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Jolla C Shipping Update

Today we are coming to you with some superb news regarding Jolla C shipments!

Many of our valued community members might have already noticed an email regarding the shipment of their Jolla C device on their inboxes.
We have successfully started shipping the Jolla C devices and over half of the total orders have already been dispatched to their owners. We will continue working hard on to get more devices on their way soon.

We would like to thank you all for joining the Sailfish Community Device Program!

What do we expect from the community:

As communicated before, there is more to this program than the Jolla C device. If you are a developer, or even interested in designing and making applications for Sailfish OS, this program is designed for you. We would like you to use this program to the max and develop as many of your ideas as possible into applications for Sailfish OS.

We have workshops planned which will be streamed live for the program members.
We would like all of the program participants to take part in our workshops and give feedback/ideas for the future of this program!

Quick update on plans for our next Sailfish OS sessions:

We already have had 3 workshops at the International Sailfish Community Event about Sailfish Design, Sailfish User Interface and hardware adaptation which you can watch in our previous post.

The next online sessions will be held in mid-August.

Our working title for the first session is ‘Sailfish OS tips and tricks’. We will also have a session about the Community Pootle to all interested in contributing in our language versions.
Program members will be invited to these sessions in the beginnig of August (So keep an eye on your inbox please!)

Happy hacking!



James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    Why not all of them? D: I’m impatient! 😀

  2. Avatar

    Anyway it’s a good news!

  3. Avatar

    Nice to hear that shipping is underway 🙂

    Is the shipping done in any particular order? I was in the first wave, right at the beginning (was even invited to the Community Event, but couldn’t make it), but didn’t get any shipping notice (neither via mail nor in the shop). Other members of the first wave who ordered later already got shipping notification.

    Not complaining here, just curious / impatient 😉

  4. Avatar

    Good to hear that you have started to deliver those devices.. I have tried to get in to that program many times, and I have discussed w/ you about this in your Facebook and via this forum, but still I have not been able to get in. Coild you now contact me personally to confirm that you let me in to this program and to get that device, cause my on #Jolla #39 is breaking and the other one I have has a broker n glass and you can not evrn repair those. So, one more time, accep my application for this Developer Program cause I have since the beginning supported you and I have two or three SailfishOS apps in development and I want to contribute to #SailfishOS Qt/QML app ecosystem but can’t easily do it w/ only with the SDK emulator but need a real device for that. I have even talked w/ Mr. Lassila about this and am still waiting for you to confirm that I’m in the Jolla C program, please.

    -jucca, owner of Jolla #39 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Jukka!

      Yes we are aware that you want a Jolla C and have not been able to get into the program so far. Mr Lassila is on holiday now and I’m sure he will take care of the matter when he is back.
      Thanks for being patient, I wish you all the best.


    • Avatar

      The same for me. We are 5 Jolla users in my family, I was there for the Jolla Tablet, always supported Jolla… Applied twice for the Jolla C but couldn’t even pay with my credit card. And I didn’t get any help from the support even when I complained on Twitter (

      I know that it’s difficult to manage a company like Jolla. But it can only fail if the first customers like me just feel like they were less than nothing.

  5. Avatar

    Nice to hear about news regarding the developer Program.
    But IT would make more sense for the developers to have also customers to use their apps.
    So where are the consumer porducts ?
    Where is the Aqua Fish, and all the other “hot candidates”?

  6. Avatar

    Did you forget those people, who get invited to the community event, but weren’t able to participate? My order status is still ‘Paid’ and I’m one of those (poor) people 😉

    • Avatar

      It’s the same for me. Any timeline when these will be shipped?

    • Avatar

      I got invited, but did not participate. Got my Jolla C today (Finland) 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Thanks ! I confirm reception yesterday d ^_^ b

    The form factor is generous & comfortable – a pity no TOH-concept has been further developed / adapted.

    Unfortunately the camera’s image quality has become significantly inferior ( across all ISO-levels ) compared to the already unoutstanding IQ of the Jolla Phone by 2013. If it wasn’t a developer / community device it would’ve been a clear knock-out criterion. It will not come with any fun.

    The FM receiver onboard is performing very well – even though nowadays DAB+ has become state of the arts. The rudimentary but very smooth implementation into the Media App feels very natural & great – although stuff like kinetic scrolling through frequencies, direct frequency input or free rearrangement of saved station within list are strongly missing.

    Haven’t spent more time yet to really talk about more impressions, but as a try-out reference hardware it is great & essential for strategic community involvement to exist.

    • Avatar

      Hi! I received my Jolla C as well! (Switzerland)
      It looks great and is running very stable so far.

      • Avatar

        So glad you like the device! 🙂

  8. Avatar

    So if I understand it correct – the Jolla C I ordered from the 2nd batch will ship sometime in August?

    • Avatar

      They are being shipped out this week, they should be in your hands pretty soon!
      You will receive an email regarding the shipping status.


  9. Avatar

    Hi, when will the rest of the Jolla C be shipped ? A little bit more information about that would be nice. 😉

    • Avatar

      We will update you as soon as we can share more information! But it won’t be long!

    • Avatar


      You will get an email regarding your shipping status from us, as the devices are being shipped out by this week.


  10. Avatar

    @James / Jolla: so when are we going to see the shipment of the second half? There is only one week left for the announced shipment in July.

  11. Avatar

    @James / Jolla: Any news about the second shipment of the second half?

    • Avatar


      Thanks for commenting.
      The second batch will be shipped out this week. Some are already on their way.
      You will receive an email regarding your shipping status from us.


  12. Avatar

    When might I get my second half of the tablet refund so I could once again buy your products? Which reminds me of something that Lassila promised in new years greetings.

    “The bad news here is that we are not able to complete the production to fulfill all contributions. In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet. However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed.”

    I’m still empty handed product vise and also money is missing from my bank account.

  13. Avatar

    I’m beginning to find it a bit strange and untrustworthy that you still cannot give any specific information about the rest of the Jolla C shipments? Please give us some more clear information.

    • Avatar

      Here is some brand new information for you:

      The next batch is being shipped this week. Some of them are already on their way!
      You will receive an email regarding the shipping status soon enough.


  14. Avatar

    @James: My order status is still ‘paid’, a lot of people, who ordered later than I, received the phone.
    What to do?

    • Avatar

      The rest of the devices should ship out this week! Some of them are already on their way.
      You will receive an email regarding your shipping status from us soon.


      • Avatar

        Hi James,

        your statement does not seem to be true. My order was still not send out. Also shipping in July, as stated when ordering, did not happen.

        Currently, given the fact that other products (as the tablet) were never delievered to the customers, I start to feel a bit uneasy.

        A comment on this would be really appreciated.

        • Avatar

          Hi Robar!

          Currently 97% of the devices are shipped to their owners. Yours might be on the 3% that is due to be sent very soon.


          • Avatar

            Dear James,

            thank you for the feedback.

            Unfortunately, your statement doesn’t inspire much confidence among, as “very soon” is a very extendable wording. Could you please give some more clear information on the timing?

            Kind regards

  15. Avatar

    Yes! I received the notification yesterday evening.
    I ordered it from the second batch. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately, mine still has not been shipped yet. Status is still paid. Wondering if “this week” is true for all devices …

  16. Avatar

    I wish to know that since the Jolla cellphone is being shipped from Kwai Fong,Hong Kong. Do I’ll have to pay any customs costs?

    • Avatar

      I am just fighting with FedEx, they are not helpful at all. I am not sure if I’ll be able to get it out of customs.

      • Avatar


        Please provide them with your proof of purchase, you should be able to get it out as you already have paid your custom duties.
        If there was no way, please contact us via Zendesk and we should be able to help you out.
        In case of receiving an automated reply because of summer vacations that your case is solved or closed, please reply to that same email to re-open your case. There are sailors who are taking care of these issues already. So do not hesitate to contact us!

        I hope you can get your device ASAP!


    • Avatar


      If you live withing Europe, you already have paid VAT on the price of your device. If it gets stuck in the customs, you’ll only need to show them the proof of purchase (your receipt from PayPal) and they should be able to deliver you your device. In case that didn’t work, please contact our Zendesk so we can help you further with it. D not pay anything extra!


      • Avatar

        It arrived without any problem!!
        I’m now adapting to the new Sailfish, and I’m loving it

  17. Avatar


    today I received my Jolla C from the second batch… Yes it’s a big improvement compared with the first Jolla!!!


    • Avatar


      Thank you for commenting, we are glad that you like your device!


  18. Avatar

    Hi! I’ve just received my Jolla phone as previously stated, I’m enjoying the experience of sailfish. Although, and I don’t know if this is the right place to put this kind of questions, but my phone when calling someone does a beeping/clicking sound, do you know why?

  19. Avatar

    I hope that I get my C- phone asap. My order number #800000259 (in FIN) hasn’t got any tracing emails yet…

    • Avatar

      Nothing here either, Quess we are the lucky 3% 😀

      • Avatar

        I am really disappointed: the support team (via zendesk) admitted that they also have no idea when the rest of the devices will be delievered …

        The final answer (today) was: “within days, max 2 weeks time – estimated”.

        • Avatar

          No answers anymore?

          Interesting is that in the other post James wrote:

          “The devices will be shipped at the promised date. If you see that the date is in 2 months or less, from now, it is because we need to make sure that we are going to deliver the devices. ”


          “You will be surprised how much we have changed 🙂 I’ll let our actions speak for themselves!”

          • Avatar

            Hi Robar. We are very sorry that your device did not ship during July – as James wrote earlier there has been a few cases where there has been some hassle with the courier, and unfortunately they did not ship in July as promised. We’re working hard to get ALL these sorted out ASAP, and I learned that you have also been in contact with our customer case folks. We’re hoping to solve this in a matter of days, but as it is not entirely up to us, we can’t promise exact times. Sincere apologies again. On another note, we’re of course happy to hear that you are waiting so eagerly for the device!

            • Avatar

              Dear Juhani,

              thank you for your answer. The problem I have is: Your customer case colleagues cannot give any real information and in the end I fear that I end up without device and without money (as the ones that suppported or preordered your tablet, at least until now).

              Making promises like “soon” and “later” is similar to the behaviour of Jolla in the tablet case when it was promised some devices ship earlier and some later. We all know today the later ones were never shipped.


              • Avatar

                Der Jolla Team,

                It has been shipped !!!

                Thank you for your help.

                Kind regards

    • Avatar

      Jiihaa! I just got an email…my JC is on the way!…

  20. Avatar

    This really pisses me off. You have a fucked up project where you did not get your duties together, then on the other hand, you stamp out a new device in absolutely no time and start delivery just a bit later. So again, my money for the Tablet and Sailfish OS 2 flows into a new project. Still waiting for half a refund which I now know is brilliantly invested into a batch of Geek devices. There will be the day where you’re not looking for developers but for customers. I will be on customer’s side and I will think. “These were the guys who got my money for a tablet, and kept my money without paying any interest for 1 – 2 years, now they again want to sell something to me – no thanks”

  21. Avatar

    Hello James

    How is it going? Have you enjoyed your lunch today?

    I have a question. How to get a JollaC device to the people (like me) who at the start of the booking were on the road or were lunching? I understand that Finland is in East European Time Zone, and 1pm EET is exactly 12am CET. I’m not sure whose idea it was, but I hope you do realize that at 12am CET most normal people here in Central Europe are having lunch?

    As for me personally I wasn’t able to get my device because I got home only at 12:22am CET and was desperately trying to find where I can book one. Few moments later I was on IRC channel and was surprised to find out that all were gone in 15 minutes.

    James, I would like to apologize that during my lunch break I wasn’t driving home fast enough to get in time to book my JollaC device.

    Next time when you decide to start booking at 12am CET, I promise to drive home lightning fast!

    Sincerely Yours

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