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Jolla Summer 2017: CEO’s Update

Dear Jolla fans and followers,

It’s been a busy first half of the year here at Jolla, and we’re working hard to get the big OS agenda moving forward.
We have positive progress and major future business potential with Sailfish openings e.g. in China and Russia. While these projects are big and take time, they’re developing steadily and we expect them to grow into sizable businesses for us overtime. These two are now our key customers but the projects are in early phase and our revenues are tight.  At the same time realizing this opportunity requires significant R&D investments from our licensing customers and Jolla.

Meanwhile, as Russia and China are progressing, we also have good traction with other new potential licensing customers in different regions. Good discussions are ongoing, and we’re waiting eagerly to get to share those with you.

At Jolla, we are still in an intensive R&D investment phase and very dependent on our investors who believe in our business model and future potential. Before the company turns positive from licensing revenues, the financial situation remains extremely focused and tight. As we know, developing a mobile OS is a huge task and investment, and it will take years to carry fruit. For reference, it took almost 1B€ and six years for Nokia and partners to bring MeeGo up and alive, and we’re pursuing the same path, although in quite a different way and style using the benefits of being small and agile compared to the big corporations.

Jolla Tablet refunds

It has been a while since our last update about the remaining Jolla Tablet refunds – we are committed to it and we will be progressing on it in a pace our financial situation permits us to do. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thus, we have now decided to take a phased approach to the refund process and start executing refunds every month the company makes positive cash flow from its core business – the Sailfish OS licensing. We will start this process in July 2017, and move in a pace that fits our financial progress described above. This means that some of our tablet backers will get their refund earlier than others, which is unfortunately unavoidable in this situation. To make it fair for everyone we will start these refunds in a random order. Those random picked for the first run will receive an email from us to confirm all the needed details. You’ll also have an option to support the Sailfish OS movement simply by donating your remaining refund, if you so wish.

I can assure you that this topic has been painful for everyone of us here at Jolla. My apologies on the delayed process and thank you for your continued patience and support on this matter.

Shortly also about the Sony Xperia X project, as we realize many are waiting for news about it: we’re working on the project and we will update you next week about the next steps.

Big opportunities

As a summary, I can say that Jolla is currently in a very interesting situation and we have big opportunities in sight. We also have a vibrant and enthusiastic developer and fan community supporting us. Thank You! You are utmost important to us, and we hope to live up to your expectations. It takes time and a lot of effort but we’ll deliver.

Now, I wish everyone a great summertime! We will soon get back to the topics mentioned above.

Sincerely, your Jolla captain,

Sami Pienimäki

CEO & Co-founder of Jolla Ltd. Opportunistic entrepreneur, loves family, skiing and cars.



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    Finally some words about the second refund!
    I agree this is a fair deal IF (yes one big IF) you publish your positive figures or numbers of total refunds you need to make vs you are making every month (if your figures are positive).

    Expect only patience when you are transparent / honest in your communication (as we have reminded Jolla endless times before).

    Transparency would have resulted in a completely different story, and I REALLY regret that it took JOLLA this long to finally get there.

    But hey better late than never.

    Thank you Mr CEO please take my comment into account and have a special page (with credentials if you do not want to share your financial figures with the whole world but only the people you owe a refund) available for us refunders / table backers to check what the status is in regard of the process.
    This is CRUCIAL so I urge you to have some system in place to have this information available.

    PLEASE be transparent with us in regard of this final part of the refund process.

    Hoping this message is received and you take this into account.

    If so .. both thumbs up for you !

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    Thank you Mr. Pienimäki. I’ve tried to keep the transparency up in the refunding schedule the best I could, and it’s great to read you’re continuously on the case. I find this latest scheduling very fair regarding the contributors, but it does include one issue:

    Are you going to share, in openness, how many contributors you are refunding on each month and how many there are left to be refunded? If so, this would be a great way to handle the whole issue, but if not, the schedule enables further delays without updates (while there’s no last day given). All the best for your profiting, we’ve really been waiting for that!

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    Random order??? Haha. Love random order. Approximately how many first batch? How do you know it’s random? Someone at jolla decide. That’s not random.

    Why not take it countywise?

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      wow! this is so good news!!! Now it’s actually possible that Dave will be the last one to get refund!!! Karma please!

      • Avatar

        I’m happy to be last since that means everyone got the option.

    • Avatar

      “Approximately how many first batch?”
      It’s depending on the profit made, I assume.
      “How do you know it’s random?”
      Since you’ll be doubting the integrity of Jolla, how would you prove it’s not random? I think when you’re accusing something which you can’t prove, this is called defamation.

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    Thanks for the update. I’m eagerly awaiting the Sony update next week. I’d waive my refund if I had one coming; alas I’ve never been interested in any tablet of any kind, so that’s moot. I hope your Russian and Chinese ventures bear fruit – I might get the new Sailfish Inoi phone myself if the Sony project is delayed…

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      I like the idea: a free Image of Sailfish OS for Xperia X instead of the refund – and otherwise selling the image for money that you can use for refunding those that are not interessted in an SFOS Image for the Xperia X.

      • Avatar

        +1 : I’d happily exchange my refund for a free XPeria Image of Sailfish OS!!!

        • Avatar

          As a long jolla supporter I’d say +1, yesss !! 🙂 ….

          But from jolla’s side, interested not only in re-building trust but enthusiasm for SFOS per se, I think a gesture saying “sorry for disappointing your expectations – thank you for waiting – may we deserve a second chance” I’d say refund + one Xperia-Image would be truly liberating & reconciling ….

          [ but of course it’s not up to me to decide 😉 ]

      • Avatar

        But how is it with Sony’s approval?

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    Thank you posting, too.Good luck. I hope you’ll manage. I have a quit new Jolla C, so I have to live with it. But the other equipment like smart watches for Jolla phones are eagerly waited for.

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    “we’re working on the project and we will update you next week about the next steps.”

    That’s all?? That’s the only news we are getting 8 days away from the end of Q2?

    Am starting to smell a turd forming!!

    Anyone else reckon we aint getting our hands on the new phones on the 30th???

    • Avatar

      Imagine the excitement when I received an email from Sony this afternoon… was this the announcement of the Jolla collaboration and the release of the Xperia? Timed to coincide with the end of Q2 (as stated by Jolla)? No… an update on the XE70 series 4k TV.

      BraapBraap might have a good olfactory nerve…

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      I 100% agree. It was something James said in the discussion part of the previous blog post that had some of us taken aback. I will be genuinely surprised if we get positive news next week.

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      Jolla might be in a difficult situation (again). The money is in the licensing and corporate/government agreements, perhaps also volume sales obtained that way. But if they don’t release some support for current devices to individual users and developers, they risk losing the support and goodwill of the open-source community.

      So they’d have to allocate some money for individual buyers and phones, even if it might not turn a profit, just to keep users excited and have developers write apps for the platform.

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    Thank you for this update. How many nights till Xperia with Sailfish 🙂

    • Avatar

      a lot longer than you think buddy! 😀

  8. Avatar

    Thank you – keep doing a good OS.

  9. Avatar

    Good to hear from Jolla! Dogs barked but caravan goes on… 😉

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    I was so excited that refund starting in July that accidentally forgot to thank for refund blog post. So thanks.

    Any way we can have a monthly or everything second month update regarding the refund progress bar with maybe a percentage left to ask Refund or donate?

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    “the company makes positive cash flow from its core business – the Sailfish OS licensing.”

    So are you actually saying that you are already making money from licensing Sailfish? If so then that is great news.

    If not than sadly this falls just in the category of too many empty promises.

    • Avatar

      yes, if not most supporters are refunded at the end of a year it’s pretty bad.

      1100 refunds per month? And 30% donate, 5% lost email och simply fortgot about jolla and the tablet. That means 35% can be refunded next month.

      • Avatar

        “if not most supporters are refunded at the end of a year it’s pretty bad.”
        …or is it a sign Jolla (still) doesn’t make enough profit?

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    Heh. Already forgot the refund.. But thanks for the update.

    Been stuck with WP10 for a year from work.

    Hoping to see some nice dual sim phone that works well with Sailfish.

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    Well you’ve now created yet more false promises about refunds by changing yet again what you promise. As an insolvent Company whose directors continue to trade you must be very confident given your personal liability.

    You’re also offering a process that is obscure, and as transparent as a brick wall

    Are you going to publish your monthly cash flow and your accounts together with the algorithm you will use to select the “random” mugs who you refund? How else will we know if you are finally delivering on your previously empty promises.

    Please also tell us how many months in the last 12 months you have delivered a positive cash flow? How else can we assess whether this offer (which you have not consulted us on) offers a chance of working?

    Will your independent auditors audit the process and provide us with an annual report on how well you are doing in delivering it?

    As creditors we have the option to wind up the Company. That would be my choice in the absence of empty promises that lack detail.

    Please commit to deliver the information I have requested or I would propose that the unsecured creditors petition to wind Jolla up. Enough is enough.

    • Avatar

      You and everyone like you can pound sand, as far as I’m concerned. Jumping head first into any crowdfunding project with an absolute conviction you’ll see a return on the funds you put in is incredibly naïve. Welcome to the real world were projects fail and you sometimes lose money betting on the wrong horse. The people who are still harping about refunds several years after the fact have problems Jolla will never be able to fix. I’m amazed that they still try, but I’d hardly say you are deserving of their continued efforts.

      • Avatar

        You do understand that you’ve just called Jolla a “wrong horse” that we shouldn’t have bet money on, do you?

        • Avatar

          I called the tablet the wrong horse, which it obviously was. I am betting on Jolla in the long run, having bought the Jolla 1, the Jolla C and the Intex Aqua fish – and will buy a Sony device as soon as an announcement is made. A tablet however is a redundant device – the void it tries to fill between a phone and a laptop had never existed for me.

          And for some of those who did want a tablet and never got one, still being here crying about refunds after all this time is laughably delusional. You’re not “creditors”, you’re just a bunch of schmucks who parted ways with a couple of bucks essentially as a donation through a crowdfunding project, in the hopes of seeing a device down the road that failed to materialize. I would’ve chalked it up to bad judgement and moved on ages ago, and would certainly be embarrassed to whine about it so many months later. That Jolla still apparently caters to this group of whiners in word if not in deed is both admirable and somewhat ridiculous.

          • Avatar

            I’m not sure if you are skilled in buissniess and marketing. Have it ever occurred to you that it could also be about more important things than money?

            Trust and relationships.

            If you don’t get what you order or crowedfunding buyers/supporters/devs are less likely to back that company again. Personally I would never support a company that didn’t deliver I move on to the next who does.

            Now, I like jolla to succeed but not on average joes excpence since they are the future of the compony. You might not see it but I guess someone must buy the future product or its bye bye.

            • Avatar

              Dave, you have obviously not “moved on”, you are displaying a manical obsession with this refund. Well, you can talk to the hand as far as I’m concerned. Jolla may entertain your grievance, but you’ll get no quarter from me.

              • Avatar

                fair enough. But to be honest. Your opinion in this matter is pretty much irrelevant.

                • Avatar

                  Rest assured that no opinion concerning anything to do with Jolla is less relevant than yours at this point.

                  • Avatar

                    Atleast jolla agrees with me with me which is what matters. They are doing the right thing. We can only hope they succeed. Take care Michael.

          • Avatar

            Well said, michael. One thing is to be disappointed, like me, because we wanted the device. We backed it because we liked the idea, after all. Quite another is to whine, demand and be a pain in the ass to the whole community.
            I’ve seen this all with Startbound from Chucklefish, and I believe Mollygos (their community manager) did an excellent job there.

            I have not lost trust in Jolla, Dave999. And I haven’t lost faith in Chucklefish either. In fact they both are very very promising startups. We all make mistakes. We understood why the tablet project failed, we knew it could go wrong from the very first moment we put money in something that wasn’t in stock yet, and we all moved on except a bunch of you who keep on thinking they’re entitled to get something they were never guaranteed to get. It’s stupid beyond any measure.

            And what’s the big deal with them randomizing the refund list? You complaining about that makes you look like the pointless complainers you are. You’re going to find some reason to be assholes even after you get your damn refund, aren’t you? Random order is not transparent? You want the random algorithm used to randomize the list? wtf are you even talking about? What’s the difference to you if it was in email’s alphabetical order? Would you want to see the list of all emails then? Why do you even care? You should be grateful Jolla and we the community are still replying to your miserable background noise.

      • Avatar

        You sir (michael.andersson ) are perfectly entitled to your own opinion, but you lost me straight away when you start calling people who asking their funds back “a bunch of schmucks who parted ways with a couple of bucks”

        It’s not a couple of bucks, and what you do not seem to remember is that Jolla kept promising time and time again that the Tablets would come for ALL backers.

        As mentioned 100 times before it’s not about what happened, it’s about the WAY it happened about the WAY Jolla kept its own community members in the dark by not sharing information or dispensing false information.

        Sir if you think this is ok, fine by me but that ends a discussion just then and there because I still believe in honesty and transparency being the base line of living my life / doing business and so do a lot of other people. (most people on this planet).

        You are judging me for standing up for my rights calling me al kinds of things, I just nod my head at people at you and walk on.
        I will not judge you as there is still hope for you, you might wake up some day and you too will see the light.

        I wish you all the best, but please stop judging me and the other backers who showed a lot of trust in Jolla which was never returned.

        • Avatar

          Well said.

          It’s interesting how during the last two years the most rude, bile and arrogant comments were made by Jolla fanboys, while those people who were asking for a refund were appealing to such things as “trust” and “keeping one’s promise”.

  14. Avatar

    > To make it fair for everyone we will start these refunds in a random order. Those random picked for the first run will receive an email from us to confirm all the needed details.

    This was one of the most hilarious things I’ve heard from Jolla so far. Instead of returning money in the same order people paid them (thus showing appreciation to the most loyal backers who pledged first), you are going to choose whatever people you want (and as many people as you want), expect us to believe that those people were chosen randomly (and were even chosen at all), and call this “fair”.

    Looks like you take us for idiots even more than two years ago.

  15. Avatar

    Hi Sami,

    having read carefully through the note : thank you very much for your clear update !

    Good to hear you are resuming with the 2nd round of refunds to settle that open story. Given your conditions an acceptable compromise has been found to cope with this issue ( at all ). IMHO serving your supporters in a timely instead of a random order was more fair for two reasons : first, you didn’t deliver the limited batch of tablets in a random order – second, those IGG contributions occurred over a period of several months, whereof those first contributors actually are accountable for drawing that avalanche of media and campaign interest which then further promoted both jolla and the project …..

    Regarding the Sony Xperia project and taking into account your key customer priorities just outlined above, I’m very happy hearing something about “the next steps” at last instead of expecting a “first release by the end of Q2/2017” ( mentioned in your Feb. 27 press release ).

    Thanks again for your sincere and open communication – obviously some concrete achievement would come next ….

    Keep sailing !

  16. Avatar

    Hi Sami,

    I don’t normally like to reward uncivilized and ignorant behaviour but I think random order of these tablet refunds should come after the rude and mindlessly obsessive individuals who act like they have been deliberately cheated out of a huge amount of money receive their refunds. After they are finally gone, you can start with random order and people who were not raised in a barn will be grateful. I wish I could just donate my refund but I’m retired and don’t have a lot of money these days,so all I can offer is my best wishes for much success with Sailfish.

    I would love a phone that can be used in Canada so the Xperia project is very exciting to me!

    • Avatar

      @Jozsef Too late. I already found my way into Jolla’s servers and deleted said individuals from the list. No matter if its random order or not now, they’ll never see a single Euro. I like to think of it as my magic spell. Now those guys are cursed and will forever haunt the interwebs, howling, trolling and searching for a myterious “refund” they never get. Only if they find the true love of an innocent Finnish princess the spell will be broken.

      • Avatar

        Well done – I mean, written …

        Fun is coming back to Jolla!

      • Avatar

        Benny. U are such a troll. More of that plz.

        Are you saying jolla security is so low that even you can hack it?

      • Avatar

        > No matter if its random order or not now

        Well, the magick is in the “Random Order”.. 😀

      • Avatar

        Hahaha you so funny.
        I contacted the authorities and reported you as an offender due to hacking into the Jolla servers.

        Hahahaha .. you funny clown !
        Ossi1967 you must have a said said life in your own make believe fantasy clowns world.

        I pity for you !

      • Avatar

        Thanks ossi1967 🙂

  17. Avatar

    Still got to wait until next week for more precise details on the Sony devices? Because the previous announcements were rather vague and confusing due to large parts of the agreement still being in the process of being hammered out. You’d hope that by now you would at least have all the contractual details hammered out and ready to be announced to the public. However I guess that’s better than nothing and I hope it also means that the fixes for the devices are almost ready.

    I do have to admit that I ended up moving on to another device after trying it out and falling in love with the really smooth UI afforded by much higher end hardware. SailfishOS on something akin to a Snapdragon 800 is probably going to be smooth as all hell and I can’t wait to get my hands on that.

  18. Avatar

    Hi Sailors,

    distracted by the topics addressed above and some thinking about jolla’s development, I forgot wishing all of you hard-working sailors highly recreational and inspiring vacational leavings !

    Enjoy your summertime :)) !!

    • Avatar

      +1 Enjoy the summer and keep sailing!

      Thank you!

  19. Avatar

    will sailfishos be aeailable for Nokia 3, 5 or 6?

    • Avatar


      I wish it was true, especially Nokia6 or the rumored Nokia9…

  20. Avatar

    I have said and written this endless times already, but i take this chance to say it one last time.

    The courage Jolla employees showed when starting the adventure was truly remarkable.
    The same cannot be said about your skills and planning.

    I suppose the motivation came from wanting to continue to delvelop
    a product that was both technically good and well received by the customers, that was Harmattan.

    However, Sailfish turned into the perfect demonstration that it’s not enough to start from a very good product to be successful.
    On the contrary, it has shown that it’s extremely easy to screw it up as soon as (the wrong) changes are introduced.
    Which is what happened.

    It would have been sufficient to change the least possible of harmattan, and simply listen to the customer’s need (support for
    multicore, a quick settings panel like even symbian had already, and few other things), and try to keep the look and feel as close as possible.

    But no. Someone felt smart. Someone felt innovative.
    Someone even went so far to say “No standard Qt Controls in our SDK! Users MUST write their apps adhering to our revolutionary UI, with world-changing pulley menus” and so forth.

    Well, it turned out that pulley menus and all these “revolutionary” innovations weren’t actually appreciated by the market, an Sailfish OS remained in a very tiny niche, to the point that, at this very moment, no official Jolla phone is even produced anymore.

    So, my pleading is to listen to the market, and don’t be arrogant.
    Do what people want. Learn from success stories (swipe UI) and failures (your UI), and try to identify the reasons. At worst, just copy what’s good, like it’s common practice on the other side of the world.

    And avoid releasing again something that makes little sense, if any.

    • Avatar

      I cannot confirm this. In my surroundings ( not limited to IT guys at all ) many have found the tablet’s formfactor, haptics, design & elegant ease of interaction very appealing. Controllable privacy settings & independence from intrusive big-players usually draws further attention ….
      We’re using two tablet devices at home : one as a dedicated jukebox connected to the stereo, the other one for browsing the web on the couch or at the kitchen table. Anyone visiting our place is free to use them as they please. I’ve purchased 2 tablets via Taobao at the time – as I considered the risk of getting served properly lower than with jolla. Sad story.

      The conversation / interest in SFOS usually quickly declines by admitting that those devices are not available to anyone “normal” at all ( and not even for me any more ). jolla & SFOS quickly boil down to a pure geek venture serving & pleasing geeks. All enthusiasm & arguments [ < @jolla: mark my order ] vaporizing almost within a blink an eye ….

      To conclude, lacking devices still is the main issue for SFOSes limited distribution; even though the Indian market was not too susceptible for the Intex. But let's be honest : my highly social-media involved wife ( accompanying our 1 year old daughter anywhere ) clearly despises the jolla C apart better performance & larger screen size for the abysmally poor picture quality the main camera is delivering.
      You cannot launch a device with that poor camera performance without getting questioned. Sadly, the jolla C actually thwarts your social life ….

      So, the Xperia decision just is a logical consequence to the issues just mentioned above. Jolla must keep sticking to it to deliver both its first ambassadors [ the familiar community ] AND re-stocking its dead online store [ for the ambassadors to refer to ]. It have been the first few thousands of ambassador IGG-supporters, which made the tablet campaign successfully popular and further spread through out global media incl. high-circulation daily newspapers.

      In that sense : good luck, jolla !! Seize the summer to breath, recreate & inspire ! d ^_^ b

    • Avatar

      I couldn’t agree more. When I bought Jolla in 2014, I was absolutely sure that I will essentially get my beloved Harmattan, but with some glitches ironed out and on a more powerful hardware than N9. Instead I got an utterly raw OS (that looked like it was made from scratch during a couple of years), and on a crappy hardware.

      All I needed was that someone continued to support MeeGo, that was already nearly-perfect at that point. Instead Jolla decided to “fix” what wasn’t broken.

    • Avatar

      But we are not sure about what Jolla started with, are we? The Harmattan UI was made by Nokia and Intel, so would Jolla could have reused it?
      If not, they had to rewrite it, and then maybe Jolla thought it was a good occasion to try to bring some new identity in it. Even if the Harmattan UI is still a reference, I agree.

  21. Avatar

    It took six years for MeeGo OS to end up on the defunct Nokia N9 (a mobile phone I owned) only for Nokia to jettison it in favour for a partnership with Microsoft. I suppose Nokia didn’t see a promising future with MeeGo OS. Nokia thought it had a better future with Windows Mobile OS. Alas, that accelerated Nokia’s downward spiral. In fact, the majority of the mobile phone retailers I have visited over the years told me Lumia phones were very useful paperweights. When Nokia partnered with Microsoft, I felt betrayed because Nokia was an underdog who had potential. To my knowledge, Nokia was a Finnish company whose current CEO is an Asian (Indian) bloke. Does that mean Nokia no longer manufactures its phones in Europe? How did it affect Finland?

    • Avatar

      How did the end of producing phones in Europe affect Finland? Nokia’s phone production in Finland was concentrated to the city of Salo and they were pretty badly hit by production ended and when Microsoft closed the R n’ D labs there it was only made worse. Thankfully a lot of the old workers have found work in new companies in the area so it’s not all doom and gloom, but it’s probably going to be a good while before the Salo area really recovers.

      I wish the bad news had ended at Microsoft buying up the phone divisions, shutting down parts of them and then flogging what was left of them to HMD Global. Their networks division, which has been making good profits for some time, recently bought out one of their main competitors based in France. To do so had to make a deal with the French government not to lay any people off over there when they laid off redundant staff. The result was thousands of layoffs in Finland and Germany and rather annoyingly this was just as I was about to graduate with a degree in Computer Engineering. It came so close to home that not only did it badly sour my post-graduation job market, when I did get a job, the two other people hired at the same time were both former Nokia Networks staff laid off because of this Faustian deal with the French government.

    • Avatar

      > I suppose Nokia didn’t see a promising future with MeeGo OS

      Go do your homework on Stephen Elop and the “Burning Platform” crap.

      • Avatar

        I STILL hate Elop to this day!

        Just imagine all the devices we could have had by now if Nokia had simply carried on from the N9 original!

        • Avatar

          Don’t blame Elop for nokias decline and lack of innovation. They were beaten by a screen with no functionality and didnt have the skill to change and adjust. Started long before Elop.

          An besides, without that debacle we wouldn’t have jolla, tablet refund or possibly a Xperia X port.

          • Avatar

            This time your trolling is too obvious, try something more subtle.

            • Avatar

              Not trolling. There are LOTs of papers written on the subject and nowhere is the conclusion that elop was to blamed Nokias slippery slop. He join the sinking ship too late, sure They could possibly delayed the destruction a short while by continue with meego/symbian(instead of Windows) but the outcome would be the same. Apple was beating them with hw and android with sw.

  22. Avatar

    Ah, c’mon Jolla!

    Where the heck is the Xperia Sailfish???

  23. Avatar

    Patience, Braap^2. Jolla said the “end” of Q2. Still a few days to go…Could be a fun-packed perjantai!
    (And, no, I don’t necessarily believe that either but we can console ourselves that Elite will be available on the PS4 from 27th..)

    • Avatar

      no time to play as I’ve cleared my schedule to play with my brand new Sailfish Xperia!

      Just a few days left yaaaaay!

  24. Avatar

    Hi folks

    I haven’t missed any Xperia announcements have I?

  25. Avatar

    Could someone tell me why every Tom-Dick-and-Harry wants a tablet nowadays? Other than portability, they aren’t all that great. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer a laptop. Someone mentioned Elop being behind the downfall of Nokia. I can’t speak to that, but I think it was the Symbian OS. Does anyone remember it?

    • Avatar

      Tablets are pointless and superfluous. No void exists between a large-screen smartphone and a laptop for another device to fill. Tablet manufacturers have to fool prospective buyers into thinking that one does. That’s why to me it was almost poetic justice when people forked out cash for a Jolla tablet that they never received. The joke was – doubly – on them!

      Symbian was a very good OS for its day. The blame for the downfall of Nokia rests squarely on Elop and his bromance with Microsoft.

      • Avatar

        Piece of advice: there is this “IMHO” acronym that people put before such statements. Without it you look like a presumptuous douche.

        • Avatar

          telling someone that they’re a “presumptuous douche” risks making you look like a…erm… do i put this?…..a “presumptuous douche” tbh…………..

          ………….imho of course!

          • Avatar

            I did not call him like that, I merely said that he looks like one. Big difference.

            I always strive to think that people are good by default.

            • Avatar

              “Big difference.”

              …..erm….ok, you keep telling yourself that!

              “I always strive to think that people are good by default.”

              …..apart from those times you’re telling them that they look like presumptuous douches……ya?!

        • Avatar

          If someone gives their, you know, *opinion* – isn’t it a bit redundant to inform everyone that it is indeed their opinion…? I thought that went without saying.

      • Avatar


        Nokia was ALREADY in decline and resting on its laurels by the time Elop walked in the door. How could you forget the mess that was the N97? Elop would never have been allowed anywhere near Nokia if they didnt think that they were already in trouble.

        But Elop was obviously an inside man for Microsoft who’s only job was to gut and prep Nokia for its eventual takeover by Microsoft and the use of Windows software.

        Literally every time he opened his mouth as Nokia CEO the Nokia share price tumbled announcement after announcement after announcement!

        Still hate the guy!

    • Avatar

      @caloma Of course I remember Symbian and I still miss it. With Symbian, I could do things in 2007 that Android/iOS still couldn’t do years later. It was a great OS.

      • Avatar

        Presumably you mean “geeky” or hobbyist type things as opposed to real-world tasks (like booking flights or editing a spreadsheet in the cloud or transferring money between accounts)?

        • Avatar

          @snowfun Why do you try to comment on Symbian when you obviously never used it? Symbian was the first mobile platform (other than Microsoft’s own) that MS ported their office applications to. And yes, it supported editing both local and remote documents. – Why would you even think that transferring money could be some kind of witchcraft that only the most advanced technology can master?

          OTOH, Symbian had my mobile carriers SIP account automatically configured and ready to be used right from the call UI (with my standard mobile number)… a feature that Apple “invented” a decade later.

          • Avatar

            “Comment”? I didn’t try to comment. I asked a question because I was interested. Nor did I mention “witchcraft”. I just referred to the type of app one might frequently use now.
            I’d never even heard of Symbian until I read these posts (let alone used it). Sorry for showing a general interest in the topics being discussed – back to chuckling at the sarcastic and ironic comments being made about tomorrow’s Sony release…

            • Avatar

              Please excuse me if you find my question offensive, but how old are you?

    • Avatar

      Symbian allowed me to do (more or less) the same things in 2007 on my N95 that I can do now on a modern iPhoid phone. It was an ingenious OS that allowed you to put every processor cycle and every byte of RAM to a good use.

  26. Avatar

    Only 3 days left. I am so excited…! New hw, refund and probably new sw? Can’t wait to hold a new freaky Jolla/Sony/Sailfish device in my hands.

  27. Avatar

    Did I miss the big announcement???

    • Avatar

      Jeez. Take some sedatives, man.

      • Avatar

        I will, they’re arriving the 2nd Q! 😀

        • Avatar

          Like your style. Full speed ahead. If you aren’t über excited before a release you should probobly look elsewhere.

          Keep it up man!

          • Avatar

            People line up the day before launch to get the iPhone, so why can’t we virtually line online for the jPhone? 😉

          • Avatar

            Dave999….just between you and me….if I lived anywhere near the Jolla “harbour”….every working day would start & end with me driving to their offices and parking up right outside and beeping my horn & flashing my headlights…..they would free of course to interpret this type of behaviour as friendly vocal support (like a football for example) or harassment (like a stalker/ex-partner)

            I can promise you that this behaviour would continue until the day I get a another hunk of plastic, glass, metal & chips in my hand with a Sony Logo and a Sailfish boot up screen!

            Now where the f#@k is my Xperia!?! Beep beep!
            Beep beep!
            Beep beep!

            • Avatar

              Hopefully Sony does not run out of glass or changed some specifications which don’t fit to the hardware in stock anymore…. ;)or stopped production of X-model due to low demand on markets… 🙂

              • Avatar

                good point!

                I’m counting on the price being low for this device (Jolla take note!)….as the Sony Xperia X has hardly set the mobile world alight….I’m guessing there must be warehouses full of unsold Xperia X stock

            • Avatar

              Great, lead the hype train!

  28. Avatar

    Could someone buy or make a reservation about the whole first batch, in case the number is lower than 1000 pcs.? Afterwards we could share it here between the participators on the blog! 🙂 I guess the devices will be sold out already after the first 5 minutes after the announcement (or probably 5 minutes before the announcement) :)))))

    • Avatar

      What makes you think it’s going to be a limited supply? There’s already plenty of Xperias to buy on ebay!

      • Avatar

        Right, plenty Xperia to buy but without sailfish OS. Would prefer a Sony ZX or higher, at least a XA1… But nobody of jolla asks the community. We are here to receive and not to choose. 😉
        The shelf is empty, and if there will be some devices, thank god if you can mange to get one. It is new venture communism time… 🙂
        By the way, where is the queue? lol

    • Avatar


      I’m down with the bulk buy idea!

  29. Avatar

    Woop woop!

    less than 24 hours peeps!

    I’m at the front of the queue! 😀

    • Avatar

      Yes, in the refund queue!!! 😉
      It is so silent about the new hardware… It is magic! I can here the air sizzling. The news must be great and overwhelming.
      Pssssstttt, there is a secret to share…. about a big, BIG thing!

      • Avatar

        refund – shmefund!

        i want that damned Xperia! get behind me bra! no elbows!

        But your right, the air is electric, the Jolla staff are all abuzz with excitement. The stage is set, the music selected, the Jolla cheerleaders have their pom-poms at the ready

        Outside the Jolla offices they can hear that faint chanting of “Jolla! Jolla! Jolla! Jolla!” from an exicted crowd that has sprung up 48 hrs in advance

        This reveal will put all the apple & ms product announcements to shame!


        • Avatar

          I knew it! Thanks!
          Who’s the DJ?
          And just think about that: to receive the first SailfishXperia, as the first one in the queue, the first one to present it to the crowd by holding it in your hands in the air and sreaming: “I got it!”

      • Avatar

        I’m in the Refund queue too

        • Avatar

          If I remember right: We will have over 10.000 queues. Everybody has his own queue and you are the FIRST one in your queue! 🙂
          The question is: “Where are you positioned with your queue?”….
          IMHO: The more comments your leave here on the blog the higher the chances to get refunded early….

  30. Avatar


    • Avatar

      Just few questions still remaining:

      #where is the former boss Antti Saarnio now? (posting on facebook from HongKong?)
      #why does the actual boss, Sami Pienimäki, leaving to holidays before his employees?
      #where is James?
      #is Jolla shut down already for summer leave?
      #who’s switching of the light in the office?
      #who’s still there?
      #who’s answering the phone and who’s recieving the orders?
      #who’s turning back after summer leave?
      #are already all gone while James will post the message tomorrow from Bahamas/HongKong/or elsewere?

      • Avatar

        James is the new boss!

      • Avatar

        Hello! James here 😀 I guess that answers one of your questions!

        For the others:
        Antti Saarnio is Jolla’s chairman of the board. Sami Pienimäki is our CEO.
        Antti Saarnio is based in Hong Kong in Jolla Asia office (which naturally is based in HK)
        Sami Pienimäki is based both in Finland and HK.

        About the holidays, who says that Sami is leaving before the employees? 🙂

        Jolla is not shut down for summer holidays. It won’t shut down either. Me personally won’t leave for summer holidays and will be active. There will be a lot of people gone for their vacation therefore the work will be a bit slower till they’re back, but it doesn’t mean that we are shutting down.

        The rest of your questions are probably answered already in my last one. The office won’t be empty, ever 😀 And I’m in Sweden as always!

        • Avatar

          Thanks James for your update!
          Sami said in his post:
          “Now, I wish everyone a great summertime!” 🙂 But still the announcement from today was missing.
          However, have a great summer leave!
          Hopefully the Xperia-Project is done in September. Good luck!

      • Avatar

        So Will we see any refunds this month or no? Love One way communication here. Pretty common with people with top positions. Atleast great to see James here

        • Avatar

          Well it is now September and I have had to send a reminder that I am still waiting

  31. Avatar

    To all the backers who are waiting for a refund: please stop moaning. Take your loss. Jolla bowed deep and it is important that they can go on now at full speed. Consider giving Jolla the money for the tablet or half of it ( that’s what I did) as a donation. The debt must be a real burden for the Jolla team, I think that it is best to go for the next device, the Xperia, although this is not my first choice. If enough people buy this phone, the future of Sailfish is more secure.

    • Avatar

      > Jolla bowed deep and it is important that they can go on now at full speed.

      This is a joke, right? How about the interest free 4.2 million dollar loan they took from Jolla Tablet backers which they haven’t repaid?

      The only reason Jolla still exists at all is because they took the money for the tablet and used it to stay in business.

      > Consider giving Jolla the money for the tablet or half of it ( that’s what I did) as a donation.

      Had Jolla been upfront and communicated clearly, frequently, and transparently about their difficulties, I would consider this. But they have been more opaque than Microsoft on this issue. 3 years later, I’m not in any mood to donate my money to these con artists.

      > The debt must be a real burden for the Jolla team

      Debt is part of business, it’s not a “burden” as you put it, and I’d say it’s mostly their own fault for managing things so incredibly poorly.

      If they had actually shipped the tablet to backers, there’s a high chance they would have hundred thousand happy backers doing free marketing for their product. Instead, they have 20,000 people pissed off that we still have nothing but hot air from Jolla.

      > If enough people buy this phone, the future of Sailfish is more secure.

      If Jolla had shipped the tablet, the future of Sailfish would be more secure. If Jolla had refunded backers so there wasn’t an army of very pissed off ex-Jolla customers, Sailfish would be more secure. If Jolla actually delivered solutions on schedule instead of just more press announcements about products coming “soon” the future of Sailfish would be more secure.

      > please stop moaning

      I’ll stop “moaning” when Jolla stops being incompetent at every opportunity.

  32. Avatar

    Hi jolla. Are you alive?

    • Avatar

      Yes we are. Keep an eye on an update regarding the refunds here.

      • Avatar

        I was retired when I donated for what I thought was a good tablet Now at 68 i wonder if I will see the refund

  33. Avatar

    Glad to see you are alive, I was 68 when I backed Jolla (my first ever), I am wondering if I will be when the 2nd installment arrives. Pension Pot needs its money back!

  34. Avatar

    Sorry about the repeat it came up as an error the first time

  35. Avatar

    I was 64 when I first backed it

  36. Avatar

    при установки обновления перестал работать телефон, что сделать чтоб он включился?

  37. Avatar

    всё замечательно работало пока не начал устанавливать обновление, акомулятор был заряжен на 97%, во время установки выключился и больше не включился(

  38. Avatar

    wow, a whole lot had happened. Didn’t receive any email related to this. In terms of fairness, going random doesn’t seem to be fair. Why cannot you refund all of us with the same amount equal to your financially feasible/allowable amount divided by the name of backers who demanded refund?

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