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Sailfish 3 Day Celebration

The third generation of Sailfish OS is here, and we call it Sailfish 3! After months of hard work to get Sailfish 3 out in the wild, we have now released this rather big update to Sailfish powered devices. With that said, we surely wanted to celebrate the occasion and arranged two events: one in Helsinki, and another one in Berlin. Thanks to all of you who attended! Below, you find a short description what happened, and what the mood was like.

Sailfish 3 Day in Helsinki

On November 8th, the day we named after Sailfish 3, we arranged a celebration event in Helsinki. Many journalists, industry people, and community members were invited to come along and celebrate the release of Sailfish 3 with us. We presented Sailfish 3, demoed devices running the OS, had a ton of fun, built more relationships with the Sailfish community and had some great food and drinks catered to us during the event.

Sailfish 3 Presentation

Our CEO Sami Pienimäki, and Chief Designer Martin Schüle gave the crowd a deep dive to Jolla’s current status and Sailfish 3. The presentation did start with a surprise guest, whom our older community members will surely recognise and love, and ended with a Q&A, which we also recorded on the same video linked below.

Sailfish 3 Meetup in Berlin

Germany is by far one of our biggest fanbases in whole of Europe, so on November 11th, after Sailfish 3 Day we hosted a meetup in Berlin, with roughly 50 of our German-based community members, and a few journalists.

german group sailfish 3 meeet


Sami and Martin held another presentation for this crowd, giving a closer look at where we are at, what Sailfish 3 is all about and what is about to come. This time though, we only have photos to share with you as we did not record this event.

More events to follow

After such a big release, we are keen to hear more from our community, especially with face-to-face interactions. We are now planning on arranging more events in different parts of Europe, and we’ll inform you about them in advance. So keep your eyes peeled on our channels!

We are also working on a public Sailfish 3 roadmap, which we will share with you in our blog as soon as it is ready. So stay tuned!



James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    Cool! Any news in regards to the T-Shirts? It’s a good way to support Jolla in addition to everything else 🙂

    • Avatar

      Exactly, T-Shirts will be good move.

      • Avatar

        Yes…as a “The First One”- T-Shirt owner I consider Sailfish 3 as a perfect marketing opportunity for Jolla and community members 😉

    • Avatar

      More on that to follow. Stay tuned!

    • Avatar

      Indeed! Yes please, I’ll order a t-shirt the day it gets released 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Since “Day 1” of Jolla I wish to have an opportunity to join one of these meetings. ‘Til now unfortunately it was not possible…. but one day in future I will make it hopefully 😉

    • Avatar

      We look forward to meeting you at some point for sure!

  3. Avatar

    Hi Jolla team it was a good opportunity to talk to you as those who are responsible for this cool and important project SailfishOS stands for. A big point for everyone who is concerned about the integrity of the further development of the OS with partners and investors from Russia and China etc. was – if I got it right – the information that all contributions from the partners to SailfishOS are open source and can be proven by the community.

    PS: Greetings to Sarah and David. Nice to meet you ☺!

    • Avatar

      …in Berlin 😉

    • Avatar

      Hopefully I will make it next time in Berlin as well, but for now, thanks for your words, it indeed true.

  4. Avatar

    Looks like it was a great fun 🙂
    Looking at the video it was said that XA2 will get android 8.1 support which is great. I’ve flash my XA2 with SailfishOS 3.0 but with no android support atm. When it comes out will it be just an update or will I need to flash my XA2 again?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Avatar

      They said that it will be a simple update. 🙂

  5. Avatar

    It will be an update for the license and extras u don’t have now.

  6. Avatar

    Congratulations to your decision to start a public roadmap for the OS sailfish; we’ll love it, for sure!

  7. Avatar

    Sailfish 3 roadmap! Thank you!

  8. Avatar

    Marc is back? 😮

    • Avatar

      He was a surprise guest at our event.

  9. Avatar

    Nice to see sailfish 3 roadmap soon!

  10. Avatar

    congrats for the release and big thanks for the hard work !

    Looking forward to see more about Sailfish!!!

    And impressive that you still manage to support the original Jolla after all these year!

    I’m still a very happy user of my Sailfish X on Xperia X.

    (also, any chances of a kernel upgrade to Sony’s upstream and Android update on Xperia X?)

    • Avatar

      +1 Plus the Android apps for the android / tizen smart watches getting rights to use bluetooth connections of Sailfish Xperia X / XA units.

      • Avatar

        (Well technically it’s not a problem of rights but of API: Sailfish OS just like any other GNU/Linux uses BlueZ as their Bluetooth stack, whereas Google use their own BlueDroid instead for Android. I’ve heard the Android X86 project had a Bluedroid-to-BlueZ translation layer, so that might be an eventual solution to make raw Bluetooth access available to the compatibility layer)

        • Avatar

          Dear Colleague,

          Thank you for the good news on BlueDroid-to-Bluez project. There still exist two other preventing problems:

          -Sailfish OS does not allow Android apps to open Bt connection.

          – E.g. Galaxy Wearables app does not support Sailfish OS. Thus Settings part of that app do not open and work. This valid also with e-sim, too.

          Thank you for your helping comments on these subjects. Sofar the watchs are showing only time and foot step etc. syncronising only with hot-pot, which is not reasonable with high power usage constinuously.

          • Avatar

            PS. Thus (only ?) notifications are expected to work.

  11. Avatar

    Congrats on the successful launch of Sailfish OS 3! I wanted to join the Berlin meetup but it was quickly “sold out” so it’d be great if you could host it at a bigger location next time.

    • Avatar

      We had more seats available later on and announced it on our social media channels too. Hopefully you made it! We will think of a bigger location next time.

  12. Avatar

    I’d love to have that roadmap too.
    Ich don’t really care wether things are released a few month sooner or later, but knowing what’s beeing worked on and a rough scedule would really bei great!

  13. Avatar

    Liebes Sailfish OS Team,
    lieber Herr Pienimäki,

    es scheint mir den meisten Teilnehmern der Veranstaltung nicht klar zu sein, dass Sailfish 3 bzw. die B2C Lösung Sailfish X historischen Charakter haben wird. Die Welt schreit förmlich nach einer globalen Alternative zu dem Duopol aus iOS und Android. Sie erlauben es wichtigen Volkswirtschaften, wie Russland und der VR China aus dem Gefängnis US dominierter Betriebssysteme für mobile Endgeräte auszubrechen.

    Ich persönlich werde mir ein Sony Xperia XA2 Plus kaufen und Sailfish 3 auf diesem Gerät ausprobieren. Allerdings erst mit Version 3.0.1.

    Viele Grüsse aus Zürich,


  14. Avatar

    Hi James,
    good to see, that Jolla is still alive. Are there any news about the state of the second tablet refunds?
    I’m still waiting for my money and it feels bitter sweet to see you celebrating in Berlin.


    • Avatar

      Hi Rico,

      Any news regarding the tablet refunds will be present at the latest post regarding the refunds. So far we have no news, therefore no updates there. We still stand by our latest statement regarding the issue.

  15. Avatar

    A little help!

    Excitedly setting up my newly purchased XA2 but failing at the Powershell command section

    I’ve right clicked on the zipped SF03 file and opened up the PowerShell command but not getting any further

    can someone please drop me the full line fast boot command line please?

  16. Avatar

    When do you plan to have the release for the XA2 available for download? Can you provide a timeline?

  17. Avatar

    That was a really nice event! Thank you guys!

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