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Jolla Tablet returns to Indiegogo – introducing the 64GB version

We are proud to tell you that the world’s first crowdsourced tablet, the Jolla Tablet, has returned to After the successful first phase of our Indiegogo campaign in Nov-Dec last year, we’re now moved to the next phase, and continuing our campaign on Indiegogo at least until the end of February 2015.

You now have the opportunity to contribute for the Jolla Tablet and secure your place among the first to receive the unique Sailfish OS Intel-powered tablet with killer specs! In this second phase of the campaign the Jolla Tablet price ($219/$249) is lower than what the expected retail price will be later this year ($249/$299).

By contributing now you’ll receive the Jolla Tablet in the second quarter this year, right after the first contributors. The development work is progressing really well, and we are on schedule to deliver!

Hardware update: microSD + new 64GB model + bigger battery 

If you’ve contributed already to the Jolla Tablet, we want to thank you again for helping us to reach the stretch goal of $1.5M and enabling the support for up to 128GB microSD cards. This stretch goal generated lots of good discussion in our community, and we listened closely!

We’ve decided to move forward with an open source memory card solution. This enables you to use memory cards up to 128GB on your Jolla Tablet for back-ups and additional storage, but due to Microsoft’s licensing limitation, cards over 32GB that are formatted in Jolla Tablet will not be readable with Windows computers or devices that advertise microSDXC support (cameras/phones/tablets). We apologise if you were expecting full Microsoft support here, but we feel that this suits best to our community’s wishes and the open source ideology of Jolla.

32_64We are also now introducing the 64GB Jolla Tablet! Just select the bigger memory perk and you’ll not run out of memory too soon. If you’ve already contributed to the 32GB version earlier you can easily upgrade to 64GB with just 25USD by selecting the specific perk. Please note that this upgrade price is only valid for 2014 contributions.

Further updates: the battery size of the Jolla Tablet has been slightly increased to 4450mAh (previously 4300mAh), the display is now fully laminated, and we’ve added gyroscope and compass sensors. However, proximity sensor will not be included in the Jolla Tablet unlike previously mentioned.

A great Jolla bundle now available!

To celebrate the new phase in our campaign, we now have a special tablet and smartphone bundle offer for you! While waiting for the Jolla Tablet you can experience the great Sailfish OS multitasking on the Jolla smartphone. Choosing either the $419 bundle (32GB) or  $449 bundle (64GB) now you get amazing value for money.

The Jolla Tablet perks now available on Indiegogo:

  • Jolla Tablet 32GB: $219
  • Jolla Tablet 64GB: $249
  • 64GB upgrade for early birds: $25
  • Shipping: $20
  • The Combo: Tablet 32GB & Phone: $419
  • The Combo: Tablet 64GB & Phone: $449

We’re so excited about this second campaign phase, and hope you are too!

Join us in making the first Jolla Sailfish OS tablet a reality!

Jolla Team



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  1. Avatar

    Can you explain what the laminated display brings to the table(t)? I am not familiar with the technology, but from a quick search, it may reduce weight and thickness of the device, at the expense of repairability, probably. Can you elaborate a bit more about that?

    • Avatar

      From my experience with the technology, it does provide a lighter display unit. It also has the benefits of reducing reflectivity, increasing perceived brightness, providing more accurate color and better contrast levels. In all it makes the experience better.

    • Avatar

      Some other points about lamination:
      Visibility is increased (especially under sunlight), since there aren’t multiple layers reflecting ambient light creating optical interference
      Screen clarity is increased, since optical lamination makes the display look like it is on top of the glass as opposed to being under it
      It is impossible for debris like dirt and dust to get trapped in the air gap between the display and glass, because that gap is filled with LOCA
      Higher contrast ratio, because there’s less light reflecting off the parts of the screen that aren’t emitting light

      You are bang on with the loss of repairability, it basically means if you crack either the digitizer or lcd you should replace both. But that is the way of a lot of phones already. There is a good write up here

  2. Avatar

    Will there be another batch of the Jolla Tablet Lastucases?

    • Avatar

      Hi Zilti! Lastu Case for Jolla Tablet was exclusively available for the contributors during the campaign in Nov-Dec 2014. However, our friends at Lastu are planning other accessories for the Jolla Tablet, so stay tuned for more news from Lastu closer to the tablet delivery date!

  3. Avatar

    I’m happy for you (Jolla), but I continue not to have an use for a 7″ tablet. Let me know when the Indiegogo for the 10″ version starts 🙂

  4. Avatar

    @mikelima: I’ve found this (talking about IPads)…
    “When Apple introduced the retina display on the iPhone 4, they explained that it wasn’t just about the pixel density. They noted that the panel was laminated to the glass, transforming it into the effect of pixels on glass, rather than under it.”

    So it seems it will give a much better display.

  5. Avatar

    I applaud jolla is the first company that has good pants as to say that what we do is on track to free software and in that way we are and will stay, I applaud the measurement of micro sd and other measures to take pro to free software, and hope soon to have my tablet and phone jolla

  6. Avatar

    Thank you everybody for the explanations.
    Looks like the display will be quite nice.
    Now I will just need to wait patiently for my new tablet…

  7. Avatar

    Thanks for the 64GB perk, ordered!

    One suggestion, how about having a Jolla Phone perk? By that I mean, for the people who have selected only a Jolla Tablet (32GB or 64GB) so far – by now wouldn’t mind to have a nice Jolla phone to go with it 🙂

    Given that you’ve launched the combo packs, the phone perk would kind of make sense 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi hewittd! We have a perk for that in our own Jolla Shop (! There you can buy it directly from us, and not through Indiegogo. Please note that the phone is available only in EU, Norway and Switzerland. Also, there might be a special promotion for this soon, keep checking your emails 🙂

      • Avatar

        Did you already consider to add a personal coupon or reduction code which is valid for a few years to the delivery of the tablets pre-ordered via Indiegogo? I may be interested in the next Jolla Phone if that one has a battery and screen that suits my requirements…

        • Avatar

          Hi 22sander! Thanks for the suggestion, but as you can guess that’s quite hard to do, since we haven’t even announced the next phone yet. Stay tuned for news about that 🙂

          • Avatar

            > since we haven’t even announced the next phone yet. Stay tuned for news about that

            Oh…is that hint for the MWC 2015 in Barcelona?

            I just contributed for the Tablet&Jolla combo on Indiegogo. Had I known there was a new Jolla II in the works I would have waited with the phone purchase… :/

            • Avatar

              Hi calapine. Thanks for contributing to the combo, we assure you it’s a very good decision! What we referred to before is that we of course have a roadmap for future devices, and we’ll announce that when the time is right – it was not a hint for MWC 2015 as such 🙂

  8. Avatar

    As long as it has a LPM mode and it is as resistant as gorilla glass, the rest is fine to me

  9. Avatar

    Hi, congratulations on the success, i am a early bird and now upgraded to 64Gb, but i got one question about the time of delivery: does it mean that it will be targeted to june or will it be still targeted to may? Thanks!

    • Pauliina Alanen | Jolla

      Hi laruibasar! As an early bird, your first contribution is the one that counts for the targeted delivery. Thank you for your support!

  10. Avatar


    I participated with shipping perk and also purchased Lastu case. ATM I’m a bit short for the tablet (unexpected expense) and I’m wondering, can I “use” shipping perk later when you release table to retail customers?

    OTOH, If you extend campaign to end of march (and by end I mean 2015-03-31) would be marvelous 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi sponka. Thanks for your contribution! Indiegogo platform works so that in order for the shipping perk to be valid, you need to contribute for the Tablet perk. So, if you contribute to the tablet perk before the end of February (which is the current campaign timetable) your shipping will be valid. If you have contributed a amount that is less than the sum for the Jolla Tablet and shipping, please check this article:

  11. Avatar


    Again, good calls. Very satisfactory. Got my 64GB upgrade too.

    Questions: do you intend to share with us, on the blog 1- raw answers to “Jolla Tablet Survey”? 2- diagrams rendering those aggregated data? 3- your conclusions & decisions concerning results to this survey / choices?


  12. Avatar

    Tablet really looks promising, i’ll be happy when I get it :).

    Please, do you have any plan (together with Lastu) to offer cruelty free/ vegan case for Jolla tablet, one that is not made from animal products?

    Many thanks…

    • Pauliina Alanen | Jolla

      Hi, thanks for your support! Actually, Lastu has a truly eco-friendly philosophy behind their products and they have taken sustainability and the environment in consideration in every part of their production. Check out more about Lastu’s principles from:

      • Avatar

        Thank you for quick response,
        Homework allready completed, principles are checked :). Everything looks good.

        Only one suggestion… It will be nice to have on offer good looking functional protection case that is not made of animal leather or any other animal product, marked (or certified) as “V” (Vegan)…

        Many thanks,

        • Pauliina Alanen | Jolla

          We’ll see what we can do! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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