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Sailfish OS Nurmonjoki is now available

After a very warm summer here in Northern Europe, many well deserved holidays are taken and many sailors are now rested after a year of full-on work. Sailors that were on duty during the summer have however worked on the latest iteration of Sailfish OS updates for our customers & community! After much developing and testing, we are now ready to release Sailfish OS 2.2.1. Sailfish OS 2.2.1 is named after the river Nurmonjoki which is located 300km north of Helsinki, on south western part of Finland.

In this update, we have – as usual – delivered many new features alongside various bug fixes for you that we are going to go through a few of, in this blog post. 

Release highlights

Nurmonjoki is now fully aligned with GDPR in terms of your Jolla account and “About Product”. Document sharing, email app optimizations and account log-in bug fixes are only a small portion of what has been added and fixed in this update. 

Email & Calendar App:


The email app has been a long awaited update in the Sailfish community. It is now time to deliver certain useful new features to the app, such as accepting/declining meeting invitations with integration to the calendar app, support for “read receipt”, and fixes such as several improvements in handling email attachments.

Accounts Screenshot_20180912_003[1]

An important part of a modern mobile operating system is the accounts section. That is why we do our best to keep it up to date with the latest APIs and security features needed. We have resolved the login issues with Facebook and Dropbox accounts and also aligned our Jolla account settings with GDPR guidelines.


Default route option has been added to VPN – connected VPN acts as the default route. Automatic reconnection has been improved, particularly in cases where the background transport gets changed from WLAN to mobile data or vice versa.

Bug fixes

Every release contains a number of bug fixes, many of which reported by the community. While naming a few of the fixed bugs reported by you, we would like to thank you for your continuous support and help throughout the years! 

bug that was preventing the compass feature to work on the Sony Xperia X has been eliminated. A new fix  is also in place preventing album arts from appearing on your gallery and filling it up. Notification messages loop is now fixed as well and that is only a part of what our developers have been able to take care of on this update. 

You can visit TJC to read the whole release notes with full details about what has been improved, fixed or added to Sailfish OS.

You can also follow our detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device here. 

For those beginning from scratch, Nurmonjoki for Sony Xperia X (F5121 & F5122) are separately available to download through our webshop.

Special thanks to our development team working tirelessly on hot summer days to deliver this update! You guys rock!! 



James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Avatar

    yep, great!

    now where’s the update on the future Sony devices??

    • Avatar

      Well, the XA2 is being worked on and we will have a release for that one when everything is ready!

      • Avatar


        It would be handy if Jolla understood the need to handle expectations better.

        Your reply offers nothing in the way of information as to how far along the current development is or when users can expect to receive the final product!

        Here I am, a would be Jolla user who is currently holding off on purchasing any other phone that’s currently available so that I can have SF running on an XA2 and all I get is….. “you’ll have it when it’s ready!”

        That’s pretty poor!!


        • Avatar

          The option, that it’s sometimes not possible to make a reliable statement on something (here: XA2 release), seems non existent for you, right?

          Guess who would be the first to complain, if a weak release date can’t be hold…???

          • Avatar


            there is NO release date duh!

            try reading before being snarky!

            • Avatar

              Sorry, that it hit you this time, but I sometimes get fed up with people around here, that start nagging right away.

              Btw. I was talking about the potential release date (refered to as “weak”), that you want to hear from James by all means. So it shouldn’t be a reading problem from my side…

              • Avatar

                no, no

                its DEFINITELY a reading problem!

                • Avatar

                  You don’t understand!

                  If Jolla would give a (weak) date and later more time is needed, everyone complains. — Better say nothing until it is ready.

        • Avatar

          To be honest, I could come here and just say that yeah we have planned the XA2 release on this and that date just to make you temporarily happy. But I have learnt my lesson over these years at Jolla and I know that things can definitely go wrong at the last minute. This is one of the reasons our small team holds off with their promises since we can’t guarantee it to be there exactly on time. But when we announce it, we are sure that even if something go wrong and we have a delay, that delay is not too big.

          So if you need #betterupdates, I think you should #waitforit 😉

          • Avatar

            I’m not trying to pin Jolla down for dates!

            My point has always been that Jolla set the bar themselves, it was Jolla via YOUR OWN COMMENT that stated we would get some news in Q3, so in some ways you have already made a vague statement that is boomeranging on you, not my fault! 🙂

            We are now in Q3 and there is literally nothing tangible that you can share as far as I can tell.

            All that you would have had to do is share some recent achievements made by the XA developer(s) with a projected time frame for when the project might be completed.

            That’s not asking for a lot unless you guys simply have ZERO project management in place (Prince2, Agile etc), which would be kind of worrying tbh!

            • Avatar

              No need to insult them (ZERO project management), please…!

              If you cannot understand the scope of Sailfish development you should be quiet.

          • Avatar

            A small suggestion (not exactly related to BraapBraap’s inquiry, as I’ve already bought my Xperia X F5121 and am already happy with it):

            I totally understand that you want to avoid committing for a date in the future, because thing might not go according to plan so the announced date turns out to cause more backlash than anything else.

            (Case in point: Sailfish 3.0 – Was announced for 3rd quarter, but looks like that in might get pushed further due to polishing).

            But, still, could you give small update relating to the progress ?

            “We currently done [feature XXX on SF3], fixed [bug YYY on XA2], our next item on the todo list which will be addressing next is [fix ZZZ for Gemini]”.

            That won’t force you to commit to a date that you can’t be 100% sure will turn out correct, but could convey a little bit more information on the progress of the development.

            • Avatar


              well said

              all we want is some info giving us an idea of what’s happening

              • Avatar

                Guys, I thank you for all of your suggestions, we have taken note and we are going to come out with an update blog post about Sailfish 3 and Sailfish X. Stay tuned!

          • Avatar

            Hi James,
            Are you sure you’ve learned the lesson the right way?

            In the blog text you refer to us with text “beloved community”.
            So, I’ll take the freedom to call us the children of Jolla, if we are so beloved 🙂

            Dinner time is already here and we’re hungry. According to our Father – the masterchef Jolla – we are going to have meatballs and potato smash – AND there will be ice-cream for desserts too (SFOS 3.0).

            Now that we got smashed potatos down the river, Nurmonjoki, we are wondering when we’ll get meatballs to join the meal.

            But that’s not what makes us scream, it’s the thing that Father is hiding all the cookings behind his back. He won’t let us know even if he’s cooking at all!
            And no word of ice-cream what so ever. Is mom going to buy ice-cream at all from shop? Does it exist? (Or is it like the cake in the game “Portal 2”?).

            We’ll surely continue to throw spoons and forks because we don’t understand what parents are doing.

            In the meantime… there are Nougat, Oreo -cookies and Pie served on the neighbour’s table.

            • Avatar

              It fine with all the references to what google and apple do. But hey why don’t you just jump ship and eat some kind of cookie?

              SFOS can do voice, text, XMPP and IMAP.

              Please, do more of that generic useful stuff.

              Please, do not focus on joining and pleasing the big silos.

              People that wants FANG are better served with a FANG phone.

              • Avatar

                @hein, if your reply was to my comment, then you have missed my point and read only the last sentence (which was there only for the fun of it).
                You’re barking the wrong tree here.

          • Avatar

            I’m one of the first yolla-users and went through many years full of joy and anger with jolla.
            I agree totally to your statement. But this conflicts jollas homepage:”Sailfish OS development never stops, not even for legacy devices. Sailfish 3 will be rolled out in phases during Q3/2018 for all licensees and customers.”
            We all know this will never happen in Q3. We never did. The problem is, that I’m waiting for this update and some development knews would be nice. Whats working? What doesnt? Where are the big problems? I would love to be able to follow your work.See, where you make progress and feel that it’s going forward.
            It would be so great, to see you working and suffer, laugh and celebrate with you.
            If i look at, i’m not alone with my thoughts. So many questions about the release date and supported devices; so many people, that do not know Duke Nukem Forever (when it’s done).

            • Avatar

              Completely true, +1. It’s no shame if things need more time, but please communicate!

          • Avatar

            i understand u dont know, when it will be finished. What do we want to know is the progress, what is done and what is not. We are just curious how the development is going on.


        • Avatar

          From the cellars of the secret laboratory I can give the following statement: Status of readiness is 7.3.

          That means sometime just after complaining enough everyone will finally work fast enough to make you happy.

    • Avatar

      So better is buy Xperia X or XA 2 and wait for SailfishOS?

  2. Avatar

    Even though the steps sometimes seem quite tiny at first glance, regarding Jolla’s limited resources, it’s good to see Sailfish OS steadily progressing.

    So thanks for another update. Works like a charm on my Jolla 1. No problems during the installation process.

    • Avatar

      That’s amazing to hear, Zack! You are most welcome!

    • Avatar

      Me too. No update problem on my J1.
      Even if the quality is present on updates, my main problem is the age of my J1 : january 2014 with original battery.
      XA2 availability becomes quite important. James, is it possible to have regular news on this point ?

  3. Avatar

    And there was much rejoicing !


    Thanks for the work to all the Jolla crew.

    The compass is going to be useful for Pure Maps turn-by-turn driving (and for Stellarium star gazing).

    BTW, speaking of upgrades :

    – is it still the plan to have yet a second other update (2.2.2 ?Onkamojärvi???) before Sailfish 3.0 ?
    – any chance of seeing a kernel update on Xperia X with Sailfish X 3.0 (still holding hopes for Sony’s kernel version 4.4… that will solve quite a few problems and bring more security fixes)
    – would Jolla be able to comment a bit more on what Android layer upgrades are planned for SF3 ? Or is too early / still in discussion&considerations ?

    • Avatar

      It will be a joki not jarvi..

    • Avatar

      SF3 is a big step and it may not come this year. I think it’s likely we will get a second update in Q4 and before the release of SF3.

  4. Avatar

    Nice update – thank you! I especially appreciate the compass on Xperia. I would love to see more info from you like “the XA2 is being worked on”. No need for details or specific dates, just to get a glimpse of the ongoing process: what are you up to; what are you doing; what are you thinking? And of course, it’s nice for me as a customer to have _some_ idea of what to expect and perhaps (very) roughly when.

    • Avatar

      Indeed! This blog post of course is dedicated to the latest Sailfish OS update. But another one will hopefully be published soon about your specific questions.

  5. Avatar

    All this is very well, I just saw the article after the presentation of Apple. But I would be interested to know when they are going to return the money from the tablet. This becomes eternal and unserious.

    • Avatar

      @vicosoft: The tablet was a crowdfunding project. It failed. In normal cases you would have lost your Money. But you already got 50% back and can still expect to get the other half. I don’t understand why so much backers can’t stop crying on that. (And yes, I’m a tablet backer too, and I’m still waiting like you do – but I don’t ask.)

    • Avatar

      Oh, please. Again?

  6. Avatar

    Todays Apple Event was mentioned above. That reminded me of a missing Sailfish Phone. We Need such a phone, not just the Sony’s to flash by ourselfes but phones working out of the box. So much was said or written About partnerships with phone manufacturers, but in the end those phones missed Jollas home market, the EU. Jolla C was some Kind of limited Edition, an Jala accione never came that far.
    Yes, the tablet was a failure, but I think cutting off the Hardware was a mistake.

    And at least I wonder if we’ll really see Sailfish 3 coming this months – just three more weeks and no info at all.

    • Avatar

      Regarding hardware, and Jolla C, another idea :

      Is there a chance that Jolla could release some “Jolla I” developper device, based around the Inoi T10 tablet, just like Jolla C was released based on Aquafish Intex ?

    • Avatar

      Firstly: thank you for the update.
      I see some mentioning the Apple event. Phew. Posh, overpriced, devices without a jack, but with face recognition to unlock your phone. Who wants that? My last and only iphone was a 3Gs, about ten years ago. My second phone was a Jolla. Nice elegant OS, but what a struggle in the beginning. So after a while I bought an ipad too. But Sailfish has certainly improved. It is more reliable than before. Only, I get the idea that the improvements are going too slow since the tablet disaster. I still miss basic features like more sharing possibilities and CalDAV synchronizing. If I don’t use Dropbox ( I use Stack), nor Exchange, there isn’t much for me in the latest update.
      Yet, I am still curious to know more about Jolla’s plans for Sailfish 3. What will it be? Can you give some info about it?

    • Avatar

      Yes, it is sad that we can’t buy a device ready with Sailfish installed.

    • Avatar

      yes, yes, yesss!

      I would like to have Jolla logo on my phone, too – or Nokia AND Sailfish… 😉

    • Avatar

      It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a community member to prepare a ready made phone for you. There are quite a number of rather good ports available, e.g. Mido aka Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. A new inoi tablet will be coming out in a few weeks and it comes out of the box with sfos. You should be able to get one through a community member as well.

    • Avatar

      Newest iphone: E1659,-
      Apple plans to remove the sim and use software instead.
      Unlock with face ID (???)

  7. Avatar

    Hello. Can i install sailfish x to sony xperia x compact? Or this phone does not counts as its bigger version?

    • Avatar

      Hi! You can’t so that using an official image from Jolla, but there are community ports out there for that device that work rather well, with all the free features (i.e paid features are unavailable on it)

      • Avatar

        I’m stil a bit dissapointed Jolla focuses on +5″ devices. But afterall no promises were made.
        I hope at some point you’ll find spare moment to update long neglected areas of the sailfish ecosystem:namely dialer (no autocompletion when number is dialed), no presence status/change in events view (missing in 1.x-2.0 transition) and and calls history (no history numbers not saved in address book).

  8. Avatar

    Hello everyone. I had the opportunity to download this update a week prior on my Xperia X. Mr. Noori or anyone else, could you help me the following:1) How do you use the VPN factor on the phone?
    2) Could someone tell me how to hack open my Xperia X’s unlockable bootloader?
    3) Is it safe to flash the current version of Sailfish OS on my Xperia XA2?
    4) Other than XA2, is Sailfish going to be available on additional Xperia phones?
    5) Will we have to purchase Sailfish 3 via Jolla store or what?
    6) For future flashing, could you make it far more user friendly insofar as anyone with a bare minimum of computer literacy can do it?

    • Avatar


      > or anyone else, could you help me

      Fellow sailfish user here.
      (though the best place to get help from other users is )

      “Settings” app -> “Connectivity” pane -> “VPN” menu entry.
      In “VPN” pulldown -> “Add new VPN” pulldown menu entry
      “Select a VPN type” -> here you can choose your VPN type, then input the settings, push the “Advanced ” button, for more settings, depends on the VPN.

      The new VPN will become available in the “VPN” settings and you can click to turn it on/off

      Sadly, as far as I’ve heard from other users, even if your service provider removes the SIM-lock, the phone still won’t allow you to unlock the bootloader.
      (This was at the time Sailfish X was started ~1 year ago, maybe some body on forums like xda-developers might have found something)
      (Or maybe Sony will accept to unlock the boatloader of a de-SIM-locked phone ?)
      Back then, the best strategy was to return the phone under warranty, get your money back and buy a non-SIM-locked phone.

      3. NNOOOOOO !!!!!
      They are 2 different hardware platform (unlike the dual-SIM Xperia X).
      But look on the forums (, etc.) maybe the community have a XA2 build.
      But do not flash the Xperia X’s Sailfish X on a Xperia XA2

      5. In past blogs, Jolla official have mentionned that current Sailfish phone will receive the Sailfish 3 update. So you’ll only need to buy for *new* phone (e.g.: if there’s a version for XA2 devices)

      6. We, the other Sailfish users, have written a couple of step-by-step tutorials on, maybe these could be a little bit more easy for you if the official from are hard ?

    • Avatar

      I would say that DrYak had a great summary down below, so I don’t need to say much 🙂

  9. Avatar

    is it worth to upgrade my Xperia right now or should I better wait 2 weeks more to jump directly to Sailfish 3.0 ?

    Joke apart, it’s nice to see there is still progress and Jolla is alive. So thanks very much indeed and sail on!

    Despite of everything can you whistleblowing just a bit about the current status of the Sailfish 3.0 project? Is there a chance to get a Christmas gift from Jolla this year?
    I’m sure a lot of us is more then curious about. 😉

    • Avatar

      Can’t do too much whistle blowing here, I mean, people are reading after all 😉

      Jokes aside, thanks for your comment. It is being worked on and it is not far from the release. We are planning to release it in different phases but that is for anothe blog post where we discuss what we have planned. Please stay tuned! Cheers.

  10. Avatar

    Thanks a bunch for another update. I didn’t install it yet, so this part

    “The email app has been a long awaited update in the Sailfish community. It is now time to deliver certain useful new features to the app, such as ”

    got me a bit confused. As far as I remember, the most requested features were
    1) ability to forbid HTML and view all mail in plaintext, and
    2) ability to select and copy text.

    Can anyone who installed the update tell me if this was implemented?

    • Avatar

      2) is not available within this update.
      I’m really waiting for this as well, very important very basic feature!
      1) as far as I can see, this is not implemented as well.

      • Avatar

        @ScumCoder, if you’re asking whether we can select and copy/paste text within the email app on Jolla with this update, then my experience is yes.

        I just pulled out my phone to double-check. When I long-press on text, it highlights with the start/stop points that can be altered and the text appears in the typical spot on the app for the “clipboard”.

        I had to double-check because when I’m typing longer emails and have typically used copy/paste, it’s always been with a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and I do the ctrl-c/ctrl-v combinations. But when I do, the copied text does appear in the line just above the top row of the keyboard.

        Once I stop highlighting the text, just the icon of the clipboard remains, but I am able to click on it and it pastes the previously copied text into my email.

        If you are not talking about this functionality, I am sorry for mistaking and going OT.

        • Avatar

          I, a man, use it and love it. I am very happy to see updates. After using the N9 for many years (until SFOSX released) and having so few updates that when a software update notification arrived it made my heart jump…seeing updates available to the actual OS feels more like a gift than a right to me.

          There are only a couple apps (e.g. bank) that I miss not having on my Xperia X. I am extremely pleased with this phone and kudos to the Jolla team for all they have done and continue to do. And I truly enjoy the community that rolls their sleeves up and digs in to be part of the solution for a better phone, too.

        • Avatar

          @Ras72 I guess you are talking about writing an e-mail, and then copying text. That’s true, that works. In case of reading a received e-mail, it does not work. So a workaround would be to answer to an e-mail and then copy the desired text. Even though, it would be better to have the feature for received e-mails as well.

  11. Avatar

    I wonder how many people are using Sailfish as daily driver. How many men, how many women. Just curious to know.

    • Avatar

      i do.
      used a Jolla 1 until the hardware failed badly
      then switched to Sailfish X on Xperia X
      (and keep the since then fixed Jolla 1 for testing)

      Before that I used webOS based phone (Palm Pre, HP Pre3), never had an actual Android phone.

    • Avatar

      Since J1 for business and for leisure. Never looked back.

      Only thing i miss is RealCalc.

      • Avatar

        Is the calculator in the Jolla store not good enough for you? I’m sure you could get a nice alternative using alien dalvik, right?

        • Avatar

          I do use RPNCalc from store. Its go enough.

          As RealCalc is replaced i dont have a need for alien dalvik. I was just being sentimental about my old calculator.

          I am way past it and i dont cry my self to sleep anymore.

    • Avatar

      #meetoo… 😉

      On the other hand My Jolla C is really aging – power button hardly works thus I really have to be carefull with switching it off – endangering never be able to switch it back… 🙁

      so, a new Jolla phone is very welcome! 😀

      • Avatar


        Since I use my Xperia I got a “C-replica” in reserve. If you are interested in, just let me know.

        • Avatar

          wow, what a generous offer! I try to survive with C until SFOS 3.0 is out and then look around for replacement (maybe an XA2)

          if that experiment fails I will get back to you…

        • Avatar

          I do as well. Besides a very short try with a Blackberry Storm that I got from a colleague, never used anything else. First SOS on a Nexus 4, and then on a Jolla1.

          And I’m also waiting for the XA2 support since I have to get a new one as well. My Jolla 1 has a crack on the side and I’m afraid it will break soon. Furthermore, my wife still uses an oldschool Sony Ericsson that I urgently have to replace 😉

          @maennlein so I would be very interested in the C-replica 😉

          • Avatar

            So let me know how I can get in contact with you?
            BTW: I have a Jolla 1 available as well.

            • Avatar

              @maennlein Wow, that sounds great!
              Just write me at
              dr.schnet at gmx . de
              Thanks a lot in advance!

        • Avatar

          C-replica? Hmmmm. I’m kind of curious what this is. Can you say more? Are you referring to intex aqua fish?

    • Avatar

      I have been using my beloved Jolla 1 as daily driver and only phone for nearly three years now. Screen is cracked (IKEA floor…) but still fully functional. I plan on continuing to use it until it is completely broken. Battery life could be better. But I don’t want any other operating system on my mobile phone than SailfishOS. I really like the swipe navigation, the built-in CalDav/CardDav-support, the ad-free-ness (e.g. try to find a free calculator app on Android that is not bloated with annoying ads), the feeling of freedom having a Linux device in my pocket that just runs Python out of the box, and of course the community.
      Unfortunately, I have never met someone in real life using SailfishOS…

      • Avatar

        CardDav is cool and working with many servers. Not so sure about CalDav thou.

      • Avatar

        The same here. My husband has given up, so I am the only one now. I like many things of Sailfish: elegance (Finnish design), simplicity/userfriendlyness, diversity of icons, not part of surveillance capitalism. Some apps are just brilliant. Others are crappy. The OS is limited too and I am dependent on what’s offered. I am surprised reading that you have CalDAV. I have that CalDAV icon, but nor on my XperiaX neither on my Jolla 1 does it work. I also miss sharing options from within the browser, gallery. Now Telegram ‘solves’ this sometimes. Actually it still is quite a struggle for non-tech people.

      • Avatar

        Just for the record (meeting someone in real life using SFOS): Two colleagues in my departement (approx. 30 people, not “converted” by me) use SFOS devices. Also I met two people in the train over the last few years – and I don’t live in Tampere (not even in Finland)…

    • Avatar

      Since my beloved J1 gave up on me, I had 3 months of time with Android (bought Xperia X just because of SFOS was coming to it). Only thing I miss from Android times is superb photos from camera (which is Sony to thank, not Android).
      For work I have i(diot)phone. Tried everything so I could have Xperia X+SFOS for work too, but you know companies…

      • Avatar

        Fact is also that Sony is not willing to make those drivers available so that sfos users can enjoy the excellent camera.

    • Avatar

      I know of two people using Sailfish as a daily driver, one using a Jolla C and the other (me) using an Xperia X.

      I see no reason why almost anyone (Yes, there will be exceptions) couldn’t use Sailfish on a day to day basis.

    • Avatar

      oops. I, a man, clicked on the wrong “reply” and posted my answer to your question above.

  12. Avatar

    Dont really care that much for the software update. But I’m happy to see that the blog still works and that more important blog posts will come soon like the long awaited blog post that suddenly dissapeard from jolla airspace for no real reason.

    Hope you all had a wonderful vacation with lots of…

  13. Avatar

    Does someone know, whether and when Intex will publish an update? The latest update from Intex is still releaqse 2.1.

    • Avatar

      There is good and bad news here. Intex has stopped support so no updates will be coming anymore. Fortunately the intex aqua fish is basically identical to jolla c. You could e.g. flash your device with e.g. community sfos and you will enjoy updates again. Anyway, there are various ways to go about it.

  14. Avatar

    Hii James..Thanks for the update…however, Sailfish OS 2.2.0 is still not available on Intex Aqua Fish…so now it is lagging by 2 OS updates…let us know if there is any new on that front….

  15. Avatar

    @James Noori:

    thanks a lot for the update!
    Even though I’m still missing a few basic features (like being able to copy text from an e-mail),
    I’m really happy that you guys are still motivated and hard working on this extremely important and outstanding OS!
    So many people that I know are looking for an alternative to the currently available OSes and I’m sure you could deliver that also for people that are not comfortable with flashing etc.. So keep on and all the best!
    I’m looking forward to see SFOS3 running on a XA2 🙂

    • Avatar

      @Wolfson. I posted a reply about copying/pasting text in email. I just got down to this post from you and thought perhaps you were talking about copying/pasting text from an email to maybe something like Notes.

      I just opened an email, clicked reply, then scrolled down and copied text from the email, then opened a note and pasted it.

      I am not geeky enough to tweak out my phone, so it’s pretty much stock. That means I think anyone should be able to do this. Am I misunderstanding what you are saying is not working?

      I agree that copy/pasting in emails is important, so I’m happy to help you be able to do that.

  16. Avatar

    Great work!
    Upgrading Jolla C worked flawless.
    Jolla 1 got stuck and I had to factory reset the device. Which was a longer procedure, because I started with v1.**.
    But going through all the versions again made obvious the fantastic progress, Sailfish OS was going through!
    For this incredible work Sailfish team earns a big big applaus!!! Sail on!!!

    • Avatar

      Thanks Walter!

      It’s strange that you had to reset your Jolla 1 for the whole update to go through. But I’m glad that you got something positive out of it! Cheers, and sail on!

      • Avatar

        Not enough free chunks to allocate, despite the btrfs balancing that the update performs beforehand ?

        Got bitten by such a problem with 2.2.0 on Jolla 1 – due to too much Android apps installed (but managed to recover from it without a reset)

  17. Avatar

    Hello. I guess I was unclear in previous posting regarding the usage of Xperia X VPN. I meant to ask how does one configure the VPN. Is it the same as using a VPN programme on laptop or desktop? Under VPN tab, there are five options. If someone can help me understand and use the VPN on Xperia X, that would be greatly appreciated!

    • Avatar

      I definitely think that you should ask this in to get a better answer. Blog’s comment section is usually not the best place for these issues unfortunately.

  18. Avatar

    I never get to “install update”. Only Downloading update for hours…Is your servers working as excpected?

    • Avatar

      Solved it with a refund…sorry, a restart 😉

  19. Avatar

    Great Update!
    Thank you especially for the compass and the improvements in email.

    Keep up the good work!

    Wonko, daily driver (Xperia X)

  20. Avatar

    To balance some negative comments above, I’m really happy with the continued updates from the Jolla team. Having been forced to help people out with their obtuse Android devices, and looking at Google’s penchant of snooping on customers and fiddling with their settings without permission, Sailfish continues to be a safe place away from all those shenanigans. So I bought another Xperia for my partner and installed Sailfish on it.
    Keep it up, guys!

    • Avatar

      +1 for the use of the word “shenanigans”. 🙂

      I, too, love it. My wife and two older sons all have Xperia X phones with SFOSX. We are anomalies in our circles. As a computer person, I often get asked (even today, oddly enough) what is so great about Sony phones that made me choose an older Xperia to be my phone rather than the others. I tell them all that it’s the ability to put on an elegant operating system of my choosing that does NOT spy on me or my family. The responses range from laughter to genuine curiosity. In light of the last year’s revelations about how much the companies are doing to us/with our data (as Kea calls it I think – surveillance capitalism) the people don’t laugh at my like I’m a nut nearly as loudly as they used to.

      • Avatar

        The terminology ‘surveillance capitalism’ is from Shoshana Zuboff, emeritus professor in Harvard. She was one of the early critics of the ways the big tech companies treat us by taking our data and selling them to data miners and -brokers and advertisers.

    • Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your comment! Our community is just worried about us, hence the occasional negaitive-sounding comments. But I’m sure most of them want us well!
      Sailfish OS is indeed a safe place and it will remain that way. There will be more safety gear baked into it as we go forward too. It will take its time but it’s going to be worth the wait! Let’s see what Sailfish 3 will have in the pipelines 😉 Cheers!

      • Avatar

        James, I too like the OS, it is my daily device for years. And we all know Jolla is a small team. Yet I feel the need to make critical remarks. Some important things still do not work and not everyone is tech savvy to fix it by themselves. My husband also had a Jolla 1, but recently he quitted for a while , He cannot unlock a bootloader ( I could) neither flash Sailfish on an Xperia. It would be nice if there was a paid service for this.
        We hope Sailfish will improve steadily, so please go on!

        • Avatar

          Thanks for you feedback. That is certainly understandable. We are trying to make it much easier to adopt Sailfish OS in the near future! Sail on

  21. Avatar

    +1. I have bought XA2 and eagerly waiting for Sailfish 3. BTW, when are we expecting!?!? will it be available to buy in INDIA. Please facilitate.

    • Avatar

      Let’s wait for more clarifications in our next blog post. But Sailfish 3 is being worked on as we speak and our small team is working tirelessly to bring it to you as soon as possible.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Jolla for the update! It worked flawlessy on my Aqua Fish for a few days, before it sadly got stolen. So James, I really appreciate you will come up soon with a blog post sharing some info on the state of development for SF3 and the XA2. I read all the comment section and it seems it is time for changing phone for many of us now. We love Sailfish so much we’d rather hold on to battery-less jolla 1 or (as is my case now) to an N9 in 2018 than giving in to google… Your post will help us evaluate for ourselves weather to wait or going for an older Xperia X. We’re counting on it! 😉

  22. Avatar

    Sadly I could not wait for it and I did not want to by a Sony phone, did not like the specs, bought an Asus one.
    Maybe one day someone will port Sailfish to Asus phones too, we’ll see. Would be awesome. 🙂

    • Avatar


      what’s it like?

      If i dont get a SFOS XA2 soon then I’ll likely buy the oneplus 6, looks so sweet in white!!

      • Avatar

        Very nice quality HWwise and the SD636 can actually handle that big 6″ display. It has a 5000mAH battery, which lasts for me more than a day. Btw its the Asus Max Pro M1!:)
        Camera is not that good, but I had before a Nexus 5 and a Lumia 950XL, which both had awesome cameras. Low light photo taking could be better.
        But that ugly and sneaky android is still the same. 🙁

        I was planning to buy the XA2 Ultra but that is so huge, this one has the same display size, though way smaller and more comfortable to hold in the hand. I don’t want to scare away anybody from the Sony, but for me at least this seemed to be a better option, even if I have to go to LineageOS with microG to get rid of Google.

      • Avatar

        OnePlus has no card slot. But it does have face recognition…

  23. Avatar

    Some are talking about the Sony XA2. That’s a better option than the XperiaX also because of the place of the buttons. Will its bigger brother, the XA2 Ultra also be supported? What are the plans?

    • Avatar

      Same question with the XA2 Plus…

  24. Avatar

    @James Noori Can you anserw for my question please, I want know if better wait for SailfishOS for Xperia XA2 and buy this phone, or buy Xperia X and your OS?

  25. Avatar

    Great work, the update worked perfectly for me. I’m new to Sailfish and have switched from 4 years of Android to SailfishX with an Xperia X, really happy I made the move.

    Looking forward to Sailfish3, I would say don’t worry about the constnat requests for updates, many of us are patient to receive the update to v3 in the hope that it will be more complete and have less bugs than rushing to reach any hastily committed deadline. The teaser screenshots look very encouraging!

    • Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your comment! We are happy that you made the switch happen!

  26. Avatar

    When Intex aqua fish model get this update?

    • Avatar

      That is solely up to our partner.

  27. Avatar

    Mr. Noori and/or Sailfish OS developers, please make this upcoming flashing for Sailfish III/3 on XA2 (and hopefully others phones) USER-FRIENDLY and not bloody complicated! Chances are most folks don’t have Linux but Windows. Furthermore, it would greatly help if you provide a YouTube tutourial video of flashing with Windows OS when Sailfish III/3 arrives in October!

  28. Avatar

    Hopefully its gonna be on the 8th of October that SFOS 3 comes our way!

    • Avatar

      In 2 weeks time? The next release down the pipeline seems to be 2.2.2.x and 3 will probably follow

  29. Avatar

    hello james, im hear now sailfish x was support for xperia x dual sim too.

    the question is, did im must choose one of the device if im want to buy sailfish x, or im get all the licensed images for xperia x f5121 and f5122?
    #thanks before

    • Avatar

      Hi Arif.

      The single sim and dual sim have different images therefore different licenses. Please write to our customer support in case you have more you are wondering about. Thanks!

  30. Avatar

    Camera on Sony XperiaX has improved: pictures are clear and sharp. Only: colours are not natural. Reds are crimson, pinkish red. What can I do about it?

  31. Avatar

    Hi there,

    since the latest two updates (Nurmonjoki, Mouhijoki) I’ve got following issue with my Xperia.

    Each time I go abroad and my phone is locking into the foreign network I got the message “insert SIM card again”. At the end I need to restart the phone to get rid of this message. What is a bit annoying when you are travelling a lot, or you live close to a border. 😉

    Thanks, maennlein

    Anyone else who can verify this behavior?

    • Avatar

      I had the same issue in foreign networks a few times. In my case dismissing the message was sufficient to restore connectivity. Restarting the phone was not necessary. SIM:

      • Avatar

        Thanks Jörg,
        in my case the message is popping up again and again, dismissing doesn’t help.

        Just in case: it’s a Congstar SIM which is using the German Telekom network as well.

        • Avatar

          As far as I know, Congstar SIMs don’t use 4G at all (at least the more recent ones), but are fully dependent on 2G and 3G networks. May be this makes a significant difference…

  32. Avatar

    how do i update my intex aqua fish through developer tools with nuranjoki version?

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