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Jolla Ambience Photo Campaign continues – take part now!

Two weeks ago we started the Jolla Ambience Photo Campaign, and so far we have received some amazing contributions from you! Thank you for your participation and we applaud your creativity and talents 🙂

(If you are not familiar with the campaign, please take a minute to read the details, including the terms and conditions.)

We have started going through the submissions, and have picked out a few of our favorites:

Images licensed by the respective authors under CC BY 4.0.

Kindly note that this does not necessarily imply the above entries will be in the final selections for the Jolla ambience gallery on device. There’ll be further considerations in the process to pick those suitable for ambiences.

Are you inspired by these wonderful examples? Or perhaps you have even better ones to share? Please keep the submissions coming! We look forward to seeing more excellent entries from the community.

The Jolla Ambience Photo Campaign is open until May 15, 2015.


Read instructions here and participate now!


Carol Chen

Community Chief at Jolla. Globe (and star) trekker. Ardent about open source and open communication. Makes decent music with timpani, drums, piano, and vocal cords.


  1. Avatar

    Nice photos, and they will make good relaxing backgrounds.

    I might have some picture to share, I will check my collection.

    I would like to know more about how best to frame the pictures for the new ambience setup. I understand the background image will not scroll anymore on SailfishOS 2.0, and it will probably need to work well in the vertical orientation as well as the horizontal one… so, the subject should be centered, and it should work even if the sides or the top/bottom bands are removed. Anything else? Is there any kind of safe area where the subject should fit?

    • Avatar

      Hi mikelima! As mentioned in the original post about the campaign (, the image will have work in both portrait and landscape orientations in the Jolla Tablet. The sample ambience images we have used for tablet demos are of 1:1 (square) aspect ratio, with more or less a central focal point. However, don’t let that limit you too much! Sometimes a picture can create a great ambience in unexpected ways 🙂 We look forward to seeing some works from your collection!

  2. Avatar

    Wow, all three look awesome. Can you give any number of participants as of now Carol? Would be neat to know from how many submissions they are the essence 😉

    • Avatar

      There are xxx photos from xx users so far, and we received a lot more overnight since this reminder post yesterday 😉

  3. Avatar

    When do we find out the results of the competition? I hope we don’t have to wait until the tablet gets released!!

    • Avatar

      We’ve received many great submissions, and will need some time to organize and go through them. Hopefully we’ll share some initial favorites in a couple of weeks!

      • Avatar

        Great! I’m looking forward to seeing what the community have come forward with.


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