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Sailfish X program roll out starting

Ahoy Sailfish fans and followers,

After months of hard work from Jolla engineers and the amazing Sailfish community, we are confident that the software is ready to be made available and we can start the actual roll out. You will need to bear with us a bit through the process, we’re a small team, and thus we’ll need to do this in phases to best serve all our customers eagerly waiting for Sailfish X.

The software is looking very good for now, we have been able to verify the new flashing process, and the downloads should be ready to roll on October 11th as communicated earlier. Many thanks for your comments in regards to Linux flashing. We fully understand this is very important topic for many of you and we’re looking all the time ways for a workaround to enable it together with the Sailfish community. However, as noted already in some blog comments, Sony from now on officially supports only the Emma tool on Windows platform.

As we start this in phases, we also wanted to leave some buffer between Tablet refund vouchers and opening the general sales to ensure smooth roll-out and capacity to support customers (believe me, there are always cases to resolve!) thus we have decided to align the wider sales opening to start at the same time with the SW distribution. In the Jolla team we have the same persons running these in practice, and if anything goes wrong with either the vouchers or sales, we’ll need to reserve adequate capacity to respond and help our customers.


Sailfish X sites open today


So, today October 4, we open the Sailfish X shop, publish the Sailfish X product page, and open the possibility for Tablet refund folks to obtain a credit voucher to use for purchasing Sailfish X. This will be followed next week as we open the general sales for all customers, including previous Jolla C community program members, in connection with the Sailfish X downloads start.

There’s been questions about the available markets, so let me open up that process for you. In the first phase Sailfish X is available to purchase in EU, Norway and Switzerland. We’re looking to enable additional markets based on interest but please understand that with our team size we can’t just jump everywhere at once. Europe, being our home market, is the natural place to start. We’ll get back to this once ready!

All in all, what we are happy to say that the Sony Xperiaโ„ข X device is simply the best device currently to run official Sailfish OS, and its tech specs, camera quality, screen, and design if you like, will take the Sailfish OS experience to a whole new level. Let’s enjoy it together soon!

Sincerely yours,

Sami Pienimรคki

CEO & Co-founder of Jolla Ltd. Opportunistic entrepreneur, loves family, skiing and cars.



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      Good for you man, good for you! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      What’s with the german word for deadline? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Just received the announcement in my mail. Thank you. But as I said before, I will wait until an easy directory is given for Mac and Linux. Perhaps the advise of Oulot can be used?
    Can anyone tell what binary blobs are placed by Sony? What do they do?

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      Those binary blobs are probably for hardware support. Although not entirely correct, you can look at them like windows drivers, where a Windows 95 driver does not work with Windows XP.
      In the current phone hardware world, some hardware(for example the camera) isn’t open. So there is no sourcecode available, and/so you can’t simply edit/compile the sourcecode to make it work with your OS and kernel of choice. So that where the blob’s come in. They provide the necessary support for the current OS to work with the hardware.
      This is really annoying, and unwanted because now there a lot of restrictions when it comes to newer kernel versions and thus future (Linux kernel)upgrades.
      But there is little Jolla can do. They have to work with Sony, and Sony has to work with (for example) Qualcomm for SoC support.

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        Thank you for the explanation.

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    502 Bad Gateway

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      While replying to the voucher query.

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        Worked now. Thanks for the voucher!

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          Thanks for your patience. We had a little hiccup in the beginning as we went live, but it got solved rather fast by our IT team.

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          Me too aslike you. Made order asap after having received the email. Succeeded with Sony XX. Tablet and pc were unable to connect at all. This writing to Jolla blog is working just this morning. Cheers. Wellcome Sailfish X.

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    I’m really excited about this release (I bet we all are), but for me the Windows OS requirement is a blocker. I only have Linux both at home and at work, friends either use tablet/phone combo or they also have Linux, or they live far away (being an expat many are in different countries). Add to that that I’m definitely not a technical savvy when it comes to Windows. I used to be good with Windows 2000 but then last time I tried to connect a Windows laptop I borrowed a couple years ago to my network to upgrade some power-over-ethernet plugs’ firmware I spent hours and I just gave up and sold the power plugs. I’m not even able to borrow that computer again, so that’s pretty much my situation. As much as I’m tempted to buy SFOS *right now* I’ll have to sit tight and wait until I hear some confirmation that I’ll be able to either insatall SFOS from Linux or buy a pre-installed Xperia with SFOS already up and running.
    I’ll be following the updates, so I hope there will be more good news coming ๐Ÿ™‚

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      You can wait to see if Linux is supported in the future, or just install virtualbox op Linux and use temporary Windows license(runs for 180 days). It won’t cost you any money, and it won’t require you to leave personal information online. Only a little extra time for initial installation.

      I’m sure someone will create simple howto/manual for that(temporary Virtualbox+Windows), and if not, then I will do that.

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        I do not think it is a good idea to use a virtual machine for flashing. It may work, but in the end a vm has no direct access to the hardware.

        It would be great if Jolla would include instructions for flashing with linux, at least on the launch day. That does not have to be official, it is just a nice thing to show some solidarity with the linux users. I think that is a really large part of the SFOS community, for sure much more than the average percents.

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          I agree with you on the second part(although I assume the problem is more contractual then technical ), but not on the first part.

          I’ve been using USB from VM’s at work and at home for many years, and if it works(you’ve configured it correctly), it’s solid(in terms of stability etc..) . Is it the fastest solution in terms of throughput? Probably not, but it’s fine for flashing a phone.
          No need to be scared of VM’s ๐Ÿ™‚

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      I see no reason why Linux wonโ€™t continue to work for flashing. If it used to work itโ€™s my guess it still does.

      All thatโ€™s changed is Sony are now making Emma on Windows the officially sanctioned method.

      Jolla as a partner with Sony has to support the official Sony method.

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      Boot your Linux PC on Windows from a USB stick.

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    I am not in the refund group but I donated the money for 2 or 3 tablets to Jolla completely. It is not a problem to wait a week or more, its more a sign to those who donated the money. I don’t want a discount but I expected to be invited to this at the same time as the ones in the refund group

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      Hi, Thanks for commenting.

      This is 100% understandable and we apologise for not including any of the people who made donations on the list. But unfortunately this is an automated system which takes everyone who still has over โ‚ฌ50 in their refund account and sends them an email. When you kindly opted to donate your share to us (thank you so much for that) your email and information was deleted from that list where our script is receiving information from.

      Again, I totally understand the frustration here, but at the moment of writing this comment, there is nothing I can do unfortunately. I will however dig more to see if we have the email addresses of donors saved somewhere and if we can do something about those.


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        I also donated my tablet money to the SfOS. It would be awesome if I could get some “back” with voucher for the Sony X.

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          Last year you could only donate half of the refund. If you have not donated the second half the last days you should get the offer for the voucher.
          It’s the same for me but I didn’t received the email with the voucher link. That’s why I opened a ticket at zendesk.

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    I opted to donate my money back to Jolla for the one tablet I purchased but would now like a voucher for Sailfish X instead. Is this possible? I still plan to purchase two additional images/licenses for friends once sales are opened to the public.

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      Hello, and thanks for commenting!

      I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole team for donating your money into the development of Sailfish OS. It is extremely kind of you to do so!

      At the moment, our automated script only chooses those who have money left with us and deducts it from their account if they choose to receive the image. Please bear with us a short while to see if we can figure something out for our incredibly generous community members who donated their refund back to us.


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    So even if Im not sure if Iโ€™m going to install it or selling my X, in order to support Jolla and Sailfish I took a voucher and invested a part of my refund in the development of SailfishOS. I really hope you survive and just to let you know Iโ€™m even willing to donate the restore of my refund to a fully featured official Fairphone (official from Jolla!) version and Iโ€™m sure many others will – especially as the new camera modules for the Fairphone 2 are really a great improvement!

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      That would be nice indeed. We have had a lot of discussion about this option and I have given up.

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      This is extremely generous of you to do so. I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole team and let you know that if you install this on a Sony Xperia X, you will not regret it.
      However, regarding the Fairphone, the discussion is still not off the table, rather, it is paused for the moment. We will, hopefully in the future, pick the discussion back up with them to see where it gets us! Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.


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        James, how about PuzzlePhone? Are they still alive? If so, are you still in talks with them to get Sailfish offered as an option?

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          First of all, I gotta give you props for that screen name ๐Ÿ˜€ Sunburnedpinguin is just awesome.

          Secondly, unfortunately I don’t know much about PuzzlePhone and how they are doing. I certainly hope they are doing fine but personally I haven’t heard from their project in quite a long time.

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            Replied to the false comment – sorry find my reply to James just beneath this ….

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            Thanks for both the appreciation for the name and the information. I’m looking forward to my Sailfish-powered Xperia!

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        If youโ€™re still trying to get Fairphone on board for a licensing scheme I assume it will never happen, but if you just release the same model as for the X … who will stop you? The Fairphone bootloader is open and everybody is free to flash whatever he/she wants – in addition the community port is fully working and you can install it with every Linux, Windows or macOS machine of your choice ๐Ÿ˜‰ – the only missing parts are maps, Alien Dalvik, EAS and word predictions and thatโ€™s exactly the parts Jolla could contribute very easy by selling licenses to the costumers – also your shop model should be in place right now with the start of the SailfishX – just add an SailfishFair (FairFish … ) option – please please please with suger on top …

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          Well, that is actually not a bad idea at all. Let us get through this Sony release and see if we will have time and an agreement with the Fairphone team!

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            First of all, thank you Jolla for really trying hard to push forward in this sometimes very harsh weather and climate!

            I just used the voucher option for Sailfish X as part of my tablet refund not even owning a Sony Xperia X yet (I really would prefer the white one but it seems hard to get).

            Anyway, the reason that I didn’t donate the rest of the refund to you was that I’m a current Fairphone2 user and was hoping you might still release something similar for that device.

            I’ve been using the FP2 with Sailfish OS (hence fairFish) as my daily driver for quite a while now and I can tell you it’s already very good
            (kudos to @Mal for that)!

            So, a nice way for Jolla to gain some good PR with minimal effort would in my mind be just to work out the remaining issues with an official FP2 port (the licensing of the proprietary parts) and get on with the show and earn some of that remaining tablet refund money back in the process! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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              I have wondered for a long time why Jolla did not fully coรถperate with Fairphone. It could lead to a much wanted phone in the future. The Xperia is nice, but nothing special. Fairphone has this ethical goal that makes it special. There was a fling between Jolla and FP. Why did it not result into a serious coรถperation?

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            Just adding my encouragement, I would love to see this.

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      Thanks for the info about the upgraded Fairphone camera! That’s really awesome, that was the only weakness of this phone and it proves that a modular phone is really a great investment.

      I see that it’s currently impossible to order one, probably because they announced a partnership with Orange France last week to distribute the phone! I hope it be a success here too ๐Ÿ™‚

      So I agree, this fair phone now only miss a fair OS! Both designed in Europe, the perfect match, a shame that it hasn’t it happened yet!

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        The Xperia X is designed in Europe too.

        • Avatar

          Ok, by European companies if you prefer.

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    As I assumed on the Sep. 26, the Oct 4. deadline was missed too. Just a fake โ€˜sales startโ€™ since only available to the tablet-backers.
    No one said that in advance.
    Iโ€™m literally 5 minutes away from dumping my three Jollasโ€ฆ This is soooo frustrating.

    • Avatar

      We are sorry that you feel this way. But we indeed did not miss any deadlines. To be honest, there are so many refund cases that we knew we could not handle everything at the same time, therefore we decided to go with 2 different phases of this sales. Even so, our servers had a couple of hiccups in the beginning of this process today and we had to get our IT team on it to fix the sudden issues.

      I hope you are not frustrated anymore and understand that our small team has to deal with big numbers when it comes to these things.

      • Avatar

        I understand the intension to start in phases. But you wrote:

        “…we also wanted to leave some buffer between Tablet refund vouchers and opening the general sales to ensure smooth roll-out and capacity to support customers…”

        Given that, to start public sale and SW distribution for all at the same time (11th of October)seems not that clever.
        Or do we have to fear another delay for the software download as a public buyer?

        Please don’t get me wrong and thanks again for your passion and hard work to make this great alternative mobile phone software happen for us.

        Hope the best to get in touch with Sailfish X in time. (11th of October ๐Ÿ˜‰
        My Xperia X is still waiting…

        • Avatar

          Thank you for your comment and understandable concern.
          A delay on the software release is highly unlikely unless something happens that blocks us from releasing the software. opening the sales in phases let us learn about our capacity and the interest towards Sailfish X already and with these lessons learned, we will hopefully be fully prepared on the launch date. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong since in a business like this, there honestly always are things that go wrong.

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    Hi Guys, could someone please explain exactly what does it means “Availability: EU, Norway, Switzerland”?

    It’s digital so unless this is a method to stop the servers being overloaded I cannot think why it might be restricted?

    I travel often for work can I just download the image and install it though I am in the US/Asia the next 2 months.

    • Avatar

      I think it’s more a payment/customs/tax issue than other thing…

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        Fot tablet backers this shpuld not matter, as they already have the money in effect taxes are already dealt with.

        I feal.they should have included all tablet backing countries in this. As it’s leaving a lot of followers out in the cold for no real reason that many can see.

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        The alternative hypothesis is that the market restrictions are due to patents on some of the technology in the device.
        The Xperia X has the fingerprint sensor disabled in the USA (and Canada, even though Canada is a separate country it is usually bunched with the USA) due to patent licensing limitations. Maybe there is more to it with Sailfish?

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          And yet another thing is radio certifications :

          – The frequencies used by 3G/4G aren’t exactly the same among countries.
          – The exact channels inside the 2.4 GHz band used by Wifi and Bluetooth aren’t exactly the same down to the 10 KHz. (US is only up to Channel 11 – 2462 MHz, most of the other countries are go up to Channel 13 – 2472 MHz)

          Thus a device that has sought certification for the European area (EU + CH + NO) might be certified by a certification that doesn’t cover North American area (US + CA).

          (In practice the PHY of modern Wifi module deals automatically by only emitting to channels that it see. Thus, when in the US, a modern Wifi chipset will only see frequencies up to channel 11 around and will automatically refuse to emit on channel 13, as that frequency would be unlawful in the US. It will only emit it if it sees an access point emitting on channel 13, which will probably only happen outside of the US.

          But you still might have problems with the 3G/4G modem).

          As Sailfish X isn’t just a simple App or a system Launcher/Skin, but a full blown new Linux OS,
          and because the Xperia runs on Qualcomm chipset (where the baseband isn’t a separate chip, but is part of the main chipset – sometime even functions as the northbridge),
          it means that Sailfish X contains firmware controlling critical part of the radio.

          Those parts needs to be legally approved for use in various territories (even if they are probably stock Qualcomm firmware, and even if, in the case of Wifi, the firmware running inside the PHY has its own protections against problematic ferquencies).
          It’s very likely that – to get faster and cheaper to marker – Jolla has initially only sought certification for European region.

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            Thankyou DrYak

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    thanks for the info and the voucher. it worked so far. but it’s quite a twist from: “it only works with a linux pc” switching to “linux user sod off and get your install info somewhere in the net (if at all) or buy a windos-os” in less than 10 days.

    what do you expect of the folks here who are eager to go on with sailfish os? are we just fun? what will happen in 10 days’ time? installation only possible then from plan 9 os?

    are we to promote sailfish os for you? how?

    • Avatar


      Thank you for purchasing Sailfish X!
      About the installation process, it went through a dramatic change, as you said it yourself. And we do apologise for the confusion caused.

      But official instructions from Sony came in that the only proper way of flashing the device is to use the Emma tool which is only available on Windows.

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    How about the discount voucher for the community program members? How can we apply it?

    • Avatar

      Hi and thanks for your comment!

      That is still in place but it will be applicable on October 11th. You will receive an email with your personal code.


      • Avatar

        Have all members of the community device program received a discount code?

        • Avatar

          Yes they have.

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    Jolla Update: Please find below the updated method of getting started with your new device….

    *Buy a brand new laptop (an existing laptop wont work)
    *Laptop must be black in colour (not white or silver as these will cause flashing to fail)
    *Install Windows
    *Remove Windows
    *Install Linux
    *Remove Linux
    *Reinstall Windows
    *Ensure you are wearing one black sock and one white sock
    *Drink exactly half a cup of black coffee (drinking tea, water or orange fanta will cause flashing to fail)
    *Get on a bus
    *Sit next to a red-headed woman (sitting next to a pretty blonde or brunette will cause flashing to fail)
    *Get off the bus the stop AFTER the redhead
    *Walk (dont run) to the nearest Ikea from that bus stop
    *Use Ikeaโ€™s free wi-fi to begin the flashing process
    *Once complete get back on a bus
    *User MUST take a different route home (going back on the same route will cause flashing to fail!)
    *Wait until night of a full moon
    *Now start device
    *If user finds that phone is bricked when attempting to turn on for the 1st time,user will have to wait for next full moon before trying above procedure again (attempting this procedure a 2nd time without a full moon will cause flashing to fail)

    *Good luck Jolla users!





    Oh yeah…No refunds! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Avatar

      Nice “copy – pasting” ROFL

      • Avatar

        dont be silly!

        Of course I would type out the exact same message I typed just yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • Avatar

      You forgot the tell us on which foot do we have to wear the black and white socks.

      • Avatar


        Now I see why James gets so frustrated!

        I’m sure it’s obvious to all that the black sock goes on the right foot and the white on the left….like any normal civilised person!

        Having the socks the wrong way round will of course………..cause the flashing process to fail!

        • Avatar

          Why would I get frustrated about your socks? ๐Ÿ˜€ I actually had a good laugh!

          • Avatar

            lol, good to hear…it was done purely in jest, glad you took it that way ๐Ÿ˜€

            Very heartening to see you guys making progress btw!

            Any chance there could be an update as to what will be fully working on the device from the the get-go?

            Any feedback from the Beta team etc?

            • Avatar

              I know, I had to read it a couple of times and try and do the steps. Got confused, almost lost my head in the ceiling fan ๐Ÿ˜€

              But jokes aside, thank you! It is indeed fantastic to see how we are growing, learning and trying our best to serve the community how they deserve it.

              What is working and not working on the device has already been communicated and the list is still the same. The only thing improved is the Bluetooth situation which now works but we do not officially support it. Meaning that if it doesn’t work with your particular infotainment system or BT speaker, we don’t provide official support. However, it is completely open sourced and the community is always there to help out with these issues. And of course, Cbeta has always been a vital part of our releases and their feedback and help in development is always appreciated and well received.

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    Guys, can you speed up with option 3 now(full refund)? Waited years.

    • Avatar

      The more people using (a part of) the refund for a Sailfish X license, the faster the rest of the payments will be! Let’s hope you get your refund soon, Dave. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Avatar

    Oh just take my money already!

    • Avatar

      You need to throw it hard at your computer’s screen while having the Sailfish X’s shop page open ๐Ÿ˜€

      Jokes aside, we are almost ready to receive money and release zeros and ones into your Xperia X ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Avatar

    This is great news! Windows flashing is just fine.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your comment!

      It actually does work fantastically easy on Windows!

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    So can I use the voucher and “community device members 20% discount” at the same time? Or is it still a valid offer?

    And can we somehow donate something to Dave’s tablet refund so he would get the hell out of here finally.

    • Avatar

      I’m happy to tell you. Jolla is working on that. Second part.

      • Avatar

        I’m happy for you and also for the rest of the community. I hope the 100$ was worth all the bitching.

        • Avatar

          I’m not sure. Took far more time than expected to take the refund to where we are today and most of us have only 50%

        • Avatar

          Can you imagine how much more than that $100 he’d have made if he had spent even a fraction of the time he’s spent moaning about this and stalking Jolla actually working?

          In case you’re not familiar with dave, for at least the last 1.5 years it’s been more or less guaranteed that whenever a new Jolla blog post goes up, or an existing one is updated, you’re guaranteed to find dave in the comments complaining about how he still hasn’t gotten his full refund within half an hour of this. This can however be as little as a few minutes. What this means is that he’s probably spent at least an hour every day for at least the last 1.5 years just checking for new posts on the Jolla blog so that he can complain about how he hasn’t received his full refund.

          Seriously, this kind of person is why stealth bans exist!

          • Avatar

            Can you imagine your money being stolen and people acting as if it is a no big deal? Of course no one should have bought some shady kickstarter/indiegogo thing at first, but even doing that mistake and being promised to be refunded but still not getting the money back frustrates people.

            @Dave999 is actually a hero. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Avatar

      Actually, as I commented above, the 20% is still in place but not yet deployed and sent to the respective community members who are going to receive it.

      You will receive your 20% voucher closer to the day that you can actually use it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Avatar

        So I can use 2 vouchers for the same order, i.e., community 20% and tablet refund voucher.

        • Avatar

          Unfortunately combining vouchers is not a possibility. Sorry about that.

          • Avatar

            So, just to be clear:
            In order to receive the 20% Community Program discount on Sailfish X, it is not possible to have the discounted price deducted from the Jolla Tablet refund?

            If so, not a major issue but a small disappointment, nonetheless… (I wasn’t looking forward to spending more money in order to save money ;D).

            • Avatar

              That is correct. Combining vouchers is not a possibility. Sorry for disappointing you on this.

  16. Avatar

    Good news!

    Even if I didn’t receive the email for the second part of the tablet refund… So I can’t get the voucher.

    What can I do?

    Thank you!

    • Avatar

      Are you eligible to receive the second half? If yes, you should have received an email. Please check your spam/junk folder and if you don’t see the email still, make sure you are checking the same email address you backed the Jolla tablet with. If nothing worked, please contact us at Zendesk so we can help you out with this issue. Thanks!

      • Avatar

        Well, I’m just stupid. I went back to the tablet refund link on my jolla account and so the voucher thing!


        • Avatar

          You are not stupid, but that is awesome!!

        • Avatar

          Hi nicosouv,
          which link did you mean. I checked my account but didn’t found anything.

      • Avatar

        Hi James,
        also did not receive the email for my second refund part with the voucher offer.
        Already checked my correct mail address inbox and spam folders. Now I opened a Zendesk ticket.

        How long is the offer valid and how long is the voucher usable?

  17. Avatar


    I have to say that I am very disappointed to hear about the lack of support for flashing the images from Linux.
    Last update you said your method would *require* Linux.
    Why can’t this method be used anymore all of a sudden?

    • Avatar


      Your frustration certainly understandable. According to official instructions from Sony, you will need to use the Emma tool in order to flash your device and that tool is only available on Windows operating system. Back when we said that a Linux computer is necessary, these instructions weren’t available to us.

      • Avatar


        Thank you for the fast reply ๐Ÿ™‚
        I understand what you are saying, that the official instructions from Sony says you can only flash the device using the Emma tool.
        However, in the previous phase I assume you had a way to flash the image to the phone using Linux, hence the requirement of using Linux.
        If you could just share this method of flashing with the community, then that would be enough for most of us I am quite sure.
        Or is there some deal with Sony that prevents you from doing this?

        • Avatar

          The problem with that is that if they do that, they’re going to be needlessly annoying Sony and making them less likely to cooperate with Jolla in the future.

          It’s essentially a Catch 22 when you think about it. Do as Sony says – Piss off customers using OS other than Windows, Don’t do as Sony says – Piss off a major partner.

          • Avatar

            If that is indeed the case then I completely understand, I was simply not happy with the lack of (in my opinion) a proper explanation of the sudden turn from a Linux-only solution to a Windows-only solution.
            A clarification from James on this matter would be appreciated.
            I don’t want Jolla to do anything that would get them into trouble with Sony, and I am sure I can flash my device with Flashtool or something similar in that case.

            • Avatar

              I assume Sony wrote a software utility for end-users that’s more fail-proof and they prioritised Microsoft Windows. Now they prefer end-users to use this tool so those end-users end up with working back-ups.

              I don’t have Windows and this is an inconvenience, both practically and ideologically, but I can see why both Sony and Jolla would want to avoid bricking phones, non-working incomplete back-ups and support overhead associated with not-always-tech-savvy people doing tricky things with their phones.

            • Avatar

              You probably should have read the comments to the article where they announced this because James clarified this right then and there.

              • Avatar

                Thank you for the info L_A_G.
                I was not aware of the reply to that post, but that indeed spells it out very clearly.
                A lot of confusion could’ve been avoided by simply writing that “Sony has prohibited us from using the previously mentioned method”, but perhaps this is a sensitive subject.
                Anyway, I am looking forward to the sales start on Wednesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Avatar

        Can we use Windows over a Virtualbox VM ? 100% safe to do the flash?
        And another question, I bought Sony Xperia “Libre” that means you can use all mobile line operators. Does it means is unlocked? If not, what means unlock?

        • Avatar

          It means it’s “carrier-unlocked” but not likely “bootloader unlocked”. You should check if the unlocking is possible. To do that, go to calls, enter *#*#7378423#*#* and go to service info-configuration.

          Unlocking it means enabling the installation of other operating systems. To do that, go on Sony’s website:

  18. Avatar

    Thanks for bringing this to the community!

    • Avatar

      Thanks for being a part of this awesome community!

  19. Avatar

    Anyway that Jolla will sell some Xperia via Jolla store in the near future?

    • Avatar

      That is actually not yet in our pipelines, Dave.

  20. Avatar

    I bought a brand new xperia x, when i went to the jolla shop, it showed me not available in my country๏ผŒI am living in australia,this is a sad story.

    • Avatar

      I’m also in Australia and have a brand new XperiaX plus a voucher, that I can’t currently use grrrrrr.
      Tablet Refund link let me purchase the voucher from the refund money whilst I am in Australia, just the Shop says not available from your country.

  21. Avatar

    Many many thanks for all your hard work guys!

    I have had the 770, 800, 810 and the Jolla and Aquafish, and I loved them all, but I am so psyched to get Sailfish on this Sony phone, the hardware is seriously nice.

    And it’s been kind of interesting to use Android for the last few weeks, I honestly am impressed by it, it’s definitely a step up from iOS, but sweet jesus it is so invasive in terms of privacy. Every app wants access to everything and they repeatedly ask for it, and sometimes just take access and ask you to switch it off in the preferences if you want to (doing which warns you that your device will not work correctly if access is disabled).

    This made me realise how fucked I would be without Sailfish. iOS feels like a Fischer-Price OS and Android is relatively clunky and horribly invasive. There really is nothing even close to Sailfish.

    /me is counting down to the 11th ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Avatar

      Sweet. Everyone loves a countdown. I’m not a buyer of hack but it’s fun with releases. The anticipation before it. It would be cool with more stuff in Jolla store. And more countdowns.

    • Avatar

      Thanks to you for your comment!

      We are glad to have someone so loyal to this platform since the Nokia 770 days!! That is fantastic to hear and we are honored to have you on board.

      We are also happy to hear that you prefer Sailfish OS to other operating systems (rightfully so). I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the performance of Sailfish X on Sony’s fantastic hardware.

  22. Avatar

    Whoot? Flashing via Emma? What’s wrong with good ol’ fastboot? I guess I can find a Windows somewhere, but it’s a little bit of a letdown.

  23. Avatar

    Here’s hoping it becomes available for the U.S. All the interesting phone options like Fairphone never make it over here. :/

  24. Avatar

    North America please ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Avatar

      I have been trying my best following along in the blog here, but have they not mentioned if this will eventually be available in North America yet? I donโ€™t know whether to buy the phone or not in anxious anticipation.

  25. Avatar

    “in the first SW release there are some missing features including Bluetooth”

    When can we expect working Bluetooth?

    • Avatar

      James wrote here:
      James Noori on October 3, 2017 at 12:05 pm
      The Bluetooth module is going to be working when you install Sailfish OS on your device, but it is a community supported feature as we wonโ€™t be โ€œsupportingโ€ it in case there were connectivity issues. Otherwise, I think you are going to be pretty satisfied with that!

      So it is already working? Or not?

      • Avatar

        Basic reading comprehension tells me it will work. However if it stops working, then you’re going to have to rely on community support to get it working again as it’s a community developed and supported effort.

      • Avatar

        @James Noori
        Could you elaborate on this, please? So BT will be working, at least sort of, from the get-go? What BT features are supported by this community solution (BTLE etc.)? And when will the official support be in the pipeline?

        • Avatar

          Hello Heikki.

          Here is an elaboration: The Bluetooth module does work on the Xperia X. You can turn it on/off, find devices with it, share files, listen to music using various accessories and so on. There is however a chance that some accessories (maybe some car infotainment systems, or some accessories, we don’t know exactly since it is random!) may not work. That is why, since this is an open source component, and we have limited resources to work on it ourselves at the moment, we have given it to the community and they will surely take care of it.

          Official support is yet to be announced. It is not a priority at the moment.

          • Avatar

            Thanks for the information James!

            • Avatar

              You are most welcome! Glad I could shed a light to any confusion.

          • Avatar

            Delightful! Thanks for the answer.

            Not having BT was the biggest gripe I had. Owning a headset and not being able to use it would be frustrating. If you have problems with open source, Sailfish is probably not the thing for you anyway (even if the UI is way better than anything else)

  26. Avatar

    I am not sure what to think of this.. I have backed in the past to get a tablet, I am not getting it and still not 50% of my money..

    What should I want to do with this OS? I am an apple user all the way..


    • Avatar

      You are not by any means forced to choose this option. You are entitled to choose to receive your money. We are 100% committed in paying back the remaining 50% of your refund.

      • Avatar

        That’s great news.

        • Avatar

          Indeed, but that is hardly news, as we have always had the intention of paying back the remaining amount.

          • Avatar

            No news is good news.

  27. Avatar

    Hi Sami, Hi James,
    I’ve opted for the “Keep my remaining refund” option in the refund tool, not for the attractive Sailfish X voucher. But the tool don’t give me the opportunity to tell why, so I say it here.
    I’m not opposed to convert a part of my refund into a voucher but my initial goal has not changed, what I expect is an up-to-date tablet running Jolla, not a smart-phone. The smart-phone is a critical part into my professional life and I don’t want to test anything on it, the tablet is more an “unnecessary” complement I use for many things and if Sailfish works fine on my tablet, maybe I’ll change my smart-phone too. But tablet first…

    • Avatar

      Hi Jean,
      Thank you for your feedback and comment.

      We will definitely take that into consideration but unfortunately at this moment we have no plans on re-opening our tablet sales.

      • Avatar

        Hi James,
        It’s very clear for me that you’ll not re-open the tablet sales. But adapt Sailfish OS on any responsive (and available ๐Ÿ˜‰ tablet like you did for Sony X phones and I’ll convert my refund to a voucher for it.
        But Jolla seems to concentrate his efforts onto smart-phones only…

        • Avatar

          Hello again, Jean!

          I now understand what you actually meant. Apologies for my previous misunderstood reply. Yes that is definitely a good idea and after we are done with Sailfish X for Xperia X, we will dยดmost certainly think about other platforms and devices. Please stay tuned so we can see what we can do about that.

          • Avatar

            Thank you for your positive answer. Certainly I’ll stay tuned and I’m impatient to see this !

            • Avatar

              You are welcome. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can get to work on as many devices as possible!

              • Avatar

                Might I suggest that for the tablet you go for Sony XPeria Z3 Compact Tablet (scorpion / scorpion_windy) -would be a great companion for the Xperia X! ๐Ÿ˜€

                • Avatar

                  Let’s see what Sony’s Open Devices has in store for us later on I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Avatar

    “Yes, we are looking into expanding the sales beyond the initial list of countries. Stay tuned for updates.”
    @James, please, more details ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s possible to wait one, two, three weeks. But to wait one, two, three etc. months?..
    Thanks for advance.

    • Avatar


      Thanks for your comment.
      As it turns out, for now we are only serving EU, Switzerland and Norway. We are definitely looking into expansion but unfortunately no date or estimate is defined as of yet. We will most definitely update you as soon as we have more information.

      • Avatar

        Hi James,

        I cannot understand why Jolla is restricting sales to only EU Switzerland and Norway. It makes absolutely no sense at all.

        I understand the banking system/credit card problem with a few countries, however for most countries this is not an issue.

        Why put obstacles in the way of loyal Sailfish users.

        • Avatar

          AlanBreen: I really don’t know, but there are quite a lot of possible reasons. I suspect it’s something legal. It could be that they feel somewhat sfae about so called intellectual property threats under European law, but are not sure about other countries and don’t feel like gambling at the moment. Another, maybe more likely explanation is the situation with consumer rights. I wouldn’t try selling to country X as a company if I don’t know exactly what my obligations are. Jolla most likely doesn’t have enough money to pay all the lawyers necessary to cover this minefield.

      • Avatar

        The regions and countries where we ship Tablets is: EU, Norway, Switzerland, United States, India, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, and Canada.

        What about those of us that can use Tablet refunds. There is no sales per say as You’ve already got the Money.

        I’m in Australia and the Tablet refund Link let me purchase a voucher which I now have, except the Shop sends me away.

  29. Avatar

    Is there anybody who can clarify me why I should buy a “new” software, that is suffering from unfinished camera app, bluetooth and complicated (even you have the right OS to so) to be installed? Last but not least it has an update timelimit just about one year?
    Did I miss something?
    However, I would prefer to buy a already flashed device directly without any complicated “self-flashing” actions.
    May I’ll be participating in the next round when the major problems are solve. ๐Ÿ™

    • Avatar

      > Is there anybody who can clarify me why I should

      I can.
      You shouldn’t.
      Leave it to us weirdos.

  30. Avatar

    @James, maybe it is possible to pay and to receive image via one of country of EU?

    Sorry but I remember story with Jolla-1 ๐Ÿ™

    • Avatar

      The image can indeed be purchased via an EU country ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Avatar

        @James, many thanks!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Avatar

    Purchased a Xperia X (around 200โ‚ฌ). Really looking forward to the Sailfish X on it.

    Was there for “The First One”, the Tablet and currently using a Index Aqua Fish.

    • Avatar

      A question when moving from the Aquafish to Xperia X, how – and how much of them – can I get the settings etc across?

    • Avatar

      That is amazing! You won’t be disappointed by this product. It’s a fantastic phone, which will run a fantastic OS!

      Regarding your question: What settings are you referring to exactly?

      • Avatar

        Hi James,
        I meant the installed applications and their settings – the whole look an feel actually. Do I have to redo them all? Not a big deal really but wanted to know.

        • Avatar

          I just saw my question was answered below.

        • Avatar

          Hi again,

          Now that I understand what you mean, yeah, you will need to redo most of it. Although you can frist use our backup system in settings menu in order to move your backup file via SD card from your previous device into your Xperia X. (And I just saw that you saw your answer below, but I’m gonna post this anyway ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  32. Avatar

    Since the latest information about Bluetooth
    I still have one question.
    Will it be possible to use a backup file from a Jolla C with the latest firmware to transmit the current state to the Xperia X? Such as contacts, emails, calendar, SMS, pics, music, phone setting, etc..

    • Avatar


      Thanks for your comment and valid question. Currently, it is supported that you file your backup on your SD card and transfer it that way.
      You also should consider that backing up large files such as pictures etc are not yet supported in our “backup” section in the settings menu. So some things may need to be transferred manually.

      • Avatar

        Thanks James for the fast response.
        And of course the good news. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Regarding the pictures and music files.
        Please ignore they are bad examples, because they are already saved at the SD-Card.
        (I forgot)

  33. Avatar

    NOKIA with Sailfish!

    I think this is what we are all really waiting for, it’s the logical and most anticipated succession.

    Sony X is a great interim move though, mine new X arrives today.

    I noted Google pushed a face recognition software onto my phone last week and a “run apps as a service” update so I assume I no longer have to give express permissions for apps to ‘install’ and run. I also noted that moments before ‘store’ updated the OS accessed my SMS database…… why? It’s like we are all criminals now. This is too much.

    Thanks James and the Sailfish team I have been waiting for a 4G replacement to the Jolla1 the X is a great and affordable choice.

  34. Avatar

    Hey. Wait. Do have to do action even i just want my refund? Doesent make sense to me.

    • Avatar

      If you only want your refund, you can leave the email alone.

      • Avatar

        Solid! Someone in this blog was taking about selecting third option.

    • Avatar

      Wow… your few lasts comments on this blog explain a lot.

  35. Avatar

    Thank you for the partial “refund”. Any news on when you are going to get bluetooth working on Xperia X?

    • Avatar

      You are welcome, Antti.

      Here is my latest statement from another reply I left under one of the comments here:

      The Bluetooth module does work on the Xperia X. You can turn it on/off, find devices with it, share files, listen to music using various accessories and so on. There is however a chance that some accessories (maybe some car infotainment systems, or some accessories, we donโ€™t know exactly since it is random!) may not work. That is why, since this is an open source component, and we have limited resources to work on it ourselves at the moment, we have given it to the community and they will surely take care of it.

  36. Avatar

    So, does the Xperia X phone need to be bootloader unlocked or not in order to be flashed with SFOS X? I got my US version and unlocked the bootloader, then flashed a non US 6.0.1 MM. Will I be able to use the new Sony flashtool to put the SF X on my phone?

    • Avatar

      The bootloader needs to be unlocked in order to install Sailfish X.

  37. Avatar

    I have copied one of Jame’s posts from earlier in this blog.

    Here is what he said about Bluetooth functionality.

    Here is an elaboration: The Bluetooth module does work on the Xperia X. You can turn it on/off, find devices with it, share files, listen to music using various accessories and so on. There is however a chance that some accessories (maybe some car infotainment systems, or some accessories, we donโ€™t know exactly since it is random!) may not work. That is why, since this is an open source component, and we have limited resources to work on it ourselves at the moment, we have given it to the community and they will surely take care of it.

    • Avatar

      That is still the case ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Avatar

    @James, will it be possible to transfer image(license) from one Xperia to other in case of accident(damage etc.) or will it necessary to buy other image?

    • Avatar

      The license is tied to your Jolla account. You definitely can transfer it as long as your Jolla account is connected to only 1 device at a time.

      • Avatar

        @James, hmm… is it not possible to buy several licenses for one account?

        • Avatar

          It is possible to do so. That is a different case.

      • Avatar

        my Jolla_C(ex.AF) is tied to account for this moment. Is it other?

        • Avatar

          Sorry for the confusion. I meant one Xperia X at a time. Other Jolla devices should be fine. Even if you have your account logged in on another Xperia, only one of them can get the paid features such as Android support and Microsoft Exchange etc.

          • Avatar

            @James, I’m sorry. It’s possible to buy several licenses of Sailfish X. Yes?(“James Noori on October 9, 2017 at 6:49 pm It is possible to do so.”)
            Why is it impossible in this case to get the paid features for all licenses?

            • Avatar

              Now, I’m sorry, I’m getting a bit confused here. It is possible to get paid features for all licenses. Why not?

  39. Avatar

    How long is the voucher valid when I don’t buy a license now?
    Are there plans that the voucher could be used for further products (licenses for other supported hardware products for example) later?

  40. Avatar

    Where is my voucher?

  41. Avatar


    Can someone confirm what’s happening with the camera on the X?

    Will it be full resolution or reduced to 8MP as suggested on previous posts?

    • Avatar

      Here’s a reply from James on the Introducing Sailfish X blog.

      James Noori on September 18, 2017 at 1:59 pm
      The software is not yet final to provide any sample pictures, but yes the resolution is confirmed to be 16MP.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for the quote, Alan!

    • Avatar

      That is the case. The camera supports 16Mpx.

  42. Avatar

    Just bought a Sailfish X Voucher and donated the rest to the development of Sailfish. All sailors should try it, it’s quite liberating ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Avatar

      Why not “buy” two vouchers with your refund?
      It is not that Jolla sends you something physical.
      So most if not all the money for the 2nd voucher goes to the development of Jolla.
      And you get the chance to give away a voucher and help spreading Sailfish X on otherwise doomed hardware!

      • Avatar

        I already donated my first half of the refund as during that time there has not been a better option for me to support open mobile OS.

        Part of the second half I will use now for the voucher as this is today the best short term option for me to support open mobile OS.
        I’m not sure if Sony X with Emma like requirements is still a good option or better wait for official SFOS for Fairphone.

        But the rest of the refund I will invest into Purism Librem 5 running on real open hardware. Looks good to reach the funding goal and to get an i.MX8M into it ๐Ÿ˜‰ And no need of old Android kernel with binary drivers, libhybris, old gcc dependency or LGPL3 problems. And Purism doesn’t depend on investors and the company is a Social Purpose Corporation (
        So I hope to get the rest of the refund before 2019 ๐Ÿ˜‰
        If Jolla does not support Librem 5 officially you could get a community version and maybe a dual boot option for Android (AOSP). Android already runs on current mainline kernel using open source Etnaviv GPU driver.

        I still really like SFOS on my old Jolla1. But it’s always good to bet on a second horse ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Avatar

          I don’t think it was possible to donate only the first part of the refund. The option last year was to donate all the contribution. That’s why you didn’t receive any voucher.

          • Avatar

            No, I and others have donated only 50% in 2016 and everybody else received 50% of the refund.
            The voucher is an option as part of the second 50% of the refund.

      • Avatar

        @n900n You have a very good point there in terms of spreading the word and the OS. However that would work with someone who is not already interested in Sailfish or does not know about it. If I gave the voucher to someone who was going to buy it anyway, itโ€™d be 49 euros less in Jollaโ€™s pockets.

  43. Avatar

    > Sorry, not available in your country

    Do you have any plans selling Sailfish X in Russia?

    If not, what is the easiest way to get Sailfish X here?

  44. Avatar

    Just want to say I appreciate the speed an accuracy of the answer in this particular blog post by James. If James was a Refund we would have been done by now. Keep it up!

    • Avatar

      Thanks Dave! But.. um.. “if James was a Refund…” what? ๐Ÿ˜€ How can I be a refund?

      • Avatar

        That is the question. I don’t have an answer. Sorry.

  45. Avatar


  46. Avatar

    Since Sony want’s you to flash device with windows I totally lost interest in SFOS on Sony devices. Or more exact Sony is over for me.

    I hope Jolla announce support for Fairphone2 and Purism Librem 5 phone next year!

    Since those are the only true open companies. Fairphone has also some binary blobs but atleast you can use the official platform independent android flasher and not some crippled Sony bloatware.

    If you want support from the community support those small startups like Fariphone and Librem instead of Sony and similar fail companies.

    And guess what I can’t be the only one who are sick of Android based binary blobs devices. Librem now have almost 92% and 14 days left on their campaign.

    They use not a so fancy SoC as Qualcom but atleast it is open.

    Jolla just listen this time and be smart get official SFOS port to the Librem 5 platform!

    • Avatar

      Purism is a US based Company so they’re working under US law.
      I like the Coreboot stuff and the possibly open Hardware with no Device-Blobs needed.
      Still, what sets SailfishOS apart is that it does not fall under US Law. No NSLs, no forced Backdoors by US Intelligence.

      • Avatar

        The right hardware is the important thing here. With open and unlocked bootloader and mainline kernel support you can easily build and install your own software or install Debian with GNOME or KDE Plasma Mobile or even Sailfish or Android AOSP if you wish. And the open bootloader should give you a dual boot option.

        • Avatar

          And if you connect monitor, keyboard and mouse you can use many desktop applications like libreoffice.

  47. Avatar

    I agree with you #mike7b4. Librem 5 is nice project but too late for me, I bought Xperia yet. ๐Ÿ™

    • Avatar

      The campaign for the Librem 5 is now, but the devices are only ready for shipping in 2019.

  48. Avatar

    Librem5 …… calculating : price + import taxes + VAT ….. Very expensive !!!! Waranty, and no salespoint in Europe ….. I’ll stick to the Xperia X with Sailfish, yes.

    • Avatar

      They say that they will have sales points in Europe, Germany especially. And I have read that Sailfish apps will be possible too (Qt). will certainly make it as they now have nearly reached their goal. This is the reason that I made a comment about Jolla coรถperating with others.With Fairphone for example. To be honest: nostalgia is never enough as a drive to create something new. Open source is a more powerful drive. Ethical production is also appealing.
      Bit sad that this privacy safe open devices are not being created in Europe.

      • Avatar

        Kea, i can share your point of view, but still a lot of water has to flow to the sea; and take care: some rivers have a turbulent flow ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Avatar

          Indeed, as we can see with Jolla Sailfish! Not all promises could/can be fulfilled. Puzzlephone: nothing came out of it. Unaphone: idem dito. Fortunately Sailfish is still there.

        • Avatar

          Yes, 2019 is a long way to go and many things can happen.
          But Purism has already successfully run their laptop crowdfunding and shipping the devices. And I like their commitment to open hardware and software.
          I know and use the i.MX6 SoC with the open source Etnaviv GPU driver. As a developer this is a very open platform, from bootloader to drivers and SoC documentation. No Android layer needed. Just run the mainline kernel.

    • Avatar

      They shipping from Germany without any additional costs. The Jolla1 and Xperia X have also been more expensive at the beginning and the Fairphone 2 still is. And it will have some interesting features like
      – kill switches
      – USB host
      – USB C with monitor out
      And you may return it within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund.

  49. Avatar

    Some securing questions before flashing of Sony XX on Wednesday 11th Oct or later:

    Thus Saifish X has Alien Dalvik support, can it be concluded that e.g. Whatsapp and Telegram apps are working with Sailfish X, too? I do not want to be left in a situation where I should be without these apps.

    Also, does Situations apps work as Saifish-version as it works / worked with Jolla1 and Jolla C phones?

    Thank you for your helping comments and answers. It should be fine to know these facts before change to Sailfish X.

    • Avatar


      I’m currently on a Jolla C and using on a daily-basis Telegram without problem. (the official app, not the OSS versions which are broken afaik)

      For Whatsapp and Situations, no idea.


    • Avatar

      There is really no reason that apps that now work on Jolla phones(using Alien Dalvik or otherwise native) are not going to work on Sailfish X. (With the exception of maybe some blue-tooth related stuff.)
      It’s going to be a fully supported OS with all goodies.

    • Avatar

      I think for security purpose you should you Vpn and according to my knowledge best vpn provider is Circuit Vpn you can try it.

  50. Avatar

    Hi James,

    Can you comment on which payment forms will be accepted when the rollout of Sailfish X starts?

    • Avatar


      As far as I know there will be credit and debit card support.(I am not working on the payment side of things and it is 2:42AM as I make this comment so there is no one to ask, sorry!)

  51. Avatar

    What do I do if I am completely unable to understand anything in Sonys instructions on how to unlock the bootloader? This thing is a mess..

    • Avatar

      There will be instructions from our side as well. But unlocking the bootloader is going to be the same, and honestly it is pretty straightforward. Just do it step by step and carefully according to the operating system you are using.

  52. Avatar

    Could you please clearly state in the official blog posts and docs which model(s) of Sony Xperia X is supported respectively how people can identify the supported model(s)?

    One of your older posts (cannot pingpoint it as your URLs seem to use POST, which is kind of crazy…) mentions “model F5121” but that’s apparently only some internal device ID that cannot be identified by a vendor without unpacking and switching on the mobile phone?


    • Avatar


      The only officially supported model currently is the Sony Xperia X (F5121) and you can easily find out by looking at the box of the device. There is a tag on top of the box which shows you which model you are purchasing. (Example: “F5121 Graphite Black” is what I can read on my phone’s retail box)

      • Avatar

        Speaking of models :

        – has any more information came out about the F5122 ?

        You mentioned in past blog posts that even with only a single SIM only in slot 1, some SIM cards seem not to work with no way to know which.

        Do you have more information since then ? Is there a way to know which SIM card work and which don’t ?

        I’m interested more in the 64GB that F5122 has than the dual-SIM capability (I’m most likely to use the second slot in microSD mode).

        • Avatar

          Same here – don’t have much choice but to wait till somebody confirms that the F5122 works at least in single SIM modus.

  53. Avatar

    James, will it be possible in the future to flash Sailfish on the Xperia X with a Mac or Linux or will Windows stay the only system for flashing?
    What did Sony say about this?

    • Avatar

      Hi Kea.

      We are working hard on providing you with both Windows and Linux flashing solutions. We have listened to our community and we are making it possible to make the installation process available on Linux as well. Currently there is a way, but we haven’t yet properly documented it. At launch, there will be Windows instructions available, but a bit later, there will hopefully be Linux ones available too.

      • Avatar

        This was the best news of the day! Cheers!

  54. Avatar

    Sailfish update 2.1.2 works perfectly. Great job!
    If the Jolla developer could get started the entire 23MP camera of sony xperia X on sailfish X, it would be perfect (hopefully bluetooth will work in my car…).

  55. Avatar

    Since the 2.1.2 update just arrived on my Jolla C,
    do I need to upgrade in order to make a backup to migrate easily to my brand new Xperia X tomorrow?
    Hurray, only one day left!

  56. Avatar

    What the hell? I want to use my voucher, but first I tried to enter shop. But I constantly get “Sorry, not available in your country”. I’m form Poland and as far I know we are in EU, following your message: “In the first phase Sailfish X is available to purchase in EU, Norway and Switzerland.” and I should be able.
    I do not understand you Jolla, first no Tablet, next no full refund, now this. I was forced to change my J1 (speaker stop working properly (very quiet, and digitiser not working in full area) and I had no opportunity than move back to iOS. Shame on you.

    • Avatar

      Apologies for the inconvenience, Kurossa.

      Are you by any chance using a VPN service? Because this should not have happened otherwise.

      If not, please write to us at our Zendesk so we can solve this problem for you.

    • Avatar

      @Kurossa, it’s possible to use Opera_v48 with option VPN enabled.

  57. Avatar

    Hey James, even if it’s odd to come to the bluetooth topic again. I for myself expect everything working as with the first Jolla phone. That’d be more than enough for me, just believe me (I had to stand the Ubuntu phone bullsh… within the last couple of years – not even comparable to the brillant Jolla OS). Would you confirm this? And why don’t you just communicate it this way? People would calm down then. More, you could offer some bugtracking tool in case some bluetooth communication won’t work out of the box. And you should announce it. You should avoid just promising, instead ensure customers, that you take those things serious.

    • Avatar

      Hey Atmin!

      No it isn’t odd at all. This is a rather strange topic to be honest. At first, the plan was to focus our resources somewhere else and not on the Bluetooth. But believe it or not, my smart colleagues made it work over night. But the fact of the matter is that we currently do not have the resources to test it out fully and see if it works with absolutely every device. For me, personally, it has worked with my headphones, speakers, car and other smartphones with no problem whatsoever. The reason we say that we do not support it officially is that in case it does not work with your particular accessory, we can’t do much about it and we are giving the responsibility to the community.

      The reason we haven’t communicated it this way is that by the time these latest blog posts went up, we did not have a working BT module. But as soon as we had, I started communicating them on different channels such as blog and Social Media.

  58. Avatar

    When will the server store open?

    • Avatar

      When we are ready to open it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Avatar

        Ready, Steady, ???

      • Avatar

        Am I the only one who checked at 00:01 this night? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Avatar

          At least, I’m frequently reassuring if I’m really in the same timezone ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. Avatar

    I’m disappointed to hear the news of the installation methods being restricted to Windows only. I feel that Jolla, rather than having to tow the Sony line and follow the only official route that has been laid out for them (Emma and Windows), are proposing this narrow view simply to mitigate feedback/blame/backlash should customers attempt to flash the OS by themselves using anything but an install wizard in the event the installation goes horribly wrong.

    Jolla, did it ever occur to you that the target audience of your open-source Linux-variant OS for a phone, are possibly using an open-source Linux-variant OS on their desktop, which they will require to install your software to their mobile device? I understand that there will be some Windows users (for whatever reason) but I firmly believe you’re out of sync with who your target audience really are. You may need to pause for a moment and assess this as it is crucial to any business.

    You may or may not be restricted in releasing installation procedures for alternative operating systems, whether they be official or unofficial and in the process, appeasing other parties like Sony by doing this. It may help to keep Sony on your good side for any Sailfish-powered devices of theirs later on. However, if you’re not upsetting them, then you’re hurting your sales revenue and customer base as you are pushing a large amount away by this decision. Either way, you’re in a lose-lose situation if this is the case. I can’t think of any other reason for not releasing such installation procedures for the likes of Linux. I don’t believe for one moment that your development team has not had any success with this.

    • Avatar

      We are working hard to make Linux installation available as well as other operating systems. It may not be available directly at launch, but I can tell you that it will follow days after the launch. So worry not, you won’t be restricted to Windows if you haven’t unlocked your device already.

      • Avatar

        Hi James,

        Can you please clarify this statement “if you havenโ€™t unlocked your device already.”

        What about the people that have been building / flashing the community builds using the Linux tools? E.g, our devices are already unlocked.

  60. Avatar

    Hi James,

    how long can I decide to use parts of my second 50% refund for a voucher?

    And how long is the voucher itself valid?

    I assume the 1 year support period for a Sailfish X license starts when I bye one even if I bye it in 2018, right?

  61. Avatar

    Hello James
    I am a jolla fan from China mainland. I wonder if I can get sailfish x when it is released generally.
    If not , i want to know if it is on jolla’s schedule to sell SFX in China in short future๏ผŸ

    • Avatar

      Hello Wibin,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, as you know, Sailfish X is not available to purchase in China as of yet. We are looking into expanding the market but can not promise any countries dur to various reasons. Thank you for understanding!


  62. Avatar

    Geo IP problem :

    – My University’s IP (129.194.x.y) is correctly accepted.

    – My ISP’s address (31.165.x.y) gets a “Sorry, not available in your country”, despite being in Switzerland too (i.e.: on the available country list).

    • Avatar

      Tested yet again one more time at 11:30 (GMT+1).

      On that try the shop finally seems to recognize my IP as Swiss.

      Thanks very much to Jolla for the fix.

      Now waiting for the non-voucher/credit-card option to open…

      • Avatar

        Me too! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been trying to make sense of sony’s unlock bootloader guide for the last couple of days, and I’m finally ready to go (no thanks to sony. Thanks to some guy on youtube). ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’m unreasonably excited to get back to sailfish after a year of android!

        • Avatar

          I was also struggeling a bit with the sony instructions to unlock my phone – but i got it ready to flash it, last sunday.
          Since my nokia n9 broke in june this year, I’m pretty excited to get the sfos on the xperia x

        • Avatar

          I can’t wait, Android is OK, but I miss having a UI that is so slick.

          • Avatar

            Me, too. Good luck to updating or letยดs say converting to SFOS X.

      • Avatar

        And again, geo blocked from 15:30 (GMT+1) up to including now (17:30 GMT+1).
        Did my purchase by proxying through my university.

  63. Avatar

    OK Guys, I got. Mythos Credit Card ready.
    Xperia X unlocked and someone spare Time this evening.

    How much longer do we have to wait?

  64. Avatar

    As a Linux user, and an owner of a brand new F5121, I’m preparing myself for a Linux-based installation of SFOS to my new device, whether or not these steps will “follow days after the launch”, as James stated.

    As non-Android user, I’m not familiar with any of the flashing tools, Android SDK (and adb tools) or rooting/unrooting procedures in order to prepare my device.
    I started reading about the whole World of Android yesterday. So far, I have:
    – installed android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot.
    – enabled USB debugging.
    – used the adb shell to backup the stock Android state to an .ab backup file.
    – received my unlock code from Sony, in the event I will have to unlock the bootloader. However, this has not been done yet.
    Quick question: Is an installation of SFOS onto the device going to require it to be rooted? Or will the official/unofficial installation routes circumvent this?

    I know it’s a little off-topic, but I’ve also been researching how to dump the stock Android ROM on a non-rooted device should the device need to be restored to an original state. It seems rather difficult. The added caveat is that most guides that refer to this non-rooted approach insist on retrieving apps from the Google Play Store, which would require creating a Google account – something I’m not prepared to do.
    If anyone has any help, advice or links they could offer that could help me achieve my goal, I’d appreciate it a lot. Apologies for the off-topic-ness.

  65. Avatar

    Any suggestions what I could buy today
    for let me say 49โ‚ฌ?

    Hurry up JOLLA, don’t leave your diehards in the rain. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Avatar

      @James, I pay 90 cent extra.

    • Avatar

      Nothing, it seems, can be bought today from jolla. What’s up, today is October, 11th, 2017. Did Jolla once again promise too much?

      • Avatar

        We are working on the final details. There will be an image available to download today.

        • Avatar

          Let’s just hope your Servers can hold the load……
          I hope for Jolla, there will be something like that.

      • Avatar

        Give them some time. I’m sure they are releasing it in time for evening celebrations….
        They look out for us. This way, we’re already home and ready. So nobody has to leave work early to get working on the install ๐Ÿ˜‰

  66. Avatar

    Feels a bit like christmas day when I was five ๐Ÿ™‚ How long do we have to wait? Please, how long now? Please … ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Avatar

      Early Christmas it is.
      Just hope we are still on for today, also hopefully I’m still awake when they release it.
      I’m more excited about this, then the Apple Keynote *geez*

    • Avatar

      Just a little bit more! We are working hard on final details.

  67. Avatar

    I can’t stand it. It’s like Christmas, Easter and birthday on the same day.

  68. Avatar

    With joyful expectation I am wetting my pants… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Avatar

      And I’m still getting geo blocked with my home IP, despite being in Switzerland (luckily proxying though my university works).

  69. Avatar

    Yeah and without refund, snow and ice.

    I think itโ€™s possible to download from very slow servers 17:52 Helsinki-time.

    So go and find a nice bottle of whine while waiting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  70. Avatar

    Looks like an install party around midnight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  71. Avatar

    Until 11:59 pm, then the promise is kept.

  72. Avatar

    Is it possible to use a voucher of a third person? A friend of mine has still some money left on his tablet account and got a voucher, but he doesn’t want to use it. Can I use it and buy Sailfish X for myself or is it tied to his account?

    • Avatar

      It is possible to use another person’t voucher with their permission. But I recommend you to write to our Zendesk and open a ticket there to get proper instructions how to do so. Thanks!

  73. Avatar

    The final details seem to be of a larger nature.

    • Avatar

      I can imagine the poor people at Jolla are in super crunchmode right now, and it seems James have been posting replies here in the middle of the night. If they manage to get meet the deadline I think they deserve a really good night sleep tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Avatar

    and I can imagine that they haven’t tested the shop system before or not enough and do it for the first time in real operation. or have forgotten that you need a larger storage area and are buying hard drives. ๐Ÿ˜›

  75. Avatar

    Yeah… downloading… ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Avatar

    Can you offer a way to buy without credit card?
    I’d buy via Klarna, Paypal or direct bank transfer (via SEPA to an IBAN)…

  77. Avatar

    Flashing worked fine!!

    • Avatar

      Me, too. However flashing stuck once. And I was terrible shocked that I have bricked Sony . Then I tried the second time and everything went very well to the end of flashing.

      And Sailfish X is extremely nice and excellent.

      Thank you Jolla, again! Nice to come back home after
      Sony XX period. I had already given up with Jolla 1 & C.

  78. Avatar

    downloading as we speak.
    flashing after dinner with a full stomach and a beer in my hand

  79. Avatar

    Mobile data is not working for me, and I’m getting RH-01 error when trying to run Google play services, but apart from that everything is working. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Avatar

      Google Play is working now, but mobile data is very on and off. I have to select network manually, and often. And even then it rarely works.

    • Avatar

      How did you get the Play store to work?

  80. Avatar

    Jolla team,

    How about providing a SHA-1 on the Downloads page to verify our download is correct?

  81. Avatar

    I got the emails from Jolla telling me Sailfish X was ready inviting me to download it.

    Unfortunately all I get when I click in the link printed in large size font is;

    Sorry, not available in your country.

    There’s no information about when it will be available.

    Come on Jolla please keep the Sailors better informed. You email inviting me to purchase but block me from doing so without any further explanation. It would be nice to have a bit more information about when and where Sailfish X will be available outside of Europe.

    The geo fencing of the sales process will not stop me installing Sailfish X. I will find a way to get a copy of Sailfish X. Some methods will take more effort then others.

    If I only needed to wait a week or so to get access I’d not bother finding an “underground” method however right now that looks like my only way forward.

    Sailfish is promoted as an open source OS, it’s a real pity the sales process is so closed.

  82. Avatar

    Okey, I have bashed about Sony officially only support flash in windows. And I really hate it.

    But: The thing is I really can’t stand Android OS I GO NUTS every day and missing my SFOS from fairphone/jolla phone era!

    I will loose alot money selling my XZs but starting being desperate because I did a huge mistake. I just wanted a better camera than FP2 and also needed support for some android apps such as bankid/swish here in Sweden. So I thought well lets go Android and hope for SFOS in the future but it was a mistake. The phone and camera is fine but the OS drives me nuts… Seriously how can ANY like Android?

    So I have a serious question:

    I know there is lack of man power powrting but do Jolla plan to support XZs in the near future or more like is it possible or is the SOC to different for “quick porting”?

    Has the community done any progress on it or is it just me who has XZs?

    If i wipe android I need bankid/swish so I need Dalvik too so community edition is probably not enouoght.

    Please let me know I am on telegrame @mike7b4

    Or should I sell my phone and loose a lot of money and find a X instead?

    I don’t know :/

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