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Jolla Community intro series: JollaES and Alex Gomez

Starting from today we have a new community dedicated section on Jolla blog that is going to be solely about our community in many different ways, starting with simple introduction posts.

For that, we have invited Alexandro Gomez (Alex) from to answer some rather simple and fun questions about how he got into Jolla and Sailfish OS, how he began blogging and so on. Let’s see what he told us:

James Noori: Hi Alex! Please introduce yourself to the community! I’m sure many know you already from your blog and great pictures you take but it would be great for the new members to know you as well:

Alexandro Gomez: Thank you James for this warm welcome 😛 haha Hi guys! Well, my name is Alex, a 25 years old dude. I’m from Jaca, a small city in the north of Spain, area of snow and winter sports (yes, opposite to what usually people think about Spain). I’m a pharmacist working in what I love, taking care of my patients and improving their quality of life. But on the other hand, I “work” designing websites and shooting pictures as my main hobbies, the ones that takes almost all my free time, that’s why I say that I “work” on that, because I put so much effort on both things that both feels like jobs for me. I’m passionate about computers, mobile phones, photography, traveling, mountains and animals.

JN: How did you find out about Sailfish OS? Tell us about the background of your experience with Jolla and Sailfish OS.

AG: Well, I’ve always been a Nokia lover, and what I want to mean with lover it’s LOVER… I’ve spent so many hours with Nokia mobiles, and shooting pictures with those camera-phones, and learning a lot of things. And from that point I got my Nokia N9, the one that I love, it’s brilliant. Two guys from Nokia Spain, who at that time worked in the support team, told me that a team from Nokia started a new company after getting fired. I started to get in touch, follow the project, and wrote about the new project on Twitter, Facebook and started a new blog. Everything started to grow, and when Jolla released the phone, and I had it in my hands, I started to write more about Jolla and Sailfish, explaining both software and hardware to Spanish readers.

JN: How did you begin blogging? Is JollaES is the only blog you have?

AG: Well, I started so many years ago, in 2009. Since then I’ve owned about 15-20 blogs and websites, some of them no longer exist. At the moment I have 9 blogs, and in most of them I’m the only writer, but in some of them other people write whatever they want. I really love web design, sharing content. And things are getting better day by day, so probably in the future I’ll have more 😀

JN: There’s always room for improvement in everything, in Jolla also! Could you tell us what you think is the key thing we need to do to improve the community engagement?

AG: Well, I think that Jolla needs to improve on its communication, sharing more content everyday, being more active in social media, and also sharing news about development of features, improvements of Sailfish, as those things are just usually shared in a very technical way, but more easy to understand messages could be posted on Twitter, Facebook or blog. Also more contests could be done to motivate users to interact with Jolla.

JN: Tell us about the Spanish audience, naturally they’re not only from Spain but South America as well! How do they embrace Jolla and Sailfish OS?

AG: Well, Spain isn’t one of the main countries of Jolla/Sailfish users, but the ones that engage with both of those are really passionate, sharing content everyday, getting in touch frequently. In South America there are lots of people interested in Jolla and Sailfish, but not so many users as it’s really difficult for them to get a Jolla device, so people install Sailfish on other hardware. The Spanish audience is really great, interested in how everything is growing, and how things evolve, but they are waiting for high-end devices to use Sailfish everyday in a powerful mobile phone.

JN: Any words to the readers of the Jolla blog?

AG: Sure! Just few more words. Keep in touch with Jolla, James is a really great guy, and I’m sure that he will reply every question you ask, or every comment you send. Keep supporting and following Jolla as they are developing a gorgeous operating system, and the future seems so bright 😀 oh, and also, follow JollaEs for great product pictures and posts, as well @petaqui for whatever you want to ask me 🙂 I really enjoy getting in touch with Jolla fans! Thank you for your interview James, and thank you Jolla community for making this possible 🙂

JN: Thank you, Alex for taking the time and answering to my questions, and thanks for the awesome image you sent us to feature on the blog! I wish you all the best in your work, studies and hobbies! Hope to see you soon again!
Make sure to follow our Jolla Blog, as we are going to involve the community more and more in the future. Very soon, we’ll also have a very important announcement regarding the community and special programs.

It will be an even more exciting sail!

James Noori


James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


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      That one is still cooking 🙂 Stay tuned for a little while longer!

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        Is “a little while longer” than “soon”? 😉


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          Oh, cool, “lesser than” and “greater than” plus everything in between disappear in the text. Does this mean I could use HTML in these comments?

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            Now that should’ve been “You’ll see soon”. 😉

            Well, I can wait. I’ve got 2 tablets to play with meanwhile. 🙂

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        Yeah, Antti’s Cookings … I’m sure this recipe will also be postponed over and over again, like the Tablet and the refunds, not to mention the “something special” that the original tablet backers were supposed to get. As it turned out, “something special” equated to half a refund.
        Antti’s cookings …. don’t forget this guy has been through the Accenture school, or so he says in his vitae. They specialise in “forward looking statements” which at best materialise as dots on a powerpoint presentation somewhere. When reaching the discontinuity known to be at the end of the reporting period, the “forward looking statements” just dissolve spontaneously so they have to be replaced with new ones. I really had hoped some of the new investors would have forced a counter-balance on him, somebody who is better at actually getting things done (Marc Dillon?). But on the other hand ,the investors probably went to the same school ( or Boston Consulting, McKinsey etc.) which is a bit like expecting the FIFA, the Mafia or your favourite political party to reform themselves.
        Antti .. may you never run out of powerpoint slides.

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    lasts posts of the blog, are Disney Land and a lot of bla bla bla…

    but what about the refund of the tablet?

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      Well, it’s not exactly Disney as I’m trying to get the community engagements back on track.

      The refunds are being made, many people (Over half!) have received their money and the process if on going as we speak.

      Let’s please stay relevant to the topics. If you have any questions/requests/complaints regarding the tablet status, I’d suggest you to comment under the relevant post. here

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        oh pls! many people?! show me one who has received their money back! we still waitnig

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          Please read between the comments, check Twitter and more. And again, please let’s keep the refund questions and complaints to its own post.

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          I have received my money back! Now I’m waiting for a new smartphone running Sailfish 😛

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    Just a thought… Sailfish is – unless I have misunderstood – intended to be open source. On that basis why doesn’t Jolla hand it all over to the community who (as is demonstrated by half of the posts here!) retain the passion, commitment and, I presume, the skills to develop it further. Wouldn’t that cement and give credence to the idea of a community of “sailors” heading out across the ocean together? Now the great dream of a new hardware (tablet, jolla 2 or whatever) provider has sunk, would this at least give the OS some chance? A further question I am unable to answer to my own personal satisfaction is, even if Sailfish does bring something new and worthwhile to the mobile scene, a) what are we supposed to run it on and b) what are we supposed to run on it?

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      Hey Gomez. If sailfish was a country which one would be?

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        …. that’s not fair*, but I can understand you though 😉

        But seriously :

        A constantly expanding userbase beyond home-brewn /-flashed Sailfish devices would be the only way out of earning a more widespread reputation and a mid-term survival of a productively available mobile OS alternative. The tablet project by not doubts had been a great chance. I’d admired a lot a decision which would’ve bailed each and every available device from Taobao to serve as much as possible supporters before were d(r)ying out**. Pretending the tablet fiasko never happened because 5% ( of presumably geeks only ) got served, and a developer’s program which hardly produced any recognizable apps / results for the tablet*** ( such as a well supported file-manager ) will not do justice to the damage incurred and the rigorous future motivation ( as opposed to intimidation ) which should arise therefrom. A reputation has to become re-established.

        I’d rather seen an early-release of an officially supported Fairphone 2 in jolla’s store meanwhile to bring back positively SF OS into media and have new users spreading a word ….

        *) towards Sailfish – still having a real chance for a recognized future IMHO

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      aside I am – maybe some others too – are primarily expecting an improving performance and more convincing results from jolla – it looks like @jollaES is doing a good job serving the Spanish-speaking hemisphere of the world ! [ Which @James Noori was right about it needed to become officially recognized ! d (o_o) b ]

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    @Alexandro desvinculate de esta gente, Jolla, ya que va a terminar mal.

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