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Road to Sailfish OS 2.0

Almost two years has passed since we launched the Jolla smartphone running Sailfish OS 1.0. Full Sailfish OS 2.0 release was released last month. I think now it is a good time to take a look back to how far we have come since the initial sales release. The core offering has remained the same, but the overall maturity has gone up substantially.

After launching our first product, Sailfish OS has grown from one device platform to support multiple display sizes and orientations. Rolling out OS support for new devices has become much easier, platform layouts and icons can easily be tailored for each form factor. Since the initial factory software we have redesigned Startup Wizard flow countless times to better nail down the first time user experience and make Sailfish OS easier to use. Homescreen was completely rewritten for Sailfish OS 2.0 based on extensive UX prototypes and user studies. Browser architecture was revamped for better performance and the interface has gone through a full redesign. Apps are now armed with much more sophisticated error handling, user hinting and loading indications. Touch gestures are more reliable, animation frame rates more fluid, and we have put a lot of effort in making the OS feel iconic.

Sailfish OS in one picture


Sailfish 2.0 in one picture

Sailfish OS in numbers

Sailfish OS


Sailfish OS

Comparison between and


UI Chief Engineer at Jolla. User interface programmer at heart, who has a soft spot for design and pretty graphics.


  1. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

  2. Hi Joona,

    Thank you for this small sign of live. It’s nice to see that there is still light on at Jolla. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Thanks for the update. Progress!

    Keep calm and carry on!

  4. I think every user, which have driven the road so far with you, have seen that there always was a steady improvement of the OS. Many many updates offered each time a little bit more. With Sailfish OS 2.0 it’s now a matured OS and I really hope there will be more updates. Thanks for a great OS so far. Hupefully the show will go on.

    I wish all the sailors the best and a peaceful christmas!

  5. Thanks for the nice update, for your work and effort. Wishing all the best for you and Jolla!

  6. Thanks for all your hard work. Here’s hoping we all get to see it running on the tablet soon!

  7. Thanks for the update! I’ve ordered my Jolla Phone three weeks ago, received it one week ago and I’m absolutely loving it! It really is the up-to-date replacement for my beloved Nokia N900. I’ve also been one of the indiegogo backers and I’ve not given up hope that there might be a chance of receiving my perk. If not this year then hopefully next year :)
    Keep up the good work and good luck in sailing through some tough times ahead!

  8. What about the road to the tablet?

    • What about the road to the tablet?

    • ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’

    • +1000 where has our hard earned money gone?

  9. “Homescreen was completely rewritten for Sailfish OS 2.0 based on extensive UX prototypes and user studies.”
    As I feel alienated by many of the UX changes made in 2.0 I’m curious of the focus of the user studies done. My gut feeling tells me that the focus was on first use simplicity. While that might be good for those just trying out Jolla for the first time, coming from Android or iOS, I feel that long time users and efficiency in every day tasks were left out. I’d love to be corrected, if this is not the case, and I’ll gladly accept that I’m the oddball then.

    • I do think that SfOS, both 1 and 2, is a great product and would prefer it over most mobile OS:es and I appreciate all the hard work done. My comment is made in the context that I think that SfOS 1 is superior with one-hand use. Especially when doing something else which requires focus or movement, like walking, which is a frequent task when operating my phone.

    • We aim to address many of the issues raised by the community about Sailfish OS 2.0 UX in upcoming releases.

      • +1 yes, please !

        Think of (& field-test it for !) highly efficient flows of UI. Don’t overdo it “pretty” with inutile / delaying animations intended to “impress”.
        SFOS is ( supposed to be ) mainly pretty for its straight & lightweight agility :)

        • Thanks @JoonaPetrell

          +1 for “no delaying animations”

      • @JoonaPetrell: thanks for the reply. I’m looking forward to next iteration. Keep up the good work!

      • Also large clock again like Sailfish 1.0? :-)
        I miss it … :D

      • Does this include fixing some of the regressions, such as with multi-recipient SMS?

      • I’m so very glad to see that.

  10. It is really a fantastic OS and I will be so sad if I have to use something else on my next phone (or tablet).

  11. Yes,yes it’s all very fine if I wasn’t for 27 days waiting for a new Jolla phone and counting. Ah and almost forgot a year as passed and no tablet. NO PHONE + NO TABLET & NO MONEY. And with your financial problems probably with nothing at all forever.

    • somehow, I you can get a picture that Jolla doesn’t give a crap about tablets or phones. Their main goal is for their OS to be licensed…

      • … well obviously they can’t right now – so the best they could do meanwhile is promoting their OS – what I’d totally agree upon ! d O_O

        • So frustrating to see that is where the tablet money went

        • well the phone should be in stock since i doubt they still produce them. So actually they should be able to ship them

    • There was a strike in Finland which crippled shipping and deliveries quite drastically, so delays are/were expected. But the strike is over (ended this Monday) so you should get your phone in a week or two.

      • This is true. The postal services in Finland have been on a major strike. My wife’s company has had problems sending packages out. Luckily they seemed to have settled because I imagine the Christmas period to be the busiest time of the year and a lot of people and companies would have been negatively affected by this.

  12. Sailfish 1.0 was a pleasure to use, and Sailfish 2.0 has substantially improved upon that. It is also a big boost to receive regular updates.

    As a user I almost never have to worry about software bugs, because it is certain that they will be automatically fixed by the next update :-)

  13. Why browser UI gone to black? Transparency is the one of the most important part of Sailfish interface. When I’ve updated to 1.1.9, I thought that it is just a bug, but with 2.0 black colour appeared again.

    Thanks for the work you made for Sailfish. This design is unbelievable! great!

    • Browser background is black due to tablet GPU optimisations to reduce the number of painted overlays. Smooth performance was seen as more important than visual consistency.

      • As noted here:

        Connection selector/System Dialog, this has to play nice with every other pop-up selector in the UI – and I think this could become unreadable with certain Ambience colours, so it’s a safe bet to render it black.

        The App Folder is good as it is now, since it’s a bit transparent and covers the App Drawer in the background still showing vaguely the icons below. However, the App Drawer could have a semi-transparent background, just slightly tinted. It wouldn’t hog recourses, but would add a nice touch to the look and feel.

        Just my two cents, but I guess you want to have all black or none. So the look and feel is continuous (in lack of a better word) across the UI.

  14. I just love Sailfish 2.0 ;-)

  15. I thought I had read the introduction to the article and it was actually the whole artice. I expected it would go deeper, explaining the changes, reasons for them.

    • I am happy if Joona uses his time fixing bugs and implementing more UI goodies ;-)
      It would be interesting… but maybe later

  16. Honestly I’d be more impressed by a …

    (A) SFOS 2.1 before Xmas to compensate a bit for the tablet dilemma … and to show jolla S/W is still committed – no matter the lay-offs.

    (B) mid-term report within the next ten days or so indicating progresses in securing jolla’s future.

    • … typo : SFOS 2.1 would be SFOS 2.0.1 I think ;)

  17. I pre-ordered my Jolla phone soon after it was announced. I’ll be honest – I hated it. I found the UX completely confusing. I bought a Windows Phone.

    In October this year, I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 Insider which was a mistake (at the time – it’s quite nice now). I soon switched to my old Jolla with the SF2 preview and loved it. It was all so intuitive.

    I had a few crashes, mostly with Android failing to start up, so did a factory reset and installed every update from the very start (I hope there’s a faster way, but I couldn’t find it). But it did give me the opportunity to remember how non-obvious the original UX was.

    I do think it could do with a cosmetic refresh – UIs these days are flat and less fussy (and I hate the icons). But the experience is really refreshing and I’ll certainly miss it if I’m forced to switch away.

  18. thanks for the great work on the OS. I use my Jolla now for 3 weeks and dont want to Change any more.
    There are so many really smart ideas in the OS. It is to me like using my first Macintosh back in 1990 after several PCs. So PLEASE keep going and make the SailfishOS the new Macintosh!

  19. …and…
    Special thanks to the People designing the clock app – real cool design and functionality – a big step beyond all others.

  20. @JuhaniLassila, @CarolChen

    As noted before* I ADORE YOUR POSTERS :)) …

    If one could be sure of the money raised will contribute to a jolla crew / SFOS developer achievement gratification for Xmas ( and will not end up in a potential bankrupt estate ) I’d be highly interested in buying some – even in B1 size ;) … some seperate community could take care of that ?

    [ Wouldn't see a point in bailing out my tablets by re-financing them by myself ;) ]

    *) see September 25, 2015 at 12:53 am / Blog: “Sailfish OS 2.0 now available for the Jolla smartphone!”

    • @CarolChen has gone…..
      “Carol Chen – @cybette –
      Looking for opportunities. Ex-Jolla Community Chief”

    • Hi launcpad. That’s nice to hear! Which posters do you refer to?

  21. Thank you very much for this Update.

    I sincerely hope that you next post will shed some light on your financial state and the prognose of the Tablet future.

    Please carry on but please make sure that your OS will not be buried with you if you will die (gottbewahre)

    • Sorry I don’t have any Fairphone or PuzzlePhone news to share.

      • Hum, thanks I see …

        Considering you are dealing with prospective Sailfish end-users an answer like :
        “We’re in active status quo and looking forward receiving their HW platforms for Sailfish adaptations & testing”
        was what I would’ve found very informative and sufficient.

        [ Unless you consider those cooperations as stillborn children meanwhile - than I'd expected a clear statement than just "no news to share" ... ]

  22. @JoonaPetrell Some outline describing the ongoings / future / outlook of SFOS on PuzzlePhone ? Thanks indeed !!

    Right now I am hesitating in funding a de-facto Android device … as there probably would be other candidates for me.

      • What part didn’t you understand in Joona’s answer? He obviously has no information to give on Puzzlephone.

        • … maybe check for the time-stamps – you’ll find out ;)

  23. So the score is 2:0. Twice as much animations, no tablet. I wonder if I was more impressed with 1:1 and will not ask how much money has been spent for animations instead of … .

  24. Wonderful! Thank you for giving me (us) some background information. Good luck. It is so important that there is an alternative.

  25. I would have liked to enjoy this Sailfish 2.0 everybody is talking about … I even funded a certain tablet, since I can’t have the phone here … where is my tablet, hmmmmmm?

  26. Thanks for the update and a great OS! And i think it’s better: one short blog post / 1 – 2 week(s) about the project than a long / month. So Sailors an others can see that Jolla is alive and do a good job in a stormy sea.

    Happy christmas time to all sailors!

    • +1 Definitely YES !

  27. Will there ever be a dark text on light color theme for SFOS for better readability at daylight? viewing all these dark colored stuff through glass pretty much creates a mirror.

    • Sorry, unfortunately false positive…

  28. #prayforjolla

    It sucks that the tablet distribution is affected, I was one of the lucky few that got one and it’s fantastic. Fingers crossed they sort out some funding.

  29. As a long time N9 Harmattan fan I switched to SFOS a year ago during the tablet campaign. I have nothing to take back from my admiration of the beautiful N9 device and the innovative and deeply integrated Harmattan system (while I have long forgotten about my time with iPhones).
    But since I have done the move to SFOS I find myself giggling when playing around with it. While I was used to thinking of my smartphone as a tool to get my daily tasks done, I oftenly look for an excuse to pick it up just for the sake of using it a little. All those many details that feel natural and intitive while at the same time are recognisibly smart and simple.
    More than anything do I love the moments when a new update is made available. Another hour and my great little thing will be even greater and I have something new to explore. Wie geil ist /das/ denn!

    And then comes SFOS2.0. It’s like Harmattan – done right. Now I want SFOS even more. Faster, wider, higher – more. I don’t really know what I need the tablet for, but I want, want want it so much…
    …this is not a complaint – it is a compliment.

    Please, Jolla, don’t go away. I want to marry you!

    • +1 Thanks, this one make me smile :D

    • Thanks HubatMcJuhes for your nice words and support! Your post made us also smile here at Jolla :) Let’s hope we get the immediate financing challenge solved soon, and we can continue the story and make the overall atmosphere a bit more positive here.

    • Oh, well.
      I ordered a tablet, even I don’t need one.

      Let’s sail on.

  30. In your graphs there’s one important variable missing:

    Stability +1000%

  31. That’s not correct. Stability changed from 99% to 99,5% ;

  32. You forgot “minus 21,000 indiegogo contributors’ money.”

    • … let’s substitute the “minus” by “proudly based on” ;)

  33. Thanks. Joona. Please can you post a similar collage for the tablet interface as well ? I am waiting to get the tablet for more than a year and this will go a long way to making the rest of the wait more bearable.

  34. Nice info… but how is the financial status?
    Did jolla finally found something to earn money?
    Looks like the selling of hardware doesn’t pay out.

    Not enough money for the development of a JollaPhone 2? Imho you can bury the other half. There is no real use for it. And other users of Sailfish OS 2.0 would not use it i think.

  35. What does it matter? The phone is old and the tablet never arriving.
    I paid VAT for my tablet in October – what a joke!

  36. This is the type of communication there should have been from the beginning. Thank you for this.

  37. Sounds great. But I don’t consider UI convinience the major argument for purchasing a Jolla phone/tablet. There are some other issues like security or independency of the big brother of the states. Isn’t there a way to convince people of getting a clean OS by buying a Jolla device? I myself sometimes think of my Jolla phone as an European device, especially while looking at all those dumb fucks happily using there bloated and controlled phones. And of course as state of the art.

    So why not arguing the hard way? You even could talk to politicians.

    Anyways, I love your work. Just keep on, if you can.

  38. @JoonaPetrell

    on the picture it shows Snapchat, how do you got it running without Google Play?? It worked some time on 1.0 for me but after some update i wasnt able to get snapchat working again on Jolla. I don’t really want to install google play :p

    Some good ui improvements although I do find the horizontal movement not so good for usage. I hope that gets changed back to original way of unlocking!

  39. Is anyone using it with a pi and it’s official (small resolution) screen?

    While it runs nice on the Pi (with keyboard and mouse), I can’t get the screen working.

    • … ah! Just needed more dedicated power for the gpu (and some app related changes) :)

  40. Amazing ! I paid for this ! Thank you so much for not delivering the tablet and buring all the money in this. It is very much appreciable !
    Could you create a new indigogo campaign to say you will provide a 3D Printer working under sailfish os ? Maybe you can get 5 millions USD to burn in one year to develop Sailfish OS 3 ?

  41. New post about the OS, everything is good, just like the tablet situation.

  42. How is the tablet situation good?
    21,644 contributors did make Jolla Tablet the most funded Indiegogo campaign ever in Asia and Europe, their $2,576,853USD total funds money.
    But where did that money go, as there is no information about the late tablet shipments?

  43. It really wakes up the suspicion that the money could have gone to SF2 development and in view of licensing it further. If totally wrong suspicion, please correct.

  44. The OS looks like a great step, and I’m waiting more or less patiently to finally get a chance with it. I was waiting for Jolla phone 2 (and hoping for some USA LTE band love) but I funded the tablet when it came around. First few hours.

    I was hoping to have it for my honeymoon in April, then for my brothers wedding in August, then for my training trip in September, then for my business trip in October. At this point I’m not holding my breath but I understand the risks associated with crowdfunding and perhaps some things were mis-managed or at least not communicated well in the campaign. I haven’t been one to get angry and while I feel let down I feel worse about the possibility of Jolla not continuing in some form. I have always been a fan of Nokia, the N900 was an amazing device and I still have mine. When Palm was going out of business I thought it would have been a great opportunity for Nokia to step up and buy WebOS as an alternative to Android/iOS. Symbian was clearly not going to cut it ,though my E90 was a pretty sweet phone even in the post-iPhone days! WebOS was well liked and seemed to have a shot at being the 3rd contender but for the HORRIBLE hardware. Nokia was a hardware company and I don’t think anyone could argue their stuff was bulletproof. All that to say I think there is still a space for a 3rd contender and especially these days with privacy as a big concern for most people. If Jolla were to open source the OS so it could be proven that the various intelligence agencies don’t have their claws in it from the factory it could be a competitor to things like Blackphone. There’s also that small contingent like me who love the idea of being able to get to a command line on their phones without the fuss of rooting/jailbreaking. One last thing in this essay, someone in hardware please bring back a dang physical keyboard! I enter server commands day in and day out from my phone and as a consequence I have to turn off all spelling correction. Something like a Droid 4 keyboard would be stellar!

  45. Jolla, please, survive! I love you :-* (and I believe in you. My faith is sailor :-D)

  46. Can I trade my Jolla tablet to the jPhone ll?

    • Man, can you tell me what were you smoking so I can order it for my self too. :) Jolla Phone II? They can’t get a freaking tablets that are year old, and you think that they will produce phone 2? Very optimistic of you…

    • Are you encouraging them to start a crowdfunding for Jphone 2? Because you know they were so successful in shipping all the tablets and accessories to all the backers. And it is almost guaranteed that there might even be twice the number of backers for jphone 2 compared to jolla tablet

      • I would definitely not be the one to finance a phone or OS. Since they haven’t delivered my tablet, there is no way that I would waste more money on that. If they would deliver what they’ve promised a year ago, that would be a different story.

      • Actually I think Dave meant that Jolla could just ditch the tablet project altogether since it caused nothing but trouble, and (finally) make a new phone model instead. So Dave agrees to receive a jPhone2 instead of either an outdated jPad or a refund. Personally I am totally down with that, although I do understand that the chances are pretty slim.

        • actually am ok with refund rather than a empty promise of delivery of jollaphone 2.

  47. Thank you for all the hard work. SailfishOS is just AWESOME!!! I liked the SF1.x UI and after upgrading to SF2 it took a while to get used to it. Some UI patches from the community improved the usability for me. Hope Jolla will survive and recover somehow to be able to continue the development of this fantastc mobile OS.

  48. Tho UX was awesome till the it was changed to the tablet style.

    The vertical UX felt more unique and it had a continuity in the Os..

    The Os development must have small difference for the tablet and the phone…

    I am really missing the vertical UI.. please bring it back

    • what does it say? :D

      • … as far as I got the essence ( by Google / MS translate ): tablet delivery now depends on green lights by the District Court in charge as well.

      • Basically good news!Court gave Jolla protection from debtee repossession proceedings.

        • @alloj … native speaker ?

          • Yes. A caveat: I do not speak legalese.

        • @alloj … nobody’s perfect – but thanks :)

          Did I get them right :

          (A) The court supervises jolla’s restructuring program and related activities – meaning that intentions / contracts of purchases such as tablet delivery are secondary or can become void by law in favor of follow-up investors requirements ?

          (B) some of their current shareholders are the Finnish State Treasury and a pension insurance company ?


          • I think only bankruptcy lawyer knows answers to your questions.

          • That is not the true, District court of Helsinki gave temporary protection from creditors (us) not to be legally sued over tablet fiasco. But there is a catch, it is temporary and there is Supreme court that can reverse that order, so they are not yet protected :)

    • Thanks for sharing this – but “latest news” and Finnish text is a bit contradictory …
      Give it a short translation in a sentence, thanks !

  49. One more thing from the same article. Jolla has clearly stated why they’ve asked for protection. They’ve need it to ensure that they can get financed for their insane project of getting the OS for Intex devices. Same reason why they’ve spent all the money, so they can adjust OS for their device. They are constantly lying how they spent money for tablet adjustments, but the real truth is they wanted to strike a deal with Intex so they can get more money. In the comment they are clearly giving the sign that they have no intention to issue refunds. Regarding IGG contributors, lot of BS comments were regarding you have read the terms that if project fails you are taking the responsibility. If so, that would be probably legal but they’ve already had a prototype (new their assembly costs) got a reward for a tablet for year 2015, etc, etc. Also, they’ve broke several contract regarding that. From last graph you could see that all money were spent for their personal projects, and one more important thing that they’ve missed. When they applied for IGG campaign, they agreed to IGG terms and use: under “Disputes between Campaign Owners and Contributors” there is clear paragraph: “Campaign Owners are legally bound to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Contributors (including delivering any Perks).” and most important: “If a Campaign Owner is unable to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Contributors, the Campaign Owner will work with the Contributors to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, which may include the issuance of a refund of Contributions by the Campaign Owner.” you can check it by yourself: They’ve broke several time frames where the Jolla clearly stated that tablets are in last phase and will be delivered 3-5 weeks after developers program is issued. (I have extracted all their blog posts from webarchive and I can upload it on cloud service to be available for all to read AGAIN…). At the last point they stated that they’ve are unable to deliver tablet. By that statement, we have right to ask for them to issue refund (by the IGG terms that they’ve accepted).

    • Sounds positive but where’s the money coming from for the refund? it’s already spent, gone.

      • On district court of Helsinki where they asked for court protection against creditors (us) not to be sued or asked for a refund. They said: “if creditors starts to pull the money/ask for refund, that can be potential harmful for their business”. So they have the money for refund, but they won’t release it.

        • You are injecting things. In the Finnish article there was no mention whatsoever about asking for refunds, yet you wrote as if that was what they said. Equating creditors with ‘us’ is also somewhat questionable when talking about a company with an operating loss of over 10 million € in one year. They likely have lots of debtees, two of which are even mentioned in the article about the court protection.

  50. @jolla. Would be nice with a blog post regarding tablet plz

    • For some of us, full refund via PayPal.

    • information about full refund is preferred.

    • how can i do that?

      • If you are IGG contributor, go to IGG campaign and below there is support ticket system where you can issue a refund.

  51. A bit strange thing is to present the increase of number of views and controls as a good thing.

    The less is more when you talk about interface.

    But Jolla is great anyway.

  52. @JuhaniLassila …. our advent calendar showed up this morning with 10 more days to go until Xmas. All spirits still up with you ?
    Any signs of promising news yet ?
    We ( still ) all are with you …

    Don’t let the captain leave on holidays without any post before Xmas. Thanks for that ! d (^_^)

  53. From Indiegogo Customer Happiness in response to question about contributor recourse given Jolla’s current state:

    “Thanks for your question. Indiegogo is not able to guarantee that perks will be delivered or deemed satisfactory. The nature of crowdfunding is such that campaigns on Indiegogo are raising funds for work-in-progress projects, ideas, or causes. Contributing to a campaign and claiming a perk on Indiegogo is not the same as buying something online. Because projects may still be in their early stages, many things can happen between the time the project is raising funds and the expected project release date. While your contribution brings the campaign idea closer to becoming reality, there’s always the chance that a project may end up falling through, and the campaign owner may not be able to offer their contributors the perks they’d originally promised.

    That said, campaign owners are still held by our Terms of Use ( to fulfill perks. If for any reason they’re unable to offer you the perk you claimed, campaign owners are obligated to reach out to their contributors and work out a mutually satisfactory resolution- this resolution could be an alternative perk, a promise to issue the promised perk at a later date if the campaign owner is able to raise additional funds, or a refund. We always recommend opening up a conversation with the campaign owner if you have any question about what will happen to your contribution if the campaign owner is unable to raise the funds they need to complete their project.

    Thanks for your understanding.”

  54. Do you ship tablet before Christmas or what? If not I have to say you should Quit what you Are doing and change careers. Don’t take it personal. Everybody isn’t cut for business. I like what you doing. But we can’t support you forever since we don’t get what we paid for.

    Disappointed Santa

    • Please just speak for yourself! I am not We and I will support them! Let those guys just do their work! Stop flaming around, go find another hobby! The Tablets will not be sent faster if jou just comment shit on this wall!

      • I’m not including you in we. We are we that want it before Christmas.

  55. I check the blog every few days to hoping to see that you’ve had some success with your funding. I am always appalled by the level of nastiness in the comments. I just wanted to say that there are those of us who appreciate the difficulties you face, admire you for what you are trying to do, and wish you success with it.

    • +1

      See 4 comments above:
      Don’t let the captain leave for holidays without any post before Xmas. Thanks for that !

  56. I have been fairly optimistic about the Jolla tablet campaign until now! I understood that there would be delays because Jolla is a new company branching out into a new form factor device! I knew that May/June would be a reach to say the least. But I must say, I am more than frustrated by all this.

    I know the hardware (cpu and motherboard) was manuifactured in early 2014. So if we get the tablet in early 2016, the hardware will be two years old by the time we get them! The specs will be considered low-end hardware by the time we use them!

    But I did not contribute to the tablet campaign because I believed I was getting an awesomely spec tablet, but because I wanted a Jolla Sailfish device and because I wanted to give Jolla my full support. I still believe we need more than Apple, Google, and Microsoft monopolizing the market.

    The mistake Jolla made was in trying to be the Apple of mobile devices! Jolla wanted to be a software and hardware company! But Jolla’s revenue stream is not strong enough for that. Just look at Canonical and Ubuntu, how many millions of dollars have been wasted because Canonical wanted Ubuntu to converge on many form factors. Great goal, but they need to prioritize on what pays the bills.

    Jolla needs to prioritize on software development and strengthening relations between themselves and hardware manufacturers that see the benefit of Sailfish OS. If you want to make Jolla phones and tablets, do what Google did, and contract the work out to Samsung or Acer.

    What I want to know is this: will we get the tablets if the debt restructuring fails? If so when? If restructuring is approved, when might we see our tablets? Why did you not tell us of the debt problem before now? Is that why Marc Dillon left? Did he see the writing on the walls and abandon ship? You must be more open about these things if you want to regain the trust of your customers.

    When I contributed to the Jolla tablet campaign, that was my first time doing so! I researched your company long and hard when I heard about the Jolla phone a year before the tablet campaign. I wanted a Jolla device, and lo and behold I saw the Jolla tablet campaign on indiegogo. I was leary of fly by night scams and researched Jolla completely! I trusted you. Many of us did.

    My trust would not be tarnished as much if you had been forthcoming about the delays and debt issues. I realize that you are a company that needs to make profit, and being completely open about everything would damage customer opinions. And that would diminish profits, which is the primary reason of any business! B leads to C which leads to A.

    But you can’t be tight lipped either. Your investors, financial and otherwise deserve an explanation for why profits are down! We are not financial investors, but we are invested in your company, your product and your brand, monetarily and emotionally! I realize you all are going through rough seas! Jolla is like a small boat stuck between two massive ships traveling at full steam in the opposite direction! The currents between the ships is creating a whirlpool, and you must be wise to avoid being shipwrecked!

    I wish you all the best! Happy Holidays!

    • +1, these could be my words.
      I am still waiting for more information from the helm.

    • You know, they don’t give a shit of your support like they don’t give a shit about our complaints. They have no respect despite what they say.

    • and only 166 euro… i cant understand how they don’t seem to be interested in fighting the impression that they screwed all of the crowdfunders and preorder people over. big time. i’ve been following this blog and each and every freaking comment for months now.. i would love to keep on supporting jolla, i would love to keep on hoping they deliver the tablet.. i’d love to sow my support in any kind of way. but the communication, the details they provide, all related information one can gather from google translated finnish news pages and such make me think i’m naive to the level of mental disease if i still believe in jolla. i could write now ‘please, jolla, do something to change that impression!!’ but no comment ever posted here has made them change their behaviour.. :/

    • Maybe these Tablets are those which were produced by the manufacturer for Jolla but Jolla couldn’t pay for them because of money problems.

    • :o … WHAT IS THAT ?!

      That can’t be for real … at least they “state” it’s running on Android. It seems to be your 32GB-batch guys !


      (A) someone broke into some warehouse in China and we actually got a proof the tablet really got produced ;]
      - next the news: no 32GB tablet deliveries, as they got stolen ;) ( I know, a bit sarcastic … )

      (B) a distributor got delivered his “distributor’s perk” – at least 2 or 3 contributors opted for that perk …

      (C) there will be a fundamental change to our IGG “tablet” perks coming up: either an update ( 64GB to everyone ), an Intex Phone instead of a tablet, company shareholdership in exchange, some refund … or what I’m really beginning to doubt after Xmas: something at all.


      (D) … we’re just getting fooled by a collection of some hoarded pictures. Any Chinese-speaking person available to contact the seller inconspicuously ? ;)

      I currently believe in (D) ;) ….

    • is a chinese ebay, and there are more merchants than just one, so it maybe more difficult to stop.
      Cool products Strip has maybe the cheapest price:
      jolla tablet tablet nokia sailfish system 7.8 inch arc border
      USD 153.65
      A bit complicated maybe.

    • Even if tempted to order from a Chinese vendor, so when you do not understand Chinese, so I guess there is the risk what exactly you get, and then there are taxes and possible duties.

  57. … thanks @prometheus for sharing this here !

    Just read through the maemo talk and evidence is convincingly hard that the tablet was actually produced but never picked up by jolla.

    What a weired mismanagement … I actually wonder if the contractor is willing to cooperate with jolla in future.

    Truly sad situation. If it was not a privately hold company the Management would’ve been completely exchanged by Slush. Some of them suffer a complete loss of reality / responsibility …

    • My guess this is the Aigoo tablet because of Android OS. The USB port looks like the old type Jolla switched from. If it is the old hardware it will not have the updated screen or added sensor. Notice how they have pictures from Barcelona conference mixed in. They have tried to advertise their stock few months ago on TJC, maybe this is another attempt?

      • …. well at best it’s a pre-production batch for developer device loans – somehow recycled for cash in China. [ my other comment awaits moderation ]

    • I asked them via support ticket – here is the answer:
      ‘Jolla is investigation this.
      Furthermore, it is not something that was in any way sanctioned by Jolla.’

      • > Jolla is investigation

        I am disappoint.

      • @Turbinenreiter …. thanks for that ! d o_o

      • They are investigating? Two options: 1. They are so conceited that they think that hardware manufacturer will keep waiting for them while they are playing a company… 2. They are again lying, and playing dumb so they can buy more time…

  58. …. even though the whole debate about this garage sale tends to be quite leisure – as it somehow fits to the nature of jolla’s difficult situation – evidence is hard it’s not the Aigo version:

    whole context :

    … at best it’s a pre-production batch for developer device loans – somehow recycled for cash in China.

    • On my support ticket, Jolla also said that my tablet was produced and is now sitting in the fulfillment center because they can’t pay for processing.

      So, yes, tablets have been produced, Jolla can’t pay for them and now we are in limbo.
      I just hope that the fulfillment center isn’t just starting to sell the tablets Jolla can’t pay for.

      This is so screwed up.

    • I can’t believe that AGAIN we have to find out about stuff like this through 3rd parties. This company (Jolls) is really something, is there a cutesy sailing metaphor for a group of people that do everything they can to make a bad situation worse and worse? The main reason I keep coming back here is for the comments section, you guys and gals are awesome :)

  59. @jolla / @JuhaniLassila

    … actually I wonder what has been the outcome of the developer device loan program so far ? What did it contribute to the SFOS development ? Did it produce / open up any new applications / markets ? Any reference showcases ?


  60. …. due to a lacking timely jolla statement on the TaoBao incident I concluded in a false direction. I’m sorry for that :/ …. So let me eat my words from “What a weired mismanagement” until “complete loss of reality / responsibility …”;)

    In a related IRC chat @AntiiSaarnio just commented this afternoon :

    ” … nothing to do with Jolla, but it seems that our production partner from China started selling some tables which were already produced and in their stock. We are discussing with them that they would stop sales immeadiately …”

    So let’s hope for sufficient authority by jolla in stopping this.

  61. I just read today that jolla’s financial crisis is over because of new investors. Is that true, and does that mean we will still get the tablets we paid for?

    • Jolla said that they are thinking about the tablet situation, but this new money does not guarantee that we will get the tablets. What is od that tablet manufacturer is selling Jolla tablets with android and Jolla did not even know this. They are tired of waiting so…

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