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New forum for Sailfish OS discussion

Your voice is important

The (TJC) website has served us well, with the first question inserted back in December 2013 just after we released the first Jolla smartphone. Since then it has been the place for discussion around Sailfish OS, carrying our core message of building an independent mobile OS – together. We are now at the point where we will upgrade the discussion platform. There are different reasons why the upgrade has become a necessity. First and foremost, we would like to enable a better platform for developer collaboration. TJC has not been the optimal forum for serving developers’ needs. Topics are often not in question-and-answer form, but require discourse and deeper analysis of the situation. On the other hand, we are very pleased with the active and productive dialogue with our Sailfish X users that TJC has facilitated, and we do hope this new forum will maintain this relationship we have with the community. We’ve also come to the conclusion that the technology running TJC (Askbot) is not aging well; the site requires a lot of unnecessary maintenance effort from our Service team.

You can start using the new forum immediately at We invite you to start using the new Sailfish OS forum for the topics we’ve identified in the categories list. This forum is for you to discuss all things Sailfish OS, ask questions and share your thoughts. We welcome reviews, insight and analysis – in relation to Sailfish OS. We have built this forum to increase the Sailfish OS community’s knowledge about the open mobile development landscape and to help build Sailfish OS – together.

During the transition period TJC can be used for discussion related to already-existing topics. Over time we will migrate the content from TJC to the new Sailfish OS forum. The transfer is expected to be concluded during fall this year.

This also has an impact on the developer mailing list. The mailing list archive will be available for reference, but we will stop accepting new posts and we won’t be making announcements there. Discussion on development-related topics should be transferred to the new forum.

The new forum has its own section dedicated to site feedback, so if you have ideas about how we can best serve the community with it, please do share them there.

Sailfish OS – Developed by Jolla, its customers and the Sailfish OS community

Ville Nummela

Technical Product Manager at Jolla. Compensates for gadget addiction by hiking in the wilderness.



  1. Avatar

    Great decision 😀

  2. Avatar

    Oh, a new blog-post!

    More seriously: I have written a couple of HOWTOs and other explainers on TJC.

    Should I copy them over to the new forum ?

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      All content from TJC will be transferred to the new forum within the next months. There is no need to do this manually. All new discussion topics should be initiated on the new site at this point.

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    This is a good idea, for I think there is a need to interchange ideas.
    To my experience together.jolla is confusing. So a straightforward forum is better.

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    I still want Jolla/Sailfish to improve and become more common.
    I am following the development of e-foundation, their struggle and problems and I wonder why not many more people can join the Sailfish program. (Sometimes we have to admit that fully open source does not always give us quality.)The design and interface are too nice to let go.
    Therefore I have some questions:
    A European creditcard is in the making. Could this be useful for Jolla?
    An annual subscription to the OS with updates, wouldn’t this be a good option for sustainability?
    Coöperation with Openrepos/Storeman, wouldn’t this be fruitful?

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    Not sure why this happened when I associated my Jolla account and tried to make a post on the new forum:

    Account temporarily on hold


    This is an automated message from Sailfish OS Forum to let you know that your account has been temporarily placed on hold as a precautionary measure…

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    It would be great if the achieved karma and badges could be transferred to the new forum 🙂 Thanks!

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