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Sailfish X: New payment methods & installation instructions

After the successful launch of Sailfish X, we set to work based on the feedback we received from the community, determined to progress on delivering what we promised. Today, we have fantastic news for you.

New payment methods


Due to high demand, we have now expanded available payment methods on our webshop. Aside from adding PayPal to our payment solutions, E-Banking is now also an option for users located in countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. E-banking has been available in Finland since Sailfish X sales start. It allows the buyer to use their Internet-bank in order to pay.

New instructions available

You can now visit our instructions page after purchasing your copy of Sailfish X and install it on your Sony Xperia X smartphone using your preferred operating system, be it Linux, Windows or macOS.

Our instructions page has been improving constantly based on your feedback and we are not planning to stop. If you have any feedback regarding our installation instructions, please let us know by leaving a comment down below or creating a ticket on Zendesk.

Please note: If you are planning to solely use a Linux or a Mac computer in order to install Sailfish X, your phone’s bootloader has to be locked before updating to the latest version of Android. If you unlock your bootloader before having the latest version, you would need to use the Emma tool from Sony in order to update your device. Emma tool is only available on Windows platform.

On behalf of Sailfish X team,



James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    Great work, now waiting for Sony Xperia X compact.

    One minor nit – in section “What you need to begin”, subsection 4 I guess you mean a “Mac computer”, right?

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for your comment!

    Yes that is what we meant, it is now fixed! Thanks again 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Great! I hope you get a lot of customers this way as there’s been so many requests for this.

    • Avatar

      Thank you! We always do our best to serve the community by listening to their requests as good as we can!

  4. Avatar

    Great work, now waiting for Sony Xperia X dual Sim.
    and for Africa countrys

    • Avatar

      Stay tuned for both! Expanding to different models and countries is in our agenda.

  5. Avatar

    Thanks,stay up jolla!

  6. Avatar

    Hi, I’ve been waiting for the Mac OS procedure and I’ m glad to see, that it is there by now. Did anyone among the users try this out so far? Could you please let me know, if Bluetooth works in the meantime? I’d especially like to use Sailfish X with a BMW hands free and Bose QC35 head phones.

    • Avatar

      The procedure has been tested thoroughly by our testing team. In terms of BT support, as stated before, the module works and it should not give you any problems in most cases. But please keep in mind that this sis not an officially supported feature, meaning that if it does not work in your BMW or with your QC35 headphones, Jolla is not held responsible. For that, I suggest you wait for the community to give their feedback and see if those devices and infotainment systems work or not.

  7. Avatar

    Dual Sim compact model and I’m in 😉

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your feedback. We are looking at different alternatives. More on that later!

  8. Avatar

    For non-Windows user : Flashtool ( is a 3rd party cross-platform (Java) software that can replace the functionality of Sony’s Windows-only Emma.

    It’s not an official Sony tool, but works as needed on all OSes (I used it back when I bought Sailfish X)

    • Avatar

      Thanks DrYak for this comment. Although that is not an officially recommended or tested (by Jolla) program, I think it’s amazing how the community chips in to help 🙂 Keep it up!

  9. Avatar

    Thanks! Seems I can start planning to install Sailfish X any day now.

    Just one novice question to warm up:
    Is the code provided by Sony for unlocking the phone a one-timer or not?

    • Avatar


      It is awesome to hear that you’re coming on board!
      To answer your question: It is a one-time code, yes, but different codes can be generated if needed just by re-doing the procedure.

      • Avatar

        You can try as often as you want: I did it about 7 times!

  10. Avatar

    Great that there are so many additional options now. Choice, choice, choice! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Decisions decisions 😉

  11. Avatar

    This is great indeed. I even can pay with Ideal, well done!

    • Avatar

      Thanks Kea! 🙂

  12. Avatar

    How about implenting these payment methods as paid app support in Harbour store? There have been several discussions on that on TJC again lately. And the original request for paid app support in harbour store is almost 4 years old now and still one of the top 5 most upvoted questions. And one of the more recent discussions state that flattr support is not that preferred anymore…

  13. Avatar

    So now we just need more native apps for our Xperia X. How about collaborating with Firefox, Here, Whatsapp, Skype,… for getting native versions of this programs on our SFOS phone. The android apps are nice, but not all functions are always working, so native apps should work quite better for us users. And like Here is and Skype was a finnish company, it should be quite easy for you to persuade them 😛

    • Avatar

      > Whatsapp
      > Skype

      Jesus Christ…
      What’s the point of migrating to a completely new and unfamiliar OS, the main point of which is privacy, only to install on it a bunch of spyware with your own hands?..

      You should start with getting rid of this crap, by slowly yet steadily convincing people in your environment to move to something better, and then make the next logical step in improving the safety of your data – migrate your PC to Linux, and your smartphone to Sailfish.
      Not the other way.

      • Avatar

        @ScumCoder: Agree 100%. I just don’t understand why somebody would go through all the hassle of using a free OS not pushed by one of the major global players… only to install proprietary crap of exactly the same kind. If you’re OK with facebook and Skype, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use Android or iOS.

      • Avatar

        Yes, but is SF at this point ready for this?
        I tried it, and didn’t stand the cam and photo editing etc.
        So flashed back to stock android. There are all working and much more firmware items possible.
        Like very much Sony cam. Must wait if SF is getting forward.

      • Avatar

        For Facebook there is Sailbook on SF, but as Whatsapp is rejecting third party clients, only a native application would be possible. I am a really really big fan of open source software, but even from that side, not much is available for SFOS, Firefox, VLC, Marble. And as you suggested before i am already using Threema, but nobody of my friends is using it, in total 2 of my friends use Threema, whereas around 30 of my friends use Whatsapp. The thing would not be to completely block such applications as Whatsapp or whatever, but to go the xprivacy way, but taking certain rights from them, location, microphone, contacts,…

    • Avatar

      Instead of Whatsapp (owned by Fakebook) you could consider Telegram (works on Sailfish) and instead of Skype I would suggest Wire (not yet on Sailfish). Signal and Threema are also reliable chat apps. Riot (Matrix, open source) is worth trying. I know, your friends, family….We pursuaded our family to use Telegram and it works fine on Sailfish.
      Here, a very good satnav, is now owned by the German car industry. It did work on Jolla. Do you know Scout (formerly Skobbler)?

  14. Avatar

    Facebook won’t accept a native Sailfish app unless it collects and sends personal data like contacts and usage statistics. That’s the opposite of what Jolla claims to be. So, no native FB, no native Whatsapp in SailfishOS.
    For some other apps I second your wish 🙂

    • Avatar

      I am not at Fakebook, but this is what I read: it eats your battery and intervenes with everything on your phone. First class spyware.

  15. Avatar

    Hmm…posted a comment yesterday but doesn’t appear?



    I wanted to say that its good that there’s been so much movement around this project, well done guys!

    What I was looking for was an outline in terms of how much further work is it expected will be required by the Jolla team on the Sailfish X project before they can sign off as complete?

    How much is left to do for Sailfish X? Almost done?

    Further to this, once complete, is it just then a quick port over to the other Open Devices or are you guys aware of further work needed for the remainder of the Open Devices products?


  16. Avatar

    Hi James, is there a comprehensible reason why E-Banking isn’t offered as an option for users located in Switzerland? Tx.

    • Avatar


      Yes, this is what has been offered by our payments partner so far.

  17. Avatar

    Good to see that sailfish os and x are proceeding.
    For me, just three things are still missing.
    First, the tethering function, second, camera function up to 23 mp by good quality and third, an instruction to flash and unlock the bootloader in a more visual way that allows also non-professionals to go through the flashing procedure with a possitive result. May there is someone who could show that on youtube for mac os? I really believe this would convince more customers to buy sailfish os in the future.

    • Avatar


      Thanks for this comment. About your concerns: Tethering is being worked on and shall be released in a future update. Camera is not being bumped up to 23 mpx anytime soon but the general quality and focusing issues are going to be improved. And thanks for your feedback regarding the visual instructions. We may do a video on all three operating systems.

      • Avatar

        Ok, finally done it. The flashing procedure itslef was easy. The way to enable the flashing process was difficult. On youtube you can find some demonstration how to steer the terminal of mac os and explanations how it works (it has been a long time since the dos-times). Without these examples you are lost as long as you are not a tech-specialist…
        However, the instructions should be even more structured and stricly in a row, so that there will be no sentences like: “but remember to do…” or “you should check before…” later on. Still waiting for tethering, a better camera function and dubble tap function (was working on “Android”). 😉

  18. Avatar


    You wrote:
    “your phone’s bootloader has to be locked BEFORE updating to the latest version of Android. If you unlock your bootloader BEFORE having the latest version, you would need to use the Emma tool from Sony”

    There is a contradiction here.
    One of the two “before” should be “after”.

    PS: After the correction you can delete this comment.

    • Avatar


      Actually, that is the correct way of saying it. What I meant there was that you need to update the device to the latest version using OTA updates before unlocking the bootloader. If you unlock your bootloader, then update, that does not count. -> “If you unlock your bootloader BEFORE having the latest version, you would need to use the Emma tool from Sony” <- exactly that. Hope this could help with the confusion. Cheers

      • Avatar

        Many thanks, now is clear.

        I incorrect read:
        “your phone’s bootloader has to be unlocked”
        instead of:
        “your phone’s bootloader has to be locked”
        so i misunderstand the sentence.

        PS: I just order the phone, soon i will try it.

        • Avatar

          That’s awesome!! Can’t wait for you to give it a try!

  19. Avatar

    Any chance that support will be expanded outside of the tiny portion of the world currently being allowed to purchase this? Very relatedly, is there any reason why not?

    Even if direct payment from places like Canada is somehow weirdly not available via your store, would it be possible to get my second refund put towards as a voucher? Surely that would abrogate any problems with cross-border payments. (I already turned down acceptance of the *first* round of tablet refunding way back in early 2016.)

    • Avatar

      (Err, I mean late-2016.)

    • Avatar

      There definitely is a chance for expanding the support. Since we made Sailfish X available for EU, Switzerland and Norway, you won’t be able to utilize your refund if you are situated outside the area unfortunately. We are however working on expanding the market as soon as possible. More updates will follow when/if the situation improves.

      • Avatar

        I hope you expand past that eurocentric restriction before my number comes up on the refunds, then; it will be hard to justify not just getting the refund otherwise!

  20. Avatar

    Xperia X COMPACT??

    Any news about it? I bought one because on the original press stories there were promises about expanding the support later for the Compact.

    It is a phone of perfect size for one handed use and specially for gesture based navigation.

    I really dont want to carry an Android device in my pocket any longer (because the cell tower tracking) so is my only option to get a 3310??? 🙂

    If there is not going to be an official release, has anyone tried making a port themselves?

  21. Avatar

    Finaly payements to your backers ? Refunding each and every one of us ?

    It’s about time ..

    Oh wait .. no you again are ignoring your backers .. your users of the very first hour !!!

    You guys are so full of shit !

  22. Avatar

    Dear James,
    I’m a bit late but I got SFOS X installed on my F5121 yesterday.
    The UI feels gorgeous. A big thanks to the Jolla-Team!

    Just for the record (workflow for linux workstations) – these are the general steps (what, not how to do):

    – Buy: Support only for Sony Xperia X F5121
    – Handson: (Just) Check “unlock allowed”
    – Buy: Sailfish X Shop:
    – Handson: Prep: Android version not lower than 34.3.A.0.228
    – Handson: Update from within Android (several times) to >=34.3.A.0.228
    – Read:
    – Linux: Update/Install android-tools (base system CentOS6 – recompiled newer android-tools)
    – Linux: Extract the SailfishX (
    – Handson: Within Android – Enable developer mode | Enable USB debugging, Enable allow OEM unlock
    – Sony: Get Unlock Key:
    – Read: Check for Unlock:
    – Sony vendor binary images (software-binaries-for-aosp-marshmallow-android-6-0-1-kernel-3-10-loire)
    – Read: Flashing:
    – Linux: Extract Sony vendor binary images
    – Handson: Linux CLI: flash it
    – Handson: Reboot Sony Phone

    Following questions are still open:

    – What happens after one year OS support?
    Background: I’m thinking about buying a second F5121 (backup) phone. So, can I at least use these phones for the next 3-4 years?

    – Maps application – I don’t see any Maps application in the store, why?

    – I known the recovery mode of my Jolla1 phone. Does the Xperia phone have such a mode?

    – After the plain installation of SailfishX – i see an user partition of 18GB of size. The phone has 32GB storage minus system partition 2GB and other BLOBS, there are still ~10GB missing?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Avatar

      Hi Leon!

      Congratulations on your choice and thanks for your feedback!

      Here are some answers for you:

      – We most likely won’t leave you stranded with no updates. More on that will follow once we have the plans in place.

      – It is recommended for now that you use an Android alternative for maps.

      – You will have to “fastboot boot” into “hybris-recovery.img” (this file is available in the downloaded Sailfish X image folder)

      – Since the partitions on the Xperia X are made for Android and are not designed for Sailfish OS, we are forced to use quite a big amount of the main storage for “factory reset” files and that takes up the missing lot of space.


  23. Avatar

    It´s just great…thanx jolla for providing a alternative OS that is really working on a everyday basis…

    Keep on going… Loving it! 🙂


  24. Avatar

    Hi, I have bought a Xperia X and updated it to the latest version (34.3.A.O.252) wich is Android 7.1.1!
    Does the installation work with the – Sony vendor binary images (software-binaries-for-aosp-marshmallow-android-6-0-1-kernel-3-10-loire)as well?

    THX for answering!

  25. Avatar

    I’d love to buy the ROM, any news on when availability in the States might be coming?

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