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Limited batch of Jolla C now available in Russia

We now have some good news for our Russian developer and fan community members! As mentioned earlier in the Sailfish Community Device Program availability, we promised to work on getting the program and Jolla C available also for other key markets, and the Russian community is next in line. Now, together with our partners in Russia, you now have the opportunity to pre-order the device here.

Purchasing the device entitles you to join the Sailfish Community Device Program. You’ll receive an invitation to join the group after you’ve done the shopping, which is expected to happen in the second half of September. This is the time when the shipping is also expected to take place.

It is a very limited offering (just a few hundred devices/places), so better be quick!

Pre-order here



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    Finally, the wait is over!
    Since first batch of Jolla C wanted to order and now – specially for Russian fans 🙂
    The website of your partner says that delivery will be made on 8 of September but you’ve mentioned second half of September…whom should I believe?

    • Avatar

      Hi jecustoms. 2nd half of September is probably more closer to reality than September 8, which is quite close already. Sorry about this, I was not aware of the other date.

  2. Avatar

    Great news for Russia… But where is the 4g LTE fix we are waiting for since a long time!?

  3. Avatar

    Not so limited after all? And now they sell the Jolla C with waranty?

  4. Avatar

    What about the refund program? #tablet
    We are still waiting!

    • Avatar

      Just move on, no need to ruin every thread with your refund drivel

      • Avatar

        Nope, we WILL still here until received our stoled money

        • Avatar

          @VlaoMao Somebody stole your money?! FFCS! You should call the police NOW and not waste your time on internet. Really.

  5. Avatar

    Isnt this old news?

    Do you have any ETA about second refund or possibily to trade second half for a cPhone?

    • Avatar

      I’d also like the option to trade my second half of the refund for Jolla C as my original Jolla is falling apart.

      • Avatar

        Good one. I could also trade my second part for a Jolla shirt+Jolla hat. What I can’t do is let Jolla take the money for granted without asking supporters for approval: Go ahead, use the money for OS, salaries or toilet paper.

        The winter is coming…

        • Avatar

          @Dave999 they will continue to do the same as the first day, horrible customer service, deceiving consumers, no communication, the tablet’s fiasco. That is the core of their business.

          • Avatar

            I won’t agree/disagree to that. From my point of view Jolla has the right act as they please, same as us.

            Now where is James?

            • Avatar

              James (Me!) Was on vacation and now I’m back 🙂 Hello!

              • Avatar

                Welcome back James, hope your kids did not land you in deep debt.. 😀 ..

              • Avatar

                Aha, thought you were fired 😉 welcome back hope you had a good time.

                • Avatar

                  Thank 4 velkomin bak me,eye no pyred

                • Avatar

                  lol 😀
                  Thanks! Yeah it was a pleasure after a long summer 🙂

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    Woohoo! Thanks, that’s what I’ve been waiting for!
    Just a bit worried because website doesn’t mention anything about limits and I definitely wasn’t among the first ones (noticed this post when it already was in the blog for 6 hours).
    Also it’s a shame the only available color is red, but I can live with it 😉

    • Avatar

      the only colour available in Russia is *red* ?

      this begs for some old soviet-era joke…

      • Avatar

        What other colors were Jolla C being displayed for non Russian customers in earlier round.. 🙂

        • Avatar

          Hi. “Salamander red” is the color for Jolla C, we haven’t had any other colors available.

          • Avatar

            People can be so prejudiced. России мой родной. 😀 ..))()..

            • Avatar

     This is the common online-trader. They will sell Jolla C to anybody even abroad. The service and warranty are is question. Only clear is the price: 15000 roubles. But you can buy Intex Aqua Fish for 7000 roubles with the delivery

              • Avatar

                Thank you, Aqua Fish is very low end, OYSTERS has superior specifications. My choice is definitely OYSTERS or Ermak and wait for that.. 😀

  7. Avatar

    Any news on OYSTERS phones running Sailfish OS from the partners in Russia

    • Avatar

      Hi Ganesh. Unfortunately nothing to share yet on this topic.

    • Avatar

      ganesh.dixit, “Open mobile platform” (OMP – that Russian partners) promised to show the phones running Sailfish OS RUS (funny isn’t it?) by the end of the year. This includes OYSTERS, Jolla (i am not sure – original one or C) and own production Ermak phone for government security needs with cost of several thousand dollars

      • Avatar

        Thanks for the info, will keep my eyes glued to this space.. 🙂

      • Avatar

        > Sailfish OS RUS (funny isn’t it?)

        What are you referring to? To the fact that “osrus” means “I will shit myself” in Russian?

        • Avatar

          Either that or other OS are shit compared to Sailfish (at least to my crazy head, that is how I read between lines 😀 .. )

        • Avatar

          I am referring to OMP companies summer school of code. Funny thing is that they’ve added RUS at the end of the name and now it’s official Russian OS 🙂 Why then they didn’t choose iOS RUS or Android RUS in that case? Or even maybe Tizen OS RUS 😛

          p.s. i don’t understand why you want to shit yourself but be careful

          • Avatar

            Your earlier refererence could also been interpreted as loose motion, for which a small pill would suffice.. :D.. 🙂 ..

            • Avatar

              well, i see..
              the Internet at it’s best 🙂

              • Avatar

                That is right, I do not know Russian language, and translators are absolutely pathetic, ((() …

  8. Avatar

    Well, my earlier reference had an er.. well error.. hell.. an error which was an extra “er” so much for the bloody parsers and word processors.. :/ :\ :O

  9. Avatar

    Hi.. I have a few fays used the new Jolla C.. Thanks.. Really thanks.. Forgot now the old Lumia 1520 with a broken glass. Sailfish.. Yesh.. it was difficult in half day but now this is the way to go.

    • Avatar

      Or.. this replaced two phones because a need of two SIM cards..

  10. Avatar

    It is the most intuitive OS that my fingers have experienced.. 🙂

  11. Avatar


    Where i can buy Jolla C back case? Please reply.

    • Avatar


      No back case is available for purchase unfortunately.

  12. Avatar

    Sailfish community membership was mentioned in the post. So far I haven’t received any link or instructions on how to join. Should it be expected later or is it not going to happen?

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