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Season’s greetings from the Jolla team!

As the year is closing soon we’d like to thank all of you for sharing the ride, and wish you all Happy Holidays! 

This year has once again been quite an exceptional one for Jolla. It’s been a time of reorganizing ourselves after the financial crisis we faced at the end of 2015, and a time to refine our strategy and targets. What is now clearer than ever, is that we are a software company, providing the coolest and most independent mobile OS solution for various kinds of partners and users around the world. 

However, this does not take away from our love for mobile products, and if you’re a community member or otherwise like to have Sailfish OS powering your devices, we can assure you that we’re committed to work on new Jolla community devices in the coming year. As promised earlier, we will share a separate blog post about our plans in this area soon.          

Earlier this year, our co-founder Sami Pienimäki took the captain’s seat, and he will write a more comprehensive analysis of the past year, and most importantly pave the way forward – we’ll have his first blog post out during the early weeks of January. 

As we’ve always strived to be transparent and honest, I also want to use this opportunity to touch briefly on the Jolla Tablet refund program, which some of you have been asking about. We are committed to refunding the second half of the tablet refund amount, and we will commence with that as our financial situation allows. The exact timing of this is dependent on Jolla’s future financing. We truly appreciate your continued patience with this project. 

Finally, a B-I-G thanks for this year to our C-beta group, our early access software group, our partners and customers, and all of you using Sailfish OS around the world! 

Happy Holidays everyone!   

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,



Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


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    Best of holidays to you as well guys 🙂 You’ve done such a great work this year, can’t wait to see what you are going to come up with in the coming year 😀

    • Avatar

      What great work?

      – Jolla had no new real products for sale.
      – Refunds not yet completed for crowd funding people (like myself).
      – Little work done on open sourcing the Sailfish OS.

      2016 was no better than 2015 and Jolla continues to be on life support. What do we have to look forward to this year?

  2. Avatar

    Happy holidays to all!

    Do we know anything about the last phase of returning our money?

    Will it be the first of the year?

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    Happy Holidays to all and thanks for your great work. I want to see you again next year in Barcelona: Sim, Juhani, Sami, etc… And I hope that you will have great success on the next financing round 😀

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    Thanks for all the great work in 2016, the updates were highly appreciated. I am looking forward to new phone (!) hardware that can also be used in the USA.

    All the best for 2017!

  5. Avatar

    Oh. Does that mean there will be more devices to buy in Europe next year? 🙂
    Btw, thanks for your work. You are doing an unique OS, which is exactly what the current phone market needs, wishing the best for your success!

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    Merry christmas to you all. Rest and peace. Next year in motion again. 🙂 Hopefully these community equipment and devices should include also SFOS watch….
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Thanks for all your great work this year. Looking forward to what Jolla has in store for 2017.

    Nollaig shona daoibh go léir.

  8. Avatar

    Happy Holidays Sailors 🙂
    And thank you for your hard work !

  9. Avatar

    Dear Jolla Team,

    After surviving 2016, Jolla sapling has become Jolla shrub, now it is matter of time that it becomes tree and start bearing fruits. Enjoy well earned rest, leave the finances to Ukko Perkele.. 🙂 ..

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    Merry Christmas, and I’m certainly hoping that Jolla and Sailfish carry on growing next year – hopefully with new hardware partners, community devices, and yeah, hopefully that SFOS watch…

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    Merry Christmas and a successful year 2017. It is remarkable what the Jolla Team has accomplished so far. In a world where a few big players are dominating the world of mobile operating systems it is important that alternatives like Sailfish OS exist, giving users freedom and protection of their privacy.

  12. Avatar

    Happy Holidays to the Jolla team and thank you for all the ongoing support and development for my Jolla phone and SailfishOS!

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    Merry Christmas, and all the Best for 2017. You ‘ve done a great job so far, keep it on 😀

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    Happy Christmas guys,
    and thanks for keeping the boat afloat.
    Got to say I’m more fussed about the future of the project than the tablet refund, because where do we go unless Jolla moves forward? If you want to be tracked then its android, Ithings or (fsm preserve us) winphones. Maybe the new Nokia will get on board.
    So if we want the ecosystem to survive, encourage the team. Go sailors, put the rigging up, and surf the waves.
    Good luck in 2017!

  15. Avatar

    Great Refund 2016 & Happy New Refund 2017!

    All the best to you.

    Why do your captain always using pink clothing?

  16. Avatar

    @Dave999 please stop talking this way! I’m pissed off like you but there is no need to attack people as you do it now.Happy holidays to all.

  17. Avatar

    For some reason I really like how the Sailfish development crew looks in real life. I mean, their appearance says “programmer”, not “manager” or “hipster”. The people on this photo are exactly who I want to trust the development of my phone’s operating system.

  18. Avatar

    Wow. You guys even have three women on your team! Uhum…
    Merry Christmas though! Keep up the good work, and hire some more women!

    • Avatar

      Feminist much?

  19. Avatar

    I see Dave999 is still unable to get over the fact that he wasn’t among those who got a Jolla tablet before they ran out of components after the manufacturer had taken a good chunk of them as payment when Jolla was unable to pay them on time.

    Still, I wonder what he’ll do once his life’s meaning is taken from him when he gets his refund? Will he start to complain about how late the refund was and how Jolla should have gone bankrupt rather than pay him back this late or that he wasn’t given a free Jolla C for his troubles?

    I guess only time will tell…

    • Avatar

      Yes, I wonder that too. He will probobly cook some quality food, adding a fine wine. And to top the second refund off, fire up a victory cigar.

      Given that we actually will see the second refund.

      Happy new year!

      • Avatar

        Wouldn’t it be funny if just before then last refunds go out they suddenly just went “lol!!1 we’re not giving out any more refunds when we actually spent all the money on making the tablet. learn 2 crowdfun newbs”.

        We all know you’d probably lose your mind and wreck your apartment seeing how much of an obsession getting your refund has become and how you still fail to understand how crowdfunding actually works.

        • Avatar

          You are once again repeating all that oligophrenic gibberish (“IGG is not a shop” etc.) which was popular about a year ago, and was dispelled time and again. That makes you look kinda like a retard. Maybe you should change that.

          • Avatar

            I know you like to cling onto the idea that crowdfunding doesn’t come with any risks, but it does. Projects can fail and they do.

            In this case they spent all the money they got, and several times more from other funding sources, on developing and making the tablets. Unfortunately due to things that were outside of their control, most importantly relating to that non-crowdfunded money, thing went wrong and they found themselves in a situation where they didn’t have enough parts to fill all the orders and weren’t able to buy any more parts.

            This isn’t a scam any more than when your car breaks down and you have to pay to fix it…

        • Avatar

          @L-A-G I think you have misjudged the whole situation. Like most things related to the jPad. Unfortunately, too many missjudgements was done. Can’t blame you though, since that is your right to do so.

          2017 is a new year and if jolla can limit the misses and achieve some hits you might get an epic year!

          • Avatar

            No, *you* clearly misjudged the Jolla Tablet project with the way you seem to have assumed it was like buying a finished product from a store rather than pre-purchasing a product very much still in development from a non-established company.

            When you realize this and combine it with what actually happened behind the scenes, the whole “I got scammed” attitude becomes completely stupid.

            If you don’t want to take risks like this again, then refrain from ever backing any crowdfunding project.

  20. Avatar

    Hope 2017 will bring a powerful ChinaPhone with Sailfish OS (or at least value for money) and Whatsapp working via WiFi. Switched back to Android because of this, sad!

  21. Avatar

    Happy new year, and don’t forget that people need phones and tablets with Sailfish OS.
    We need Sailfish devices early in 2017 !

  22. Avatar

    Jolla is the most ethical company ever and did so much for Sailfish in 2017.

    • Avatar

      I meant 2016 but it was a fake comment anyway… I just wrote that to get approved for comments here. LOL

      We all know the real story around here…

    • Avatar

      So? how ethical it is to misuse thefunds for the tablet to develop an OS, ONLY, then tell the backers: “Well guys, screw you… no tablet and with luck we might eveb get you your money back after 1-2 yess of waiting (aka forced free credit) if THAT is the most ethical company ever… i have a few bridges to sell you.

  23. Avatar

    “… we can assure you that we’re committed to work on new Jolla community devices in the coming year. As promised earlier, we will share a separate blog post about our plans in this area soon.”

    Looking forward your plans to be shared soon. I quess this soon means time periods from few days to couple of weeks. Otherwise you should have written as soon as possible. Are you waiting Feb meeting? Please note that the paying customers do not want to wait for too long. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Avatar

    Nice picture of a band of con artists… where is the rest of my refund?

  25. Avatar

    Mine too, last communication I had was March 2017

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