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Meet Jolla in Mobile World Congress 2017

This year’s Mobile World Congress is particularly important to us, since we want to showcase our company’s new strategy in a big scale, and convince potential new partners, and the industry of our new path and potential.

We are working tightly together with our licensing partners at the event, and hope to make some positive noise with our new partnership announcements.

Here’s our current plan for the event (will be surely updated before the event):


Sailfish OS booth in Hall 5

Jolla & partners will be presenting the versatile Sailfish OS at our own booth located in Hall 5, 5H19. You can find it close to the south end of hall 5. Click to open the map.

Book a meeting with us!

We have convenient meeting spaces at our booth, and we invite you to book a meeting time with our founders and sales & business development folks.

Send your request to, and we will schedule a time for you.

Sailfish OS Press Event on Monday February 27

We will announce new partnerships and major developments in our strategy at the Sailfish OS press event on Monday.

Fira_Congress_Hotel_200pxWhen: Monday, February 27, 2017, 12pm (noon)
Where: Fira Congress Hotel, Carrer Jose Agustín Goytisolo, 9-11. Located just 300m from the main MWC entrance. See map. 

If you are a media representative, and have not received an invitation, you can RSVP to Use this email also for interview and media meeting requests.

See you in Barcelona!


Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


  1. Glad to see you still going to MWC. I guess you dont have any more new info regarding refund so no reason to go.


    • Yes, Jolla should definitely not spend any more money on those silly little things like product development and marketing when Dave999 hasn’t gotten all of his money back!

      • Not sure how you came to that conclusion. But you are of course free to share your opinion.

        I don’t disagree becouse that means that jolla has done the right thing and asked their supporters refund/dunate

        • I see understanding sarcasm isn’t exactly your strong suit…

          • True. Or I choose to ignore, better to say what you mean ;)

            • Jolla tried to challenge existing world cellphone monopolies and were naive enough to think their supply chain and investors wouldn’t pull out any dirty tricks to stop them (but they did). Shame, because Im desperate for a Jolla phone with Sailfish OS. Hope they can recover.


  2. Exciting times ahead.

    • +1. Waiting for something to order. Especially Sailfish smartwatch. :) :) :)

      • Good luck. I am still waiting for my Sailfish device and still have nothing, of course price have been paid. Now 5th month of waiting has started. With watch when you will be ordering, ask them to start stopper in the watch so you will know exact time of waiting for your device. And good luck once again.

        • Yeah, so why don’t you answer the question that was asked to you here?

          • I have replayed there already. Can try again here: it will not help me to get my device IMHO and can only start “a storm in a tea cup”. Or in other words I am still waiting – that is fact, and all the rest can be only speculations, useless mumbling and other unwanted forum events. My internal fury of disappointment is limited by “behave, behave” training by my GrandMa (still yet). Anyway I will when it will come or all chances definitely will be lost.

            • Sorry my fault, I meant: Why don’t you read again the questions that were asked to you there and then, if you are able to understand, give an accurate reply instead of typing random words?

              • Sorry for disappointing you, but I want only to repeat what I’ve written already – as nothing has changed still. But what I can promise is that I will explain clearly when either I will get my device or I will be sure it will not happen ever. Before that I want to avoid to say anything which could be “unfair talking” so to say. I just want to be fair for the other side. And you can believe me I would like that finally my words will be “I have just received” and nothing else. Until it will happen I am Awkward-user, have decided to hold my propagation of sailfish as many ppl were ironical asking me “and where is your Sailfish device?” – what is quite funny for them and not for me. Resuming: “it is not I say random words” but I’ve reached point where bitterness is overwhelming positiveness for Sailfish and everything about it. Why I say it here? Just because I think the if satisfying awkward-customers like me will not be take under consideration then negative atmosphere will be growing. Now it is used tactic similar to Nokia underlining positive aspects and oncoming new products. It is not easy to manage crisis – I know. But on the other hand expecting from me (or eg. ***Avenger also) any euphoric approach? only because “something is to happen soon”? It is pointless, when my basic needs are not complied as it was promised. My loyalty motivates me only to say kindly what I think not using any dirty words etc.etc..

                My other doubts of general nature are: (1) Do Sailfish developers care for complying & creating standard for and of Sailfish (I mean something close to approach which S.Jobs has enforced as standard in iOS, mostly its software is compatible forward/backward when changing devices) (2) Do Jolla care for its independence during its hard times? As that would be quite easy to give up real independence for the money, buy this way would also mean to loose all the magic and attractiveness, just like there are no virgins systematicly participating in orgies.

  3. Glad to see that you come again to Barcelona.

    Do you plan to make a community event like last year ? ^^

  4. May have some Big News!

  5. let’s see something real there…

  6. I’m hoping for the best.
    Any plans on streaming the press event?

  7. See you there Jolla ! <3

  8. A solution to Jolla’s precarious financial position and Dave’s refund – Dave should book a meeting and Jolla could sell tickets. I’d pay to see that!

    • I would be something like this. What people easly seems to forget is that I’m on jolla’s side.

      My questions is…Who within jolla is the young kid who wants to do the the right thing??

        • @RefundAvenger
          You are an unimaginative idiot, you know that?

            • @SchröpfeMich & @seannybo
              Why do you use words commonly recognised as rude and vulgar against RefundAvenger who has right to demand his own money? Think it over and apologize.

              • Clearly you have missed the point Awkward-user. The comment refers to the same link constantly being added which is pointless. so I disagree with your request for an apology.

                • Do you think he is right or wrong? In both case you should not offend him/her. Think it over.
                  As I am also awaiting for my device (now 5 months only) – do you want to offend me in the same way? Do you think all who have believed in Jolla and Sailfish are idiots? And have deserved for your behaviour? Even if I have missed your point I hope you got my point.

                  • I bet Ossi is laughing his ass off reading this conversation.

                    • Perhaps. I don’t know and this is not interesting for me.

  9. Do you plan to make online broadcasting from there?

  10. Great to see you at MWC!

    • Where is my high performance new Jolla device? Already on the run? Is there some company out there existing that is able to transfer Sailfish OS onto a high performance “Android phone” or “iPhone”? Or do we have to wait for the next generation “turing phone”?

      • If anybody would know the answer then could invest in that company and become reach, exactly as would invest in Apple during first 36 months of Apple existence.

        See around among already existing (about 10 including declared “soon”) different models with Sailfish from different OEM vendors. It can be somewhere there. eg. octacore Oysters among the others.

  11. mera mobile pe net nahi chal rahara he plz kuch batao sir

  12. I’ve just noticed this tweet: “@pyratebeard Currently no phones on sale in Europe that run native Sailfish OS, however there are amazing ports available for other devices!” – which is one of the main problems: no Sailfish devices aviable and that means Jolla is not satisfying the demand and market needs, basic needs. Frankly some ppl needs just a normal staff, also because Sailfish ported to other devices is not absolutely reliable, hence it is hard to use it for professional purposes. I hope Jolla have a surprise with a device, and I also hope a surprise will not come to late for me. And some other also. Still believe in You dear Jolla.

  13. I wish they announce a Jolla 2, at the size of a N9 or Jolla1 (I don’t like large phones, excuse me), but with better specs. Or that Nokia is now supporting them.. Or better, that Nokia is supporting Jolla and Sailfish, and that they will soon be releasing a Jolla 2, or N-10, running Sailfish!!

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