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Sailfish OS Oulanka is now available

The new software release, Sailfish OS Oulanka is now available! This time, the name for Sailfish OS 3.0.2 update was inspired by one of our sailor’s favorite locations: Oulanka National Park.

Oulanka is a national park in Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia regions of Finland, covering 270 km². This park is known in Finland by adventurers due to it is famous trekking route, Karhunkierros, a four day – eighty kilometer route – located in Oulanka and accessible all year round. Oulanka was the first of the two Finnish national parks to become part of World Wide Fund for Nature’s PAN Parks.


Release Highlights

Oulanka brings in some new Sailfish OS features, and over 44 fixed issues reported in  With this new update you will find that the Top Menu has a new switch for silencing ringtones and there’s a new battery saving mode to make the most out of low battery in those moments you need to stretch productivity. Email app supports now sending read receipts to inform that you have read the senders’ email. Connectivity was improved in terms of firewall and global proxy. As for the user interface, home screen had memory optimizations for handling wallpapers, freeing memory for running other apps.

Power management

Power management in Sailfish OS has been improved. This is possible thanks to a new battery saving mode.

Battery Saving Mode

In Oulanka we introduce a new battery saving mode, which  is automatically activated by default when the battery level goes bellow 20%. You can enable or adjust the battery saving threshold in the  new battery settings section. To do this, just go to the settings menu, scroll down to the bottom and you will find the new “Battery” section.




As for Connectivity, Sailfish OS copes better in environments with large numbers of Bluetooth and WLAN devices. Bluetooth and WLAN network scan no longer slow down your device. As well the Firewall introduced in the previous update, Sipoonkorpi, gained many improvements, in general robustness and IPv6 support in particular.



Corporate API

Improvements have been made to the Corporate API. It should be noted that by default all Device Management features are disabled on vanilla Sailfish OS devices. Some of the devices management API’s created include Data counters, call statistics, location data sources, proxy settings, app auto start, roaming status, and cellular settings.


Sailfish X Beta for Xperia XA2

Sailfish X continues to be a Beta release for Xperia XA2 with the Oulanka update, but we have fixed several important issues, and will continue to improve in the following Sailfish OS updates. Oulanka improves several aspects of Android™ 8.1 App Support Beta for Xperia XA2 devices. Android apps can now more reliably connect to Internet via mobile data. There is still an issue in using second SIM of a dual SIM device, and in some cases apps do not correctly detect connectivity status. Apps that had invisible icons should now have their icons correctly presented in the App Grid. Using force stop for an Android app from app setting now works correctly without wiping app data. Lock screen control support for audio playback was  added for Android apps. Memory leak and other issues were fixed to improve overall stability.sonyxperia

There are still important issues on XA2 that we are aware of and working to fix them as soon as possible, for these complicated issues we need time to completely analyze and fix. Two major issues on top of our list that we continue to work on are battery drainage, and the malfunctions in the proximity sensor, which create a black screen after answering a phone call.

Bug Fixes

As always, we want to thank our community for your continuous support and help! Some bugs that were fixed include; events view not loading correctly and Calendar crashing when deleting entries, just to name a few.

For more information please read the release notes and for detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device please check it here.

Mariana Perez

Mariana Perez

Marketing Assistant at Jolla. Wildly interested in technology and startups. Excited to take part in Jolla team!


  1. Avatar

    Big thanks to Jolla for keeping the hard work and keeping all our devices updated.

    Thanks also to the communication team for releasing regular updates.

    (And if you got delays before an announcement, don’t hesitate to fall back to “news from the front” style pieces about what’s currently being worked on, etc.)

    • Mariana Perez

      Thanks for the constant comments DrYak!

  2. Avatar

    Are there any plans to expand the list of supported Countries, especially South Africa?
    I have been following Jolla and the Sailfish OS from day 1 without any option to get my hands on a device. I am due for a phone replacement and need to know if I should abandon all hope of ever having Sailfish OS or if I should wait a bit longer.
    I can get a Sony Xperia™ XA2 from my local provider, but the jolla store states that I am prohibited from purchasing the OS.

    • Avatar

      Stay tuned for that please! We actively work on these cases and would love to bring the opportunity of using Sailish OS to the whole world.

    • Avatar

      Whats the problem? Use vpn for shop & download 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Good to know you guys are working on two major issues regarding the XA2 – battery drain on WiFi and the proximity sensor. Thank you!

    PS: Would the fingerprint sensor in addition be too much to ask?

    • Mariana Perez

      Hello csg1976, thank you for the comment, please the right channel to suggest this is 🙂

      • vnummela

        Thank you Mariana!

  4. Avatar

    Thank you for staying on course!

    I am happy to learn that the proximity sensor bug is high up in the priority list because it really affects usability. Another annoying bug is battery drain if WiFi is activated.
    Some note on QT 5.9 and a new browser (that really is needed) would be highly appreciated!

    • Mariana Perez

      Hello, thank you for the comment, the best location to mention this bug is!

  5. Avatar

    Nice! One step more for OS, one step closer to full tablet refund! Keep going!

  6. Avatar

    Waiting for connectivity of Telegram/Android-apps solved to buy a new shinny mobile. I love SailfishOS. keep up the good work

    • Avatar

      Have you seen Depecher for Telegram?

      • Avatar

        Yes, is good but not complete

  7. Avatar

    Good news with improving Android Support. Hope you get the compatibility to version 8.1 working.
    I used my Jolla1 for many years and purchased a Sony Xperia to early. So I got stuck with Android because of missing Sailfish OS support for the device. Hope you get going so that my next phone will be capable of running Sailfish again.

  8. Avatar

    Good to see that, as promised in a support request, missing app icons or wrong app text (e.g. Instagram. Twitter) has been fixed with this update. Keep up the good work.

  9. Avatar

    I am an Xperia X user and yet to receive the early release. Would someone help me or tell me what the bloody hell is going on?

      • Avatar

        Mr. Noori. In my post, I said I was yet to receive the latest update. In other words, I still don’t have the update. I am still using Xperia X F5121. Is the latest update not for my phone or what? By the way, when will the full version of Sailfish for XA2s be available?

  10. Avatar

    Big thanks for Python 3.7! 🙂

  11. Avatar

    On a slightly off topic note. I really like the photo used for this update. somebody in Jolla has a great job going off to all these great places taking photos. Keep up the good work Jolla. another cracking release.

    • Avatar

      Agreed, I literally made a pause to admire the beauty of the place in this picture 🙂

  12. Avatar

    Hello Mariana, I installed Oulanka on my XperiaX. The swipe-system works impressively smooth. And to my surprise linking to the browser works again. That’s wonderful. To my regret I cannot use the device as a phone anymore because the sim card- and memory card-reader does not work. This problem started a few months ago. What to do? Can it be cured? Is it software or hardware?

    • Avatar

      Which swipe-system are you referring to? How to enable it?

      • Avatar

        I just mean Jolla’s. Each time when I pick up the device I am surprised about the smoothness. To my opinion this is the best thing of Sailfish. But now I can’t even make a call.

    • Avatar

      Maybe the contacts are oxidised or bent. You might try spraying some contact deoxidixer in the SIM slot. But if both cards don’t work, I fear there is a failed soldering. You should have the phone serviced.

  13. Avatar

    Great Job! Thank you for the new update!

  14. Avatar

    About the “Corporate API”/MDM. : let’s say I’m interested in managing corporate sailfish devices. How does that work? Which tooling do I need?
    There is, as far as i can find, very little information on this topic, but every Sailfish update as of late it is improved.

    (I’m an IT guy with MDM management experience 🙂 )

    • Avatar

      @yomark: Did you learn more about the “Corporate API”/MDM? I’m very interested in this feature because the Windows 10 Mobile support end is looming, and our company is looking for viable alternatives. Are at least ActiveSync MDM policies supported?

      • Avatar

        Some ActiveSync policies(password policy) are working but you can choose disable them from the Sync profile.
        At least, I think that is what the button “provisioning” means.
        But all things considered, I don’t think a Jolla device is suitable for Business use.

  15. Avatar


    I have a problem I installed sailfish on XA2, with support for android.

    I downloaded google maps, youtube and unfortunately applications do not work correctly.

    Sometimes they start to turn off after a while ..

    Can you help me?

    • Mariana Perez

      Thank you for your comment, to get the best quality answers the right channel for this question is

  16. Avatar

    Time to have a article about TOP 20 must-have native Sailfish apps in this Sailfish blog. ( and constantly update this article)

    Also Xperia phone design is so ugly and not stylish nowadays, time to negotiate with other phone makers to open their bootloader.

    • Avatar

      XA2 line is in my eyes a nice design and stylish, if u compare it with all the other sammmys etc .
      That’s my personal flavor/taste, same like urs!

  17. Avatar

    I have succesfully installed Oulanka in my Xperia X but I want to use some Android apps which require at least 5.0. So should I buy a new Xperia XA2? The problem is that the XA2 hardware is not new any more. How long will it be supported? And how about installing online banking software to Jolla? Will it ever be possible to have a native Sailfish banking app? At least the ones I have tried are for Android. During installation they said they cannot be installed on a rooted device. Do I need an Android or iPhone anyway to handle the online banking needs. Which actually forces me to use Android only. Having two separate phones for different purposes does not make any sense to me.

    • Mariana Perez

      The right channel for this type of comments is I’m sure there more people are able to help you.
      Best Regards,

  18. Avatar

    Sorry bothering you again. Since installing Oulanka on my XperiaX the Sailfish search engines designed by coderus (openrepos) do not work anymore. Sad. I don’t want to use Google or Bing or Yandex.

    • Mariana Perez

      Hello Kea,
      The right channel for this type of comments is I’m sure there more people are able to help you.
      Best Regards,

  19. Avatar

    Since nothing realy changed with this update, still bugs and features not there yet, im gonna keep waiting , using Lineage on my XA2 now, its andy 9, working ok but prefer SFOS.
    PS communication /roadmap still bad , promised a lot they cant keep, sad to see .

  20. Avatar

    I am unable to access my phone after upgrade to Oulanka. This phone is not my daily use phone and I have not tried to access after upgrade to Oulanka. It is now expecting a five digit passphrase. Unless I have gone bonkers my pass phrase was only four digits before the upgrade. How do I address this?

    • Mariana Perez

      The right channel for this type of comments is I’m sure there more people are able to help you.
      Best Regards,

      • Avatar

        Hey Mariana , since u replied on a question wich not belong on this blog, maybe u can reply other serious questions asked and mentioned above , do u have the information and knowledge to explain and or reply accordingly about this everlasting seriously lack of communication about features, updates , roadmap etc, u and your co workers and jolla are keeping the most important users in the dark, we sailors/users, devs deserve a better blog maintenance , as far its not very useful or informative.

        • Mariana Perez

          Hello aQUICK1 could you explain further “everlasting seriously lack of communication about features, updates , roadmap etc,” with clear examples what kind of information you are looking for?

          • Avatar

            I’m not aQUICK1 and don’t want to “steal” his thread, but for example I would like to know if and when the many features announced for SFOS3 will finally be implemented. SFOS3 was announced with all the cool things you find here:


            When SFOS3 was launched, basically none of these features were included… except for 2 new ambiences.

            It was then revealed that those features were never actually meant for SFOS3, but might – or might not? – become available at some unknown point in time after the introduction of SFOS3.

            I would love to know if SFOS3 will ever be “feature complete” in terms of what’s announced on the site I linked to above… if this will happen within the 3.x release cycle or on our journey towards SFOS69… if it will happen during 3, when (or at least: in what order) they will arrive…

            Oh come on, it cannot be that you don’t know what a “roadmap” is when people ask for it. 🙁

            • Mariana Perez

              Hello Ossi,
              Thank you for the comment. Did I understood correctly, a roadmap with time-frame/order release of features promised in SFOS3?


            • Avatar

              Yes Ossi, u did not steal my thread, its been asked before, u just put in more clear text than I did, thnx.
              Hopefully things get clear or explained, maybe this makes the ball rolling and the SFOS on the map.

          • Avatar

            Dear Mariana please read down , a more clear peace of info is replied by Ossi!

  21. Avatar

    Downloaded Hossa yesterday. Now the search engines by Coderus(Openrepos) work again in the browser. Nice! I can use Qwant again.

  22. Avatar

    As an enthusiast I downloaded Hossa immediately on my XperiaX. The search engines do work now, but links from mail, Piepmatz, etc. don’t work in the browser. This happened since Sailfish 3 was introduced. I have brought my device to factory settings several times in order to get the former updates back. Now I have to do that again. Such a nuisance. Thereby the sim reader does not work anymore, so I can’t make calls. The device, well treated, is one year and 5 months old.

    • Avatar

      Sad to see the update still not brings more but less for some users .
      Hopefully SFOS 3 will mature and be more complete, less bugs and with more standard features.
      Otherwise more sailors will leave this ship im afraid!

  23. Avatar

    A few replies and questions from several users or members are removed and /or moderated for what reason?

    • Avatar

      Maybe I am getting old , lol

    • Mariana Perez

      Hello aQUICK1 my job is to moderate the blog as to have the most valuable dialogue while being respectful.

      • Avatar

        Yes Mariana understandable, we must not get too personal in replies or in queations regarding the topic on this blog, and that means also the moderation should be the same !

        Greetz and sailing on!

  24. Avatar

    Back 2 Jolla this time on a XA2 plus!
    Hossa is looking good… I am happy on the browser and UI improvements.. still few issues on camera and bluetooth…
    keep the good work

  25. Avatar

    The browser has a bug: I get repeating notifications of failed downloads. It happens each time when using the Sailfish browser. Problem not solved in togetherjolla.

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