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Sailfish OS Seitseminen is now available

Sailfish OS Seitseminen is now available for download. We are very excited to bring you this Sailfish OS 3.1 update, which was named after the beautiful Seitseminen National Park. Seitseminen is located in the Pirkanmaa region, 50 kilometers away from our headquarters in Tampere.

Release Highlights

Sailfish OS 3.1 is our biggest update since the launch of Sailfish 3 last year. Seitseminen brings redesigns to core apps such as People, Phone, Messages and Clock. Other areas that have been improved include; Document viewers, Email, Calendar, Dual SIM Card viewer information and Gallery gestures which have been improved. These changes allow for a more intuitive use of the software. We identified the need to improve these core apps based on several user studies and on the specific needs of business users.

One of our big focus areas has always been security. We have now introduced file system encryption support which will be available for all users in the future, fingerprint authentication support for XA2 devices, updates to VPN to increase the security of your traffic from the first moment you use your phone and added protection to many system APIs and functionalities. For Xperia XA2, Android™ App Support has matured out of beta. In this blog post you will also find technical comments from sailors that worked on the software to get a better understanding of the updates that were made. Below we’ll dive deeper into each feature!

Redesigned Apps

In order to ensure that the platform evolves in the right direction, feedback from multiple user studies was gathered to understand better the pain points of Sailfish OS users. This has led us to identify areas that need improvement. Seitseminen includes new redesigned look and feel to People, Phone, Messages and Clock apps. These changes improve the use, organization and effectiveness of several apps. While working on these, we also conducted usability evaluations to understand better the perceptions and needs of the user. Based on the results we evaluated if the new design improves the user experience. 

Bree from the UI team to commented on the usability tests “We interviewed users with different background for the test. During the test, we observed carefully how users actually perform tasks on Sailfish OS, the possible barriers of uses, unexpected differences between users, etc. We collected insights and feedbacks from the users and use them to ensure that our design decisions benefit our users. We also knew better what features to prioritize.”


The People app has been redesigned to boost efficiency and be more user friendly. Specifically, we have redesigned three different views: the contact picker, contact card, and contact editor. In the main view and other views where contacts are accessed you can now find the contacts reorganized in an alphabetically grouped list. On the right side of the screen, for easy access, you can navigate to a contact by dragging over the new alphabetic scrollbar. The contact card has been organized to display contact details more efficiently, and reduce the steps needed to perform common actions to a contact. The contact card will also preview right after creating a contact letting you check the display of their information. The new contact card requires less steps in order to access its information and actions. It also uses the available space more efficient.


The Phone app has also received a major overhaul. Phone app introduces a new UI component, Tabs view. We aim to remove navigation options from pulley menu into three tabs: Dialer, History and People. With this change you will find easier to use the dialer with one hand. For the call history view, it is now possible to support basic and detailed modes. This is for business users who need more details on the call information. For example, sales people filter their calls based on call duration. The detailed call history allows you to see additional information like the call duration and dual-SIM information. You will also notice that the incoming call dialog now allows you to reply to the caller easily with new predefined quick messages. The dialer and contacts phone number fields support dots and commas, which means DTMF tone wait symbol handling is now aligned with the industry. Finally, similar to the People app, you can now save and edit contacts without leaving the app.


The Messages app includes new changes to the conversation view with the goal of making clearer with whom the user is chatting, improve legibility of messages and the access to call options. This comes from the need of business users to have more information about the conversations they are having with their contacts. You will notice now that we have introduced a header area with the name of the contact of the conversation and a call button. Earlier we showed the contact name as part of the input field empty state text. In our usability evaluations this caused confusion, and it was perceived as already entered text. The new header area with the name of contact makes it clearer and easier to know the name of the contact person. Furthermore, we have included bubbles to the messages so that they enhance and organize the app view. By tapping on these messages, you will be able to see more information about the messages, this includes the full timestamp, the SIM card, used number, delivery status and sending failures. In addition, to simplify the process, if you receive a message from a new number, you can now save and edit their contact without leaving the Messages app.


The previous design of the clock app displayed all the alarms and timers on the same screen. This could make for a crowded and unorganized screen. In Seitseminen we have improved the experience of the clock app. Now you can find the timers, alarms and stopwatch organized as tabs at the top of the screen. These changes gives the app a cleaner and more organized look. This new look also allows you to find timers and alarms by swiping between the tabs. 

Other Changes

There are four other changes, which we will be highlighting in this blog post. These involve Documents, Gallery, SIM indicator, and the text editor cursor. For the Documents app we have redesigned the document viewers for PDF, text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Documents app now supports opening plain text files; when opening text (.txt) files the user is now prompted whether they want to open the file in Documents or import to Notes. Another change you will notice is in the Gallery app. You can now just tap to zoom out of the zoomed photo, compared to before when you needed to double tap to zoom out, which many users struggle to discover. Finally, the text editor cursor now blinks to better visualize what field has the focus in texts. Even if the changes are small, we are always looking to improve the functionality and easiness in the use of the software.

First time users

User studies performed before 3.1 highlighted various issues new users face when starting to use a Sailfish OS device. In Seitseminen release we have improved hints and guidance shown to new users to address these pain points, for example how to take a screenshot, close all apps in Home, switch between layouts in keyboard, and so on. For old Sailfish OS users, we have introduced a setting to disable all in-app hints and tips in “Settings > Gestures > Show hints and tips”.


Sailfish OS now supports home partition encryption that contains user data like messages, emails, documents, settings and accounts. Home partition is unlocked with a security code at the early stages of the device boot.  This feature is not yet enabled for Jolla or Xperia products, however we will be expanding the support for other devices in the future. Security code authentication is now required before you can view passwords in Settings app, in particular WLAN, Internet sharing, mobile access point and VPN setting passwords.


To ensure that all your traffic is secure from the beginning, in this update we have added the possibility of enabling VPN prior to activating a network connection. The text “Waiting for network…” is shown in Settings in this situation. The Top menu toggle can be enabled regardless of network state. In addition, VPN connections were made more robust and less sensitive to problems.

Jussi from the Middleware Team comments on the VPN improvements: “VPN connection state tracking has been improved to work better in case of rapidly changing network conditions, re-connections and disconnections, to ensure that routes are properly set and DNS remains functional. VPN agent support has been implemented to VPNC (credentials are removed from VPNC settings advanced view) to ensure credential saving between reboots. Improvements have been also made to VPN credential dialogs for disabling autoconnect when user selects “Cancel”. All VPN plugins and corresponding VPN UI dialog components are now shipped as separate packages to allow OS image customization.”

Email and Calendar

We have added some features to the Email and Calendar app. You can now set out of office reminders for your Active Sync email account in Active Sync settings. In the account settings, you will find a new section “Automatic replies” with a button “Modify” to change this feature. You can also create ActiveSync meeting invitations through in Calendar. Finally setting up your email account is more robust now, which will lead to less problems.

Sailfish X and Xperia XA2

New and exciting changes are available now for Xperia XA2 users. Sailfish X and Android™ App Support for Xperia XA2 have now reached commercial quality and therefore we have taken away the Beta title from them. In this update we have added fingerprint authentication: you can now replace the security code with fingerprint authentication in Xperia XA2 range devices. If you choose not to use fingerprint you still need to go and re-enable your device lock. To activate the device lock do not forget to visit Settings > Device lock.

Android App Support has been greatly improved. Some changes include WhatsApp behaving better after closing a video/voice call.  WLAN support has been enhanced, meaning that Android apps can detect active WLAN connections now. We have also improved the notifications framework to alert users through some action, example waking up the device or making a sound. You can now find Sailfish X at for its original price of 49,90€.

Upgrading from Free to Paid Licence

If you are upgrading from Free to Paid licence you don’t need to repeat the intallation from the beginning the only action needed is to purchase the paid licence from The licence is tied to your Jolla account, which you used to purchase the licence. When signing in to this Jolla account from the device, the licence becomes also tied to the IMEI code of the device. Hence the licence is valid on one device and one Jolla account. The licence cannot be transferred from one device model to another, i.e. they all need separate licences.

As always, we want to thank our community for your continuous support and help! Furthermore, we would like to extend a special thank you to our partners at OMP, Open Mobile Platform in Russia. For more information please read the release notes and for detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device please check it here.

Mariana Perez

Mariana Perez

Marketing Assistant at Jolla. Wildly interested in technology and startups. Excited to take part in Jolla team!


  1. Avatar

    Thank you so much for your efforts! Using the XA2 as a daily driver keeps getting better and better, a few smallish bugs aside (volume, tracker, GPS fix etc.)!

    Keep on polishing! Something like a night mode would be nice and I struggle with the mail app usability-wise, otherwise I am very pleased to be on board!

  2. Avatar

    Can we finally block incoming calls? The phone spammers are a menace and the lack of this function is very frustrating. An even better option would be to block everybody except the people in the contacts list.

    • Avatar

      There are some apps on that claim to do this kind of thing. They might be worth trying (I’ve not tried them myself).

  3. Avatar

    This looking great 🙂
    Im downloading now on “The First One”

    Keep up the hard and good work.

  4. Avatar

    Are there any plans for better Gemini support, especially on the input method side?

  5. Avatar

    any news on VoLTE/VoWiFi support?

    • Avatar

      and ugly Twitter issue is still there too, impacting usability of notification view heavily… 🙁

  6. Avatar

    Really nice release, though I don’t agree with all of the design changes.
    I am still not happy – to say the least – with no backport of the improved Android support to Xperia X. I replaced my Jolla 1 with what was then *the* reference phone, to use for several years, and was expecting to receive updates on Android support as well. Now several essential Android apps doesn’t work, and I can probably expect more to follow, and I can’t afford to buy a new phone.

    • Avatar

      While I understand the reasons for the Android support for the Xperia X having got stuck, I completely agree that it is very annoying. I’m not about to get yet another phone though, I’ve spent more than I should have on mobile devices during the last year or two and I have to call a halt for a while.

      • Avatar

        I agree completely. It feels a waste to buy a new phone that essentially has the same specs (or worse) as my old one just for software issues. And since Android 8.0 has been available for the Xperia X for well over a year now the roadblocks don’t seem too compelling. I’m trying to resist and hold on until the next device, but that doesn’t seem too close in the future either.

        • Avatar

          I use xperia x as daily phone since 14 months now and still disappointed that android is still 4.4. Jolla please update this ….

    • Avatar

      Actually, we have an Xperia X and an Xperia XA2 and I’m glad the “improved” Android support has *not* come to Xperia X. While the Android support on the X is old but solid, the Android support on the XA2 is really bad. We’re even thinking about replacing the XA2 by another Xperia X. (However, since this is expensive, plan B sadly is to revert the XA2 back to Android.)

    • Avatar

      The same goes for me. I’ve chosen the Xperia X to have a good camera phone for many years. And trusting the given statement by CEO Sami Pienimäki about the AD support for Xperia X devices (see video “Sailfish 3 Presentation” in Helsinki @22:10), which they are working on. Nothing happened since then and now some essential Android apps are stopped working (e.g. banking app). What should I do? Buy another phone? I understand that technically AD on the Xperia X can’t be upgraded to 8.1 but 6 is feasible.

      Plz. just do it.
      I don’t wanna change my phone every two years.

    • Avatar

      I can full agree.
      I would pay for an updated and stable Android support of Salfish X. Maybe some others would do this too.
      That would be better than buying every year new phones with an new Beta SFOS.
      In my opinion, the last Jolla, with a fully functional SFOS, which supports the complete hardware of the phone, was the Jolla 1.

  7. Avatar

    I updated my Jolla 1 to and Android support is still for Android 4.1.2. If there is no update for Android support, keeping Jolla 1 still up to date is only half the truth, and in my opinion it is no longer worth the effort to create Sailfish updates for Jolla 1.
    More and more android lose at least part of their functionality. If there is no change Jolla and Sailfish is like all the others: you have to buy a new phone every two or three years.

    • Avatar

      It won’t be technically possible for Jolla to support anything higher than that android inside the Jolla 1’s AlienDalvik.

      It’s due to the fact that the kernel + drivers that Qualcomm provides them for the Jolla’s chipset is limited to this version Android.

      With an extremely large amount of work, Jolla could try to follow the path of a few manufacturers who have managed to run Android 4.4 on similar phone (there’s a community thread about that in the

      With an insane amount of work, in theory there could be the possibility of trying the reverse engineered open-source Linux drivers (e.g.: the Adreno GPU might be compatible with the latest Freedreno drivers. Similar would be needed for the other components) and then trying the LXC-based approach used for XA2’s 8.1.

      But both of the above is extremely heavy work, require a team of a few devs, working multiple months 100% on it, something that Jolla from what we undestrand can’t afford to blow ressources on, specially on a nearly 6-years old phone.

      But that’s only for the part that depends on Qualcomm (linux drivers, and Android which relies on them).

      For anything else, it’s entirely under the responsibility of Jolla, and they keep upgrading that. You can still install on a Jolla1 and benefit all other features (except Android) in 2019.

    • Avatar

      I must voice an objection here. I very much like the fact that Jolla 1 is still supported with updates, and I see absolutely no need to cancel support because of Android. To do so, would be to say that Sailfish is not really its own thing, but just an extension of Android. I might understand if, on some day very far in the future, support was dropped due to Jolla 1 hardware not meeting the requirements of some critical new feature, or Jolla 1 having so few users that the updates are not worth it. But I do hope that for the time being, the support continues.

      I have a Jolla 1, it’s the only phone I use. I do not have any Android apps on it. Yes, I’m not the most active of phone users, but I still need a phone, and on most occasions Sailfish meets my demands.

      And yes, thanks again to the Sailfish team for the thing they created and their continued support for it.

  8. Avatar

    Is VPN to AVM Fritz boxes finally supported?
    This has been overdue for years.

  9. Avatar

    Nice work.
    Any update on when we can expect to buy Sailfish X outside of the EU (specifically South Africa)?

    • Mariana Perez

      Hello! Currently the only authorized countries are countries in the EU, Norway and Switzerland

  10. Avatar

    Please, pretty please, make Alarms tab the default, visible one in Clock if you made this UI change…

    c’mon, what test resulted in having Timers tab as default?! Alarms are in use on daily bases but timers…

    • Avatar

      I heard that Jolla is aware of this bug, will apparently be fixed in a future update

    • Avatar

      There is a patch available that makes the alarms tab default. I installed it via Patch Manager 3 found in Openrepos. Works nicely.

    • Avatar

      As you, I use my alarm on a daily bases. But only to wake me up in the morning. I don’t change it or set a new one very often.

      But, I do use timers all most every time i cook, which is all most every day. So, please keep the timer tab as default.

      or to suit both of us, start the app on the last used tab.

  11. Avatar

    I bought last week a new Sony Xperia XA2 and Sailfish OS X. Installation took ca. 2 hours. Now after a few days use and after the new update I can only say: I LOVE SAILFISH OS!!!
    Before I used over 4 years a BQ Aquaris 4.5 and a BQ Tablet with Ubuntu Touch. Ubuntu Touch was OK, when you hate Android. But if I compare Ubuntu Touch with Sailfish OS, then I must say that there are worlds between. Sailfish OS looks very modern and it´s really easy to work with. And the best thing is that now I can use Android Apps, too. This was the greatest argument to change to Sailfish OS. Keep it up! You do a great Job!

    • Mariana Perez

      Thank you for your comment Pablo!

  12. Avatar

    Any improvement in roaming for the Xperia X devices or is this a lost cause already?

    Reverting back to Android and re-installing Sailfish made roaming from impossible to sometimes possible. Even the local network operator name is sometimes shown correctly but the behaviour is still erratic at best and I can never be sure whether the phone works at all when travelling abroad.

  13. Avatar

    Big thanks to the Jolla dev crew for this upgrade.

    Another unsung development of the Android support that I appreciate:

    microG has been made easy to install, making it easier for those of us users who wnat an as Google-free experience as possible.

    (see TMavica’s entry on: )

    Now a last question to the Jolla crew:

    Now that you consider Android 8.1 finished on Xperia XA2, would you consider (and have the ressources to actually do so) making a Baseport 8 abstraction layer for the Xperia X, paving the way to Android 8.1 apps there too ?

    • Avatar

      Also is required a multiapplied support (UI) for different smart watches due to the finished Android 8.1 support for XA2.

  14. Avatar

    Its great that Sailfish get these upgrades, is this time that Jolla starts workin geminipda android support what promised and reason why people bought that phone.

  15. Avatar

    The update is disappointing for me. Sailfish OS was a pioneer in a simple in the sense of a streamlined user interface.

    Simple, as so often, is confused with intuitive. Intuitive is what users already know. If you align a product with it, you prevent innovation. However, innovation for mobile devices is urgently needed to clean up user interfaces so that they become simpler and help users to focus.

    It is unfortunate that Jolla messes up the user interface of Sailfish OS with more details. And innovative user interface approaches like pull down and push menu or contextual menues are replaced by buttons. Instead of using a slideshow with wipe gesture classic tabs are introduced.

    In my point of view simplicity means clarity and ergonomics. Perfect design is when nothing can be removed. And ergonomics don’t always have to be intuitive. One example is multi-touch gestures. They first had to be learned by users. The subsequent gain in ergonomics and efficiency was significant.

    I wish Jolla a big breakthrough. We need an alternative to Google and iOS. I doubt that an adaptation to these systems and thus a discarding of the unique selling propositions is the right way.

  16. Avatar

    Thank you, Jolla team, for this update. I now have an XA2 as daily driver (with an ipad mini on the background). Although some characteristic details in the user interface have been changed (People) it is still a practical smartphone in comparison to the ipad, which is advanced. However, the more advanced it is, the more complicated the UI and the more time it takes to know what you are looking for.
    Only miss a sharing icon to Piepmatz or Tweetian or Pingvinii. And some Sailfish apps need to be updated (Youtube Player, Euro Converters, etc.). So, more sharing options please.

  17. Avatar

    I like Sailfish OS 3.1, and all the new features, though some UI issues still exist e.g. in top config menu. The android support is currently disappointing (have the xa2 paid version), as its not as stable as in sailfish 2.1. Youtube, Chrome, Whatsapp,Telegram, Skype have issues and dont work stable, e.g. conferencing calls dont work, apps close suddenly. Hope it will be fixed soon, as there are no native clients for sfos that are usable at all.

  18. Avatar

    After this update whatsapp notifications stopped working, and battery consumption with 4g on is over 10 times more than with 3g. Some good changes but still so many unsolved things

  19. Avatar

    It would be great if the next version fixed a big security issue – lack of root in the Android layer. Android apps often have serious security issues but with the current implementation there is no way to firewall Android app internet access or limit permissions on a per-app basis. These issues could be resolved with existing Android tools if we had root on the Android layer. The current option of disabling contact information to the Android layer is a good start but doesn’t go far enough (and is quite crippling if you want one Android app to have access to contacts but no others).

    • Avatar

      I agree. It would be best if we could give permission to each Android app separately.

    • Avatar

      Which tools are thinking about?

      We community members have been hacking the android layer for quite some time, and there are probably way to get this stuff working.

      Getting a root shell inside the layer is something you can obtain simply by lxc-attach

        • Avatar

          Per app, individual permission settings is a standard feature of more modern androids.

          On the AOSP 8.1 that is available inside XA2’s aliendalvik, it’s simply in the settings.

          (Either install aliendalvik-control from openrepos to have a direct button to the settings, or open the android app settings for any app, and this click the back ” Apps Permission” sub-menu. Including the permission for signature spoofing if you want to install microG)

          For android 4.4 (Jolla 1, Jolla C, Xperia X, etc.) does it work if you try to install it in priv-app ?

          • Avatar

            Isn’t priv-app part of the Google tools? Anything from Google doesn’t seem like a good way to improve security! It’s good to hear that XA2 implementation has more fine-grained permissions. it does look like Jolla has largely abandoned the Xperia-X unfortunately.

  20. Avatar

    Hello Sailors,

    I am using a Microsoft Lumia 950 as a daily.
    Apps and services already starting beeing shut down. The useability getting worse and worse.
    My girlfriend is a Apple fan, I am more the niche product guy (-: Before the Lumia 950, there was the Lumia 1020 as my daily, before that a Nokia N9 and prior to that, the Nokia N900 🙂
    A Nokia 9 looked very appealing, but I am not sure…
    The Sony Xperia XA2 is a downgrade from a Lumia 950… but I found a great deal, so I will give it a shot.
    Sailfish OS purchase finished too.
    I am very xperi… excited how the Sailfish OS will compare to Windows Mobile (-:
    It is great to have a third way to go without iOS and Android (well some Android Apps I will have to use…)!!!

  21. Avatar

    > special thank you to our partners at OMP, Open Mobile Platform in Russia.

    Just by curiosity, could you please share in which domains OMP has helped ?
    Testing, implementation, … ?

    • Avatar

      Let’s speculate a bit:
      Search for the word “business” in this blog post and you will find that the changes in the phone app and the people app (contacts) have been made due to requests from business users. Who has business users? Rostelekom.

      Wild guess: The OMP devs wrote the updgrades for the mentioned apps.

  22. Avatar

    Thank you, Jolla for this release!

    I’m especially happy that there is now a list of calendar reminders that have fired, that’s an important step to take the calendar app beyond a beautiful proof-of-concept. Thanks the good work!

    • Avatar

      Sorry, I spoke too soon.

      It turns out there is still no way to know which alarms have recently fired. They are only added to the notifications list when they “expire”, which may be well past the time of the event.

      I got carried away by seeing two groups of notifications: Missed calendar alarms and Missed calendar events. The first one is just a rename of the same functionality (as is clear from the release notes at and the second, old group only exists until all old alarms have been cleared/acknowledged.

  23. Avatar

    On a slightly less enthusiastic note: Updating broke Pure Maps, the ONE Sailfish app that makes me really happy. Icons have disappeared from the map display.

    It seems to be a bug introduced by some heavy-handed ambiance handling in SFOS 3.1, and the only known work-around is abusing icon properties (as reported here: ).

    Could you please work with app developers, so we can avoid this kind of unpleasant surprises?

  24. Avatar

    Where is Qt 5.9? Jolla to promise sailfish os update 3.1 include qt 5.9 😕

  25. Avatar

    when will the mobiledata also work for androidapps on my xa2 h4113 i bought cause i read here we are out of beta?

    would be lovely if the costumers would have the feeling you care…


  26. Avatar

    “App Support for Xperia XA2 have now reached commercial quality and therefore we have taken away the Beta title from them”
    my phone freezes and most androidapps can’t use mobile data… not sure if thats comercial quality…

    • Avatar

      Mine does not. XA2,, Dual Sim…
      So it’s 1:1.

      If you are experiencing issues with your phone it might have something to do with your settings, software etc.

      Just a suggestion.

  27. Avatar


    I’m using whatsapp with my Sony xperia XA2 Plus.

    Is it (now) possible to become a acustic-signal when a whatsapp-notice come in?

    If yes, I need some help.
    If no, I’m very very disappointed of Jolla

    Best regards, Gremmelmann

    • Avatar

      On Telegra’me and on the Android Telegram I get audio and visual notifications on my Sailfish phone.

  28. Avatar

    Why was my post not published? Since days the blog post states “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    I also would like to know where I can post bugs, issues with my xperia xa2 running sfos 3.1 Seitseminen.
    I would als say, that android support is not mature, but still beta. Before buying, I would expect that it runs as stable as in sfos 2.1. Regards

  29. Avatar

    Thanks for your continuous efforts in developing Sailfish!

    What I’m mostly missing is some backend/platform.

    What is the best way to transfer data (pics, videos, backups) from Sailfished XA2 to cloud?


  30. Avatar

    Overall I’m very happy with this update. Thanks for the hard work.

  31. Avatar

    Thank you Jolla crew! Very nice and needed improvements. There is still some inconsistencies between my XA2 and XA2 Ultra but I am very very happy on the progress you have made since launch of SFOS3 and now I am fully on Sailfish platform. BTW, it would be a nice feature if Android support was possible to force shut down automatically after I close Android app.

  32. Avatar

    New: YTPlayer is renewed, it has a new icon and everything works fine again. Found it on Openrepos. Don’t know how it works with Jolla Store, but for sure the YTPlayer app should be updated in Store.

      • Avatar

        Actually, Jolla crew should get in touch with people behind Youtube Vanced and make it available on Sailfish phones. It is that good.

        • Avatar

          The advantage of YTPlayer is that it has a Sailfish design. That’s what I like. To me this design is the charm of Sailfish. Telegra’me (from thebootroo, OpenRepos) also has this design. Every feature available of Telegram except video call and oral message (not yet). In the ‘official’ Android Telegram oral messaging does work, but video call is not possible either.

  33. Avatar

    When SFOS on XA2 will be able to take pictures with maximum resolution of his camera: 23Mp, instead of 16Mp, as in options?
    And when SFOS camera will be able to take pictures same quality, as android camera app?
    Pictures, what I take by messenger “Kate mobile” have better quality, then SFOS camera.
    But while I see on screen, how to take photo I see one picture, but after press “shot” – I have another picture – as I would hold phone higher, than I hold. It’s weird… But quality better.

  34. Avatar

    Sailfish OS 3.1 is a great product, the really amazing thing is that Jolla 1 is still capable of running everything smoothly – despite going from 1.0 to 3.1. The bad thing however is the Jolla Customer Service – I just bought Sailfish for XA2 and had Jolla charge my CC without delivering the goods. No luck with customer service either… Worst experience in a EU-area web-shop by far.

  35. Avatar

    When you add option to use NFC for android apps, and it will be the option to hide root checking by bank apps?

    • Avatar

      As fellow user running Android Banking Apps on my Sailfish-powered XA2, here’s my experience:

      – Installing some “” service (either the official Google Play Services, or the opensoruce microG which were made simpler in the current version)
      – and “” store (either the official Google Play Store or the empty FakeStore – which doesn’t do anything but pretends that the store is here)
      …is enough to keep my banking apps happy.

      (Some other users have reported in the forums that their apps need SafetyNet, but that feature is currently broken in microG).

  36. Avatar

    Wait, comments are now moderated?

    Is there any particular reason for this Jolla?

    • Mariana Perez

      Hello BraapBraap!
      Comments have always been moderated to avoid spam example comments selling objects/ services. In addition, to avoid disrespectful comments to users etc.

      • Avatar

        Please, don’t forget you owe us money.. You can be absolutely sure there will be people like me who will never forget

  37. Avatar

    Thank you Jolla Crew! In general, the phone is (feeled) a little bit faster and more beautiful now. The fingerprint sensor support is very handy! Everything that I use, works good,

    except one thing: The GPS!

    My system is: SFOS 3.1 Build Seitseminen
    Hardware adaption:
    Phone: Sony Xperia XA2

    1st thing is: The sensitivity to the GPS signals is very bad. In comparison with other GPS systems like Garmin car navigation and handheld GPS for hiking & adventure.

    I tried the following for test: Both the Sony/Sailfish and the Garmin, same place, same time, same reception conditions of the GPS signal, activate location at Sailfish & power on the Garmin simultanously:

    Garmin begins immideately to receive many GPS satellites and has a position fix after 10-20 seconds.

    Sony/Sailfish needs abt. 5 minutes for the position fix, sometimes longer.

    In some critical receiving contitions (inside a wood hut), the Garmin simply works and the Sailfish does not.

    2nd thing is:
    Sailfish seems to “forget” the Kepler data of the GPS satellites on every “turn off” of the location service (german”Standort”) in the settings pull down menu.

    After every “turn on”, it seems that the GPS has always to new download the Kepler data (also known as almanac & ephemerides) from the GPS satellite.

    Why no local storage of the last received Kepler data in a way that is not affected by turning off location service, so that the last received Kepler data are immediately available in the last received version after turn on location service again later?

    Thats all I have to critisize, but this is very important for me. The rest is perfect for me.

    Best wishes & success!

    • Avatar

      I have the same: the GPS is slow.

  38. Avatar

    so my xa2 has no mobile data for most apps like described in this post:

    beside crashes and some android apps even not starting my post here was earased… so while u don’t communicate with ur users beside telling em to simply reflash u earase the posts of users supporting jolla since day1…

    really really sad…

    i need to write it here again: if this is out of beta, would be lovely to get some serious support to make things work instead of censoring users post with unwanted ux….

    • Mariana Perez

      Hello Tamhou we are sorry your post was deleted. Have you submitted a Zendesk ticket on the issue your are having?

  39. Avatar

    I will stop using Sailfish OS because it is too buggy. To succeed in this field it is not enough to have a good product, you must have a an ecosystem as well, but Jolla lacks both. The last updates don’t contain improvements (Iuse Xperia X). Just some annoying changes in the UI. I was in from the beginning with Jolla 1. The first version of the OS wasn’t usable but it became better and better after each upgrade. But that stopped after version 2 if I remember correctly. After that the upgrades didn’t make the product better, just different. And since the environment change Sailfish with its native apps are worse now than a few years back. I’m using an Android browser to read this post and write this comment since the Jolla browser can’t even handle a Jolla blog! I understand that it is very difficult for a small company to break in into this market, but I had hope for Jolla, but without a good product I think it is impossible.

  40. Avatar

    I am typing this in the Qwant browser app on XA2, it is faster indeed. At least Jolla made it possible to install this with the latest update. After my X crashef, I had to use an iphone 6s for a while. Boring and annoying.Now I am happy to be able to use Sailfish again.The keyboard is better than Apple’s.The XA2 is sturdy,with buttons on the right place. At the moment Xperia XA2 Plus is sold out and there are only a few XA2’s
    That is a problem. Could Jolla not make a deal with Sony for a good mid range device that is available for a longer period?

  41. Avatar

    I have been following Sailfish os years ago, till now I still can’t see/buy a feature phone/ smart phone running Sailfish os in Asia. I have given up on them.

    By the way, Sony smartphones are ugly and not doing well now.

    • Avatar

      There are people like me who like the typical straight Sony design! Ugliness and beauty is personal.

    • Avatar

      I have a serious headache from drinking and I am to sick to flash my new phone. Therefore I will never, ever have a SF-phone again and buy an iphone instead.
      Shame on you all!

  42. Avatar

    Dear Sailors,

    could you please make an announcement on how you plan to proceed with the Xperia X (F5121)?

    You introduce a lot of updates for the XA2 butseemingly neither plan to update android support nor more importantly) fix the connectivity issues the Xperia X still encounters on a daily basis.

    I understand that your buisness model has changed and the companies you’re working with presumably only use the XA2 but it would be only fair to make your decisions transparant, so that I ( and those like me) have something to base a decision about a future phone on.

    I’ve been with you for quite a while (still got that shirt) but sticking with Jolla I would at least need steady phone connection.

    I would not buy a new phone and a new license to solve the connectivity issue — I’d rather abandon the ship.

  43. Avatar

    Sad to read and see that nothing has changed the last few years, still not a complete OS (read promised features etc!), still buggy , on XA2 or X, Jolla is a small company but with the wrong priorities towards their users, and I see more and more people abandon ship.

  44. Avatar

    Hello Mariana, Jolla team, I found this on Tusky, a Mastodon client:
    At first I linked it from Tusky to Telegra’me on my XA2. That worked. (Telegram is fantastic.) Then I wanted to send it to this blog with the browser by copying and pasting it. That did not work. Not only was pasting impossible, I also could not log in with the XA2. So I took my ipad to send this. Why? Because Sailfish deserves to be improved and to be used by many more people. You have come this far. Do not let it go. Please, improve the browser and give us better sharing and linking options.

  45. Avatar

    Thank you very much you awesome people @Jolla for yet another amazing update for my Jolla 1. It feels so good to know that even this old device is still fully supported. You are doing great and I wish you all the best. Keep up the good and hard work!

  46. Avatar

    Thank you ! Great update, my XPeria XA2Plus works very well, bluetooth in VW car is ok, Sony Earbuds Ok, Android support works well, Thank You all !!

  47. Avatar

    Got my XA2 installed with sailfish. As usual am in love with the OS.Need more native apps and I like to have no dependency over android for the apps. Wish you all the best Jolla and Community

  48. Avatar

    It would be good to have the camera quality improved and implemented with 23MP resolution. Of course that’s a long way to go… however, i like to see at least a fine 16MP quality.

    • Avatar

      It’s not only the mega pixels, I would like to see a feature to change that blue-ish colour that Sony devices produce. Now red is crimson, not clear red, not natural. Maybe some buttons to push forward a few colours, except red?

  49. Avatar

    and what about refund?

    • Avatar

      I guess Jolla hopes this will disapear in the end by just ignoring it.
      But .. the community has not forgotten !

      • Avatar

        sry. Typo….


  50. Avatar

    Love the evolved simple UI. Well done!

    (I’m aware that not everybody shares this opinion;)

  51. Avatar

    lol, anyone else received the Jolla survey?

    Sorry but I simply wont be parting with ANY money until the device does what its meant to or until Huawei drop a sweet device with their new OS!

    • Avatar

      I received it and answered it with pleasure. Of course I want to pay for it. I do not want to join the surveillance industry that offers everything ‘for free’, but constantly tries to analyse, monitor and automate me. I only missed one question: ‘Do you think a flashing service is needed?’
      Although the OS is not perfect and customer service should be improved,it is too good to neglect it and to loose it.
      All alternatives (Sailfish, /e/foundation, Librem 5) are facing the same problem: iTunes and Google Play. Untill there is not a competing app store with paid apps that attract the best developers and game makers, no alternative can fully compete. We just have to be more patient.

  52. Avatar

    At this point I have to thank Jolla crew for all of your work on SFOS3, I am very pleased BUT. Yes, the but(t). Sailfish os is a pleasure to use on Xperia XA2 BUT not so much on XA2 Ultra. I had to flash my XA2 Ultra back on Android because of batterylife, when cmpared to Android Sailfish os gives me about half of batterylife and I can not accept that. Xperia XA2 has quite similar batterylife when compared to Android and I am very happy on that but Ultra needs more development. So, at this point I have kind of mixed feelings on SFOS3. Still it is a daily driver for me. Anyhow, keep up the good work, I enjoy using SFOS3 very much.

  53. Avatar

    Having used an XA2 for a while and now also an XA2 Plus, I must say that these are fine for daily use. Much nicer than an iphone or a Google device. But what to do when the Plus is sold out? Can you ask Sony to make more XA2’s and XA2 Plus’s ?
    I would suggest to set up a service point in each country where Sailfish is used now, to help people unlocking and flashing, or to set up a flashing service otherwise. It’s worth it.

  54. Avatar

    Do you plan to add eSIM support? I use a Gemini PDA.

  55. Avatar

    Hi Jolla crew!

    At this point I have to say that Sailfish is THE best os I have ever used. Earlier I wrote that I am not happy on battery drain on XA2 Ultra but after reflash it is better now. Anyhow, XA2 has amazing batterylife snd I am so very pleased on SFOS3. This OS is amazing. Amazing, it just is. There is no competition on usability. None.

  56. Avatar

    Dear Jolla,

    don’t forget to make an update every now and then, we users would appreciate a lot.


    • Avatar

      Dear fellow sailors, we all share the same wishes, demands and requests but after all those years u must now know its useless to ask or wish anything from Jolla , sorry to say but they are full of bullocks regarding these implanting updates, features , promises, roadmaps,comms.

    • Avatar

      Agreed. Some information about Jolla’s future strategy would be good. Especially since Sony devices are sold out quickly (the XA2 Plus is not available anymore).Is the Jolla team preparing for other Sony devices, or for other brands? Or will there be a new Jolla device that last a bit longer than a few years?

  57. Avatar

    I have tried for several months now, to stay loyal to Sailfish but it is proving to be very difficult. My main challenge is not being able to run my usual Android apps (Android Auto, NextRadio, OneDrive, and others). The fact that the FM tuner on XA2 Plus is not supported is frustrating on its own.

  58. Avatar

    Sailfish is dead, long live Sailfish! Yes, which one? All depends on how Sailfish responses on our needs and demands.

    • Avatar


      all I know is that huawei have announced their non-google phones

      SF is pretty much as good as dead to me now

      • Avatar

        What did you expect? SF is made by a small company and has a small community
        If you are a sailor expect to see the sea.

        And stop complaining for not considering the risks of what you do, please.

        • Avatar

          what do people expect?

          erm……how about at least some consistent communication?

          How about some semblance of a road map?

          These are all really BASIC things that ANY company does (provided they are operating professionally and not making it up as they go along)

          you sound like a Jolla apologist (i.e. a fan boy) which is why you come across as super defensive when some critiques your precious Sailfish 😀

          dont let it get to you!
          Life’s more important

          • Avatar

            It was 79 days between the last two blog posts. Maybe we should expect a new post around October 12.

  59. Avatar

    Just wondering is there ever comming an update about the refund ?

    • Avatar

      How much do I have to pay you, for not having to read that again?

      • Avatar

        You (or Jolla) can simply refund the outstanding contributions to Jolla tablet, and I am quite positive you will never hear from the Jolla tablet backers again.

        All we have ever wanted is the money we contributed for the product to be returned. But instead Jolla has kept our contributions, while not delivering any product.

        Well, they can see that their strategy is paying dividends in the form of negative community sentiment and feedback.

        • Avatar

          Yes but this “just wondering is there ever comming an update about the refund ?” isn’t a comment about Sailfish OS Seitseminen.
          Which is what this blog-post is about.
          “the community” as you name is is also made of people extremely bored of reading these out-of context questions.
          Whatever opinion anyone can have on either you got robbed either you made a bet on crowdfunding and lost your bet.
          Anyhow that money you put helped to build Sailfish 3, which is great.
          See yourself as a sponsor maybe could help?

  60. Avatar

    Links to browser do not work, not in mail, not in Piepmatz, not in CodeReader (so that app is useless). I got no answer in Together Jolla, therefore I am posting this here. Linking is important and I hope Jolla can fix this soon.

    • Avatar

      Maybe you should ask the delevopers of Piepmatz and CodeReader and not Jolla?

      Just a suggestion.

      • Avatar


        who peed in your dinghy?

      • Avatar

        U forgot about the standard browser from jolla and de mail included mr IN.Sane. U asked jolla?

        • Avatar

          Just checked: have the same problem on the XA2 and the XA2 Plus (because I am in the fortunate posession of both). And I had it on the X that is broken: linking is troublesome.

        • Avatar

          Then I should ask the Guardian that sends me links every day, newsletters, friends who send me links in mail, etc. ?

      • Avatar

        U forgot about the standard browser from jolla and de mail included mr IN.Sane. U asked jolla?

      • Avatar

        Piepmatz has no linking possibility at the moment, so that is clear. CodeReader does have it of course, it can’t work without. If I get mail with links, they only work for a few days after having restarted the XA2Plus with Utilities. See my comment below. It is a Sailfish bug, must be.

  61. Avatar

    Yes, we have taken away our Jolla – sun glasses (black, blue, red, …). We are seeing now the existing state of art, which needs a lot of improvements.

  62. Avatar

    Each couple of days I have to restart the device with Utilities, otherwise linking from mail to browser does not work. Also CodeReader is unusable this way, which is very annoying because more and more organisations are using codes. After restarting, linking works for a few days, than it stops. I clean my launch screen every day. I have put the question on together.jolla.

  63. Avatar

    Dear Jolla Team,

    when will Jolla release the 3.2.x update hopefully resolving crucial issues like: phone app voice level being too low, whatsapp audio not working, network connection problems with mobile data/wlan, closing/minimizing/not closing android apps, bad gps precision, bugs in calender and event screen e.g. twitter links not working with sfos browser, apps that depend on gplay services, no radio fm, etc. All that worked fine with my Aquafish on sfos 2. Now I’ve better phone(xa2) and payed for sfos x 3.1, but all this issues. So what can we users expect from Jolla? At least some feedback on this and a roadmap would be fine. Thanks and regards.

    • Avatar

      Curious if u will get an answer on all ur requests and if its a positive one.
      Maybe then I will return to SFOS otherwise I keep using LIN OS or sell my XA2.
      Sail on!

      • Avatar

        I am not supriced anymore, lack of comms updates, decent replies, missing roadmaps and so on!

        ps please comment on any subject mentioned in previous replies from us sailors/users or devs to keep this forum/blog alive as long as we can because jolla wont!

    • Avatar

      Yes, indeed. We are waiting for 3.2.0.xx. Is there something that we as Sailfish OS users should know? Some official information from Jolla Co should be very expected and accepted. If an information policy of a company if so minimal (-> 0), so …

      • Avatar

        The long period since SFOS 3.1, together with the lack of communication, may indicate some major change in 3.2 that requires more testing. May be Jolla is finally working on updating Android compatibility for Xperia X. Some hints from project meetings seem to indicate that. If that is true, I am willing to wait for official information a few days (or weeks) longer!

        • Avatar

          Actually, it’s no problem to wait a little longer – as long as we get what Jolla promised and announced for sailfish os 3/x. The status quo – this can’t it be, right? I also tried to report all the bugs & issues I discovered to the forum at And, I’m a long year user of meego, sfos being enthusiastic about Jolla …

        • Avatar

          Well, I am not going to wait any update for long anymore. While we are waiting for something unreal, our fellows with other ui’s allready have these what we are waiting for vain.

          • Avatar

            … for vane. 😆😅😂

          • Avatar

            @jps What exactly are you waiting for? Generally I find SailfishOS updates frustrating. They take ages to download, are risky and – above all – hardly ever contain visible improvesments. (“Other UI’s”?)

            • Avatar

              Well. about Apple’s updates: ever more complicated UI, features I do not want (ipad), more analysing and tracking, more luring into the system and more subscriptions. About Google: do you really fancy its face – and eye recognition, its locking in? I think of all the alternatives at the moment Sailfish is still the most attractive, certainly for the not so tech savvy.

  64. Avatar

    hi. how i can encrypt sd card?

    • Avatar

      Hi sailor, your question or request will be answered more likely @

  65. Avatar

    camera suddenly stopped working.
    strange. without reason. i flash all images again.

    • Avatar

      Openrepos has a nice camera app: Advanced Camera. It is in Jolla Store too. You could give it a try.

  66. Avatar

    I had a linking problem. After using Sailfish Utilities several times, this problem didn’t occur, so far.

  67. Avatar

    I tried this app.did not help me. some web site i can not open too. for, example, fintelum home page. sound level bar somewhere lost after using phone. strange thinks. good news- f2fs is supported. partial. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Having stayed in 3.1 for too long, I hope to see big improvements in 3.2, such as having a modern browser.

  68. Avatar

    Please, don’t forget you owe us money.. You can be absolutely sure there will be people like me who will never forget

    • Avatar

      Yes, but what you call a “refund” issue isn’t a comment about Sailfish OS Seitseminen.
      Which is what this blog-post is about.
      “the community” is also made of people extremely bored of reading these out-of context questions.
      Whatever opinion anyone can have on either you got robbed either you made a bet on crowdfunding and lost your bet, anyhow that money you put helped to build Sailfish 3, which is great.
      See yourself as a sponsor maybe could help?

  69. Avatar

    On “James Noori on February 23, 2018 at 1:32 pm… Currently, the whole team is busy with MWC preparations which means we won’t have time to proceed with any refunds”
    I hope that a year and 3/4 has been enough to recover from MWC. Please give us an update about the refund for the tablet. Don’t forget that we all paid money in good faith. In return, we are owed timely responses and updates.

    • Avatar

      Yes, but what you call a “refund” issue isn’t a comment about Sailfish OS Seitseminen.Which is what this blog-post is about.“the community” is also made of people extremely bored of reading these out-of context questions.Whatever opinion anyone can have on either you got robbed either you made a bet on crowdfunding and lost your bet, anyhow that money you put helped to build Sailfish 3, which is great.See yourself as a sponsor maybe could help?

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