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Welcome to the official Jolla Blog!

Dear Jolla community member, follower, fan, partner, and everyone else reading, 

It is a great pleasure to press ‘publish’ to the first post to the new official Jolla Blog! As many of you might know, Transparency is one of Jolla’s key values (others being Respect, Passion, and Love) and with this blog our aim is to provide everyone interested an opportunity to dive deeper into the Jolla world.

This blog is going to work as a hub for various kinds of Jolla content from hard-core technical talk to more lighter topics. We promise to be open, creative, passionate, and go behind the scenes in many ways, be that internally or e.g. introducing our dear community people/groups. Also, as Doing it Together is one of our mottos, we welcome any suggestions for content from you, our community as well!

It’s now been over a year since the Jolla smartphone entered the market, and some of you might ask ‘why now’ and ‘aren’t there enough channels already’?

After the amazing Jolla Tablet Indiegogo campaign, and us now having two devices and one amazing Sailfish OS, we decided that now is the perfect moment to kick-start this. We also respect and appreciate deeply all community blogs and fan pages (you know who you are :)), and aim to work together also here to elevate Jolla communications to new heights!

On behalf of the whole Jolla crew,



Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


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    Good move, community will surely appreciate to be able to link content, commentaries, reviews, critics and passionate Jolla love to an official blog by the maker of the only #unlike #SailfishOS-based mobile experience. Hopefully the native app and 3rd-party developers will find the blog interesting cause the success of Jolla is tightly linked to the growth of #SailfishOS application ecosystem.

    One question though, can anyone with Jolla account write here and post blog articles, comments, reviews, feature-requests app announcments and such, and how is the content here linked to Together forum or other community groups (like Jolla Pioneer Fans in FB or JollaTides and JollaUsers)?

    Will users have a profile and personal page here?

    (long-time advocate of ##SailfishOS and owner of #Jolla device #39)

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      Hi Jukka. Thanks for a good welcome! Our idea with this blog is basically to open up a new window to the Jolla world, and most definitely our community groups will be involved, as they are an inseparable part of Jolla. And our aim is also to link different channels (like in different ways – can’t tell yet exactly how, time will tell!

      With your Jolla accounts you can post comments, discuss, throw in ideas for future posts etc. We welcome all kinds of feedback, and read comments carefully.

      For your own articles, feature-request and so on, we recommend, which supports that better than this blog.

      Sail on!

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    Excellent idea, thank you!
    Will this blog be centered on users or developers? You know there is need for both…

    • Avatar

      Hi Mikelima,

      This blog will most definitely focus on both, since we are aiming to have very different kinds of content here. Tomorrow we have some serious developer stuff upcoming!

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        Very nice!
        I look forward to collaborate with other developers on github for great Sailfish apps.
        So far, I have only one small app in Jolla Store (tic-tac-toe game), but I have many ideas, also for the Tablet. I am prepared technically, after two online courses: on developing for SailfishOS, and on Qt cross-platform programming.

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    Cooool!! That’s something I was waiting for from a long long long time. I suppose/hope it will be better continuation of legacy of MyNokiBlog – thank you Jay and everybody of MNB for everything!

    Another thing which is obvious for me and which I am still waiting for is the Sailfish OS for my laptop with LibreOffice and any fair browser, I take on FireFox, but can be any other.

    IMHO LibreOffice is a must be for both smartphone and tablet, not any Caligra – with full respect to Calligra. Common office set LOo, for the common masses of users, those who want to use it for professional and business purposes. I remember OOo was running with N9 so it is for sure possible.

    “…and so it begins…” (from BabylonV, Vorlon’s voice in Comander’s head just before the war with the Shadows – if you remember that classic eventually 😉 )

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    how will it differ from

    • Pauliina Alanen | Jolla

      Hi Magullo,
      This blog is Jolla’s own, official blog. We truly appreciate all the community blogs as well, such as the one you are referring to.

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    Hi guys,
    I’m very happy for this new step ahead from you guys at Jolla.. of course is amazing to see how many communities are born and grow up in last 1 year or so, but i think is very good to have a kind of more “direct” channel to you.. at least is very good for me, because i really love everything you’re doing since very early day 2 years ago when a finnish friend of mine, from Tampere, wrote me an email telling me “you have to take a look to what this new companu called Jolla is going to put on the road” and then was love first look 😀
    Thanks again guys!

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    Nice to see official blog from jolla. Really excited to see new posts in future.

    I dont know if this is already planned or not, but i would like to see basic sailfishOS app development sessions for beginners. Like what all software do we need, better ways to do the thing and tips.

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    Great initiative Jolla! Hope to read many interesting posts here 🙂

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    As soon as delivery to Australia was announced,I placed my order for the Jolla Tablet without a second thought. YES I am still an N9 fan – NO, I am not a developer or geek – but I love the concept of Sailfish OS (as opposed to DumbDroid, Microslop and CrApple – tried them all). I am keen to promote Sailfish OS as a user and help spread the gospel according to Jolla.
    Give the customer something inline with the latest trends, design and specs, which the Jolla Tablet is – make an outstanding product and people will be knocking down your door to get one and when the Jolla Phone 2 arrives, make it international because a lot of interested sailors missed out owning one. All the best for the future. I will be supporting Jolla.

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    Would it be possible to have atom/rss digest from the blog?
    Unofficial blog has it.

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    A simple question:
    Is this blog open source? Looks beautiful 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Tyler. The blog is done with WordPress, which is open source. So in that sense yes!

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    I don’t know if here is the appropriate place to post this and if not, can you please advise me where?
    Just received my brand new Jolla. Left Helsinki yesterday and it’s in my hand since 2 pm today. Fantastic, I am so Happy and thank you. I have however what seems to be a problem: Jolla doesn’t want to connect to my WLAN (IEEE802.11 BGN, WPA2-Personal, AES, 5Ghz). I follow all the process and my network shows up and when I select it, it tells me “its not possible to connect to the network selected”. Can you please help me? Tks

    • Avatar

      Hi manueladelacerda,
      Thanks for your question, and we hope you enjoy your Jolla! We’ll definitely get this sorted out for you asap, please submit your request here and our support team will get back to you in no time.

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    I am so looking forward to having a Jolla tablet! I am not pleased with the way cellphones are getting larger and larger. Prior to a visit to Finland this summer I purchased a tiny little phone that fit in the palm of my hand. Is there any possiblity that you could “tether” a small (2″x3″) cellphone to the Jolla tablet?

  13. Avatar

    Excellent move, and good to hear that transparency is a key value that Jolla abides by.

    All the best.

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    Hauskaa Joulua! Eagerly looking forward to the final product. If i could add my two cents it would be to suggest that you make the OS user friendly not like Ubuntu. For example, it is difficult and cumbersome to add apps like Netflix to Ubuntu.

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