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Sailfish OS Aaslakkajärvi with private browsing and more is here!

The new Sailfish OS update Aaslakkajärvi is now available for all Jolla and Sailfish OS users! As previously the update was first available as an early access release for more advanced users. If you’re interested in joining this group, read more here.    

In this update we introduce several very useful and handy new features to basic apps such as the browser, email, and calendar, and many other improvements related e.g. to memory handling and software updating.

Highlights of Aaslakkajärvi:

  • Browser: private browsing mode is now available. Choose ‘Private browsing’ in the pulldown menu of the tab view of the browser. 
  • Email: search emails by keyword via the pulldown menu in Mail app
  • Email: you can now select and mark multiple emails as read/unread
  • Phone: view phone number of a contact in the call log via tap-and-hold on the call log entry.
  • Memory: notification on file system getting full in Events view indicating that some data should be moved out from the phone. You can see a detailed view on the memory usage by tapping on the memory info in settings – system – about product.
  • Better OS update handling: OS upgrade notifications update automatically in case there is a newer OS version available
  • Better OS update handling: Filesystem optimizations prior to installing OS updates in the future.

For more detailed information on the update go here.

In our previous update post we informed that due to Facebook’s API changes we lost most of the FB functionalities in Sailfish OS. We are glad to inform that all FB functionalities, except instant messaging and contact sync, are now working. Simply re-login to Facebook and the functionalities should work again (also with the previous software version). We are looking into the missing functionalities, and hoping to add them as well soon.     

We hope you enjoy this update! We have some bigger exciting changes already in the pipeline, and coming soon your way. Stay tuned!   

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,



Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


  1. Avatar

    yeah, a new update 🙂
    hope the wlan problem is fixed

  2. Avatar

    Thanks the update.

  3. Avatar

    Thank you !! Would’ve been very nice if searching was even available on the home screen of the Email-App’s pulley … searching through all available Email accounts.

  4. Avatar

    Buggy ! All browser bookmarks have disappeared ( or been deleted ) while running the updated browser. I have switched no more then 10 times between normal / private modes … I launched the browser app maybe 3 to 4 times before the bug appeared. Hope this helps.

    • Pauliina Alanen

      Hi there, thank you for the feedback. The issue is new to us as well and didn’t turn up in our internal testing. We filed a bug report on the case, and will investigate. We’re sorry for the trouble!

      • Avatar

        Hi Pauliina!

        Thanks for your support!

        You can add me experience to the bug report – I also just “lost” all of my bookmarks. I updated to Aaslakkajärvi a while ago when it was publicly available but only lost my bookmarks a few days ago.

      • Avatar

        Having followed “vishusf’s” link just below, the issue might become reproducible using emoticons by an older version of “The Emoji Keyboard” from the OpenRepos warehouse.
        I’ve used some emojis to mark certain bookmarks: i.e. ticket-emojis for booking sites, train-symbols for public transportation info, etc.
        Since Äijänpäivänjärvi’s introduction of the ( awesome ) split keyboard, “The Emoji Keyboard” didn’t integrate properly any more so I uninstalled it – with a sigh ;). Emojis used to label bookmarks, countdown timers, alarm clocks or used within conversations yet remained. The labels of the timers haven’t changed / disappeared yet.
        Maybe it helps to understand the bug.
        Haven’t set new bookmarks yet – nor re-installed a current version of “The Emoji Keyboard”.

        • Avatar

          Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that there is now a new option in web browser privacy settings which allows you to also delete all favorites (bookmarks) when cleaning your browser cache, cookies etc, so if you weren’t careful, maybe you deleted your favorites yourself.

          • Avatar

            … yes, there could be a chance for this :> – one has to be careful there as well.
            Everything works fine now with the current version of “The Emoji Keyboard” (0.4.3)

  5. Avatar

    This is a very good update. i have a suggestion with “Phone: view phone number of a contact in the call log via tap-and-hold on the call log entry”.
    With the above feature user could only see the number after a tap and hold, he needs again to tap the screen to call the number. If the call action is added after tap and hold it would be better.

  6. Avatar

    wow…………. nice………. thanks for ur update 😉 😉 😉

  7. Avatar

    Facebook does not work better. I’ve got 3 phones here. Jolla, Blackberry Leap and Iphone 5s. Plus à lap top with Linux Mint. Only the Jolla is out of range. If you update the infos, you can’t ever figure the info is late or not.

  8. Avatar

    Significant and pretty large update, everything works for me as mentioned, one observation though in email search options it must be labelled as Search not Seach on Server and device 🙂

  9. Avatar

    Thank for you good work. Everything work well and ui is still smooth comparing to other phones, but i found BUG. While I switch device to silent mode, there is no notification icon on lockscreen. Is there any possibility to bring it back? Now I don´t know what are my current system sound settings. This is simply dumb, even my ancient Nokia had this feature.

    • Pauliina Alanen

      Hi Tubb, thanks for the feedback! This is an issue that didn’t come up in our internal testing. Perhaps a reboot would fix it? You could also ask at our community forum TJC if others have had the same issue. If you can’t get it solved, please send our Care team a ticket here.


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