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Updating Sailfish OS really pays off – here’s why!

Are you familiar with the Sailfish OS update icon in the image above? If you are a Jolla / Sailfish OS user you absolutely should be! When you see this icon on your lock screen you know it’s time for action – seriously.

We at Jolla work differently compared to other mobile operating system developers you know. We think and operate in an iterative way, meaning that our development is a continuous flow of ideas, updates, fixes, new features, user feedback and software releases. 

Why should you care?

You, as our customer get to enjoy the results of this flow continuously, as we aim to release frequent software updates. We think this approach ensures that you have the best software available at the time, we can have an ongoing flow of user feedback, and, we simply can react faster compared to releasing more seldom.       

We also believe that updating the software often makes your mobile experience richer, and lowers the threshold of updating. Remember that it is YOU we are doing this for, so please remember always to update to the latest software version!  

If you don’t know how to update your software, read instruction here

Highlights of our updates – this is what you get when updating! 

Currently our team is working on getting the 14th Sailfish OS update out to you in just a short while. We are also closely following the security vulnerability fixes available in the open source components our platform is based on.

In the previous 14 updates we’ve released a lot of useful and cool stuff for you to enjoy. We’ve also upgraded our connectivity stack in the meantime for better connection handling. As a small summary, here are a few highlights for you from the Sailfish OS journey: 

Private Browsing – Aaslakkajärvi Browse the web without generating browsing history files on your device.

IMAP push support – Äijänpäivänjärvi Receive instant notifications of received email also with IMAP accounts (previously only Exchange)

Customisable Ambience highlight colour – Yliaavanlampi Go to Gallery -> Ambiences to change the highlight color of your ambience. Read all about this here.

New Browser User Interface – Yliaavanlampi Read all about this here.

The Weather app – Yliaavanlampi Read more about this here.

Maps overlays: Night, Satellite, Car, Public transport – Vaarainjärvi 

Flip to silence – Vaarainjärvi Flip your phone screen down to silence an incoming call, calendar call or snooze an alarm. The same actions with a quick tap on the power key!

Power key tricks – Vaarainjärvi Double tap the power key to make the device request the device lock code next time you open the screen.

Double tap the power key when locked to go straight to open apps in the Home view (provided you don’t have a device lock code) Read all about this here.

Share clipboard (copy-paste functionality) between Android and native SailfishOS apps – Vaarainjärvi

Save passwords to Browser – Vaarainjärvi You can choose to save your passwords of log-in fields in the Browser.

Sailfish Utilities – Vaarainjärvi Not a new feature as such, but in order to download this system maintenance tool your software needs to be at Read all about this here.

Edit single occurance of a recurring event in Calendar – Vaarainjärvi 

Search option in Media player app – Vaarainjärvi Search for media, albums and artists  from the pulley menu in different views of the app

Automatically save draft emails on page exit – Vaarainjärvi 

Dedicated covers for Android apps in Home view – Tahkalampi 

Set separate sync schedules per email account – Tahkalampi 

Add shortcuts to webpages in the app launcher area – Tahkalampi 

Privacy settings for Browser – Saapunki Removing browsing data and being able to configure “Do Not Track” settings. Read more about this here.

Personalized Lock Screen pulley menu – Saapunki Launch applications straight from the Lock Screen! Add applications in Settings -> System -> Shortcuts

Folders in app Launcher – Saapunki Arrange your installed applications into nifty folders.

4G (LTE) – Saapunki

And there’s more to come! Look out for some very exciting changes coming soon! 



Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


  1. Avatar

    Great post! Faster feedback > faster development > better next upgrade 🙂 Just a minor note: Check the count of released upgrades

  2. Avatar

    Email search. Oh… I have waited for this day to come! Thank you guys keep up the good work

  3. Avatar

    I think people that read Jolla blog update automatically. But good summary.

  4. Avatar

    I love the frequent updates, but there is a big downside: patches and some apps stop working.

    I must say that I was much happier with the previous release. With the current release I lost:

    * Toggle 3g in events view
    * Swipe to dismiss events
    * Disable swipe from left on android apps
    * Proper android notifications via the “android notifications app”.

    Other patches have (very thankfully) already been updated.

    I know those are third-party apps/patches, but I really believe that Jolla should look into them, as they really only exist to solve obvious limitations on Sailfish OS that make it that much cumbersome to used when compared to e.g. Android.

    The first day with the new patch I felt I had regressed to a beta version of sailfish os, because I had to live without all of them.

    So please Jolla, look at all of these patches, and consider adding their functionality. I know Sailfish OS doesn’t want to be an android clone, but there’s a reason even apple copied some of these concepts.

    • Pauliina Alanen

      Hi ianjo and thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, we can’t support non-tested apps and patches (i.e. those not submitted through Jolla Harbour and end up in Jolla store after proper QA). Best channel for making suggestions like adding functionality that the patches provide is through (TJC) – also you can gather votes/support from others where we can see the demand of such functionality. We are constantly improving Sailfish OS based on suggestions and feedback from TJC.

  5. Avatar

    Would be nice if I could update, but it fails with a vague error message about a problem with the store. If an update would work without a complete phone reset I would do. In your opinion do I care or not?

    • Pauliina Alanen

      Hi mascha, updating might fail if your connections cuts off. However if you’re sure to be connected, please contact our Care by sending them a ticket here.

  6. Avatar

    Hi, it is nice, that you are still updating. But I f.e. still waiting for adding character count to SMS writing dialog. This was posted to together more than year ago, but nobody did it yet (and I think, it might be quite easy to do it) 🙁 otherwise are updates cool

    • Avatar

      Yes this kind of feature is typically what adds a lot of usability for little effort

  7. Avatar

    My Jolla phone currently reports Sailfish OS version. I’m afraid to update due to recent bugs: extra battery drain and recent issue that sometimes a call cannot be answered. I’m using the phone for business purpose too and on specific days I must accept the call when it comes without being able to redial the number. What is the latest _stable_ release that you propose to install?

    • Pauliina Alanen

      Hi llg179 and thanks for your message! We always encourage Jolla users to update to the latest OS version, as every update comes with many fixes and improvements, but of course it is your own decision. Perhaps you could wait until the next update which will bring more memory management features that should help with the phone app issue (not being able to pick up)? However, please bear in mind that most of those users who have updated to use it without any problems.

      • Avatar

        Hi Pauliina, Thanks for your detailed answer. I have the feeling that my comment was not disregarded.
        New versions bring bugfixes and new functions with new bugs. Would it be possible to release a bugfix release only without including new (buggy) functions? I understand that some bugs can be fixed only with new functions however last few releases gave me the impression that high version number jumps try to follow one of the latest development releases. It is nice however at least the communication should suggest that the new version was not widely tested and a promise that upcoming bugs will be fixed shortly – without implementing new features that may bring new bugs.Currently there is a development version and one for users. It would really pay off to have a stable version too. Thanks

        • Avatar

          I updated to and ran into bug of accepting calls. My wife suggested to send the _phone_ back and reclaim the money. I bought it to support a new team who bravely stands on shoulders of open codes. The bug (cannot swipe to answer a call) was reported in too.I’m begging for a bug free stable version.

  8. Avatar

    Could you make publish all picture from downloaded update done from all story versions on a history page would be amazing for trace history of Sailfish OS 🙂

  9. Avatar

    Multitasking on Sailfish OS demonstrates all you’re running applications advantageously in one single view. Initially, you’ll see everything that is going ahead with thesis help, and additionally effectively switch between applications. You can likewise control Sailfish OS applications straightforwardly from the multitasking view – for instance, change your music or play and delay your video stream without opening the application in full.

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