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Jolla in Mobile World Congress 2017

This year’s Mobile World Congress was particularly important to us, since we wanted to showcase our company’s new strategy in a big scale, and convince potential new partners, and the industry of our new path and potential.

We worked tightly together with our licensing partners at the event, and made some serious noise about our announcements.

Jolla’s MWC 2017 announcements: 

Jolla announces Sailfish China consortium aiming to build a local mobile operating system for the Chinese market

Jolla adds support for Sailfish OS on Sony Mobile’s Xperia™ devices

(Partner press release) Jala Partners with Jolla in Its Endeavor to Achieve Technological Independence in Latin America

Sailfish OS booth in Hall 5

Jolla & partners presented the versatile Sailfish OS at our own stand located in Hall 5. The stand presentation consisted of a new Sailfish key messages video, six different demo devices: Jolla C, Jolla tablet, Sony Xperia, Aqua Fish, Turing, and the new Inoi device.

Also Jolla’s licensing partner Open Mobile Platform had their own presentation area.    

MWC 17 images

See our Facebook album for MWC17 photos – we will update the folder soon with more good photos and videos from different cameras.



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    Glad to see you still going to MWC. I guess you dont have any more new info regarding refund so no reason to go.


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      Yes, Jolla should definitely not spend any more money on those silly little things like product development and marketing when Dave999 hasn’t gotten all of his money back!

      • Avatar

        Not sure how you came to that conclusion. But you are of course free to share your opinion.

        I don’t disagree becouse that means that jolla has done the right thing and asked their supporters refund/dunate

        • Avatar

          I see understanding sarcasm isn’t exactly your strong suit…

          • Avatar

            True. Or I choose to ignore, better to say what you mean 😉

            • Avatar

              Jolla tried to challenge existing world cellphone monopolies and were naive enough to think their supply chain and investors wouldn’t pull out any dirty tricks to stop them (but they did). Shame, because Im desperate for a Jolla phone with Sailfish OS. Hope they can recover.


              • Avatar

                I’m still hoping, because there’s no alternative for Sailfish. But how can you have hope while the only alternative (I’m ignoring options without Android-support or full hardware-support) is the Intex Aquafish, which isn’t a serious alternative for the Jphone 1.

                I think Dave999 hits Jolla where it hurts the most. Although their operating system makes sense and is open, so closed and unsensed is the communication of Jolla.

                Please don’t try to ignore it, or defend Jolla. This is already going on for >1 year now and we don’t have to fool ourselves that there’s a valid argument for doing this to the followers.

                And still…I still hope that there will be a serious replacement for the Jphone1 at MWC, because it will sell (and I can’t think of a company who’s eager to sell). Sailfish is still alive, and there’s still some valid value in it.

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    Exciting times ahead.

    • Avatar

      +1. Waiting for something to order. Especially Sailfish smartwatch. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Avatar

        Good luck. I am still waiting for my Sailfish device and still have nothing, of course price have been paid. Now 5th month of waiting has started. With watch when you will be ordering, ask them to start stopper in the watch so you will know exact time of waiting for your device. And good luck once again.

        • Avatar

          Yeah, so why don’t you answer the question that was asked to you here?

          • Avatar

            I have replayed there already. Can try again here: it will not help me to get my device IMHO and can only start “a storm in a tea cup”. Or in other words I am still waiting – that is fact, and all the rest can be only speculations, useless mumbling and other unwanted forum events. My internal fury of disappointment is limited by “behave, behave” training by my GrandMa (still yet). Anyway I will when it will come or all chances definitely will be lost.

            • Avatar

              Sorry my fault, I meant: Why don’t you read again the questions that were asked to you there and then, if you are able to understand, give an accurate reply instead of typing random words?

              • Avatar

                Sorry for disappointing you, but I want only to repeat what I’ve written already – as nothing has changed still. But what I can promise is that I will explain clearly when either I will get my device or I will be sure it will not happen ever. Before that I want to avoid to say anything which could be “unfair talking” so to say. I just want to be fair for the other side. And you can believe me I would like that finally my words will be “I have just received” and nothing else. Until it will happen I am Awkward-user, have decided to hold my propagation of sailfish as many ppl were ironical asking me “and where is your Sailfish device?” – what is quite funny for them and not for me. Resuming: “it is not I say random words” but I’ve reached point where bitterness is overwhelming positiveness for Sailfish and everything about it. Why I say it here? Just because I think the if satisfying awkward-customers like me will not be take under consideration then negative atmosphere will be growing. Now it is used tactic similar to Nokia underlining positive aspects and oncoming new products. It is not easy to manage crisis – I know. But on the other hand expecting from me (or eg. ***Avenger also) any euphoric approach? only because “something is to happen soon”? It is pointless, when my basic needs are not complied as it was promised. My loyalty motivates me only to say kindly what I think not using any dirty words etc.etc..

                My other doubts of general nature are: (1) Do Sailfish developers care for complying & creating standard for and of Sailfish (I mean something close to approach which S.Jobs has enforced as standard in iOS, mostly its software is compatible forward/backward when changing devices) (2) Do Jolla care for its independence during its hard times? As that would be quite easy to give up real independence for the money, buy this way would also mean to loose all the magic and attractiveness, just like there are no virgins systematicly participating in orgies.

  3. Avatar

    Glad to see that you come again to Barcelona.

    Do you plan to make a community event like last year ? ^^

  4. Avatar

    May have some Big News!

  5. Avatar

    let’s see something real there…

  6. Avatar

    I’m hoping for the best.
    Any plans on streaming the press event?

  7. Avatar

    See you there Jolla ! <3

  8. Avatar

    A solution to Jolla’s precarious financial position and Dave’s refund – Dave should book a meeting and Jolla could sell tickets. I’d pay to see that!

    • Avatar

      I would be something like this. What people easly seems to forget is that I’m on jolla’s side.

      My questions is…Who within jolla is the young kid who wants to do the the right thing??

        • Avatar

          You are an unimaginative idiot, you know that?

            • Avatar

              @SchröpfeMich & @seannybo
              Why do you use words commonly recognised as rude and vulgar against RefundAvenger who has right to demand his own money? Think it over and apologize.

              • Avatar

                Clearly you have missed the point Awkward-user. The comment refers to the same link constantly being added which is pointless. so I disagree with your request for an apology.

                • Avatar

                  Do you think he is right or wrong? In both case you should not offend him/her. Think it over.
                  As I am also awaiting for my device (now 5 months only) – do you want to offend me in the same way? Do you think all who have believed in Jolla and Sailfish are idiots? And have deserved for your behaviour? Even if I have missed your point I hope you got my point.

                  • Avatar

                    I bet Ossi is laughing his ass off reading this conversation.

                    • Avatar

                      Perhaps. I don’t know and this is not interesting for me.

  9. Avatar

    Do you plan to make online broadcasting from there?

  10. Avatar

    Great to see you at MWC!

    • Avatar

      Where is my high performance new Jolla device? Already on the run? Is there some company out there existing that is able to transfer Sailfish OS onto a high performance “Android phone” or “iPhone”? Or do we have to wait for the next generation “turing phone”?

      • Avatar

        If anybody would know the answer then could invest in that company and become reach, exactly as would invest in Apple during first 36 months of Apple existence.

        See around among already existing (about 10 including declared “soon”) different models with Sailfish from different OEM vendors. It can be somewhere there. eg. octacore Oysters among the others.

  11. Avatar

    mera mobile pe net nahi chal rahara he plz kuch batao sir

  12. Avatar

    I’ve just noticed this tweet: “@pyratebeard Currently no phones on sale in Europe that run native Sailfish OS, however there are amazing ports available for other devices!” – which is one of the main problems: no Sailfish devices aviable and that means Jolla is not satisfying the demand and market needs, basic needs. Frankly some ppl needs just a normal staff, also because Sailfish ported to other devices is not absolutely reliable, hence it is hard to use it for professional purposes. I hope Jolla have a surprise with a device, and I also hope a surprise will not come to late for me. And some other also. Still believe in You dear Jolla.

  13. Avatar

    I wish they announce a Jolla 2, at the size of a N9 or Jolla1 (I don’t like large phones, excuse me), but with better specs. Or that Nokia is now supporting them.. Or better, that Nokia is supporting Jolla and Sailfish, and that they will soon be releasing a Jolla 2, or N-10, running Sailfish!!

    • Avatar

      …. forget about the “new” Nokian HMD approach. As a HW developer / producer depending on far-eastern know-how & goodwill they’re already outdated before their premiere.

      Only thing in common : BRICS market chances.
      Drawback : very likely no chances to grow outside.

      Jolla deserves better: unconventional and sustainable, strategic partnerships / symbioses.
      e.g. INTEX seems to be turning out as a unpersistent one-off …

      • Avatar

        [ by unconventional partnerships I mean realizing more consequently ( in figure speech ) : SailfishOS-based Sony / Nintendo / Huawei experience with smooth & seamless Android app availablity that we already know, but better than we experienced so far: e.g. WiFi Camera Ctrl Apps / image shuttles do not work properly yet on SFOS. Endusers should not even know they’re “on Sailfish” – the Sailfish-Logo at boot-up appears to be belonging “naturally” to ( any 😉 ) phone, just as a BIOS on any computer ]

  14. Avatar

    OK, the Sony Xerpia X it is. I can surely get used to the prospect of having one of those. I would like to thank you guys very much for making this possible. Awesome! (Even though I am a little bit disappointed that it wasn’t the PuzzlePhone, but anyway…)

    Now: where can I get the SFOS Xerpia X and when? I, like others, am in urgent need! The excitement adds to the urgency quite a bit 😉

    • Avatar

      Damn. The device name is Sony Xperia X. (not Xerpia – what was I thinking!)

      • Avatar

        hmmm… How about to ask in the nearest Sony shop or at their side or better ask your operator do they have it in the offer? Note: do they have but not will they have – this is how they work: “will you have…” cause no action, but “but do you have, as I am going to change to operator which is offering me Sailfish Xpheria, and just wanted to give you a chance” will trigger their fear against losing customers, so probably will order some devices to see how such device sells in practice. Anyway Sony Sailfish device is a huge progress, comparable to eventual Nokia Sailfish device, which we don’t have ATM. Comparable as SONY is one of giants, an currently is much bigger then Nokia and much more stable IMHO.

  15. Avatar

    Does this mean that Xperia X devices will also get android app support or is this the same as with Fairphone?

    • Avatar

      That depend on will it have Alien Dalvik or not. I take on yes as I doubt SONY would not use quite important feature for users.

      • Avatar

        Someone on TJC said he/she asked at the Jolla stall on the WMC and, YES, it will come with full Jolla licensing incl. Alien Dalvik 🙂

  16. Avatar

    Can you please write a blog post describing what this xperia thing is for jolla. So much nonsense posted on the web without the facts. The press release need some additional info.

    Please don’t forget about the refund too.

        • Avatar

          Good news if true.

          On the other hand the refund should be prioritzed and initiated as soon as possible since it not really about money.

          Have no clue how much money is required for part two. So a good start would be to to open refund tool to get an exact number.

        • Avatar

          profitable they say. What do they mean with that?

          I am very sceptical towards anything jolla is saying. Always a bowl of salt.

          Refund is the way to trust. Trust gives profit. Profit gives Better product. Better product gives more profit.

    • Avatar

      As usually Jolla is doing the same mistake: “Jolla Ltd., the
      developer of open operating system, Sailfish OS” It is far from open source!!!!!

      • Avatar

        @tojocky: 80% of the packages that the core OS consists of are free or at least open. That’s as close as it gets these days. If in your world 80% is “far from…”, then your view might be a little distorted.

        • Avatar

          Hi @ossi1967, then Microsoft Edge I can consider also open source because of it open source JS VM, Chakra core ?
          Let be serious… if a product consist of 80% of open source dependencies code, it doesn’t mean it is open source.

          • Avatar

            If they would make 100% CC then sharks like governments of Russia or China would use it without any consortiums o cooperations. This way Jolla would sink as burnt out platform.
            Anyway, still the OS is open source 100%, you can take it and built own distro for free. If only you have needed knowledge and experience you are free to do it. Just following your logic Jolla also ought to give away smartphones and tablets (sorry it bakers for mentioning) for free. That is unrealistic approach IMHO. OS is set of software which allows to pass bootphase and is ready for user with console, it does not have to have any graphical UI. And from that implies your mistake: OS is 100% free and developed as such, but GUI by Jolla is not. Still it remains free open source with additional components which can be proprietary. I know that deos not satisfies you, but that is how it works.

            • Avatar

              An example of a truly open source product is MongoDB database. Yes, it contains enterprise edition with some more features (e.g. encryption) but it can be working without it. OS is 100% open source because it is linux. I would agree to have a 100% Sailfish OS with basic UI components, no Android compatibly. Customer specific UI components can be closed source, like Google Apps Package.

              • Avatar

                @tojocky: “OS is 100% open source because it is linux”

                Linux is a kernel, not an OS.

                • Avatar

                  Agreed with Ossi more or less, however in this case it is also MER core stuck of middleware which also is 100% free AFAIK and exactly the whole UI (which is Jolla’s) you can replace e.g. with UI of NEMO project which is 100% free and open source 100% AFAIK. This way you will have 100% open source. And MER core is to be taken from MER project as this could have some additions specific for a partner requirements. So: there is option you to have fully open and quite compatible OS, however there will not be sweets like Alien Dalvik and some others you don’t pay to mucj attention unless it works as expected. What is needed: just skills to put it together and compile for a particular HW platform. And you can do it completely for free and have compatible OS where Sailfsih UI was replaced by free open source NEMO. Just like that. And do not forget to leave in the net exact instruction how to do it for others who will want to follow your path. WWTBP. THX.

    • Avatar

      “The target is to offer the first release to Jolla’s customers and community members by the end of Q2/2017” till then I will be on oneplus 5

  17. Avatar

    James: Can you tell me what happened to the “Jolla Secure” project with SSH Communications, that was announced one year ago?

    • Avatar

      *Actually 2 years ago, parallel with the tablet.

      • Avatar

        I suppose it will be continued with Sikur which has just appear at MWC – my speculation – or it is just continued in frames of Turing activities. You know: the less anybody know anything the more secure is security. 😉
        That version from 2 years ago I prefer.

        • Avatar

          That could be an explanation. But are Turing and Sikur using modified versions of Sailfish OS?
          I know for sure that the “hardening feature” was described as part of a future update – would be nice, if it would be implemented one day.

          • Avatar

            Turing Phone so TRI for sure, and they were a leader for Sailfish Secure, and they were cooperating with company which invented and provides https protocol, known from the net.

            The Sikur has just appeared on the scene and I would recognise them rather as associated somehow with Jala from Bolivia, so I think they cooperate more closely. I don’t know what is in reality. Seems to me a geographical factor can have bigger influence then we think.

  18. Avatar

    We should prefer if the Sailfish based smart watch would come as soon as possible available for us!

    I do not understand that the Sailfish watch is shown all the time everywhere, but is not released. Like showing a bottle of water to the thirsty people in Sahara desert … And saying that I am very sorry, I don’t know when I can let you drink. I just wanted to show you that the liquid water exists, but cant’ give it to you at the moment. This is just a trial.

    Let’s say directly, I am not so fucking interested in the smart phones only without the smart watchtes anymore …

    • Avatar

      I think they are advertising the idea in this way, so looking for who’s willing to buy a license or to cooperate with launching it as product. I bet SONY can do it, and Xpheria smartphon together with Xpheria smartwach sounds attractive to me. A sportive set for active or just fitness persons. IMHO sounds good . Now ask SONY what they think about it. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Yes, I have waited for something since 2012. I have made some works to look for other alternatives than … I promise to wait for up to three months anymore. If something new and encouraging news are not coming, then I have to made my conclusions.

        • Avatar

          That is something quite similar as me. As a user I don’t want to wait till my grand-children will eventually have possibility to buy a mobile, even legendary or mythical. No meter what alliances, consortium, agreements and successes Jolla would show at conferences – at the end of the day counts weather I have such device in my pocket or just good-by, see you later aligater.

  19. Avatar

    i loove my Jolla phone…. i love freedom and security

    i hope Jolla will soon have funds to pay of all the weepers

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