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Making Sailfish OS Word-Perfect: Community Translations

Dear Community,

We are thrilled to introduce an exciting way to contribute to Sailfish OS in the true spirit of Doing-It-Together, this time reaching out to the language enthusiasts!

On the path of making Sailfish OS sound, we are rolling out our translation service, where you will be able to localise the new UI strings just a week before they enter the next software release candidate!

You might say “Hey, but I want to help out more often than just for one week between updates!” Yet you have already been contributing by using TJC  to inform us about translation and validation errors — whether it be typos, better wording, or not fitting the layout. From now on you’ll be able to suggest corrections of past updates quicker and easier — straight into translation tool!

We are still going to use TJC, but mainly for announcements and per-language discussions.

This first rollout phase will let you translate into 15 Sailfish OS core languages, however we are already electing community languages for the next phase: click here for more info!

Happy L10ning! And to conclude whilst rephrasing a song by Dido, “All you want / Is right here in this link. Make sure you get intimately acquainted with the whole article, as it describes how, where, and when to translate, as well as how to keep up with all the important news!

Last but not least, I would like to thank Jolla’s L10n team: our polyglot linguist Jarkko Ahonen, infra expert Pami Ketolainen, all the rest of the sailors for chipping in as well as our jolly hand-picked squad of community beta testers.



Sim a.k.a. sledges


Simonas Leleiva

Gadget inspector, busy restoring the status quo of GNU/Linux OS in consumer electronics! HW Adaptation and L10n engineer at Jolla with strong emphasis on our vibrant community.


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    Aaahh – finally! We’ve been waiting for this for such a long time! Great! I really hope that there’ll be as much helpful community input as one should expect after so many requests for such a system in the past.

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    How about doing those refunds? The thing you should be doing.

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    I’m hoping the money back. Jolla has disappointed me and I think it is not serious. I will not give my time collaborations since Jolla does not accelerate the return of my money.

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      Translate to Spanish:

      “Yo estoy esperando la devolución del dinero. Jolla me ha defraudado y pienso que no es seria. No pienso regalar mi tiempo en colaboraciones, ya que Jolla no acelera la devolución de mi dinero.”

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    Ложка хороша к обеду.

    This translation framework would be good a year or two ago, when there was still a community to do community translations. Now?

    Good luck.

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      There is lots of us who are still happy with Jolla. If you are not happy, it does not mean that rest of us are not. If you want your refund then follow the refund instructions Jolla gave to you. Constant whining in blog comments helps nothing and is just annoying.

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        The point of complaining in public about Jolla is to show any one that reads this how bad Jolla has treated its former supporters. So no, it is not “whining”, it is actually information to anyone that considers to buy a Jolla product to stay away as far away from it!

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          It’s not information but misinformation! Jolla should not tolerate their own blog being spammed with petulant misconstructions! Spammers go suck on your thumb in corner!

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            Tell that to all the ex-supporters, some that are still waiting for their money…

            The fact that the donation part was an opt-out tells a lot what a shady company Jolla is. A company that can not be honest and tries to steal money from their costumers doesn’t deserve any respect.

            • Avatar

              We have not stolen, nor been dishonest with anyone. The whole tablet story was a lot of mishaps at the same time for Jolla. Your money (And in fact other’s) is yours, and sooner or later you will see it in your account. We have started refunding from last month! Sadly we have faced more technical difficulties with PayPal. Meanwhile, a lot of refund has been successfully made and the rest are in the queue to be sent out.

              We have not done any of these delays intentionally. I’m sure no company would be endangering their reputation like this in that case! If we didn’t have the money, we would honestly come and say that we don’t have it and we will pay you later. But we did have the money (still do, while sending more refunds as we speak) and unfortunately didn’t expect all of the international transfer delays (From Finland to HK to PayPal) nor did we expect issues with PayPal itself for charging us extra).

              At the same time, we understand that the situation is frustrating for our supporters and ex-supporters. I can assure you that it is as frustrating for us! No company wants their supporters to be angry. I’m sure no company wants that.

              I say this again: The money is yours! It has been and it will be. Just bare with us a little while more so we can refund everyone’s first half back. I hope it was clear enough and I’m sure you understand the situation here. It’s as frustrating, if not more!


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                Well, if Jolla as a company has to send the money in two steps then clearly the company does __not__ have the money. Otherwise it should be simpler to send the money in one transaction.

                I still think the opt-out for donation was a really shady way to handle the refund part.

                • Avatar

                  That wasn’t my point! I was just trying to be honest and clear 🙂

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                    Yes you were trying to, but you should of left out the lie about PayPal being the problem of your refunds, just like changing the display on your tablet was it two or three times to tell some bs how the tablet is being delayed… And now you plame PayPal be carefull soon there will be no one else left to blame than the backers…

                    • Avatar

                      I didn’t lie about anything! Who am I to lie? 🙂 I could have left your comment alone if I wanted to lie. It would’ve been much better for my own sake! I try not to lie as much as possible. It’s true that I am defending the company I am working for but I have me own dignity as well. I would not destroy that at any cost. I tried to be as open and honest as possible. If you see what we say as lies, and can not in any way comprehend that all these mishaps were unfortunate happenings that we did not expect nor did we want them to happen, then I shall leave you to it until you receive your refund. But my job here is at least to try and help the community make sense of what has been going on. I’m not however responsible for anyone believing it or not.

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                    James,great way to explain things 🙂 Thank you

                    @Nightfall and @anttimonty , Have you ever worked for yourselves? Owning a company I mean… I do. When you work for someone your job is just one, and “easy” because you just have to do what they ask you to, but if not, owning a company means doing EVERYTHING. Paying through two steps it’s usual sometimes, last time that I did that was on Friday. Paypal it’s an awesome tool, but sometimes it’s also a pain in the ass because the money they take (and I understand that they have to make money also, ofc).
                    If you don’t want to understand things it’s ok, but maybe you should

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                      No, I have not worked for myself but I have worked at a really small company (we were less than 10 persons and only 5 developers). We had to keep our servers running, do support and maintenance, and still develop our new product (and so much more…). So yes, we were doing everything!

                      Comparing a one person company to Jolla is not a fair comparison even through I understand what your point is.

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                      Thanks for the support, Alex!
                      I agree with you on the small company part actually, especially Jolla, where they had a bigger team and now it’s almost half but with the same amount of work to do! Definitely harder than anyone can think.
                      Thankfully the refunds are being made at speed though 🙂

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                Why have none of these delays been communicated? The complete and utter lack of communication is what kills me, and has forever turned me against Jolla, I can’t believe this far into this tablet fiasco the communication with the community is still this horrendous. Jolla deserves every bit of ire the community throws at it.

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                  @NAKATTACK sorry that i’ll go a little bit routhly with you, but your intervention is out of topic.
                  i don’t know why,YOU don’t get those info, there are many ways to get it. the tjc channel, the blog here, and many others. please check your source and ask you why you were not aware of it.

                  • Avatar

                    Hi cemoi71 no apologies necessary, things are pretty heated at the moment. Allow me to counter your points.

                    1st off, James Noori engaged this topic, thus making it “in topic”.

                    Can you please link to an official statement that details the refunding delays? I shouldn’t have to hunt down this information, that is buried in blog comment section replies. A vague “things are delayed” doesn’t cut it, we gave Jolla our hard earned cash, we deserve better. I check my “source” almost daily looking for updates on the refund.

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          @Nightfall Oh come on, you’re making a fool of yourself and you know it. Ppl you follow this blog know you’re not telling the truth. So the only effect is that you come across as a somewhat weird person.

          • Avatar

            No, I am not making a fool of myself and I am not telling lies.

            While I don’t agree with your opinions (mainly about Jolla and Sailfish OS), I am not accusing you for being a fool or being a weird person. That is really low! I have nothing further to say to you.

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              @Nightfall stop it please your are out of topic. Such an information misused is unacceptable for other member. You can please bring your frustration in a other channel.
              And please take. take shovel and bucket and go playing on the sand ok?
              that’s enough!!

              • Avatar

                Your first part of your answer was to the point and really good. Yes, there are several comments that are off topic but I never started the off topic discussion. I just clarified a couple of things that some delusion and naive posters reposts whenever there is a discussion about the tablet.

                Your second part is just an insult! You are a bit hypocritical when you don’t respect other customers and threat them respectfully.

                Now I am going to do what I should have done a couple of months ago… Forget all about this scum company and everything that surrounds it.

                So long and thanks for all the fish!

                • Avatar

                  Oh fine hypocritical and no respect from me. You know now what is our position, us as other customers too.
                  It is respectable
                  that I would expect having reactions on topic on this blog. Right, it could be sometimes some divergences (i do it myself too). One may come with frustration, and read it, and react on it (or not) as good as we can. But comes again twice, and again, and again. Each time it would be kindly answered with interest. But on the other side, still a wall, with the same word and hate, and seems not to care of the others. What is it for you?
                  No! from me That’s not an insult, but the next step of the kindly answer, and the stronger one… that is a shout to asking for stop it!!! You only get what you have seeding, if you goes on the nerve of the other which have nothing to do with it.
                  That’s enough! we have already well understood right?

                • Avatar

                  You are trying to reason with trolls (or fanbois, in the end it is the same). You were civil, they insult you and anyone who dares to criticise their beloved jolla.
                  I gave up long ago. Trying to discuss with a pathological liar who even insists that everyone else is lying is a waste of time.

            • Avatar

              @Nightfall Of course you keep on lying. Jolla donates money to the Indiegogo supporters (something they don’t have to do), but you claim they’re “stealing”it. You’re lying. You’re making a fool of yourself.

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    Thats nice jolla. Can I have my money now please?!

    • Avatar

      @JollaHQ “now” not “soon”

    • Avatar

      Thanks Jolla! 🙂 Just hit my inbox yesterday. Faith in humanity restored. Well, until the next time I accidentally read the news!
      Anyway, sorry the tablet project didn’t work out, best of luck with future endeavours.

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    After being a loyal fan of n9/jolla for years, the most exciting development of this company would be if we all receive our refunds.

    • Avatar

      Hi Jan. We have started the refunds on last week of April and are continuing as we speak (it is not just a push of a button). All should be done during May. Thanks again for your patience and support!

      • Avatar

        But it seems like Jolla is making it much, much harder than it should be! Other companies have been able to refund with less effort compared to Jolla and in a shorter time span too.

        You have lost me as a supporter thanks to all of this even through I didn’t care about the tablet.

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    What the point to invest resources if no device? No passion!

    • Avatar

      No device? Look at the photograph (above) of the new external keyboard they have developed!
      It is astonishing how optimistic those working for Jolla seem to be. Despite all the nonsense with the tablet and the non-appearance of a Jolla2 they persist in believing that there is a dedicated loyal community willing to devote time and resources to this…

      • Avatar

        “nonsense with the tablet and the non-appearance of a Jolla2”?
        I don’t think so.

        They lied us with the tablet, “open source”… .
        The future seems to be even worse than BlackBerry’s QNX.

        Lets be realistic, where is the passion?

        • Avatar

          @tojocky stop it please your are out of topic. Such an information misused is unacceptable for other member. You can please bring your frustration in a other channel.
          If you have no passion, why are you still and going on the nerve until the end?
          We get the message, and now you could leave here.
          And please take shovel and bucket and go playing on the sand ok?
          that’s enough!!

  8. Avatar

    can’t recommend jolla anymore. my n900 has at least sip-support…
    i croudfounded a tablet i had to buy in china again…


    • Avatar

      This post wasn’t about refunds. But yeah…It will unfortunately overshadow allsvenska the good work by the few Jolla, every move by Jolla until supporters are fully refunded.

      • Avatar

        overshadow? there won’t be any future post about refunds and also no refunds… they took my money after having nice ideas they now aren’t developping anymore… (oth openhardware etc…) and spent it otherwise destroying there only market. i can’t recomand a company whit such behavior, even if there are little efforts..

        • Avatar

          yes, overshadow as in everything we write and Jolla do is totally until they fully refund all that waiting for money.

          And more blogposts will come…

        • Avatar

          @tamhou stop it please your are out of topic. Such an information misused is unacceptable for other member. You can please bring your frustration in a other channel.
          We get the message, and now you could leave here.
          If it satisfied you to destroy a company and its other customers/members, because don’t want understand. Then no one may do something for you.
          And please take shovel and bucket and go playing on the sand ok?
          that’s enough!!

          • Avatar

            monsieur vos geule!
            i waited for years to get rip off. and i got NO single answer on my mails, even when i formulated them politly.
            so why not say how it is: communication: fail! realisation? fail! unique sellingpoints we had (independent tablet and toh and support of the cool dudes like dirk van leersum): FAIL!
            i got ripped off and beside that my n900 outperforms my jolla from features on the os side. jolla still does not support pgp! Privacy? my ass!

          • Avatar

            or asked in a diffrent manner: tell me those promises jolla kept! can’t find them. and i supported them since 2013. three years of frustration is more then enough.

            • Avatar

              @tamhou that’s enough please!!!
              We get your message, we all understand it.
              The guy who write this blog make his job, and can’t do nothing for your situation. An me too and why do you have to force to read it 10 time again and again?
              You shout that jolla treat you in wrong way.
              And what should i do in the case of Simonas how do you treat him, me and others? with your Harassment.
              § years of frustration, and what is the sense that you still live on this state?
              Really it is up to you to give an end of it. I think you are quite mature enough for it.
              Don’t give the responsibility to other one for your decisions. You and only you is the master of your happiness. Then try to looking for how could you have your happiness back. Don’t you think so?
              And please again, stop to corrupt this info channel in this way. We got it enough, and it doesn’t change.
              If you really need it indeed, then then please use an appropriate way, which don’t touch all who have nothing to do with it.

              To answer your question with the promises… I guess you gave you a kind of trap with some enthusiasms. All that awaited parts you told as promises. Were not promises, but a wish, with big enthusiasm too. A wish is not really expected to be realized, but a promises yes.
              They wished make a tablet, and work on anything as fast as possible. And they promises to do their best. And telling usually “i will do this”, don’t mean that it is promised that the job will be finalized, but he will work on it as far as he can.
              What i means with it is, they told a lot of things that they want to do. And tell their enthusiasm on saying that they give all they can to realize it. But you know in this business, there is a lot’s of extern part which interfere for the good development of it. And they could nothing done against it, otherwise to give their best and promise it. But is not a guarantee of finalization. We you and other should be aware of it and be careful that it doesn’t snap ourself too.
              thus, that is those kind of promises and wish, and disturb factor that you could find again overall.

            • Avatar

              And i should notice you, that they are not obliged to help the people who get straight blind in this trap on their own.
              But they do this, as fast as they can, because they are human. And their many and enough one, who wouldn’t do this.
              On the contrary of you, i found communication right ok, not too much, and not less. Fit on the event that they worked. Communication based on speculation are not good communication. Realisation, not failed, but slow, really slow a surprise with a small team). Sellings point, i have no idea on what is possible on your country, so i better tell nothing about it.
              PGP? why do you need it? maybe someone could give you an alternative. I don’t need it, because i’m away from google yahoo and so on, and have a local provider, which is not smaller than google and etc… And my person and the type of data that i have, are not really interesting

              • Avatar

                completly ridiculous reply.

  9. Avatar

    Amazing, after stealing money, now they want to steal people time. Is it an Open Source OS ? Nope.

    • Avatar

      What an amazing destructive and nonsense remark!!!!
      With the time that you invest to tell bullshit, instead of this you could use it by bring a better wording on your device that fit to you. You hero!!!
      Maybe you’ll be complimented from the other for this.
      Otherwise you are authorized to use this time, for you job or family, we would understand it too. 😉

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    This seems fun! I’m no programmer but I still would like to contribute in some way, and translating is a good way to do it. The tool for translating seems easy to work with. Looking forward to it.

  11. Avatar

    I hope is so everytime you whine here of your undeserved refund, yes undeserved, one day delay is added! 😀

    • Avatar

      Yes I understand that a refund in a indiegogo campaign is undeserved. But fail to deliver what promised in that campaign and still exists as the same company that is more than undeserved.

  12. Avatar

    It just eats up your credibility when there is excuse after excuse and delay after delay. Further more announcing new things while refunds are still unfinished looks to us as if your priorities lies somewhere else than your with customers.

    Ofcourse it is not your faulth, but I wouldn’t personally blame other companies for Jolla’s problems.

    If PayPal truly is the problem then let them write about it.

    I do feel sorry for you and I must say you got some balls to take that job in a time like this.

    • Avatar

      Well, PayPal doesn’t technically have a problem. The extra charges that faced us were the problem. But I never said that the refunds are on hold. We are continuing with them every day and it is our priority before announcing anything important.

      for the last sentence, I guess thanks for the compliment? 😀 lol
      It’s not as bad as you might think. Happily it’s going to be much better as time goes by. and I’m not saying that because I’m defending Jolla; I say that because I am seeing it coming 🙂

      • Avatar

        Well lets hope so.

        Just out of curiosity is the plan to still do those refunds in two parts? Seems kind of silly and expensive to Jolla, since Jolla has the money now to refund in full. + it would give Jolla good publicity, when something actually goes better than expected.

        • Avatar

          Yeah the plan to split the money in 2 was before the finances were secured and since the latest press release we decided to stick to that plan! Although I agree with you that it’d regain some trust indeed. But we have begun refunding already and are continuing with it so it will be unfair to those who received their first half as well.

          • Avatar


            You are the kind of employee that every company aspire to have in its wings. I would like to refer a classic case where Microsoft lent( ok.. invested.. 😀 ) money to Apple ($ 150 Million.. 🙂 ), when it was in dire situation almost brink of bankruptcy, look how things have turned out..

            Your optimism is not without reason, and cheers for the bright future.

            • Avatar

              Agree. I like James too. Doing a great job trying to answer impossible question create by miss management in the past, and possible now as well.

              Keep up the good work James!

              • Avatar

                Thanks Dave! I hope I can always deliver as good as I possibly can!

            • Avatar

              Wow thank you so much for this comment! Brightened up my morning! I’m humbled by such great people that truly understand and appreciate my (our) intentions!

          • Avatar

            I got my first half finally, thank you. Lets hope the second half comes sooner than expected so I may once again use a Jolla product.

            • Avatar

              What a delightful piece of news I’m getting on these days! Awesome to hear!

  13. Avatar

    Just got a mail but no money yet. Hope they show up eventually.

    Thank you Jolla for doing the right thing.

    Hope to see the second part of the money sooner. No pressure;)


    • Avatar

      What an awesome piece of news! I’m glad it finally happened, Dave!

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    HEy guy!!! did you reread what is the title of this topic ??!!
    Here it’s handle to the translation of a system.

    I’m a customer of jolla too. I it is not acceptable that other customers treat other in that way.!!!
    And it nerve really that at any point, that any topic are misused from problem which are out of topic!!!!
    If you are unsatisfied (I can understand too), it is your right to explain, but on a proper contact channel.

    If you can’t understand what is it explain with calm in many form. Then the problem is by you.
    Please, don’t be egoist and give a little the other some rest about this point.

    If you have no more interest of it? right, your problem.
    why are you still here and don’t want to let the other in calm? Should absolutely the other nerve until the end?

    Thanks in advance for this

    • Avatar

      You forgot your punchline about shovel and bucket.

    • Avatar

      So you come here and post something equally off topic. Smart move 😀

      To me Jolla should know better than to post stuff before refund users, especially since they have the money now.

      Why let this shit show follow your buissniess another 7 month??

      • Avatar

        Why? Because you trolls are too much fun to end it all right now.

        • Avatar

          I just thought Jolla would like to move on, and possibly you as well. And me. I could be wrong, though.

          • Avatar

            yes but it is not the easy what you think. They have a strong reorganisation behind them, I understood that they loose the half of their devs, and had to relocate. For this means to review the whole organisation and planing. And this, is not trivial to do this in parallel on working, and acquire new partners and market. My firm is still by reorganizing after a year, and the fundament was not so deeply injured than by jolla.
            Do you understand what i mean?
            Now the problem is just a representation of time and money. With time we should be patient, and with money they get indirectly time back (by working faster).

          • Avatar

            @Dave999 No way! I had a feeling of “Oh my goodness, will this never end!” in the past when your group of trolls endlessly repeated thheir false accusations and made up lies out of thin air. But now I finally understand: It’s a comedy act of some kind and was always intended as such. You’re brilliantly mocking all kinds of unlovable people on the webs: trolls, spoiled kids, egomaniacs, plain supid ones and supporters of conspiracy theory. It’s a marvelous show and a great pleasure to watch/read!

      • Avatar

        Some one should tell to stop, or many other.
        I may just write “stop it” but no one would, but wouldn’t have its effect.
        Sometimes, I believe not to display some comment, would avoid some dramatic escalations…
        Jolla do not use this joker (which is extreme i confess) they have good nerves. Let us thinking on this…

        • Avatar

          Guys, please take it easy.

          As long as I agree that talking about the refunds on this post is highly off-topic, I also give the right to the people who have been waiting for so long to get their hard-earned money back.

          Of course, sending comments every day would not speed up any process, but at least it gives me a chance to communicate and let the backers know what has been going on. They need to know, it’s their money.

          It would have been better if we continued the discussion on the latest refund/tablet-related post and let this post be focused on Community Pootle, but hey, can’t force anyone!

          I appreciate how people support Jolla and understand the situation, thanks so much for the love, but let’s not heat the conversation up when we can talk in peace and solve things.


  15. Avatar

    jolla is time to reconcile with your father, and this is the best time

  16. Avatar

    … what really sticks out of beyond this blog again is that Sailfishes scrolling ergonomics & awareness need to become improved drastically to deliver some satisfactory scrolling experience.
    It should (read: must) actually stick out competitors approaches.


    I would be more than impressed if one day soon you’d be giving this a serious consideration. Thanks.

    • Avatar

      Hi, thank you for commenting, I will forward your suggestion to the team.

      • Avatar

        That’d be great ! 🙂

        Pleasure to see serious community communications is re-gaining momentum with you, James ….

        • Avatar

          The thing is that I will do my best but it might take a fair amount of time till we get fully back to the old times when we had more team members at the office! But hey, I’m here to take care of a part of that so I’ll do my best 😉

      • Avatar

        IMHO the implementation of (A) intelligent content-interaction-aware scrolling, (B) universal copy-paste functionality and (C) split-screen multitasking ( not only for tablet devices ) would be the next logical step for the overall UI experience, which constitutes a central selling point.

        Someday soon platform convergence will also knock on your doors …

        • Avatar

          Whoa, such an optimist you are. “Intelligent content-interaction-aware scrolling”… I will be ECSTATIC even to get simple scrolling that I had on my N9 five years ago

          • Avatar

            Hi ScumCoder, hi dear Sailors,

            … yes I know I’m “optimistic” – but marketwise it will gradually turn into a “deliver-it-now or persish-for-good” situation.

            If jolla cannot resolve these elementary experiential hurdles & productive flow hindrances into the opposite it’ll become difficult to stand up against existing and evolving alternatives. Personally I’m not keen on adopting Sailfish-specific interactive postural deformities ….

            [ As much as I support the existence of a powerful independent mobile / convergent OS alternative I am tired of explaining to people and myself since months that this & that will become available if one day sooner or later jolla’s destiny turns out to be favorable or patronizing. Meanwhile copy-paste, scroll and split-screen are way overdue essentials to stay in business for much longer and taking care upcoming challenges … ]

          • Avatar

            @ScumCoder: Not mentioning the ease of copy-pasting on the N900 7years ago 😉 ….

  17. Avatar

    Did someone already mention that this all has been sponsored by the TABLET BACKERS which are still waiting for at least 50% of their money ?

    For god sake please finish this whole Table SAGA before even spending money on something else.

    And all you fanboys loving Jolla .. Shut up please .. You are enjoying MY (and other backers) money so instead of mocking everyone wanting the FULL refund, you should be grateful to us as WE TABLET BACKERS made it all possible.

    We financed this whole JOLLA B.S. with out money .. not the other way around.

    Facts are facts and I will not stop until I have every penny back from these scam artist who are better known as JOLLA

    • Avatar

      Hi Maikel!

      We understand your frustration. We are not scamming anybody and Jolla wanted o deliver the tablet more than anyone who wanted to receive it! Unfortunately, it did not happen and a series of mishaps made the project to go down. It definitely is not your responsibility to pay for it and we understand that. Please keep in mind that we have started refunding the first half from over 2 weeks ago and every day there are more people announcing that they have received their refunds (Here on the blog, on Twitter, on Diaspora* and other channels). There are people who are still in the queue to receive their refunds but as for the rest, it might take a few more days.

      Please stay with us a tad bit longer and you will see your money in your PayPal account.

      We apologize for all of the things that has been happening lately, and we are not looking to blame anybody for it.

      I personally hope that you at least get to receive your first half of refund rounds as soon as possible.


    • Avatar

      @Maikel et al., just resuming logically : let some action follow your ( flood of ) words – sue them !

      • Avatar

        Don’t you think that what you are proposing is just a little bit too much?

        Not to mention that (thanks to IGG ToS) there is little to no chance of receiving anything back in court – only losing even more money and time

        • Avatar

          …. just read between the lines, you’ll get the idea what I actually meant 😉

  18. Avatar

    Well I have to be honest, and you sir are the first person (seemly working for Jolla) who is trying to answer me correct and quick.
    I do appreciate this !

    But having said this, please do take into account that this is the first time since I backed the project at Indiegogo. I hope you realize that this is been a LONG LONG time ago.

    So yes I do feel scammed, and I will do so until I have my full refund, and as you know we backers still do not know IF we get the other 50% back or WHEN we get it back.

    So now I ask you, if you insist me not calling your employer a scam artist, what name / word would you use for someone who promesses you something, you pay for it, than stays silent for a few months, than lies about delivery times, than ensures you (on twitter) that no matter what you would get what you’ve paid for, than again stays silent for months. And in the end comes with a sad story how unlucky he has been and he maybe will pay you back, maybe not or even maybe will deliver the product you initially ordered.

    What would you call someone who does that ?

    Again James, this is purely business, but I lost my well earned money and will not let it rest until I have it back.
    If I receive interest and a personal apology from your CEO I even would consider to forgive him.

    But until than .. I will keep it to the facts, and that is that I (and almost all Tablet backers) have been scammed.

    • Avatar

      Hi again!

      Wow okay, now I got a better image of why you have been frustrated after such a long time and rightfully so.

      A couple of things I need to clarify here:

      I was not a Jolla employee during tablet times but I was following closely, maybe closer than anyone, throughout the whole process. We’re talking facts right? So I know for a fact that Jolla did not “lie” about the delays in delivery. The multiple display issues were actually completely valid. I know for a fact that all of the employees tried their best to deliver the product which as we all know did not end well. The main plan of course was to deliver the tablet, and let me assure you that the money that ended up being spent on the tablet project considering all of the delays, problems, and last but not least the refunds, was logically much more than the amount paid by the backers. The main problem which led to cancellation of the project began when the company didn’t get their next round of finances secured in time and it was during that time that Jolla was kinda forced to go to a short (yet long) hibernate, laying off employees and even some of the employees decided to leave considering the financial situation. All of those delays led to the lack of money. Lack of money led to laying of many employees, laying off many employees led to the closure of the tablet project that made everyone sad.

      Trust me, no company would want their reputation to be hurt like this! If Jolla was a “scam artist” as you call it to be, they would not try their best to bring the company back on its feet while trying to figure out a way to refund the people who paid and trusted the company.
      Of course, the refund is going to be made in 2 parts, yes. But that decision was made when the company have still not had the latest round of financings secured in place. And now since many people have already been paid, it would be unfair to change policy and pay the rest in full. Tough I assure you that we are not planning to keep anyone’s money or as some would say “steal” it.

      Many of us work, and we earn the money that comes into our lives hard! So we understand each other in that sense quite well. The money is hard-earned, it doesn’t grow on a tree and last but not least it is your money.
      I’m not asking you to trust us again, but I ask for a tad more patience till at least the first half reaches your account so you can see that we actually do pay back.

      Seriously, I wrote for 20+ minutes, I hope I could solve some of the issues that were stuck for so long…

      I apologize on behalf of the team for any miscommunication/lack of it. I understand how busy they have been. That’s why they hired me to help and get the communications going.

      Thanks again for your understanding!


      • Avatar

        ^^ @James Noori: I’m learning to admire your patience and stamina over the last few weeks in handling those kinds of comments – but inevitably they have become part of the deal …

      • Avatar

        Again thank you for your detailed answer.
        But my dear sir you forgot to answer the question I asked you ; I asked you given the information I had as a customer taking all time of no communication and false promises by your CEO ( ).

        What would you be calling a company which did that too you.

        Please answer this first.

        By the way the facts that I state are made by self investigation as I NEVER got any reply on the more than 100 e mails I wrote (which the first 60 where actually really polite) from Jolla.

        Patience only goes that far, and that line has been crossed A LONG TIME AGO !

        Further more if it is true what you are stating and Jolla has funding now, why wait with the second round of refunds ? Why not just finish the first round (which should be finished the end of May according to you) and start the second round on the 1st of June.

        B.t.w. you really need to explain me why Jolla needs to spend MORE money on refunds than they made at Indiegogo.
        They used it (and this was communicated at this blog with led to a lot of anger) for the development of SailOS, and not the Tablet (which clearly was sold at Indiegogo).

        So with all due respect, someone made a clusterf*ck-up at this project. Fair enough, but what really pissed me and most of the other backers really off was the lack of communication and the false promises that where made.

        What happened with .. an honest “We made a mistake” if this was told at the beginning of the when the issues started I probably was willing to pay more or just let it go.

        We all make mistakes, I do on a daily basis, but I am not trying to hide them, I am honest and try to learn from them.

        Again I do appreciate your effort here, but you are the only one at Jolla, and like mentioned before without my money fully refunded I will not stop.
        And without a personal apology of mister Antti Saarnio I am not likely to forgive this BS, and I will spend some time telling this whole story to anyone ever considering buying one of the Jolla Products.

        Because DO NOT FORGET Jolla tried to sell it’s self as less evil than the “big companies like MS / Apple / Google” well in the end the proved to be even worse.

        • Avatar

          @Maikel thank you for this words! Big +1!
          @Jolla you learn, gratulation.
          @James Noori good job!

        • Avatar

          @Maikel The answers to all of your “questions” (or accusations) have been given here repeatedly. If you choose to ignore them or not not to believe them, it’s your free choice. (If it were those questions you spammed Jolla with per mail, I’m not very surprised you’re not getting individual answers.)

          Why would you expect any different answers now? You know, there’s a word for “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different

          • Avatar

            Thanks for putting a smile on my face today with another completely useless remark.

            As always you trying to troll the backers and kissing Jolla’s ass makes a complete fool out of yourself.

            Please keep doing this as you are the fool who makes me smile with every comment you make.

        • Avatar

          Bombarding a person or a company with 100 emails is an effective way to ensure that your mails will be deleted without reading.

          • Avatar

            Over time it has been 100 e mail, but bombarding ? You do realize this saga started on the 19th of November 2014 (yes this is 19 months ago or better 549 days)

            So that is less than 1 e mail every 5 days, or 1 e mail every workweek on average.

            I would not call that bombarding.

            • Avatar

              Lol, and what did you have to complain about back in 2014 actually?

              The delays started at the end of May 2015 (i.e. the initial ETA). And it was no surprise that a project like that would have some delays, so when Jolla postponed by a few months, there was still no reason to harass them.

              I can understand that you started to be angry let’s say, in September 2015, due to the lack of communication, i.e. ~8 months ago. So that rather makes 3 email a week, 1 email out of 2 business day, so yes, it’s called bombarding.

              That’s really kind for all the person that have real issue and that need to reach the support, really…

              • Avatar

                So by your opinion if you receive NO response WHATSOEVER on any of your inquires you should just shut up and patiently wait until Jolla dignifies you with an answer?

                • Avatar

                  Well, you can come release your anger here if it makes you feel better, like others have done.

                  But if you’re smart enough, you know that the support guys won’t be able to tell you anything else than the official message delivered on this blog, so it’s stupid to harass them.

            • Avatar

              So, you started sending those emails much before the first promised launch date? Interesting.

              In any case, it is my opinion that no one should get preferential treatment by sending several messages instead of one.

              • Avatar

                Answering an e-mail from someone who gave you money is now “preferential treatment”?..

              • Avatar

                Fair point and no I did not, but as ScumCoder states correctly not getting any replies does not makes me stop asking.

                And I also agree with you that no one should get a preferential treatment. I never aimed on that by the way.

                Requests made where for clarification and updates about the Tablet. Which never were answered properly.

        • Avatar

          Hi again ,Maikel!

          I feel that I answered your question numerous times. I said that the Jolla tablet was going to make it, it really was in the final stage, and as you can see there already are people who are received the tablet instead of their refund. It was after those announcements that everything went down. Of course it was unfortunate and of course our Chairman, Mr. Saarnio would not say that if he had known that the tablet project will end up being closed.

          Regarding the second half of refunds, it was already on our roadmap to pay it later on, and in such companies, roadmap is a pretty tight thing. If you have an idea about how many feature requests and how many other general “things” are still pending, you’d understand what I mean. There of course is a budget roadmap as well which I really can’t comment on since I have no idea how it is handled.

          Regarding the part “The money when to developing Sailfish OS 2.0”, well excuse me but Sailfish OS 2.0 was/is the essence of Jolla tablet and the device is called Jolla tablet because of Sailfish OS 2.0 otherwise it could be yet another Android tablet with almost the same design. So developing Sailfish OS 2.0 was one of the biggest parts of the Jolla tablet and that is pretty obvious. How could you have a hardware in hand when the software was not developed to an acceptable degree? I don’t understand why people would get angry at Jolla because of that. But hey, you have your rights to be angry at what you want. I can’t stop you!

          I, by the way, did not say that Jolla us spending more money on the refunds. I however did say that the whole tablet project has had more costs than the amount collected from the Indiegogo campaign.

          I also can’t stop you from spreading the word about what has happened to people considering Jolla or Sailfish OS. I hope you get your refund back as soon as possible!


          • Avatar


            Thank you again. I guess we’ll never completely agree at this time.
            We are both on different sides and I am sure that I do not have all the information to create the complete picture.

            I do hope you get why the frustration is on this high level. Again an honest story, earlier in the proces would have created a LOT more understanding of the community.

            What you call unfortunately is really a big understatement as Antti never got back on that statement.
            It would have been so brave if he had done this, and proven him a true leader.
            At this moment in time with the information I have (read Jolla gave the community) is that his is exactly the same as any other chairman he names “evil”.

            Ok, like I said, let’s agree to disagree but can you please do me and the rest of all “angry” backers 1 BIG favor.

            Please .. please please give us the final date when Jolla is planning to start and finish the second rounds of refunds.

            You owe us that little bit of information as we have been kept in the dark for long enough.
            As you correctly mentioned budgets are planned WAY ahead for companies like Jolla.
            You refer to a roadmap in your post here,
            so there is a planning.
            Please share this with us (with an exact date and year just to be completely clear).

            • Avatar

              Let’s agree to disagree 🙂 Cool!

              But believe you me, I don’t know the exact answer to your question.

              If you have been following, and if you have read our latest press release on May 3rd, there is a bit of information there that says “The refunds will be split into two rounds due to financial constraints: round one will see half of the refund paid out now, and round two will see the rest paid out within a year of round one – depending on Jolla’s financial status. ”

              And that is as far as it goes for now for the public.

              You should know this: Even though there are roadmaps, there will almost definitely be changes happening to the roadmaps over time. That’s why announcing any date would only help hurting the company more.

              Once again, I hope this issue gets solved as soon as possible.


            • Avatar

              @Maikel: If by “Antti never got back on that statement” you are referring to the tweet you linked to earlier (“It will be late, but I guarantee you will get it.”):

              He did. He did so on Nov. 24th here on this blog. Again, you don’t seem to have all the facts, but you’re happy to accuse others as if it were their fault that you don’t read.

              • Avatar

                Thank god you are all-knowing and good.

                You funny clown !
                Love ya !

      • Avatar

        These very clear explanations should have been part of a blog post months ago, not buried in some comments!

  19. Avatar


    I am in Canada and I contributed on Indiegogo on Jan. 30 2015 for one Jolla Tablet 64GB.

    I completed the refund survey on March 19th, 2016.

    Tuesday May 17th, 2 days ago, I received the following email notification from my PayPal account;

    Just thought you’d like to know Jolla Asia Limited sent you $***.** USD.
    Note from sender, Jolla Asia Limited:
    This is the 1st half of your refund amount. Thanks for supporting the Jolla Tablet project.

    • Avatar

      Same for me, received refund 2 days ago. I have no problem to await the other half for OS advances & improvements.

      Personally I would’ve donated for shares. I campaigned for that option sufficiently long enough:

    • Avatar

      Well, that is odd. I completed the survey on 16th of March but still have not recieved anything other than confirmation email for completing the survey. I’d really like some info on what basis are the refunds made, how fast are they done, how bog percentage of backers have they already refunded etc. At the moment I don’t know if I should have had the refund already or not. I’m sure I’ll get my money but I’m not sure if everything is OK as there haven’t been too much of information. Thank you James for doing the Job Jolla should have done from the start. Maybe this sh*tstorm could have been avoided with better communication, but it’s no use to cry about what should have been done.

      • Avatar

        The refunds are technically going to be fully made till the end of May. There still are people who have not received their money back and you are one of them. I think if you didn’t receive anything until the end of this month, contact our care. They should be able to solve it for you! Though I don’t believe and I hope that won’t be the case.


        • Avatar

          Thanks for your reply. I too hope it won’t be the case but I seem to be some kind of exception magnet. It’s nice to see that you have energy and determination to do this work even though the situation is what it is. At least the community has a good guy in charge with passion and respect. The biggest turndown for me in tablet saga was the fact that we igg supporters had to learn from majority of problems in the project after deadlines had passed and in more cases we had to learn them from second hand sources (newspaper interviews, private emails, chat messages reported by community members). It was opposite of doing it together and transparency. In the beginning I didn’t care about the money but as time progressed and I felt more and more left out of the process, I lost the respect towards Jolla as they didn’t seem to care to communicate about the project to the people who paid that project. Yes, there were some blog posts but most of them were reactionary apologies, not heads up warnings about possible difficulties. Mistakes were made, but hopefully this time something is learned. I wish you all the best and good luck. Feels like you’re going to need it.

          • Avatar

            Thank you for this comment!

            I totally understand what your frustrations are. Yes there has been lack of communication but I personally can’t find someone to blame as I know for a fact that the remaining sailors after the crisis have tried their best to deliver, while having other more important things to handle. Not having a dedicated community person has its own consequences of course!

            I’m sure you will receive the refund. And I’m sorry that you lost faith in us 🙁 We will be doing our best to recapture the faith of our fans and even ex-supporters. Everyone is precious to us and we deeply apologize for the latest inconveniences.

            Thanks for wishing me luck!


    • Avatar

      Awesome news! thank you for informing us!

      • Avatar

        I was first one with phone, and in first 2 hundred with tablet. Has no tablet, because i’m from Russia and Jolla ignoring it, and no refund. That not awesome.
        I support Jolla, wrote apps, and they still ignoring russian supporters. Can’t understand why.

        • Avatar

          Материально-технические проблемы, только поэтому, и вы правы, игнорируя России (моя Земля, моя Роднои .. 🙂 , моя страна на выбор) – это очень плохой ход..

        • Avatar

          Yeah, unfortunately we don’t have to look very far to see how Jolla is bad in communication.

          If the reason is classified, at least they can say so, but leaving all russian supporter in the dark and ignoring them is a bit disrespectful. 😕

  20. Avatar

    It’s obvious that next blog post must be all about refund.

    • Avatar

      Oops, it was not xD

  21. Avatar

    50% Refund is in my bank acccount. Thank you Jolla.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for supporting us!

  22. Avatar

    This isn’t the correct place for this but as I’m not sure where is, it’ll do. Can Jolla change the homepage to better represent the current state of play? Why bother marketing “sold out” ‘phones (irrespective of how dated they are)? Surely an honest and respectful home page should simply describe Sailfish and include hints as to what’s next (eg developments within the community). It might also give updated news about the state of refunds… The menu links to the Tablet and TOH. Surely they should be removed – for anyone who “knows” it’s rather “amusing” and for any newcomer to the site it’s misleading (at best). There are members of the “community” who are still keen to stay involved – I think Jolla should decorate the liferaft more in keeping with reality. A suggestion – make the blog page the “Homepage” as de facto it’s all that is really going on.

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