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Pre-orders for Jolla Tablet now open!

We have some magnificent news for all of you! As of today you can pre-order the Jolla Tablet from the Jolla Online Shop. It’s a limited batch, so if you want to get the best tablet experience on the market, better act quickly!

Pre-Order Now



Elevate your tablet user experience

Jolla Tablet is a fresh newcomer to the tablet space and offers a superb, previously unseen user experience. Like all Jolla products, we’ve designed and developed the Jolla Tablet here in Finland with functionality, minimalism and style in mind.

The Jolla Tablet runs on Sailfish OS 2.0, the result of a long evolution in our software development. Sailfish OS 2.0 has a new and visually refreshed user interface with fast and easy to use gestures, which makes the daily use of the device and multitasking on the tablet very smooth. We’ve also paid a lot of attention to the first-time user experience, making the learning of your Jolla Tablet extremely easy. Sailfish OS 2.0 works marvelously on bigger screens and the ultra crisp display and other tech specs of the Jolla Tablet fit it perfectly.

Award-winning tablet

In addition to the success of the crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, we also won an important award already with the early prototype of the Jolla Tablet. In March 2015 we showcased the Jolla Tablet with Sailfish OS 2.0 in Mobile World Congress Barcelona. Our Jolla Tablet won the “Best Tablet of MWC” award presented by Trusted Reviews and also received lots of positive attention from the worldwide media and the conference crowd. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the attention and especially the award, and it made us very confident about the Jolla Tablet.

Availability & how to pre-order

The limited batch of Jolla Tablet is now available for pre-order through the Jolla Online Shop. The tablet comes with two memory options: 32 GB and 64 GB. The pre-order prices are 267 € and 299 € for the 32 GB and 64 GB versions respectively, including VAT 24% (prices vary by country).

The Jolla Tablet is available in all EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Australia, India, Hong Kong and Russia. Shipments for earlier Indiegogo contributors will start in early September, and shipments to pre-order customers from this phase are expected to start in the end of October.

Happy sailing!

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,




Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


  1. Avatar

    No, already got a tablet. Can i preorder a charger for free?

    Nice to see you are selling some more tablets! Thanks for blog post.

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      The tax wasn’t included in the shown price because you had to calculate it yourself, not because you’re not supposed to pay taxes. Don’t be sad, this money will fix broken bridges and teach young students. But I’ve got a “similar” question about the tax-thingy…
      Let’s assume I got a perk for 214$ that would make 40,66$ in taxes by a VAT of 19%. At the moment of purchasing 40,66$ were 32,53€ worth. When I will check out at early September hopefully it could be worth about 35,50€. In other words: Do I have the right to pay my tax “in the past” or am I forced to pay it on delivery? I’m not whining about 3€, im just curious… And i tend to ask stupid questions.

    • Avatar

      I assume you have a pc with at least 1 USB port? There you have your charger. Just plug in the cable in your pc and in your (future) tablet, et voila, it’s charging.

      Also, tax was always mentioned as excluded, as in some countries they don’t have to pay the VAT tax.
      It’s not Jolla’s fault that we Europeans have to pay the VAT. Also, they have to charge whatever the tax-rate is of the country the buyer resides in (according to the most recent European VAT-tax regulations). So doing that during the Indiegogo was going to be a logistical impossibility, which is why they do it after the fact. If you have problems with that, complain to your MEP.

      • Avatar

        Which is why the article says “(Prices vary by country)”.

        For example, the 32GB tablet, which is listed here as €269 (with Finnish VAT), will cost me €260.54 instead, because Dutch VAT is lower than Finnish VAT. (21% as opposed to 24%)

        UK citizens will pay €258.39 for the same tablet, again because of lower VAT, 20% instead of 24%.

        Now imagine having to calculate all that for all Indiegogo backers in all those different countries during the campaign. What nightmare that would be.

        • Avatar

          On second thought, we already paid the VAT.
          I just checked my bank statements.

          Apparently they did go through the ‘logistical nightmare’. Probably based on the shipping address. See how considerate Jolla is?

          • Avatar

            are you saying jolla stole money?

            • Avatar

              You are right, jolla changed too much from the initial purchase.

              • Avatar

                No it turns out I was wrong. What we paid is the shipping costs. the VAT thing is for the pre-order, we still need to pay VAT and possibly duty.

          • Avatar

            No, we paid for the tablet and the additional 20$ were for shipping, not for taxes. Or

            • Avatar

              That’s not what it says on the Indiegogo page. I’m confused.

              “$20 shipping fee and VAT (if applied to your shipping country) will be added automatically in the next page.”

              Or is that for the preorder thing? Didn’t think they were using indiegogo as the backend for that.

              • Avatar

                They are using indiegogo for preorders alongside with Jolla Shop.

              • Avatar

                yep, it say so the tax should already been payed. Thx Excellento!

              • Avatar

                That’s exactly what entry3 wrote above, right? $20 for shipping plus whatever the VAT is in your country.

                • Avatar

                  “VAT (if applied to your shipping country) will be added automatically in the next page”

                  that means…it was added automatically if it applies to your country.

                  • Avatar

                    Yes, Indiegogo page is open again and if you now order your tablet, VAT is automatically added. However, correct me if I’m wrong Dave, you ordered your tablet alot earlier? Back then, VAT was not included to price. Just a little advice, next time you buy something, read first what you paid for.

                    • Avatar

                      Yeah, sorry about the misinformation. The current page on indiegogo confused the heck out of me.

                      But you’re right, we didn’t pay VAT in february, we paid shipping costs.

                      I apologize deeply for any problems the Jolla team might have encountered based on my misinformation. I didn’t mean to do that.

      • Avatar

        That is idiotic what ever others think. It is like buying a car without tires or steering wheel. It simply doesn’t make sense.

        • Avatar

          No, that analogy is flawed. It’s more like a car without fuel. And even that is a stretch. Because in that case, that gets added complimentary as a service from the car dealership. (If you buy your car from a dealer)

          I don’t need yet another wall-wart, I have plenty of chargers, and the USB-charger cable is inside the package. Plenty of decent chargers for sale for those who absolutely have to have one. It’s only going to add to the cost, and I don’t want to pay for a charger.

          • Avatar

            I see that there are two philosophers here. If you both don’t need an adapters, it is not the case with others. Please tell me, do you really think that all of other phone/tablet manufacturers are idiots for sending chargers with the product?

            • Avatar

              Yes, those who still ship chargers are ignoring the market. But as already mentioned, more and more companies stop shipping chargers. It’s not as if Jolla was the first example. Again, all if those who claim they need a charger: None of you guys answered how you charge your current phones, tablets, ebook readers or other mobile devices. Do they run on AA type batteries?

            • Avatar

              I would like to point out that Apple stopped sending socket plugs with their iPods ten years ago, and the latest Windows phone I had also came with just a cord. So apparently Jolla isn’t the only smart company around here. And fyi the cable IS a charger, a socket plug isn’t. just some food for thought.

          • Avatar

            And another thing, I see the pattern here, just like Apple, they have their own zombies, now I can see Jolla have them too. Whatever they do wrong, you are justifying it, as totally normal thing to do. Two times they prolong delivery day, lot of you have justified that as normal thing to do… Lack of communication with “community” even though they say: “powered by community”, also totally justified by you. Now they created “funny article” on how they want to turn green (and not to cut the costs) and that is why they don’t include chargers, again same pattern: it is totally cool with you. Again, this is not professional, nor any serious company (Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Acer, Asus…) would do such a thing. I am definitely disappointed and will never gonna buy Jolla product again. So feel free to mock, play jokes on me, but above all be f*** objective.

            • Avatar

              Perhaps we need a reminder of why some of us support what Jolla is doing and are unfazed by the charger issue and the delivery date slippage. As an example, have a read of this: . If you think that the USB charger issue is more important than this, then yeah, you should probably stick to Android or Windows devices until SailfishOS finds its place in the market and you have a choice of devices running it from multiple hardware manufacturers.

              I understand why the position of me and my fellow Jolla supporters does not compare with stereotypical Apple advocacy, even if you don’t. That is good enough for me (and for other supporters too, I expect).

              • Avatar

                This reminder is needed when Jolla really fails to fulfill expectations in a way supported by facts… Like when they offered a SDXC stretch goal on Indiegogo, collected the money but then deciced not to implement the technology. That was when I lost my trust in Jolla.

                However, what’s discussed here as “issues” by some of the people who have a record of being on ignore-list over at TMO is a different thing. It was expected that the tablet might be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. It is considered best practice not to include yet another USB charger with various electronic gadgets (and Jolla is by far not the first or only company doing so).

                People just need to accept reality in 2015. 🙂

                • Avatar

                  I think you forgot the community disagreed Jolla pays Microsoft for SDXC.In this case, Jolla listened to us so I find unfair to point them out for that.

                  • Avatar

                    @al1guillet that’s an urban myth that people tend to believe because it has been repeated so often. Yes, Jolla would have to pay licensing fees to MS in order to support exFAT – just as they pay licensing fees so they can distribute various codecs and other technologies that are essential for a phone. It is hypocritical to condemn the exFAT licensing while not saying a word about all the other licensing fees.

                    More important, it wasn’t “the community” who was against exFAT. It was a few very vocal individuals who probably didn’t even pay for said stretch goal, therefore they didn’t have a say in it in the first place. A poll on TJC revealed that a majority wanted exFAT, while only roughly 10% of the participants supported the route Jolla is going now. “Listening to the ommunity” would be something different.

                    The bottom line is: Jolla offered a stretch goal, made me pay for it, took my money and then later decided not to give me what I paid for. They can do this to me because they still have this huge USP that sets them apart from Android and iOS… but trust is gone, at least for now.

                    • Avatar

                      I considet myself as a member of the community but I didn’t vote for this poll so you cannot base the community will on it neither. On the other side I agree that there could have been few people but loud against the format. Most of the users don’t care since it works with other format under linux.

                      Which fees for codecs? Very few are paying in Europe.

                    • Avatar

                      @al1guillet all of this was discussed in detail and over 10 pages long in the “Jolla Tablet” thread on TMO (until mods there killed the discussion). I’ll better not copypaste everything here, just read the original thread. 🙂

                    • Avatar

                      @al1guillet Again: I invite you to reade the thread on TMO (or to count the votes in the pol yourself). It’s no use to repeat everything here.

                      BTW, the poll was created when it was certain that exFAT would be included into Sailfish 2.0 and was an invitation to propose additional files systems. Still, exFAT gained the relative majority of mentions.

        • Avatar

          The comparison is wrong. A steering wheel isn’t something you use a car without, and you usually dont have several cars per person do it would make sense to share common parts.

          If you want to find a car analogy, it’s like selling a car without a gas station. Like several devices share the same charger and cable at your home, several cars share one gas station. Both chargers and gas stations are not needed for the normal operation, but only for a very short while when cars/portable devices run out of fuel/juice. I am looking forward to your campaign to force consumers to buy a gas station with every car.

  2. Avatar

    And a question. Why is tax suddenly included and not before? 24% tax then you should at lest give users option to cancel since it’s almost 1/4 of the tablet price. Hope you find a way to handle tax so users aren’t forced to pay it if they don’t want to and rather cancel or consider cover tax or part of it since the massive delay. Good luck with the final state of the tablet.

    • Avatar

      It was mentioned on the indiegogo site that the prices did NOT include 24% VAT / TAX.

      You did read the ordering agreement, did you not? 🙂

    • Avatar

      Wow, I now understand why you are whining so much about the charger, you actually live in a parallel world (or an airport maybe?)… Where have you ever seen taxes paid by the supplier??!!
      24% is just the Finland VAT, just take 1 min to connect to the Shop and you will see how much taxes you will pay to your country (0% apparently lol).

      “I want to cancel because of the taxes”. Really? xD

      The Indiegogo campaign took place last year, I guess it’s easier to calculate taxes now, in case that they have changed or you want to change delivery address.

      • Avatar

        50-60 euro in tax. 😀

        • Avatar

          So? This shouldn’t be a surprise. They always said that taxes aren’t included and taxation around 20% is pretty normal in most country’s (atleast in European country’s).

          • Avatar

            More than 20%but who cares. Most indiegogo backers bought it much cheaper and payed in USD so tax should be taken With that amount and With dollars so lets hope its OK for most backers.

            • Avatar

              the currency used has absolutely nothing to do with taxes. don’t tell me you’ll want Jolla to pay for your customs too lol

            • Avatar

              I dont get your point. Its “%” obviously if you had a better price on the tablet you will have to pay less taxes.
              And we knew that the indiegogo perk didn’t include taxes.

            • Avatar

              I’ve just checked back how much I got billed for in UK pounds when I joined the Indiegogo campaign (I didn’t make the first wave). After adding tax, I won’t save very much compared to the pre-order price, thanks to the weak Euro. Probably nothing at all if I have to pay customs fees as well.

              I’m still glad I joined the campaign though: I think the world needs a viable alternative to Android, Windows 10 and iOS

              • Avatar

                The Dollar was weaker last year, I think I will get ahead of the current price a bit: basically I get the Lastu case for free!

  3. Avatar

    when will IGG shipments to Russia start? In FAQ it says that a distributor is in charge of shipments. In what way will it influence delivery dates?

  4. Avatar

    So when are the Tablets for Early Sailors shipping?

  5. Avatar

    Nobody noticed “Shipments for earlier Indiegogo contributors will start in early September”?
    I’m wrong, or does it means further little delay: from end of august/mid september……. to early september/mid october?

    • Avatar

      “Early September” seems to be exactly midway between “end of August / Mid September”. So no, this doesn’t sound like a further delay to me. 🙂

      • Avatar

        mumble mumble..i hope!;)

        • Avatar

          Why dont you finalizing the orders you got before bringing in more. I’m ready to receive my prepaid tablet? Send the invitation mail to shop now plz if you plan to ship early sept. Many people might not have to option to finialize the purchase in ne day you know…

  6. Avatar

    So…. How do we know what place in line we have as far as anticipated ship/delivery?

    I have been patient, but am now starting to get excited!

  7. Avatar

    Hi Dave! I’m kinda surprised that you’re so impatient for this tablet, given that you mentioned a few weeks ago that you just purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. That device has some gorgeous hardware; it should be able to perform any tablet-related task you need…

    • Avatar

      Drat, that was supposed to be a reply to Dave999’s latest comment…

    • Avatar

      I dont need the jPad. Have plenty of tablets. just order it to get a charger. And to support jolla. I just think jolla working to slow…

  8. Avatar

    Any new updates on “true release date”? Please don’t post rubbish like 3-5 weeks, if you don’t know exact date, than simply don’t bother to answer…

    • Avatar

      I’m also wondering, if shipping is still on time? It’s getting the 3rd week after the dev partner shipment, but no news if we need to wait 2 or more weeks. No news on sailfish 2, even the last posts on hardware were very promising :-/

  9. Avatar

    I just discovered a potential problem with the placement of the volume buttons and headphone jack: when the tablet is placed in landscape in the Lastu case on the table, the volume buttons will be unaccessible and the whole tablet will be “wobbly” as the headphone jack will be situated at the bottom… But only if you have L-shaped jack, because straight jack wont fit at all in that position… I am a bit upset about that situation…

    • Avatar

      Not according to this photo:

      But I know what you mean. There are also photos where the cover is in ‘wrong’ way and the jack is at the bottom with the Lastucase back cover holes in correct places for the camera and speakers. So which design is the correct one? Or do you install the back cover first and then attach the front cover the way you want to?

    • Avatar

      If true, that’s a design problem with the case, not the tablet.

    • Avatar

      Hmm. It looks like you could alleviate the situation by placing the tablet+case on top of a stand of some sort (like perhaps a book, or even the fancy Jolla sales box); since the Lastu case tilts the tablet at an angle, you should be able to access the headphone jack if you place the tablet at the edge of the stand. You’d also be able to access the buttons this way…

    • Avatar

      @copernicus yeah, let’s wait and see until we receive the tablet if it’s a “big” issue or not…

    • Avatar

      Thing is, either they would get the volume buttons+audio jack at the top side, but then the back camera would at the bottom, or the opposite, back camera on top and volume keys at the bottom… Lastu can’t do much, it all starts with the tablet design as there is no port/buttons on the curved sides.
      Oh well, I think I will be able to live with it…

      • Avatar

        Yeah, this tablet does really look optimized for use in portrait orientation. (Which, honestly, is how I most want to use it… 🙂 )

      • Avatar

        “but then the back camera would at the bottom”

        So? Just flip it the other way if you want to insist on taking pictures with camera at top.

  10. Avatar

    Looking forward to this tablet. I still miss my n800 & n900.

    Do you know how long it will take to ship from when you start shipping. A week, a month or longer to see all the orders dispatched?

    • Avatar

      “Shipments for earlier Indiegogo contributors will start in early September, and shipments to pre-order customers from this phase are expected to start in the end of October.”
      So Jolla expects they need about 4-6 weeks to produce/ship all tablets from last years and this spring Indiegogo campaigns.
      And about the shipping itself the new preorder checkout says: “With track & trace, 5-7 business days from dispatch.”

  11. Avatar

    It’s a shame that shipment isn’t available to Japan,
    although I knew that jolla devices never officially
    come to my country because of our stupid law around
    wireless telecommunication devices.

    I hope buyers resell jolla tablets on ebay or amazon and
    make them available to my country.

  12. Avatar

    Hello, when we can expect Sailfish OS 2.0 for Jolla phone ?

    • Avatar

      And not to mention that, we the regular user are not getting the Björnträsket yet.

      • Avatar

        @arthurhkt if you don’t have Björnträsket, it was your deliberate choice. It’s only 1 click away for everyone.

  13. Avatar

    @ossi1967 What could you mean with “only 1 click away for everyone”. Just had Sailfish updated and no Björnträsket. We ask it for everyone, it should be now.

    • Avatar

      @tuo you just need to activate the early access checkbox in your Jolla account (like the rest of us did) if you want it.

  14. Avatar

    What arrives first. Santa or jolla tablet?

    • Avatar

      Hi Dave. 🙂 Why not wait until early September, the current release target, before asking this question?

      • Avatar

        you mean like may, you mean like end of july, you mean like early sept…you mean like before snow. becouse in early sept I hope to have the answer to my question and at that point I think its to late to ask. but fear not. I have another question ready by sept 3rd if no invetation mail to shop has been sent.

        • Avatar

          Yes, I mean that in each case that Jolla indicated a target date, they have warned that the date will slip well before we actually reached that date. Now that we are only about two weeks away from their latest target, and that they have already built and shipped a number of tablets for their developer loan program, I suspect that the early September target is a lot firmer than their earlier targets.

          BTW, I read “early September” as probably the first full week of September, so my personal guess is that they’ll start the shipping process around the 11th… But that’s just my own guess. 😉

          • Avatar

            11th…do you mean send invitation mail, send shipment or you have it at you door step?

            I don’t think jolla will have the tablet in customer hands before 15th which generates another delay. But I’m ready to be supriced. I’m hope to be able to give santa a jolla tablet this year. so another delay is fine by me.

            • Avatar

              I was not in the first batch of “early sailors” (didn’t wake up early enough on the day they started selling the tablets), so no, I don’t expect to get either the e-mail or an arrival at my doorstep when they start the process. 🙂 But, in general, my prognostication is that they’ll have completed all the preliminaries and be ready to physically ship tablets by roughly the 11th. But yeah, that’s just my gut feeling here, I don’t have any concrete basis for that date. (And, of course, China appears to be in the middle of an economic meltdown right now, so who knows what will happen…)

              • Avatar

                I forget, was there one or two thousand tablets in the 189$ batch?

              • Avatar

                Don’t think that matters. I think jolla will send out mail to all in first campaign and the ones that fill finalize the process first will get it first. so you will be in first batch for sure. I know that jolla state outherwise. Bu just imagine the logistics if they must honer the exact order 😀 then some will not have the tablet until 2019…

  15. Avatar

    @ossi1967 OK, thank you.

  16. Avatar

    Does it have gorilla glass?

    • Avatar

      no, it was suggested but jolla decided not to go with it late time I checked.

  17. Avatar

    Hey jollas. What happens with BT4??? it’s now all of a sudden BT3 except in russian market where you till state BT4. Give us BT4 now.

    • Avatar

      See this thread on TJC:

      And it was commented by Jolla about the BT with following:
      “Software supports BT 3 and the hadware supports 4, so Bluetooth 4.0 could be introduced later as a software update.”

    • Avatar

      @ Dave999 by the time we receive our tablet all the hardware will be outdated :p

      • Avatar

        outdate specs is ni issue for me as long as u connunicate it un a correct way, jolla hw can do most things. it more the importants of the sw and services that is needed. they are almost none existent right now.

        • Avatar

          What do you mean with service? The communication? If so, yes, it could be better.

          • Avatar

            with that I mean sruff that helps users developing, viewing and listening on content, sharing and communicating. installing…everyting that gives the user values, mostly outside of the OS itself.

  18. Avatar

    As my previous comment is waiting for moderation, I’ll just post the quote here what was commented by Jolla about the BT:
    “Software supports BT 3 and the hadware supports 4, so Bluetooth 4.0 could be introduced later as a software update.”

  19. Avatar

    This may be a bit ambitious, but my concern for this new batch is the following : I have three to four potential people I’d offer a tablet to, but I need to check the real thing before (some of my “clients” are elder ones for which I want a very simple and clean setup, etc.)
    So, I won’t be part of this batch before receiving my own tablet.
    As I’m not among the very first in the list, I hope all of this will stay compatible with a new delivery before december…

  20. Avatar

    Seven days without update info.
    Jolla we need an update about shipping schedule: on Indiegogo InDemand shipping for new contribtuors is now “November 2015” and however … “only after completing shipments to earlier contributors”.
    By Blog or by e-mail: inform us!

    • Avatar

      Since jolla dont answer questions on their own official blog, i Will take It upon myself to answer your questions for them.

      You will get your tablet soon. You will get your mail and invitation to shop sooner. And you know what? You will get delivery info even soooner. Like right…soon!

  21. Avatar

    still no new information. Just to remind you that 3 weeks has already passed and there are still no new information regarding delivery. Looks like they are waiting two additional weeks to find another excuse to postpone the delivery – AGAIN, right?

  22. Avatar

    Just received my tablet…… Thank you Jolla.


    Sorry guys was dreamtyping….. As China market has crashed we have to wait for 2016 November to get the device shipped….. 10,000 + orders = 2.5 million dollars and you can’t get the thing on time. I have received my latsu case but looks like I will have to use it for barbecue….. Chop the case….

  23. Avatar

    I wonder how many who had actually bought this tablet if they knew this mega delay would occour. Or if the there was a opt-out button from the campaign. Time to jolla to give something back to its supporters…

    • Avatar

      2 months is a “mega delay”? The phone was 6 months late when in started shipping in 2013. That was closer to “mega”. 2 months isn’t all that unusual for a product that’s still in development. Everybody with a bit of common sense was prepared for this situation.

      • Avatar

        +1! This is an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign; contributors should understand that they are investing in a project, not purchasing a product. If everything goes right, investors will get a product in the end, but there is no guarantee.

        Besides, even without Sailfish, this tablet is a fairly decent bit of hardware for the price. With Sailfish, it is literally unique. I’m willing to wait for Jolla to get everything right before they decide it is ready to ship…

        • Avatar

          I think most understand that. That wasn’t My Point. Would be intressting to know how many ppl would transfer its funds elsewhere if possible. As a supporters of maemo, meego, ubuntu, sail and other OS strange oses I think it safe to say that all devices are like beta, crowdfunding, test devices and it’s never any certenty of a product or continued support. Still, would be interesting with a poll.

      • Avatar

        Perhaps ossi1967 didn’t tell us that he is on Jolla’s salary list since he is struggling hard to justify everything. Again, you should learn something about business. If you make an agreement or promise something, that it is good business practice to respect that, and not try to give some silly explanation and justification…

        • Avatar

          Um, hello? Ever heard the term “Crowdfunding”? 🙂 You know, the process by which someone proposes a project, a group of people (the “crowd”) pony up some money to help that person start up the project, and then that person goes on to engage in the project?

          The point is that the risk of the project is shared among the crowd, rather than having it placed on that one person (or one investor). There is no guarantee that the project will succeed. If there were such a guarantee, crowdfunding would never exist, because the person engaging in the project would simply complete the project and then sell the results through the standard retail channels.

          Here’s a link to the wiki page for this concept:

      • Avatar

        Hey, it’s usually not a good idea to feed the trolls, but I admire how patient you and Copernicus are with the ones camping here 🙂

        Just a question, why do you say that the phone was 6 months late? It was announced in May 2013 for the end of the year, no?

        • Avatar

          @Sthocs Depends on what you define as “the Jolla phone”. I remember that the original plans were to start shipping the phone (or a phone), based on the ST-Ericsson hardware, in June. Only after ST-Ericsson dissolved, they had to find new hardware and therefore a new schedule.

  24. Avatar

    2 month? First it was may so lets say mid May 15. If jolla manage to get it to us mid sept 15 it’s 4 months, not two. Let’s say it’s a semi mega delay then.

    Unusual or not, prepered or not, it’s not a factor here.

    • Avatar

      @Dave Your comments here make me remember why I put you on my ignore list on TMO years ago. LOL

      Unusual or not, prepared or not… it does make a difference. Because as long it’s a usual thing that people were prepared for, demanding an opt-out etc. is just childish.

      The tablet was announced for Q2, which (in my calendar) lasts until the end of June. End of July makes it one month late, end of August (which we have now) is 2 months. So it is 2 months late now. Maybe it *will* be 2 years late in the end if Jolla doesn’t ship it before mid 2017, but thats speculation. 2 months is where we are now in the timeline.

      • Avatar

        Not follow your logic, sorry.

        • Avatar

          don’t bother. He is only mature person here, we are all childish since we expected Jolla to deliver the product as they promised. Something what is called good business practice, but hey: we are childish.

          • Avatar

            Jolla didn’t make the promise that you thought that they did. Deal with it.

            • Avatar

              No? so you are saying that they created campaign just for fun…?!?

              • Avatar

                they did it to get out a reference device an they hope that some other companies like and wants to join the ship. they are great techs but I doubt any of the actually done a crowed funding campaign before becouse…joined two other indiegogos this year and both communicated far better with much less poeple invloved. just got a bike that I don’t really need, but why not support a great campaign:

        • Avatar

          @Dave this is just getting silly now. It is two months from the end of Q2 until now: where is the logic that is so hard to follow? It is you that is lacking in logic: you claim to understand the risks of an Indiegogo campaign, but just throw your toys out of your pram when things don’t go exactly how you want. You really should have waited until devices running SailfishOS become available through retail channels. Pity that this blog is covered with your pointless and unhelpful grumbling. I am sure that I will have my tablet long before you figure out how be more constructive.

          • Avatar

            Just imagine if all my posts was replaced by represents from jolla. Noone would be more pleaced than me. But it’s not. so someone must keep this campaing alive…

      • Avatar

        sry ossi but that isn’t right. the devivery was announced for may ’15. not Q2 not end of june.

        “Perk: Jolla Tablet for Early Sailors
        Voraussichtliches Lieferdatum: May 2015”

        I do not need this gadget. my intention was to support sailfish os but my enthusiasm is gone.

        • Avatar

          @danio: There were several dates floating around on the web. (As you can see, some of the whiners here even think that November 2014 was the promised delivery date. I don’t know where they got that from but they stick to it.)

          When I supported the campaign, Jolla had made a clear statement that “shipments are expected to start in the second quarter of 2015”. (Note, btw, the phrase **are expected to** as opposed to **are promised to**.) When asked about the sudden change to “May” on the Indiegogo campaign page, the answered that Indiegogo’s database just didn’t support quarters, so Indiegogo chose to change that to “May” as it’s the middle of the quarter.

          Anyway, those are details that won’t bring your enthusiasm back. That’s sad for you, but can’t be helped.

  25. Avatar

    next week Will be very intressting indeed. Would assume another blog post Will appear. One with shipment schedule and invitation to shop or one informing of about another delay. Either way, it’s the decider week coming up, exciting stuff. GO or NOGO…hope for the best, expecting the worst.

    2-x sept – finalize orders
    7-x spent – ship the tablets
    14-x sept – users receive the tablets

  26. Avatar

    I am so excited to get this wonderful Europe designed tablet!
    It’s so great to see a trusted platform getting build where people are empowered.
    Wow! and EVEN the glim on the horizon to see SailFish on other NON Jolla-devices!
    The long wait (crowed founded late 2014) will give me a wonderful return in an so exciting OS, with an excellent designed device.
    GO Jolla GO! 🙂

  27. Avatar

    Jolla guys. I need my money. I paid for a latest device & thi is getting nowhere. You are ready for more preorders but not doing what’s promised. We have devices running with 4gb ram & Snapdragon 810 or 820. We are stuck in a year old concept.
    I didn’t pay for a fixed deposit with Jolla. For all this delay you could have easily added the Sim module as I very well believe that you would be also getting interest from the money in the bank. Coming close to a year is no joke.
    You have a Yota client running your Sailfish OS & your own Jolla phone. That doesn’t make you a startup anymore.
    Please don’t act foolish and try to get this thing cleared and start replying to your angry customers even though it’s rude but you have taken our money and failed to deliver on time.
    And yes please stop Authorizing or employing people like Mr @ossi1967 as he seriously lacks customer support and politeness. He is talking personal which I think is completely unprofessional.
    At last give my tablet ASAP.

    • Avatar

      DUDE i completely agree with you! I want my money back too! They kissed our asses to get our money and now they’re making us kiss their asses to get what we paid for! I dont care for Jolla or Sailfish anymore, sticking with Android.

      • Avatar

        @solo_man we’ll miss your invaluable contributions to this community.

        • Avatar

          hahaha am sure you will!

  28. Avatar

    Just a reminder here: Jolla’s current estimate of when shipping will start is early September. And all indications are that they’ve managed to get past the most significant roadblocks now, so I think that’s a good estimate. So, if you can wait a few more weeks, odds are good that you will indeed receive a tablet (if you were in fact one of the crowdfunding supporters, and chose one of the tablet perks for your contribution). You can then send it back to them for a refund (as has been clearly stated for most of the last year).

    Here’s a link to Jolla’s FAQ on the indiegogo campaign, including how returns are handled:

    But yeah, just to emphasize the point one more time: you stated “I paid for a latest device & thi is getting nowhere.” Up until a few weeks ago (when pre-orders started), nobody paid for a “latest device”, because Jolla wasn’t selling tablets. They were letting people invest in a crowdfunding project, the perks of which would include getting a sample of the finished product. You got the advantage of helping get a cool new device off the ground (and even getting a little bit of a say in how it would be designed); but you also got the disadvantage of having ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE that the project would succeed, or that it would succeed on time. Such is the danger of investing in a crowdfunding campaign!

    • Avatar

      And again, I’ve screwed up and not managed to get my reply tied to @rahulrai’s original post. 🙂 Man, I wish there was a way to edit these comments…

      • Avatar

        @Copernicus Doesn’t matter much, though, does it? Somebody who doesn’t understand the difference between “ordering a davice” and “supporting a crowdfunding campaign” will not be convinced by a short comment here. Even more, it’s expected and OK that a certain percentage of early supporters drop out along the journey. Some will do so before Jolla delivers the tablet, others will be disappointed by the final product and send it back. It was the same with the original phone: There was an uproar on TMO because of a minimal delay (a few days IIRC) and, even more, because shipments were not made in the same order as pre-orders. You can’t help that.

        • Avatar

          @ossi1967: Yeah, I guess you’re right. I really do wish that people who invest their money would have a little more knowledge of just what it is they are funding; but yeah, I guess you’ve gotta expect that there will be folks who are surprised (and, for some reason, get furious) no matter what happens…

    • Avatar

      That’s all well & good, and I’m sure most contributors appreciate the difference between buying (say) a Lenovo product and “supporting” a Crowd-funded one. It’s also true that Jolla isn’t some bunch of geeks in a basement somewhere, but a for-profit enterprise which chose to use crowdfunding to develop its product for sale to the Public.

      We all stumped-up our cash around 10 months ago so it’s also incumbent upon Jolla to keep us well-informed as to progress.
      It’s now several weeks since the last update and being literal it’s “early September” now, so I for one would appreciate an update from Jolla.

      • Avatar

        @wittgenfrog I agree with your balanced view. OTOH, according to the last posts here, right now is the time frame when all news will be bad news… So while I’d appreciate some human interest stories on the blog (and pictures, pictures, pictures!), “no news is good news” does apply. Remember that in the last update about the schedule, they said that invitations for shipping to the first Indiegogo contributors would start 3-5 weeks after the development devices had been shipped. This period (Aug. 28th to Sept. 11th) has only just started. I’d expect either an invitation before mid september or yet another blog post explaining why schedule will have to be changed. Given the two choices, I’d prefer the invitation. 🙂

  29. Avatar

    Over all I’d invite everyone to behave and to exprime in a more appropriate way: we aren’t children!
    Then, while we can share the “spirit of crowdfunding”,… all our frustration is determined by the last silence of Jolla’s Boys.
    Juhani! Carol! Are you there? If you’re, knock once!

    • Avatar

      Jolla left me in charge of answers in this blog until they returnes.

      you will get the tablet in 3 weeks.

      • Avatar

        Hi Dave! 🙂 Since you’re now Jolla, let me remind you that you (Jolla) have stated that your current target for when shipping will start is “Early September”, and that your current target for having tablets sent out to all early Indiegogo contributors is the end of October. So, the current plan is for everyone who selected a tablet perk to have their tablet within 7-8 weeks. 🙂

        • Avatar

          So that’s November 1st, then.

          Any advance on Xmas 2015 🙂

        • Avatar

          early sept is incorrect, complete BS! Early sept is today. I will ship it to you September 15, 06:34 PM. just be ready with the tax. more info coming soon.

  30. Avatar

    congrat for a good job!
    However, I am not sure what I have to do. I contributed to the campaign in Dec. 2014.
    Should I preorder now or should I wait for an e-mail from Jolla? Do I purchase at the regular price or do I get a discount?
    Sorry, I do not remember the terms of the campaign.

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