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Purchase, download and install your Sailfish X now

Today, we are proud to announce that Sailfish X is available for purchase and download through our webshop!

After a bevy of ups and downs throughout these challenging months of work behind Sailfish X and porting it to a completely new 64-bit hardware, we are now ready to release the downloadable image to the Sailfish community and fans. As of today, you will be able to purchase Sailfish X, and install it on your Sony Xperiaβ„’ X to enjoy our beautiful, safe and secure operating system on a fantastically crafted hardware from our friends at Sony.

Software downloads & flashing instructions

Also today, we are starting the software download process, meaning that you will be able to download the software package immediately after the purchase. Please follow the instructions on this pageΒ to learn how to download and install. Today, we are presenting you with installation instructions for Windows, but as we have been listening to your concerns, we are working on making the instructions available for Linux and macOS later. So please stay tuned for those.

If you have questions or comments, please first see our FAQ hereΒ or check the discussion in TJC.

We hope you enjoy Sailfish X on your great Sony Xperia X device!

On behalf of the whole Jolla Team,


James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    Finally! Good job! Hope you can focus on Oct refund now. Still up for 15th?

    • Avatar

      Dave, let’s celebrate this first before moving on to the refunds.

      • Avatar

        How do you celebrare?

        • Avatar

          Dave: I celebrated it by sleeping my eyes off since for the past 72 hours before the launch I only managed 6h sleep. So that was nice.

          • Avatar

            Sound great. Sleeping is important! And so is celebrating. Let me suggest: next milestone you reach. You sneak up to the office during the night and fill up the office with balloons.

            • Avatar

              Good one! πŸ˜€

      • Avatar

        James, Dave is physically incapable of making a post here without mentioning the refunds in some shape or form.

        For at least the last 1.5 years it’s been more or less guaranteed that whenever a new post goes up on the Jolla blog or an existing one is updated, Dave will have put up a comment mentioning the refund within half an hour. Stealth bans were invented to deal with people exactly like Dave.

        • Avatar

          Hey man, I appreciate your comment, but we don’t ban anyone actually. It’s against the openness and transparency that we vouch for! The only banned comments on this blog are the spam comments that are from bots and you never get to see them because I hunt them down πŸ˜€ Dave is our friend just like everyone else is!

          • Avatar

            Never said that he should be banned, just that stealth bans were invented for prolific spammers like him.

  2. Avatar

    Finally a dream come true.
    Thank you very much guys and: KEEP ON SAILING!

    • Avatar

      Amazing!! Thank you!!

      • Avatar

        Hope you all at Jolla celebrated the start of SFOS X last night.
        I managed to install the software on my Xperia X and it is running quit perfect on it.
        Before I started I’ve made an upgrade of my Jolla C to and made a full phone backup on the SD-card.
        Unfortunately some data are missing in this backup, like contacts, email account, phone settings and ambiances.
        Can anybody confirm this issue?
        Are there some terminal commands to create a backup without using the Sailfish tool?
        Any help will be much appreciate. πŸ˜‰

        • Avatar

          on my side, I only failed to import contacts. The all.vcard was present in the bavkup archive but not used. I had to extract this file manually to the root of my sdcard and finaly import contacts from contact application settings

          • Avatar

            Thanks for your reply.
            In the meantime I’ve had a look on the TJC and there are a lot of such issues, but it always depending on the SFOS version.
            As for the contacts there are command line solutions, should be fixable. I’m afraid the phone settings are more difficult to restore.

        • Avatar

          I personally celebrated it by sleeping properly as I needed it since I could not get much of it before the launch, but it was a nice celebration πŸ˜‰

          Alright so about the backups, unfortunately that is a known issue. Not everything gets backed up and we are going to improve that in the coming updates. Some stuff needs to be moved along manually. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

  3. Avatar

    Great! Just bought one. What if I need Sailfish X on two or more devices?

    • Avatar


      If you need the paid features, you need as many licenses to as you have devices.

  4. Avatar

    I’ll be waiting when Sailfish X is purchasable from Brazil and other American countries.

    • Avatar

      Thank you! We are looking into expanding to other markets but unfortunately the American market is not something we would enter any time soon.

      • Avatar

        What about up here in Canada? What would keep you out of the Canadian Market? I want to give you my money…

        • Avatar

          Yeah, if they’d just sell to the Canadian market I could finally actually use SailfishOS on a device I carry with me. Kindof surprising to notβ€”it’s not like with hardware, where there’s certification and shipping concerns.

    • Avatar

      Opera browser has a built in vpn.

      Menu – Settings – Privacy & Security – Enable VPN

      Choose either Germany or Holland

      • Avatar

        I am trying this but my only option in Opera is Europe, Asia or Americas. All three still say I cannot purchase. How do I set a specific Country?

  5. Avatar

    Will there be any other payment options soon? I don’t own a credit card and am not planning on getting one in the near future…
    Why do you make it so difficult for me to buy your product?

    • Avatar

      Is a debit card also an unacceptable option or do you consider that a credit card too? Because just about everything sold on the internet, specially digital goods you can’t send with a paper invoice, is sold using credit/debit cards.

      • Avatar

        Depends on what you mean, when you say debit card, as to the best of my knowledge there are some differences in different countries.
        In Germany the MaestroCard that is always implemented alongside German girocards is probably the most widely used debit card system and I wouldn’t have any problem with that, but as far as I can see that’s not an option.

        As for other acceptable payment options… well, it depends…
        An often used type of transaction in Germany is the “Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren” (ELV, to the best of my knowledge the english expression would be “direct debit”), however I do not know whether that would be feasible with international transactions.
        Another type I would agree with, would be a simple payment by bank transfer. I would just need to transfer the money to some jolla IBAN and everyone would be happy (wouldn’t mind, waiting a few days until the transactions has been checked, before I could download)… that of course could be made faster by using systems like the Swedish Klarna (which is supported in Germany through SOFORT AG, I don’t know about other countries).
        And then there are of course the obvious choices for online transactions like PayPal or Amazon Payments (and please spare me lectures about how “bad” they are, as if Visa or MasterCard were any better – if you don’t want ot use them, nobody forces you, but having a choice would be really nice).

        Until now, I have always found an alternative to credit card payment… and I have always found the alternatives better than either paying my bank additional fees just to own one of those or having to sign up to yet another institute to get one for free (which usually is not a credit card in the original sense of the word anyway).

        • Avatar

          Germany eh? That makes sense seeing how you’re commonly known to be 20 years behind the rest of europe in terms of electronic payments. I’ve had to deal with ordering parts from German companies and finding out that they only take cash upon delivery

          Seriously thou, setting up

          • Avatar

            Accidentally pressed “Submit Comment” when I was in the middle of writing the comment. Seeing how I can’t delete that or edit it, here’s the full comment:

            Germany eh? That makes sense seeing how you’re commonly known to be 20 years behind the rest of europe in terms of electronic payments. I’ve had to deal with ordering parts from German companies and how they only take bank transfers, which they’ve screwed for me up more than once, or cash upon delivery (even thou the delivery is in Finland).

            Seriously thou, unlike business-to-business transactions setting up traditional billing for consumers is a pretty major hassle and it’s pretty inconvenient compared to the usual credit/debit card option. As for Klarna, that’s for traditional retail use, not online stores. Not sure about Amazon Payments, but with PayPal you still need a credit/debit card to pay for things as cash transfers to PayPal accounts are only available in the U.S (as far as I’m aware).

            • Avatar

              Nope, PayPal in Germany uses the ELV payment method (that is, you have to give your bank account info and they will simply transfer the money from your bank account and pay in whatever way on the other side), so that would work brilliantly…
              And… I don’t understand the Klarna thing at all, as I have already used SOFORT banking for an online transaction once (and as I mentioned, they belong to Klarna).
              And just on a side note: The credit card system in and of itself is completetly outdated in my opinion.

              And I just had a funny thought: Jolla could just as well accept Bitcoin XD

              • Avatar

                Ok, so it sounds like PayPal is probably the way to go with the minority of customers who don’t have a credit or debit card at their disposal.

                As for Sofort, that seems to be a germany-only thing meant for people who want to avoid using a debit or credit card. It’s not the same thing as klarna even if it’s owned by the company.

                Credit and debit cards most definitely still serve a purpose and they’re pretty secure for in-person purchases and online as well if the issuers implement it correctly. Saying that credit cards are somehow outdated is like saying that cars are outdated.

                Also, if Jolla is going to start accepting bitcoin they may as well start accepting actual monopoly money while they’re at it.

        • Avatar

          Just to confim : no, direct debit does not work between countries.

          Said as a Swiss – where we have “LSV” (comming from the same German word) – which is not compatible with France’s “Authorisation de dΓ©bit” just across the border.

          …bitcoins come as another idea that could work (There are a few payment processors working in Europe).
          But I don’t know if they have conditions (delayed payment, background checks) that Jolla cannot afford.

    • Avatar


      We are looking into expanding our payment options. Please stay tuned for that if you cannot obtain a credit card for your purchase. Thanks!

      • Avatar

        Thank you, that’s (almost) all I wanted to hear… would have been nice to get soome sort of time frame and maybe what other payment methods could be expected…
        In the mean time I tried using the credit card of a friend of mine, but that didn’t work, because reasons… (I got redirected to the bank and got a message saying that the card wasn’t available for online banking stuff, even though my friend calimed to have already used it online…)
        Anyway, thank you for your time and your work and I hope that I will soon enough be able to download SFX.

      • Avatar


        I’m also waiting for additional payment methods. Paypal or Amazon would be nice.
        The only thing between me and jolla is the payment method.


        • Avatar

          We are working on adding new payment methods as we speak. It is now a bit of a waiting game to get everything in place as we are waiting for our payment partner to make more methods available to us. You will be informed as soon as we deploy them. Thank you for being patient!

          • Avatar

            I’m really excited – only bought the xperia x for this reason. So thank you for your efforts to find additional payment methods.

  6. Avatar

    Great job!!!

    But I was expecting something that directly flash Sailfish without running Android at all. Android is dirty πŸ˜‰

    • Avatar

      That is simply not possible as Android is the main OS of Sony Xperia X. You won’t give it any information though. Just go to your lock screen and that’s it!

  7. Avatar

    I ask, when can buy in China

    • Avatar

      You can use VPN and chose England, then you can purchase sailfish x, that was what did i do. I am living in Australia, but i got sailfish on my phone!!!!!!!!!!

      • Avatar

        Nice work! I did the same but used Switzerland. Now I just need the phone to arrive. Looking forward to using this over here in US!

  8. Avatar

    Sorry, not available in your country

    I’m in Italy and for what I know, it is still in EU πŸ˜€

    • Avatar

      just because I don’t have italian dns, jolla thinks I’m not italian! but my ip address is italian!

      Then, if an indian use italian dns, does jolla think he is italian? LOL

      • Avatar

        That pretty much is how geo-tagging works I think πŸ˜€ You definitely need to have your DNS in Europe in order to be able to download it. If you are still experiencing such an issue, please write to us on Zendesk so we can help you out. ( ) Thanks!

  9. Avatar


    Can I use Jolla on Sony Xperia XZ?

    • Avatar

      No, not at the moment. Wait for a community release (maybe).

    • Avatar

      Hello Mon,

      Xperia XZ is not yet supported. Please stay tuned as we plan to expand official support later on.

  10. Avatar

    I’m waiting for review videos to come online before buying (and also some demos of running usual Android apps such as WhatsApp), but very exciting! Congrats!

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much!

  11. Avatar

    fair Play Jolla. Well done. Should be some happy proud people in the Jolla office today. Looking forward to starting the install later tonight. Sean

    • Avatar

      Thank you Sean! Yes we indeed are proud of this product. We certainly hope that you enjoy your Sailfish X experience!

  12. Avatar

    Trying to download after payment, just got:

    403: Permission denied

    • Avatar

      Done. Everything works fine πŸ™‚

      • Avatar

        This is amazing! Thank you for purchasing Sailfish X!

  13. Avatar

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to wipe Android off my X!

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much!

      We certainly hope that you enjoy your Sailfish X!

  14. Avatar

    This is not available in India yet?

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately not. We are only selling this product in EU, Switzerland and Norway at the moment while looking into expanding our market.

  15. Avatar

    WOW, Sailfish X is fantastic!!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much for using it!
      We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we did making it!

  16. Avatar

    Compact! Do the compact!

    • Avatar

      One more vote for the Sony Xperia X Compact. I already bought the Sailfish X (because you’re worth supporting) and don’t even have an Xperia X. I’m really waiting for the X Compact.

      Compact! Compact! Compact!

      • Avatar

        … or to be more specific:

        F5321! F5321! F5321!

    • Avatar

      Thank you both for your comments about the F5321 model. That is something that, as far as I know, our community is working on and we are looking into supporting it too. No promises are yet made but I am letting you know that we listen to our community carefully πŸ˜‰

      • Avatar

        @James, F5121_Sailfish_X_edition is suppper!
        But I hope too for F5321_Sailfish_X_edition.
        Thanks for advance.

        • Avatar

          Thanks for your feedback! We will update you once we have more clear info about other devices.

      • Avatar

        Count me in. I’ll be buying Sailfish for Sony X Compact when it’s available.

        • Avatar

          I’ll get SailfishX in a heartbeat once F5321 or similar Compact model will be supported.
          It’d be perfect replacement for my ageing JP1

  17. Avatar

    Nice to see Sailfish X coming along.
    Question: Any chance to get payment options beside credit cards?

    • Avatar

      Thank you!

      We are looking into expanding the payment options at the moment. Nothing is yet promised but keep an eye out for possibly more available payment options!

  18. Avatar

    Quick and no problem. Thanks. Sailfish is gorgeous on the X screen.

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much, Ronan!

  19. Avatar

    Thanks for the hard work! Now to find me a Windows computer…

    • Avatar

      Thanks Jarno!

      If you wait a few days, we will come out with Linux instructions which potentially eliminates the need of a Windows system if you have your device fully updated to the latest version of Android before unlocking the bootloader.

  20. Avatar

    Congratulations! Mine should be up and running in an hour or so and I’m beyond excited! πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      This is amazing! We hope you are enjoying it as much as we enjoyed making it πŸ™‚

  21. Avatar

    Can’t wait to get SailfishOS on my Xperia X πŸ™‚

    I just a a few questions:
    If I buy a license will it be locked to my account or can I transfer (eg. in the event of selling my device)?
    If I buy a license but get a new phone can I then transfer it to the new phone? πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Hello Louis!

      Thank you for your comment.
      The license is tied to your account, but is definitely transferable if you write to us on Zendesk before you sell your device so we can help you out. And yes, if you get a new phone, it is definitely possible to transfer Sailfish X to it as it is tied to your Jolla account.


      • Avatar

        Thanks James. Good to know.

        While the tap to wake-feature is possible unofficially via the terminal do you know why is not enabled by default?

        Are there still issues with this feature and battery drain?

        • Avatar

          You are welcome.

          Yes as far as I know there still are issues regarding that. I am not 100% certain though, there may be other issues as well.

  22. Avatar

    “Today, we are presenting you with installation instructions for Windows, but […] we are working on making the instructions available for Linux and macOS later.”

    OK. Thank you Jolla… That was nice. But too many stabs in my back. Good buy and take care !

  23. Avatar

    Please help, what are the Sony devices supported by Jolla?

  24. Avatar

    Many many thanks to the Jolla team and it’s community developers. Great work. All works smooth and well. Photo/Video Camera, BT Call/Phonebook, syncing Caldav / Android support. All your promises working pretty good and…you keep the deadline. Thumbup! Have a nice Party for your success.

    • Avatar

      Thanks a million Noomad!

      This is a big milestone for us, the first installable Sailfish OS for our community officially supported by us! We are extremely happy that our hard work paid off and everything is working as it should. Enjoy your time with Sailfish X!

  25. Avatar

    Are there demo videos and camera sample pictures from the released version of Sailfish X?

    • Avatar

      I am also very curious about this

    • Avatar

      Quick and dirty pictures + video (weird weather here in paris) here:

      I did one edit on the picture “20171012_131214.jpg” to rotate the image.

      The video (90 deg rotated) and the other picture are without any modification, just transfered.

      Hope it helps.

      Resolution it at the best provided by software (i.e: 16Mpix setting)

    • Avatar

      There aren’t any released officially from us. But as you can see, the community is at work, providing you with samples πŸ˜‰

  26. Avatar

    Has anyone tried to flash from linux using the script provided with the sailfishx image and tools?

  27. Avatar


    I am really looking forward to purchase, but I also do not own a credit card besides 2 business credit cards I am not allowed to use for private purposes.
    Why is it not possible to add other possibilities like PayPal?
    I could freak out that I waited for that long just to find out I am supposed to pay at least 60€/a for a reasonable credit card!

    Please do better!

    Best regards,


    • Avatar

      Hello Abeam.

      We apologise for the inconvenience caused by our payment methods. This currently is what our payment partner provides to us, but we are certainly looking into expanding the possibilities with more payment options available to our community.


      • Avatar

        Ok, I have ordered a free DBK Cash credit card. We will see with how much more patience I will need.

    • Avatar

      Hi, I think Emma tool just needs to update the software, in case you did not update OTA. In my case it was not necessary. Check if the build version matches with the suggested one(34.3.A.0.228 or higher).

    • Avatar


      You basically need to update your phone to the latest version of Android before flashing Sailfish OS. Emma tool shall help you out with that. Following its instructions essentially means that you should perform the update using Emma tool which is fairly simple procedure to follow through.

  28. Avatar

    Hi James, thanks for the blog and releasing the image for us to flash. I just wanted to ask if you had any more news about F5122 dual sim version of the Xperia X and its possible support?

    • Avatar

      in some one in the community got it working with the single sim flash, but only a single sim works, someone else said they were working on a hack so that hte sd card and second sim would work.
      there is a screen cap of 2 sim cartes.

      Sorry a quick search I can’t find it but I’ve been on the PC/phones for 14 hours now, going to bed.

    • Avatar

      I managed to make it working with dual sim (at least, one sim but I think it will work with a second one) using the method on maemo (

      It wouldn’t work at all without this little hack, but it consists only in changing 4 lines of text in the terminal while root πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Hello Mariumsmssj!

      Thanks for your comment, I think you have already received pretty good replied from our helpful community. I don’t see the need for further details.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for your reply James, the community is great πŸ™‚ I was just curious if i should flash my F5122 right now with the image you have currently provided or wait for a possible F5122 specific image?

        • Avatar

          You are welcome! That is totally your call. I can’t promise you any date for the F5122 image (and if it ever happens officially or not) but if you are willing to take the risk for entering those command lines, I can’t stop you πŸ˜‰

  29. Avatar

    Hi James
    Thanks for the big work of you and your team!
    Forget the blog for a day or or two and go for a beer or two! πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much!!

      I actually went for a nice few extra hours of sleep instead, I really did need it πŸ˜€

  30. Avatar

    Hi James, What map application do you recommend for Sailfish X? Not an Android one, a true Sailfish app off course.

    • Avatar

      @Jolla, many thanks for Sailfish_X!!!

      @ronan35. You may try OSM Scout server + ModRana and/or PoorMaps from JollaStore or from

    • Avatar

      Hi Ronan,

      I personally recommend “Poormaps” from Jolla store. It can be inaccurate at times though.

  31. Avatar

    Great! It’s a real joy to experience Sailfish on this beautiful screen and with enough horsepower under the hood. I simply love it!

    • Avatar

      Thanks a lot, Ossi!

  32. Avatar

    Well,”There was a problem with your payement. Please try again later”. This is so frustrating. I can’t have this beautiful OS.
    I think you should add some more payement options please.

    • Avatar

      I tried again today and guess what… SUCCESSS!!!
      Thank you Jolla for keeping up the great work!
      I’m happy now, but I’ll be happier when my X will run SFOS.

      • Avatar

        THANK YOU!

        We hope you enjoy your experience with Sailfish X!
        Sorry about the payment issues you experienced. We are looking into expanding payment options.

  33. Avatar

    Congrats for this important milestone! We should appreciate and support Jolla’s and other similar companies work if we do not want to end having the same 2 operating systems for mobile devices out there πŸ˜‰ Waiting for my device to arrive so that I can install SailfishX.

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much for this!

      We can’t wait for you to install Sailfish X on your device!!

  34. Avatar

    Unlocking was bit tedious, but was ok after I consulted a well known video sharing service.

    • Avatar

      We are glad that you are running Sailfish X on your device! Sorry if the unlocking was tedious. We are preparing Linux instructions which shall improve on that!

      • Avatar

        They fixed the payment in Bulgaria

  35. Avatar

    There is problem with payment in Bulgaria.
    I’ve tried with VISA debit, MasterCard Debit and Visa GOLD. Please fix the site.

    • Avatar


      If you still are experiencing payment issues, please write to us on Zendesk ( ) so we can help you out with the technical details. We apologise if this has caused you any inconvenience.

    • Avatar

      They fixed the payment in Bulgaria

  36. Avatar

    Hello guys! Tell me please: does work bluetooth with android-apps on SFOS X. I use running watch by Polar and it need bluetooth for sync with application

    • Avatar


      Unfortunately Bluetooth does not work with Android applications.

      • Avatar

        I am able to pair my JBL Everest 700 bluetooth headset with Sailfish X and then play music through it with the official android Spotify app. But its probably just using some system sound output and not bluetooth directly

        • Avatar

          Yes that is the case. If the app itself needs Bluetooth, like an app to connect your Smartwatch to, or if your headphone has an Android equalizer app, then it will not work. But thanks for your feedback!

  37. Avatar

    I was hitting refresh all day yesterday.I think I bought it 5 minutes after it was released (and before the mail came in).I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it was working.For me it was like the N9 which never arrived(or arrived too late anyway).Back in the days I was the proud owner of a Nokia N900 (having previously only bought Nokia phones) and was waiting for the N9 which kept getting delayed.In the end I got frustrated and went to the dark side(Android). Time to repent πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Thank you for this comment!

      It is not really surprising how many people are joining us from the N9/N900 days! I myself am one of those people πŸ˜‰ We are very happy that it went smoothly for you and you are enjoying your experience with Sailfish X!

  38. Avatar

    I’m wondering about the wording here:
    “5. How long are the software updates running for me? A year starting from when?
    We offer updates and customer service for a year from the software delivery start, which is in October. ”

    Does this mean that someone buying 6 months from now will only get 6 months of costumer service? This sounds cracy, but that’s what it says. πŸ˜›

    • Avatar

      Software updates will follow for at least a year from now. does not matter when you purchase the device. But please note that we say “at least a year” which also could mean that we will expand it. We won’t let you stranded of course.

  39. Avatar

    Disappointed that it was not made clear during the announcements over the last few months no mention was made regarding limited geographic availability. I now have a phone which is of little value to me. Any ETA for Australia? Thank you.

    • Avatar

      We apologise for this.

      We are looking into availability in other continents than Europe, but we can’t promise a timeframe yet. We already announced the availability during the month of August actually.

  40. Avatar

    I have a few questions.

    1: Is there a page/video showing the default native applications that are installed on the default image?

    2: Is there a music player? 32GB is too small for my music, is the SD card fully supported?

    3: What is the state of BT support for headphones/speakers?

    4: I can’t seem to find a 5121 here in Thailand πŸ™ only 5122s.

    5: Is it correct that the 5121 must have never been carrier locked? ie. Unlocked from new?

    6: Where is the β€œunsupported hardware features” list?

    My N9 is on its last legs, so I am willing to throw some money at this for something different.

    • Avatar


      I’ll go straight to your questions:

      1. There is no video at the moment, but every app that is available on Jolla store is install-able on the Xperia X.

      2. There is a music player, of course! You can use SD cards as well.

      3. It most probably works, depending on your headphone/speaker. Some systems may not be supported but it’s hard to tell which is which at the moment.

      4. F5122 is not officially supported. There has been community members trying it out and succeeding.

      5. I can’t comment on that as it is not our product.

      6. There are only a few. Fingerprint scanner and a few sensors. All of which will at some point be supported.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for taking the time to respond.

        I have, subsequent to my original post, read about community hacks for the 5122. I will go this route and hope for the best!

  41. Avatar

    Got my Xperia X with sailfish X.Did not expect bluetooth working πŸ™‚ .Just one suggestion: I spent 2 hrs on windows to unlock the bootloader, downloading GB and GB of things. Tired, turned on my debian PC, installed fastboot and in 2 mins bootloader was unlocked.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes we are aware of the potential issues with unlocking the bootloader on Windows. We are preparing a full Linux instruction as well to provide potentially better experience to our community.

  42. Avatar

    Amazing!The wait is over!

    • Avatar

      It is indeed! We hope you are enjoying Sailfish X!

      • Avatar

        Wonderful. Fast. Stable. I love this shit! πŸ™‚
        Thank you James and thanks your colleagues at Jolla, who made this possible….

  43. Avatar

    Just dropping word to say I’m loving Sailfish X. The Android apps are more integrated/reliable than ever, and everything else is just as smooth as on my old Jolla phone. But with some nice hardware upgrades. Also, my bluetooth headphones are working fine.

    There are a lot of Sony/Android hoops, but none of that is on you. All in all, great work, thank you.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for this comment and your feedback! We are glad that everything is working as it should, since we really put a lot of blood and sweat into this over the past weeks to get everything to working condition. Hope you can enjoy it as much as we are enjoying our time with it. Oh and expect everything to only get better with each update of course!

  44. Avatar

    If buy a copy support your xprogram. Do you promise to add one extra refund to someone in October? will the sale of Xperia license boost the number of refund in October?

    • Avatar

      Dave, I’m sorry but it does not work like that. I understand your intention for this but these are kinda unrelated programs. Plus, we are not really making that much on top of Sailfish X sales. What you are paying is mostly going to license fees and other costs that this case carries. We are more than happy to receive support, but can’t really trade it like this. Let the refund program be refund program on its own.

      • Avatar

        Ok. Sounds reasonable. At least I tried to help. We just have to sit back and relax while you do your thing.

        • Avatar

          Thanks for the offer, Dave. By the way, if you use your tablet refund voucher and let go of the rest of your refund, there will be a big chance for another person to get their refund earlier… but I assume that’s not really what you meant, was it? πŸ˜€

          • Avatar

            that is exactly what I meant. cant care less about the money.

  45. Avatar

    oh. great. just creditcard payment.
    brilliant, jolla.

    • Avatar

      Hello Dominik.

      We apologise if this has caused you any inconvenience. We are looking into expanding our payment options as we speak. But this is currently what is provided to us by our payment partner.

      • Avatar

        It’s just a little bit frustrating.
        I guess i’ll find somebody, who has one of the accepted cards.
        In germany, ceditcards are probably one of the or even THE less used payment option/s.
        In statistics, which i googled a few minutes ago (no joke!, i wanted to know that), creditcards make 0,1% of all non-cash payments the whole year 2015….
        just to give you an idea. πŸ˜€

        • Avatar

          Oh wow, that is a very interesting insight actually. Thanks for that! I’ll forward this message with your information to the team.

        • Avatar

          @DeZett: Do these statistics focus on online business or do they include all kinds of non-cash payments, like paying with Maestro in a shop? The latter would make it 100% useless in our current context. Jolla does not operate a gas station in KΓΆln where people pay for a Twix and a Coke with Maestro NFC.

          What we’re looking for here is online trade. And I don’t know any online shop – German or not – that doesn’t have credit cards as primary payment option.

          For example, the Android API (and with that, Android apps) offers what? Paypal and credit cards. It’s hard to believe that customers don’t use payment options in their Android apps.

          • Avatar


            -> Umsatzanteil gesamt.

            The question is not, how many shops offer it as an option. The point is, as long as they have an alternative, germans don’t use creditcards, even IF they own one (mostly as some kind of giveaway/present by their bank due to contract changings to their account).
            Any further discussions about the reasons for their ongoing promotion tend to be quite political and don’t belong here, i would say.

            • Avatar

              @DeZett Very interesting statistics, thanks for the link. However, as they don’t focus on online trade but on non-cash payment in general, it’s not really relevant in the context of an online shop.

            • Avatar

              Hi ossi1967, according to your username you might be born in 1967 (no offence ;)). But for me I’m around 30 and for me and my friends “creditcards only” purchases are often showstoppers. Sure CC is everwhere shown up in payment methods. But to be honest I only have one friend who is ordering a lot of stuff from US who is using the creditcard frequently. Every one else is using paypal or amazon (if international) and national “sofort ΓΌberweisung”. In the recent years 5-10 I only had to use a creditcard twice for flights but thats it. Don’t know if jolla is making some statistics about purchases in Germany but I’m sure their might be some more potential for sales.

              Bottom line your are right the statistic doesn’t focus on web only purchases but my experience is the same that dezett mentioned.

              Best regards

              • Avatar

                @CochainComplex Yep, I’m in my 50s now – and I don’t take that as an offense. Quite on the contrary, I just think I’m 30 years ahead of you. SCNR

                Anecdotal evidence such as “I don’t know anyone who…” just isn’t worth a thing here. The facts are: Credit Cards work everywhere. If you do financial transactions on the internet, life without a CC just won’t work in the long run.

                Yes, PayPal is an option if you don’t invest too much time into thinking of the political consequences of the system. (In short: It’s bad.) I’m a lazy guy and sometimes bypass the 2-factor-auth used by many CC driven shops through PayPal’s much easier “email/passwort” login. But I feel bad each time I do so. In the end, PayPal will just charge my credit card, so from that point on it doesn’t make a difference.

                I don’t know why your friends regard CC only payment as a “showstopper”, but sometimes you just have to accept the world as it is. Don’t blame Jolla for it. You don’t want to use a CC in a CC-only environment? Well, you don’t get the product you want.

                (BTW, I find it quite fascinating that while DeZett hints at some obscure “political agenda” for not using CC, nobody seems to see any problems with PayPal, Amazon, Bitcoin,… Those are the really dangerous villains. Why is that? Are people at 30 still trying to be what we used to call ‘cool’ by following the mainstream?)

                In the end, it’ll be great if Jolla manages to offer as much payment options as possible. To each his own. I just find it strange if somebody asks them to do so because “None of my friends uses Credit Cards”.

                BTW: Do people actually *use* bank transfers in online shops? Sometimes I see that as an additional offer for small amounts in online shops that are somehow affiliated with the government, but the procedure is almost physically painful. I’ve never seen the option in a purely private consumer environment.

                • Avatar

                  @ossi1967 at somepoint you are right. I used my empirical data (experience) to extrapolate this to a larger group. From the statistical point of view this is not a valid practice.
                  Two reason why I did this approach. First of all – all statistics Ive found are in german so most probably only usefull for both of us and dezett. (googletranslate is not able to do a proper job with statista). So but for the sake of statistics



                  Second thing – which is too obvious for me but I haven’t mentioned much information about it to emphasize the argument.
                  I consider my self as an average nerd: physics background working at a particle accelerator institute. (My name might be a hint) …So my peer group is a “sales target” for this kind of software product. And yes we (friends and colleagues) are also debating alot about CC, paypal and this to an extend of implemented backdoors like intel ME – and how we get rid of it.

                  Bottom line Ive never blamed Jolla for not implementing Paypal – But for me (and a lot of my representive peers) a Credit Card is not necessary – even if I’m ordering a lot from e.g. mouser. A creditcard would be an additional way for companies to gather informations (in my case).
                  Jolla could implement Bitcoins (allready mentioned somewhere) then it would be “cooler” and even more independed.

                  At the moment I’m complaining that only CC Payment is provided. The easiest way to get around the political issues of CC’s and Paypal might be an envelope with hardcash or check. Or they could just give us the IBAN.

                  Once you are using a e-cash payment method there is allways some political issues involved….however

          • Avatar

            p.s.: with o2 as provider you can pay the apps via the monthly phone bill – I never had to use the creditcard in the context of phone, apps etc.

  46. Avatar

    Due to a lack of 5121 here, I will need to source one somewhere else. I will be in the US shortly. Is the US version of the phone the same as the Euro version? (ie. will Sailfish work on it?) Or do I need to wait until I get to Europe again at Christmas?

    Also, what is the issue with the 5222. I don’t care if the second SIM doesn’t work, as long as the primary works.

    • Avatar

      As long as you have F5121, it doesn’t matter where you get it. Just make sure it is carrier unlocked and the bootloader is unlockable and you are set. Please remember to download the software before you leave for US since it is unavailable to download over there.

    • Avatar

      I am running SFOSX on 5122 with dual sim. I have no experiences with two sims yet, I must cut second sim to nano, but it seems to work. πŸ™‚

  47. Avatar

    Installed it and very pleased.
    Now discovering again all the posibilities

    • Avatar

      That’s fantastic!

  48. Avatar

    Been there, done that! Thank you, Jolla folks!

    • Avatar

      Thank you, Jani!

  49. Avatar

    Bit of a nightmare to flash but got there eventually.
    First impression was quite good but after playing around with it their are a few problems. Pulley down to answer phone doesn’t always work. White blobs to go backwards and forwards through the screens seems a bit hit and miss. Although bluetooth says it is connected to my watch (Pebble2) non of the apps will connect. Installed Tweetian and Sailbook both of which seem jerky in operation. F-Droid seems to work OK once I turned on start at bootup. Fennec (Firefox clone) work OK. OSM Scout maps is much better than on Jolla 1 and picks up location quickly.

    • Avatar

      Sounds about right I guess. Don’t know who the come up with a installation guide like that. πŸ˜€

    • Avatar

      Sorry to hear that, Dave(115200), we are always improving the instructions. Today we added more improvements from community feedback.

    • Avatar

      dave115200 Can you explain how you unlocked your phone? I really stuck here. I have the correct phone and have everything as should be but sony instructions are messed up. Cheers Sean.

  50. Avatar

    How long is the voucher for the tablet backers valid to be converted to a Sailfish X license? Are there plans that to voucher could be used for further things (e.g. buy more support or licenses for additional devices?)

    • Avatar

      There actually isn’t a real time limit as long as we are selling this software, and it’s not a limited edition software so you can use it whenever you like. However, you can most likely not use this voucher for any other program if/when we offer it. If it is still in the context of Sailfish X (though for other devices) that is a different case. We shall however most likely issue you another voucher. It is yet to be decided.

  51. Avatar

    Have been using Sailfish on a Nexus5 as my daily driver for the last few years. Flashed SailfishX on my new XperiaX yesterday without any issues. Nice to finally have a supported device with android support. Love the clean interface and native support for CalDAV, CardDAV, XMPP and OpenVPN!

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

    • Avatar

      Thanks a million for your amazing feedback!!

  52. Avatar

    Posting from sailfish x!

    Painless install, and it looks stunning. Congrats jolla!

    • Avatar

      Thanks a lot!!

    • Avatar

      Painless πŸ™ lucky you

  53. Avatar

    It runs nicely. I’m happy, that I can replace my Jolla1 from now on. Thank you very much!
    The instructions need more information about the fastboot-stuff. If do exactly what is written there, it wont work. You need to get the information from more than one part of tjc to get it work.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback Matthias! What was it that gave you an issue?

      • Avatar

        I think most people having issue with step four and not realizing that they can use Fastboot provided rather than download all that shit πŸ˜€

    • Avatar

      If you mean the part where you have to copy the usb driver to the android sdk etc.. folder? Gave me also some puzzling.
      Had also some struggle with fastboot. So the tutorial said to enter “fastboot devices” which didn’t work. Got a big error,and suggestion to change it to “.\fastboot devices” which worked and also the next line to unlock had to be preceeded by .\ .At first i was withholding but nevertheless followed that instruction. But that’s more Sony’s part of the tutorial.

  54. Avatar

    Smooth installation. Double-tap needed some extra tapping with mce-tools πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Awesome to hear!

      Just remember that enabling double-tap can introduce some bugs such as battery life drain and touch screen unresponsiveness at times. It’s really hit or miss, that’s why it was disabled. Hopefully it works well for you!

  55. Avatar

    James, where will you announce the comming expansion of payment options?
    Jolla’s current choice of payment service provider, which seem to be using …secure access and verified by.., this blocks payment access for some. Please provide working alternatives soon, thanks.

    • Avatar


      We are working on that. I unfortunately don’t have a timeline dedicated to it yet but as soon as we possibly can. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by our payment methods.

  56. Avatar

    wondering if anybody had problems installing Sailfish X. I cant seem to get the bootloader unlocked. All the jolla instructions are 100% perfect until
    4. Unlock the bootloader

    4.1 Instructions for the unlocking process can be found on the Sony Open Devices website.

    where is all falls apart. is there anybody able to assist. I posted a question on
    If anybody can help Id really appreciate it.
    Cheers Sean

    • Avatar

      Can anybody help unlocking the phone with a Mac. I cant get it to work via windows πŸ™ Sony instructions don’t seem to be accurate

      • Avatar

        What exactly is the error code after the “fastboot” command?
        I’ve used a Linux laptop for the unlocking process without any issues.

        • Avatar

          Hi maennlein. There is no error message. That’s the problem. Can the phone be unlocked by Linux / mac. this windows method doesn’t work. If anybody can help that would be great.

    • Avatar

      Sean, thanks for your feedback. We have now improved #4 a little bit, does that help you?

      • Avatar

        Cheers James. Ill have a look after work.

      • Avatar

        Yes that’s helpful thank. But you should make it even more detailed for less experimented users, like your #2 which is well detailed. What I would put:

        – skip chapter “A”, instead, download the latest platform-tools and unzip it
        – follow chapter “B”, except point 3.a, as you already done this in chapter 2. For point 4, go in the platform-tools directory that you’ve unzipped above

        Sony should really update their tutorial!

        • Avatar

          Hi Sthocs.
          I have tried to download this file and extract on 2 Windows 7 PC’s. I get the same error while extracting on both computers.The file downloads fine but wont extract.

          An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. If you continue to receive this error,
          you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.
          Error: 0x80010135: Path too long

          The files are being downloaded to the daownload folder. Nothing has been changed from the download.

          • Avatar

            Oh so the issue is that you can’t unzip the zip? Well, if you’ve downloaded it in the Downloads directory, I don’t see why the path would be too long.

            Did you try with a real tool like 7zip?
            Are you able to unzip other zip files correctly?

            • Avatar

              Hi Sthocs. I have finally managed to get these unzipped. Sont Instructions:
              1 Turn Off Xperia X – Done
              2 Connect a USB Cable to your computer – Done
              3 Connect to PC while holding the Volume up botton – Done (blue light appear beside camera)
              3a Ignored.
              4. When device is connected open command window on your computer and go to the platforms tool folder – How do I go about doing this? I have the files saved in a “Jolla” folder on my desktop.

              • Avatar

                Update: Command line figured out thanks to Startpage πŸ™‚
                I open the command (cmd)
                and copy over the command Fastboot devices and surprise surprise I get an error
                fastboot is not recognised as an internal or external command operation program or batch file.

              • Avatar

                Ok so you see the file fastboot.exe in the Jolla folder on your desktop ?
                So, when you are in cmd, to change the directory you must type “cd [target_folder]”. E.g in your case:

                cd C:\Users\your_username\Desktop\Jolla

                • Avatar

                  Hi Sthocs
                  Just to clarify. Lat night when I did this I had the cmd tool pointing at
                  cd C:\Users\your_username\Desktop\Jolla\platform-tool but that it. I was not directing it specifically to fastboot.exe. I have attempted the same again just now pointing it to the folder “Platform Tools and not to the fastboot.exe file –> same error as before

                  • Avatar

                    Hi seannyboy. If you are in a cmd, in the platform-tools folder (where there is the fastboot.exe file), and enter the command “fastboot”, it will for sure do something else than an error.
                    (From cmd you can see what is in the current folder with the command “dir”)

                    • Avatar

                      Hi Sthocs. Good news and bad news. I found the directory through CMD. Typed in fastboot devices It found a device CB512E…. Fastboot (looking good so far)
                      Then I tried fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xFB4xxxxxxx
                      OKAY [0.250s]
                      Finished. total time: 0.250s
                      (I assumed this was it completed. So I went back to the Jolla instruction again to follow chapter 5 (done) and the 6. 6.1 to 6.5. 6.6 sounds straighforward. double click flash-on-windows.
                      Error: This device has not been unlocked for flashing.
                      I then tried the unlocking process again.Failed (Surely this indicates its unlocked. (when I turn the device on i get a message warning me the device is not safe as it has been unlocked. so after booting into Android I then turned the device off again and started chapter 6 again. I got the same error. so is this unlocked or is there another problem. cheers Sean

                    • Avatar

                      Hey great, you’re almost there, I think you just need to complete the setup of Android before doing chapter 6.

                    • Avatar

                      Update: I have connected to EMMA many times and updated the device 8 times (so far) I am now on build version 34.0.A.1.277 when I connect to my PC with the vol up button i get this error when using the flash-on-windows.bat file. “this devise has not been unlocked for flashing” BUT….. when I reboot the devise I get a message saying device unlocked and is unsafe. and the fact it connects to EMMA indicates its unlocked. Im now at this for 3 hours and stuck. please advise πŸ™‚ .. By the way formal jolla instructions need to be completely updated.

                    • Avatar

                      You need to be on version 34.3.A.0.228 or higher, that’s clearly stated in Jolla’s instructions.

                    • Avatar

                      Complete the android setup? I have switched it on and done basic setup (skipping most settigs). Turned up devloper mode / use debugging. And thats really it. Have I missed anything

                • Avatar

                  Hi Sthocs I appreciate the version needs to be at 34.3.A.0.228 or higher. I have been connecting to EMMA many times today. Connect the device while holding the Vol down button. EMMA picks up the device immediately and offers one update at a time. Hoever it seems to be offering the same update all day. My build number has not change all day my software verson has also not changed. EMMA show this information for each download.
                  Running F5121 34.0.A.1.277 customised NOBA 1302 – 3140 R7A user-live COM
                  Software 1300 – 4911 34.0.A.1.277
                  Customisation CDF 1302 – 3140 R7A
                  Can somebody please advise how I can get the update required to bring this to the correct build version.

                  • Avatar

                    Problem solved. Seems EMMA didnt like the PC I was using.
                    I now have the system up at the required build level 34.3.A.0.228. But what should be the home stretch turned out to be a small problem
                    “The devise has not been unlocked for flashing” How can this be. It is unlocked I get a message when I power the device on telling me it is unlocked and insecure. Any Advise?

                    • Avatar

                      Did you do what I said yesterday, before following chapter 6?

                  • Avatar

                    Oh ok, then if you followed all the other steps, I don’t know what’s wrong sorry πŸ™ . Do you see that it’s unlocked in the Configuration menu? (by typing *#*#7378423#*#* on the dialpad)

                    • Avatar

                      Rooting Status: Bootloader Unlocked: Yes
                      HW Config Ref: HWC_Loire_Com_009
                      Remote Lock State: Not Lockable
                      Security Config: Live.

                      This should be the final step was hoping this would be long done by now

                    • Avatar

                      Just a though. The PC Im using is a work Win 7 laptop. Is it possible there is some kind of lock down on the PC that is detecting this as a security threat and not allowing it to proceed?

          • Avatar

            Why don’t you use long path tool for 0x80010135 error. I had the same problem. The software solved it in 2 minutes.

      • Avatar

        Hi James. Update in #4 helps a lot but not 100%. If part A (Sony Document) is invalid as it was covered in detail on the Jolla instructions “Install the fastboot driver” Then we move to part B “Connect to Fastboot” “a. Windows users: When asked for a driver, open the Devices and Printers directory, click on the fastboot driver and press Update ==> Is this not what we did earlier with the Jolla instructions?
        Browse and point towards the location of the new android_winbus.inf file ==> How?
        4. When your device is connected, open a command window on your computer and go to the platform-tools folder within the Android SDK folder. ==> Is this asking to access a program I dont seem to be able to access this, although I accept I may be doing this wrong.

        fastboot devices ==> Command not found

        This is a real learning curve for me and loving it. But cant wait to have SF on my sony phone. Any help you can offer will be GREAT πŸ™‚

        • Avatar

          Hi James
          Can I ask the jolla team to re write step 4 without refering people to the Sony developer site. This site makes the assumption you are a developer and know in detail what you are doing however from my perspective I am not a developer just a Jolla / Sailfish OS fan and want to continue using it. Can you please post step by step instructions on how to do step 4 (with screen shots if possible) All other Jolla notes are perfectly written for the non techys in the community but sony’s information is not so clear cut. Please help as I really want to get my Sony Xperia X up and running with this excellent OS.
          Slan anois – Sean

        • Avatar

          Did you see my comment just above? Let us know what is not clear so we can help.

          • Avatar

            Hi Sthocs. I had a look at this last night and couldn’t get it to work. But Ill try again later today.

            These sony instructions are really not useful at all. Sean

  57. Avatar

    Excellent advice rfa, your suggestion for using Opera browser, with VPN activated, worked flawlessly. (I have paid for and downloaded Sailfish X OS.) Southern Hemisphere recipient.

  58. Avatar

    Great news!
    One question; can I cumulate my developer community discount voucher with my Jolla Tablet voucher?

    • Avatar


      No unfortunately vouchers cannot be combined.

  59. Avatar

    I had some problems installing SFX but after some trial and horror I managed to solve them and set Sailfish successfully up. The key was reading the instructions CAREFULLY, understanding them and doing exactly as the guide says. Some problems were caused by my Windows which is in Finnish language so the menus/selection texts differ from the guide. Getting the right choices in points 2.3 —2.16 in installing the correct Windows drivers was the key to success. The rest was easy and straightforward.

    • Avatar

      Hi klemolap. I have gone through the Jolla steps 1 by 1 and as you said reading it CAREFULLY and slowly it all makes perfect sense. The jolla instructions are well written. Section 4 though / Sonys instructions is where it goes wrong.

        • Avatar

          nevermind, new instructions on Jolla’s site

        • Avatar

          Hi fstrahlm. I agree of all the youtube videos out there this on is one of the better ones. But still didnt work for me. I followed her instructions to the letter. Went to the “Get just the command line tools” section downloaded the windows file “” unzipped it and got a file call “tools” no installer file inside but the video shows an installer file called Installer XXXXX for windows. In what I downloaded this file does not exist.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your feedback! We have now made slight improvements to the overall instructions page.

  60. Avatar

    The installation instructions say to ensure the the Android OS is up to date with a build number of 34.3.A.0.228 or later. My Xperia says it is up to date but has a build number of 34.3.A.0.194.

    Is the only way to get 34.3.A.0.228 by unlocking the bootloader and updating using Emma?

    • Avatar

      Hi Alan,

      If your phone is not updating further than then version you mentioned, you would need the Emma tool in order to properly update it to the latest version.

      • Avatar

        Am I right in saying Emma is just to update to the latest version? If his was done manually already can I assume EMMA is not needed?

        • Avatar

          Yes, that is the impression I got as well. I took a quick glance over the windows batch script that does the actual install. Looks to me like the same could easily be done manually from a Linux system. From a quick glance I think it just runs some tools that come with the Android SDK, so if you have that installed under Linux, you should be able to reproduce the process.

  61. Avatar

    Hello Seannyboy,
    In step I think I just did:
    -I first updated the Android to 34.3.A.0.228
    -connect the phone with USB, pressing volume up and wait for the blue LED
    -go to the Sailfish installation folder in win command prompt, you should find fastboot.exe there
    -enter “.\fastboot devices” should show your phone
    -enter the command “.\fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x7BD05DF034E01AB2” from the Sony instructions just as it is on their website. The unlock code is not unique to each device or at least I got the same unlock code which is in the instructions
    -wait a while for reply from fastboot and continue with step 5, no Emma tool needed for the unlocking or flashing
    remember, trial and horror …

    • Avatar

      Yes the unlock code is unique. As explained on the page, the instruction is generated with your unlock code: “WARNING! The command below contains your unlock key.”

  62. Avatar

    Thank you, guys! Love my sfX, finally can retire my N9.

    • Avatar

      Thanks so much! We are glad that you’re enjoying it! Your N9 deserves a long vacation!

  63. Avatar

    At booting there is that “your device has been unlocked…”, is it possible to get away of it and how. Not much annoyance, but just thought. Thanks anyway.

    • Avatar

      Are you kidding! That’s my favourite bit πŸ™‚

      • Avatar

        Beethoven: I see that you like to live dangerously πŸ˜‰

    • Avatar

      Hi, currently there is no way to get rid of that as it is a requirement by Sony if you have an unlocked bootloader.

  64. Avatar

    It is pleasure to have SailfisOS on X.

  65. Avatar

    Dear Jolla team,
    for a long time i’ve been observing your posts and progresses you’ve made. I was worried for a long time if you could manage to deliver sailfish to the ‘masses’ and thus giving others the opportunity to enjoy this os. I was worried you would share the same faith with firefox os and ubuntu phone.

    finally I am glad to see that you have mastered it. With sailfish x you gave many people the chance to buy/use their sony device and put sailfish on it.

    I’m proudly writing now from sailfish X and enjoy it like I enjoyed my nokia 9000 in the past.

    I finally can start developing some ideas/apps for this platform that i have since some time and I will massively recommend you to friends and colleagues.

    I’m happy having donated the rest to you from the tablet refund.

    well done, keep up that path and sail on!

    • Avatar

      Thanks Daniyal for this comment.

      We still have a long way to go, but we also think that this is the correct path for us to take. Thank you so much for your support and kind words!

  66. Avatar

    I never thought this day would come but I’m completely discouraged. The complaints here about vagueness back when the tablet mess was unfolding were completely unfair to Jolla because publicly criticizing a supplier who was already uncooperative and possibly unethical was going to make a bad situation even worse. Everybody should have understood that. Now however, as a Canadian, all I know is that you would apparently like to sell the X software here but we’ll see. I can not imagine what the obstacles are nor why they need to be secret. I’ve bought things from every continent online with my credit card with never any difficulty. This atmosphere of mystery doesn’t make sense to me and it’s hard to maintain faith in a company that does things that seem a little crazy. Honestly, I’ve given up and I’m very sad and disappointed.

    • Avatar

      I can understand your frustrations as I would feel the same way.
      I was thinking about this the other day and it can’t be about payments…my personal OPINION is that Europe is the test bed to see how everything pans out. If things go well then eventually N, S America and Asia will open up.
      I’ve waited 4 yrs for a Sailfish device…your time will come.

      • Avatar

        For out of Eurozone purchasers, a simple solution is to use an Opera browser, activate VPN, and select an appropriate virtual location. Purchasing and downloading Sailfish X, is then straight forward.

    • Avatar

      I’m sure a company – any company – would prefer to sell more of its products. And I’m sure the handful of developers at Jolla who got this working would also like their hard work to be useful. We don’t know what goes on in backrooms in corporate meetings with a cabal of lawyers present. It might very well be that beyond the limitations of being a small company and having limited resources, Jolla itself doesn’t get to choose all of the conditions surrounding suppliers and legal requirements. I’m not saying you’re not entitled to feel some frustration, but I think there are some even at Jolla who share that frustration.

  67. Avatar

    Sthocs, looks like I didn’t read the instructions CAREFULLY. I totally missed that warning.

  68. Avatar

    Got it working last night! Downgraded, got keys out (I think), upgraded again OTA, flashed Sailfish X and rebooted. No Windows needed.

    Exchange supported and text prediction didn’t install properly, some problem with the store last night?

    Moved my btrfs formatted memory card from Jolla 1 to Xperia X, doesn’t work. I think btrfs is not compiled into the kernel, I don’t see it in /proc/filesystems. There does seem to be f2fs. Any official word on missing btrfs or should we rely on f2fs being supported?

    Apart from those issues, the system feels pretty snappy and seems stable so far. Good job!

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback!

      We might have experienced a rather momentary issue with the store last night but nothing major. And yes, btrfs should technically not work with this release.

  69. Avatar

    So I finally installed Sailfish on the Xperia X last night. So everyone knows, I did the whole thing via linux without any hassles or issues. HOWEVER, you should be comfortable with using the command line and have understanding of what you’re reading when the shell outputs messages.
    This is my first taste of Sailfish on any device…I used the predecessor of Sailfish, Harmattan, and I must say I’m very, very pleased with what I’m seeing. Sailfish is such a refreshing change from IOS and Android. The only thing that ever came close was BB OS10.
    Just wanted to say thanks to the Jolla team and Sailfish devs…you’ve done a fantastic job and the wait has been more than worth it.

    • Avatar

      And we would like to say thanks to you for choosing Sailfish while being very happy that you are satisfied with what you are seeing!

  70. Avatar

    Oh no! It could have been done on a Linux system? Really? I hardly cracked up with that Win mess, though it worked in the end.

    I’m really happy now. Feel like an adult smartphone user again. Even bluetooth is working like a charm for my issues (never expected anything else).

    Thx guys!

    • Avatar

      Adult smartphone user you are! πŸ˜€

  71. Avatar

    Hey James and Jolla Team, good job and congratulations on release a new Sailfish on new devices, personally I really hope that it will eventually release on other than Sony devices, as it is really difficult to bought a second hand Xperia X device on my country. I am a fans of Jolla since it first release, I tried iOS, Pure/Stock Android, Windows 10 Mobile, BlackBerry 10 and even Tizen, which none is my liking, really hope one day I can get another Sailfish OS phone in hand again. πŸ˜€

    • Avatar

      Thank you Arthur!

      We definitely are planning some kind of expansion on this program. Details are not yet concrete therefore nothing can be revealed but keep your eyes peeled here so we can update you as soon as we have something to announce πŸ™‚

  72. Avatar

    Glad noticing that the flashing is a success. I have to wait for an easy instruction for flashing with Mac/Linux. Hope it will come soon, because the pictures that my Jolla 1 produces are of a low quality and the speaker of this Jolla is really bad.

    • Avatar

      If you haven’t unlocked your boot loader, you can upgrade “OTA” – just keep checking for updates and apply all of them. The Emma tool just allows you to jump straight to the latest Android version; you don’t need it if you can update to the latest Android version the regular way.

      I downgraded and extracted my DRM keys, but I’m not sure it’s even possible to restore them so you probably shouldn’t even bother. It’s a lot simpler if you don’t.

      Once you have the latest version of Android, just follow the official instructions, but run the equivalent Linux commands instead. Skip the whole FastBoot drivers part, that’s for Windows. Install the Android tools for Linux (there are packages in Debian and Arch Linux at least). Unlock the bootloader with fastboot, extract the SailfishX zip, add that Sony AOSP blob to the same directory, then run the flash script included in the Jolla package. You probably need root access.

      This was also pretty helpful:

      • Avatar

        Thank you. But I have unlocked the bootloader already. Took me some effort. DRM also removed. My Xperia is just waiting for an easy instruction with Mac/Linux. I am not a developer and perhaps twice or even three times the age of most people here.
        I certainly will have a look at the link you suggested.

        • Avatar

          Have you flashed your Xperia yet? If you haven’t, respond here and I’ll do a short writeup on how to flash and install Sailfish via linux.

          • Avatar

            No Desmo, I have a Mac and so have all my friends. I could install Linux with or without virtual box. But I haven’t the courage to experiment without a good directory. But if you know a proper way to flash it It would be nice to share it here, because I am sure that more people are waiting for it. Thanks.

  73. Avatar

    After getting the boot loader unlocked the rest was easy.

    I had started preparing to install Linux as dual boot on my laptop. I didn’t bother but in the end. Installing Linux would probably would have been easier and quicker than using the Windows process outlined on the Sony site.

    At the moment I’m still setting the phone up. So far I’ve set up my email accounts and transferred my contacts from my Jolla C via Bluetooth.

    Next is to get all the Apps I have on the Jolla C onto the Xperia. The App I use very regularly is Here (WeG0). I can see it in the Store on the Jolla C but I cannot see it on the Xperia. WHAT’S HAPPENED????? I really need this otherwise the Xperia becomes limited in it’s use to me.

    One nice surprise is the Sony cover still works in the respect opening and closing the cover wakes and sleeps the phone.

    I’m really missing the double tap to wake up. I guess I’ve got so used to using it, my old N9, Jolla C and Nokia N1 tablet all do it.

    So far it looks good with the exception of not having Here Maps.

    • Avatar

      I dont know of these apps, but i downloaded one from net with .apk and transferred it to phone download. And with file browser went there and click that .apk file and pull from above out “install”. It works fine, some features may require to boot to get them work. I have no idea if this is secure, so if you try it, please at your own risk. Dont know how gps works. Im novice. Maybe someone can tell more, if it could be found on some store.

    • Avatar

      Hi Alan,

      HERE WeGo:
      I have downloaded HERE WeGo (2.0.11709) via (use this app for almost all Android stuff). However: I still need to verify whether this version is working on X, since on C we had to downgrade to 2.0.11424). Let’s see how it goes this afternoon.

      Double tap:
      There are many more howtows’ on TJC. Just search for “double tap”-

      Works perfectly πŸ˜‰

      • Avatar

        I too downloaded it from the apkstore, but it doesn”t work anymore on my Jolla.

      • Avatar

        A used “Send Anywhere” to send HERE WeGo (2.0.11510) from my Jolla C. How did you go with 2.0.11709?

        I’ve found Send Anywhere to be particularly useful for getting any thing from one device to another, especially some Android apps that are not showing up in a Store for a device.

        • Avatar

          2.0.11709 can be downloaded from Aptoide Store or from Apkpure Store.

          I was testing it last weekend and it is definitely working on Xperia X. Just just need to know that it is waiting for GPS when you are not moving. This however isn’t an issue since it immediately gets GPS when you are moving a bit. I had the maps running in offline mode since I don’t have a sim card inserted at the moment.

    • Avatar

      Here Wego does not work anymore on my Jolla since the latest update of Here. So it is probably not due to the flashing that you don’t see it on your Xperia. You could try Scout, the openstreetmap satnav instead.

      • Avatar

        See my comment above your post. Not seeing Android apps in the Jolla store is another topic which is discussed in TJC.

        On Jolla C currently working is 2.0.11424 which you also can get in Aptoide or Apkpure store.

  74. Avatar

    i made it! could install the sailfish x on the xperia. it looks good so far. nearly everything seems to be working (my bluetooth headset is not recognized, but i keep hoping:)).

    the flashing with linux posed some problems since i didn’t upgrade the phone’s android to version 34.3.A.0.228. but i finally worked that out too.

    so thanks a lot, jollistas! that is really good work. far better hardware than the jolla 1 with sailfish-os experience. congratulations!

    • Avatar

      We are happy that you made it! Too bad that your BT headset isn’t recognised… I think you are the first case of problem with this. But unfortunately there is not promise for a fix any time soon as we have repeatedly said that BT is not an officially supported component by Jolla yet.

      We hope you enjoy your experience on Sailfish X otherwise!!

    • Avatar

      just wanted to add that my phone’s bluetooth is working now. i just had to remember the concept of pairing the headset first. so it was rather my problem thay sailfish’s. πŸ™

      everything is now working fine!

      thanks a lot again!

      when will fm-radio be available and tethering? … πŸ™‚

  75. Avatar

    Hi james. It’s the 15th today? time for the monthly refund mails. I can also inform you that I backed sail x in the hops that this will get 50 dollar to some backer. Still waiting for my last piece of cake. Installation was easy but how you can charge money for an installation is beyond me. sail x is fast than on jPhone 1. But to many services isn’t working or completely missing. try to scroll to the last comment in this page takes forever with snailfish an many pages simply not work in the browser. But in the end, happy to see you sell something that could potentially speed up the refunds.

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave, we are on it. First of all, yesterday was Sunday and I personally was taking a well-deserved rest. Secondly, we will send those emails out as soon as we are ready to pay out the money. It will happen shortly and we will update you.

      Thirdly, what we are charging you is not really for installation, we (Jolla) are hardly making any profit from the sales of Sailfish X. What you are paying is actually mostly the license fees for Alien Dalvik, Predictive Text input and Microsoft Exchange.

      • Avatar

        some how it must affect the refund since jolla have a bunch of many for different project. anyhow. Regarding the exchange. Do you have any knoledge at jolla how exchange works. some use cases like respond to meeting request. accept/tentative/reject since this isnt working. exchange integration is basically useless since you cant work with it. can I suggests that jolla looking at the feature provided and asking what is minimal juse cases to be able ro work with a feature, like exchenge.

        • Avatar

          Please leave your suggestions on

          • Avatar

            did that once. Its a waste of time. just want to highlight the importance about how geatures are used in real life. this was just a small example how exchenge is unusble for many businessusers which are likely the onlyones that actually wants/forces to use exchange.

  76. Avatar

    Thank you guys so much for making this happen. You can’t imagine how great it felt to finally wipe that filthy Android off my phone and watch it boot a clean, sane and usable operating system for the first time. 4th day of Sailfish X now and it just feels beautiful. It actually works better than promised, the performance is great, the FHD display is just gorgeus, and I finally have enough RAM to run everything I need. Best of luck to the company. You guys are giving me back some piece of mind.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for this comment!

      We are more than glad that you are satisfied with your OS and how it performs. We certainly share the same opinions as you. Hopefully more things will work properly after each update!

  77. Avatar

    no paypal? common’ jolla – can’t be serious.


    • Avatar


      Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are trying to add the possibility of having more payment methods in place.This is currently what is provided by our payment partner.

    • Avatar

      Paypal is easy, but it’s also a bad boy, so I can imagine Jolla does not want to work with it.

  78. Avatar

    Hey guys please help. I want to buy Sony Xperia XA1, will I be able to flash it with Sailfish or i need only Xperia X (not the XA, XA1, etc) ?

    • Avatar


      The only officially supported device currently is the Sony Xperia X (F5121).

  79. Avatar


    I had a jolla 1 from the beginning and of course the “first one” other half. Is there a way to install the first one theme on sailfish x ?

    • Avatar


      Thank you for being with us and supporting us for so long! Unfortunately that is not officially possible as that ambiance was made only for “The First One” other half which made it special.

  80. Avatar

    Yesterday, I finally installed Sailfish on my Xperia X. The installation took quite some time but all went well. It is absolutely amasing to run Sailfish on the Xperia! The performance of Sailfish on an up-to-date device is awesome, the display is stunning. It seems you are more than back on track, congrats to the team!

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much for this comment! Our team is grateful!

  81. Avatar

    When porting Sailfish X on Sony Mobile Experia X Compact ?

    • Avatar


      Please stay tuned for possible future announcements regarding support for other devices. Thanks!

  82. Avatar

    When porting Sailfish Z on Sony Mobile Experia Z Compact ?

  83. Avatar

    Any timescale for bluetooth, FM radio, full camera resolution and NFC fixes?

    • Avatar

      Hello Dave,

      As for Bluetooth, we have not yet had any complaints regarding connectivity issues. So it should be pretty safe for almost anyone. Unless you have an accessory which won’t work with the current software stack. That is hard to tell.

      As for the rest of your question, there is not word yet, but we will update you as soon as we have something to announce!

      • Avatar

        Well it won’t connect to my Pebble2 watch and my lenovo X201i laptop. Says it’s connected but have tried two apps to connect watch and they don’t work. Can’t transfer files to my laptop.

        • Avatar

          usb cable???
          In Openrepos I count 4 apps that are for the Pebble family.

          • Avatar

            I understand that the Pebble apps are a bit flaky but can’t see why file transfers to laptop not working. Will dig out my BT keyboard and see if that works.

        • Avatar

          I guess you’re using Rockpool as the app for the Pebble 2. It’s my understanding that Rockpool doesn’t currently support Pebbles BTLE protocol. This may be part of your problem. I couldn’t get my Pebble 2 to work with my Jolla C either, though the Pebble Steel works perfectly.

  84. Avatar

    It was not easy, but after 2 hours work I finally have Sailfish X running… and it is absolutely gorgeous! Now happy and smiling πŸ™‚

  85. Avatar

    Does Sailfish X have Aegis-like restrictions on updating system components?

    I am holding off on my order in anticipation of some Mer (and Sailfish) package updates, but I won’t wait if I can package and install git master of wpa_supplicant today.

    Like many others I am over Android vendors failing to release critical security updates on time, and preventing me from patching my own devices while waiting. I would love to switch to a mobile OS which lets me keep my device secure (even if that means dealing with anything I break myself).

  86. Avatar

    Hey James, now the Sailfish X is out and your new software shop system is up and running – let’s get back to my suggestion for a official FairFish image πŸ˜‰ – @mal seems to get near a new release with the new kernel and basen on the latest Sailfish for his community port – wouldn’t it be great to release a fully working image for the Fairphone2 including the propriety stuff through Jolla Store just a month after the release of Sailfish X – I still didn’t download my purchased Sailfish X image because in case I can get an official FairFish soon I would sell the Xperia and keep going with my Jolla1 for a few more weeks …

  87. Avatar

    I’m going to install sailfish x. The cover I have on my own. My Jolla 1 has come to the forefront, I’m looking for a new experience with xperia x. Thank you very much.

    • Avatar

      I am apologize for my English.

  88. Avatar

    Sailfish X Bluetooth, does not work with Volvo. Otherwise x works fine.

    • Avatar

      Seems like that is not in any case.
      In my 2014er XC70 it works better than the Jolla C version.
      I don’t wonder about both things are coming from the north. πŸ˜‰

      BTW: Congrats to the Jolla team for the unbelievable long lasting battery life.
      This and of course the perfect display one of the highlights so far.

      • Avatar

        Works on my 2005 S60R as well (3rd party BT module connected to my stereo). Love to see some Volvo people here πŸ˜€

        • Avatar

          BT only partly work in my 2016 Renault, it connects after a looong time but contacts and other details are not transferred to the car media.

          My personal top-priorities on fixes/update are:

          1) BT fully working.
          2) Wlan hotspot/Internet sharing working.
          3) Browser update (good browser meaning less need for Android apps).
          4) AlienDalvik upgrade to Android 5 (most smartphone BT payment solutions require this).

          But be in no doubt, I absolutely love and adore Sailfish X on my Xperia πŸ™‚

          • Avatar

            Doesn’t (2) Wlan hotspot work? Please confirm! It is a must for me since that is my only Internet connection at home.

            • Avatar

              Wlan Hotspot is currently not working.

              In the release notes you can read what is working and not working:

              There is a work around to get Wlan Hotspot working which require some action in developer mode. But the work around need to be applied at every boot. (and it breaks wifi until next boot).

              I’m sure this is a feature that will be fixed soon. And I tell you the wonderful look and feel of the Sailfish OS on good hardware is worth a little initial hassle. πŸ™‚

  89. Avatar

    Very encouraging to hear that things are moving along!

    James, I know the team will be working flat out in the background but any news on when its planned to have SFOS running on other Sony Open devices?

    Has this been scoped out?
    Has it not even been looked at?
    How quickly could/would it happen once the Sailfish X has been signed off?
    Is it even at all possible it would happen within 2017?


  90. Avatar

    The official status concerning Internet sharing / tethering is “not working”. Does it work in any way at all or is it completely disabled? Is there any information on when it will be implemented?

    • Avatar

      Do you need WLAN sharing? This was not working for me (but can be a problem with my USB Wifi stick).

      I’m using Internet sharing via USB connection. There is a guide on The first time this was not working. I tried some other things and got back to this solution and the second time it worked.

    • Avatar

      Internet sharing isn’t disabled but doesn’t appear to work when turned on.

      • Avatar

        Do you mean there is a workaround to get Internet sharing through WLAN to work? I wrote “disabled” because I thought it was impossible to get it to work as it is not officially supported.

  91. Avatar


    Yesterday I moved from WP to Sailfish! Installation without problems, and my favorite apps available. I’m very happy. Thanks!

  92. Avatar

    Can somebody please advise how to proceed here. Device is unlocked and has been updated using EMMA to the latest build version 34.3.A.0.228. I have followed the instructions (with help on how to unlock the device) I am now ready to go. Everything is ready but when I try the final step – Double click on flash-on-windows.bat I get an error message telling me the device it locked for flashing. When I turn the device on I get this message “Your device has been unlocked and cant be trustefigurationd”when I go to the dial pad and type *#*#7378423#*#* – configuration – Rooting Status: Bootloader Unlocked : Yes
    Build Number: 34.3.A.0.228
    Android Version: 7.1.1
    Please advise how to proceed here

    • Avatar

      have you enabled USB in settings?

      @jolla. whats up with october refund?

      • Avatar

        Hi Dave999 Developer options / USB Debguuing is enabled) is there some other place I need to go?

        • Avatar

          Is oem unlocking also enabled?

          • Avatar

            OEM locking is unavailable ==> Bootlocker is already unlocked

  93. Avatar

    Please look for fixing mobile internet. It disconnects pretty often and it always resets settings made on reboot.

    I’d also love to see some improvement for the keyboard, e.g. longpress on letter gives you additional characters like numbers or often used symbols like a slash. Then a bit more of personalization, e.g. the symbols in app launcher are rediculosly big and a pity that the patch from coderus does not work on sf x and i think the switches for eg mobile internet should be made better reachable. Im coming from jolla 1 (with some weeks android on the x which was a nightmare) with patched switches to evrntsview so switches were just one swipe away. The only thing i miss from the few weeks of using droid is opera mini, i liked it when i used it on n8. There should be more settings for the browser like not loading images and a text view for emails.

    then of course fm radio is missing πŸ™ luckyly i own an mp3 player

    but all in all im pretty happy with sf x and thank god i got rid of the crappy sw from google.

    keep on rocking / sailing

    • Avatar

      I run Opera from the Aptiode Store. Opera has always been and still is the best mobile browser. Yes it’s a pity Opera isn’t in the Sailfish Store. Hopefully one day.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Alan for mentioning Opera. Installed it and for me now it is the best browser on Sailfish.

  94. Avatar

    with iOS/Android i can scroll from top to bottom of this page. in sail im impressed if anyone can do it under 60 seconds. why is that? add a link?

    • Avatar

      I can do it within 1 sec

      • Avatar

        LOL. In your dreams. I guess you don’t use stock browser πŸ˜€

        • Avatar

          Well no but its possible. With stockbrowser the option to not load images is missing but you could ask for the scrollbar. It is also missing in another app, so go ask for it on tjc. Dont forget to ask for refunds as well πŸ˜‰

          • Avatar

            Tjc is not useful. Better to close it and use the money for refund.

  95. Avatar

    Hi James
    You and your colleagues make my life different again, it’s amazing. But I have an issue when going to another place, because GPS is not working properly on android apps. I want to use Sailfish X as my main device, Can you guys fix it in the coming updates, please. It’s indispensable to me.

  96. Avatar

    Any new information about possible payment options?! My Experia is still waiting to get rid of its stupid android. πŸ™
    Another week and i’ll send the money the old school way….. in an envelope. πŸ˜›

    • Avatar

      I was never asked for my location when purchasing. Only needed cc with verification eg verify by visa. Didnt need to enter any code then

      • Avatar

        It’s not about the location (Grüße aus NRW), which is recognizable in your IP, by the way.
        My problem is the Creditcard. I got none.

        • Avatar

          So you only need another person to pay, should be possible. Nrw is my home Bundesland would be nice to be back. Did you already ask someone for his cc? Family or friends. I’d help but it could be kind of complicated

          • Avatar

            Still in progress. Tried one already… girlfriend’s card, didn’t even know she has one, but didn’t work due to a lack of configuration in the security-checks.. she never used it.
            i’ll wait until next week.
            perhaps a friend has to to help, or i even thought about, getting a card by myself.
            Who knows, perhaps they add other options for payment within the next days.
            my jolla one is still in duty and works fine, so…. no hurry.
            till then i watch strange 3D-dinosaurs on my desk with my new android phone. πŸ˜›

  97. Avatar

    I’ve been using the Sony Xperia X and Sailfish X for 5 days now.

    So far I am very happy, a nice responsive OS on a nice device which had a really nice screen.

    Sure there are some things that can be improved but over all for such a young OS it’s pretty good.

    A big thank you to the team at Jolla. Keep up the fantastic work. You deserve to have a mainstream manufacturer install Sailfish on one of their devices. I’m looking at you Nokia/HMD and Sony.

  98. Avatar

    OK. While I am waiting to get a device, I have been reviewing and researching. Apparently I should back up the DRM keys/partition before I install SFOS. Fine, so while researching this, I found the following.

    “Sony Xperia devices are known for their excellent Sony camera sensors and implemented software technologies like Bravia Engine and X-Reality display modes. These features noticeably increase screen colors and camera quality. Everything is sharper and photos taken in low light conditions look just great.

    All these features are made possible thanks to the DRM keys. But when you root your Xperia phone, the DRM keys get lost as well as all the features. The camera doesn’t perform as well and photos in low light look just terrible. The screen is not as vivid and colors are washed out.”

    So, is this bogus or real, and what is the state of Sailfish’s access to the Bravia and X-Reality engine gardware, quality wise and so on?

    Am I the only one who came across this?

    I looked at a 5122 and I admit it looks pretty sharp, so I thought the question was worth asking.

    • Avatar

      Yeah we know, and this is real unfortunately. Low quality photo is decreasing:
      – Android with DRM: Excellent.
      – Android with bootloader unlocked: grain, not very sharp, but still lightly
      – Sailfish OS: dark. Sharper than on Jolla 1, but almost darker :/

      • Avatar

        Oups I meant “quality of low light photos is decreasing”

        • Avatar

          Oh, that’s a little disappointing. Since SFOS is a “sanctioned” OS release for the Xperia X, one would have hoped that it had access to the full hardware array.

          There would seem to be no down side for Sony here, it’s their hardware and Android is not their software.

          What is the official word from Jolla on this?

  99. Avatar

    Did you get Here maps to run Alan?

    • Avatar

      Latest version 2.0.11709 can be downloaded from Aptoide Store or from Apkpure Store.

      I was testing it last weekend and it is definitely working on Xperia X. You just need to know that it is “waiting for GPS” when you are not moving. This however isn’t an issue since it immediately gets GPS when you are moving a bit. I had the maps running in offline mode since I don’t have a sim card inserted at the moment.

      On Jolla C currently working is 2.0.11424 which you also can get in Aptoide or Apkpure store.

      • Avatar

        I have noticed here WeGo on iOS is the same when running offline. Every time one stops at a traffic light it “gets lost” and as soon as it gets a bearing, it’s likely to send you the wrong way – so always remember what it said last, before pulling out from the stop light.

  100. Avatar

    Yes, I got it running by using Send Anywhere to transfer the version I had on my Jolla C. I see there is an update being offered on the APKPure Store. I haven’t tried that yet.

    I’m currently trying to get the latest version of Sports Tracker to work. It’s recording activities OK but when I go to upload the activity I get a “No Internet Connection” message. However I know it is connected as I’ve gone in on another devices and changed the description on a previously uploaded activity from the Jollas C and the description updates on the Xperia. So it’s talking to the server. I may try installing the older version I have on the Jolla C.

  101. Avatar

    I got Sports Tracker to upload activities. I needed to reboot the phone. It wasn’t accessing the Jolla Store either.

  102. Avatar

    Purchased it yesterday and installed it. Works great! A huge improvement to my old J1.

    • Avatar

      Amazing! Thank you for purchasing and spreading the word!

  103. Avatar

    For people who are not good with instructions, you could add: “Please follow the instructions in the exact order they are presented” πŸ™‚ Sounds obvious, but somehow I got myself trying to install Android SDK with Sony’s instructions which contained an error and got very frustrated.

    Also, I accidentally closed the page with Sony’s instructions and could not find it again (with google or from history) without starting the Sony’s process from beginning. Not very smooth.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for this feedback!

  104. Avatar

    Have you run your October refund script yet? Can see anyone with October refund.

    • Avatar

      No, sorry Dave. I’m not running any scripts for either Here WeGo or Sports Tracker. πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately not yet, Dave. You can find out why by reading my other reply to your other comment.

  105. Avatar

    I’ve just downloaded the APKpure version of Here maps Alan, and as Vision said above, it is fine, but gps stops when stationary.

    • Avatar

      Is the issue of the GPS stopping when stationary because it’s in offline mode in Here WeGo?

      • Avatar

        See my comment above. It’s the same on iOS

      • Avatar

        It seems similar with either option Alan, but in practical use, the system works fine, I completed a couple of car runs, (In offline mode,) and Here maps ran perfectly, (even stopping in traffic, didn’t seem to lose gps.)

  106. Avatar

    Has anyone else found the speaker volume to be a bit on the low side.

    Are there any fixes for this?

    • Avatar

      Hey Alan, do you mean that when you are having a conversation and put the phone on speaker? Or do you mean the speakers in general?

      • Avatar

        Hi James,

        I was meaning when the phone on speaker.

        Also I’ve noticed the volume is very weak when using my Bluetooth car kit. It’s much much quieter than any other phone I’ve used in my car including the Jolla C.

  107. Avatar

    I have a good feeling about today! Think it my time to win in the refund game of Jolla. πŸ˜€

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave, tis may take a few more days. We are held back as we are waiting for the money to arrive to our PayPal and it is taking an unusually long amount of time. We are currently investigating what is taking so long…

      • Avatar

        Well, I think you have a lead in your post right there. We don’t need Mr C Holmes to solve this one. It starts with P and end with Pal!

        • Avatar

          I wished you stopped posting about refunds here. This is not the right place to beg for refunds.

          • Avatar

            @James Noori: Can you implement a Dave999 filter for this blog as a refund option for the tablet -would save me from some useless scrolling up and down while trying to read the actual content. Anyone else interested in this refund option? πŸ˜‰

  108. Avatar

    Why do I need to make a google account and install an google app and on my jolla phone to buy a jolla operating system? It is needed to pay with kredit card. There is no other option to buy. This is aconfession of failure …


    • Avatar

      Hello Bernd,

      We apologize for the inconvenience. We are soon adding more payment options to the shop. Thanks for your patience.

      • Avatar

        Do these payment options come together with new instructions to flash Sailfish with Mac/Linux? I hope so. My unlocked Xperia is waiting and I definitely do not want to install or use Google services.

        • Avatar

          The Linux instructions are almost ready and will be published later today (hopefully, if everything goes well). New payment methods however, do need a little bit more time as we are waiting for our payment partner to make more solutions available to us. Thank you for your patience, Kea!

        • Avatar

          Never needed any g acc for flashing also with win, its kind of easy. Where do you need it?

  109. Avatar

    Why it has country lock? I’m from Russia and really tired of my old Jolla phone, was waiting for release for several months now and guess what — I can’t buy it!!!

    • Avatar

      You may use Opera with VPN option enabled and choose Germany then for example.

  110. Avatar

    I want use my Sailfish X voucher option without a paypal account. How can I got 2 vouchers?

    After confirm I got “PayPal ID is required for refund”. I don’t want money, only 2 vouchers??

    PayPal is not for me.

    • Avatar

      I found my error. Thanks for the voucher.

  111. Avatar

    Guys .. ANOTHER BS story why Jolla is not continuing the refunds !!
    Blaming PayPal or whomever they think they can blame to hide their own faults !

    SHAME ON YOU Jolla ! Shame on YOU !

  112. Avatar

    Hi, where can I find the voucher code? Filled out the formular to get one. Does you send the code via email or paypal, or what, please? No answer from Zendesk, yet. Thank you!

    • Avatar

      You get a mail. Checked the trash?

  113. Avatar

    sure, checked trash and junk-folders several times!

    • Avatar

      Ok. Ask for refund.

  114. Avatar

    Thank you for your reply, James. I will wait. I have read the new instruction for flashing Sailfish with Linux. It says that if you don’t have the latest Android, you will have to use the Emma tool with Windows. ??? Does that mean you still have to use a windows computer?

    • Avatar

      If your device has its bootloader locked:
      Update to the latest version of Android using your phone’s OTA feature. (build number is 34.3.A.0.228 or higher)

      If your device has its bootloader unlocked BEFORE updating to the latest version of Android, you need update by using the EMMA tool.

    • Avatar

      No, you can use flashtool, but that’s not officially supported, that’s why the instructions say to use Emma.

      • Avatar

        Why did they not tell us this before we unlocked our Xperia’s ? Nobody said that we had to update before the unnlocking process.So, what is it, do I need the Emma tool or not if my device is unlocked and if it has the pre-latest Android?
        I am willing to wait for a proper instruction, but this is very confusing. It is amateuristic, too experimental. I like Sailfish very much, but I absolutely do not like the chaotic procedures as shown here.
        My conclusion is, that Sailfish is only for the tech savvy priviliged and if it stays this way, it will not become a serious third option. To my regret.

        • Avatar

          ? This is the very first point of the instructions:

          1.1.1 Update to the latest version of Android using your phone’s OTA feature

          The instructions are starting to be pretty solid, now that they have included all our feedback.

          • Avatar

            Wel, I must have missed this and I am sure I am not the only one. Do you probably know if we also will need the Emma tool with windows in our case (pre-latest Android) when the instruction for Mac arrives?
            I still think it would have been better when Jolla had tested out its procedures in a small group before bringing it to the community/public. Unlocking the bootloader was also chaotic. I feel sorry for all the people like Seannyboy who struggled so much.

            • Avatar

              You didn’t miss it, you just wanted to be prepared for the release, and unlocked your bootloader in advance with community’s help. You didn’t wait for official instructions.

              Yes, it looks like Jolla will stick to the official Sony tool in their official instructions. So I suggest you to once again use community’s help to finalize your Sailfish X installation.

              You managed to unlock the bootloader without Jolla’s detailed instructions, I think that was the hard part. Now if you simply follow this tutorial you will have Sailfish X in no time πŸ˜‰ (take care to use the MacOs commands and not the Linux ones)
              The instructions are quite the same than Jolla’s official instructions for Linux, you can compare.

              Yeah no luck for Seannyboy, it looks like he did everything right, I don’t know why the final step doesn’t work for him.

              • Avatar

                So now the possibility to use the Jolla instruction for Mac is lost. I wished I had known this before. I certainly would have preferred waiting.
                The instruction by Jakibaki is complicated for me. Flashtool: under ‘downloads’? The previous release of the newest? Where comes Sailfish in? Do I first need to buy Sailfish, begore starting the flashing, or during the flashing? What about the links to Cyanogen and Mega?

              • Avatar

                Download the latest release and follow the installation instructions there

                The link on Mega is the actual latest Android version to install on your phone (34.3.A.0.238). Download it.

                Then follow jakibaki instructions.
                Once you have flashed the firmware version 34.3.A.0.238 on your phone, then you can buy Sailfish X.

  115. Avatar

    Repost @ James

    Very encouraging to hear that things are moving along!

    James, I know the team will be working flat out in the background but any news on when its planned to have SFOS running on other Sony Open devices?

    Has this been scoped out?
    Has it not even been looked at?
    How quickly could/would it happen once the Sailfish X has been signed off?
    Is it even at all possible it would happen within 2017?


    • Avatar

      Thank you for this reminder.

      This topic has most definitely been looked at by us. We need to evaluate our capacity and make the Xperia X experience as good as it can be first before attempting to release new software for new phones. It is on our agenda and we will update you accordingly. Unfortunately I can’t give you a date on when yet.

  116. Avatar

    I tried to read and understand the Linux instructions before actually doing anything to my device/wallet. But I stumbled on step 4.4 in . Where can I found the Sony C1 command? Maybe it will flash by when I’ll get my unlock key. But I’m not feeling confident about this. Also it feels a bit contradicting to say that I don’t need to use Sony’s guide and then refer to “Sony instructions”.

    • Avatar


      I’ve unlocked mine using Linux too.

      The command is shown on Sony OpenDevices’ website.

      To be able to unlock the bootloader you need to type a command that looks like :

      fastboot oem unlock 0x

      The actual hexadecimal number is specific to your phone.

      You need first to register on the Sony OpenDevices website (you can do it with a throw-away e-mail too), then provide the IMEI of your phone, and then Sony OpenDevices will give you back the hexadecimal key, together with a small “howto” explanation page.

      On the section C1 of that small howto page, there’s a ready-to-copy-paste copy of the command with your key.

      It has nothing to do with Sony’s Guide, it’s just the website that is displayed when you ask for an unlock code.


      NOTE: The unlock will also kill the DRM keys contained in the TA-partition in the same step – check on if you want a work around to save a dump of the TA partition first.

      The unofficial Linux guide ( ) has pointers for that.

      • Avatar

        And before you unlock, update the device to the latest Android.

      • Avatar

        I got my key. But it doesn’t work so good:
        chb@hubu:~/SFOS-X$ fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x74xxxxxxxxxxAC36

        What does this mean?
        I turned the F5121 off.
        Connected USB cable to pc.
        Hold the volume key up while connected cable to F5121. It shows a green light.

        • Avatar

          Sorry, the message didn’t show up, here is how it looks:
          chb@hubu:~/SFOS-X$ fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x74xxxxxxxxxxAC36
          (( waiting for device ))

          Except that (( and )) are left and right angle brackets.

        • Avatar

          No, you didn’t hold Vol +, otherwise the led would be blue.

          • Avatar

            Thanx. Good hint. Maybe the instructions should contain this. The trick is to hold the button in while inserting the cable, and release it a few milliseconds before you see the green light. Otherwise it is too late. And don’t release it too early either.

            But I still got the same error message. However, it help to run the command with sudo. Now I got:

            OKAY [ 2.842s]
            finished. total time: 2.842s

            Hope that is correct.
            Now on to step 5. πŸ™‚

            • Avatar

              The rest worked without hick-ups. Now, I’m sailing too/again.

            • Avatar

              It’s indicated in the instructions: step B3 of Sony’s instructions, and again step 6.4 of Jolla’s instructions.
              You don’t need to release it at a precise timing, just keep holding until the led is blue.

              • Avatar

                That was what I did the first time. I tried it many times and for me the light turned blue only if I released it as I described above. I even tried it on another computer and on different USB ports. Now, I regard myself as an expert on this topic. πŸ™‚

                Regarding the instructions, Jolla said explicitly that I should only get the unlock key from Sony, and then also do the Sony’s C1 step. I.e. not their B3 step. And it is not clear to me that step 6.4 also applies to step 4.4.

                I think the instructions could easily be clearer. Just copy the blue light notice from 6.4 to 4.4.

                • Avatar

                  Ah ok, you’re using Linux instructions. Well, then I find Jolla’s step 4.3 pretty explicit about the need to press “Vol up”. It’s basically copied from step 6.4. Maybe they should have let the sentence about the blue led but otherwise…
                  About the fact that you need a perfect timing, unfortunately I think it’s specific to your phone πŸ˜•

        • Avatar

          I tried a few times more and I can also get a blue light. But it doesn’t behave different.

  117. Avatar

    i received a “Jolla Tablet Refund information” on October the 4th.
    I’m still waiting for total refund, option that i choosed.
    I don’t care about Jolla. I just want my money back. I don’t trust you since weeks.

  118. Avatar

    since many months … since years …

  119. Avatar

    i don’t care about apologises. just money back.

    • Avatar

      Just another bm guy… If you get money back its just nice and friendly do try to be nice and friendly

      • Avatar

        Dear @Atomfurz. You’re right.
        Dear Jolla, could you please give my money back. I trusted you. But you disappointed me a lot. I read all your posts silently. I’m just done today.
        Be sure you will not here about me again and i will talk all french community the way you care about your customers and clients !

        • Avatar

          What? Have Jolla lost all money again? Or have they moved it to another company and let Jolla go south. Where is the refund?

  120. Avatar

    Installed Sailfish X today using Ubuntu. Everything works fine, thanks for your efforts.

    One Question: When I turn my phone back on after shutting it down, there is a warning signe stating: “Your device has been unlocked …”. Is there any chance to get rid of this warning?

    • Avatar

      Apparently not, it’s part and parcel of having the bootloader unlocked.

    • Avatar

      If eventually Jolla manage to get their kernel (the “hybris-boot.img”) signed by Sony as an officially supported kernel image, it would be possible to relock the phone and make the message go away.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately that message is a requirement by Sony and has to be there if you have an unlocked bootloader.

    • Avatar

      Just consider that message as a “Hello SailfishX … -Goodbye Android” message and be proud to be part of the community and this project πŸ˜‰

  121. Avatar

    I did it! Finaly! I spent more than 3 hrs for unlocking and flashing. Totaly worth it! I’m realy glad that i can avoid Android and iOS for (hopefully) many more years.
    Thank you Jolla that you are offering a good working and beautiful alternative! After using the Jolla 1 the performence, the camera and the display appear realy gorgeous to me.
    Also the patches and programms I used on my Jolla 1 work totaly fine on the Xperia. Honestly, I didn’t expect that ;).

    I hope that you will survive in the “fight” with the big players and that no one will ever board your ship of open source and independency! And hopefully many other phones to flash SFOS with will follow.

    But I did have some troubles and I’m not sure if it is my bad understanding in english…
    I had troubles in unlocking my Xperia but you already specified the steps (tap 7 times “Build no” and the “usb debuging” thing)…

    Also I had troubles in “6. Flashing Sailfish X to your Xperia”
    When I followd the steps as discribed I allways did get an error. What worked was to first start the “flash-on-windows.bat” and THEN connect the Xperia the discribed way.

  122. Avatar

    How about the camera? What is your experience? Have read some comments like: “The missing DRM-keys knock the resolution down from 23Mpix to 16Mpix, but that doesn’t explain the lack of sharpness in the pictures.” “Somehow the autofocus simply doesn’t work as it should.”Jolla should pay somebody afap to get all the camproblems fixed. IMO its the biggest show stopper for sailfish. Ever wondered if its just the hardware which is crap or also the software. in the case of Xperia X its the software for sure…”
    Has anyone used some android cam app?

    • Avatar

      Taking a picture is ultra fast, under droid it was.totally slow. Image quality is worse than under droid bulk but outside its pretty ok, took some pictures with native app and also a vid. The vid was oitside with clowdy sky but quality was good. Pictures are sometimes good sometimes bad. If you watch first you get more good than bad images

  123. Avatar

    Thank you Jolla for this great achievement!
    Enjoying Sailfish X on the Xperia X very much and looking forward to all the future software improvements and support for new features πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your comment! There is an update right around the corner (currently available for Early Access) with improvements and bug fixes!

  124. Avatar

    On YouTube, there is a video of a German bloke flashing Sailfish to his Xperia X with Linux. If possible, for computer illiterate folks like I, could someone do a video of flashing Sailfish with Windows?

    • Avatar

      If you are german, i wrote something on forum. Im also a pretty average user but it was kind of easy.

    • Avatar

      Yes, and a video of Flashing with a Mac too, the method of Jakibaki, that would be nice. Although I don’t like Youtube, and there is text already, it can be very helpful for the non-techsavvy like me. I am afraid doing something that damages the whole thing.

  125. Avatar

    James has disappeared! Not a good sign. Show us refunds.

    • Avatar

      He’s obviously away researching my questions which I’ve posted a couple of times above! πŸ˜€

      • Avatar

        What question? Does it start with re and end with d and all the fun in between?

    • Avatar

      I am right here. We have found the problem with PayPal, it was unfortunately from our side (I don’t have the details to be honest). It should be fixed shortly and we will update you accordingly.

      • Avatar

        Great! I have located James. He is right here πŸ™‚

        • Avatar

          And then never use it again! What is the point of using Sailfish as an alternative if you support those huge super rich transhumanistic hubristic data maniaks like Paypal?

  126. Avatar

    Dear Jolla team, flashing new Sony Xperia X with Sailfish X went absolutely fine. All works toally fine. I even activated “double tab on lock screen”.

    You made an excellent and great job!!!! (Why not earlier?) Jolla is my world. I enjoy very much. I absolutely appreciate Sailfish on Xperia and I’m looking forward to enjoying further developments and improvements.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for this comment! We certainly appreciate you supporting us πŸ™‚

  127. Avatar

    My proximity sensor is broken, it shows that it is constantly “connected”. Is there a way to unlock the screen during calls even if the proximity sensor is forcing the screen of?

  128. Avatar

    I’m feeling betrayed… James Noori, I asked if this would work on the US version of the Sony Xperia X and explained that I was very excited to finally be able to use Sailfish OS because I live in the US. Here is what you told me:
    “As long as you have a phone which is not locked by any carrier this should work flawlessly. The only issue at the moment is that we are figuring out USA and Canadian payment systems which should be solved soon enough for you to be able to purchase your software with ease. More on that later, please stay tuned!”
    But now you’re saying that you have no plans to enter the American market anytime soon! I see people telling others to just use a VPN in Opera to say they’re in Germany. But I see that purchasing the image from an unauthorized country is against the terms of service. Would you really terminate someone’s account because of this? You TOLD me that I would be able to purchase the software! You TOLD me! And if you don’t have any plans to let me purchase software that you TOLD me I would be able to purchase, you are a dishonest company and I won’t support you even if you ever DO decide to enter the American market!

    • Avatar

      …Please delete this comment.

      • Avatar

        And please don’t ban me. I’m gonna ask one of my grandma’s friends in the UK to purchase the software on my behalf. Unless that’s not okay, in which case you can go ahead and ban me.

  129. Avatar

    I used the instruction set for flashing the Xperia by using Linux. Every runs like a charm. That’s making process really easy on Linux. Thanks a lot.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Michael! Glad to hear that!

  130. Avatar

    Hello James, I want to buy Sailfish X, but the flashing method is too complicated for me. The alternative method, that I have to use because I unlocked the bootloader before the official unlocking method came out, does not work on my Mac. I am afraid I have to sell my Xperia.

    • Avatar

      Hello Kea, it is really sad to hear that you are going to sell your device. I wish I could help you personally but without having the device in my hand I can’t do anything. You could technically send your device to me so I can flash it for you however. If that’s something you would like to do, send me an email on james.noori [at] jolla [dot] com so we can chat.

      • Avatar

        Thank you for your kind reply. I could not find anyone in my environment who was able to help. Posted on a ‘student computerhelp’, but did not get any reply. Of course I want to pay for it.

    • Avatar

      If you want some help, you need to tell us precisely what commands you did, and what was the error, like you did when you tried to unlock your bootloader (which honestly was the hard part).

  131. Avatar

    Hi Jolla!

    Install went smoothly, a lot of things work very well. BUT:
    – Tethering not working, hope this is a work in progress.
    – Major problem for migration, I can’t get my sms and mms to transfert from android to Sailfish os. There is no information about it anywhere, is it normal? It’s an issue to lost all the text communication…

    thanks for making this third way for us. I quit android because of the ads pressure. I felt constantly under very very agressive surveillance with Android. I hope to find peace with your software.

    • Avatar


      Glad that everything went smoothly. Yes, thethering is a work in progress and is progressing nicely. About migrating your SMS and MMS to Sailfish X, that is a known issue and our engineers are working on it. It is however not a priority at the moment so there is no guarantee when you will be able to use that feature fully.

      Thank YOU for adopting Sailfish OS! We are a proud bunch to see users like you migrate from Android to Sailfish OS!

  132. Avatar

    Hi James, I have a second F5121 device. Do I need to download the SailfishX image again? Or rephrased, is it allowed to install the image on two devices? Effectively only myself uses the devices. I want to play with some FOSS software and start develop some applications and the second device will have the tool chain installed to compile new stuff … (architectural plattform / cross compiling will the next step).

  133. Avatar

    Is this available in the U.S. yet?

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