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Join the new Sailfish Community Device Program now

Today we have some superb news for our community members, whether you are a developer or contributing to Sailfish OS in some other way!

We have just started to take registrations to the new Sailfish Community Device Program. The Program is meant for all who want to be in the frontline advocating or developing the Sailfish OS platform and a more open future. By joining the Program you get access to exclusive live community sessions, have a chance to get invitations to community events, and you also get the just announced Sailfish OS community smartphone Jolla C.

All Program members will get the new Jolla C device during July, and will start to receive invitations to live online community sessions after the Finnish summer holiday season. A limited group of first registrants will also get an invitation to our International Sailfish Community Event in Helsinki, June 17, 2016, where you can attend Sailfish-related workshops and enjoy hanging out with fellow sailors!

If you’re new to Sailfish Community, please check the community page on   

What’s included in the program:



Jolla C is the first ever Sailfish OS community device, with a limited 1,000 units available for our developer and fan community. It is expected to ship in July 2016. Jolla C is used by Jolla developers and community members, and its users will naturally get all the latest vanilla Sailfish OS releases. Selected Jolla C users will be also invited to test Beta OS releases. With a quad-core Snapdragon™ processor, 2 GB memory, beautiful 5” HD display and dual SIM, the Jolla C works beautifully with Sailfish OS. You will get to keep the device for yourself after the Program. As a community device, Jolla C and any accompanying material are provided as is and without any warranties. Read more in the terms and conditions.


Take part in exclusive Jolla C specific developer support online sessions led by the Jolla R&D, design and product chiefs. As a program member and Jolla C owner you are also eligible for device specific support materials.   


Be among the first program members and get an invitation to the International Sailfish Community Event on June 17 of June 2016 in Helsinki. We aim to arrange also other community events during the Program, and you will have a chance to get invitations to these. 


The Sailfish Community Device Program runs until the end of May 2017. It’s open for both developers and enthusiastic community members worldwide who support Sailfish OS by developing or advocating the platform. Due to certifications and other requirements, Jolla C device can be shipped to EU countries, Norway and Switzerland only. No code or other contributions are required. Limited 1,000 places are available. 

Jolla C assembly already started – expected shipping in July

The assembly of the new community device Jolla C started today – here are some fresh images from the factory. Jolla C is expected to ship in July 2016 for all the program participants, and the ones lucky to be invited to the Community Event in Helsinki on June 17, will get their device already there.

We hope to see you as a Program participant! And better be quick, there’s only a limited amount of places available!

Update: The program is sold out.

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,


James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    Finland is not listed in the shipping countries? Is it available here or not?

    • Avatar

      Hi Topias. On the bottom of the page you need to select Finland as your country (and save it!), then it works. Finland has its own shop instance, this is why. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      • Avatar

        Hello JuhaniLassila…
        I am from Costa Rica.
        I want to buy a Jolla C.
        What are the chances for me?

    • Avatar

      This device looks like the Intex one, with a different logo on its back.

      I think the “Pure Sailfish” wording means there would be no “super apps” installed, while other vendors may want to provide it as a way of customization/ad revenue.


  2. Avatar

    No Android/MS Exchange support? I’ve got it is meant to be a developer device but it would be good to use it for dual purpose…

    BTW. Is it the EU variant of Aqua Fish?

    • Avatar

      On the Jolla C product page
      specification page it is stated:

      Operating system
      Pure Sailfish OS 2.0 compatible with Android™ apps

      So i would guess there is android support included..

      • Avatar

        Hi janlund. To your questions: yes Android support is included here.

    • Avatar

      Yes, the specs seem identical to the ones of the Aqua Fish. There was a user on offering to ship the Aqua Fish to Europe to people without surcharges apart from the shipping costs — I guess it won’t be necessary anymore now.

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    Great that a new device is coming, but.. it is a paid developer program – sad 🙁

    Any chance to have a developer program with free devices for the known developers of cool apps (not looking much at myself, there are lots of other more enthusiastic and also successful developers in Jolla Harbour)?

    Or could Jolla possibly use the remaining part of the Tablet refund in order to pay for the Jolla C? You know, that would feel quite stupid to still wait for about hundred of euros to be paid back by Jolla (for a year or is it for two years by now?) and at the same time throw more money into the company.

    • Avatar

      Hi Artem. Thanks for your good notes and questions! As we’d very much hope to give devices free to developers, our financial situation just does not allow this. But we have set the price as low as we could, meaning we don’t make any profit out of this. Using the 2nd part of the tablet refunds for this does not really work, since we need to finance our operations until the next financing round at the end of the year – unfortunately this is the reality we live in.

      • Avatar

        “Using the 2nd part of the tablet refunds for this does not really work, since we need to finance our operations until the next financing round at the end of the year – unfortunately this is the reality we live in”

        If you can’t use the 2nd part of the refund then how do you confirm that you are financially stable?

        What you said confirms that Jolla want another profit without a product.

        Well done guys! You can write a book how to make 99.9% profit business.

        • Avatar

          Hi Tojocky!

          We have faced quite a big death valley lately and if we were to manage and make it happen to the next financing round without the risk of meeting yet another death valley, we planned to go forward like this. We have delivered the first round of refunds and we will deliver the second round as promised as well.

          And FYI, Jolla is not making any profit on the Jolla C device program considering all of the costs. We are barely breaking even. The reason for the program is to expand the ecosystem rather than profiting from it.

          I hope you understand!


  4. Avatar

    just to be sure: no oth support? i can’t use my keyboard on it? thanks in advance for your answers.

    • Avatar

      Of course no TOH support, since form factor is different.

      • Avatar

        that’s totally stupid imho.

      • Avatar

        so they abandoned their last unique selling point. totally sad. total conformity with the rest of that industry.

        • Avatar

          Do you expect to always have smartphones with the same size and shape to support the same TOH format?

          • Avatar

            i like the formfactor. and i thought the idea of harwareupgrades is a nice idea to sell it. beside that, the newer design doesn’t alter any serious design. just less possibilities beside the dualsim. when i started to support jolla i did cause i thought they will etablish the oth as something to change the usability of their phones and to allow me to have a more open hardware. beside that it would have been a nice unique selling point. since the tablet and communication desaster im seriously disapointed and now i know that i have to turn to something more open. only lost money and faith and i totally can’t understand why they abandon the only feature that you can’t find on any other device on the market…

            • Avatar

              I consider the answer to be quite simple: The idea just didn’t take off.

              You write that you “thought they will etablish the oth as something to change the usability of their phones and to allow me to have a more open hardware” and certainly that was the idea.

              Yet much less phones have been sold than Jolla originally expected (or hoped) and besides the limited batch TOHKBD2 no real fancy TOHs have been rolled out as actual products as far as I know. (NFC chips stuck on the back to change the screen wallpaper don’t count.)

              So I fear that Jolla would not gain anything in providing TOH connectors on new phones – except higher development costs – and, to be honest, I as a user would not know why I should prefer a phone with TOH capability but for which no TOHs actually exist over a “normal” phone without…

              I’m no electric engineer qualified (or even having time) to build something for it on my own, and this seems to hold for most Jolla owners.

              I’d bet Jolla had hoped for TOH to really take off, but it didn’t and now they’re just struggling to survive using the strategies that seem to work best, dropping off any additional load (at least for now).

              An idea like TOH would require a device sold in much larger numbers to make TOH design more attractive to third party developers. A Galaxy S7 or iPhone with TOH support would probably yield the results you had hoped for (just referencing number of sold devices, not openness or anything).

      • Avatar

        A different form factor would only mean the existing other halfs aren’t compatible.

        But are new other halfs possible? Is the concept still there?

    • Avatar

      Hi! Thanks for commenting and your interesting question. I’m sure many would like to know this.

      With this program and the Jolla C device, we are going to focus on the software side of things and encourage the community to develop more for Sailfish OS itself.

      On the other hand, the dimensions of the device is bigger than the Jolla smartphone, therefore the older TOHs will not fit onto this device.

      We have no abandoned the idea, but rather [at the moment] are trying to push the software side of things.


  5. Avatar

    zlutor: How do you infer there would be no support for Android/exchange?

    This device looks like the Intex one, with a different logo on its back.

    I think the “Pure Sailfish” wording means there would be no “super apps” installed, while other vendors may want to provide it as a way of customization/ad revenue.

    • Avatar

      Yes, this is what I understood too: vanilla = not manufacturer-specific. Android support is part of the official SFOS description, so it would be a real disappointment if it were not there (and I would need to carry one more phone around).

      • Avatar

        It should have Android support: “Operating system
        Pure Sailfish OS 2.0 compatible with Android™ apps”. See spec sheet at

        Pure Sailfish probably means no 3rd party content in form of apps and partnerspace.

        • Avatar

          +1 Caprico, I could not find that reference, thank you.

          • Avatar

            And now comes question #2: Which Android version?

    • Avatar

      “Jolla C is powered by Sailfish OS in its purest form, without any pre-installed 3rd party content.”

      That’s what I interpreted as there is no support for those.

      @James: any comment on this?

  6. Avatar

    I might join if/when Users get an option to full refund. Not before.

    Any GL!

    • Avatar

      @Dave999 I’ll take your place in the queue then if you don’t mind. Thank you.

      • Avatar

        You so funny !
        You funny Clown ..

      • Avatar

        What queue? Just grab your own phone. I’m queue apocalypse device after refund.

        • Avatar

          He’s talking about the queue of people waiting for a full refund…

  7. Avatar

    Thanks 🙂 Joined the program as quickly as I possibly could 🙂

    • Avatar

      Welcome aboard 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Joining the program, err, possibly buying a nee jolla was an interesting experience on a jolla browser. Agreeing on terms and conditions wasnt easy, nor closing the details. And Paypal… but I succeeded in the end. Mobile optimized web sites would be nice.

    • Avatar

      Glad to hear that you succeeded! Yes, that is a really good idea! Will forward it through.

  9. Avatar

    @James Noori
    How about accept russian paypal payments
    and ships to Lappeenranta Finland poste restante?

    • Avatar


      I actually don’t know about Russia and how things are handled in that sense but you could contact our care and get help regarding that before the program sells out x)


  10. Avatar

    I really liked what Jolla was doing, I’ve been in the first 1000 for both the phone and the tablet. After the tablet fiasco though, I’m skeptical. Jolla has lost my trust and I guess that applies to great many of their supporters.

    With Ubuntu releasing product after product and getting better with every iteration it feels that Jolla has lost its chance. I will still keep an eye, but it looks like it’s going to be a year wasted by what used to be a very promising company.

    Good luck to all the sailors.

    • Avatar

      @strayobject Do you own an Ubuntu phone? I keep mine in the drawer and take it out only to perform software updates. Its current state shows how far ahead Jolla still is even though they lost a whole year because of tabletgate. I keep believing in Ubuntu because I want choice. But right now, there is none. Jolla it is.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for your support all the time!

      • Avatar

        100% agreed. After my webOS Palm was on it’s way out I did a thourough search for alternative mobile OSes. Jolla is still the most solid, compatible and open system out there for daily use. FirefoxOS was good in theory but their phones sucked badly, Ubuntu Phone is painfully slow and unintuitive and doesn’t support Android apps. Jolla, though very bumby at times, still delivers updates and is usable in many scenarios. Also, the native app ecosystem is by far the best of all of the above.

      • Avatar

        I can confirm that for me the ubuntu phone has the same (unusable) status.

    • Avatar


      Well, I understand that, but this time we did not say anything until we actually were completely sure about everything! In which case we could gain some trust back!


  11. Avatar

    Great and long awaited move – I’m in !! d (^_^) …

    • Avatar

      Yes as per usual, it does support Android™ applications.

      Thanks for commenting and pointing it out in a clearer way!

  12. Avatar

    @James Noori, I’d appreciate an update to this blog by the end of the week, on how much support jolla is still receiving after all this tough times it / we went through by telling us about the time the advocating program took to become sold out 😉 …. I’m really feeling a bit better about SFOSes future right now ! 🙂

    • Avatar

      …. at last the sails are set !

    • Avatar

      That is a good plan! I’ll have to talk about it to other Sailors and see how it goes 😉

      Thank you for your support throughout the years! <3

      The future of Sailfish OS is indeed bright!

  13. Avatar

    All please be advised Jolla is again try to get money out of your pockets with more than vague / possible misleading information !

    *DISCLAIMER: The price of 169 EUR, including VAT and free-of-charge shipping, is the stated price for Finland. Final price will vary, depending on your country of residence.

    Well, knowing now what we have seen at the Tablet project I am sure a lot of “smart” people are throwing their money to Jolla, a big gambling game hoping to ever recieve a phone in return.
    If financing is sufficient 🙂

    Guys be aware of how this company is handling your money if you go in business with them !

    • Avatar

      …. really hoping to receive revival & developmental drive – aside a limited “lower middle classed” device only – in return !!

      But I agree, it still is a long way to talk about serious SFOS proliferation. And outstandingly developing OS must become paired with convincable device classes beyond 1000 pcs … but it’s a first step to regain drive !

    • Avatar

      “Final price will vary” means that different VAT rates will cause different final prices, and almost all of them will be less than 169 EUR since Finland VAT at 25% is the highest in the EU.

      • Avatar

        Actually Finland has VAT of 24%. Sincerely, a Finn. 😉

      • Avatar

        Actually the winner in EU is: Hungary with 27%!

    • Avatar

      Hi Maikel,

      Here I agree with you.

      This is nothing than how to get money out of our pockets. Instead of “crowd-funding” is called “SAILFISH COMMUNITY DEVICE PROGRAM”.

      If Jolla showed how worst they can deliver a new product in the future, how they had impudence to advertise another future device to be paid now but to be shipped in July? What year it will be shipped?

      If this is that great news, then I’m disappointed.

      No more payments for possible future products.

      • Avatar

        What a load of rubbish, they are a business of course they want and need money….

        There are no similarity’s between this program and the Tablet fiasco, for a start we know the final specs and we know when they will be delivered.

        If people are going to spam the comments on every Blog post regardless of what the post is about (which is ruining it for the rest of us), you may want to consider unfollowing Jolla.

        Do you all think other companies didn’t make mistakes?

        They are shipping the tablets and refunding the rest, what more do people want here?

        Person getting sick of all the negativity around here.

        • Avatar

          Rubbish ? My Friend you afraid of the truth ?
          This is absolutely similar just other words are being used and you are to blind to recognize it.

          And YES every post will be spammed with critical posts in regard to everything JOLLA does.
          As 555 days after the Tablet project we still have backers without a refund.

          Jolla chose this path not the backers, so currently they are still facing the results of bad management / communication.
          And every day this situation is not completely solved (read every backer has received a full refund) you will have people like me on this blog.

          Solution is simple, FULL REFUND !!

          • Avatar

            @Maikel The truth is there is no obligation at all for Jolla to pay refunds. Not even one single cent. Still, they do. And in spite of that, you keep complaining. People like you are never satisfied. One day you’ll have received your full refund, and then you’ll find something different to complain about… Like how the free refill at the diner only gives you filtered coffee, not Irish coffee. Or how after the accident your insurance only pays your 1979 Skoda’s worth, not the price of the brand new Ferrari you buy instead. I’m sure you’ll live a happy life. 🙂

            • Avatar

              @ossi1967 what you said is the same as you go to to shop and pay for a product, the seller has no obligation to give you the money back or product for what you’ve paid.

              • Avatar

                @tojocky Indiegogo backers (like me) didn’t “go to a shop and pay for a product”. They funded a campaign, knowing it’s a risk, knowing it may fail and knowing they might lose their money. – Only those who later bought the tablet from the Jolla shop are morally entitled to a refund. For all others, it’s an unexpected gift they should be grateful for.

                If you spread hate propaganda, try to at least find adeaquate analogies.

            • Avatar

              Hahaha You funny clown .. right back at ya !

              First of all I do not drink alcohol so I am fine with coffee.
              Second in the Netherlands (where I live very happily there is no such things as free refills so no complaints on that part ).

              Further more I am very happy i shit you not, you know why ?
              I do not accept bullshit and I believe in honesty, this brings me in a lot of friendly places and brought me a lot of love in my life.

              But try and f*ck me over you enter my dark side. And I will not let go.
              I still am forgiving as Everyone makes mistakes (I make A LOT of mistakes so who am I to judge).

              But to forgive someone the other one must be able to see he / she was wrong and made a mistake.

              As you point out very well you and your buddy JOLLA still do not see the mistake they have made. So until I have received my full refund I will NOT leave this BLOG in peace.

              Once received I wish you all a happy life and all the good I can wish for for you and all your loved ones !

              • Avatar

                “the other one must be able to see he / she was wrong and made a mistake.”

                So you should start applying that to yourself, and see your own big mistake: You participated to a crowdfunding campaign without having any idea of what it meant.

        • Avatar

          Continue to be blind and positively waisting more money.

          I would advice to pay your monthly salary to them for possible future whatever products like Tablet.

          • Avatar

            You and me my friend … we are on the same page !

            But be fair and just, ossi1967 is old and stubborn. Nothing he can do about it all he has in life is Jolla.

            Said actually as Jolla also f*cked him over twice now, bot he has no other place to go.

        • Avatar

          Fearing the truth hm?

          Fooled once shame on them fooled twice…

          Yes they need to make money. they stil have half a tablet worth of my money, and keep it as long a they like… i call that fraud.

          And i surely wont unfollow till they repaid what they cheated.

  14. Avatar

    Hi Jolla
    Happy to see a product in the store that has SF pre installed. It looked poor that the product you are selling is unavailable to the general public 🙁 (except for Indian customers)

    Keep up the good work. Will SF be available anytime soon in the Fair phone / Puzzle phone.

    • Avatar

      The Indian one is from a company called Intex which are Indian based, not Jolla themselves 🙂

    • Avatar


      Thanks for commenting,

      Please stay tuned for possible future announcements regarding Sailfish OS availability!


  15. Avatar

    If these devices really exist then why delay shipping until July? Or, at least, make it clear that the hardware exists “ready to go” once the programme has been adequately subscribed and launched. If they require funding in order to pay for production then don’t you think the company should be transparent & honest about this?
    On a not unrelated note… this seems to be an open public subscription. If I wanted to ensure the success of a development programme I think I might limit my “developers” to people with at least a modicum of knowledge of what they are doing. Or I’d employ and pay them… Just seems a little odd that I (with no skills whatsoever in this area) but with €169+ floating around am the target market…
    Any news on Sailfish on the Turing?

    • Avatar

      The assembly of the new community device Jolla C started today – here are some fresh images from the factory.

      What from the sentence above did you not understand?

      The second part of your comment about “open public subscription” is valid. Is it so that the first 1000 subscribers get a Jolla C device? Will they be all developers? Probably not. But at least enthusiasts carrying the message 🙂

    • Avatar


      With all due respect, I think you skipped the last part of the blog posts with pictures from the factory showing the process of making the Jolla C.

      The devices will be shipped at the promised date. If you see that the date is in 2 months or less, from now, it is because we need to make sure that we are going to deliver the devices. It is much better than saying June and delivering in July! Isn’t it? I think that is transparency! Telling the community the exact situation: The devices are in the making, they are due delivery in July.

      About the target market: The device is called Jolla C, C stands for community. We have made sure that it gets to the hands of our developers in the community as long as the other community members who are willing to be a part of this program. So the device program is not solely dedicated to the developers, but to our community.

      I hope it was clear enough.


      • Avatar

        “The devices will be shipped at the promised date. If you see that the date is in 2 months or less, from now, it is because we need to make sure that we are going to deliver the devices”.

        I think they promised the same with the Tablets.

        • Avatar

          You will be surprised how much we have changed 🙂 I’ll let our actions speak for themselves!

          • Avatar

            The change cannot be this big: July is over and not all community devices were send out and there is not even more than an estimate when they will …

  16. Avatar

    I thought I was part of the Jolla community, but it seems that I was wrong about that. Could it be confirmed that those of us still using the original Jolla phones will still be supported and updates will continue to appear? As long as mine lasts I’ll continue to use it. I *may* invest in another Jolla device when (if!) the balance of my refund turns up.

    • Avatar

      Hi David!

      What makes you think that you are not a part of our community? You most definitely are!

      The updates will continue reaching your phone, the first Jolla smartphone!

      I hope you have received your first half of refunds in time. The second half will be delivered in a year’s time from the first half as you might have read in our blog posts and press releases.


  17. Avatar

    Under which criteria the Beta OS invitees will be selected?

    • Avatar

      More or less first come, first serve:

      “The Sailfish Community Device Program is valid until the end of May 2017. The program is open to both developers and enthusiastic community members who support Sailfish OS by developing or advocating the platform.”

      If you place your order in, you’re in the program (as in OS updates, phone, etc.). If you are among the first 50-100:
      “– get an invitation to the International Jolla Community Day event on 17th of June 2016 in Helsinki. We aim to arrange also other events during 2016.”

      • Avatar

        As I understood it, everyone who placed an order will get the new stable OS updates.

        What I’m talking about is this phrase: “Selected Jolla C users will be also invited to test Beta OS releases”.

        It doesn’t really specify how they will be chosen.

        • Avatar

          Oh, missed that. Sorry, absolutely no idea. Maybe a random number generator, eh?

    • Avatar


      If you want to receive early access releases on your devices, you will have to turn it on using your Jolla account here:

      The second criteria is dedicated to early-access release for Sailfish OS.

      Hopefully that is what you are looking for!


  18. Avatar

    Joined. Thinking of it as donating the tablet refund money back to Jolla. 🙂

    • Avatar


      Thanks for joining and thanks for your amazing thoughts! Really kind of you to think like that!


  19. Avatar

    So you can design (or copy/re-brand a random phone), port sailfish os to it, manufacture it, and set up the shipping during a few months when you couldn’t do this for the tablet since about 1.5 years ago…
    After this I think more the tablet thing was a cheat…

    “a more open future”
    I think the sailfish os is as closed source now as was a year ago.

    • Avatar

      Didn’t they run out of parts for the Tablet, and money for that fact? Lucky really, Intel seem to be discontinuing their chips anyway.

    • Avatar

      > So you can design (or copy/re-brand a random
      > phone), port sailfish os to it,

      According to the comments above, this phone is the Intex device from India which runs Sailfish, so nothing to do besides printing new logos on the case and maybe minor customisations.

      Obviously not comparable to designing a new device and porting the OS to it.

  20. Avatar

    4G/LTE: 1/3/7/20

    Does it mean it’s incompatible with T-Mobile LTE in US?

    • Avatar

      Yes. Like the original Jolla phone.

  21. Avatar

    Wow looks like it’s already all gone. I noticed that the specs (and appearance) of the JollaC device looks a lot like Aqua Fish’s. Is it roughly the same device hardware-wise?

    • Avatar

      I just got the refund to buy a new smartphone running Sailfish os and now it’s sold out? I hope it will be available again very soon

      • Avatar

        No sign of refund and the bloody Jolla C’s sold out…bad luck I suppose

    • Avatar

      I just got the refund to buy a new smartphone running Sailfish os and now it’s sold out!!! I hope it will be available again very soon

  22. Avatar

    Is it true that the programme is already full? If so, I’m happy it’s so popular, but really sad that I can’t now join 🙁

    There’s people in Alaska who only recently woke up!

    • Avatar

      Hi flypig. It was sold pretty fast! We are looking into a possible addition to this, and you can submit your email to in the morning Finnish time tomorrow to hear about it first.

      • Avatar

        …. maybe a black edition ? So I’d like to convert my red order into a black one 😉

      • Avatar

        Thanks JuhaniLassila. I’ve added my email, crossed my fingers and will hope the chance comes around again.

        In the meantime, I’m happy (through gritted teeth!) for all of the lucky thousand sailors nimbler than me.

  23. Avatar

    Guys, please…!
    The effort of Jolla Team to continue the work and pass the difficulties is awesome!

    If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything, please…

    If you don’t happy with Jolla C (or Jolla company), tell on Jolla forums what can be better or stay with your comments with you.

    I think the Jolla C is a beta hardware version to make something better in the future and, probably, get modifications and improvements to final version. Remember, this project is for software improvements, not exactly hardware, like Noori say.

    If you sad with tablet project or something else, try using another smartphone of other company with iOS, Android or Windows Phone (R.I.P.) O.S., stay chained with this O.S. and maybe you have a lucky to get a free “developer” version (what I have my doubts).

    Unfortunately I waked late for the Jolla C project subscription, but I will stay alert on project!

    Jolla team, continue the effort to offer a great product!

    “We Are Unlike”

    P.S.: Yes…my english isn’t good…

    • Avatar

      Couldn’t agree more. I can understand it if people are frustrated about the tablet fiasco, but at this point they could, you know, just move on and stop pestering the rest of us. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Marcos!

      Thank you for the support!

      We have indeed tried our best after the latest mishap that took place.
      We appreciate people like you in our community who actually openly sees what we’re trying to do!

      Thanks again for supporting us! You’re amazing!


  24. Avatar

    I Don’t understand why jolla is only selling 1000 pieces of the Jolla C…
    After a few hours it was out of stock.

    Why is it so hard to sell a phone?
    You want to get into the market with Sailfish OS?
    I have a hint for you: This wont work without a BUYABLE device !

    • Avatar

      If you produce a device with beta purpouses, why make a lot of them?
      Think this is a inicial project to future final release…

    • Avatar


      We understand the demand! This program however, was targeted purely to our community and our developers. It’s not supposed to be a consumer “product”.
      With that, I advise you to stay tuned for our possible future announcements!


  25. Avatar

    I really really really hope I made the list of those 50-100 lucky ones who will have a chance to participate in the workshops. Thinking about it, I wish there were an option to pick device or device + workshop, even if the later would had cost double. Maybe next time?

    • Avatar

      Hi mindo! The 50-100 lucky ones get the invitation to the event in Helsinki in June – all other program members will be invited to the other workshops etc. program that we are now putting together for the rest of the year, and beyond.

      • Avatar

        It seems I was a Lucky one, now hoping for the invitation for the event (and being a very lucky one)

      • Avatar

        Don’t forget to send emails for those who were not so lucky, they will be waiting for some sort of news as well.

  26. Avatar

    So when is the consumer version of Intex Aquafish coming out and would it be possible trade in my second half of the refund to that?

    • Avatar

      Or any other phone with Sailfish and full android support? I really like z5 compact form factor, but hate the os on it 🙁

  27. Avatar

    5 mm wider and 12 mm longer. Nope, not a chance. My sweet spot is at 61×125 mm and the Jolla is already stretching it with its 68x130mm. It’s pure will to use jolla that makes it possible.

    I got small hands and need to be able to navigatr my phone with only on hand. I can’t stop every time I need to use my phone so I can use it with two hands and give it full focus. Jollas swipe interface has made one-hand use a lot easier. Still not completely possible though without me risking to drop it. (Wich I have done and it is built like a tank! Lovely quality)

    I hope you will give us a Jolla 2 that is no bigger than the jolla and maybe with the toh feature. Changing back cover is really handy if only to change the it after you accidentally placed it in some solvent you hadn’t wiped of the workbench. Hackable NFC would also be nice.

    (scrolling in this write comment text box is a bit weird on the jolla…)

    • Avatar

      +1 I don’t need a phablet in my pocket – can’t get used to this oversized devices – maybe some day not to far in the furture Jolla will come up with a medium sized new phone with a great camera and a good battery – till then I stick to my Jolla1 – never cared about the toh though

  28. Avatar

    Wow, this is great news! But I’ll wait with registration. If there still are any Jolla C left then, one of them is for be. I am very enthusiastic about Jolla and Sailfish OS, but I’m no developer. I’m basically just a regular, and a somewhat lazy, user who likes when things just work – plain and simple. That’s why I use open source. And I figure the development of Sailfish OS benefits more from one of the Jolla C being in the hands of a developer than in mine 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your support!

      The program however got sold-out shortly after the announcement. We are uncertain if there will be another batch.

      Though, thanks so much for supporting us and the developers!


  29. Avatar

    I am looking forward to this, just bought a Fairphone so I can put Sailfish OS on it but if I can get a Jolla C I will sell the Fairphone.

    Don’t let all the moaners who didn’t get their tablet ruin this. It would be a shame to see the demise of Sailfish/Jolla because of that. It is great to have an alternative to the Android/iOS Duopoly

    • Avatar


      I thank you on behalf of the Jolla team for your support!

      Hope you could get in the program!


  30. Avatar

    I am a poor salesman, not having money in pocket.. :D, will pass this time, I will the first one when next device comes out of Jolla. Enjoy lucky ones.. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Sad to hear that you did not get in! 🙁

      Hope to see you as the first one, next time 😉 (Whether the next time is from Jolla or one of our partners!)


      • Avatar

        Hey James,

        You are a good guy.. and very emotional one too.. 🙂 I was just being sarcastic.. 🙂 I am from a region where this product is not being shipped to, so no need to be feel sorry. Also do not believe everything I write on this forum.. 😀 Cheers and have fun, and yes looking forward to new devices from Jolla which surely is bound to happen, now the Jolla machine cannot be stopped.. 😀

        • Avatar

          Ha! You trolled me really well into sympathizing with something that isn’t true xD Well done mate!
          Thanks for the support anyway 😉


  31. Avatar

    Its a big news to me that Jolla has a new phone ; BUT! Please add VPN connection okay?and last time I said about two UX is, I mean android apps UX are different from Sailfish OS, so I hope Sailfish will have more and more apps; Love Jolla,Love Sailfish.

    • Avatar


      Yes thanks, that sounds like a great idea, have you asked it on TJC?


  32. Avatar

    When I make a new app do I need to make and test separate rpms for the original Jolla and Jolla C? It would be nice to get practical instructions how to adapt the app for different devices.

    • Avatar


      Of course it is always good to test on different devices but the RPM is the same!
      Although as the resolution is different, there might be some layout problems. We will release a documentation for that soon.


  33. Avatar

    Since Jolla scamming the app developers would it be possibly for Jolla to set up a visible account( for everyone to see the total amount) and an option for tablet funders to decide if the refund should be assigned to app developers.

    That way…
    Jolla get some money back indirectly…
    It’s feels better to donate to that helping Jolla for free, rather than to jolla directly.
    The developers get something since Jolla take their work for free.

    Make it happen 😉

    • Avatar

      Dave! Hi!

      Come on 🙂 We’re not scamming anybody! But I explained why it can’t happen as you want it to down there. I’ll copy-paste it for your convenient:

      “About the Jolla C in exchange for the second half of refunds: I don’t think it’s feasible at this moment for a few reasons! Firstly, we don’t have any Jolla C left at the moment!
      Secondly, the second half is planned for next year therefore will not be applicable now.”

      Hope that helped 🙂


      • Avatar

        Hope not. But James, Jolla C has not shipped yet…LOTs of things can happen 😉

  34. Avatar

    Thanks to Jolla for being still alive and sailing! Bringing a cheap device to the devs and fans is a good idea and will keep people staying around – have you thought about an option to get a Jolla C instead of the second half of the tablet refund? That would make people smile (maybe not Dave but at least some of them 😉 )

    • Avatar

      I think most of us smile just to see jolla alive. But it doesn’t mean that some of us think they should be fair to its supporters. jolla is nothing without the backers.

      A Jolla C to everyone would be fun, but I think a downpayment would be fine. No need for jolla for jolla to pay backers extra unless they thing they deserve it for all the years money has been gone)

      Let’s smile at this situation, its the only thing you can do 😀

    • Avatar


      Yes I’m sure a lot of our community members are happy with this iteration. Including Dave 😉 haha

      About the Jolla C in exchange for the second half of refunds: I don’t think it’s feasible at this moment for a few reasons! Firstly, we don’t have any Jolla C left at the moment!
      Secondly, the second half is planned for next year therefore will not be applicable now.

      But anyway, as Dave said, keep smiling 🙂


  35. Avatar

    I woke up too late and C is no more available. Is there possibility that amount of product will be increased in near future?

    • Avatar

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t get in 🙁

      At the moment all I can say is “stay tuned for the possible future announcements” as things are uncertain regarding a possible second batch. But we’ll keep the communication in case there was anything planned!
      Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  36. Avatar

    While the display was updated a little compared to the original Jolla TOH, the hardware spec is still pretty outdated regarding the current market.

    As far as I understand, Jolla fully outsourced the hardware department, so the Jolla C is most likely a rebranded Intex phone.

    But as a developer concerning the EU market (and not some 3rd world emerging markets), I am quite curious if there ever will be any flagship device promoted directly by Jolla (not concerning community ports). It would be such a shame if Jolla drifts apart into mediocre el-cheapo hardware devices support giving up on the high-end device sector.

    • Avatar

      Hi! Thanks for your comment!

      We understand your concerns regarding specs and how a device performs, but I personally have been using a prototype device with the same specifications as the Jolla C and it has been performing fantastically in day-to-day use. It might not have the fastest processor in the world, but I’m quite sure that it has one of the (if not the) fastest operating systems in the world which is optimized rather well on the provided hardware.


      • Avatar

        Thank you for your reply James.

        In fact there is no doubt about performance of Sailfish itself. Even the old Jolla TOH is fast enough (maybe except the browser experience on some websites which require more horsepower for rendering).

        But I’m more referring to a better camera (not wrt. megapixels but image quality), a better display, better audio etc.

        I think, there is considerable demand for state-of-the art phones in Europe where Sailfish could be an interesting alternative.

        Nevertheless, for the time being, the Jolla C might be the best bet, unfortunatelly currently unavailable to the majority of sailos. I really hope for a second batch of C phones with significantly higher production volume.

        Good luck to you and your team,

  37. Avatar

    hopefully you’ll release a new device for regular users soon, keep on sailing 🙂

    • Avatar


      Please stay tuned to ours/our partners’ possible future announcements regarding future consumer devices!


  38. Avatar

    Viitas my friend, too late ? No no no, you have been saved from Jolla taking your money.
    You should be happy not just surrendering your well earned money to this “supposed to be” good company which supposes to be less evil.

    But still is pretending to do “Open Source like” development by asking the community to join paid development programs.

    If you want to give your money away (like many community members did on the tablet scam) better find a better cause (Greenpeace / UNICEF / the Red Cross ).

    • Avatar

      Well .. I have my phone running ok and i have my tablet and i still want JOlla C bks my old Jolla is getting old. There is no reason to complain about prices

      ..and i have had still litle money to share with organizations to solidarity and development cooperation.

  39. Avatar

    Invitation: International Sailfish Community Event, June 17, 2016 in Helsinki

    What exactly does this mean: “Please R.S.V.P by June 2, 2016 by replying to this email.”?

  40. Avatar

    Hello, great News and I hope that developers will continue to Support Sailfish with apps.
    how about devices for normal users. I think it is only reasonable to develop apps if someone is there to use them.
    So Please again:
    Provide new jolla, intex or whatever brand phones and tablets with sailfish os !

    • Avatar


      Yes, this is a beginning! We’re aiming to build the ecosystem and bring it a few levels higher.
      The aim of course is to get into the consumer market again with high powers.
      I’m sure you will not be disappointed with future announcements from us or our partners if you’re looking for a Sailfish OS powered device.

      Thanks for your support!


  41. Avatar

    Join the new Sailfish Tablet program now!

    The Jolla Tablet is meant for all who want to be in the frontline advocating or developing the Sailfish OS platform and a more open future.

    Jolla Tablet is the first ever Sailfish OS tablet, with a limited 600 units available for our very first crowd funding backers (but not to Russia).

    It is never expected to ship.

    Jolla Tablet is used by Jolla developers and community members, and its users will naturally get all the latest vanilla Sailfish OS releases.

    Selected Jolla Tablet users will be also invited to test Beta OS releases. With a quad-core Intel Atom™ processor, 2 GB memory, beautiful 7.9” retina display, the Jolla Tablet works beautifully with Sailfish OS. You will get to experience the bitter taste of crowd funding after we fail to deliver. As a crowd funding initiative, Jolla Tablet and any accompanying material are provided as ambitious goals and without any guarantee against gross mismanagement.

    Take part in exclusive Jolla Tablet online damage control sessions led by the Jolla PR and occasionally Jolla management. As a crowd funding contributor and Jolla Tablet hopeful you are also eligible to buy the device directly from the factory through Taobao or AliExpress.

    Jolla Tablet assembly already started – expected shipping only to consumers India and China
    The assembly of the new Jolla Tablet started today – here are some fresh images from the factory. Jolla Tablet is expected to ship in China and India only, and the lucky crowd funders to be invited to receive a partial refund for their contribution, a year after the fact.

    (hey Jolla, I re-wrote your press release for you)

  42. Avatar

    [ ^^ except the dilemma in serving Russia-based customers – completely free of sense … ]

  43. Avatar

    Eeeek! Is the community device program (JOLLA C LIMITED EDITION) already OUT OF STOCK??
    Isn’t there a way to subscribe anymore, I’m really interested in it! (I’ve been an early subscriber of the Nokia N810 device in the old times)

  44. Avatar

    Sure, just drop more money into their laps… seems you didnt learn from the tablet fiasco, about trusting them funds?

    My trust is jolla as a company of integrity is gone, as im stil used for a “pay back whenever we like – interest free loan”.

  45. Avatar

    I would love a PuzzlePhone with official Sailfish support.
    They barely got 302 backers on indiegogo …
    It would be a good chance for them to get some traction and for Jolla a wider userbase.
    … and of course, I would pay in advance. 🙂

  46. Avatar

    Hey Jolla.
    Any news on if and when a second batch of Jolla C devices will be available?

  47. Avatar

    This program might be the final straw to actually activate me to develop apps for Sailfish OS. Nice to see that the OS development goes on despite of the troubles encountered with the Tablet project. Carry on!

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much for the comment!

      Hopefully you were lucky enough to get into the program in time! Keep developing, keep being unlike 🙂

      We will carry on and the only way is up!

      Cheers, and thanks for the positive energy!

  48. Avatar

    Any news about second batch of Jolla C?

    • Avatar

      Be sure if you have registered your email on you’ll be the first or at least among the first people to know about any heads-up! Keep an eye on your email accounts in which case 😉

  49. Avatar

    Great! So the second batch worked for me. Now I’m really excited to try it out soon. Thanks Jolla!

    • Avatar

      Welcome aboard! Thanks for joining!

    • Avatar

      Welcome aboard!

  50. Avatar

    I wasn’t the first ones. My friend was. I ask him how he likes it. He answered that if your expectations are realistic you will probably enjoy it. After while i decided to buy second hand Jolla phone. I never installed the google play cause when reading the installation instructions you face the fact that if you are ready to use google play maybe you better with android.

    After the sim slot of Jolla phone broke down and local repair guy didn’t want to fix it i got Samsung/Android device (using CM13) to replace my phone. But very quickly i bough another second hand Jolla phone. In that time we were waiting the SFOS 2. While v.2 took a way some of the nice specialities of v.1, it gave many nice improvements in usability and were still able to keep the ”unlikeness” (what i remember from that time.) I’m now quite satisfied with my Jolla phone with it charasteristic flaws and specialities.

    I missed the the 1st batch of Jolla C, but when I got the email of 2nd batch I felt this is it. Now it’s my turn to be part of the 2nd wave of the 3th first ones.

    I’m planning to make my first SFOS app now cause one small android app I’m using fails to use SMS’s. This is a new field for me cause I’m actually .net programmer but I hope I can give some input to this community.

    While reading this or other posts it’s impossible to miss the jolla tablet fiasco. I undertand that some people are still mad of it but i also think that maybe their expectations were wrong (I mean you should expect to get the device or money back if the company does not file bankruptcy).

    So I’m exited to see how this program goes with Jolla and me and I’m waiting forward to participate the community program events

  51. Avatar

    Great to see Jolla is still making progress in a very difficult business environment.

    Looking forward to receiving my Jolla C.


    • Avatar

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you for commenting and thank you for joining our program and supporting us! We are looking forward to that as well!


  52. Avatar

    Any update on the shipping status of the first batch of Jolla C devices?


    • Avatar

      Have my new device thank you 🙂

  53. Avatar

    Interested me to. Is there already a date? can not wait. 🙂

  54. Avatar

    Hi all, when I click on “JOIN NOW” button it redirects me to “” and i can see a 404 error
    “Oops! Page not found.” What i can do?

    • Avatar


      Sorry the program has sold out on the same day! We forgot to update this post; now it is updated.


  55. Avatar


    Could you give any indication on when the Jolla C’s will be shipped? I think a lot of us are very eager to know.

    • Avatar


      The devices will be shipped as promised. There of course is no exact date provided but the delivery should be done within this month!


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