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Sailfish Community Device Program and Jolla C second batch

* Update: Sold out in 15 minutes! *

We are super excited to announce that we’ve secured a new batch of Jolla C devices, and can thus take more participants to the Sailfish Community Device Program. The new batch is a very limited one, meaning that we can take only a few hundred new participants to the program.

We gave a head up this morning to all people who gave their email address on our sites, and this batch is already almost sold out. If you want to secure your place, better be quick!


Read more about the Sailfish Community here, and also check the Jolla C product page.

For a smooth Jolla Shop experience:

To secure your place in the Sailfish Community Device Program and get the Jolla C, please keep in mind the following when entering the Jolla Shop:

1. Select and save your country/region for the Jolla Shop from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page  – see below for reference:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.22.38 AM


2. Sometimes an order gets stuck in “Waiting for Payment” status. Should this happen to you, we kindly advise you to complete a new order at your earliest convenience; please do not attempt to fix or otherwise redo an existing order. While this may lead to having multiple failed orders with this status, our experience has shown that eventually reordering will result in a successfully completed order. Jolla will then cancel any orders in the shop that are stuck in “Waiting for Payment” status without prior consent or notification.

We hope to see you soon in the Sailfish Community Device Program!

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,


James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    This time I did not lose any time and managed to place an order. Now I’m really excited to try it out soon. Thanks a lot Jolla for this offer!!

    • Avatar

      Welcome aboard! Thank you for contributing 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Done, thank you Jolla 😀

    • Avatar

      You are welcome! Thank you for joining!

  3. Avatar

    Already out of stock?

    • Avatar

      Went out of stock while placing the order… 🙁

    • Avatar

      Sorry to hear that you could not order this time either 🙁 It sold out really really fast!

  4. Avatar

    I got one, Juhu. Btw. shop opened at 11.55h CET …

    • Avatar

      We opened 5 minutes earlier in case there would have been a potential problem!
      But welcome aboard 🙂 Thanks for joining the program!

  5. Avatar

    Today I was lucky, I placed my order, because during the first batch ordering, I wasn’t able to do that.
    @James, can you tell us how many devices was ordered in this second batch? Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Hi and welcome aboard to the program! Thank you for joining.

      As mentioned, the devices were a few hundred. It was a bit lesser than the first batch but I can’t disclose the exact number.

  6. Avatar

    Allready done and succeeded. Thank you Jolla. I am waiting for the packet very enthustically.

    • Avatar

      Welcome aboard and thank you for joining!

  7. Avatar

    just managed to get a order in, thanks Jolla. Only worried i didn’t select the EU in settings, it defaulted to Finland. Is that ok?

    • Avatar

      Hi! Thanks for joining!

      As long as you have your address correctly set, than it’s all right.


      • Avatar

        Thanks James, been waiting for an upgrade. Budding developer here so hope I can contribute. Also wanted to commend your community role and thanks for keeping us all informed. Very much appreciated and I’m excited to see what jolla can do next!

        • Avatar

          Thanks so much sanj78!

          It is an honour to be a part of this community and keep you guys informed about everything!

          Thank you for supporting us!


  8. Avatar

    I can’t believe I’ve missed that batch! :’-/ Swiss time is one hour back…aaargh…Maybe there will be a third batch? 😉 I would very very appreciate that! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Pasco!

      Unfortunately we don’t have any further plans at the moment for a third batch! But nothing is impossible so stay tuned for any future plans.
      We are sorry that you could not get in…


  9. Avatar

    As I failed the second time to order the jolla c. tonight I will order the one plus one 3.

    • Avatar

      Hi Auerora!

      Thank you for your effort. We are terribly sorry that you could not get in. It is unfortunately one of the consequences of having a limited batch. We are sad to see you go!
      Please consider staying in the community 🙂


  10. Avatar

    What a pity! I am in Austria and I was finally I was 1 hour late because in Finnland it was one hour later 🙁 Hopefully there will be a third batch for us 🙂

    Keep on rockin jolla!!

    • Avatar

      Hi! Thank you for commenting and thanks for your support!

      Unfortunately at this moment there are no plans to expand the program any further, but we never know what the future brings us 🙂 Please stay tuned for our possible future plans.


  11. Avatar

    Shame I didn’t check my email this morning… Completely missed it. Is there any hope for a third batch?

    • Avatar

      Hi Ziu!

      Unfortunately at this moment there are no plans to expand the program further. We are sorry that you could not get in on time.
      Please stay tuned for our future plans and announcements.


  12. Avatar

    Pretty disgusted, I tried to complete the order form but was ejected several times, the status was hesitating between sold-out or open. Too bad :-(.

    • Avatar


      Thank you for your support,
      We are really sorry that your order did not get through. Did you try contacting our Zendesk afterwards?


  13. Avatar

    I would be satisfied if I could trade my second half of the tablet refund to this. Currently I’m not satisfied.

    • Avatar

      Hi Antti!

      Unfortunately this is not a possibility in our plans at the moment 🙁 Sorry to see you unsatisfied… I hope you get your second half bac as soon as possible!


  14. Avatar

    Yes, finally it worked. After the deasaster with the tablet now my first Jolla. I’m curious.

    • Avatar

      Hi, and welcome aboard!

      We are glad to see you on board, supporting us through thick and thin!

      Thank you!

  15. Avatar

    Does anybody know the SAR-values of the jolla c. Thanks in advance.

  16. Avatar

    As time goes by…
    nice to hear about new devices for developers but all we other poor just cutomers are still waiting for products to buy. Maybe ist also more fun for developers to develop for a device that is used by many.
    Any News about consumer dvices is sight ?

    • Avatar

      Hi Hiasl!

      I understand, but Jolla is now more of a software company rather than a hardware company and therefore there are currently no plans for a consumer device to hit the market directly from Jolla, rather, there are plans from our partners to release hardware with Sailfish OS installed on them. Sailfish OS powered hardware should be available to the consumer market pretty soon.
      Thanks for your support!


  17. Avatar

    @Jolla: The news about the batch 1 and 2 did not reach me in time. I really like my Jolla 1 and I am using it since day1 (late 2013) as primary device.

    I have a proposal regarding the developer devices: Could you setup somekind of waiting list to sign up for an Jolla C?
    I would be fine with e.g. signing up to such a list and wait until batch xyz is ready to be produced/ ordered. For me it is also fine to pay xx € in advance. To be honest. For me with Jolla 1 already have device without HW support. Because if it breaks down and I have to send it to you I would not have a mobile during this time. I think if this happens I will buy so or so a new phone which is available…

    • Avatar

      Hi! Thanks for commenting!

      The waiting list is not available anymore, it was for the second batch. The reason being that the program is fully booked for now.
      Please stay tuned for more possible announcements in the future.
      I understand about your Jolla 1 situation, but at the moment there is nothing to announce and we have to take care of the curent Jolla C batch and the program throughout the year. We’ll keep you posted of course!


      • Avatar

        Any chance of having generally available device in let’s say 3 months, or should I resort to different OS?

        • Avatar

          Currently there are no plans for any consumer device at Jolla since we are more focused on software and this device program is there to boost the software experience for all other future Sailfish OS users, potentially using our partners devices such as Intex and more.

          • Avatar

            Hi James,
            thanks for the honest answer. Actually this is very sad for me.
            I am really looking for a successor for my Jolla 1 which offers a little bit more power and if possible a better camera.
            Since 12 month I hoped to see some news about Sailfish devices coming from Intex, Yota , other company from Russia but nothing happened.
            One of my last tries to find something with SFOS support for the Fairphone2 but I am not convinced anymore that SFOS will be released soon and in case it will, I assume without alien dalvic.

            So that can I do now? Is it worth purchasing a device based on Qualcomm Snapdragon and support porting SFOS to this device? For me this useful only, in case there is a way to get alien dalvic running on it too. Otherwise in the mid/long term I and I assume most normal users will have to switch to Android, because of the lack of alternatives.

            Would be greate to get an outlook from Jolla about the future of SFOS in the commercial world. It is about marketing the OS and currently my impression is that a) Jolla is doing a not so good job here or b) there is simply nothing aside of the Intex partnership which could get relevant for normal customers (currently zero for Europeans).
            I hope option a) is the correct one.

            Sorry for being so pessimistic!

            • Avatar

              NFec, you say exactly what I was thinking. I’am also looking for a successor for my Jolla 1 (available in europe) and hoped I found it with Fairphone 2. But there seems to be no progress of a potential commercial version. I understand Jolly focusing on software. But software without hardware is useless. And it’s quite risky to loose so many Jolla supporters to another OS, as lifetime of Jolla 1 is slowly ending now. They might never come back.

              Would be interesting to know, why the Jolla/Fairphone thing is making no headway. Could be profitable for both as many Jolla users seemed to be interested.

          • Avatar

            @James Noori
            I don’t think it’s about consumer devices by Jolla. It’s about consumer devices running Jolla (and which are available in europe).

            • Avatar

              @James Noori
              _gwaihir is right. The question to answer is which HW should be buy to put SFOS on it?
              We need some orientation. In addition to give Jolla some hints, there are many devices which at least for me look from an HW perspective very promising and could be nice devices to get SFOS running on it. A side of the Fairphone I think a good option could be the devices from OnePlus as well. Have a look on the compatibiliy of the OnePlus X ( All of their phones having a unlocked bootloader by default and using the Snapdragon platform.

  18. Avatar

    More ways to give them a free loan, they might even pay back. Expecting an actual delivery of a device is kinda blue-eyed.

    Im still missing my 2.nd half of my tablet refunds.

  19. Avatar

    Got one!

    Finally my “First One” Jolla can retire… looking forward to get my new Jolla Phone!

    Thank you Jolla

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much for participating!

  20. Avatar

    Can we have real pic of the smartphone running sailfish OS 2.0 and the packaging too 🙂 ?
    I can’t wait to receive mine 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Olivier!

      I’m sure there will be plenty of videos online after today’s event as a sum of around 50 people are receiving their devices including some journalists.


  21. Avatar

    Jolla this is everything you promised and failed at being:

    This is a thread from a start up that is selling open hardware, the user base is talking about the case and box it will come in. They are voting and talking about it. They are doing this for fun. The software is nothing special just a few tweaks to a known proven OS. Refund process planed and decided up front, from a company with a proven record.

  22. Avatar

    I really think it’s time to begin banning trolls who clutter up these comments with endless repetition of the same infantile and inaccurate drivel about the deliberate scams they think Jolla is running. Some of us understand that people make mistakes and projects can fail but proving good intentions is impossible so an unshakable belief that calculated dishonesty was involved is a choice made by people who enjoy being rude when they can safely get away with it. We know they’re angry, so enough already. Just ban them, please. When you have done that, set up a place where I can see what hardware is available running Sailfish and keep it updated. Include any community ports that function well enough for everyday use. I still miss using my N9 and every other phone is miserable in comparison. (Being on Wind Mobile meant that the Jolla phone would not work for me.) Thank you. 🙂

    • Avatar

      couldn’t agree more. Those lame trolls whining around about their personal bad luck are getting disgusting meanwhile.

    • Avatar

      I like this blog the way it is now. No bans necessary.

    • Avatar

      Well said, banning should be started. When all trolls get money back, they’ll still keep whinging about failed tablet! 100% is gonna be so. Tired seeing this incessant whinging. It’s hobby for them by now. A habit to start the day with, like morning coffee. Nothing new is said, same old spam.

  23. Avatar

    May we know how many devices will be shipped to Russia?

  24. Avatar

    And here I thought that big 2 in the image meant 2 part of the refund. I guess you see what you want to see 😀

    second batch a jolla C is good nows for some, but it would be now match for the greatness of news of 2nd refund.

    Please share some schedule sooner than soon.

  25. Avatar

    yep. I agree with jollakooth. openness needed, definitely.
    If Jolla C’s not available for most of us we are desperate to find a replacement for our 1stOnes. Any other news on Turing Phone but I managed to find on youtube.great to see it running Sailfish OS.

  26. Avatar

    Hmm, missed the boat a second time. Who knows a third wave will come. Anyway, I like the fact that it sells out so quickly; better than ‘no community interest anymore’ 🙂
    Btw. my Jolla Phone still serves me well and the Tablet turns out to be the nicest I’ve had over the past years. Keep up the good work!

  27. Avatar

    My First jolla wow amazing waiting nervous 🙂

    • Avatar

      Rock on!
      Thank you for supporting us!


  28. Avatar

    Hallo I checked in to the boat too and I’m happy about it. My first plan was to buy a device in India from Intex….

    My Jolla will hopefully working well until the shipment because the display has a cut from the speaker hole to the left side.

    • Avatar


      Welcome to the program! We hope you’ll receive your device very soon!

  29. Avatar

    Very excited, can’t wait much longer. Do you know when the devices will be sent by now?

    • Avatar

      Hi Pemo!

      The devices will be sent and delivered during this month. The exact date is up to our third party distribution partner!


  30. Avatar

    Can’t wait to get my Next Jolla Smartphone – but when will they ship?

    • Avatar


      Jolla C devices will be shipped and delivered during this month as promised. It is in an on-going process with our third-party distribution channel!


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