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Jolla Tablet: project update, how do we move from here

Hi all Jolla Tablet backers and other Jolla followers,

Even though we’ve been busy with Mobile World Congress 2016 and all the excitement lately, we haven’t forgotten about our Tablet backers, and have been working hard on the Closure project. Now we felt it was time to give you a progress report.

We have been pursuing all three avenues of the Tablet project’s closure in parallel: shipping the remaining batch of tablets, refunding Indiegogo contributors, and refunding our pre-order customers. The team is small and there’s a lot to do, but we are making progress all the time.

Indiegogo refunds

The Indiegogo refund process is a bit complex due to the sheer number of contributions and contributors (22,000 and 10,000, respectively), and differing refund practices for the different payment providers used during the campaign. We are receiving a lot of help from our partners, though, and are very grateful for their help in achieving what we have set out to do.

We are currently developing a tool to collect the necessary information from contributors, one which will enable us to automate the refunding process. The tool will be utilized to collect and validate, e.g., contribution email, contribution pledge ID(s) and PayPal data, and it will gather other necessary inputs to enable PayPal refunds. For those who paid with credit card, we will need to have a valid PayPal address, otherwise we have no destination to refund to – we realize this will be an inconvenience for some, however, this is the only way we will be executing refunds.

It will still take some time to finalize the Tablet refund process and ensure that everything works as planned. However, we are still targeting the first half of refunds will be well underway during Q1/2016, as previously estimated. Once again we will be communicating specifics via this blog and via email to Tablet backers when we are ready to go.

And also as already promised we will email all of you with instructions on what you need to do.

Tablet shipments

*Update* We have just recently shipped a batch of 77 devices to backers who earlier confirmed their order in the Jolla Shop.  

For the rest of the shipments: Chinese New Year stalled operations in China and Hong Kong for a bit, and we are continuing to prepare the shipments as quickly as we possibly can. A part of this work is creating the invites list, which we have to review carefully, as some contributors have moved to unsupported countries, and we know that some email addresses have expired. We are doing our utmost to ensure that the earliest contributors who are actually able to receive a Tablet will receive one.

Once we are ready to ship, we will be sending out email invites asking recipients to confirm their order and provide any updates to shipping details.

We anticipate these invites to go out in the next couple of weeks.

Pre-Order refunds

In addition to the above, we have also progressed with Pre-Order customer refunds (pre-orders made through Jolla online Shop during August-September 2015). After successfully issuing refunds to a small trial batch of pre-orders, we were able to execute refunds for all Pre-order Customers. PayPal will subsequently process refunds as soon as they can. And, depending on how one paid, it may take up to 30 days for the money to become available. Nothing further is required of Pre-order customers at this time, as we have a record of all transactions. All pre-order customers were notified via email prior to executing the refunds.

If you suspect/encounter problems/any issues in/with receiving your Pre-Order refund, please contact PayPal, and if they so instructed, contact us.

We hope you guys enjoyed this update, as we’re very happy to be able to report this progress. Please stay tuned to the Blog for our Mobile World Congress 2016 summary and update. We’re really proud about our cooperation with Intex, and can’t wait to tell you more.

Happy sailing into spring 2016!

On behalf of the Jolla team, Juhani



Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


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    Translation: we will come with a blog post with new shipping excuses in couple of weeks.

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    An update like this is always welcome but when do see some actual results?

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    thanks for your efforts. I have received the tablet yesterday. Enjoying it 🙂

    • Avatar

      can you please post the date you ordered the Jolla tablet? just to check with my date of order and ensure if i might get my tablet or not.

      • Avatar

        Check your Indiegogo mail. If it is after 19-11-2014 9:40 UTC, you’re out.

        • Avatar

          Can you tell me where did this date and time originate from?

          I have a confirmation email from 19-11-2014 7:15 UTC. Never got an email from Jolla to proceed with my order though.

        • Avatar

          My first contribution was only for Jolla (on that mentioned day). The second contribution was for the tablet on a later day. Is my place in the queue based on that later date?

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            I got it at 9:21 UTC.
            I bought it when Russia was available, but in next perks they discontinued it. Don’t know why, Russia is one of main investors…Don’t know what expect.

            • Avatar


              Seriously Jolla, at this point I would REALLY like to hear some information from you about whether Russia is an “unsupported country” or not. We were asking you about this since November, for Pete’s sake. If we are out, I’ll be sad, but at least I’ll get rid of the suspense and have some closure.

        • Avatar

          Thanks @rob_kouw. Mine is 15th of March. SO my tablet is gone.

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          Well, seems like 9:29 UTC wasn’t enough either – I just received message that refund instruction will follow soon.

          • Avatar

            9.27 UTC and the same message here… on the IGG backers list.txt I’m nr 427…

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          I made my payment November 19, 2014 .. still hanging without knowing what will happend?

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    I can confirm that tablets are shipping. I’m waiting for mine to be delivered by DHL today. It was sent from Hong Kong February 25th. I guess I am one of the 77 that confirmed their order and paid shipping and taxes already last year.

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      Received the tablet yesterday!

      • Avatar

        Good news , hope I get one at least , 2 others were ordered later on .

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    i got my tablet already. i hope there will another official tablet with sailfish os soon. it’s really nice. Jolla: just buy all backers (who want) an aqua fish / Fairphone 2 (…) 🙂

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      +1 I really would like to get the Aqua Fish.

    • Avatar

      It would be an very good option, to get off the amount of what everyones was backing on an aqua fish, fairphone 2 ( with conplete SFOS functionality) or a turing phone!!! It even saves money for Jolla, cause companies can calculate other prices when making a deal!!

    • Avatar

      +1 An Aqua Fish would be great!

    • Avatar

      -1 I wanted a tablet, not a phone..

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    I also got my Jolla Tablet yesterday, less than year late \o/

  7. Avatar

    Thanks for the update 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Are the tablets being shipped 32gb or 64gb? I managed to order early, but I opted for the 32gb version.

    • Avatar

      Hi wepsi. In the shipments we will have both versions, but the final distribution is still a bit open. So if you were one of the VERY early backers, you should have a good chance of getting a tablet.

      • Avatar

        Hey Juha, could you define “very early” ? < ~500st ? Less / More ?

        Kiitos Paljon

      • Avatar

        @ JuhaniLassila: This question might has been asked before, but I can’t find an answer on this one. There are still 32GB and 64GB tablets to be delivered. And the earliest contributors get theirs first. Now if a contributor extended his/her 32GB perk to a 64GB one, but the 64GB batch is empty before he/she is next in line. Will he/she get the 32GB tablet instead (since he/she ordered it in first place) or are the other contributors who stayed with the 32 GB perk prior? And I think some of us are also interested in the “vice versa-scenario”, where 32GB batches runs out and 64GB tablets are still available.

      • Avatar

        sounds like no good news to me 🙁
        my contribution for the 32gb version was confirmed bei indiegogo at 2014-11-19 9:33 UTC, so probably among the first 500 but not “very” early 🙁

        • Avatar

          @tad: I wouldn’t bet on it, no. I was in the first group to receive invitations in September last year, so I’m most certainly among the first firsts. My order is registered in the Jolla shop (status “paid”), but in spite of all that, there’s no indication I could be among the lucky few who actually receive the device.

          So if you weren’t already contacted, I assume chances are as low as mine. (You could order a second Jolla phone, though. It’s what I did when I found out last year I’ll probably not get the tablet. *LOL*)

          • Avatar

            Same here. Paid for the taxes, bought some extra stuff at the shop. Got the mail that my tablet’ll be among the very next batch to be delivered. And now, I haven’t heard anything.

            • Avatar

              I’m very certain that everyone who paid taxes will get the tablet.

              You should write customer service. I did and they replied with a tracking number. Tablet arrived on Monday.

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    I think you should send all the remaining Indiegogo backers a mail, stating: 1) You’re in, 2) Maybe, 3) You’re out. FYI: I could not find a contribution pledge ID from the Indiegogo campaign. I did find the original e-mails from them for tablet, shipment and cover.
    And two thumbs up for the Fairphone, or another tablet.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think they know that themselves yet. The threshold will keep moving later as earlier people choose refunds, or have ended up ineligible through other means (such as moving to unsupported countries). They can’t tell anyone they definitely will or won’t get a tablet any more certainly than you could guess yourself.

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    I got my tablet yesterday and it’s simply awesome. It a pity (or shame) that the Project Management did not run how it should have…… The only thin I can say is that the device was worth the waiting time.

    On the other hand, if someone has a lastu case which will not use and want to get rid of it….feel free to contact me.

    • Avatar

      yeah, indeed it’s awesome. now i need a little free time and i’ll start making apps 🙂 we need a nice RSS reader ala flym for example…

      • Avatar

        I just would like one thing: I would be happy if the tablet could reproduce MKV (H.264) with AC3 Audio. Video can be seen, audio cannot be heard. There is a codec pack, but only for the phone (ARM-package).

    • Avatar


      I have a lastu case and I doubt I will have a tablet. How can I contact you ? 🙂



    • Avatar

      Hi fvalpondi,

      I have a LastuCase, which has been waiting for the Jolla Tablet since last October, unpacked but unused.

      Most probably my Jolla Tablet will never arrive, so let me know if you are interested in buying it. I am located in Germany.

      wood block 1 top: Walnut,
      wood block 2 center: Walnut,
      wood block 3 bottom: Walnut,
      text engraving: Jolla
      Price I paid: 65 EUR

    • Avatar

      Hi fvalpondi
      When did you bought it? I participate on the campaigne the 09 December 2014.

  11. Avatar

    DHL brought my 64 GB tablet yesterday. Awesome! I had already given up the hope of getting the device.

  12. Avatar

    I received my jolla tablet on 27.02.16 delivered by DHL..
    Previously no information from jolla or dhl.

    64gb tablet with lastucase, Order #1400000248, tax paid last september.

    • Avatar

      This sounds promising since my Order number is #1400000228 and it’s “pending” since September.

      I have not been contacted by Jolla yet, though.

      That’s, chances for receiving the tablet are low but not zero.

    • Avatar

      Lucky you! I wish I could get mine, but I have no idea whether I am in or out…

    • Avatar

      Interesting, mine is way lower #1400000112 and still nothing. Or then the order # has nothing to do with it.

  13. Avatar

    I received refund last week for my pre-order. Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Hi alloj
      can you tell me the date you participate on the campaigne?

      • Avatar

        Confirmation e-mail was dated 16th of September 2015. Pre-ordered 64GB version through Jolla website.

  14. Avatar

    I did pay taxes in October, but yet no tablet, nor info about shipment.
    Order #1400000334

  15. Avatar

    Well I backed them on 19/11/2014 but never received an email for confirming my tablet

  16. Avatar

    @JollaHQ thanks for the update!

    In China the tablets are now on $288 – seems there is a market for them and sellers now try make a fortune as they realised that 🙁 – should have ordered one in time …

    It’s a shame – the hardware seems to be good (as more and more reviews of happy customers are coming in), the software is good anyway, people are willing to buy the tablet, it has been designed, produced, … – without the funding disaster this could have become a real successful product – I really hope that despite the decreasing tablet market some manufacturers will jump on the boat and bring a sailfish powered device to the market …

    • Avatar

      Yeah noticed that they were bumping the price up on TaoBao little by little. Managed to get a tablet for $230 though. There only seems to be 32gb models.

  17. Avatar

    > For those who paid with credit card, we will need to have a valid PayPal address, otherwise we have no destination to refund to – we realize this will be an inconvenience for some, however, this is the only way we will be executing refunds.

    Sorry, but this is crap! There are reasons some of us prefer to avoid companies like paypal. (Look up protonmail, wikileaks, diaspora to begin with.) You can refund through the credit/debit cards, or by bank transfer. It may not be as convenient for you, but by now that’s hardly an issue.

    • Avatar

      +1 on this
      My country’s anti-money laundering regulations prevent me from receiving paypal money. Unless I’m willing to open another account with a bank cleared for paypal…unlikely to happen.

  18. Avatar

    “We have just recently shipped a batch of 77 devices to backers who earlier confirmed their order in the Jolla Shop.”

    I’m not sure how to read this. Do you imply that only 77 backers confirmed their orders in the online shop? And that your preparing new invites again for the rest?

  19. Avatar

    What if PayPal is not working in my country? How can a backer receive a refund?

    • Avatar

      contact your credit card Company and ask for a refundI suppose

  20. Avatar

    I ordered a Jolla because of the better privacy options. And now I need a PayPal-Account? PayPal is one of biggest privacy-issues ever.

  21. Avatar

    Hi. I’m out. But I really want Linux tablet. Exist something other similar as Jolla tablet?

  22. Avatar

    Maybe someone of first want refund, not tablet. 🙂
    And I want tablet with SailfishOS, not refund. 🙂

  23. Avatar

    Tells a lot about their project planning if a Chinese New Year came as a suprise… just saying.

    • Avatar

      The Chinese New Year came as a suprice for Jolla last too 😀

  24. Avatar

    Well written post, careful but not vague, happy you’re on schedule too. Are all the 2015 invitations handled yet, or how many left?

    • Avatar

      Reading the later comments, how large percentage of the backers used PayPal for you to suggest it as the only option for refunds? People not using PayPal might like some options, DIT expected.

  25. Avatar

    We are currently working on developing a method for refunding, but we need your help. Please donate to this Kickstarter so we can expedite this process.

  26. Avatar

    All joking aside, how hard is it to make actual contact with folks and tell them where they stand? You mention closure, but this is far from it.

    You mention in these posts that you are working on it, but we have to find out about these posts from third parties.

    Stop hiding. Contact your backers, contributors, customers.

    • Avatar

      +1: I did not receive an email either…

  27. Avatar

    Jolla created 2 long term projects:
    1 Create a New Jolla tablet – failed
    2. Refund backers who paid for tablet but will not receive – still pending.

    I can’t understand why to complicate so things by refund/ship small part as a exquse to test the approach.

    In this way they will never have e result.

    I’m wasting time keeping reading this useless posts.

  28. Avatar

    Still waiting for me Refund…. and i dont want anything else than my money back.

  29. Avatar

    “*Update* We have just recently shipped a batch of 77 devices to backers who earlier confirmed their order in the Jolla Shop.”

    Mine is still ‘Paid’ in and no DHL guys have been texting or calling to me. I ordered two tablets, 64gb and 32gb. IGG #18 and #448, I confirmed my order 22.9.2015 🙂

  30. Avatar

    This is getting ridiculous. I have been patient until now, but the last straw is that they seem to be forcing us to create a Paypal account just to get a refund. This is the height of stupidity and total incompetence. I will not get involved with Paypal and they need to find anothe way out. I am now getting really annoyed and unless they come up with an alternative I will have to do something drastic.

    • Avatar

      I’ve just made the same point below, then I saw your comment.
      I do not trust / want / need a PayPal account.
      PayPal is simply a middle man getting in between Visa and the receiver; now it seems I’ll be forced to give my payment details to a insecure scam driven middleman from whom there is no Consumer Protection.
      PayPal simply creates more cost, more administration and more risk of losing secure visa information and future email spam and risk of hacking.

      • Avatar

        > insecure scam driven middleman from whom there is no Consumer Protection

        Oh COME on man!

        • Avatar

          Hi ScumCoder,
          I stands by what I wrote. PayPal is an unnecessary, cost creating middle layer whose sole purpose is creating revenue only for PayPal and the online tat bazaar that created it. There is no consumer protection, as is offered by UK law and mandatory on UK credit cards.
          So I have to give my details to an online Steptoe that still bombard me with spam and have access to my credit card details. Appalling.

  31. Avatar

    My Orders page is at €0.00. The money is not there anymore. Can you please explain that?
    My pledge was 12 October and also 12 November 2014. So I want a full refund (including 64 GB update).

  32. Avatar

    Can you please answer my post.

  33. Avatar

    Agree with Mariner – I payed with a card and should get refunded to my card.

  34. Avatar

    I would have so liked to have had a Jolla Tablet …..

  35. Avatar

    Words truly can not express just how angry I am at a company who basically has defrauded their customers to fund operating system development.

  36. Avatar

    Plus ca change. No real information or timescales and the further unjustified decision to refund via PayPal rather than to the cards originally used. When did you consult with us on this?
    I elect to have a refund paid in Euro to my euro account so I can manage the exchange risks and costs. Can you arrange this?
    I’ll also explore a refund from my card company.
    Perhaps you can tell us where we stand as your creditors and publish a statement of assets and liabilities.

  37. Avatar

    PayPal….. ?
    This is the first time I am annoyed with Jolla. I’m disappointed I won’t get the tablet, however, I am now annoyed. I do not have a PayPal account, I’ve never had a PayPal account and I don’t want a PayPal account. I do not trust PayPal. I paid with Visa.
    The refund should be via the same route, not via a new route.

  38. Avatar

    “Once we are ready to ship, we will be sending out email invites asking recipients to confirm their order and provide any updates to shipping details”.

    Sweet! When people started posting in the previous blog post about getting their tablets I lost any hope. But this phrase means I still have a chance to get my tablet.

  39. Avatar

    I paid with Visa. Refund my Visa.

  40. Avatar

    I don’t have a PayPal account – I paid via credit card through Indigogo. Also I have since moved house and the original contact details are no longer valid. I am concerned that
    a: I will not receive email communication and Jolla will send the tablet to the wrong address (some people seem to be claiming that they have received a tablet without any communication)
    b: If I elect for a refund then how will that work? I have no PayPal account – does this mean they will refuse to give me a refund?

  41. Avatar

    I have been patient about this project and already in the start felt the risk of never seeing my money or the tablet. Since this project was crowd funded I automatically thought that I’ll get the tablet or be left empty handed. Now this whole circus around refunds and poor PR is driving me insane, seriously LOL! My wife has N9 and she wants a new phone – I’m thinking of letting her choose an android device or even worse an iphone. All because of this tablet-road that doesn’t seem to have an end in my horizon!

    • Avatar

      As an N9 owner myself, I can highly recommend the Jolla Phone (for just 214 € right now), I received it yesterday. Any Android or Apple device would be a step backwards, especially when it comes to the user interface. 😀

      • Avatar

        She loves my Jolla and wants one herself, but I’m hesitating because of this whole ridiculously looking situation.

        • Avatar

          Jolla’s current situation in mind, maybe you should order as long as it is possible.. and let your wife finally participate on technological progress. 😀
          The order process in my case went without any delays or problems, so don’t worry that you could get even more trouble with Jolla, concerning unfulfilled orders. 😀

          I hesitated to buy the phone because of the possibility of a Jolla Phone 2 (they had already an agreement with Intel for an mid-class quad-core smartphone processor a year ago), but with the failure of the tablet project it is highly unlikely that they will ever design a device by their own again. 😀

      • Avatar

        I replaced my Jolla phone with an iPhone and in my opinion it is a big step forward!

        The Jolla phone is so rough in details when it comes to the user interface and there are so many unfixed bugs so I would say that Sailfish OS doesn’t even play in the same league compared to iOS. Well, there are some things that I don’t like about iOS but overall it is a so much better product!

        I have been a Linux user since 2003 and I am still a Linux user. The things that are great with Linux does not exist with Sailfish OS.

        • Avatar

          Did you replace your Jolla phone with Sailfish version 2.0? “Rough in details when it comes to the user interface” sounds like the UI before 2.0, that is why I waited until now to buy one. 😀
          I own my phone for just 3 days now, but until now it seems bug-resistant like my Nokia N9. 😀

          • Avatar

            Yes, I did and I liked the pre-2.0 version better. I wish that Jolla had fix bugs and added more integration between applications instead of making the Gui more table-oriented.

            Even the native applications are missing a lot of integration. For example: On my iPhone, if I click in my calender application and there is a location for a meeting and I click on the location it will start the maps application. On my Jolla phone: it did nothing. Yeah… I actually had to retype the address again in the maps application, it wasn’t even possible to cut and paste. The map application doesn’t even take into account street numbers.

            The Gui concept that existed before Sailfish 2.0 were more thought through and adjusted for a phone. I wish that Jolla had continue on that path and solved bugs and the integration part between applications. To bad they didn’t.

            • Avatar

              “For example: On my iPhone, if I click in my calender application and there is a location for a meeting and I click on the location it will start the maps application. On my Jolla phone: it did nothing. Yeah… I actually had to retype the address again in the maps application, it wasn’t even possible to cut and paste. The map application doesn’t even take into account street numbers.”

              I just checked the note app for myself, if you go on “Edit” in the pulley menu, it is no problem to copy and paste the adress into the map app. 😀 And it did take street numbers into account.. well, at least that seems not a real problem to me.
              I loved about my N9 that apps like Skype or Facebook were perfectly integrated into the system, I havent had the opportunity to check that until now.

              • Avatar

                I actually had to upgrade my Jolla phone to see if the street numbers work with the latest software. I would say partially. In Sweden there are still many streets that I can only search for by street name. Not that useful when I am trying to navigate to an address.

                Yes, the “edit” option is a workaround but I prefer the nicer integration since the “edit” option may actually change a meeting by mistake.

                I don’t use either Skype or Facebook. Maybe that is one reason why I think that the integration part is so-so…

                Anyway, I am glad that you are happy with your phone! 😀

                • Avatar

                  In Jolla’s defense, the incomplete street numbers are HERE’s fault (shame on you, Nokia), not Jolla’s. Otherwise Apple had their own major problems with their map supply in the past, am I right? 😀

                  Well, like my N9, the Jolla phone is a smartphone for smart users, some workarounds (especially when it comes down to apps) are inevitable.
                  Because of my intellectual superiority it is for example possible for me to differentiate a street adress from a random place description by myself, instead of letting the phone do that for me. 😀

                  You’re welcome. 😀

  42. Avatar

    December 31: “However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed”, March 1:”We hope you guys enjoyed this update”

    Of course I did NOT enjoy to learn that – without paypal – I do end up empty handed.

    Would you please stop creating bad feelings against Jolla ? Until full refund is done you would better talk to supporters, not to “guys”.

  43. Avatar

    This is my first post on this Jolla blog. I am asking for the Tablet or full refund of $289.00 (269 for Jolla Tablet 64 GB + 20 Shipping cost). I am an Indiegogo backer with my contribution made on September 6, 2015. I paid with Visa and have the Pledge ID # (I will provide it at your request). If you cannot ship the tablet as you promised then I want my money back, please. This project is taking too long and I am getting tired of your posts.

  44. Avatar

    I backed Jolla for the security and privacy issues. The company is now putting its own finances and covenience above the initial principles of Jolla and forcing the use of a crooked finance company.
    Continuing this way will be the death of Jolla. I see no reason why anyone can trust the company in future any more than Google. I may as well give in to Android.

    • Avatar

      Not so DIT to announce only one option, I really hope Jolla could expand those. Offering for example an option for a refund in bitcoins would be much more unlike indeed. Might be a cheaper option as well, as PP will sure take their share on those transactions and possible currency exchange rates.

      • Avatar

        Paypal, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, international bank draft, Amazon gift card, whatever. Just PAY ME so that I never have to visit this blog or think of the name “Jolla” again.

        • Avatar

          Followup, I finally received the first half of my refund on May 24 (to Canada). Hope the remainder shows up eventually.

  45. Avatar

    Oh dear, Jolla’s reputation amongst the people it needed to depend upon is absolutely destroyed.

    If the refund method is via PayPal just suck it up and be done with it. I’m no fan of PayPal but in the past had to create an account for the sake of a single refund because that’s the way the small business I was dealing with was doing it. Once the transaction was comleted I closed and deleted the PayPal account. Haven’t been bothered or hassled by them since.

  46. Avatar

    No PayPal please. Last year a famous us software company refunds directly on my credit card. It’s possible. I prefer

    1. refund on credit card
    2. a new phone with the fabulous sailfish os
    3. donating the mer-project

    For 2. or 3. I need a correct invoice document.

  47. Avatar

    At least I received an email just now from Jolla where they claim that I will be refunded. I’ll take that as a written contract..

    • Avatar

      Me too. What a disappointment.

      • Avatar

        And of course, if someone else has opted for a 64GB version, received it, but does not any more want it, I’ll be happy to buy it, with or without Lastu case.

  48. Avatar

    I too received an email with the text “You will receive another email soon with instructions on what you need to do to receive your refund.”

    Does this mean I will not get a tablet (I got my confirmation from indiegogo 9:32 UTC) or did the same e-mail go out to everyone?

  49. Avatar

    The intention to refund is in a way also a proof of good intention. I am not looking forward to the two-step refund; I would have also preferred the tablet. In conclusion, we are not looking at fraud, just mismanagement. It also looks like like a lost struggle with the competition. I wonder whether there’s any story to tell there. What is certainly left as an original contribution is the appalling communication. Maybe the two are connected. What a shame…

  50. Avatar

    Everyone asking to be refunded via Credit Card and not PayPal. I’m sorry but this is simply impossible for Jolla to do, and the reasons is as follows:

    – Your credit card transaction was to IGG and not Jolla
    – Jolla received lump sum payment from IGG on campaign success, and so has no method to refund the CC transaction.

    Perhaps they should find a way to use an IBAN transaction since they are standard in the EU, but the refund might be coming from Jolla Hong Kong which complicates things slightly.

    • Avatar

      I asked my card company if Mastercard prevented a repayment to my card in the case of an intermediary taking payment. They said it was not a restriction imposed by the credit card company and nothing would stop Jolla paying into my card account even though there was no previous transaction. I think these repayment constraints are only imposed as extra checks by intermediate billing companies and are only an issue if you try to do a chargeback through the card company.

  51. Avatar

    “77 devices” is this fucking joke?!

    more sells on chiness ebay!

    • Avatar

      Few things bother me with this tablet case, not to mention not getting one. In one blog post they wrote that some components are no longer available. WTF, who designs a
      device for mass production using components that are available for 6 months? And these amounts of devices released for delivery are simply ridiculous. Who has energy to make apps if there aren’t anyone having an SF tablet to use one? This divisioning into people getting a tablet and not getting one has made people either happy as hell or pissed off about the tablet and Jolla – PLUS jealous to those getting one, and wanting to jump off the ship. And there are clearly more people in the latter group! I feel like Watson on the moor in Hound of the Baskerville – I have no idea where is the right direction to safety and where lies the danger…

      • Avatar

        That was a bit confusing.. you probably want to write ‘A few things bother me..’ there, not ‘Few things bother me’ – the latter essentially means ‘Not much bother me with this tablet case’, i.e. you’re feeling fine.

        • Avatar

          Yep, missing the A from the beginning.

  52. Avatar

    I still hope to get mine. I was among the first 100 to pre-order through Indiegogo in 2014 but I never received my tablet. I complained about it a few times on here, on Talk Maemo and directly to Jolla but I never received any answer. Hopefully you’ll read this and contact me about receiving the tablet still…

    • Avatar

      Hi, i contribute it at 9.21 UTC. And think that will not get it 🙁

      From what country you are?

      • Avatar

        Hi, I’m from The Netherlands.

  53. Avatar

    Anyone wanting Lastu case? Its unlikely I ever get my tablet.
    Unopened pack of:
    LastuCase for Jolla Tablet (Pre-Order)
    wood block 1 top: Curly Birch,
    wood block 2 center: Curly Birch,
    wood block 3 bottom: Curly Birch,
    65.00€ +shipping.

    • Avatar

      I would love to have it, but to enjoy having it, I would also need that 64GB Jolla tablet too.

  54. Avatar

    What happens if I refuse to create a PayPal account as I do not trust in those third party payment companies?

    • Avatar

      What happens is that you lose, to put it simple. Just create that paypal account, register a credit card, get the money, delete the account and never look back. It’s not like Paypal will run off with the money. And if you fear that they will somehow later start withdrawing money from that cc number you gave them, you have normal credit card proctection. You’ll have much higher risk with using your cc in some shop or hotel or restaurant.

      fwiw, I’ve used pp for years and never had a problem. And I transfer lots of money through them, it turns out to be less costly than through the bank.

  55. Avatar

    I have little hope of getting a tablet, I signed up day three of the Indiegogo, so chances are small. I hear with envy how those lucky few who actually received their tablet are happy with them, despite the delay, but though I hope, I can’t believe in me being as lucky. 🙁

    So I have resolved to donate my refund, including 64gb, Lastu case and all if they end up running out before my number is up. No matter how sad I am about the tablet failing, it would be far worse if Jolla itself were to disappear. We need a serious alternative to Android and iOS, and only Jolla have been able to deliver on the technology, though not on the market. The cost is already sunk in my private economy; I won’t notice the money not being there. So, if I can contribute to Jolla’s survival in this small way, I am happy to do so!

    BTW, I have noticed another user under the name “Prometheus” spewing acid over Jolla in this forum. Rest assured we are unrelated, and I don’t share that person’s views in any way!

  56. Avatar

    Whatever happens now, I have lost all faith in Jolla. I accepted that they could make mistakes with the tablet project. I do not accept their attitude now.
    In my mind the company no longer exists. Good bye Jolla.
    I will go with the devil I know – Android or Apple.

  57. Avatar

    My order says shipped, but since I only did my contribution of 209 USD on 8th of Dec 2014, I assume that is just another little nugget of communication bug on Jolla’s side.

    Even better, I have moved from the shipping adress, and now live in another country. No button to change that in the order…of course.

    Finally, I was looking for a customer service mail, but no such thing seem to exist, for people who have questions about their order. Anybody who can help me?

    Anyway, I hope Jolla feel they have spent my 189 USD+shipping money well. I have my Jolla phone still, but also an iPhone, and even a Microsoft 950 (proto with dual sim). I have to say that the Jolla is catching a bit of dust now.

    It is too bad, I really wanted to be part of a 3rd (or 4th) OS, and avoid CRAPPLE, Android (which really sucks), and the Nokia executioner (read: Microsoft).

    Actually, I might dust off my old N9, once I can get detoxed from Clash of Clans, that is.

    • Avatar

      Please refund all your supporters fully before you hire new people and lose all money again.

      • Avatar


        Otherwise it will never be room for the last part of the refund.

        Maybe we will find in a blog in a not so distant future:
        “We would like to refund our backers but our tight financial situation still remains a major constraint since we spent all the money on hiring new people!”

        • Avatar

          @Nightfall: Investing into the OS is more important than refunding those who only participated in crowdfunding. Of course I assume it’s not an either/or situation… But if it were, if I personally had to decide, their last money would be spent on SW development, not on dubious refunds of a symbolic nature.

          • Avatar

            It might be more important to Jolla. To me it certainly is not. I just want my money back and leave this mess behind.

            By the way: hiring new people should not be a very big problem. It could be that very specific knowledge or experience is needed. Or employees leaving the company themselves (not because of the layoffs) need to be replaced.

            • Avatar

              @Soepergrover: For Jolla users (such as me) it’s certainly a lot more important to keep software development going than to refund money (especially as there’s no need to).

          • Avatar

            It is just software and not that great in my opinion. So if I personally had to decide then Jolla should refund all the backers and then cease to exist. Jolla has no future.

            I am a software developer and there is no way that I would ever considering to work for Jolla. There are better employers out there.

            • Avatar

              @Nightfall: It’s not “just software”. It’s the only usable mobile GNU/Linux distribution currently available. (Android is too far away both in licensing and technically; Ubuntu still has a long way to go to become usable as a daily phone.) So it’s the only software we currently have, not “just software”.

              However, as you’re a great developer, I’m sure you know that. 🙂

              • Avatar

                Android is actually more open sourced than Sailfish OS since a third party can build their own Android distribution (CyanogenMod). That is impossible with Sailfish OS as far as I know. Especially since there are a lot of proprietary parts in Sailfish OS that makes it far from being called a mobile GNU/Linux distribution. Sailfish OS is loosely based on GNU/Linux components, nothing more.

                Besides, software quality should _never_ be evaluated on license. It should _always_ be evaluated on software quality itself no matter if it is open source or proprietary.

                Right now Sailfish OS is some unpolished software which isn’t really that great.

                • Avatar

                  @Nightfall: “Software quality should _never_ be evaluated on license”

                  If this is really your opinion, I wonder why you ever got interested in the Jolla tablet in the first place. You’re just in the wrong department here. Almost all alternatives (iOS, Android, maybe even Win10) are proven technology and had more time (or at least more manpower) to iron out the most obvious bugs. That makes them qualify as “software of better quality” in comparison to SailfishOS or Ubuntu Touch.

                  In my world, software needs to be properly licensed – and among the properly licensed, I choose what works best for me. For example, I firmly believe that iOS is a superior piece of software in terms of features and quality, but I don’t care, because it’s not free software. So it’s out for me. I wouln’t touch it with a stick.

                  Android is largely licensed under the ASL2, which is a permissive license. I’m not very much in favor of permissive licenses, but that’s not even the main point. The main point is that Android has very little in common with a standard GNU/Linux desktop distribution. On both SailfishOS and Ubuntu, I sometimes forget that I’m not typing on my local machine. The middleware is so similar, I can use all my knowledge from desktop GNU/Linux on my phone. No need to learn anything new. That’s what I’m looking for on a phone (or tablet), and that’s what Android cannot offer. So it’s out as long as there are better alternatives.

                  SailfishOS has a few drawbacks in licensing (no GPL3 components on system level, ~20% proprietary components), but it’s still the best compromise. The only better option in terms of licensing, Ubuntu Touch, is a theoretical one: You can own such a device and admire its ideal licensing. Only drawback is you cannot *use* it as a main phone ATM because it lacks so many features I’d expect from any phone.

                  When you say that SailfishOS is “loosely based on GNU/Linux components” its just like saying “Kubuntu is loosely based on GNU/Linux components” or “Fedora is loosely based on GNU/Linux components”. That’s the whole point of distributions: They take what they need and put it together the way they need.

                  • Avatar

                    I am here because I once believed in Jolla and I also had a Sailfish OS phone. I was hoping to buy a tablet when it was ready and with the hope that the rough edges (in the phone) had been solved.

                    I bought my phone once when I believed Jolla when they said that they were going to open source the rest of the phone eventually.

                    But a GNU/Linux distribution is more than just the software and the licenses, it is also about the spirit and Jolla doesn’t live up to it.

                    I went with the iPhone since I am tired of waiting for a true open source phone.

                    • Avatar

                      @Nightfall First you dismiss licenses as an important factor, then you talk “spirit”? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Shuttleworth doesn’t allow any “spirit” to evolve at Canonical, still Ubuntu is a popular choice in the desktop world. I agree that Jolla doesn’t live up to any “spirit” they claim for themselves. I lost faith in that when they broke the promise for SDXC support on the tablet. (I had payed for it!)

                      Still, it’s not a question of luv and hugs and togetherness and home baked cookies. It’s what I want and what they can offer. And we still have a match here.

                    • Avatar


                      Comparing software quality and software licenses is like comparing apples and oranges.

                      I really like open source and I prefer open source over proprietary software any day if licenses are the only thing to chose between.

                      However, at the same time I like software quality so I would rather use a good proprietary software than a less than
                      mediocre open source equivalent.

                      I never liked Canonical since they where always trying to reinvent the wheel, but if they prefer to reinvent the wheel and their users are happy then so be it.

                      When it comes to spirit, well if the software is suppose to be open source then anyone behind it should know what it really means to be open source.

          • Avatar

            ossi1967: What on earth is symbolic in getting refunded the money? Or is this amount of money “symbolic” for you?
            And, as has been clarified repeatedly: The campaign was not for sw development. SW development is *useless* for those of us without a tablet. I also have the phone, and I *already* has SW there, which is in any case not what I was to fund for a *tablet* campaign.

            • Avatar

              @Tor: Well, yes, in a way it’s also the amount of money. What was it? I cannot remember exactly, but somewhat between €100 and €200? In one week, I spend more on cabs. If I really want to get the money back, I take the tube next week and he problem’s solved.

              But what I originally meant was that everyone who participates in crowdfunding knows that it’s a gamble; you should only invest spare “play money” from your childrens’ board games. The money’s lost the moment you pay it, and only if you’re lucky you get something in return. The announced refund by Jolla is a nice gesture and therefore symbolic. They give you something that you willingly and knowingly lost on the gambling table more than a year ago. It’s a very nice gesture that I admire, but it’s not more than that.

              The SW vs. HW discussion is just plain stupid. Now in hindsight you try to argue that you wanted a tablet without an operating system to make it work… Do you expect anybody to believe this? I would really have loved to read your comments here had they shipped the hardware in a non-bootable state without OS. *LOL*

              • Avatar

                In one week, you spend more on cabs? Dude, wtf?? Its ok if it is not a problem for you but there’s no need to rub your arrogant attitude into everybody else’s faces! i also find it important that sailfish os survives, i also want a working gnu/linux mobile distribution and i would consider myself a dedicated supporter as i even paid double to get my hands on a jolla tablet, ordering it from taobao via yoybuy. however, i fully understand the concerns of many users. in a gamble, you see the numbers that caused your loss. in this project, we got nearly no information and the illusion that everything was going alright has been kept up for way too long. If it does not matter to you that’s alright, but you could respect the concerns of the other users, they are fully eligible. and you should take the tubes for a few weeks to see normal people and save the money for a megalomania treatment

                • Avatar


                  “In this project, we got nearly no information and the illusion that everything was going alright has been kept up for way too long.”

                  Again, you’re making the assumption here that it was clear to Jolla that they couldn’t deliver the tablets long before they told us. There’s no proof for that. (OTOH, there’s no proof it wasn’t so.) The more logical, conclusive and coherent version is that they didn’t know and hoped until Nov. 2015 that they would somehow be able to save the project.

                  Also, the claim that we got “nearly no information” is somewhat absurd. It’s all still there to read. Do you know of any important information that was not published? What you mean is: “We didn’t get the information we had hoped for.” Yes, that’s true – because things didn’t turn out as we’d hoped they would. So?

                  Spending my money only on things I can afford (and want) rather than on things I cannot afford (and don’t really want so much) is megalomania? I think it’s more normal than doing it the other way round, right?

              • Avatar

                You have, as usual, completely missed the point!

                The money isn’t “play money”.
                If we ever get any of it back, we’ll spend it on something useful, unlike Jolla, which wasted it on developing an O/S for a device which no-longer exists.

                Crowd-Funding isn’t gambling, gambling is gambling.
                If I lay money on a horse, I’m risking £1 in the hope of making (say)£5 or £10. When I Crowd-fund, I’m supporting a group or product I believe in, or hope to use. I should, and usually do, have a reasonable expectation that I’ll receive the goods or services I funded.

                Sometimes Crowd-funded projects fail. We all loose.
                In this case the money we provided wasn’t spent on the project we funded. Instead Jolla used it to make a ‘phone O/S running on a completely different CPU architecture. Even if I had my Tablet it wouldn’t run the Sailfish Jolla has spent most of its time developing.

                If the whole enterprise had gone belly-up then I wouldn’t feel cheated. What annoys is that it didn’t and the ‘phone (ARM) O/S has risen phoenix-like from the ashes on the back of our contributions…

                • Avatar

                  @wittgenfrog: … and the sky is green and sugar tastes sour. There are some things one can have an opinion about – others are just facts that can be seen be everyone. Like the fact that the OS version that Jolla developed as part of the tablet project *does* of course run on the tablet. How can you claim it doesn’t? – The problem is that while it’s optimized for the tablet, it was shoehorned into the phone. It works only so-so as a phone OS compared to previous versions (and where they could have evolved to). Fact is: Software development for the phone practically stalled for a year, most energy was put into tablet related changes.

                  “Sometimes Crowd-funded projects fail. We all loose.”

                  That’s what people call gambling. Only in this case, someone’s nice enough to give you your money back.

          • Avatar

            A bit rich coming from someone getting the tablet.

            If you want people to invest in the OS then create a crowd funding project for developing the OS rather than create a project for a tablet.

            • Avatar

              Was it not a project for SailfishOS Tablet?

              • Avatar

                Yes it was and that was my point. We didn’t back an Operating System we funded a tablet.

                • Avatar

                  @rpaul: “A tablet” is usually defined as a combination of hardware and software. According to the “hardware only”-definition that trolls started to invent here, Apple could start selling iPads with Android right now and nobody would feel cheated.

                  It was clear to everyone that the goal of the project was to create a tablet with a new version of the OS that would fit the form factor.

                  In fact, if you read earlier blog posts here (e.g. “Hardware adaptation team – Day Zero: bootstrapping” from Dec. 17th, 2014), you’ll be reminded that the hardware was already there. It constists of standard components, not much to develop here. It’s logical that it was the software that needed a lot of attention to even run on this new device.

                  People knew allt hat in 2014. They deliberatly chose to forget it.

  58. Avatar

    No its not. Few poeple Will support scams. Refund first.

  59. Avatar

    Privacy ? PayPal ? When it comes to convenience you give a shit on privacy, it seems. Well done Jolla and well anticipated.

  60. Avatar

    Refund in general and the harsh words of using PayPal: Is a credit card really more private as PayPal? I think, if you want private payment/refund you must go to their office and get hard cash.
    credit card payment is as company a real mess. (i developed a connector for a web shop system and was also in the management process… it’s really not funny, if something goes wrong. Paypal make it a lot easier and less expensive…)

  61. Avatar

    Somewhat meaningless argument about Paypal. Has anyone actually had an offer yet?

  62. Avatar

    I was an avid Jolla fan and promoter (even my dad has used the Jolla Phone for a year thanks to me!) anywhere possible but I really lost my faith in Jolla at this point, esp. because they aren’t replying to me AT ALL. No matter how I contact them, and it’s just a simple thing I’m asking… PLEASE Jolla, just answer me somehow why I’m still the only one of the first 100 pre-orders ever to not have received my tablet.

    Repost: “I still hope to get mine. I was among the first 100 to pre-order through Indiegogo in 2014 but I never received my tablet. I complained about it a few times on here, on Talk Maemo and directly to Jolla but I never received any answer. Hopefully you’ll read this and contact me about receiving the tablet still…”

    I know that you have trouble and stuff with shipping and stuff but the other 99 first people who pre-ordered did receive their tablet and also people from beyond that scope. So it’s unfair that I’m the only one of those first pre-orderers without the tablet…

    PLEASE, reply to me, Jolla, pretty please…

    • Avatar

      With all due respect but have you been living in a box the last 8 months ? Check ALL the replies on the is blog.

      Isn’t it a bit silly that A LOT of other people have had this complaint your are spitting here for a long time ? And never have received a single reply ?

      I am not judging here, I’ll leave that up to you so I’ll be asking you the question.

      You just lost your faith ? Really ? (and since you told someone your from the netherlands .. I’ll put in in your native language : mosterd na de maaltijd ken je die uitdrukking ? Je wordt al tijden voorgelogen door deze toko en nu pas verlies je je vertrouwen ? Beetje naief niet ? )

    • Avatar


      First point: You’re *not* the only one of the first 100 or so Indiegogo supporters who did not yet receive his tablet. I don’t know why you’re making this up. Whether or not your tablet was shipped depends on the configuration (32 vs 64GB). This has been explained and discussed for quite some time now.

      Second point: When I asked Jolla about the current state of my order (Will I receive a tablet or a refund?), they replied after exactly 1 hour and 14 minutes. That’s not all that bad, is it?

      BTW, in case it’s of any help to you: They told me that 32GB devices weren’t available when shipments started, therefore only 64GB orders were completed. They expect (note this word; it’s “expect”, not “promise”) to continue with 32GB devices in March. If I were you, I’d have them re-check my order only if you’re expecting a 64GB device and if you already received an invite last year in September. (In this case you should have an order number and an open order in the Jolla store. The support form has a field for this order number, so they’ll quickly know which order you’re talking about.)

      • Avatar

        Sure Jolla is not replying to anyone but you.

        Sir you are so full of it!
        Anyone who has read some of your earlier posts know you are living in your own made up Jolla fairytale.

        Thanks for the laugh tough, I do feel obliged to warn new / less experienced users on this blog for your bs stories.

        No offense meant

        • Avatar

          I think the most informative and best posts here are from ossi1967.

        • Avatar

          @Maikel: My mom taught me to say “Thank you” when someone helped me. Your mom probably had a different concept. 🙂

        • Avatar

          Please,do not feed the troll. Ossi not only has a cavalier approach to reality and facts, but also seems to enjoy insulting everyone who got upset by being swindled by Jolla.
          In fact, worse than his fabricated “facts” is the way he treats anyone who dares to be upset with Jolla’s abusive behaviour. It is obvious that his parents not only failed to teach him how to distinguish reality and fantasy, but also neglected to teach him how to behave in public.

          • Avatar

            I once wrote here that I like SailfishOS 2.0 very much. Then someone answered that he felt insulted. I just dont understand you guys…

            • Avatar

              First, I am not “you guys”. I have no idea on who wrote that or why – but I can guess. I, as a backer that paid for the tablet development and saw the money being diverted to develop an OS that was supposed to be ready, also feel insulted when people brag on how they are happy with getting for free an OS my money paid and that I won’t be able to enjoy.

              • Avatar

                I ment I dont understand all of you guys, who are so ultrasensitive. I also paid for the tablet and will not receive it. But I’m not insulted if someone is happy.

                • Avatar

                  If not liking having money I lent for investing on a tabled being “redirected” to develop an OS that seemed ready to anyone seeing the IGG campaign is being “ultrasensitive”, then yes, I am ultra-sensitive.
                  If being upset to all the half-truths and communication silences that seem to be Jolla’s trademark now is being “ultrasensitive”, then yes, I am ultra-sensitive.
                  But maybe you like being lied to, having your money used to a different purpose than what you had invested it, I don’t know. Just don’t brag on how you got a nice OS for your phone paid with the money I invested on a tablet that never was delivered (and that Jolla apparently knew at least since September that it never would be delivered).

                  • Avatar

                    My definition of “ultrasensitive”: a guy who feels himself insulted by almost any kind of a comment.

              • Avatar

                @jbernardo: “… an OS that was supposed to be ready”

                Where did you get that from? Why would they have done a tablet operating system before building a tablet?

                • Avatar

                  Operating system they have, but no tablet, just accept that. And better to remove such a tablet pictures, lost thing. What a shame!

                • Avatar

                  Hi ossi1967, blog post 17 March from Juhani.

                • Avatar

                  @ossi1967 are you paid to post good comments here? I suspect that you’re not a contributor at all. Scrolling the long list I see most your good comments.
                  The reality we all know: Jolla failed to see ver the tablet. They used our money to develop the OS. This company is even worst than Google: today they used our money, tomorrow will use our personal data.

                  • Avatar

                    Correction:Jolla failed to deliver the tablet.

  63. Avatar

    Hi at all of the lucky backers, who get one of the rarely shipped tablets. As I was naive to get also an tablet because of the endless promisses by Jolla to deliver the tablets, I bought a LastuCase for my expected tablet directly from Lastu in last summer. It’s a version in black leather with wooden applications in Kelo. Is anybody interested to buy that case for a small contribution? It is to good to throw away or lying around without any use.

  64. Avatar

    We Will ship tablets you say. We Will refund supporters you say. Full Refund now. Stop with this ongoing scam!

  65. Avatar

    This is BS, I contributed in November 2014 and still no tablet and no refund. All I get is that you’re working on a refund process. Quit with the crap and give us our money back!! ASAP!!!!!

  66. Avatar

    Hi Juhani, I’m a preorder customer & have never received any email regarding refund? Please check.

  67. Avatar

    At first all my sympathy was with the disappointed Tablet backers, but the more I read the discussion the more I begin to feel connection with the fanboy camp. Especially when people are making this ridiculous accusation that using IGG money to OS development was misusing the money. Do you have any idea what it means to port an OS to a completely new hardware? Evenly ridiculous is the whining about spending all money and not delivering despite of succesful campaign. Where did the money go? We know that there were delays caused by whatever reasons. Guess how delays affect the development costs? Or did you think that in case of delay Antti Saarnio would just go to the coders and be like “Sorry boys, we’ve got problems with the Tablet assembly line. Therefore you must not collect your salary starting from June until the Tablet is shipped.” And now when Jolla has decided to give money back to the IGG contributors, you are whining that they aren’t doing it fast enough.

    What difference does it make to spend your time flooding the comment section of this blog with scam, abuse, etc.? I understand you disappointment, but your behaviour is childish.

    • Avatar

      +1 … but it is very important that people can write here how they feel. And I hope that Jolla really understands how their supporters feel.

    • Avatar

      +1 This is not only childish, this is extremely stupid!

    • Avatar

      They have spoken and not doing it too much. Now can we be sure that they are doing this IIG contributors’ refunding as they have spoken?

      • Avatar

        We can be sure of the refund promises as we were sure of the tablet delivery schedule or of the completion status of sailfish 2 at mwc2015.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for enlightening us, oh wise one.
      It must be so nice to be the mature one, telling people to just bend over and praise the swindlers, twisting the legitimate complaints into straw men to be able to call them ridiculous.

      We’ve seen the same tactic from your palls ossi,jollakooth and raymen already, do you all follow the same rule book?

      • Avatar

        +1 “ossi,jollakooth and raymen”, thanks for promoting me 😉

      • Avatar

        No, I probably won’t be following any rulebooks. Just wanted to express my opinion after reading all that nonsense last night.

        And I really didn’t mean to make any strawmen. I agree that there are also legitimate complaints, but then again I would argue that calling Jolla a scam is not one of those…

    • Avatar

      Like Ossi you are patronising, irritating, and most importantly plain wrong!

      Nobody’s “whining”. People are complaining & protesting ay having been badly treated by a company whose PR was based on some notion of Community, but which took our cash, didn’t communicate for months, then failed to deliver.

      I do actually understand about Software\O/S Development, and there are more than a few modern tools specifically aimed at targeting multiple architectures with the same source. That doesn’t eliminate problems, but it substantially reduces the overheads.

      Jolla must always have planned to develop for both Intel & ARM and should have budgeted accordingly.

      Jolla showed working “prototypes” very early on in the whole business, indicating all the heavy-lifting of porting had already been done. Unless of course these demos were faked, in which case it was fraudulent…

      There clearly weren’t too many problems with the Production Line (except perhaps financial ones) because several thousand “Jolla” Tablets exist, and are on sale.

      You’re right it makes NO difference to post here, but then why are you adding your two pennorth?

      • Avatar

        “…which took our cash…”

        Giving money to fund a project involves someone taking it.

        “…didn’t communicate for months…”

        I don’t argue with that.

        “…then failed to deliver…”

        Yes, that did happen.

        “…Jolla must always have planned to develop for both Intel & ARM and should have budgeted accordingly…”

        Yes, I believe they should’ve.

        “…working “prototypes” very early on in the whole business, indicating all the heavy-lifting of porting had already been done…”

        Turning a working prototype into a finished product that also feels like finished for the end-user is not a trivial task.

        “There clearly weren’t too many problems with the Production Line…”

        My point was mainly that no matter what issue causes the delay, the delay automatically causes costs to go up.

        “…(except perhaps financial ones) because several thousand “Jolla” Tablets exist, and are on sale.”

        Yeah, they were produced during September and October. That means 4-5 months of extra costs before the actual production.

        I never argued that there weren’t bad planning, bad communication, bad luck, etc. involved, but mainly that calling someone “scam”, “fraud”, “liars” for that is unreasoned. (Maybe this word is less irritating than “childish”?)

        “You’re right it makes NO difference to post here, but then why are you adding your two pennorth?”

        Because I’m currently recovering from tonsillectomy and I’m really bored.

    • Avatar

      Yes I understand very well what it takes to write any code or how hard it is to port or how much it costs to develop a product, I have been working in the industry for over 20 years.
      What has happened here was a clear robbery performed on thousands of people who wanted a Sailfish powered tablet. Nobody here contributed to the CEO’s salary, they contributed towards a PRODUCT. A product which was teased over and over again. A product which was ready LONG ago but then the CEO decided to cut, so he can pay his own salary …
      Listen you can be a naive fanboy, but do not expect all of us to be. We have been lied to, insulted .. and robbed of our money. So far all Jolla did was promise .. a million promises all broken. So I am sorry we’re pissed off and we don’t believe yet another PR BS from what seems to be a despicable CEO.
      March is almost over, if they don’t deliver this time, there will be a major backlash.

  68. Avatar

    Although i am dissapointed about the tablet-campaign i still would like to have the product. I think it is a great concept of software, but it also needs a good hardware. If someone doesn’t want the tablet anymore and wants to resell a tablet with sailfish OS, please contact me on voggy(at)

  69. Avatar

    I logged into the old site only to find my profile had been reset. The only thing that remained was my email. I haven’t received any refund instructions or direct communication from Jolla since March 2. Is there somewhere I can inquire directly instead of here?

  70. Avatar

    “half of the refund will be done during Q1/2016”
    © Your Jolla captain,
    January 28, 2016

    So far I didn’t receive anything, but that’s okay, they still have two more weeks.

  71. Avatar

    Just got email from Jolla: “Jolla Tablet: refund instructions”.

    • Avatar

      Me too. Finally a good surprise from Jolla.

  72. Avatar

    I’ll spent my 2nd part of my refund if I get Jolla Support on my FairPhone 2 or on another e.g. android tablet 😉

    • Avatar

      I mean Sailfish OS on these devices.

  73. Avatar

    I read on a website about the new financing for Jolla. I wondered about my refund and why there had been no contact from Jolla. Then I read on this blog that Jolla has made some crazy rules about claiming the refund. Let me be clear: Jolla must refund me for the full 303 usd that I paid.
    There has been no contact from Jolla, not a single email about the refund. No it has not been lost in the spam folder either.
    I am writing here because the zendesk replied with a standard response and closed the ticket.
    Jolla you cannot make up an arbitrary response period to claim a refund. I backed Jolla on 21st of november 2014 !!
    You are the ones who messed up. Again: there has not been any contact from Jolla about the refund. Show me the proof: show me that you sent me an email about this.
    To be clear: I am claiming my refund for 303 USD here and now. I expect to be refunded in full in the shortest possible term.

    • Avatar

      Hi! Really sorry to hear that you haven’t received the emails (because we’ve sent many). We’ll investigate why this happened, and reply to you through the Zendesk ticket. Sorry for the hazzle.

      • Avatar

        Hi Juhani,
        Thank you for your reply. I have since been in contact with the zendesk and I am sure the misunderstandings have now been solved. My details are entered and I am sure Jolla will resolve this issue.
        Once again thank you and the zendesk for your service in what must be very unpleasant times. I have a lot of respect for the way you and your team are handling this.

  74. Avatar

    I pledged 239 EUR and got my first half today of 12.50 USD… WTF?!

  75. Avatar

    I paid 3 times
    1. 234 EUR
    2. 74 EUR
    3. 25 EUR
    total 333 EUR

    18. may I received half of payment 2 and 3.
    To this date 49,50 EUR, nothing more.

    What a coincidence I have not got the most significant payment refunded.

    • Avatar


      Please contact our Zendesk regarding any refund issues.
      They will help you out.
      If you received a “closed-case” reply, please reply to the same email to re-open your case.

      We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


      • Avatar


        Thank you for your answer.

        I have submitted a request.


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