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[Update 15/11/2017: Update now available to public] Sailfish OS 2.1.3 is now available

Update: Sailfish OS 2.1.3 is now publicly available on Jolla devices and Sailfish X!

After the successful launch of Sailfish X, we are now rolling out Sailfish OS 2.1.3 update aka Kymijoki as early access to Jolla devices (Jolla1, Jolla C and Jolla Tablet) as well as Sailfish X.

This update contains numerous new features and bug fixes for devices across the board. Our engineers and developers have been, as always, hard at work in order to eliminate reported bugs, deliver the latest security features and add new features to Sailfish OS to make it a more complete operating system.

Two of the well-known security vulnerabilities that are now fixed in Kymijoki are the WPA KRACK vulnerability and Bluetooth Blueborne vulnerability. Alongside that, number of improvements have been made for Qt and Android applications which fixes many of their issues. Kymijoki contains the latest Ambience called “Flow” which we introduced with Sailfish X now rolling out for all Sailfish OS powered devices.


Other highlights and features

Events view

Viewing tweets in full 140 characters in Events is now possible.



Jolla browser is now tuned to be more suitable for Full HD displays. Also, the issue of some websites not detecting Jolla browser as a mobile browser is now fixed as well.


We have now added support for Chinese email providers such as QQ and Sina.

Sailfish X specific improvements

We had a bevy of new fixes and improvements tailor-made for Sailfish X as well including the fix for restarting Android Support, eliminating the “waiting for connection” issue on Facebook Messenger. Camera enhancements have been made for Sailfish X such as enabling the user to focus using the camera hardware key (shutter button) and Media Booster in order to speed up startup times for Sailfish OS devices equipped with 2GB (or more) of RAM


You can also follow our detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device here. There are lots of other new features, details and bug fixes that has been done by our hard-working engineers. Read more here.

I would like to thank all of you active contributors who gave us feedback and proposals for the new features and improvements on behalf of the Jolla team.

I also would like to thank our engineering and developer team for working day and night in order to deliver this update to our fantastic community.

With regards,
James, on behalf of Jolla team


James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    still struggling with some simple things like BT pairing in bluez5 and PBAP. any feedback on this?

    • Avatar

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      We are working on an update regarding the roadmap for Sailfish X and most of these questions shall be answered there. Please stay tuned!

      • Avatar

        Hi James

        These aren’t Sailfish X specific problems, they affect the C and other ports like my mido. There are plenty of debug logs on TJC and if anyone from Jolla needs more info I’m sure I can help

  2. Avatar

    Hi there, I am very happy with Sailfishx and very nice Xperia. Thanx a lot for this good work!

    Please don’t forget double tab to wake up functionality!

    It’s the gestures what’s SailfishOS is about 😉 !!

    Workaround via linux lines in developer mode, is not working reliable.

  3. Avatar


    1. Can I select early access to only one of my sailfish devices?

    2. Can I select early access to second part of refund?


  4. Avatar

    Thank you for the update. I received it on my Jolla 1, for I did not yet have the courage to flash Sailfish on the Xperia.
    Each time I have to unlock my phone, I am pleased by the esthetic layout of Sailfish. I like it and I wished we could leave the big techs behind. I wished we could stream/ mirror with it. So far we also use ipads to fill the gap. But the keyboard and the simplicity of Jolla Sailfish are definately my favourate.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Kea for your feedback.

      It is fantastic to hear how people react to aesthetics of Sailfish OS. It truly is beautiful. More features will certainly be added in the coming future.

  5. Avatar

    Good Job, Jolla! Update went fine on all devices as usuall

    • Avatar

      Thanks Pawel! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

  6. Avatar

    Thanks for the update (especially for fixing the security issues).
    Unfortunately, I have to report that the camera’s autofocus has not improved on my Xperia X. It is nearly impossible to get a sharp image from a native Sailfish camera app (be it Jolla camera or Cameraplus). It seems “near” and “far” are somehow swapped in the AF algorithms.
    The only way to actually use the Xperia’s camera is to install some Android camera app which is ridiculous.
    Even worse: the front camera works much better in that regard.
    See for details.

    • Avatar

      For me the Camera got much better after Update to on Xperia X. The Autofocus works much better in automatic mode now.

    • Avatar

      Hello Joerg,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      We are tracking down the issue with autofocus and will release a fix for it in an upcoming update. We are not sure if it will be the next update, but it will be tracked down and solved eventually.

  7. Avatar

    Dear James, Dear Jolla,
    I’m still waiting for refund. A Problem with paypal? A new excuse?

    • Avatar


      You’re posting in the wrong blog, non of the readers on this blog care about your refund, at least I certainly don’t. I’m sick and tired of people like you highjacking blogs for their personal crusades.

    • Avatar

      Hello Dimitri.

      Have you been contacted by us regarding receiving the second part of refund? Meaning, are you in the chosen group? Because if you are, you WILL get your refund for sure. Could you please talk about refunds on a refund-related blog post? This is unrelated to the update and will steer the discussion away to where it does not belong. Thank you!

  8. Avatar

    My Facebook App crashes always after updating the software.

    • Avatar


      Have you tried re-installing it? I don’t have that issue.

  9. Avatar

    Good to see development continuing as it always has and let’s hope we now get more feature work after the SailfishX launch is complete.

    Only real complaint that I’ve got is that the blueborne fix is a bit on the later side. This is however not that big of a complaint considering at what point in your cycle it was properly disclosed and the fact that the researchers who found it told Apple and Microsoft in the spring and then waited several months before they told anyone else.

    I also see the usual suspect is here again moaning about how he hasn’t received his second refund. Maybe we should put together a pity fund for the poor guy seeing how he’s clearly unemployed and this loss has been a great burden on his personal economy. How else does someone spend weeks worth of time, during office hours I might add, complaining about a couple of days worth of pay.

    • Avatar

      There most definitely are more features coming in future updates.

      We fixed the Blueborne issue as soon as we had a fix for it and it is included in this update. If you are not a member of early access group, you shall receive the public update shortly anyway.

  10. Avatar

    @L_A_G it’s public holiday here in France.
    I’m not at the office.
    I’m not complain.
    It’ just a question of honesty.
    I’ve received a mail about my choice about the second half refund.
    Jolla promise me a refund for the second time! Always bad excuses and time to wait about hypothetical better times.
    I don’t trust jolla anymore.
    I don’t care what you think about me and my financial situation. Who is disobliging? Me ? You’re kidding !

  11. Avatar

    Does anyone know whether or not there is an app to power on and off the Xperia X? I get the feeling the power switch on it will be damaged easily. Also, does anyone know whether or not users can tap the screen to wake up the phone? If so, how do I adjust the settings on the phone in order to be able to do so?

    • Avatar

      Power off can be found by swipe down. Power One … you have to use the button. If you are talking about the screen. Post Below.

  12. Avatar

    So, this update has decided to make my phone randomly hard crash and turn off… J1. This happens using both native SFOS and Android apps

  13. Avatar

    Hello @James what a nice news that jolla have a new update in forge.
    The new ambience flow seems to be really nice.
    May i have a suggestion?
    Soon will be the Christmas event, and that would be nice too having an ambience for every years which have the Christmas jolla touch.
    Would it be possible to give the dev-team in touch about this idea?
    That may be a nice thing to produce to all the jolla-fans, isn’t it?
    What do you think about it?
    If it’s interesting, that may be the right time to trigger it i think.
    And if it is a financial problem, then i would make a contribution with a part of my tablet-refund…


    • Avatar

      oups my bad, that’s not a matter of dev-team but manager-ressource with designer…

    • Avatar


      What a fantastic idea! I will bring this up with our UI and design team to see if that is a possibility considering our resources. Thank you for this!

      • Avatar

        You’re welcome 🙂
        thank you too for hearing and listening us. That’s not that easy sometimes, but you make it great.
        Have a good continuation.
        hold on! 😀

      • Avatar

        Hello James,

        i made a together ticket here

        After a reaction of a tjc member, it confirmed that an ambience a la jolla touch (or flair) would be great.
        A nice ambience like jolla has well done on the past, humbled, decent.
        Which not fall in the Christmas business trap. And has this sailor flair. if you see what i mean…


        • Avatar

          I remember that Reviewjolla once made a special winter ambience of a bluebird, very nice.

  14. Avatar

    Hi James. It’s great news that release 2.1.3 is coming to other SFOS-powered devices.
    But could we have some kind of road map of planned features? Even scetchy, with no dates. Just what’s in the focus of Jolla team at this stage.

  15. Avatar

    Hey james, my sailfish x is still on Everytime i click on sailfish os update, it checks and says up to date. When will i get on my xperia x device or is something wrong with my updates?

  16. Avatar

    hey! updated my Xperia, and finally got Bankid, Swish and gmaps working. So this is now without a doubt the best phone I’ve ever had (move over N95!).

    just one Q! Bankid said it will stop supporting whatever Android version sailfish x has (4.4?) in summer, 2018, and will require 5.0.

    are there plans to support 5.0?


  17. Avatar

    The update went very smoothly. So far with the functions/features I use I haven’t noticed any changes. Though I do appreciate the fixing of vulnerabilities like Blueborne etc.

    My feedback for future updates is as follows in this order,

    Improve responsiveness of the email client, is very laggy opening and displaying emails.

    Enable internet sharing – WiFi hotspot. Not everywhere has free WiFi. It can be very expensive to buy WiFi data at hotels, so much so that it’s cheaper to use mobile data and share it with your laptop/tablet etc. I use this a lot.

    Improve the camera picture quality. I don’t expect 23 Mp but good focus and reasonable definition are a must.

    Add the ability to forward a text. As it is now you have to copy and paste a text in order to forward it.

    Show the contacts name at the top of the screen when a text string is displayed. Once you have a text string open you have no way of knowing who you are texting.

    Enable double tap to wake up.

    Add functionality for NFC. NFC functionality is becoming more and more commonplace.

    Update Alien Dalvik to a more recent version to ensure future app compatibility.

    Allow other browsers to be set as the default browser. I believe there are much better browsers than the native one, especially Opera. It would be nice to have it (or any other browser) accessible as the default browser.

    Allow for contacts to be placed in calling groups and add options in the Ambiences to set which calling groups you wish to receive calls from. This allows you to control who and when they can call you. Also it allows for group texts to be sent. Both features I have found to be extremely handy in the past.

    When a ring tone other than a default tine is used that the ring tone stay active even after a reboot. e.g. I like to use the orchestral version of the old Nokia ring tone. I have it as a music file on my phone and can set it as the ring tone, but the ring tone always reverts to the Jolla one after a restart

    Enable things like Finger print scanner.

    Some of you will note some things I have asked for are features from Meego and or Symbian. I really miss some of the rich features of Symbian.

    In the meantime I continue to enjoy Sailfish X and thank the hard working team at Jolla for the work they have put into this great OS.

  18. Avatar

    Completely agree Alan, I would just add that Bluetooth needs more attention in terms of functionality, I still cannot pair mine with my car so is unusable as a aday to day phone, but looking forward to the day…. I second your appreciation of all the guys at Jolla and all their hard work

    • Avatar

      I also had trouble pairing with car. However changing the type of connection to the right type fixed it. However, it did not fix it right away. Noticed the next day, that it worked suddenly.

      • Avatar

        Yes, make sure you choose the correct type of device on your phone when pairing with your car system.

    • Avatar

      So far Bluetooth has not given me any real issues however from all the feedback it appears it needs more work.

      I agree, Bluetooth functionality needs to be given priority. It’s so integral with the use of a mobile phone.

  19. Avatar

    I can confirm the bug with the sharpness and also the contrast of the pictures, they are really dark, with open camera, pictures are sharp and normal. But one additional bug, i realized with that app, don’t know if it comes from the open camera side or Sailfish OS side, the whole app icons of the UI are rotating if you are running the app, and going out of it. Could you look into that matter!? Thanks

  20. Avatar

    Any news reagarding the refund blog post? Still missing october and november news

  21. Avatar

    Dear Jolla-Team.
    we have witnessed the rollout of Sailfish onto an excellent device. Besides all the critics, hands down, this was a fantastic achievement. Some time ago I didn’t believe we would see any new device…and look now. I am sure you have celebrated this a little (with all reasons!) and are still busy with all that comes with this new situation.

    Just so, I think this is a good moment to take a peak into future. Can you give the community an update, something like a developers blog post? I am sure many of us are curious where your team is putting it’s focus now. Let us take part in the next chapter of Jolla story!
    Will we see one more Sony device, where is Sailfish 2.2 heading, what happened to the Jolla watch, will the other half have a rebirth? Quo vadis, Jolla?

    • Avatar

      Yes me, getting drunk on cheap beer as I type.
      Life would have been so different with a Jolla Tablet. Marc… where are you now? 😀

  22. Avatar

    Joohoo .. refund anyone ?

  23. Avatar

    Amongst the next updates, Jolla should incorporate emoticons so users can put them in text messages.

    • Avatar

      Install the Warehouse app for Open Repos. Then install “The Emoji Keyboard” – screen resolution fix version. Then in Settings, choose “Text Input” then choose “Keyboards” and select “Emoji” as well as your native language. You’ll be good to go.

      To access the Emoji long press on the Space Bar and to swap back to the alpha/numeric keyboard long press on the Emoji space key which looks like a stylised picture of the earth with lat and long lines. this is located at the bottom left of the Emoji keyboard

  24. Avatar

    Thanks for Sailfish X. Flashing went smooth once I switched to linux instead of windows. The Wifi Sharing is a bit of a let down and the email client is slow, alright. Apart from that it’s a fantastic release with a nice phone. Well worth the 50€ I spent on it.

    There is only one thing that’s worrying me: my company will turn of Activesync for Exchange and switch to MobileIron MDM completely. I know I read somewhere about Jolla MDM but how exactly does it work? Is it implemented yet and how can I integrate with MobileIron? Does this only work for the Androidpart of Sailfish OS or also native Exchange support? This is a dealbreaker for me.

    • Avatar

      Sailfish OS has introduced device management APIs that MDM providers can use to integrate the OS to their services. MobileIron has developed client for Android and iOS, for your device to be supported similar client would need to be implemented for Sailfish OS.

  25. Avatar

    Question: if I flash Sailfish on Xperia with the alternative method of Jakibaki (maemo) do I need a Google account?

  26. Avatar

    Can you create a app similar to google music player?

  27. Avatar

    So after years of following the SFOS story I am finally the proud owner of an Xperia running SFOS. The experience is mostly good, although I find the calendar app pretty useless (I’ll give more specific feedback on TJC soon). I have had one “WTF!” moment though: James, I hope that you are reading this. You will have trouble convincing anyone new to Sailfish that you take their privacy seriously while the only browser search engines that you offer out of the box are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Honestly! Kudos to coderus for a solution from OpenRepos, but an extended selection that includes Startpage and DuckDuckGo should come from Jolla, right?

  28. Avatar

    Can anyone answer me please: do we need a Google account when flashing with the alternative method of Jakibaki?

    • Avatar

      For what reason you should do this?
      As far as I understand you just need to start android on your mobile for one time to:
      “enable developer mode by going to settings | About Phone and tap the “Build Number” 7 times until you see a prompt saying “You are now a developer!”
      and “to enable USB debugging and allow OEM unlock from your developer mode settings menu”

      But to do so you don’t need a Google account.
      (you can skip that point)

      • Avatar

        This is what I did when unlocking the phone. I only had to agree with ‘terms and conditions’. So I assume that we don’t need an account with the next step. Thanks!

        • Avatar

          Yes, the next step is flashing Sailfish X.
          (after that you will need a Jolla account 😉 )

  29. Avatar

    There are some issues with audio quality on Xperia X (wired headphones). The sound is very distorted and has a lot of digital noise when the music is quiet, like when songs start and end, or when there is only a drum beat. I didn’t have this problem when I briefly tested the device on Android. I don’t know if it’s related to the actual audio configuration (sampling, compression, digital volume?) or if it’s a deeper issue with for instance a chip being in low-power mode trying to preserve energy.

    Anyway, the problem is quite noticable.

    • Avatar

      I can confirm that noises between the tracks.
      On the other hand I would like to say that when using expensive head phones I can’t remember to have such sound quality in the past on which phone ever and I’m very happy with it regardless the noticeable noises and I use it nearly every day to listen to music.
      So if you think about a modification,
      please be careful.

      • Avatar

        Update…I’m afraid I was a bit too fast with my comment yesterday.
        Could it be that the sound quality was better before the latest update?
        Has anyone else the same impression or is this just fantasy? Who knows more about?

  30. Avatar

    Update for Jolla C is still missing!?! What’s the issue with Jolla C?

    So far only Jolla 1, Jolla tablet and Xperia X has received

    • Avatar

      @vision: I received and installed the update on the Jolla C yesterday eventing. Maybe not a general issue.

  31. Avatar

    yes, I have the same problem with update for Jolla_C 🙁

  32. Avatar

    I installed the update now.
    Thanks, Jolla! 🙂

  33. Avatar

    Thank you for sailfish x. its really awesome to have an alternative to the android os. but before i switch from my jolla phone to the sony device, i have a few questions:
    1: are the LDAC and APT-X bluetooth codecs supported or is there a plan to support them in the future?
    2: the bluetooth remote control (play, pause ..) doesn’t work with e.g. the android spotify app on my jolla phone. Does it work with the xperia x?

    Thank you

  34. Avatar

    I would far rather Jolla spend their efforts in getting Sailfish X fully functional before adding other devices.

    For example, things like,
    Sorting out the way calendar events are managed with daylight time changes
    Ability to forward SMS messages
    Ability to individually adjust ring tone and notification tone volumes.
    Camera picture quality
    General functionality improvements to the various basic inbuilt apps to bring the OS up to the level of the mainstream OS’s.

    As it is Sailfish X is a very credible but very immature OS. Now is the time to make sure the OS matures rapidly to make it attractive to a much wider audience. Diverting resources into making other versions of the OS isn’t the right move especially for a small company like Jolla

    I know having versions of Sailfish that work on more devices will widen the market for Sailfish but without the development I mention Sailfish is still confined to a very small part of the market. Sailfish has to become more mainstream and to do that all the basic features need to be well featured and work properly.

    Jolla need to focus their efforts on making a good OS a great OS

    Native apps need to be addressed as well. I don’t see it as Jolla’s job to build the apps but in the interest of the success of Sailfish it’s in Jolla interest to have a suite of good apps. There needs to be a way to encourage app developers to not only build for Sailfish but also want to keep their apps up to date.

    There is already a proven way to get good apps. I think Jolla need to foster this process by providing a platform (or facilitating its existence via a third party, perhaps Opera) where developers can sell their apps rather than just having the donation method currently in use.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback, Alan. This is definitely the case. We are willing to make the OS better before expanding. Your feedback, alongside others who contribute to Sailfish OS is greatly appreciated and considered based on Jolla’s priorities and resources. Hopefully all of your suggestions will be implemented in a near future.

  35. Avatar

    Ive not updated my X. Can I do it OTA?

    Any refund mail planned for november?

  36. Avatar

    Waiting for refund as usual.
    My choice for second half refund made October the 4th !!!
    How can people trust jolla inc?

    • Avatar

      Just to clarify here: You know that making that choice on October 4th does not mean that we will immediately transfer the money to your account, right? That choice was made to let us know if you were interested in receiving a Sailfish X voucher or you’d like to continue waiting for your refund which will come some time in the future. Please re-read the email we sent you. Thanks.

  37. Avatar

    Wouldn’t be great to have the ability to choose to block some persistent posters.

  38. Avatar

    The Sailfish is running on the Xperia an the installation was possible. But the Sailbox is not working even the Google Ap Store. Sorry, for my its not to be used.

  39. Avatar

    Thanks for still supporting my Jolla 1!

  40. Avatar seems to be somewhat outdated… Maybe either get it up to date or just remove it? Currently it leaves the impression that Sailfish is rather dead and not developed any more since about a year…

  41. Avatar

    A quick update from my previous post here on Nov.8th – Tablet refund 2nd…… Tracking down Accione Jala Sailfish OS phones.
    Centro de experiencia Jala – Cochabamba.
    This site locates the new sales shop but contact information is incomplete. Guessing they are still setting up the shop so phone availability may be questionable. Local news reports state Sailfish OS will be available in Jan. 2018 ?????? Don’t hold your breate.

  42. Avatar

    How about a bit more stylish way of booting, i i understood that for the moment the warning at the beginning cannot be removed, but how about an animation, like in Android. the Sailfish Logo could spring out of the sea or something like that, and vibrating when starting and vibrating when shutting down would also be nice. Like it is now, its looks really simple and basic…

  43. Avatar

    Knock Knock! Refund?

  44. Avatar

    Hi James,

    Any plan of releasing further updates for Intex Sailsish? Its currently running Unable to update to 2.1.3 via Terminal

    • Avatar

      Hi Darshan.

      Yes, there are plans, as son as our partner (Intex) approves the next update, you will receive it!

  45. Avatar

    Twitter links in Events View STILL opens in browser – not in Twitter app….

  46. Avatar


    The message below was originally posted on November 15



    I wanted to say that its good that there’s been so much movement around this project, well done guys!

    What I was looking for was an outline in terms of how much further work is it expected will be required by the Jolla team on the Sailfish X project before they can sign off as complete?

    How much is left to do for Sailfish X? Almost done?

    Further to this, once complete, is it just then a quick port over to the other Open Devices or are you guys aware of further work needed for the remainder of the Open Devices products?


  47. Avatar

    At all the early adopters…what appears to still be lacking at this point?

    How does the XperiaFish compare to the J1/JollaC in terms of day to day usage??

    This would be interesting to hear

    • Avatar

      Pretty much the same. Looks a bit better and most things is a bit faster. That is good. But when it comes to usability and services it’s still useless since it’s too small to handle that unfortunately.

      • Avatar

        thanks for the feedback Dave

        can you confirm what you mean by “But when it comes to usability and services it’s still useless since it’s too small to handle that unfortunately.” ???

        I’m not sure i get what you mean here

  48. Avatar

    When I set up my Xperia I successfully set up a Microsoft Exchange account. It would sync calendars and emails, I don’t sync contacts.

    Recently I noticed it wasn’t syncing either emails nor calendar. Yesterday I uninstalled the account and reinstalled it. Syncing was restored for a while but now it’s not currently syncing.

    I’ve tried changing the provisioning and security certificate settings and tried a different server name, I’m using Outlook as my mail server.

    I’ve looked on Together Jolla but while there plenty of similar issues there doesn’t seem to be any fixes.

    Who else has had this problem? Is there a work around?

    • Avatar

      Me. But I used to sync only email since Calendar Isn’t fully working with meeting an stuff. Waiting for Jolla to fix proper exchange support before going back to sail.

  49. Avatar

    Guys, could you look into implementing an option for keyboard – to have an optional row with digits above letters? I often need to also enter digits and it pains to constantly switch back and forth, so an option would be good for those willing to sacrifice some screen estate for convenience…

  50. Avatar

    What is really missing for the moment would be a spam folder in the mail app, an updated version of the sailfish browser, and a multiprotocol messenger app, like Pidgin, Kodimote or something like that

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