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Jolla Tablet refund update

Dear Jolla Tablet contributor,

As we have received again quite a lot questions and comments about the status of the Jolla Tablet refunds, it’s time for a quick update. We might not have been able to answer every single question (even though we try hard) about this, so here’s the situation as of today: 

After having all the process technicalities in place and getting all your information processed from the refund tool, we were able to start refunding Jolla Tablet backers during the last week of April. Since then, we have executed well over 80% of all the refunds, and the target is to complete everything by the end of May. However, some of the refunds have failed because of issues on the receivers end, like the Paypal account being closed or the funding instrument having expired. We will reach out to these people during next week. If you haven’t received your refund yet, please first make sure that your account is in order.

Using multiple payment methods – notification issue

There have been some odd cases, which we have had to deal with as well. One of them is that if you contributed/pledged with different payment methods (i.e., with a credit card and with PayPal or credit card via PayPal) you got only one refund notification from PayPal regarding the refund to the credit card contribution. For some reason PayPal does not send a notification for the refund related to the PayPal contribution. 

So, if you’re wondering why the refund amount was smaller than you expected, please check first the balance on your PayPal account. It most likely will be larger than it says in the notification. If not, then the refund has not yet occurred or there has been a malfunction. We kindly advise you to get in touch with us the first week of June 2016 should you still not see an adequate refund amount on your PayPal account .

We’re now looking forward to getting this first round of refunds processed in full as soon as possible. Thanks again for your patience with this challenging project.   

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,

PS: We have another important announcement for our community coming up this week, so please pay attention to your emails, the blog and our social media updates. More about that soon! 



Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


  1. Avatar

    Thank you for the Tablet status update.

    Curious about what is the “another important announcement … this week”

    • Avatar

      +1 very exciting indeed

    • Avatar

      Thanks Tojoky for your comment!

      Yes, let’s see what has been in the making 😉

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    hi, in my paypal account it says that i have been refunded but the balance still says 0.00. The credicard used to pay for the tablet is no longer in use so that card can´t be used for the refund, what to do Jolla!?

    • Avatar


      Thanks for informing us about the issue!

      Could you please email our care about this? I’m pretty sure they can handle this situation and you aren’t the only one.

      Another solution would be to contact your credit card provider and explain the situation, they also have to help you out with the situation. But I advise you to contact Care first!


    • Avatar

      Same for me, but I just waited for couple days and found money on my bank account. Probably depends on bank; mine is finnish Nordea.

    • Avatar

      I have the same issue with ING Bank,

      Only in my case i still have a normal bank account at ING and the refunded money is at this moment visible as refunded on the discontinued creditcard account.

      I have send a request to my bank to transfer the balance of the discontinued credit card to my normal account true a web form for these cases.

      The webworm stated that it takes three day’s to transfer the money.


  3. Avatar

    Perfect opperunity to tell us when the second refund round is planned, so why not use it ?

    With all due respect you have made your own life hard here, everything has to be complex at Jolla.

    Production of hardware

    Sigh .. I really really am looking forward when this whole BS is all over and I finaly have my money back.
    Hope it will be in this life !

    • Avatar

      Lets me honest… I think it is a good start to see the first half of the refund.

      When we funded, we took the risk as well. So it is a delight to receive the second half.

      Once we received the first half, I would concentrate more on the Sailfish OS and new devices evolution rather than complaining about the second half of the refund.

      • Avatar

        What good is SailOs for me WITHOUT the tablet ?

        Damn you are a genius.

        Let me be honest, I think it would have been a good start if Jolla had been completely honest with it’s tablet backers.

        But let’s not go there, but please do think before you comment, as concentrating on Sail OS is absolutely useless if we did not got the device in the first place.

        • Avatar

          Look at my previous comments how upset I was because they didn’t refund at least the first half.

          I agree that devices is the must. If I receive the full refund I can consider reinvesting in another device, maybe not as obsolete as failed Tablet.

          By only complaining about everything only you go nowhere. Appreciate what is done and encourage to do more: true open source OS, new devices, more support …

    • Avatar

      Hi again, Maikel!

      As communicated before through our latest press release, the second half of the refunds, will be dealt with in a year time. The reason being, as Antti Saarnio stated, our latest financing round is “sufficient till the end of this year” which means we could not take another chunk of it for the refunds otherwise we would face another death valley. So, the second round will be dealt with in a year time from the first round (Or even sooner? Who knows what will happen!)

      We are improving on our communication skills with expanding the team and therefore having more time to communicate, over 80% of the refunds are now dealt with (The first half ofc!) and the production of hardware, what can I say about that? We are not a hardware company anymore per say!

      Hope you get your refund soon, and hope you already have received your first half!


      • Avatar

        OK James so we are involuntary creditors to an insolvent company. I think we deserve the same level of information as your willing creditors / investors. Please can you publish your accounts on the blog and be clear about how dependent any full refund is on further funding and what this is contingent on.
        You have also not yet offered us any return on our ‘investment’.

        You’re getting our money interest free for a couple of years with us taking all the risk.

        That was never what we signed up for.

        It’s good that you have finally refunded part of our money but you have a lot more to do.

        Proactive rather than reactive and reluctant communication is needed please.

        • Avatar

          My points exactly.

          One way or the other some people (like tojocky) want us to accept this situation and just go with all BS Jolla gave us and still is giving us.

          But as you stated so spot on with “we are involuntary creditors to an insolvent company” we still have to deal with vague information.

          For example “as Antti Saarnio stated, our latest financing round is “sufficient till the end of this year”

          Now I ask you WHAT IS SUFFICIENT ??

          Every single time we ask for exact figures (if it’s regarding delivery dates, amount of tablets produced / shipped or whatever information we ask) we get fed with BS or vague deceiving information.

          Give us exact info, what is sufficient financing, what is the current status of the financing ?

          Be exact please, as exact as you were when you cashed our money in the beginning.
          Or can I buy a Jolla Phone now just on basis that I promise to pay sometime when I have sufficient financing ?

          So let’s face it and treat eachother exactly the same way with the same rules .. that would be nice for a change.

        • Avatar

          “with us taking all the risk”

          Oh, putting 200$ on a tablet project (i.e. something that you don’t really need) is a risk for you, really? x)

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    No refunds yet and my Paypal account is fine and functional. Jolla seems to always blame Paypal for delays etc and they themselves chose to use Paypal.

    There’s been many things in the past (updates for exampel) that Jolla has promised to happen “soon” but always fails to deliver.

    Recently there’s been also a lot of “community” related updates but I wonder how’s the community going to survive all this fiasco and also lack of HW. Only old Jolla phones left without batteries..

    • Avatar

      Hi Juska!

      I understand your frustration. I think you are among the 20% of the backers who are on the line to get their refund. But I assure you that it will happen.
      I also assure you that we still have got a strong community going forward and a lot of positive vibe is going on in our community + more is coming! There is work to be done, but I am sure the community will survive!

      I hope you get your refund ASAP!


  5. Avatar

    Dear Jolla,
    Thank you for the first 50% refund. I want to let you know you can keep The Other Half of the refund.
    Kind regards,

    • Avatar

      Thanks Rob for your kind comment! You are not the first person saying this, we have had others on Twitter as well! I think I would need to talk to the care guys about these requests 😉

  6. Avatar

    Thx for the update! What about the second part of the refund?

    That should be the important news!

    This week as before end of Friday? Or next week.or do you mean within a week. Tricky!

    Please let James communicate more often. He seems to be a simple guy with smile on his face

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave!

      Thanks for the comment;

      The second half of the refunds, as mentioned before in our latest press release will be dealt with in a year time. The reason being, as Antti Saarnio stated, our latest financing round is “sufficient till the end of this year” which means we could not take another chunk of it for the refunds otherwise we would face another death valley. So, the second round will be dealt with in a year time from the first round (Or even sooner? Who knows what will happen!)

      About “this week’s” announcement, we could not give any exact date since we don’t want to promise anything anymore before having everything 100% ready in our hands, and that’s what we’re doing now!

      Thanks for the last part of your comment! We need to understand at the same time that Juhani has a lot more to do at the office than blogging and interacting with the community, the fact that he finds time to do it amazes me alone 🙂 we’re trying our best to let me take over most of the community interactions so that Juhani can get to other important things!


      • Avatar

        The same antti promised us tablet delivery in a meeting. Can’t say I trust him. He is a scamer in my book until he delivers that second refund.

        Could atleast send out refund request and would see how many wants refund and who wants to donate. That way he would know the amount needed and who to send out refund details when the time comes.

  7. Avatar

    It is improved Jolla karma !

  8. Avatar

    My paypal is not usable for long. Modern companies like Jolla should support payment or refund using bitcoins instead of broken Paypal.

  9. Avatar

    This is probably the worst failure of any crowd sourced project. It transformed Jolla to perhaps the most hated company on par with Black Berry or Microsoft’s Cell phone. Regardless how you feel about it, what’s important is why it failed. Jolla’s tablet is readily available and for less than you paid here just need to get it from India or a xcopy of it from China. Jolla misappropriated the funds sold off the hardware (except for a few hundred). They only suggested the refund after the lawyers were called in and forced the issue. Meanwhile they spent the money on software upgrades but yet still failed the community who were asking for basic functionality, break fixes. Throughout the process they kept the backers in the dark. Not a failure you say? Well I can tell you this because of failed projects such as this, failures of misappropriations or flat out embezzlement (peachy printer) crowd funded companies are starting to look at a new financial model were control of the funds are not fully released. If Jolla did anything good it was to help start that discussion.

  10. Avatar

    Now this is more like it. I’m glad this whole tablet thing is coming to an end.

    I’m looking forward to the announcment. I hope it’s good news because that’s something the community needs.

    • Avatar

      Agreed. It’s closing time. Just need solve the second refund part.

  11. Avatar

    You are the most bestest 🙂

  12. Avatar

    Still waiting for the first half. Everything seems to be fine on my end. Only problem I can imagine is that Jolla has sent refund to the paypal account connected to the email address that was used for IGG. However I have no access to that account and I created new paypal account and submitted correct information to refund tool. However, the credit card I used to make the contribution has expired last year, but I think that should not affect my situation as I was forced to open new paypal account for the refund. But as I completed the refund tool process on the first day, I don’t think I’ll see my money without contacting the support.

    Again, big thank you to James for doing awesome job. Sadly, I’m just waiting to get my money so I can stop coming to this blog to look for updates and just forget that there ever was a company called Jolla.

    • Avatar

      Same situation here. I have a new PayPal account – only for jolla. Used two different e-mails, have filled all information to that refund tool and still waiting for my money.

      Maybe “soon”?

    • Avatar

      Well, I was wrong as it seems I just got the first half of the refund. So there still seems to be hope for those who are waiting. Glad I don’t have to go through the support process.

      So at least I got something back. Good luck for those who still have faith in Jolla. I’ll wait for the second half of my money and hopefully that also is promise that Jolla can keep.

  13. Avatar

    If anyone wants an open tablet that runs X11 you might check out they look very promising. They’ve produced before and have a batch on the way. They are currently crowd-funding to expand the size of the shipment and promise to have refunds if it falls through.

    • Avatar


      • Avatar

        I completely agree with your sentiment, I won’t use indiegogo, kickstarter probably ever again. And if I were to I’d do my homework on the actual company first. The pyra is different in that they have done this successfully before and they are expanding production, not trying to get it off the ground, they explain the refund process up front; as well as the manufacturing schedule, hardware status, software status, etc… The forums are full of people excitedly discussing these things. It’s everything Jolla promised and failed at. Software-wise this is a full X11 (anything Ubuntu/wine can do) as opposed to an entirely new Android-Killer OS.

  14. Avatar

    Well, I can confirm, that the first half arrived today on my PayPal-account.
    Nearly two months later than promised, but it came.

  15. Avatar

    Last week I recived the refund for first half of the 64Gb upgrade, but I still waiting for the refund of the half part of tablet itself.

    • Avatar

      I wonder do they understand that the iig backers’ funded money is not theirs. They owe it to us backers. They make their own decisions as to what and when they would pay it back.
      Do they have the law behind them, so that they do not allow full compensation now. I just thinking…

  16. Avatar

    Unbelievable. Today I received the refund!

    First positive sign after 555 days of waiting!

    So, where can I buy my next Jolla? I’ve got cash now….! 😉

  17. Avatar

    Great news about the Jolla C. I would’ve placed an order if I had received my tablet refund..but no, not a single €, £ or $ refunded so far. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna miss out on this one…Very likely limited batch of 1000 Jolla Cees is gone by the time I get my refund 🙁 talking about bad timing

  18. Avatar

    Still no refund received on my side. How very, very disappointing.

  19. Avatar

    Yep. It has been confirmed by Jolla that Jolla C’s sold out. What a pity.
    So far no received refunds either

  20. Avatar

    no money here either, still waiting

    • Avatar

      This shit is eating my time and energi.I put in a lot of effort to make everything right for the refund and now I have to make time and effort to check everything again. Jolla C? I dont think so…

  21. Avatar

    Surprise – no refund yet. Your company is THE WORST I’ve ever dealt with. I mean, it’s 2016 and your refund program takes months. Do you mine the metals needed and send the money with horse wagons or what? Don’t expect any sympathy anymore. Jolla – DISLIKE!!!

  22. Avatar

    The last day of May tomorrow and I’m gonna get my Tablet refund or am I, James Noori? No excuses this time, please

  23. Avatar

    I can confirm that I received a 50% refund of all 3 pledges. Finally.

  24. Avatar

    Hi all, just wanted to confirm that I have received the 50% refund.

    Thanks for all your efforts in sorting this out. I look forward to receiving the other 50% later in the year.

  25. Avatar

    Just checked my PayPal account. No refunds.

    • Avatar


      I just sent you an email regarding this! Please check your inbox.


  26. Avatar

    It’s the last day in May and there’s still no refund on my Paypal! Why can’t you ever keep your promises, Jolla?

    • Avatar


      Please check your email, I sent you an email regarding this matter!
      Apologies for the inconvenience.


  27. Avatar

    Still no refund.

  28. Avatar

    Have yet to receive the refund. As all other people have stated and are probably feeling, I want to support Jolla and I want them to succeed, but when promises are broken you lose trust and once that has been lost there is no way in getting it back. I would just want to get the refund so I can finally move on and use the money towards a new phone. James, look forward to a reply. Feel sorry to abandon ship but enough is enough.

  29. Avatar

    Still no refund for me either. I’m very dissappointed 🙁

  30. Avatar

    @James Noori: No refund, please hurry up!

  31. Avatar

    I’m ever so sorry for repeating myself but no refund or reply from Jolla customer care today. rrijken1973, mutual thoughts and feelings.

  32. Avatar

    STILL waiting for my refund.

  33. Avatar

    First day of June. Only refund I got was for half of the mapbagrag case, and it was to the wrong PayPal account!

  34. Avatar

    They will do the same with the 1000 Jolla C that has been sold. Remember that.

  35. Avatar

    They just got 169 000€ from the new fiasco, Jolla C, and still no refund.

  36. Avatar

    Wonder how they are counting time and money at Jolla? I am ashamed as a Finn and as an old Nokia N9-user. If this is all what is left now? What was the surprise they promised us in December – didn’t got Jolla-cap, not even a scrap – just direct lies and excuses.
    Shame on you!

  37. Avatar

    Any update on the refund fiasco? Hello? Anyone there? Seems like the community manager has also learned the habits of the house – playing hide and seek. Since there are many who haven’t received their part of refund, it would be best to communicate and tell what is (again) the reason for the delay. But, as we all know from previous events, that is too much asked from you. Go ahead and blame Paypal again – funny that you dare because Paypal handles millions of global transactions daily so I don’t think it’s their fault. You can sink for all I care.

  38. Avatar

    it appears they’re running out of money again…can’ be so ficking difficult to sort out the refunds, is it? (sorry for my bad french)

  39. Avatar

    Can’t wait to get one of them 😀 What i have to do? still wait?? 😀

    • Avatar

      You should contact care through our Zendesk and they will handle your case!


  40. Avatar

    I have just received my 1st transfer.
    There was an error on Paypal side “Receiver’s address is in a non-receivable country or a PayPal zero country”. Erro code 3148.
    Paylap doesn’t allow to receive money in some countries.
    In order to fix this I had to completely delete my paypal account and create a new one with the same email address and my new residence country.

    Jolla Support guys were really helpful.

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