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Let’s celebrate independence

Finland has been one of the most welcoming homes for startups over the past years, making it the pioneering country to bring your ideas and dreams into reality. Jolla has been one of those dreams becoming a reality in the Finnish startup scenery over the past six years. It has been a ride full of ups and downs, but a fun ride nonetheless.

Finland, is celebrating its 100th year of independency this year and the independence day is tomorrow, December 6. There has been celebrations all around the country from the beginning of 2017 in every corner of every town.

Sailfish OS is about freedom of choice, independence and perseverance, values that are very descriptive for Finland as well. In Finnish language there is a particular word sisu for certain type of perseverance, which is also very descriptive for Jolla and our community.

We at Jolla are proud to be developing the world’s only independent mobile operating system with true sisu together with our community and we want to celebrate Finland’s 100th independence year together with you. To do so, and to share further independence to the world, you can now use the voucher “INDEPENDENCE” to get a 20% discount from all Sailfish X purchases until December 17, 2017.

Sincerely yours,

Sami Pienimäki

CEO & Co-founder of Jolla Ltd. Opportunistic entrepreneur, loves family, skiing and cars.



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    congratulations! Why not celebrate with refund and mámmi?

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      Cause mámmy is not chocolate. And it’s usually an easter prelibacy (if you’re in it, that is)

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    Thanks! Bought my second SailfishX a few minutes ago.

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    Congratulations and best wishes!
    Thanks for this offer, but I would prefer version of SailfishOS X for Xperia X Compact without discount 😉

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    COngratulations! I’ve been here since the start-up and I am now enjoying SailfishX. Not a moment of regret! Best wishes for all Finlanders (is that how you say it?) and you people @ Jolla in particular.

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    100 years should give backers 100% ofc…not 20% 😀

    I’m still waiting for my Christmas gift from Jolla. Any day now. Before Christmas preferably.

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    Im not parting with my money until I know what the roadmap is tbh

    some clear concise statements would be welcome!

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      I supported the x program mainly becouse Jolla still support Jolla 1 and and trying to refund backers even if sw still not usable after all this time, can’t use it unfortunately. What kind of statement are you looking for?

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        something along the lines of…

        “Hey Sailors, we’re happy to report that the the Xperia project is now signed off seeing as we have replicated all the existing J1 & JollaC functionality on the Xperia……we’d like to thank everyone for sticking by us by announcing that Sailfish OS will shortly be available across ALL the Sony Open devices program!!!!

        Yup, that’s right as of January the 1st 2018 Sailfish OS to which we are all sooo dedicated to will be available for the following devices….XZ1, XZ1 Compact, XZ Premium, XZs, XZ, X Performance, X Compact, Z5 Premium, Z5, Z5 Compact, Z3+, Z4 Tablet, Z3, Z3 Compact, Z3 Tablet Compact, Z2, Z2 Tablet, Z1, Z1 Compact, Z Ultra, Z, ZL, Tablet Z, E3, M2, T2 Ultra, T3

        Simply choose the device that best represents your needs and download away!

        Happy shopping and Happy new Year!”

        ^^^^^why is that so hard? ^^^^^

        Right now somewhere on a parallel earth, THIS is probably happening!!!

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          Well, as it turns out, it can be VERY hard. I wonder who’s going to do all the ports and make Sailfish OS compatible with all of the devices you mentioned in a short amount of time while having other projects going at the same time and a small team? 🙂 I’m sure you know that those devices are not similar whatsoever and I’m definitely sure you know that if we are going to officially support Sailfish OS on a device, we would need quite a long amount of time to make all the features compatible with the hardware. It is like magic that takes time and a lot of resources to happen.

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            I understand it is impossible to license for every device. So this is not a good idea. My thoughts are the other way around: Jolla could choose a few devices, say a Sony Xperia X, an Compact and a luxury Sony. It would be best if Jolla could do the unlocking and flashing at a certain price and sells these as SonySailfish devices. Voilà. Why am I saying this? Because awareness about the need for an independent device is growing. More people are going to be annoyed by Apple and Google/Android.

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              While that is a more reasonable idea, it does not mean it can be doable with these current circumstances. Selling a device with a Sony badge is less likely to happen from our webshop. If any third-party wants to sell a pre-loaded Sailfish X device, they are more than welcome to a discussion with us and Sony. And about adding more devices, we have said it times after times that it will happen! We will come back to you as soon as it is clearer for us what devices are coming and when.

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            Hi James,

            thanks for the reply.

            My point isnt so much that anyone really thinks this will be easy, its more about the growing frustration of not knowing what’s going on. This is made worse at times by the contradictory picture given by Jolla about the plans for the future (in terms of Sailfish X and other Sony devices).

            From day one I’ve been down with Jolla & SFOS. You guys were truly a breath of fresh air…unfortunately there’s a risk of things now becoming slightly stale.

            It sounds like Jolla are too thinly spread out..”Blockchain” means absolutely nothing to me, like literally ZERO as I’m merely waiting to get a SFOS on a device that will see out the next 2-4 years, everything else is just fluff at this point.

            Wearable SFOS? No thanks! Why would I want SFOS on my wrist when I’m not currently walking around with SFOS in my pocket?

            Like Kea rightly points out…why not cherry pick a few devices across the Open Devices range that covers the widest range of possible users??

            If all the fruits of the Jolla developers labour was SFOS on an Xperia and then nothing further for 9 months it would feel like a bit of a waste imo

            Users like myself and others are essentially “Champions” for SFOS but you are starting to lose some of us as its getting harder and harder to stick by you, give us new handsets to Champion!!!!

            Your statement above about “we would need quite a long amount of time to make all the features compatible with the hardware. It is like magic that takes time and a lot of resources to happen.” …..runs counter to previous announcements that once SFOS was done for the Xperia it would be a simple case of porting over for other Sony Open Devices…so which is it?

            Sami recently announced ….”we’ve been working on supporting new Sony Xperia hardware variants and to deliver an up-to-date hardware portfolio for 2018″

            So you’ll appreciate where I’m coming from??


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              Oh yes sure I totally understand your point there. I am with you, but at the same time I am in the company, looking at the other projects that we have and the plans for the future, and I see that basically everything that you mentioned in this comment and want to happen, will happen!

              About blockchain: That is a separate topic, a separate company (Zipper Global) and Jolla’s “normal” agenda will not be distracted by it.

              On the topic of different Sony devices: Yes, when we did the Xperia X (Still on-going) that eased up the way for us to do more devices for the future which will be announced when we have everything in place. However, not all Sony devices are made equal. Meaning that of course there are different SoC’s involved here, especially for the devices that you are pointing at. Those chipsets are completely new to Sailfish OS and no matter how compatible the OS is with Xperia X (F5121) it won’t be a direct port to, say, Xperia XZ! What I am trying to say is that there are similar devices to F5121 that we can make “fast” ports to, but those will not be the ones that you in particular are looking for since they will have similar specs to F5121. Work is being done in many areas here at Jolla and since we are not directly a consumer business anymore and focus more on B2B and B2G contracts, we may not appear as fast on providing these as you would want. But let’s wait until a big mobile-related show and see what we have in mind.

              But bottom line here is that F5121 is a plenty powerful device for Sailfish OS at the moment and we all are using it here at the office + a surprising amount of community members have installed it on their phones with great satisfaction. On the other hand, we understand the need of our community, and we will expand to more devices, potentially more powerful devices during 2018. I am sure you understand that I can’t announce anything because if something goes wrong and we can’t deliver what I have announced here beforehand, we’re in trouble. So let’s wait and see how things move forward.


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                It seems that Sony Xperia X is faster running Android than Sony Xperia XZ. In other words, you need to buy a Sony Xperia XZ PREMIUM and flash the sailfish software on. Just this would make sense and be faster than the X model.
                However, first we need all the functions (of sailfish) of Jolla phone 1 proper working on the X phone. There is no need to rush towards other options until at least one phone (x) is working properly.
                Even though I understand the request of many community members asking JOLLA for support Android apps, I really doubt this way is a good one. We need sailfish apps and nothing else. As long as their is no need to develop sailfish apps due to the compatibility towards Android in Sailfish, there will not be made a major step towards an own community and market.
                IMO Jolla should focus on:
                First: One well working device(Software)
                Second: Keep from time consuming futher projects (unless software is on a top level)
                Third: Get rid of Android Hybridity !!!!

              • Avatar

                Hi James,

                As always, your replies are welcome and thanks for making the points above, they do indeed make me very optimistic!

                A little clarity does indeed go a long way! 😀

                Merry Xmas to you and all the Jolla team!

                Looking for big things in 2018! 😀

                • Avatar

                  Thanks a lot! I do my best to clarify as much as I possibly can, sometimes on the verge of getting in trouble 😀 haha

                  Merry Xmas to you as well! We all send a big thank you to you, wherever you are 😉

                  2018 will be even better than 2017!! Sail on.

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    ‘Sisu’ is a good trait, and Jolla has shown it possesses this trait. But it can also has a risk: perseverance while not noticing that it is not the right way. I hope that the Jolla team will make the right decisions in the future.
    As for now: with the help of James Noori I am enjoying SailfishX on the Xperia. But what about all the other people who are not developers and yet would like to try Sailfish too? My husband for example, your mum, aunt? It would be nice if someone could establish a business for flashing! Or create service points in several countries. I think this is really necessary in order to grow.

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    SailfishX on the Xperia: the sound is much better than on my Jolla 1, really an improvement!
    To my pleasure it is now possible to use Wire, a very good, beautiful and safe chat/video-call app, available in Aptoide. It is a perfect replacement for Skype. Recommended!

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    Congratulations on the national independence.

    I’m still waiting for my tablet refund.

  10. Avatar

    Sailfish X vouchers from remaining tablet refunds do not receive 20% Independence discount?

  11. Avatar

    Is harbour just not working for me, or in general? I wanted to install this new game gooble invasion from harbour as described, but i cannot do anything in harbour, not search for an application not download anything, what am i doing wrong? I know there is also the possibility to install it through Android, but i would prefer the native app. Thanks really much in advance 🙂

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    Hello: Developers, I think it’s an error not to apply all the functions of xperia x in sailfish; that is, the fingerprint detector does not work, the camera software is very bad, it looks like a Chinese phone, the bluethoht does not work, etc, etc … Apply to make all the features of the Xperia X work well and then you can make the jump to other devices. They say they do not want to look like Android, but you do not give solutions for a phone like the Xperia X to work well. They have disappointed me.


    • Avatar

      Hi, Albegos!

      Thank you for your feedback, and that is exactly what we are pursuing in the completion of Sailfish X as an operating system for Sony Xperia devices.

  13. Avatar

    To all the people who think that the XperiaX is too large, the men who want a compact: at first, when you hold the Xperia in your hand, it feels large and the balance is different. But you get accustomed to it soon. This phone fits in most of the pockets and a larger screen has advantages too.

    • Avatar

      The Xperia X is the same size as the Jolla C, well actually slightly thinner and not quite as wide as the C. I think it’s a pretty good compromise on size.

      Like some other posters I think Jolla needs to perfect (well certainly make more mature) Sailfish X and get things like bluetooth, NFC, camera quality, SMS features, etc etc, sorted before diverting their attention to other devices.

      Jolla needs to demonstrate the full potential of the OS in order to attract OEMs and other partners. Splitting resources at this point will be counter productive to the success of Jolla and Sailfish OS.

  14. Avatar

    I think its safe to say no refund december 2018. hope everyone will get som refund January 2018.

    4 years since tabletgate? Ho Ho Ho

    Happy new year to u all!

    • Avatar

      Dave, December emails have gone out. I’m sorry you weren’t amongst them. We have not released a blog post about it yet, as it’s not such a big news. We will write about it once we have paid the money.

      Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too.

      • Avatar

        Awesome. I’m happy to be ignored by that damn python script. 2019 is my year. I can feel it.

        • Avatar

          Thank you Dave for being so stubborn!

          Every time when I think about tabletgate I become convinced that I never fund any projects. So other projects are affected because of Jolla.

  15. Avatar


    I am in Algeria, and I have Xperia X dual sim.
    can I pay now SailfishX ?


  16. Avatar

    Hello James, ” not a big news”, sorry it’s a big news. That’s showing your company still earn money and try to pay out the former backers. But again no transparency.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

    • Avatar


      Well, I would have to disagree with you on the “no transparency” part of your comment first of all. We have been very transparent about everything we do. Secondly, I wrote in my comment to Dave that we are going to release a blog post when the actual money is in people’s hands which makes a better story and makes it blog-post-worthy.
      Please try to see how much improvements we have made over being transparent in every step of the process with you guys. If we weren’t transparent, I would not have said “emails are out” to Dave either.

    • Avatar

      @sailmich: It’s not big news. Last time anything tablet-related was news was news 2 years ago. Now it’s only about some mails being exchanged…. no more relevance than any other customer support mail they send or receive.

      What’s big news these days is Sony devices, Jala, new OS versions etc. That’s what the community is interested in, not a few mails that have no impact whatsoever.

  17. Avatar

    Hello, thanks for your answer. But I still think it isn’t transparent. You didn’t said how many backers or how much money you will paid out this round. And you didn’t said that in advance, just because Dave is so stubborn we got it.

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    I hope that 2018 will bring us a budget Sailfish phone! Most budget phones should be fast enough to run Sailfish, as even the Jolla 1 works (bit slow though!). My current phone is dying, and I would like to get a Jolla 4 next year 🙂

  19. Avatar

    Please answer my question.

    Can I pay sailfishx for my Xperia X dual sim with credit card in Algeria?

  20. Avatar

    First, the dual sim version isn’t supported. I have heard it may work but you will need to to do your own research.

    Some Sailors from outside of Europe have used the VPN function on Opera browser to make their Sailfish X OS purchase. No doubt there are other ways using VPN or similar services.

  21. Avatar

    Thanks for the reply
    I will purchase sailfish os when I will be sure that works for my phone!

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    A thought for the coming year. Many years ago I suggested Jolla give us a – Launcher – to get Sailfish out to the public and I backed the Tablet – both never happened. Now a new opportunity could potentially give Sailfish OS a boost.
    Google PROJECT TREBLE (Android Oreo and beyond) is here and is evolving. XDA Developers site are all over this and very excited with the prospects of – Revolution in customs ROMS. 99.9% of phone users don’t give hoot about the underlying structure of an OS, As long as it (the UI) works well, is stable, secure and intuitive, and differentiates the phone from all the other common Android phones. What are your thoughts.

    • Avatar

      A launcher may work well, but for me the underlying OS is important.

      The best launcher I’ve seen for Android is Nokia’s Z launcher. It is intuitive and serves up the apps you use most often on the home screen and adapts which apps it displays depending on your location. For any app not on the home screen you just start typing the app name and it will be displayed.

      Even though Z launcher is very good the underlying Android OS is still cluncky compared to Sailfish.

    • Avatar


      I “don’t give hoot” about the UI, as long as the underlying structure of an OS works well, is stable, secure and intuitive, and differentiates the phone from all the other common Android phones.
      The trademark SilicaUI of SailfishOS does not interest me at all (frankly I find its UX to be way inferior compared to MeeGo). The only reason why I use Jolla is that it’s a proper mobile Linux distro with root/ssh/whatnot out of the box.
      The very idea of superficial Sailfish appearance slapped on top of the horrid Android backend is laughable.

      > 99.9% of phone users don’t give hoot about the underlying structure of an OS

      Well guess what, Sailfish (as was MeeGo before it, as was Maemo before it) is intended for the “intellectual minority” first and foremost.

  23. Avatar

    The only way Sailfish is to succeed is to get away from the – intellectual minority – and to deliver for the majority. I don’t care if it’s Sailfish on TREBLE as long as it is a fully functional phone with no work arounds, only on selected phones or bits missing till the next update.
    The best phone I have EVER owned (from a general user aspect – I’m not a dev.) was the Nokia N9. Had it for nearly 4 years and loved it. I have been following Jolla from it’s inception and have recently phoned Jala Accione in Bolivia to get an update of their progress and timeline for delivery of their Sailfish phone, initially stated as Q1 2018 – so like everyone else I am waiting for someone to DELIVER.

    • Avatar

      @FeelsGood: The launcher you think would be such a great idea was launched (haha) in 2014. I tried it on my Android phone back then… It was the most boring experience ever. Why pretend to be on a Sailfish phone when you’re not? The fact that you suggest a launcher but don’t even seem to know there was one 3 years ago speaks for itself. It’s just a useless effort.

      As for the “majority”: We already have what the majority wants. It’s called Android. The more Sailfish tries appeal to the masses, the more it will become like Android… which should make you wonder why you would need Sailfish instead of Android then in the first place. Those who love Android today don’t need Sailfish. It’s the *minority* that has other priorities who needs something new.

      (And these priorities most likely are about what’s under the hood, not about a UI.)

    • Avatar

      I agree re the N9 with Meego OS, simply the best phone I’ve used. Only the 950 would have been better with the E7 style flip out keyboard.

      I use Sailfish as it is a close relative to Meego. It’s my expectation/hope that Sailfish will eventually surpass Meego

      It’s a pity that Sailfish wasn’t just an updated Meego, as this would have sped up the maturity of Sailfish. I guess there were proprietary issues with that as Microsoft would have ended up owning the IP on Meego. Pity they couldn’t recognise how good Meego was, but then again Microsoft have never been good in the mobile arena.

  24. Avatar

    People who love Android are in the minority – they learn to live with it because there is no other options available. A case in point from my experience, I replaced my Nokia N9 (PR1.3 update) with an OPPO R7 plus, (still use it and like it a lot) one day the OPPO got wet and stopped, after a couple of days it came good and never gave my any trouble since.
    In the interim I reverted back to my N9 and the user experience, especially Multi Tasking, was instantly so much more enjoyable. When it is made available to the masses, they will love it too.

    • Avatar

      Most people don’t care what OS they use as long as they have the services they need. Audio, video, car, banking, lights and other connected machines in their house.

      Swipe left. Click a button, indipendent OS. It’s irrelevant. Sailfish needs services. Not some new GUI or improved OS.

  25. Avatar

    How about showing Alien Dalvik as installed App so that you could just as easy reset it like other Android Apps. I know that there is some console command for that, but its not so practical. I have a few problems with, mobile Internet, at first i thought by reseting Wlan and Mobile networks, it should work fine, but apparently it is Alien Dalvik that should be reseted instead, as the reset of wifi and mobile network made no change. Otherwise i really like the OS, there just have to be further improvements 🙂

  26. Avatar

    Spot on Dave999.
    Functions and services are what people want.
    Android and XDA have good articles to explain – Project Treble.

    Here’s a worse case scenario for Jolla. Assuming Nokia still owns the IP on Meego – HMD acquires it, reworks it and introduces the ROM as *Swipe UI by Nokia* (Dual Boot – customer selectable toggle) adds it to the top layer of TREBLE (thru, HAL/HIDL’s) to Standard Android with all of the Meego functionality and Android ecosystem ready to tap into where everything works. Jolla can’t spend the next 5 years (like the last 5 years) wasting huge amount of man hours developing the Sailfish OS to suit old phones / hardware and adapting to old Android OS’s. Jolla needs to be able to adapt rapidly to the yearly upgrades of OS versions.
    Happy NEW YEAR to all.

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