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2016 Community Program Roundup

It has been a fruitful year for Jolla, Sailfish OS and our wonderful community. Back in May, we launched the Sailfish Community Device Program and sent our dear community fellows a number of Jolla C devices. As a part of the Program we hosted a number of informative webinars, which we started in the first International Sailfish Community Event with first three live workshops featuring Sailors from different fields in Jolla to interact with our community members about different topics on Sailfish OS.

As an end-of-the-year community blog post, we are going to release a roundup of all the webinars we hosted during 2016 with dedicated tables of content to each webinar for ease of use. We would also like to thank all of our community members who attended those sessions, contributed, asked questions and interacted with us Sailors!

Without further ado, let’s begin with the webinars:

Sailfish OS tips and tricks

This was our first webinar hosted by our program manager, Vesa-Matti Hartikainen (Vesku) and it gave an overal look to Sailfish OS and its unique features. He talked about gestures, virtual keyboard, advance gestures that would otherwise be disabled by default, events view and lock screen configurability, and many more useful tips during this webinar. Table of content with exact minute marks is available below the video.

- 04:14 Gerstures
- 09:08 Virtual keboard
- 14:16 Advanced gestures and gestures that are not enabled by default
- 19:00 Advanced uses of the buttons of your sailfish os device
- 20:30 Configurability of events view and lock screen
- 26:12 useful features of building apps and useful features of the operating system
- 34:00 Q & A

Sailfish OS Community Pootle

Our second webinar which was held exactly one day after the first one was hosted by our Hardware adaptation and L10n engineer Simonas Leleiva. As you might know, we use Pootle as our translation tool for Sailfish OS. With the help of Pootle and our community, we have been able to translate Sailfish OS to a vast amount of languages. Pootle makes it extremely easy for both the end user and the power user to help translating different strings to almost any language. It also makes it a powerful tool to add new strings from new OS updates for faster translation with the help of our community. Below you will find the video we recorded off the aforementioned webinar and below that is the table of content with minute marks.

- 01:25 Intro
- 05:10 How does translation takes place?
- 06:15 A look at the tool (Pootle)
- 07:25 Translating a new string
- 14:20 Wiki Article regarding Pootle
- 21:22 TJC Election of community languages
- 25:36 Q & A

Sailfish OS App Development – SDK Introduction

This webinar, hosted by Jolla’s Software Engineer Raine Mäkeläinen gives an introduction to the Sailfish OS application SDK and discusses different important areas in it and answers questions. The session is not a beginner course as such, so if you are interested and just beginning app development, please check our Sailfish OS developer wiki first, which has well written articles how to get setup with Application SDK.
Check out these links out for more information:

Getting started (Application development)
First application

And here you will find the video plus the table of content underneath.

- 02:37 Sailfish OS developer webpages (Where to download Application SDK)
- 04:00 Sailfish Os Application SDK user interface
- 10:10 How to build, deploy and debug application
- 21:00 Q & A

Sailfish OS CalDAV and CardDAV Synchronisation 

Hosted by our Software Engineer, Chris Adams, this was a webinar held in a diffent time than usual since Chris lives in Australia and different time zones would have made it really difficult for him to host the webinar at the usual time. It was a fantastic webinar nontheless. He explained what CalDAV and CardDAV are, what services are used for them, how much support there is on Sailfish OS, future plans and last but definitely not least he encouraged the community to contribute, ask questions and make CalDAV and CardDAV support much wider on Sailfish OS. As per usual, you will find all of that in the video below with the table of content undereath it for accurate minute marks.

- 02:00 What is CalDAV and CardDAV
- 04:20 Some popular services
- 06:04 Current level of support
- 07:55 Roadmap and future plans
- 09:48 Contribution example
- 16:22 Summary
- 16:43 Q & A

Platform SDK and how to contribute to packages in Sailfish OS core

The last webinar of the year was held in the month of November, hosted by Marko Saukko (Sage). This webinar was about different ways to contribute to Sailfish OS Core using the Platform SDK. Sage talks about the knowledge you need to start your contribution, how to contribute, how to install Platform SDK and Scratchbox2, explains a bit about Sailfish OS Architecture and much more in this rather informative webinar. If you know your way around some codes, you should check this webinar out and start contributing already! Table of content is as usual below the video:

- 02:40 Background knowledge
- 02:56 Sailfish Os architecture
- 05:40 How to contribute – Summary of steps
- 06:08 Mer project, gitlab and bugzilla
- 07:11 Browsing (Git and bugzilla)
- 09:20 Platform SDK and Scratchbox2 installation
- 15:26 Get task, fork and clone the code
- 20:48 What is tar_git packaging?
- 23:27 Example of git commit message and the changelog generated based on that
- 31:46 How to contribute – Summary of steps
- 43:36 How to find the oldest package on your Sailfish OS system?
- 46:00 Q & A

Sailfish platform UI development:

December is a month full of work and many Sailors on vacation therefore limited resources. We could not do a usual webinar during the month of December so we had to wrap up our 2016 part of Community Device Program with a guest lecture at Aalto University presented by our Chief Engineer, Joona Petrell a few months back. The lecture opportunity was given to us by Professor of Usability and User Interfaces Marko Nieminen, so it is only fitting to give a special thanks to Professor Nieminen. Another special thank you note goes to our felow Sailor Jorma Virkkunen for recording the video while Joona hosted the lecture.
The lecture contained an introduction to Sailfish OS and Qt, mobile user interfaces, a deep look at Sailfish OS UI and a live coding session witth QML UI development followed by a discussion with the attendees.

- 02:05 Introduction: Qt and Sailfish OS
- 17:58 Basics: Mobile user interfaces
- 24:11 Process: Roles and culture
- 44:30 Sailfish OS: Deeper look at our UI
- 58:45 Live coding: Hands-on with QML UI development
- 1:19:01 Discussion

We will come back to you guys with more Sailfish OS webinars during 2017! For now, this was a wrap!

We wish you a Happy New Year!

James Noori, on behalf of the team

James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Happy new year James&Co. You know what Im looking forward to 2017, right!?! :D

    • To continue complaining about how you still haven’t gotten your second $120 refund?

      • No, a world without fossil fuels! Snow is gone, ice is next to go, glacier Will be extinct in 40 years.

        Refund is is only a tiny thing on the way to do the right thing for the humans.

        • A tiny thing? You do realize you’ve been moaning about how you still haven’t received the second half of the refund in the comments to EVERY…SINGLE…POST on this blog since the first half went out?

          Being a bit miffed that the Jolla tablet project encountered some unexpected setbacks that almost bankrupted the company and lead to part of the backers not getting their tablets is perfectly natural. However what you’ve been doing doesn’t just border on obsessive behavior, it IS obsessive behavior. I’d go as far as to claim that it’s pretty clearly on the autistic spectrum.

          • WE havent got the option yet, not me!

            Love your view. what’s your view on Religons, educations, Sports croweds, Fanboys, Protesters saying stuff over and over again ;)

            Poeple Are obsessive by nature. Nothing wrong with being autistic. Yeah, Lets say Im autistic. Happy?

            • What option? The option to get all of your money back? Because Jolla has time and time again said that they plan on finishing the refunds WHEN THEY CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD TO DO SO.

              Sure, SOME people are obsessive by nature, but it’s generally considered a character flaw and frowned upon. Most people who aren’t idiots generally tend to be able to reflect on their behavior and make self-improvements when they realize they’re being idiots. However if your behavior is anything to go by, any form of self-reflection seems to be well beyond you.

            • Wasn’t there a post just recently about the refund? Imo, you should be happy they care and simply shut up. At least you got half, right? Think when you get scammed (as in, proper scam, not quite the tablet story) by Microsoft, good luck getting *any* attention from them at all. Go and hate-post on w/e their blog is. They have far more resources, yet getting even 10 Euros from them is next to impossible. Just accept that you got a life lesson there and you learned what kickstarters are all about.

          • It’s “moaning” and “obsessive” for one to want the money that is owned and promised to them? That’s a weird attitude… I am guessing you don’t pay your debts to others either.

            • @MJ: Neither does he own the money nor was it ever promised to him. He gave it away to a crowd funding project, fully aware that the project (like others) might fail and he’ll never see the money again. So from the moment he gave the money to support the project, he did no longer own it. (There were others who actually *bought* the tablet from Jolla’s online store. Those people were fully refunded.)

              Jolla said although they’re not obliged to do so, they’ll try to pay back every cent they received in the cowdfunding campaign. They stated clearly, though, that this will only happen if their overall economical situation allows it. Such an “I’ll try to, depending on…” is as far away from a ‘promise’ than you could possibly get.

              So the bottom line is: Without any obligation, Jolla pays *their* money (actually: their investors’ money) to people. Just like that. As a gift. (I wonder why the investors let this happen.) And those who receive this gift keep complaining because it was too little, too late, the wrong size or color,… This really is some kind of absessive behavior.

              • Why did you write an essay for a reply when you have no idea what you are talking about? I understand how crowd funding works but thank you.

                I have an email from Jolla that we are to be refunded…

                Their financial situation will never improve. It’s time for Jolla to DO THE RIGHT THING and open source the OS and lay off the employees and pay their debts

                • So shutting down the company because you need 120$? If 120 of us users put 1$ each would your soul finally be at rest?

            • The point is that people moaning about their refunds are not actually owed a single cent…

              Crowdfunding is a type of investment and like all types of investments, they can fail and in this case that’s what happened. What Jolla is now doing is paying back crowdfunding money from money invested in them by others to appease those who invested in them during the IndieGoGo campaign. However they’re under no obligation whatsoever to actually do so. More hawkish investors would probably have put a stop to this well before even the first refund round.

              • I have seen your comments all over the place defending Jolla. Are you on their payroll or something?

                I am talking about DOING THE RIGHT THING and NOT what they are obligated to do. Do you know the difference?

                I would have been fine with a Jolla C instead of a refund but Jolla couldn’t even do that right and it wasn’t even an option anyway.

                • No, I’m not in Jolla’s payroll, I just don’t want to see them go bankrupt.

                  The thing you don’t really seem to understand is that I’m not annoyed that they’re doing refunds. What actually annoys me is how people are so entitled that they get angry when the best Jolla can do in this regard isn’t good enough for them. They act as if Jolla could refund them in full this very instant when the only way they could do that is by just shutting down the company.

                  In essence they’re demanding that Jolla should go out of business just so that they can get their refunds faster.

                  • So, all opinions including some truth, but what about the loan Jolla was taken of the funding people instead of their direct investors? – WHERE is the money NOW?
                    We supported JOLLA at a time we believed Jolla is a solid financed company. Instead, after several month we got to hear the truth slice by slice. JOLLA knew already at the time of the funding period (and earlier) that they are running out of money! The investors could have financed the whole TABLE PROJECT, but they did not!!! By the way, who are these “investors”? (never got an answer). While leaving JOLLA in an unsecure situation the investors took the tablet funding communities’ money to finance the JOLLA software developement. I guess that after Jolla was running out of money, the investors took over complete control over Jolla and the former CEO SARNIO had to leave the seat of the chairman. However, after this development and the silence about the board and board members as well as the Jolla Adventure project it is hard to believe in JOLLA as a successful independent open source OS company and its’ future.
                    Oh, what about the INTEX project? Failed ? Died before accountable? Turing phone project, a failure before it started?
                    - This comment is just my view on the situation of Jolla. I would like to see JOLLA sailing on the big sea but unfortunately their luck with investors is not the kind of greatness they need! – Investors on the other side of the company: “Give us our money back!”

                    • @Theodosius So just to make sure I understand what you wrote:

                      You believed that Jolla had any money of their own (money that was not given to them by investors) and you believe that the tablet project left any surplus money that was spent elsewhere? Is this what you’re trying to say? Is this really what you believe? How could this possibly be true?

                    • The tablet money is gone for software development. The investors money for funding JOLLA was already delayed and probably reduced or retained (out of any reason). So, the investors have now full control over Jolla, what should come now?

                    • @Theodosius: The tablet project was a hard- and software project, so complaining that “he tablet money is gone for software development” is utter nonsense… it’s like claiming that you don’t have enough to eat because some of your food budget was spent on bread. Well… yes. Sure it was.

                      As for the investors: Again, what world are you living in? Of course they have full control. They always had. Who else do you think pays the bills there? The employees?

                    • Where’s the Indiegogo money gone? Simple. It, and much more money from regular investors, has been spent on product development. The money that has been paid out to IndieGogo backers of the tablet has come from other sources, most probably other companies who have invested in Jolla or paid for Jolla to make custom versions of SailfishOS for their devices.

                      If you actually paid attention during the IndieGogo campaign you’d know that only part of the funding for the tablet was going to come from Indiegogo. The bulk of funding was to come from other sources, primarily traditional investors. When the project ran into delays caused by things like the maker of the display panel ceasing it’s production and Chinese new year delayed it also scared off these investors, causing the project to fail. Another thing you may have noticed if you paid attention during the IndieGogo campaign is that the funding wasn’t just for developing the hardware, it was also for developing SailfishOS 2.0. This was displayed very prominently on the campaign page so I have to shake my head at you missing this information.

                      As for your ramblings about other SailfishOS devices, they’re not Jolla’s own projects. Jolla is merely being paid for providing the software for them and the actual companies behind the devices are the ones who take care of manufacturing, distribution and sales.

                      To repeat a previous point I made: The only people getting their money back are the IndieGogo backers, the rest are either getting nothing or shares in the company (depending on how their debt has been restructured).

  2. What about to be truly open source James?

    From the last community chat meeting seems Jolla plans are based on clients plans and no concrete plans on this.

    Believe me, once this is announced and supported SailfishOS will have more chances to compete with Android.

    • Speaking of, being open source has been, and is on our plans for 2017. I can’t assure you when you shall expect it but we are planning to do it little by little and make a proper road to fully open source ASAP. I’m not in charge of this but I’m following the discussion as closely as I can and I will share more info when I have some. Cheers to a finely planned road-to-open-source in 2017!

      • Thank you James for your response.
        From the previous community meeying I understood that the future Jolla plans really depends on Jolla clients plans.

        I like result facts, let see what will follow.

        Happy New Year.

        • Yes, we said that in the previous meeting about the roadmap, not open sourcing. Jolla owns Sailfish OS and that has nothing to do with clients.

          Just to clarify:

          - Open sourcing is in plans and is going to happen part by part (if everything goes as planned, there are a lot of factors into play, let’s remember.)

          - Providing a road map is difficult as we go ahead with our customer’s requests making software updates and customers usually don’t like their new and unreleased features to be exposed by someone other than themselves.

          I hope I was clear enough.

          Happy new year to you too!

          • HI James,

            Thank you for explanation but I see 2 contradictory statements:
            1. “Jolla owns Sailfish OS and that has nothing to do with clients”
            2. “Open sourcing is in plans…Providing a road map is difficult as we go ahead with our customer’s requests making software updates and customers usually don’t like their new and unreleased features to be exposed by someone other than themselves”

            From what you said Sailfish OS is actually depends totally on your clients.

            To be optimistic, this makes me think that it will not happen soon.

            • Hi!

              Again, I have to point out that those two are completely separate from each other. Unless you meant a roadmap specifically for open sourcing which I did not mean.

              What I meant was feature roadmaps and that naturally depends on our customers even though we own the OS. The customers pay to use the OS and on some term receive new features that they request. The roadmap I was talking about is related to this matter.

              However, an open sourcing roadmap is a different story which brings up another discussion.
              As I have mentioned before in my previous statements, we have learnt from the past and can’t make claims that we are not 100% sure if it’s going to happen or not. The reason we are silent on some things and everyone things we aren’t focusing on them is that they are quite unclear for us as well. When I say open sourcing is in plans it does not necessarily mean everything is in place and is ready to be published/deployed. What I mean is that we do have a concrete (or sometimes otherwise) plans but we are not sharing anything until we have something 100% in-place to share, and that in this world requires a lot of time.

              On your last note, Sailfish OS does not solely depend on our customers, however, naturally, as our strategy is now changed to becoming a software company (which we practically are), a part of it does depend on our customer, even at a contribution level.

              • Thank you James that you’re sincere. I really hope it will happen.

                The problem what I see here is how to open the sources without the customer’s “new and unreleased features to be exposed by someone other than themselves”.

                Lets see how and when it will happen.

                • Thank you!

                  Let’s see how we are going to pull it off! :)

  3. Looking forward to 2017 and to see what Jolla with the community have got to show :D

    • Thanks! Happy new year!

  4. Thanks for this recap! Happy New Year to all of you!

    • Happy new year to you too!

  5. James,
    Any word about the financial position of Jolla or where we can find this information ?
    As you already know I am sick and tired about all the good news stories but still no solid word about the tablet founders refund.

    Jolla has been proven a non transparant company full of beautiful BS stories and not being capable to keep their word.

    But as promised I will not rest until I have received every last cent from your employer.
    So make your own life (and that of many fanboys here) a bit more easy and just get the refund over with PAY THE FREAKIN MONEY BACK !

    I’ am not going to use the word please anymore, all reason is gone, it has taken too damn long.

    • Maikel! Good to see you here.

      A financial update post should be separately published. I’m not sure if we currently have anything planned really.

      As for the refund situation, if you check our post before this, published by Juhani Lassila, there is a small but quite informative update regarding the refund at the end of the post.

      As I have said before, I understand your frustration, but I’m not in charge of this and we already have said that the second part of refunds comes in 2017. Please wait for an update regarding an ETA!

      • James,
        Good to see you too :), and please do not take any of my comments personal. Only personal issue I have at Jolla is with the management (especial mr Antti Saarnio) as it is their call to make false promises and keep us in the dark.

        I did read the former post, but decided not to react on that as I also respect the message of the holidays.

        Having this said, we are still kept in the dark about the details, and every time Jolla keeps referring to their financial situation to be healthy before it can finalize the refunds.

        I find it remarkable that after all this time and effort this company is still vague about this. It’s disrespectful and if things are not cleared up complete not done. But it is in the line of expectations as none of the promises starting with the Crowd Funding at Indiegogo until now ( we are talking over a time window for more than 2 years here) were kept. Nothing but halve truths (in other words lies) and false promises.

        My opinion is that this is not the way this world works and business is done otherwise.
        The truth will prevail, we will get our refund!

        And James I wish you all the best, but foremost I hope you will find a better company (which treats its customers truly and honestly) to work for in 2017.

        • I absolutely understand, and no I do not take anything personally, while I do defend the company I am working for because I do see things that others don’t (By others I mean non-Jolla-employees).

          The thing is that we are not keeping anything secret whatsoever, nothing is being kept in the dark. We have learnt from the past, we have learnt that we should not make any promises when we are even 1% unsure about it.

          Take Jolla C deliveries as an example. First we were 100% sure of having the devices in hand then we promised a delivery date way later than we actually expected due to possible logistics issues and summer holidays. We planned and kept our promise because we did learn from the past.

          With that one example said, do you want us to come out and say “Hey, we are paying you back on X date” and won’t be able to fulfill it? I don’t think anybody wants that. Neither you nor us!
          Therefore we’re telling you guys exactly as it is! Our company should survive with whatever the financial situation we are currently in and have been during 2016. If we want to pay the refunds right now, the chances of surviving in 2017 will be very narrow! It is after all a big amount we are talking about here. Whereas if we wait until the situation is clearer and we have our financing figured, we can start with the second round, we can give you guys clear updates and we can just pay back whatever we owe everybody. Trust me we do not want to keep your money as it 100% belongs to you – it’s only the situation that has forced us to do so, and we are terribly sorry about it.

          I wish you a happy new year, and I hope I was clear enough on the situation. I really went on the edge for this one and said a lot!


          • Thanks James
            I really appreciate this.
            But patience has run out a long time ago. I will show you some respect on the blog for the next 3 months and will not post anything until March 6th.

            Please also understand that it was not your job but that of Jolla’s management to be honest and clear at a WAY earlier moment (read 18 months ago) they have neglected the change of making their apologies until current day. So that fact is what pisses me off every time I see or hear the name JOLLA.

            Having that said, I do believe a lot of you and your colleagues are true nice friendly but foremost honest people. So for that I will be silent for the next 3 months.

            Hopefully final refund rounds is announced before that date !

            • Thanks Maikel for understanding.

              We do hope that in 3 months, things have become much clearer for us so that we can share it with you!

              Thank you for understanding. We really appreciate it


          • ya me too give teh jollaz dudez 3 months cuz we all know they haz a big chest full of the our money and they sit on it and drink rum and sing and have the partys. And teh James also haz a parrot on his sholder, so they not trasparent and on 6 march I get very very angry and I start tossing me at you green pigz and want the loot back.

    • It’s hard to understand how you are able to write proper english but totally fail to read and/or understand what is written on this blog.

      • Thanks for the compliment.
        But I understand exactly what is being said here on this blog. It’s a lot of “look how great we are doing” but without any actual facts.

        Please refer to my answer to James about the way I read about everything Jolla has published so far.

        I wish you all the best for 2017 by the way!

        • Yeah that’s it, and you know that unfortunately you won’t get more info that what was written in the last blog post. So your comments on each post just annoy the community (and maybe Jolla but not officially).
          Jolla is not very good at communication, I won’t discuss that, but for the actual facts, well they managed to refund half of the money already, so you can understand that they really intend to do it. They ask for patience, so why not reading and learning about the cool thing their R&D is building (Sailfish OS) in the meantime? :)

          • What community? How many devices are running Sailfish OS?

            Most are angry on the tablet fiasco and missed promises.
            In the tablet project was invested mostly developers and advanced users who really can atract users.

            Let’s see what will follow.

            I would consider to invest into Jolla only after I can rebuild the os from sources.

            • Tojocky: I beg to disagree, as the community is going super strong!
              We might not have as many devices as, say, Samsung! But we do have a passionate group of people who are helping us with their valuable time and knowledge. Most of it is currently happening behind the scenes but once it’s at its final stages, you will see how their efforts have changed the scenery.

              There is actually only a small number of “angry people” as you refer to them, and I personally understand why they are unhappy with the situation. The number does not pass 2 digits. And that’s an overstatement!

              • I can say that you repaired a lot from the damage created in the past by Jolla by putting some of us on waiting hopes. But still… to recover totally and to gain new community it requires concrete action discussed a lot in the past:
                – Full refund the second tablet
                – New devices to mass users(or port), not a limited stock.
                – SailfishOS open source (it can be with some restriction to device manufacturers which release direct SailfishOS. This will bring new devices)
                – not discussed, to encourage developers to write native sailfishos applications. e.g Samsung is paying $10000 for each application from top 100 applications downloaded.

                • Thanks for your feedback Tojocky!

                  We happily take note and it is our intention to do all of the mentioned suggestions, how many of them will actually become true considering the situation and how the future is going to go for us is yet unknown but hopefully it is not gonna be a long wait for any of those mentioned suggestions!

  6. Can you provide an update confirming when the latest sailfish OS update will be available for the Index Aqua fish. It is available for the C and the tablet but not for the Intex yet?

    • Hi!

      We work with our partners to provide updates to their devices such as Aqua Fish. The next update will reach your devices when Intex approves the update.


  7. “Thanks to the additional emphasis on security and data encryption for Nougat (Android 7.0) as well as the overwhelming demand for an Android based Turing Phone, TRI has decided to use this platform for the Appassionato. A Sailfish OS version will be released at a later date.”

    Seems Turin will use Android first and only after may switch to Sailfish. Email from them received.

  8. It is good to see such a vibrant community and that you work together. Unfortunately I am not a full part of the community yet.

    I use Sailfish OS on my Moto G as a daily driver but I really want to use a device with official Sailfish OS support. Unfortunately Intex doesn’t offer the Aqua Fish anymore (they never offered it in Germany anyways) and importing some of the old stock to Europe is difficult due to the missing CE certification). Furthermore it is missing the LTE Bands necessary in Europe. My question is if Jolla will release a new phone in 2017 (maybe based on the Jolla C which I think is amazing and would be a perfect device for me) or if there are any other manufacturers planning a release in 2017?

    Are there any chances of a partnership with the Spanish manufacturer bq? They manufactured a Ubuntu Phone in the past and might be a perfect partner for an official Sailfish OS phone.

    Best of luck in 2017 and I am looking forward to news by Jolla/Sailfish.


    • Hi and thank you for commenting.

      First of all, you have Sailfish OS running on your Moto G so you indeed are a fully loaded community member ;)
      Secondly, we have already talked about another community device for 2017 and we will make it happen for sure!
      Stay tuned for more news from our side in the future regarding devices!

      About partnering up with bq, we currently do not have any plans to do it but other partnerships might indeed happen as we are constantly working hard on it ;)


  9. Dear sailors,

    I am very happy in sharing the Sailfish adventure since 2013 with you folks and I am very fond with both my Jolla devices (currently I do also test the Turing phone which seem to work fine with the OS). Hopefully, you’ll get new partnerships (let’s touch some wood and cross fingers for you) resulting in commercially available devices! – As a Community device programme particiant and Sailfish enthousiast, I do hope to get my grip on future devices. I got my hands on the Jolla C (as I was surfing your website that particular day of announcement last May) but I know some weren’t that lucky. Is there a way to possibly contact people (via newsletter or so) and by this establish a list of the interested and by this know how many devices should produced ? -

    Best regards,


    • Turing phone? Where did you get it? The official-looking websites (first two results on duckduckgo) look abandoned to me, with missing images and graphics.

      • Can you hear the alarm clock??? If turing phone as a newcommer already doubts on the JOLLA solidity, trustfulness etc.

    • I think you Are In luck. I guess we wont see any licensed device any time…soon. But several things point in the same direction…which is Jolla D, community device.

      Its also just a few days to the yearly annovercity to final refund announcment. Second refund cant be far of now…

      Refund the remaining Indiegogo contributors: Jolla aims to refund the total contribution, including shipping and all accessories. Due to the financial constraints this will happen in two parts: half of the refund will be done during Q1/2016, and the other half within a year, our financial situation permitting.

      • @ossi1967
        Thank you ossi1967 for your comment on my text. It is a sign that somebody is still out there living in his “true world”… :)
        However, it was a big mistake to spend money on a company that is funded by an investor that is not able or willing to fund his own project propper (what ever the reason was to do so). I think most of the contributors learned their lesson. If Jolla will survive, the question is still remaining: “who cares?” Lot of credit has been spoiled and even the last remaining Jolla supporter waiting desperately for a new device get nothing than the popular answer: “We are working hard on it”. We believe Jolla is work on something but to work on something and to come up to a reasonable result is different.
        Good luck Jolla! Hopefully with some new and more wise investors or/and cooperators in the future. If Jolla doesn’t make it, ubuntu or some other companies will do it for them.

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