first day does not necessarily make you a first contributor.

      I’m interested to see if anyone has had an invite since the first wave, because that would be an indication of how successfully things went- but I suspect the reason for silence on the blog is just that they’re busy with actual shipping stuff.

  73. Avatar

    Haven’t got my invite jet! Where do one write to and ask about their status?

  74. Avatar

    Another week is gone!

    Early September turned to late and October is very, very near. I’m a backer from the first day (19th Nov. 10:46 am) and haven’t received an invitation so far.

    This is definately the end of Jolla, most of the customers won’t support you any more after the horrible tablet-story.

    I fear, that our money is already lost.

    I love my Jolla Phone & SailfishOS. But I will never, never buy your products again. A company that isn’t even able to sell extra batteries in 2 long years isn’t worth to be supported!

    I feel cheated, no matter if the tablet will still come or not. 🙁

    Never buy finish products again!!!

    • Avatar

      I concur. You are cheated. Sorry to break it to you. But hope that you at least find some joy when you finally get your hands on the thing.

    • Avatar

      I will always support Jolla :):):):):):):) It’s the big companies that don’t need our support.

      Tomorrow morning I will wake up, smile, and think to myself “maybe today”…

  75. Avatar

    Jolla simply gives “0 f***” about any comments or critics. Someone said that they don’t like to read those kind of a comments. I can tell that they don’t ever bother to read it. 5 months late, no comments from Jolla, except “private” invitations for “obviously” privileged users – for testing the tablets. They haven’t even shown a list of users that received invitation, nor do they plan to show so they can refute the rumors…, No detail information about shipping schedule. Absolutely disgrace. I have read all of comments from blog, forum, twitter, and what I can tell you, there are many more negative comments comparing to positive. “Way to go Jolla”. You manage to piss off most of your supporters. Feel free to continue with your silence and your business will go down the toilet.


    • Avatar

      Why should they show a list of users that received invitation? I am not sure, if it is legal to publish such a list. They have not asked a permission for it, or?

  76. Avatar

    If I would have known that I had to wait a year to get this thing I would have never ordered it.
    The OS is great. But in a real company, those people responsible for the decisions leading to the delay and those responsible for the desastrous communication would be asked to leave.

    • Avatar

      And maybe they were asked to leave? But I really don’t see why Jolla should inform us every day if they don’t have nothing new to tell.

      • Avatar

        Obviously they have lot of “nothing” to tell us lately…

        • Avatar

          4 very good blog posts in August and 4 in September. Enough for me, anyway.

          • Avatar

            The tablate is on the way but what would be Fun to know what jolla actully doing during These 10 days? Also, i want to know jollas move before they know it and long before that do it. What are they doing right know. Testning something…what? Any major issues that might jeopardize the shipment on Friday. Stuff like that. Just a answer in this post would be mega epic deluxe.

            • Avatar

              Yes, agreed. But I would like to hear more about their not so business critical news.

              • Avatar

                yeah. like an unboxing/tablet review while waiting.

                scrolling this page takes like 15 sec. plz add faster scrolling in sail3.0

  77. Avatar

    I am a small business owner. Normally if I buy something in Europe, I can provide my UStd-ID and won’t be charged for sales tax. I tried contacting your customer care department a view weeks ago and never got a response.

  78. Avatar

    I don’t mind waiting for a year (or longer) for a tablet which’s HW might be a bit outdated when it finally arrives. Don’t really mind also if the whole project goes sour. That wasn’t that big of and investment and the idea was great in my oppinion.
    But what I really don’t get it is the silence. Come on Jolla! Talk to us, what eating you at the moment? Where does it hurt the most? Share a tought with us.

    But as I said earlier, I believe there will be no update on tablet situation until 07.10

  79. Avatar

    I don’t get the silence either. I understand them wanting to test the delivery mechanism, but it should not take so long ( 10 days to ship a limited number?) and it does not excuse the silence. This was/is a crowdfunded project so delays will happen but it is getting a bit much. We’d just like to know what to expect. just tell us .. something.

  80. Avatar

    As an early bird contributer (contributed within the first hour or two), I wonder where my invite is? 😉 🙁

  81. Avatar

    so when is this on hold situation done and shipping begins? friday this week?

    • Avatar

      Nope, 10 workig days will be done in 06.10
      So on 07.10 we will hear something. Hopefully.

      • Avatar

        WoW so we have 9 days of black whole nothingness ahead. Epic.

      • Avatar

        Keep in mind, Golden week in China is Oct 1st till the 7th. That pushes the date out an additional 7 days to Oct 13th…

  82. Avatar

    If I were a vendor planning on doing business with Jolla and witness how they “communicate” with the people who contributed to their tablet project, I would refuse to have any business with Jolla. Once they have your funds they seem to forget how to answer hard questions in a timely manner. Jolla if you keep your head under the sand long enough the problem may go away but for sure your customers would have gone to others companies who face problems head on.

  83. Avatar

    Can we have a little clarity on this issue because I too am on of the ones who signed up on Indiegogo on the 19th November last year. I have been expecting an email for the last week but no sign of it. Is it beyond the wit of anyone over at Jolla to perhaps build a status bar that could show where on the timeline of order processing we are. It could start filling up all the 19th orders, then the 20th then the 21st etc etc. At least we would have some indication that things are moving and not just being stalled ad infinitum.

    Come on Jolla you are exhausting my feeling of goodwill at this point. So please.. don’t make me angry.. you won’t like me when I am angry.

    • Avatar

      Did you see the earlier comment with campaign stats? There were something like 5000+ contributors on the first day. Putting an order in in the morning of 19/11 in whatever your local time is does not automatically mean that you were among the first few hundred.

      Even if you got the first perk, you’re one of 1000 or 2000 (no one seems to remember the exact count).

  84. Avatar

    whats going on any new update ?

  85. Avatar

    Something I just can’t understand is why the ordering and software needs another testing. Jolla noted the dev program to test shipping and prerelease SFOS2.0. But why this soft-ordering for 10 of us? :-/

  86. Avatar

    Does anybody know if the developers have received their tablets? How long did it took from shipping to actually getting the tablet?

  87. Avatar

    This information is seen on
    “The Jolla Tablet pre-ordered during August-September 2015 will start shipping in the end of October.”
    “Estimated delivery: November 2015”
    I understood that we indiegogo contributors could get the tablet before presale buyers.
    Could you clarify whether the situation has changed.And we’re sailing with happier faces.

  88. Avatar

    I purchased the tablet on indiegogo campaign the19 november 2014.
    I have not received any invitation 🙁

    • Avatar

      No one did…, as far as we can read from blog, twitter, etc… so you ordered in November 2014, and you haven’t got any invitation. I might imagine when are we gonna get it? I mean the backers that ordered in 2015…

  89. Avatar

    I also contributed on Nov 19th at 07:28 Central I got my confirmation email. I would have thought I’d have been among the first to get the order email too.

  90. Avatar

    I contributed on November 19, no invitation for the Moment. But i can weit, using my old Thinkpad Tablet 1839. ;^)

    • Avatar

      hrhr no. they just have forgotten some phone sanitizers, projectmanager and logisticians on board. 🙂

  91. Avatar

    Communicate with your customer base. The same customer base that provide the funding for the project you have failed to make good on.

    Not too much to ask. I’d bet 90% of the bitching on here would stop if you merely gave actual updates rather than hot air.

  92. Avatar

    I read allmost all comments here but could someone clarify that does it matter in Indiegogo campaing if you placed pre-order at first or second wave? I preordered at second wave of Indiegogo campaing so will I still recieve the tablet before any Jolla webshop orders?

  93. Avatar

    Can we have the sender email address for those invitations.
    Waited so long and now am afraid the email will end up in spam (you never know what nice wording is used in the invitation, could very well be interpreted as a marketing/sell email!)

    So please let us know from what email address you will send the invitations so I can tell my spam manager!

    • Avatar

      I like to look in at daily to see if there is any update. After being a little bit sad there is no update, I head over here to read the new comments and users going crazy over the silence. Thank you all for bringing a smile to my face.

      That being said, put me in the category of “release more information sooner”. It’s kind of funny that in putting up the blog, user’s insatiable desire for details has only gone up. Previously, we were waiting weeks or months at a time for an email update, now everyone wants the list of of emails of people who have had invites! LOL as if!

  94. Avatar

    Come on, people, calm down and stop whining.
    What’s the part you dont understand in “For many of you it might still take a few weeks to get the invitation” ?
    We just have to be a little more patient and we’ll get the tablet 🙂

    • Avatar

      you cant plame people for not having patience. we have waited 5 month and will prolly have to wait a few more and we are still here. we are pretty much The Patiences.

      • Avatar

        yeah, I have no problems being patient. it would be just nice to know how long I need to be patient.

        gimme worst case scenario. or just geimme something. anything

  95. Avatar

    With all the silence and delays, I can’t help but thinking that the 9 sales boxes in the picture at the top of this blog are the only tablets Jolla has available for shipping. Therefore they sent invites to a very small group. The 10 working days are needed to produce the next batch (hopefully a bit larger this time!)

  96. Avatar

    Worst case scenario is: no tablet, no refund. 😉

    • Avatar

      that would be a disappointment. but i am okay with that too. just say it out loud for christ’s sake 🙂

      finns and chines are a like in the way that they don’t want to deliver bad news. they will lose their faces that way. so they just keep quiet until it goes away 🙂

      • Avatar

        Yeah. I need the jolla tablet so i can put a bottle of beer on it while sitting in the couch and use real tech. 😉

      • Avatar

        That would fraud and I don’t jolla wants to be labeled as fraud or get involved with lawsuits.

  97. Avatar

    Where are ossi1967 and Copernicus to comment all the whining…? and how Jolla is doing fine job ignoring people…

    • Avatar

      Almost forgot about Leo Kraav, the project manager…

      • Avatar

        Glad to be remembered in your special list @prometheus. Unfortunately I’m still too busy with Microsoft Project on my Macintosh Plus and avoiding all real true hero programming work to worry about the tablet delivery date. But once I also start feeling like the $250 contribution to the top open source mobile OS effort in the world has been wasted money, I’ll be sure to let everyone know with a real thorough blog comment whine.

        • Avatar

          Haha very well said 🙂
          Maybe too much second-degree for him though.

    • Avatar

      I think you should focus more on tracking down tablet instead of the Three Amigos. I thing they tied up by some solid speculation over at TMO…

      • Avatar

        What to track? guys that backed on 19th of November haven’t got any invitation, so you might imagine when will we gonna get it who backed in January 2015, probably by next summer…

    • Avatar

      So, I’ve been called out again, eh? 🙂

      Well, both ossi1967 and I pointed out earlier that prior to this point, Jolla had delayed plenty of times, but that they also explained before each delay that yes, they would be delayed. Now is the first time during the entire tablet process that Jolla has gone completely dark.

      I’m quite happy to be Jolla’s advocate against complaints about delays; such is the way of engineering, and I definitely prefer waiting to get a fully working device rather than getting a rushed-out, buggy one. However, in the absence of any information at all, I shall hold my tongue; all I know is that they have so far failed to ship tablets to their initial “small group”, which to my mind can only mean that a failure has occurred at some point along the line. What this failure was, how catastrophic it was, can only be answered by Jolla, not by me…

      • Avatar

        Fair enough, at least you haven’t started to defend them like you always do… 😉

        • Avatar

          Oh, I will defend them as much as you’d like! 🙂 I totally support the concept of alternatives to Apple and Google in the mobile device space. And given that Jolla is a tiny (125 employee) company, I understand that they’re not going to have it as easy as the multi-billion-dollar megacorps do in designing, producing, and shipping products. Delays will happen!

          I’m just saying that until Jolla says something concrete, I’ve got nothing to work with… 😉

    • Avatar

      @prometheus What do you expect them to do? Count down from 10? We have received the invitations and completed our orders on Sept. 22nd. They said it’ll take ~10 business days to process them (cannot imagine why, but that’s what they said). So what news and updates and new information and whatnot are we expecting this time? A new article each day saying “9 days to go”, “8 days to go”, “7 days to go”?

      • Avatar

        but why not? would it be hard to write 2-3 lines explaining what is going on. surely they are doing something during those 10 working days and not just sitting on their hands.

        any information would be better than complete silence

      • Avatar

        You got yours so, you don’t need to worry. And besides only few got their invitation. What about the rest? few weeks for only couple of people with 10 days of processing. I can only imagine when the rest of us are going to get the device, from January 2015 and later… By this tempo, we will receive it by summer 2016. LOL!

        • Avatar

          @prometheus I don’t feel any sympathy for you. If you have to wait until summer 2016, so be it. – It was my understanding that invitations for those not in the first batch would of course be sent *after* that first batch was processed. Otherwise the whole procedure would make even less sense. Why would they “test” with a small group if they’d continue before the test was completed?

  98. Avatar

    My contribution was made in November (with 64gb upgrade in March when it was offered) but I’ve not received an email, should I be worried? REALLY want my Jolla tablet…

    • Avatar

      Lot of guys/girls who funded Jolla in November haven’t got invitation, but it looks that they obviously are not in a hurry…

      • Avatar

        Well, that’s not obvious at all. I’d say the signs point to Jolla being in a great deal of a hurry; if they were sitting around relaxing, they’d have plenty of more time to jaw with us on this blog. 🙂

  99. Avatar

    it’s already October 1, no updates nor information about shipping, just silence…seriously are we going to receive this by Thanksgiving?

    • Avatar

      you wish… 😀

      • Avatar

        thanksgiving 2016 then? 🙂

        • Avatar

          Hi there

          Let me start by who I am.
          I’m a Jolla enthusiast since the first informations about. I preordered your phone and I’m still very happy with it. Doesn’t matter if there is an OS that could perhaps work smoother or faster or what else. I also contributed on the first day of the IndieGoGo campaign and I’m still patiently waiting for the Tablet.

          So I’m not going to say that I’m that much disappointed by the fact that I didn’t receive it by now. I’m even willing to stay patiently waiting. What I criticize is the fact that I’m about to agree with the ones that are angry about the lack of Informations about the actual schedule.

          What takes so long to be tested? Is the issues that epic, that not even the earliest group of contributors can be delivered? And is the lack of information possibility going to disappoint a lot of your supporter that much that they aren’t just stopping to buy your devices but to move away from Sailfish?

  100. Avatar

    I hope that igg_preorder shopping cart has right information, so that there is no data errors, for example “YOUR SHOPPING CART IS EMPTY”. There was link somewhere to the IGG Jolla Pre-order Online Shop, and I tried to check it, and mine was cart empty. But maybe it get the right information, when they send the email invitation to the Pre-order Shop, I have not got it yet, since I made my contribution in 2015. When I get it, I hope that my cart is not empty anymore, or was it Jolla phone pre-order shop cart I was looking, then it was ok empty as I have had the phone since long ago.

  101. Avatar

    No update? No word ever on how things are going? I contributed to the Indiegogo campaign in March, after the MWC. Form then on I’ve been patient. It was obvious the first projected date (end of May) was illusionary. Then the unexpected display issue arose, which made the second release date (July) obsolete, too. Then I was told it would be September. Now we’re in October.

    How many orders to you Jolla people process on an average day? More than one? I’d be surprised to hear that.

    Is there any chance to get the goods I’ve ordered by X-Mas? Don’t you see there’s a shitstorm building up against you? Do you really expect people to ever trust you again, after this poor performance of yours? Don’t you agree that professionalism looks otherwise?

    • Avatar

      Shitstorm or no shitstorm I doubt there is anything they can do to quicken this up…

      I for one was glad to wait until the display issues were dealt with and I still remain to be happy that they have the guts to make angry people to wait some more to test the delivery system (IF that’s what they’ve been up to now) so that when they at last start sending the consumer devices, they would find the correct owner straight up and the wait would be over then for sure.

      Also when you support a funding campaign it’s not certain that you’ll ever see a product that’s been promised. No matter how long these tablets are delayed it’s still very rare that these campaigns ever succeed (about 10% of projects in indiegogo deliver).

      Not to say that I’m not anxious but… 😀

  102. Avatar

    Yea , Nov 19th 9:28 AM was when I received my “Jolla tablet for first sailors” confirmation email.
    Have not received anything either.
    There are a lot of people like us.
    I am not an inpatient man but, like many others, I would like to know what to expect. This was supposed to be a present for my son. He is a very techie guy, like his daddy and having something nobody else else would have really tickled the kid the right way.
    That is not possible anymore but … can I dare dream I can give it to him for Xmas?
    Anyway …

  103. Avatar

    Hi sailors. Will tracking number be sent out on Monday or what?

  104. Avatar

    Regardless of when we actually receive this device. My fear is that the community that supported it and could have made this platform great will be so jaded with waiting and lack of communication that it won’t be worth owning anyway (as not being developed). Hope that’s not the case??

    • Avatar

      This remembers me what happenned with webOS, HP Touchpad an HP Pre3. We were seeking for another OS with great hardware and almost got it but Leo Apothek blew it out. Two years ago I had to change my Pre3 for an Android phone because webOS didn’t evolve. I don’t expect that this unclear situation pushes more supporters for a new OS with good hardware so Sailfish will be able to evolve?

  105. Avatar

    Is there anywhere we can check the status of our specific tablet order? I am super excited and want an ETA of when mine might be coming, even if the ETA is as vague as “sometime before December”.

  106. Avatar

    Irina, any comments?

  107. Avatar

    Jolla, ‘People Powered’, right? Wrong! Jolla, powered by ‘People Powered’ propaganda. The Jolla Tablet Indiegogo campaign has been a great success right? That depends on who you ask. Jolla and Indiegogo did alright out of it but the people who ordered tablets didn’t get them so they didn’t do so well! I am going to make it my mission that the mere mention of the Jolla Tablet Indiegogo campaign causes everyone present to immediately break into raucous laughter.

  108. Avatar

    Oh, Marc…I think you forgot to send me my tablet…Do you hear me Marc?..I ordered it on Indiegogo about a year ago…I think there has been some kind of a mix up…I’ve never ordered anything on Indiegogo before, but they seem very slow to me. Between you and me, Marc, I don’t think I’ll be using them again…Well that’s it really, I expect you’ll have to bend some arms or something, so I’ll let you get back to your important work…La di da la di da

    • Avatar

      “I ordered it on Indiegogo about a year ago…”

      Just to repeat: No. No, you _didn’t_ order a tablet on Indiegogo. Nobody has ever ordered a tablet (or any other product) on Indiegogo, because Indiegogo is not a retailer. It is instead a crowdfunding site: when you spend money there, you are investing in a project.

      When investing at Indiegogo, you may select a “perk”, but this is just a reward given to investors IF the project succeeds!

      So yeah, you should stay far, far away from Indiegogo if all you want to do is order a product.

      • Avatar

        OK. It annoys me entirely when everyone uses this excuse.

        I Bought a Tablet. If they would have just been like hey. Give me $269 I need it. Then No I would not have Donated money. I’m am pretty sure there are a lot of people agree with me.

        I have been using Kickstarter and Indiegogo for years. I still have a right to get upset if I don’t get anything. I chose the perk I was expecting to get.

        I Can expect delays fine. But Jolla really needs to work on their communication. It is ruining the community and turning it hostile.

        The comment above does not help people either it just annoys them.

        • Avatar

          Ok, yeah I’m not saying you shouldn’t be upset. And yeah, I think Jolla could use a lot of work on figuring out how to do PR correctly.

          But please people, Indiegogo is NOT a retail store!!! You should not go there to buy stuff like groceries or clothing or electronic goods. Go to a real store for that. Money spent there is always used as startup capital, on a project that may or may not be completed…

          • Avatar

            I get that. My stance is still the same.
            If an indiegogo/Kickstarter fails. I expect to be told that they can’t follow through. I don’t want to be told over and over again it’ll be next week. (not saying this is the case with Jolla)

            My issue is the statement being used over and over again in the community. Adds a lot of conflict.

            I have never been in a Indie/Kick where the communication was this bad. I understand they have things to do, but investors should really be relayed information on the end goal. In many places around the world lack of communication can ruin a product and a company in this situation.

            Jolla more than likely didn’t realize how bad crowdfunding would go. Little things can cause a feud in this situation.

  109. Avatar

    It seems that you missed some information.Marc Dillon has left Jolla since a couple of weeks.But it makes no different who the chairman is, the communication is lousy.

    • Avatar

      Couple of weeks, wasn’t it August?

  110. Avatar

    Irina, what about those of us that want a refund? Surely we shouldn’t have to wait for Jolla to ramp-up shipping of the tablets?

    • Avatar

      As I understand it its not possible to get out of the indieGoGo deal(unless you take it to court :D) The bad thing with this is that poeple who wants to cancel still in the queue and blocking the ones that really wants tablet. so if jolla fixed a way to cancel the ones longing for a tablet would get it faster.

      1. you have to wait for the tablet(if backer of IGG)
      2. you have to pay tax and shipment back to jolla
      3. not sure that jolla refund tax and shipment? which I fund…lame
      4. could be wrong about step 4.

    • Avatar

      As I understand it its not possible to get out of the indieGoGo deal(unless you take it to court :D) The bad thing with this is that poeple who wants to cancel still in the queue and blocking the ones that really wants tablet. so if jolla fixed a way to cancel the ones longing for a tablet would get it faster.

      1. you have to wait for the tablet(if backer of IGG)
      2. you have to pay tax and shipment back to jolla
      3. not sure that jolla refund tax and shipment? which I find…lame
      4. could be wrong about step 3.

      • Avatar

        I received an e-mail reply from Jolla, when I complained about the lack of addition of HDMI, which was at an early stage of the second round of the indieGoGo campaign, telling me that I would have to wait until I received my tablet and then return it to Jolla, to get my money refunded. However, according to the campaign page, under the rules up until the 15th. of September, I would have been able to ask for a refund through the campaign page. Soooo, either Jolla staff was not aware that this was possible, or there was direct disinformation taking place. That information had BTW, not been on the campaign page at the time that I contacted Jolla.

      • Avatar

        Irina, how about a comment/ clarification?

      • Avatar

        Here is the reply that I received from Jolla on March 2 of this year:
        “Contributions on Indiegogo are nonrefundable according to the Indiegogo Terms of Use. A contribution is a transaction that takes place purely between the contributor, campaign owner and payment processor. Jolla does not refund any contributions made. However, if you are not happy with the product we deliver, you may return the tablet within 14 days of receiving it.”

        At some point this was posted on the campaign page;
        “I made a contribution, but now I’ve changed my mind. How do I get my contribution back?

        Indiegogo is changing their refund policy for contributions starting on 1st September 2015.

        Contributors may request a refund from Indiegogo before the end of a campaign they have contributed to. For Campaigns that have entered the InDemand program – of which the Jolla Tablet is now a part of – Contributors may request a refund from Indiegogo within 10 days of the contribution. Read more here.”

  111. Avatar

    I ordered last November. I think I was around no. 300 in the first batch.
    Until now I have heard nothing from Jolla. I have to say that I am losing my interest in the project.

    • Avatar

      Yup, that’s my biggest concern also. The first 6 months I was counting days to receive my tablet. Then came the fist throwback, and the second and then the long silence.

      If the tablet finally arrives… don’t know if I will get excited anymore. Don’t feel any more that something si missing. Kind of lost the interest on the whole project.

      Interesting to see tough how this ends. That’s the only reason for checking the blog.

      • Avatar

        That’s true. I’m also interesting how this will end. My filling is that they post it to earn more time. They got maybe some limited 200 batch of tablets and send it to first IGG contributors. Rest needs to wait. What is bad, that they sold more (via Jolla site) even if that did not succeed to finish whole transaction in the first place with IGG supporters. Probably they do not reply to anyone as they do not know any schedule too :/ Honest people do not to fear of truth!

        • Avatar

          PS. There were vacations period before, so that was their excuse, for the silence. Now it is just silence for no reason. I know that they are small team, but one tweet about status every (even) 2 days is not that much. 🙂

      • Avatar

        I would like to hear any comment from them, even such as this.

  112. Avatar

    Tracking numbers apears this week?

  113. Avatar

    10/5 and still no updates…Any chance that the new update is not about the delays? Please no more “indiegogo is not amazon or retail statement” Right now I just want information

    • Avatar

      my bet jolla Will blame…not the screens, not the magic blank space, not murphy, not me, but the golden week 😀

  114. Avatar

    Halloween will come early for us tomorrow, Jolla either going to Trick us or Treat us. I am guessing they will Trick us tomorrow, what is your guess?

    • Avatar

      Hmm. Ok, I hate to say it, but tomorrow is not actually a deadline. Jolla stopped providing deadlines as to when shipping would begin all the way back at the beginning of September; they haven’t given any new indications of the manufacturing status since then. This “And we’re sailing!” blog talks about starting “the shipment process”, and they’ve done that — they’ve successfully taken several people’s orders and completed all the necessary paperwork to begin shipping.

      What they haven’t done is ship anything. When you make the statement “It may take up to 10 business days to ship”, that’s describing a worst-case situation; it should take less time than that.

      So, Jolla has already hit another stumbling block somewhere. They are not actually testing their shipping process; in order to do that, you have to actually _ship_ something. With any luck, they will at least admit that the tablets have been yet again delayed tomorrow, but I suspect it’s already too late for them to get this first group of tablets shipped out within the “10 business day” window. Something else still needs to be fixed first…

      • Avatar

        And we are sailing? then nothing. wtf?

          • Avatar

            There are now a couple of follow up tweets at @SailfishOSBerlin about the demo. What they tell us is that the demo was done by @stskeeps, who is Carsten Munk, Chief Research Engineer at Jolla who is attending the Qt World Summit in Berlin. None of this gives us any new info about the shipping of tablets to IGG backers 🙁 I hope that Jolla have something to say about this today.

      • Avatar

        Its this kind of conspiracy mentality that keeps companies from mentioning any expected ship date in the first place. Most companies don’t do that anymore because the wailing and gnashing of teeth and accusations aren’t worth the modicum of good will that keeping users informed generates.

        If Jolla made any mistake, it was announcing a ship date, and raising expectations.

      • Avatar

        OK,so then that’s a “trick” not a “treat”.

        Happy Halloween

      • Avatar

        @Copernicus My understanding was it’d take up to 10 business days to process the order and dispatch it to the company that actually does the shipping. The shipping would take place afterwards. In other words: They’d allow 10 days for the databases involved to talk to each other and for the Chinese to put the correct address label on a specific box. (Not that I understand why that takes 10 days, but that was the information we had.)

        Given the experience with previous hardware, the status of the order in the Jolla shop should change from “paid” to “in picking” once someone touched it. I would have expected to see exactly this status change during these 10 days, and a further change to “shipped” a few days later. However, my order still shows the status “paid”. No change since Sept. 22nd.

        Maybe they don’t have a western font over there to print address labels in languages other than Chinese…

        • Avatar

          Thanks for sharing this!

        • Avatar

          Thanks! But yeah, that should not be a 10 day process in itself. They’ve even tested this process already with the developer tablets, so I can’t imagine that it would take so long to manage a list of addresses. There’s gotta be something else tripping them up this time, I think…

  115. Avatar

    Has anybody who is waiting to get their tablet gone to Jolla office and ask what is going on .
    Or is the office still there?

  116. Avatar

    good news.some tablets crossing the border of Hong Kong today…

    • Avatar

      On the back of the camel? Heading to the Silk route?
      Should be in Europe in couple of months if everything goes smoothley 🙂

      • Avatar

        seems to be only one tablet…its a trick.

    • Avatar

      do you have a source?

      • Avatar

        He was most likely referring to . It would be nice to properly name the source so people can judge by themselves. Just spreading vague information is really not helpful.

        Also, it is *one* person who received a SMS from DHL with origin Hong Kong. Could be that there are other recipients who are not communicating this in a timely manner (or who forgot about the tablet in the first place and are wondering about this Hong Kong SMS…).

        • Avatar

          thanks for the response, I agree Vague Information, Speculations and different interpretations of a given limited information is not helping. But Jolla people has been very silent for sometime now. Are they going to surprise us or shock us?

            • Avatar

              Hopefully this Update is not about a delay…

              • Avatar

                “Hopefully this Update is not about a delay…”

                Given that it’s now been more than two weeks since this blog entry titled “And we’re sailing!” was posted, and we haven’t started sailing yet, I would certainly hope that this update is about the current delay. 🙂 Otherwise, what is there to talk about?

                • Avatar

                  something more positive I hope, rather than “sorry but due to some thing something, we have to delay it until late spring and thank you for your patience, and indiegogo is not amazon”

                  • Avatar

                    Hmm. The latest delay has already happened. I’d prefer to hear facts about it, rather than some hopeful fiction about the future. 🙂

                    • Avatar

                      Hope to tax-free tablet for all who have to wait more than a year for their tablet.

  117. Avatar

    I posted a comment yesterday asking if anybody has gone to jolla office in Helsinki to see whats is going on or is the office still there.
    The post was removed within an hour.

    • Avatar

      Hi pekkaalarik, we did not remove your comment. It was probably held for moderation (if that was your first comment on the blog). And we (and the offices in Helsinki and Tampere) are still here 🙂

        • Avatar

          And if you think that ADR/ODR is a joke to you, we can also make collective law suite against Jolla…

        • Avatar

          It’s not a joke to us, I’m just answering pekkaalarik’s questions about his comment and our offices. We will deliver the tablets.

          • Avatar

            will truly appreciate if you can kindly tell us when can we expect it.

        • Avatar

          Come on, how many times does Copernicus needs to explain what is Indiegogo? 🙄

  118. Avatar

    I am quite sure that this will end like Blackberry. Even worse.

    • Avatar

      Let’s hope not. I don’t want Android on my tablet 🙂

      • Avatar

        Due to lot of delays last several months, android is the only thing that I’m running now, and Debian on my laptop. I hoped that I would get this by September (after all the fuss with hiring Murphy etc), but now I lost my patience and frankly this SailFish and Jolla tablet are getting on my nerves. Hopefully I am going give this tablet as a gift to my kin (if they will dispatch it before X-mas)), and never gonna support any Jolla or Indiegogo stuff ever again. Next time, I will buy unlocked device from a company that would take this more seriously, instead of jacking people off with delays and silent treatment. To be honest, I was strongly driven forward to order and buy 2 Jolla phones (because of privacy), but after this fiasco, hell no!

        • Avatar

          I can’t really say «I feel your pain» as I pre-ordered my tablet recently so I haven’t experienced what many of you have.

          Thankfully my trusty Playbook still works 🙂 I can’t stand Android and the Jolla Tablet it’s the only true successor to it (and it has a true GNU/Linux distribution inside, which boosts the tinkerability of the device tremendously).

    • Avatar

      well, it’s the reason because I ordered the Jolla tablet. But my BB Playbook is still working better than most late android tablets…

      • Avatar

        Than you are the only one. I sold my BB Playbook due to lack of support, and bug in 2.x OS. Javascript was killing the browser. Flash also. But what I want to say, Tablet (support) has killed BlackBerry, and I have funny feelings that this will be the same case with Jolla (lack of communication and delay after delay)…

        • Avatar

          Maybe it is necessary to save jolla with an indiegogo campaign. But for it Jolla must communicate with the sailors again. Why should the sailors save Jolla? Because the sailfish os is an alternative. I believe, Jolla is without a partner to weak. The german company “blue systems” could be such an partner ( This company supports the development of the os “plasma mobile” ( and “kubuntu”. Here are more informations about blue system:

    • Avatar

      @prometheus are you on twitter?

  119. Avatar

    Jolla version of Halloween. No Treats here only Tricks in the form of delays, delays etc etc.

  120. Avatar

    Come on Jolla – Give us an update……

  121. Avatar

    Now i’m getting one Surface and return the Jolla if it ever arrives.

    • Avatar

      you are sailing, but you are sailing in silence . you started with a very small group of users to test something? now, an even smaller like 2 poeple got som indication that tablet is moving. is it? where is it? scale up shippent before Christmas ?

  122. Avatar

    This, as Monty Python would have it, is getting “too silly!”.

    As far as I’m aware, none of the $189 contributors, let alone we $199 and above hoi-polloi has received a Tablet yet. Indeed there’s only one unconfirmed report of anyone even getting a notification that one might be swimming its way from Hong Kong.

    OK Jolla, so try a few straight answers:
    1. How many Tablets have been despatched so-far?
    2. How many do you have stockpiled awaiting the results of your “test”?
    3. Assuming the test is successful, when do you intend to email the next batch of contributors?

  123. Avatar

    @carolchen instead of just replying to random question, why don’t you jusst write two lines about the tablet delivery status or you not allowed to do that because of a NDA with ur firm. delays do happen and can happen but if u keep ur contributors informed it would keep them happy to trust u.

  124. Avatar

    @Irina the days just pass by, is there any feedback what you learned by shipping the first batch?

    • Avatar

      Actually, the first batch hasn’t shipped yet, so they still have something to work out…

  125. Avatar

    The usability on this page is really bad on jolla phone. Please add link to bottom(at top) or add faster scolling.

    My record(scroll from top to bottom)
    IOS – 6.4 sec
    Android – 3.1
    sailfish 13.6 sec

    • Avatar

      Had to run a second test… so, all these using Jolla Phone on 11.9.28:
      Sailfish browser: Page load 12sec, scrolling 14 sec
      Webcat browser: Page load 10 sec, scrolling 1 sec (button)
      Dolphin browser (Android): Page load 15 sec, scrolling 4 sec
      Boat browser (Android): Page load 15 sec, scrolling <1 sec (button)

      The Winner: Sailfish Webcat. Hooray to "llelectronics"!!

      • Avatar

        true, webcat is a really faster scroller even without button. What button?

        • Avatar

          I have version 2.0.7 of Webcat, the buttons appear to the right as soon as you start scrolling a page. Fast browser in general, I’d love to change it as the default.

  126. Avatar

    I am hoping for more wind to make Jolla sail a bit faster. The silence is deafening.

  127. Avatar

    Just got confirmation that the first tablets are moving.

    • Avatar

      You didn’t expect another delay did you? 😀

      • Avatar

        Personally I consider this as another delay. Jolla has shipped 2 tablets I know of. Expected all in the tiny first group.

        But one tablet is better than zero tablet so it’s tiny progress hope jolla ship 50-200 tablets today

    • Avatar

      Let’s hope they don’t hit an iceberg on the way.

  128. Avatar

    received my tracking no a few minutes ago

      • Avatar

        Pleazae could you keep us u-pdated with your progress?


  129. Avatar

    I have not received any e-mail yet. Can we get an estimate when the invite should arrive? To know when to expect it? Because I don’t want to miss it in case the invite e-mail falls into junk mail etc…

  130. Avatar

    I wanted to support the company at the first place, I didn’t expect to have a tablet by return. I have Jolla phone and I am hoping for long life and support for it (and the company). For me, the tablet is an extra and I will be surprised to receive the tablet this year. I work in electronics industry and I know that releasing a brand new device or software is not easy, it is far away from it. I think Jolla has made remarkable job by releasing the tablet in less than a year from scratch! I have seen smaller projects taking couple of years. Contributed Dec 7, 2014.

  131. Avatar

    Wow, the comments here are unreal. Some people have a really limited level of tolerance.

    Loving the tablet, love the Lastu cover too. Looking forward an updated Warehouse app.

    • Avatar

      I’m very happy for you, but your post sounds like trolling. “I don’t know why you guys are so nervous, I got my tablet just fine” sounds exactly like proverbial “Let them eat cake”.

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