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Next in the pipeline: ‘Sailfish OS 2.0’

Greetings from our team in Mobile World Congress Shanghai! Here we’ve just announced our first-ever Sailfish OS licensing partner Intex Technologies, who will be bringing Sailfish OS based devices to the market in India later this year. Big news for Sailfish OS, Jolla and our partners!

Here we’ve been talking a lot also about Sailfish OS 2.0. We didn’t put out any official press releases about it, but now we want to update you about it: the next software update will be something big, as we launch the biggest update in Sailfish OS history, something that we call ‘Sailfish OS 2.0’.

We also did a cool video about it, check it out:

New visually refreshed user interface

Sailfish OS 2.0 will be the 17th Sailfish OS software update from Jolla. It has lots to offer, and we’re so excited to bring it to you soon!

The biggest software update to date introduces a totally new and visually refreshed user interface, which is fast and easy to use, enhancing the flow of the OS dramatically, and making the user interface designed for seamless multitasking even more effective than before.

For our dear Sailfish OS customers, Sailfish OS 2.0 includes improved Android application compatibility and browser experience, smoother transitions throughout the OS and overall improved stability and performance. Because of these improvements the daily use of Sailfish OS should become even faster and smoother.

Empowering smartphones and tablets

The introduction of Sailfish OS 2.0 means also that Sailfish OS now empowers both tablets and smartphones. On the Jolla Tablet we can say that the new Sailfish OS 2.0 UI is award winning, already before it is officially out! In Mobile World Congress Barcelona, in March 2015 we won the Best Tablet of MWC award for the Jolla Tablet prototype.

Look out for more tablet updates soon here in our blog; we are doing our best to ship it as soon as possible.


Sailfish OS has always been a people powered platform. While maturing to Sailfish OS 2.0 we’ve listened closely to user feedback through customer polls and, and worked together with our community to build the best user experience possible.

The whole Jolla team wants to thank wholeheartedly our fans, followers and community members for the support along the journey. Lots of LOVE!

When can I get it?

Sailfish OS 2.0 will be available in our next software update through our normal release process. In a few weeks our early access customers will get a first try for it, and then quickly after, every Sailfish OS user will get to experience the new smooth user interface and all other new stuff it has in store. We can’t wait to release it!

We will share more details on the update soon!



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    Thanks for the update! As nerd I would love to read a bit more about technical details / changes (kernel, frameworks, APIs, …) 😉

    If you write “in a few weeks”, what does this mean for the tablet? As there are just 2 weeks till “end of july”, I guess it’s getting a delay?

    • Avatar

      I hope the Tablet will be shipped by the end of July. Eventually with a “primitive” version of Sailfish 2.0 followed by the big update!

      “ME WANT TABLET!!” Omnomnomnomnom 🙂 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Good news !

    But will Sailfish become open source one day…?

  3. Avatar

    🙂 Looking fwd !

  4. Avatar

    This is great 🙂 Can’t wait for the update!

  5. Avatar

    Thanks for your good news. I can’t wait to see the new UI on my phone.

  6. Avatar

    Hi, thanks for info about Sail 2.0. But why do you guys handle the tablet, backers and crowed funding like non-existent?

    no usful info at all regarding tablet for a long long time. Please show us something.

  7. Avatar

    well at last india’s wait is over sailfish os gonna hit in india with intex technoligies…. we are waiting for next sailfish os device

  8. Avatar

    usually intex not much familiar in india. There specification are much lower weak hardwares and mediatek processors.If they are gonna move with sailfish os make them to do with higher spec with strong hardwares mainly not with mediatek processors

    • Avatar

      Hi vishusf! Intex’s Sailfish OS 2.0 device will be based on the hardware platform we have built for them – based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 200/600/800 processors, exact specs are yet to be announced. Check yesterday’s press release for a bit more details.

  9. Avatar

    Aaah , if only I could have this on my Oneplus One.

  10. Avatar

    “Coming soon to a Smartphone next to you” is a great promise, highly appreciated. To which Smartphone next to me (I am in Europe) does it come? Do you mean my trusted Jolla 1? Or something a little bit more up-to-date?

  11. Avatar

    @JuhaniLassila : can you pls explain about “partner space”?

  12. Avatar

    SailfishOS 2.0 would be available on next Nokia SmartPhone reborn 2nd time next year 2016 back to source ?

    • Avatar

      Jolla, Sailfish and Nokia… that would be like a dream come true… but I still love my little under-powered otherhalf.

  13. Avatar

    Hi Jolla. When will you confirm GO/NoGO for end of July?

    • Avatar

      Yeah, I also would like to know that, even if it seems to be obvious now that they won’t start shipping it within the end of July.

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave. 🙂 I’m not Jolla, but if you’ll kindly read above, they stated that Sailfish 2.0 would be available to early access folks “in a few weeks.” Given that they said this just _one_ week ago, I feel confident in predicting that it will be available some time after the end of July…

      However, I’m betting that you’re really asking about when the tablet will ship. 🙂 Again, if you’ll check back to the July 6th “Jolla Tablet Update” blog, you’ll find that they’ve already mentioned that their “end-July shipping target may be affected.” So, no need for any additional confirmation here; they’ve already warned you that the end of July is no longer a hard target.

      Hey, I’m waiting with bated breath as well. 🙂 But best to just wait and let these folks finish the process. The tablet will come when it will come…

  14. Avatar

    So excited even though you do not distribute in America I was able to get a jolla and really believe I am the only user in Costa Rica. Ditched all my phones and stuck only to you guys.
    2.0 seems like a move to the more mature and intuitive meego UX and flow.
    Question, the phone seems to be getting ever so slow with each release… is the OS in dire need of a hardware update due to HW needs?

  15. Avatar

    Gigaset …

    why not convincing them to license Sailfish OS / launching a Sailfish Edition ? Devices do not look to bad specswise – except for becoming just another droidphone-maker on the market …
    Maybe devices will be more available than OnePlus devices – and they have USB 3.0 ONBOARD as well 😉

  16. Avatar

    Ok, so I was already not really a fan of this phone, but I thought to myself: “OH! 2.0, maybe they fixed some of the issues I have with it.”

    Should’ve known better. That’ll teach me to have optimism.

    So, the phone is actually worse now. They made the three things I use the most harder to use.

    1) I check the time on my phone all the time. Like 150 times a day. It used to be fast. Just tap tap and immediately you see the time. Now I have to wait this completely pointless animation to finish before I see the time. They are making you to wait to see the time. No, you can’t see the time. We added this really smooth fade-in effect so you can admire that. We are so special because we knew how to do that. Great! Good for you. Here’s a cookie. Could you please now get rid of it? It’s stupid, pointless, and makes me wait to see the clock. I want to see the clock. Do you understand? I don’t want to watch your childish animations.

    2) So, now the lock screen is opened with sideway swipe. Whatever. I mean, it’s harder to do, so you really proved your point there, too. But instead of having my 4 most used apps at my fingertips after one swipe, I now have to do two swipes. One to the side and one upwards. Who thought this was a good idea? Do you have people from Microsoft working there because I’ve noticed a similar trend with their products. So, instead of making the lives of our users easier by making our product more snappy and quicker to use, let’s add some more screens they need to navigate through before they can do what they usually do. That was a good idea to you?

    3) Turning the screen off used to be easy. Just swipe down and there it goes. Now I have to swipe and THEN tap. Why? What was wrong with all of these things? Why did you have to ruin the very basic usability of your OS? You don’t know what to improve so you just add stuff at random?

    Can I get the previous OS back from somewhere? At least I could use it. Now I just feel like throwing this plastic toy to the Pohjanlahti to see if it floats.

    • Avatar

      1) 150 times a day?! It’s like once every 3 min. You should focus on your tasks, or buy a watch 🙂

      2) Harder to unlock means also less pocket calls, that’s important too.
      For your most used apps, open them once and they’ll stick on the homescreen. If you don’t want to let them open, you can put 3 of them in the lock screen pulley menu, so only one pull-down away.

      3) If the extra click really bother you, you can install this patch:
      That’s what’s cool in having an open OS.

  17. Avatar

    About video: does anybody know what is the background music?

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