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Sailfish OS Torronsuo is now available

Sailfish OS 3.2.0 Torronsuo is a substantial release introducing updated hardware adaptation support, which enables us to bring Sailfish X to newer generation devices like the Sony Xperia 10. The Xperia 10 is also the first device to come with user data encryption enabled by default, and with SELinux, Security-Enhanced Linux, access control framework enabled. We’ll be rolling out SELinux policies in phases. For now Torronsuo introduces SELinux policies for display control (MCE), device startup and background services (systemd), and more will follow in upcoming releases. We have a few details of the Xperia 10 support to finalise, and will announce Sailfish X for the Sony Xperia 10 within the upcoming weeks.

Torronsuo National Park is in the Tavastia Proper region of Finland. This park is valuable for its birdlife and butterfly species. Roughly a hundred species nest in the area. Part of the birds and insects are species that typically live in the northern areas, and they aren’t seen much elsewhere in southern Finland.


Calling Experience

We have also improved the calling experience in co-operation with our partner OMP, who is developing Aurora OS. For incoming calls the country of the caller is now displayed if the call is coming from abroad. The call ending flow has been redesigned from a full-screen dialog to a less intrusive and more light-weight call ending popup, and you can now set a reminder to call someone back when receiving a call or from the call history view in the Phone app via a long tap on the caller name. More improvements to the call experience are also in the pipeline for upcoming releases. For example we are currently working on improving the one hand usage of the call ending popup.



Onboarding Experience

We are continuously improving the onboarding experience for new users. For example, pulley menu indications have been refined to make the menu easier to spot. Feedback showed that after deleting a note or contact some new users waited for the remorse timer to complete before continuing with other tasks. This prompted us to simplify the content deletion use cases across the operating system.


Clock app

Torronsuo also includes updates to the Clock app, which enjoys a bunch of enhancements and bug fixes. You can set the alarm snooze interval in Settings > Apps > Clock. Timers can now be configured more accurately to the nearest second and you can reset the progress of all saved timers with one pulley menu action.

And many more

You’ll find a whole host of other improvements elsewhere too. Battery notifications have been calmed down so they’ll now appear less frequently and contacts search works better in case you have a lot of contacts synced to the device. Android app opening is more reliable and Android contacts performance is notably improved. Twitter works more smoothly with the Sailfish Browser. Editing WLAN networks now offers more enterprise EAP options which were previouslly only accessible from the connection dialog. Many connectivity issues have been fixed, including OpenVPN certificate authentication. Along with Torronsuo we have updated Sailfish OS SDK to version 2.3.

Warm thanks to our partner OMP for the support and for co-developing many of the core improvements with Jolla for Torronsuo. We hope you enjoy Torronsuo as much as we had fun making it. Big things are on the horizon for Sailfish OS, and we are excited to have you with us on the ride. 🙂

For more information please read the release notes.


Joona Petrell

UI Chief Engineer at Jolla. User interface programmer at heart, who has a soft spot for design and pretty graphics.




Martin Schüle

Chief Designer of Jolla. Passionate about holistic and multidisciplinary design. Loves renovating old wooden houses, as well as playing handball.


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    Thank you for staying on course. 3.2.0 is indeed an improement showing that Jolla is still alive. I like it al lot and hope that one day we even get a new native browser 😉

  2. Avatar

    Hi there, wonderful news about the update and new device Sony Xperia 10😊!

    One question to the support of OMP from Russia:

    Are these codings open source?

    • Avatar

      Thank you zemideluxe for your kind words!

      Related to your question, we only accept source code level submissions
      to Sailfish OS. All of the code included in Sailfish OS is thoroughly reviewed by Jolla and can be reviewed by our software licensees. This way we maintain a chain-of-trust between all involved parties.

      Whether particular code contribution is Open Source, depends on how the code itself and its dependencies are licensed.

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    Alas, I am still using a Xperia X F5121. This holiday, I am thinking about upgrading to a variant of Xperia XA2. What worries me is whether or not Xperia XA2 will face the same kismet as Xperia X F5121 & F5122 (no more updates will be provided). Frankly, the Xperia X10 is rather expensive currently. Could someone weigh in on my quandary?

    • Avatar

      Wait for Xperia 10 support as it brings SELinux features. The X 10 lists for just under 200€ (in Germany). The XA2 was never cheaper than this, so I don’t get your point.

      • Avatar

        Problem is that the XA2 seems to be the last one with a usable form factor. All the coming – also XA2 Plus and Ultra – has this ridiculously long form. No way to fit in in a pocket.

  4. Avatar

    And most likely the X10 will suffer the same fate in 2021 as the X or XA2, because der will be a new model and so on.

    I bought the X with the notion that it will be fully supported for some years. Well, we all know how that worked out. I dont think that I will ever see NFC on the X working …

    • Avatar

      it’s a real problem SFOS

    • Avatar

      All Sailfish OS software updates are available for most of the released Sailfish OS devices, such as Jolla 1, Jolla C and Xperia X, and we are committed to continue the support as long as it is feasible. It has now gone two years since the first release of Sailfish X for Sony Xperia X with many software updates supporting it to this date, and more to come in the future. Naturally there are limitations for some features, for example due to hardware capabilities. In regards of NFC support, it is officially supported on selected devices only due to hardware differences. Our aim is to concentrate our efforts and resources on supporting newer hardware as well as possible – this has also been a constant request by the users in the Sailfish X program.

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    Is there any real work going on bringing on *native* modern browser to SFOS? This is most critical part and I believe it was promised for 3.x OS version year ago.

  6. Avatar

    Thank you very much for the hrad work!

    Is there an ETA when SailfishOS will see a native SIP integration?

    • Avatar

      Actually Sailfish OS DO have a native SIP integration. The matter is you have to enable it in a special way.

      • Avatar

        AFAIK, native SIP does not work on XA2 (not sure about others), any work has been done on this release?

      • Avatar

        No it hasnt. Why its not usable on this form.
        We are calling that little UI integration since years. More than 90% of work is done.
        Please finish th UI integration or put the UI in open source so the community can do it

    • Avatar

      With the latest Torronsuo update we have improved Android audio handling which enables proper use of Android VOIP applications. We do not have a current estimate when the full native SIP integration would be available.

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      I ordered Cosmo Communicator long time ago on Indiegogo because if was announced that I could run Sailfish OS it, and now the phone is coming in a week or two, but since then it’s been total silence by both Jolla and Planet Computers, and James Noori also ignored the question here.

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    We are missing the statement about Alien Dalvik upgrade for Xperia X, as i understood it, Jolla wants bring most Sailfish X releases on the same level to then actually with “small” adaptations bring a higher Android version to these devices that support a newer Linux Kernel. Am i right!?

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    Ouch, Xperia x phone is gone. Too bad. There won’t be any android upgrades for that machine ever I think. Banking in Finland is impossible. Need to be atleast Android 5, to get banking apps working. Therefore sailfishos is not usable with Sony Xperia x. Reboot back to android. Sorry. Ihave Jolla1 for sailfish.

    • Avatar

      The XA2 works great and has Android 8.1 with banking in Finland.

    • Avatar

      I think when Anbox is ready on UT for the Xperia X. I will move as well. They will support the X for some time I hope.

    • Avatar

      I also feel like an idiot, that I bought a phone Jolla recommended, for what is for me a lot of money. Now I have to shell out for a new phone AND a new license!!!

      • Avatar

        It’s normal feeling with Jolla. #theotherhalf of refund

      • Avatar

        I once paid for a Jolla Tablet .. want to know how that story ends?
        I paid in November 2014 now 5 years later I am still waiting to receive it or get my full refund.

        So I see a pattern here.
        And yet Jolla still believes their story “We will send you an update as soon as we are making money” is a trustful statement.
        Jolla finish the full refund! Give me #theotherhalf

        • Avatar

          Yes, but what you call a “refund” issue isn’t a comment about Sailfish OS Seitseminen.Which is what this blog-post is about.“the community” is also made of people extremely bored of reading these out-of context questions.Whatever opinion anyone can have on either you got robbed either you made a bet on crowdfunding and lost your bet, anyhow that money you put helped to build Sailfish 3, which is great.See yourself as a sponsor maybe could help?

          • Avatar

            “Torronsuo” of course was what i meant.

          • Avatar

            #refund and #theotherhalf story isn’t about money, it’s about promises, lie and reputation.

    • Avatar

      08:41:22 From the Mer meeting of 17th October: KeeperoftheKeys: Your first question will be answered very soon in a blog post. We usually don’t announce things on the IRC meeting so I’d ask you to wait a little bit more.

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    After an absence of several months Jolla just pop up with a random “business as usual” post which is thrown in our faces like scraps thrown at a hungry puppy.

    I guess we should just appreciate the fact that we even get scraps eh?

    Jolla, why do you hate your own customers so much?!?!?

    • Avatar

      Wow BraapBraap, got out of bed with the wrong foot today?

    • Avatar

      My guess is they are setting up to do another round of crowdfunding, see if they can shake some more money out of their customers pockets.

  10. Avatar

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Avatar

    Fantastic news, thanks everyone at Jolla.
    I was getting a bit worried what with the lack of blog updates, but I’m downloading the update now. Still well pleased with Sailfish’s progress. NB on JoOppen’s browser comment, Firefox works well for me.

  12. Avatar

    I bricked my Jolla 1 yesterday when I updated to 3.2.0. It downloaded and seemed to install okay, but the battery drained awfully fast, and after the restart the phone went completely black and unresponsive. After some searching, I found an article describing how to do a complete recovery, which went very smooth. I got to start all over again with Sailfish OS, version 1. The first update was, then followed ‘Björnträsket’, then the leap to version 2, and update 2.2, followed by the first version of SFOS 3, and finally the current version. It was like sailing through time, and it was very interesting! The outdated web browser and the absent communication aside, I must give it to you Jolla: you have done an absolutely awesome job developing Sailfish OS into a mature and very nice system to use on a mobile phone. To me, every choice and priority you’ve made along the way concerning features and UI changes seems to be right. What can I say but thank you, Jolla, and keep on sailing!

  13. Avatar

    Thank you for this update. Update went smooth on my XA2 plus, with the exception of linking to the browser. No change here: each time after using Utilities linking works , but after some time this function just stops working.
    I have a question about the next update: do XA2 devices also get encryption and SELinux or is this only for Xperia 10 ?

    • Avatar

      Xperia 10 is the first device that comes with the Home encryption enabled by default with the latest SW release 3.2.0 Torronsuo. We are planning to gradually roll out the functionality also for other devices in upcoming releases. But please note that it is not feasible for all the oldest devices, such as original Jolla 1, due to hardware limitations. Meanwhile, all the enablers are available for the community in public repositories and thus you can enable it for yourself e.g. for XA2. Please note that turning the SW encryption on for a device erases all your user data.

  14. Avatar

    Is it safe to install Torronsuo from Android Pie on the XA2? Instructions still recommend downgrading to Oreo.

    • Avatar

      There is no more any need to downgrade from Pie to Oreo. Both of them are okay as the starting point for installing OS release 3.2.0. Sorry, we forgot to update the instructions but this is done now.

      • Avatar

        I noticed the Oreo binary image v16 is still recommended. Will flashing with an Android Pie binary image not work?

  15. Avatar

    Thanks, will upgrade my Jolla1 and Xperia X now.

  16. Avatar

    Jolla all and well, but would it be an idea to finally settle the score and first invest in paying of your debts ?

    5 years it has been since you promised us our tablet and made us pay for it. Yet until this day (more than 1800 days later) your community of the first hour is still not fully refunded.
    When will you end this tragedy?

    • Avatar

      Yes, but what you call a “refund” issue isn’t a comment about Sailfish OS Torronsuo.Which is what this blog-post is about.“the community” is also made of people extremely bored of reading these out-of context questions.Whatever opinion anyone can have on either you got robbed either you made a bet on crowdfunding and lost your bet, anyhow that money you put helped to build Sailfish 3, which is great.See yourself as a sponsor maybe could help?

    • Avatar

      I too miss that tablet. We all had to learn a lesson : everything on Indiegogo is dubious, risky. It is a gamble and there is no guarantee that projects will be successful. The company was over-enthousiastic and over-confident but it was not a mistake done on purpose. It is time to take your loss and stop whining. Be an adult and try to grow over it.

  17. Avatar

    Salfish OS News Network on Telegram. Nice. In the early access it says:
    “Jolla appreciates feedbacks and proposals which can be posted to Last words underlined for thats is a link.
    When I tap the link I get a message: ‘Cannot open the URL . URL-scheme not supported’.
    Going to together.jolla did not help my linking problem so far. The new update made no difference. Who can help?

      • Avatar

        It is shown under the first announcement of Torronsuo in Sailfish OS News in Telegram. I see now that this link does work , but not in Telegra’me on my XA2 plus. Probably due to that client (by thebootroo). In Sailfish OS News are also release notes with links mentioned and they do work in Telegra’me. Strange.

  18. Avatar

    Is it possible to install Sailfish OS on X 10 (when available) with Linux or do you have to have Windows to do it?

  19. Avatar

    when will the refund be available – actually giving back the stolen money? I’ve been waiting 4 years

  20. Avatar

    Please do consider that the Xperia 10 line will have an Android 10 update at some point in the beginning of 2020. So that we (you) don’t end up in the same situation as with the XA2 Android 9 update.

    Otherwise, I must say that during the last year I’ve been using my XA2 as a daily phone, the Sailfish OS has matured nicely! So thank you for all the hard work you put in this great OS! (Disclaimer: Single user opinion, YMMV).

  21. Avatar

    Ok. Fine. But what are we doing with just BLE support without necessay BtLE apps + also in many cases without android support for i.e. Bt.LE apps / devices.

    I quess with 100 % propability thay no apps what so ever shall appear within next five years. Yes, I have Samsung Galaxy Watch, too, as many have. It is not ecological and sensible to buy another e.g. Huami Amazfit Cor with Amazfish app by Piggz

    Says a man with arm full of useless smart watches and XA2 SFOS full of non-working smart watch apps

    • Avatar

      When I’ve been looking for a smartwatch I’ve checked which one is supported first and then bought one that runs with Amazfish.

  22. Avatar

    Tablet refunds, please

  23. Avatar

    what about volte support

  24. Avatar

    Hi.I wanted to know that how can I build sailfish os for my it possible and is there any guide for it?

  25. Avatar

    I understand that new users could do with some hints on using aspects of SFOS, but I will say, the pulley menu highlight is simply awful.
    I use my phone a lot in low light, I am constantly tweaking aspects of device to make it easier on the eyes, but this new highlight is just plain wrong and I consider it as a regression. I’ve already patched it to hide the brightness, please consider bringing back pulley menu hinting instead.

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