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The full transition to Sailfish OS 2.0 is here!

The new Sailfish OS update, Saimaa (named after the largest lake in Finland), is now available for all Jolla users! Less than 2 weeks ago, this update was made available as an early access release for more advanced users. If you’re interested in joining this group, read more here.

This update Saimaa, with version number 2.0.0, completes the transition to Sailfish OS 2.0. Our previous release 1.1.9 (Eineheminlampi) introduced the reborn Sailfish OS user interface to you. Thank you for your valuable feedback on the 1.1.9 release, which helps us bring many improved features and fixes in this 2.0.0 release, and completes the progression towards Sailfish OS 2.0. Our work is by no means done, and we’ll continue to provide regular updates to you, our dear users.

Please note that before you can upgrade from 1.1.9 to 2.0.0, you will receive an update notification to install as an intermediate step to improve reliability of the update process.

Highlights of Saimaa 2.0.0 Release:

  • Android Support: Several fixes to improve the initialization of some Android apps
  • Alarm clock: Alarms are working again even if the phone has been turned off (when the battery is not empty)
  • Ambiences: The Other Half (TOH) tones are freely selectable for any ambience after installation of TOH package
  • Browser: Memory savings in cases where display is turned off while playing a video clip with the browser
  • Clock: New cover design
  • Connectivity: WLAN network scanning improved
  • Email:
    – Exchange: Improved the reliability of email updating
    – Pulley menu in “Outbox” has now options “Send” or “Send all” instead of “Update”
  • Events view:
    – You can now pick your favorite settings shortcuts to be shown in the Events view of the Jolla phone
    – Perform your favorite actions directly from the Jolla phone’s Events view, e.g. search the web, take a photo, or add a reminder
    – Facebook notifications and recent Twitter tweets are back in Events
  • Gallery: Split view is collapsed when video playback starts, i.e. playback in full screen
  • Home: New system dialog style
  • HW adaptation & kernel:
    – Graphics performance of tablet improved
    – Touch recognition on tablet made to start faster
    – CPU governor tuned up for UI fluidity and power saving
  • Localisation: Improvements to the translations of several UI texts
  • Office: Possible to make searches in PDF documents
  • Phone:
    – USSD push messages are now shown, allowing the user of prepaid SIM’s to follow the costs, for instance
    – Fixed the issue of making calls to exceptionally long phone numbers
    – Dismissing call should now work more reliably
  • Settings: Stability and usability of the new Settings app improved
  • Security:
    – Android support: a media server vulnerability (Stagefright2 CVE-2015-3842) fixed
    – Stagefright vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-1538, CVE-2015-1539, CVE-2015-3824, CVE-2015-3826, CVE-2015-3827, CVE-2015-3828, CVE-2015-3829) fixed
  • UI elements: Sizes of objects (buttons, text fields, font sizes, etc.) and alignments refined in several places
  • Video:
    – Some glitches in the playback of recorded videos eliminated
    – Gstreamer: playing AIFF format fixed, support for playing OPUS format added
    – Gstreamer: a regression in RTSP stream playback fixed; makes Y-Radio (a harbour app) work again
    – 1080p video recording implemented for tablet


For upgrading instructions, release notes and more detailed changelog, please see this TJC post. Please also report any issues you encounter to the TJC post.

Enjoy the full Sailfish OS 2.0 experience with this update!



Carol Chen

Community Chief at Jolla. Globe (and star) trekker. Ardent about open source and open communication. Makes decent music with timpani, drums, piano, and vocal cords.


  1. Avatar

    Will it be possible to add custom favorite actions?
    E.G. May I be able to bundle custom favorite actions with my application?

    • Avatar

      Hi mikelima, I don’t think it’s possible at the moment, however we’re happy to hear your proposals. This TJC thread might be a good place for related discussions.

  2. Avatar

    1.Can we expect to see analog clock for locked screen?
    2.Dimmed ambience background for app launcher?

  3. Avatar

    Hi Carol, thanks for sharing the news 🙂

    What I like to ask (and other too is about the Open Source license as you headline the transition. Are all components now FLOSS?

    (Actually I’m not sure, as people port it to raspberry pi, fairphone, … but maybe the don’t need to recompile for example the UI libs)

    • Avatar

      Hi Dulog, the architecture diagram including license info at the end of this page is still current. We have a roadmap/plan for open sourcing more of the platform, however at the moment we don’t have a concrete timeline to share. (I’ll be the first to shout it from the rooftop when the such news is available 🙂 )

  4. Avatar

    Now how the heck do I configure favourite settings and the so called favourite actions in events view?

    • Avatar

      ok, found out, but it no where near intuitive. you remove them from Events view, but add them from Settings->Events.
      In Danish we say “det er en ommer”, in English that would be “try again”

      • Avatar

        Hi tanghus, yes you’re right, it’s not the most intuitive. We have improved the implementation which will likely be available with the next software update. Thanks for your feedback!

  5. Avatar

    One way you could patch things up with the community would be to release a vm image of the OS. You probably have it, but why not make a new blog entry spelling it out; say something like “we know how anxious you are all to get your tablet, in the meantime here’s a preview”. It would show you care and are making an effort.

    • Avatar

      or you could just ignore the community and perhaps they will just go away.

      • Avatar

        Hi asdf23, one way to preview the OS without owning a Jolla phone/tablet is with the emulator available in the Sailfish OS SDK. As Saimaa is in the early access phase, the SDK corresponding to Saimaa should be available when the general release happens. We are also looking into providing prerelease versions of the SDK, and the best place to get more info/news about that is through our developer mailing list.

        • Avatar

          First of all thanks for gracing the community with 1/2 a day of your time. We really feel included when the company hands down responses to our questions. Next for myself yes I have an emulator, but I’m a developer. So to be clear you did not address nor resolve my suggestion. I’m suggesting that you take another 1/2 day and upload a VM (and only VM) then make a post of how to download and run said VM. Obviously you’d want to target your audience which you should assume are closer to tablet users rather than developers. They won’t want to install an SDK.

          • Avatar

            Hmm. Users uncomfortable with installing an SDK, yet comfortable with installing a VM? Seems a fairly small subset to me…

          • Avatar

            Hi asdf23, right now we only have the emulator VM inside the SDK. There is no standalone VM (there hasn’t been much demand for it). We are discussing what it might take to provide such VM, but that will take more than 1/2 man-day 🙂

  6. Avatar

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see the shortcuts in the events view of the phone now. I had thought that this would remain a tablet-only feature for space reasons. Me happy! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi ossi1967, we’re glad you like this feature! It’s been one of the most consistent feedback/request from community as well as Jolla sailors 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Congratulations all. I’am proud to be a member of the community!

  8. Avatar

    Great update! 😉

  9. Avatar

    Nice one! 🙂 My Sony Z2 has just died, wish there was an updated Jolla phone that I could buy or some solid progress in getting it installed on some other popular Android device. (looking forward to finally receiving my tablet! I did tweet you to let you know that my birthday is November 13th….;) )

    • Avatar

      …..we need devices?

    • Avatar

      Hi hutchism, we received your tweet 🙂 While we can’t promise anything specific for your birthday, we are doing our best to ship the tablets as much as possible, as mentioned in the FAQ post. In the meantime, my condolences for the demise of your Sony Z2..

  10. Avatar

    Nice and shiny,but I would like to have copy and paste system wide.Fast scroll down in native browser. And native offline navigation. Will that implemented soon.

    • Avatar

      Fast scroll down in native browser.
      – Removed due to new type of rendering done in browser.
      And native offline navigation. Will that implemented soon.
      – Short answer: no. But then again “soon” is a rather flexible conception here. 😉

  11. Avatar

    had the pre update and now the Wi-Fi is not turning on also after a reboot so i cannot update to the full 2.0 software through 3G connection

    • Avatar

      Hi kev234, please take a look at this Troubleshooting WLAN connection guide to see if it helps. It’s also possible to perform the update through mobile data (3G) network. From Settings -> Sailfish OS updates, select ‘Always’ for ‘Check for updates’.

  12. Avatar

    I really, really like the SF2.0 experience! It’s like an OS becoming adult. Please go on with you hard job to develope this wonderful OS!!

    There are three issues I like to mention. Two as a person, who is concerned about data security.

    First is very easy to solve, I guess and very important for me. I’m using the Android app Threema, an encrypted messenger. When receiving new messages with SF2.0 it should be possible to get full systemnotifications about it. As I read in TJC it is very easy to solve this problem, but it isn’t with updates 1.1.19 to 2.0:

    Same problem with other encrypted messengers.

    I am an SF-user and unfortunately not skilled enough to do linux the changes as described in the post myself. But I think it shouldn’t be a problem for Jolla, especially because you care about safety issues (e.g. project “SF-secure” with company SSH :-)))!).

    Second it’s uncomfortable to get any further hint about an incoming message (sms, im, mail etc.) without entering the the PIN to the lockscreen. So, to get fast, convenient information, e.g. who is sending me a message, I could only skip locking my phone with security pin. I really appreciated the fast, easy and safe way of SF1 to double tap the screen of the locked phone to get information about sender and first line of the message. It’s not the point, that I want the notification screen back, but to get a safe and easy way to get a clue about new messages or other events. Maybe, by showing the mentioned information on the lockscreen via double tap.

    Third, I think after some weeks using the new SF2.0 UI that the visibility of new pulley-menu indicator is too limited. It appears not as a part if the OS. The line is too thin and the shine too low. The indicator in SF1 fitted theses requirements much better. It also fits better to the still existing “half-point” indicator for more left/right swipescreens.

    Thanx and: Sail on!

    • Avatar

      Hi zemideluxe, I will pass on the feedback internally to the right teams, and see if I can get someone to comment on the TJC post. We appreciate your concern about data security and the constructive input. Thanks!

  13. Avatar

    I still haven’t gotten my tablet and I do not own a Jolla Phone. Could you provide a video with a demonstration of the new features? 🙂

  14. Avatar

    what is use of this article when most of us still doesn’t have tablet in our hands thanks to Jolla >:(

    • Avatar

      @prometheus: Come on, my dear friend. Try it! Think! Think! This one isn’t that hard.

      • Avatar

        Should I reply on your gibberish talk?

        • Avatar

          Prometheus, a hint: A device which you can use to communicate verbally with others across a long distance…

          • Avatar

            Hint for you. I haven’t received a tablet, and I definitely will not buy a phone from Jolla just to see new OS…, so no point of sarcasm.

            • Avatar

              @prometheus: Hint for you: This blog is not meant to communicate exclusively with you, Your Royal Highness. It’s more of a general communication platform also aimed at simple users like me, who bought a Jolla phone long ago and are now happy to learn there’s yet another software update. So claiming that the article above is “of no use” is highly illogical and self-centered.

              (Obviously, that one was harder for you than I believed it would be.)

              • Avatar

                Yes, I can see that you are simple. Very simple person… so I will try to give it to you as simple as I can. Please sod off…

                • Avatar

                  @prometheus: Apology accepted. Good to know you see things differently after they were explained to you. 🙂

                  • Avatar

                    Do you have anything better to do instead lurking behind my back and waiting for my comments?!?!? How old are you, 10?

                    • Avatar

                      @prometheus: No, not really. It sit here and hit F5 every now and then. That’s it. basically.

    • Avatar

      Hi prometheus, in addition to the regrettably small group of Jolla Tablet owners, we think this article will benefit all of the current Jolla phone users as well 🙂 I understand the frustration of waiting for the Jolla Tablet, and I sincerely apologize for that. We at Jolla are doing our best to get the shipments going.

    • Avatar

      @prometheus: I find this article very useful and I also like to read what you people have to say.

      • Avatar

        I understand that, but this is as much as a tease for us all, (people that still doesn’t have device that we ordered almost a year ago…) so my apology for comment above.

        • Avatar

          No apologies needed 😉 Thanks for writing comments here.

  15. Avatar

    Any news on the public release? It’s almost a week now 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi StoneshipAge, we’re checking on a few issues reported from early access users, and hope to release it asap when the critical ones are ironed out. Thanks for your patience!

      • Avatar

        Why don’t I ever have these issues? 😉

        • Avatar

          Some of these issues are perhaps not easily reproduced, or occur in rare usage scenarios. We do our best to have a comprehensive QA, however it may not cover all edge cases. It’s good to hear that you don’t have such problems, enjoy Saimaa 2.0.0!

          • Avatar

            please don’t occupy topics – this one is for OS 2.0 update – I’m waiting for my tablet like you and also I’m not amused about the process but please don’t post your anger in every topic – that makes no sense at all … sorry for being rude …

            • Avatar

              silly me – this should have been one posting lower …

      • Avatar

        What kind of issues? It was publicly released same version that I had it as opt-in. So what? There was no issues or you just did not fix them? Which one of those is true?

  16. Avatar

    Okay guys, now it’s a REALLY good time for a new blog post concerning the second wave.

    As many people mentioned earlier, we are perfectly ready to hear about yet another f*ckup that will postpone the tablet delivery for yet another month. Personally, I’ve passed the disappointment threshold a long time ago, and I don’t think such post will do any bad to your PR anymore.

    What will CERTAINLY do bad would be another period of complete silence. The second wave was planned for November; that means that invitations should have been sent in late October, and it looks like they weren’t. Just spit it out.

    • Avatar

      I bet my balls that you will not get an straight answer…

    • Avatar

      “and I don’t think such post will do any bad to your PR anymore”

      You sir made me laugh 🙂

    • Avatar

      >Another week gone by, with no update, no shipping, >no answer on this ticket.
      >Seriously, you made me pay another 40 bucks. And >now nothing? After 20 days? What’s wrong with you?

      >Jolla Thursday at 10:30
      >Hello and thanks for writing in.
      >We have checked and your order is in good >standing.
      >However, there is a delay in delivery due to an >issue with our fulfillment center.
      >We expect this to be cleared up in the next few >weeks.
      >Our sincere apology for this inconvenience.
      >Should you require further assistance with this >case, simply reopen it by replying to this >message.
      >Jolla Customer Care

      Seriously, they made me pay another 40 bucks, then without saying anything they let their claimed 10 days-until-shipping period pass, and then you get that as answer if you ask support.

    • Avatar

      @tuo89527: That’s the thing with crowdfunding in general: There’s always the risk that the project fails and you get nothing. Indiegogo is not an online store like Amazon where you go and simply buy something. However, given the shipments have started, the discussion seems to be obsolete.

      • Avatar

        LOL project fails, but they have enough money to do additional things like creating another company, working with Indian hardware company instead of doing what they had to do: Deliver what they presented…

        • Avatar

          “LOL project fails, but they have enough money to do additional things…”

          Well, sure they do. The tablet project was never more than a side-issue for Jolla; it’s fairly obvious that there was no way it could generate enough profits to support the company (assuming it could generate any profits at all, which I sincerely doubt). Jolla should and must concentrate its major efforts on projects that _do_ generate revenue…

          • Avatar

            “LOL project fails, …” If yes, I’m a “little bit” surprised that the project failed. After all, it was such a success that surpassed many their expectations (funded is much more than the plan – 480%)! OK nothing is guaranteed via crowdfunding. So lets say “failed, sorry you are losing your invests”. But DO NOT feed us bullshit about hardware changes and bad factory address and we are shipping and so on and so on. Just fair play.

      • Avatar

        “However, given the shipments have started, the discussion seems to be obsolete.” Ha ha … … can you tell us how many of tablets has been sent yet ( Backers 21644 )? Not exactly of course – just a rough estimate of the percentage. THANK YOU. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Crowdfunding is only one side of the problem. We all knew that there was no guarantee to get the tablet delivered at all.
        But selling the Jolla smartphone in the regular web shop, taking our money but refusing delivery without any comment may be considered as fraud.
        A company with such business behaviour cannot survive. Sad, but true.

  17. Avatar

    How many tablets they have shipped until now, is it 200 ones? My question was, if this is their best effort or not. They have wave charts, but how many times their plans have changed, Good Luck!

    • Avatar

      Jolla knows, but they won’t share. This what actually triggers disaffection towards Jolla…

      • Avatar

        Hmm. This may be what triggers _your_ disaffection towards Jolla. I suspect that for most people it is simply that they haven’t yet received their tablet.

        • Avatar

          I am also disappointed and puzzled.

    • Avatar

      I assume not much as I was one of the earliest bird backers and haven’t received an order confirmation yet.

  18. Avatar

    How do I get an answer on my zendesk support issue? No answer for three weeks.

    I did accidentally use two different e-mail addresses at the indiegogo site while adding the 64GB upgrade.

    Request #23140

    • Avatar

      Yep, he don’t answer to “hard” question, my ticket still open.

  19. Avatar

    I keep getting an image “It’s not possible to show the image” in the place of every photo on the Gallery every time I copy or cut an image from the phone to the SD card using File Browser, since I’ve never have been able to connect my phone to my PC. How do I clean for good this images from my Gallery. Every time is the same. What am I doing wrong?

    • Avatar

      Hi Manuela, go to and search if anybody had an issue like yours. If you can’t find a solution, create your own question describing your issue.

  20. Avatar

    Hi Carol, I know these tabletrelated questions are tiring, but as I understood from the blog the jolla tablet is closely related to the release of sailfish os 2.0, as the previous releases were not intended to fit on a tablet. To ask a non

  21. Avatar

    -mandatory question: Can we expect the release of the full-transitioned SFOS2.0 to be a huge milestone for the roadmap of the tablet?

  22. Avatar

    I do not participate in early access so I updated to Saimaa just now (breaking my 1 month uptime marathon, but what will you do). And I must say that it is AWESOME. I talk a lot of sh*t about you but SFOS2.0 is something even I admit to be a HUGE step forward compared to the first version. It even helped me to ease my flaming butthurt a bit so now I think I’ll be able to calmly wait for my tablet for some more time.

  23. Avatar

    Good job! Shortcuts to settings on the events view is a plus! Also cover actions seem faster.

  24. Avatar

    I love the events shortcuts and actions.
    However “take a selfie” makes the camera crash.
    Has this bug already been reported?

    • Avatar

      My selfies work just fine. Although they are ugly, but that cannot be helped.

    • Avatar

      I’ve got the same problem. Camera won’t start. Seems like its opening the app and then shortly crashes and the icon disappears. No matter if I tap “take selfie” or tap the camera icon itself. Quite annoying…

  25. Avatar

    Carol, thanks for your input. although I do not have the phone and await my tablet, patient and anxious at the same time, I understand that crowd funding to develop a new product can be, and usually is, all of that. I am impressed, so far, on how well the Jolla tablet has been brought to completion and the ongoing work on the software. Everyone involved should be commended and feel a great deal of pride at this accomplishment.

  26. Avatar

    Thank you jolla. Will update tomorrow or the day after. Split screen for Phone ready?

  27. Avatar

    As usual jolla you have done yourself proud. The jump to version 2 was well planned and organised. Cant wait to see it working on my tablet. Keep up the good work.

  28. Avatar

    Turning internet connections on or off is much more complicated now – they all used to be on the first view of Settings: now I have to dig them out separately from WLAN and Mobile Network settings. Otherwise it seems to work OK, except for the calls, which seemed to die silently a few days ago: the phone seemed to be connected to the operator, internet connections worked OK, but SMS and telephone calls did not come through. Now I have to check the connectivity every day by making a test call to my Jolla.

    How’s the tablet wave forecast doing? Any swell rolling towards the coast of Finland any time soon?

    • Avatar

      > now I have to dig them out separately from WLAN and Mobile Network settings

      Wha?.. Swipe right (to get to the Events view), flick down (to get to the Shortcuts view), tap. That’s all.

      Next time learn how your OS works before complaining.

      • Avatar

        ScumCoder: Nice place to hide them. How the hell did they end up there?! Not very intuitive place to search for them. I’ve sailed with Jolla since the launch party. Thanks for the info, anyway. 😀

  29. Avatar

    Oh yeah, and the touch screen sounds and feedback are also dead. 😉

  30. Avatar

    Hi guys, Updated my Jolla to Saimaa Last night but since then I’ve had problems with opening Sms’. When I receive an sms I get the notification, but I can’t open the individual sms, or start a new sms.
    The other issue I’ve noticed is that the touch screen sounds and touch screen vibrations no longer work.
    Other than that, 2.0 is awesome!

    Can anyone help?


  31. Avatar

    After using 2.0 for a few days I’m not sure I like it that much. It appears I have to fiddle much more with scrolling here and there to do what I want. And features have disappeared? With 1.x I could drag down the locked screen and easily turn on/off sounds. Now there’s nothing to drag down. I can’t drag down running apps to close them. If I have the systems app running I don’t see the flight mode/wifi/BT status anymore, I have to flip sideways, then down, to get to it. And talking about that screen.. there’s a new icon that I have no idea about, to the right of the wifi.
    And so on and so forth – all in all it looks cumbersome.

    • Avatar

      Again, learn how your OS works before complaining.

      > With 1.x I could drag down the locked screen and easily turn on/off sounds

      Just swipe from top and choose the “Silent” ambiance.

      > I can’t drag down running apps to close them.

      Yes you can. Just enable this option in “Settings->Gestures”.

      > If I have the systems app running I don’t see the flight mode/wifi/BT status anymore

      This is exactly what status bar is for.

      > there’s a new icon that I have no idea about

      You are probably talking about the Mobile Internet on/off switch. Its appearance was changed in Saimaa and IMHO the new version is better (the old one instinctively associated with transfers).

      • Avatar

        I figured out most of that since I wrote my post. And I still don’t like it. The 1.x version was much easier to figure out for one, but even after figuring out version 2 I don’t care much for it. The mobile internet on/off is way too easy to accidentally toogle on, something I did already and something I never want to do, except during the occasional ‘free mobile internet’ campaigns. I use wi-fi exclusiverly otherwise. When I accidentally turn mobile internet on it costs me dearly. I liked the way it was in 1.x, a menu with a couple of steps. Not easy to do accidentally.

        Handling wi-fi and BT was better in 1.x as well. Turning sound on/off was better in 1.x. I don’t want to change the ‘ambience’ – I’m used to that from older, different phones, and it was delightful to come to Jolla 1.x with that simple drag-down, sound-off selection instead of switching the ‘ambience’.
        I regret upgrading, the next-to-last intermediate upgrade fixed the last problems I had (keyboard not working properly for phonetic Japanese input in Android apps), and I should have stayed with that version.

        Now that I’m on 2.0 I wish for an 1.7 or 1.9 usage compatibility layer.

        • Avatar

          > Now that I’m on 2.0 I wish for an 1.7 or 1.9 usage compatibility layer.

          What’s so different between 1.1.9 and 2.0?? 1.1.9 has already the 2.0 interface…

          > The mobile internet on/off is way too easy to accidentally toogle on

          Hmm, well, before you had to do Settings > System > Mobile network > toggle switch.
          Now it’s just Settings > Mobile network > toggle switch.
          Ok ok, so there is one step less, but I don’t see how you can easily toggle it on accidentally…
          Or you are talking about the quick switches on the event view. If it’s that, I will quote ScumCoder :): “learn how your OS works before complaining”, because all of that is configurable.

          To turn off sounds, you just have to use the volume down key, no need to change you ambience.

          As for the unknown icon, you would have know what it’s for if you simply had opened the Settings app.

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