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New enhanced Sailfish SDK is here

Today we released Sailfish SDK 2.0, the latest version of our app SDK. The SDK has provided good value for our Sailfish users and developers, and has now matured enough for it to be move out of Beta status.

The new version adds the ability to install different Sailfish emulators to match the OS release of your choice. Currently there are emulators available for all of Sailfish 3 releases.


The new SDK includes several features that enhance the development of apps. We have listed few of our favorite highlights:


Create Sailfish applications using your platform of choice; Linux, Windows or macOS.


Use it to develop for the Sailfish OS version of your choice, you can even target multiple versions at the same time.

Integrated debugging

You now have the debugging tools right at your fingertips, integrated directly into the Qt Creator frontend.

Easy deployment

Test and debug your applications using the inbulit emulator, or using your own physical device.

Easy internationalisation

With the SDK you get the necessary tools to create localisations for your apps.


QmlLive enables you to test UI changes without recompiling.

There are also a lot of minor changes and bugfixes in this latest release. Please see the release notes for more information. As always, the Jolla SDK team is committed to improving the application development experience for Sailfish OS, and will continue improving and implementing new features in Sailfish SDK.

Next in the pipeline will be a command line interface (CLI), making it possible to build packages without using the IDE. We will also be improving the compilation performance and fixing problems which prevent building of some of the more complicated packages.



Jolla SDK Team

Ville Nummela

Technical Product Manager at Jolla. Compensates for gadget addiction by hiking in the wilderness.



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    Testing soon coming from older Harmattan QT Creator.

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    This is a great addition, I will update my SDK right away!

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    Why do I get a pop-up : ‘Possible fingerprinting attempt’ when visiting this site?

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    The more I use SDK, the more I love it, but there are still problems, mainly centered around QmlLiveBench, which misbehaves regularly. Sometimes it starts automatically, other times not at all, sometimes the entire window surround just flashes, not allowing selection of QmlLive from the Tools menu because the menu gets closed. Other times, the window for QmlLive opens but the service cannot be started.

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