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Sailfish 3 is at your doorstep

Rolling out Sailfish 3 this autumn has been our biggest objective this year and we’re happy to report the latest status. It’s time for an update and awaited schedule news.

As we mentioned already in our original Sailfish 3 announcement in Mobile World Congress back in February, Sailfish 3 is a result of rigorous development work done together with Jolla’s licensing partners and the Sailfish community over the course of 2017-2018 – thanks to all of you for the cooperation and contributions! The third generation of our operating system will have clear new benefits for all of its users, be it corporate licensing customers, our developer community members, or daily Sailfish users.

Jolla has always embraced the methodology of continuous development and continuous releases, and Sailfish 3 is no exception. Sailfish 3 is rolled out in phases, and in fact, our latest software update Nurmonjoki already included a few of the new features. Albeit perhaps more relevant for the corporate customers, those still have belonged to our Sailfish 3 list all the time. These items included e.g. VPN improvements and MDM (Mobile Device Management) functionalities.

Schedule for Sailfish 3 and Xperia XA2

Sailfish 3 will be rolled out during October, so that selected community members will receive the software after mid-October, and following the group’s feedback our target is to start with the early access release by the end of October. For those unaware, anyone can sign-in for the Sailfish early access releases to be in the first wave, please see instructions. After that, the full release will be available to everyone in a few weeks depending on the items needing fixes identified by our early access group.

At the same time with the Sailfish 3 early access release we’ll also start to offer Sailfish X for certain Sony Xperia XA2 devices. More details about this will be made available closer to the release date.

We are super excited about Sailfish 3, and can’t wait to bring it for you – I trust you share our feeling. We also have some cool live event plans coming up for you in a few locations, so keep an eye for our coming updates!

Your Jolla captain,

Sami Pienimäki

CEO & Co-founder of Jolla Ltd. Opportunistic entrepreneur, loves family, skiing and cars.



  1. Avatar

    This ist really great news! Can’t wait to her my devices updated.

    Great, Jolla team!

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      We can’t wait for you to enjoy Sailfish 3 either. It’s gonna be awesome!

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        Please help to install sailfish os in my Lenovo K8 plus ,There are many user in India wants to install sailfish os in their smartphones. Or Do something for Indian region. After Intex aqua fish , no new smartphones launched in India with sailfish os.
        We want a smartphone with snapdragon 600 series chipset or mediatek p60 or p70 series chipset with sailfish os . It’s like dream

    • Avatar

      in India why the OS update not possible, we are using still (kymijoki)version only no update possible tried every month Jolla blog showing OS 3, when can we get update please do needful
      thanks and regards

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    Wow, it was worth watching this blog since May almost every day! 😀
    Looking forward to it!

    Though I have a device which is not supported, maybe one day I’ll have Jolla on my phone too. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Sad to hear that your device isn’t supported. Hopefully it is one that has a chance of being on the official list in the future…

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    “Sailfish X for certain Sony Xperia XA2 devices”

    This hopefully sounds like there will be Sailfish X not only for Xperia XA2, but also for XA2 Plus and/or XA2 Ultra?

    On the other hand the Nokia 8 would be a nice Sailfish device (ns some kind of homecoming) – since HMD Global announced the upcoming bootloader unlock yesterday.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your comment and suggestion!

      The XA2 Dual SIM (H4113) and the XA2 Single SIM (H3113) will be supported. We are considering expanding to other XA2 variants and we will update details separately as we start the sales.

      • Avatar

        Hi James,

        Can we expect XA2 international variants (4133 or 3133) to be available at the same time?

        Again, thanks for the great work!

      • Avatar

        What about the H3123? I don’t understand why it’s so hard to try out SailfishOS in the US, there’s a huge market here fed up with the ios/android duopoly.

      • Avatar

        Hello James,
        When we can expect xperia xa2 and sfos3 availability in India?

      • Avatar

        You promised a “soon to come” update on the status of sailfish 3 / Xa2 and you did it! Thank you guys for all the work and for keeping us posted! Can order my new phone. Relieving 🙂

      • Avatar

        Hi James,
        I just sent an email to info@jolla with a suggestion for Sailfish branded phone cases. I think this might be interesting for the community and for Sailfish’s popularity. Could you discuss this in the team?

        • Avatar

          I would appreciate a Sailfish branded phone case, too. It would make recognizing other Sailfish users easier and maybe would lead to nice conversations with technophile people. Such people were always very interested when I told them that my phone ran Sailfish OS.

      • Avatar

        Hi James,

        the XA2 Dual sim is a shared-slot (either SD-card or dual-sim) model which frankly sucks a lot.

        Thus I really hope for the support of a dual-sim that has a dedicated sd-card slot (so sd-card AND dual-sim are possible)!

        It seems that the XA2-ultra does the job.


        • Avatar

          Actually XA2-ultra dual-sim
          and the XA2-plus dual-sim
          both do the job.

      • Avatar

        Hello James,

        any comments on supporting the XA2 Plus? From a hardware standpoint it should be very similar with the XA2.

        • Avatar


          No news as of yet, but because of the reason you mentioned, there is a possibility of us supporting it as well. This is not a confirmation, so I advise you to wait until we release Sailfish 3 for the XA2 and announce the final range of devices.

      • Avatar

        Where can you purchase current phones with the software already loaded?

        If not, what is the best direction to get a good phone to load the software on?

        I am a Blackberry Z30 user and its pretty hard to identify good business like rugged phones with good signal capabilities and usage.

    • Avatar

      So you are confirming variants H4113 and H3113?
      Its already possible to buy such phone while waiting for the software to be ready?

    • Avatar

      Hi James!
      Thanks a lot for the updates!
      So you are confirmaing that its safe now to buy an XA2 Dual SIM (H4113) or an XA2 Single SIM (H3113) while waiting for the software soon?

      • Avatar

        I don’t see any ambiguity in the statement “The XA2 Dual SIM (H4113) and the XA2 Single SIM (H3113) will be supported.”, so I just ordered a H4113 myself 🙂

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    Thank you for all the information. Good luck with rolling-out of everything. We are looking forward to other spinoff products and apps for our available as well.

    (I hope this will leave not as multipieces. Message sent with my tablets were disappered somehow).

  5. Avatar

    That’s good news. You must have worked hard.
    James, I have a few questions: will it also be possible to flash Sailfish to the bigger brother of the XA2, the XA2 plus?
    Will there be a flashing service or will it be made easier?

  6. Avatar

    As the “subscription” of my Sailfish X is running out around October or so, am I still entitled to get this update, even if the update comes few weeks after the 1 year subscription expires.

    • Avatar

      No answer seems to me no good answer…:-\

      • Avatar

        Afaik, no news are good news, respectively. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Nrde,
      Yes, you will be receiving the standard Sailfish OS updates to the supported devices as long as feasible with your existing Sailfish X license (we originally said “updates for at least one year). However, we may add additional software to the Sailfish OS asset, which can be subject to separate pricing later on.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Juhani, that’s good news indeed.

  7. Avatar

    Great news!

    Is the Sailfish X release for Gemini PDA still on track as written on the June.26 news?

    • Avatar

      Thanks! As noted earlier in the summer, the first community image was published together with Planet Computers and it has already received some SW updates published at Planet Computer’s website. We’re working closely with Planet Computers to bring the official SW update available later. Please follow the Planet Computer’s updates and blog posts on this topic at Planet Computer’s website linked above

  8. Avatar

    Ok, what about those Sailfish OS 3 T-shirts?? :)) Looking forward to the release!

    • Avatar

      For the T-shirts, let’s wait and see what we can do 😉 Keep your eyes peeled on the blog!

    • Avatar

      Whoaaa, there will be T-shirts!? I want one!!

      • Avatar

        @nobodyinperson nothing has been promised, however people (myself included) got excited about the t-shirts that were worn by Jolla people during MWC, so the natural thing was to request for some 🙂 /me crosses fingers

  9. Avatar

    You guys made my day!
    Can’t wait for it….

    When you are using Maemo on Nokia N900, later MeeGo Harmattan on Nokia N9, the first one when Jolla comes out…several Updates…maturing to SailfishOS 2.x and now 3.0….

    That is so cool, when you are part of this process…

    • Avatar

      It’s great to have you as a major part of this process! <3

    • Avatar

      That is exactly how I feel… You guys @JollaHQ are just amazing. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Avatar

      /we more excited! 😉

  10. Avatar

    BTW: What about Gemini PDA? Will it also get SailfishOS 3.0 in the first wave ?

  11. Avatar

    That are good news for the sony mates. 😉

    And maybe for others:
    What about the plans to support the geminipda too?

    • Avatar

      I think I’ll just post the comment I wrote above:

      As noted earlier in the summer, the first community image was published together with Planet Computers and it has already received some SW updates published at Planet Computer’s website. We’re working closely with Planet Computers to bring the official SW update available later. Please follow the Planet Computer’s updates and blog posts on this topic at planetcomputers website linked above.

      • Avatar

        Thx. Good to know. I will do that.
        Polling starts soon.

  12. Avatar

    Excellent news. Keep up the amazing work!

  13. Avatar

    First, (y) +100.

    What’s the SF3 Android layer version compatibility at? Many important apps refuse to install Alien Dalvik 4.4 layer already.

    PS maybe update blog footer “Jolla © 2015”, makes the site feel out of date a little.

    • Avatar

      Same here !

      – Big thanks for the info update
      – Congrats for the hardwork

      – and I’m eager to get more informations about future plans for the andoid layer ?
      (I’m similarly hitting problems with apps which don’t target 4.4 Kitkat anymore but only 5.0 Lollipop and up).

      (And again, like we’ve said already, we don’t necessarily need a promise. Just some information of what is being currently considered / worked on would be enough. Well, within the limits of what NDAs you have with partners, of course…)

      • Avatar

        On apkpure you often can find older versions of apps. The annoying thing is that you get notifications all the time that there are updates…..

        • Avatar

          and ApkMirror is my favorite .apk stash, also trying out the Raccoon desktop downloader.

          but even this strategy doesn’t always work:

          – my bank is introducing a brand new app-based 2FA and that one is only ver 5+
          – a new free-floating e-bike sharing app is starting in our city. it’s apo-only (no website) and it’s 5+ only.

          Problem is that the oldest app ever made is already restricted to Android 5 Lollipop and above.

          Also, there are apps where the server refuses connection with too old apps (hapenned back on my Jolla when a shop app increased from 4.2 Jellybean bean to 4.4 Kitkat)

          It would be really great if Jolla managed to find a more modern solution at least 5 Lollipop, butideally something current like 6 Mashmallow/7 Nougat/8 Oreo.

          For Jolla 1 that is going to be hard, as the ancient kernel provided by Qualcom is limited.

          But on Xperia X, the current Sony opensource kernel (4.4 LTS on this Loire platform) supports 6/7/8, so there could be some hope.

  14. Avatar

    hope my intex aquafish get this upgrade too ~_~

  15. Avatar

    Cool. Now I just need a device. Maybe HMD/Nokia 8 support in the future? :=)

    T-shirt would be cool yeah.

    • Avatar

      It should be very cool indeed to look SFOS3 smart watch together with T-shirt on … 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Avatar

    oh finally 🙂

    since my Xperia X’s screen broke some days ago I urgently need a repacement.

    and please add the XA2 Ultra dual SIM on your list.
    It’s the sexiest phone for me in the XA2 family

    • Avatar

      once you’ve finished migrating your data over, remember to try giving/selling it for parts before throwing it away…

      (I saved my smartphones and PDAs thanks to second hand spares)

      • Avatar

        Don’t worry, I also never throw my phones away. I still have almost all of them, back to my Nokia N73

  17. Avatar

    OK, fine! But when will I get the second refund concerning the tablet I ordered and paid for several years ago?
    Kalevi Virtanen, Ulvila, Finland

    • Avatar

      Hi Kalevi. As we have noted earlier, we follow a phased approach to the refund process and execute refunds every month the company makes positive cash flow from its core business, the Sailfish OS licensing. We will update the status of this process soon.

  18. Avatar

    So, can I buy an XA2 and not rely on Google’s spyware?

    *goes to check prices*

    • Avatar

      Uhm… XA2 has inferior SoC and sound to the X?

      I might wait for reviews on this…

  19. Avatar

    i want F4133 internation variant ..

  20. Avatar

    Dear James,
    SfOS_3 it’s very good, but…
    It’s impossible to pay SfOS from Russia(VPN doesn’t help). and are available only via VPN.
    This is a not good.
    Maybe it makes sense to ask the shareholders?
    Thanks for advance.

    P.S. and how about X_Compact?

    • Avatar

      For stupid reasons my ISP is detected as US by the crappy GeoIP system of Amazon that Jolla uses.

      Tor with an EU based exit node works.
      SSH tunnel (in ‘-D’ dynamic port socks proxy mode) to my University works too.

  21. Avatar

    Nice to see this announcement, but what about Xperia X? Just turned on preview builds in account settings.
    Hello from russian Jolla fans:)

  22. Avatar

    Sami! What about VoIP implementation in the Sailfish UI.
    We talked about that in Berlin-Meetup.
    SIP is already implemented and i have configured my SIP-Account. But the UI didn’t has this feature.
    We was agree that this need maybe 2 days developer time to finish.
    I’am waiting for that since 2014 on my Jolla 1. Still using my Nokia E71 what had the best VoIP functionality and UI integration.

    • Avatar

      +1 for VoIP, specially now that cell service providers have started providing their own offers (usually with names like WifiCalling).

      Common, Jolla, there’s bound to be at least one of your B2B partners who’ll be ready to chip in and pay for the dev time to polish SIP!

    • Avatar

      VoIP support would be great. The latest nextcloud release has good chat/video support, there is an Android app (but current sailfish android version is too old to install it). A native nextcloud talk app would be awesome and allow easy server implementation and federation support.

      • Avatar

        I think I would be very good to have a independent cloud service as native implementation in Sailfish OS – and Nextcloud would be very nice. Hope that the android version of Nextcloud Talk will work with Sailfish 3.

        Any hints on support for RCS-Services in Sailfish 3?

    • Avatar

      Hi navegante,
      Thanks for the note, and yes, we’ve been looking into that recently also on some other customer requests and as part of Sailfish 3. Let us come back to it a bit later!

  23. Avatar

    Yes, indeed, SIP is a feature which is asking on every meetup and many German SailfishOS Users depends on this feature. I mentioned, that i would be happy to help with testing, when Jolla Dev. will polish the UI for SIP.

  24. Avatar

    Are there any info about additional countries where I can purchase Sailfish X?

  25. Avatar

    I’m a Chinese amateur.My jolla equipment in use is Saifish X(F5122).I am looking forward to Saifish 3.0.So,i want to sure what is the SF3 Android layer version compatibility at?
    It will decide the use of many social apps’ like QQ、WeChat.The version Android 4.4.4 still have serious bug in daily use.

    • Avatar

      Hi. Same reply as above: Sailfish X for XA2 will come first with Android 8.1 compatibility. There are some device specifics in the Android runtime implementation, which restricts our ability to bring same runtime to other devices.

      • Avatar

        does this means that android layer for xperia x wont be updated to further versions beyond 4.4? I hope not.

      • Avatar

        would you be able to eventually bring the device specifics to Xperia X too ?

        (the latest Sony kernel can run AOSP 8.1 there too)

        I would love to have newer compatibility for Android apps, without rebuying a whole new device.

  26. Avatar

    Yey awesome to see sailfish 3 so soon. I may update my xperia x to xperia xa2 plus if it will be supported also.

    Let’s see does xperia x get kernel 4.4 update
    Thank you for your earlier updates! Anyways you guys rock!

    • Avatar

      +1 for kernel 4.4 LTS on Xperia X.

  27. Avatar

    Does this mean users of the Sony Xperia XA2 must purchase a new version of Sailfish X OS via Jolla’ s website or what?

    Could Jolla make flashing instructions for Sailfish X OS user friendly? In other words, for all platforms, make step-by-step tutorial videos on how to flash your the OS to your phone. If Jolla obliges, please do the videos as though a person with an entry-level understanding of computers can get it.

    Is it I or did anyone else read somewhere that Sailfish X was featured on a Nokia phone at the MWC in February of this year? Does anyone care to weigh in?

    Much to my chagrin, I have been using an Android phone for a few months. I tried to download an app, but it prompted me to sign up or log into my account Gmail account. I don’t have a Gmail account because I don’t use Gmail. Jolla has been stating the upcoming version of Sailfish will be compatible for Android apps. Does that mean I will be able to download and install any Android app sans a Gmail account or what?

    • Avatar

      Experience with current android layer on Sailfish X (currently it’s alien-dalvik by myriad, compatible with vers 4.4 Kitkat):

      no, you don’t necessarily need a Google account.
      Some Android apps are accessible on Jolla’s own store, others are accessible through other google-less shops like Aptoid.

      There are lots of apps thar just work as-is.

      There are also other apps (mostly found on Google’s Playstore) that might require special services provided by Google.

      Then you have basically three choice:

      – install Google service (but then you’re back into Google-land)
      – install MicroG, an independent open source implementation that tries to provide the same functionality as the proprietary from Google
      – try to find an alternative that doesn’t require ghe services.

      (e.g.: OSMScout & PureMaps are a combo of native Sailfish apps that provide maps without needing any Google service, unlike Google Maps)

      if you want to keep Android on your smartphone, it might be possible to try install LineageOS and then MicroG.

      • Avatar

        Yalp store shows you if an app needs G services or not. They mention it on forehand.
        Apkpure store lets you download older versions of an app. They work (mostly).

    • Avatar

      I saw a tweet that Nokia has given the opportunity to unlock the bootloader of a Nokia 7 plus. Don’t know if this is can be done already and if Sailfish would be possible on this phone. It’s a nice device though.

    • Avatar

      Hi caloma. Thanks for the questions! Answers here:
      – Sailfish X licenses are device specific, so XA2 will have its own license available soon
      – Installation process for XA2 will be already easier than it was for Xperia X. We are also considering to develop an installer for XA2, more details about this will be available as we move along
      – In Mobile World Congress (Feb 2018) we presented a demo of Sailfish OS on a feature phone, which was not a Nokia device.

  28. Avatar

    What news on refunds for tablet backers please. Are you ever going to repay what you owe?

    • Avatar

      Hi ninepine. As we have noted earlier, we follow a phased approach to the refund process and execute refunds every month the company makes positive cash flow from its core business, the Sailfish OS licensing. We will update the status of this process soon.

  29. Avatar

    Please make sfos 3 for raspberry 3

  30. Avatar

    So how about Sony’s Xperia X F5321, will that get the v3 also?

    • Avatar

      I meant to ask whether Sailfish 3 will become available for the Xperia X (F5121) as well, if that’s what delays the moderation of my question. In the article there’s zero mention of this. Thanks

    • Avatar

      Hi Arie. Yes, you will be receiving the standard Sailfish OS updates to the supported devices as long as feasible with your existing Sailfish X license. I.e. you will get Sailfish 3 to your Xperia X device for sure.

  31. Avatar

    Why do F-Droid apps not work on XperiaX with Sailfish?

    • Avatar

      F-droid apps should work well, but sometimes they may require a newer version of Android than what is available in the current android compatability layer of SailfishOS, hopefully there’ll be an update soon.

  32. Avatar

    Would Intex aquafish get this update too?

  33. Avatar

    Will be there any official support for some smart watch?

    • Avatar

      I’m supporting this question with both respect and joy. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Avatar

        Ps. Thus not yet ooficially. : ( )

        • Avatar


          Same hope? But maybe it does bother us anymore … 🙁

    • Avatar

      Last thing they said was they wouldn’t produce one themselves. The just showed a demo that in principle it would work and they’d be willing to licence it to smartphone producers.
      So in the light of this information, we should hear about a smart watch project from the hardware manufacturer first, not from Jolla.
      (I personally doubt it’ll ever be made. It’s just not a very useful device for 99,9% of the people. We all were happy when we finally got rid of the idiotic wrist watches decades ago when mobile phones started to tell us the time reliably.)

      • Avatar

        Principally,that 0.1 % corresponds over 5.000.000 pcs earger smart watch users or candidates of all peoples globally.

      • Avatar

        A watch belongs to clothing, at least in this case… 🙂

        • Avatar

          Yes, you catched the fire. Seeing the things
          and matters in a new ligth will show and raise new perspectives and opportunities. The unlimiting borders are then streching away due to an increased amount of a positive thinking. 🙂 🙂

          • Avatar

            Some specs to start from when the smart watch equipment is/are selected:
            – Bt LE necessary,
            – battery capacity at minimum 400 mAh or more,
            – battery stands up to three days or more usage,
            – … etc.,
            – 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. Avatar

    “At the same time with the Sailfish 3 early access release we’ll also start to offer Sailfish X for certain Sony Xperia XA2 devices. More details about this will be made available closer to the release date.”

    Yeessss! Finally!

    Thank you Jolla!

    James, really happy at this news 😀

    Please confirm just one thing, are people now ok to go out and purchase an XA2 (H3113 or H4113)?

    • Avatar

      Hi BraapBraap (answering on James’ behalf). Thanks for your comments! The answer to your question is a simple ‘yes’ 🙂

  35. Avatar

    Great !
    Could you please detail the Sailfish X 3 updates for Xperia X ? FM radio support ?

    • Avatar

      Hi. We’ll detail all of the new features for Sailfish 3 closer to the release date. Pls stay tuned!

      • Avatar

        ha ha ha. I see what you did there. That was funny. Is there going to be FM radio support? Please stay tuned. Nice.

  36. Avatar

    I’m confused… To my perspective Jolla is using 2 different names for the exactly the same operating system ie Sailfish and Sailfish X, the only difference is under which license Sailfish OS (inc alien dalvik+text prediction) is provided.
    Sailfish 2.x/3 : a free lifetime license for the specific device (Jolla/Jolla C/Aqua fish) it was included with
    Sailfish X: an initial license fee for using Sailfish OS on Sony Xperia X followed by a yearly subscription fee for each additional year of use.

    Is this true?

    • Avatar

      Apart from what you already said: I think the hardware adaptions are (very?) different. So in terms of UI it might look the same, but under the hood they are different. There might be a day where they split up the branches and, e.g., say Sailfish X continues to be updated, but discontinue the original Sailfish (due to the very old hardware). It might even happen for SF3 already. Besides that there are other subtle differences like the Here maps license which is not included in X.

    • Avatar

      Hi Vliegeraar,

      I hope this clarifies the confusion:

      Sailfish OS is continuously developed in single master code branch from which we release new versions time-to-time, like now the upcoming Sailfish 3. Those versions are called releases, and carry corresponding release numbering. The name of the operating system is Sailfish OS, whereas Sailfish X is a commercially productized and packaged downloadable version of Sailfish OS for which we sell end user licenses.

      The latest public release name and number in its full beauty is Sailfish OS 2.2.1 “Nurmonjoki”, and it was offered for all Sailfish X license customers free-of-charge as a SW update. Read more:

      • Avatar

        Thank you for your answer, Juhani. Can I read from this that Sailfish X customers (i.e. people who have bought a license for their Xperia phones) can expect to get upcoming updates and support free of further charges (i.e. no recurring subscription fee)? Thanks in advance for the clarification.

        • Avatar

          Juhani’s reply to my question indicated that at least this update to Sailfish X is “included” in the initial license fee, but they haven’t decided if or when they require new payment to allow future updates to your phone.

  37. Avatar

    Reasonably spoken Xperia X ought to receive equal updates than Jolla 1 + C should… None of the phones are left as to be kept as living-without-anything. However it is hard to image how Jolla-1 shall surfive with 1 Gt RAM. Jolla-C with 2 Gt got bricked after one year usage. What comes to different Xperia X – phones, they should be the best SFOS X phones.

    Then, what comes to future plans with the Xperia X(A)s, the smart watches etc, we do need facts on the tables asap. Many of us have allready been onboard since 2013 – 2014. We deserve rights to know more.

    • Avatar

      I don’t see the problem with the RAM of the first Jolla Phone. I’m using it as my daily phone and don’t really run out of RAM except when I have 5 or more apps open at the same time (which is almost never needed tbqh). Sailfish 3 should not be a problem for the Jolla 1. Best wishes

  38. Avatar

    So you Skipper refund part 3 and moved to Sailfish version 3 insrrad.

    So you have decided that you dont do refunds? At least say so.

    • Avatar

      Hi dave999 long time ago since you wrote here in the block. I’m wondering if you got your money back from Jolla.

  39. Avatar

    Thanks a lot for the hard work!!
    (And the blog post).

    I’m looking forward to Sailfish 3.

  40. Avatar

    Sitten vihdoin eka kommentti.
    XA2 on odottanut since March ja vaimo on odottanut että saa doomed winphonensa tilalle mun “vanhan” X Performancen 😉
    Tasan ei käy mutta minkä tehossa häviää, sen voittaa cockpitissä ..näin uskoen..
    Sehr gott, Jolla.

  41. Avatar

    Can you tell me if Sailfish 3 will offer CalDAV ? I really miss this in XperiaX. I have as default email.

    • Avatar

      Hi Kea. CalDAV has been supported already a while in Sailfish OS. Can you elaborate more what additional things you would need?

      • Avatar

        When I try to make an account the normal way I get : problem with making an account. When I try to make an account whith a tap on CardDAV only, then the account comes through. Thereafter I can tap CaLDAV and then that button starts shining. But there is no syncing at all. It simply does not work. What to do? I have looked at Jollatogether, but could not find a solution.Does Zendesk still work?

        • Avatar

          With I have created two accounts, one for CalDAV and one for CardDAV. Works (quite*) well since years. If this doesn’t help, maybe post on together?

          *(quite b/c syncing seems to miss some data (sometimes), but I didn’t look into it in detail).

          • Avatar

            I will try that. Thank you Chappy and Juhani.

            • Avatar

              In zendesk I had to type which update my XperiaX has. It is the latest, Nurmonjoki, but the pre-written updates doe not go that far.
              I really hate to do the Google ReCaptcha. The privacy terms below in a corner say that Google makes a screenshot of the page and saves your data, including the data on the page.

  42. Avatar

    A Sailfish3 T-Shirt would be great.

  43. Avatar

    Regarding the INOI Sailfish tablet. Will it run a Russian Version of Sailfish or Sailfish 3 in the original version? I realy look forward for a Sailfish tablet!

  44. Avatar

    Any way the new Nokia (hmd) devices will see sailfish? Need to have a 100% Finnish device.

    • Avatar

      Why the hell you think, HMD Nokia Devices are finnish? They are Chinese Devices (Of good quality, but Chinese). HMD has only bought the rights on the Name Nokia. Chinese devices made by Foxxconn

  45. Avatar

    Hi James, I have a Sony Xperia XA2. Can I already install LineageOS and thus remove the TA Partition of the Sony phone? Or will the TA Partition (or a stock ROM on the XA2) be needed when I want to install SFOS3 once it comes out? Really looking forward to upgrade from my Jolla Phone 1. 🙂 Thanks in advance for you answer. Best wishes, Laubblaeser

    • Avatar

      Hello !
      Based, on my personal experience with Xperia X F5121 (single SIM):

      – TA contains *Android* stuff, it can’t even be used in Sailfish
      – Sailfish installation doesn’t ecen require a functional android, only a functional fastboot:
      – you can fetch any necessary update with the free XperiFirm
      – you can flash them with either the free FlashTool, or Sony’s own Emma tool (and those also work without fastboot, in case you fucked up your Android before unlocking)

      – backing up the TA requires having an exploit to gain root, while rhe official Sony’s Android is running (finding the oldest unpatched version from Xperifirm helps), because unlocking fries the TA.

      ( – Android should be able to work without TA, only sone advanced functionality, like Sony’s custom photo)

    • Avatar

      Hi, thanks for your comment!

      We only officially support flashing over the stock OS. We can’t guarantee or test all possible other configurations. So do this at your own risk, or simply revert back to stock before flashing Sailfish OS on.

  46. Avatar

    Waiting for it to be available for my Sony XZ2 compact! (dual boot please ;))

    • Avatar

      That currently isn’t on our list of future devices unfortunately, but let’s keep our fingers crossed 🙂

  47. Avatar

    Would the US variants be compatible with the SFOS3 install ? Devices are identical except for the radio bands. I’m talking about the H3123


  48. Avatar

    So finally its coming to that long awaited SFOS 3, estimated a few weeks after early releases and the end of October, so I guess its gonna be mid November for the XA2?
    Cant wait ……..

    • Avatar

      Your estimation should be correct, given everything goes as planned during the early access.

  49. Avatar

    James … let me remind you to this quote you made in May 2016

    James Noori on May 25, 2016 at 8:49 pm
    Hi again, Maikel!
    As communicated before through our latest press release, the second half of the refunds, will be dealt with in a year time.

    Now 2 years and 5 months further we are still waiting …
    Can you define what a year is in your world ?

    • Avatar

      You just keep whining, all time of took for ur posts spent to work and you simply had doubled your refund.

      • Avatar

        @Atomfurz Now that was a good one. 🙂

    • Avatar

      After that quote, we have had changes in our refunding process which we mentioned in the latest blog post about the refunds. We will update you when we have any additional information. Currently, we unfortunately do not.

    • Avatar

      Hello Maikel,
      I think you do best to take your loss and stop making comments about refunds. We all know that the tablet business was a failure but you cannot keeping on to rub this in. Indiegogo is like a gamble machine. There is absolutely no guarantee that projects will have success.Some companies are able to give refunds, others are nearly broke and struggle to do that. Others simply vanish without refunding anything.
      What I have learned from crowdfunding for alternative IT is, that startups need a lot of capital in order to succeed, far more than Jolla had. More than Canonical had with its device. That is why the Americans have success: they get Venture Capital.

      • Avatar

        Another possibility is Angel Capital. Tutanota mail for example got this and they are doing well, with a freemium service. A third option is trying to get funding from the EU, but this will take years. It is extremely hard as a non-profit company to keep your head up! That is why I would favour a BCorp, an ethical company that does not have to make profit, yet it has to grow and therefore let people pay for products.

      • Avatar

        Yup you might be right (I do not agree with indiegogo being a gamble machine but for sake of conversation I will leave this for what it is) but IF no promises were made time after time by Jolla management this would be a different story, but they did.

        This is the issue, you can find it on YouTube by the CEO “the tablet will be late but you will get it! I guarantee it!”

        And so on and so on.
        So I have been tought that if you make a promise you have to keep it.

        Or be honest.
        Until this has been met I will be demanding my money back !

  50. Avatar

    Good news! I have an Xperia XA2 ready to run Sailfish OS. As it is my daily driver, will the official version that will be released in 2-3 weeks support all peripherals, like bluetooth, nfc and fingerprintsensor? Should I be prepared for some things not working (yet)?

    • Avatar

      There likely be some features that will gradually become available with upcoming updates to Sailfish 3.

  51. Avatar

    Hello everyone.

    I have been here “lurking in the shadows” and am eagerly waiting to be able to purchase my first ever Sailfish OS for my Xperia XA2. I have one question tho. I would really appreciate any info if I am able to purchase the earliest test version (I have notified my interest on test builds on my account settings) or am I forced to wait the official release of SFOS3?

    • Avatar


      You will be able to purchase the official image of the XA2 after the early access testing is done internally. Since we have not had the OS out yet for the XA2, we need to be sure that the very first release comes with a more-than-acceptable quality and a public early access will most likely not cut it, and will be quite risky.

  52. Avatar

    Just one question. Is there an update planned for the alien dalvik on Sailfish X? I’m asking this, because I have few apps I need that doesn’t run below android 5.

    • Avatar

      Officials from Jolla (Juhani@Jolla) have mentioned Android 8.1 Oreo being probably available on Sailfish X for the Xperia XA, but mentioned device-specific things preventing it on other devices.

      They haven’t elaborated much.

      (So no way for us to know if its missing updated kernel and updated hardware abstraction layer – which could be possibly achieved on the Xperia X, too.
      Or if it’s something different and buying a whole new phone is the only way around)

      I would be glad if some Jolla official could come and elaborate about this.

  53. Avatar

    Will Sailfish 3 offer improved camera performance? Maybe it’s better now than earlier but focus is still really not good, and this camera should have a lot better capabilities or…? My Blackberry passport is way better in details and its not depending on OIS. It’s the same even in very good light conditions. It is odd given the quite big sensor and the quite big aperture on the Xperia.

  54. Avatar

    After release of SFOS3, they / Jolla have to step out and give us all necessary information of everything. This is the onle way.

    • Avatar

      If not about everything, at least about Roswell. It’s incredible they’re not more open about this!

  55. Avatar

    Great news, very curious also about how the android support will be updated on the F5121. My bank app finally stopped supporting 4.4, and it’s the first time I haven’t been able to rely on my jolla to do everything.

    Fingers crossed it gets something 🙂

    • Avatar

      > very curious also about how the android support will be updated on the F5121 {…} Fingers crossed it gets something

      +1, me too.

      I hope that the Jolla devs will manage to get around the problems with device-specific stuff that Juhani@jolla mentioned they where having.

      I’m in the same situation as you, one of my banks’ 2FA apps is only 5 Lollipop and above. So also cheering for the devs to manage something.

      Go, Jolla devs! Go!

  56. Avatar


    • Avatar

      F5122 dual sim xperia x has its OWN ROM (just got it downloaded and installed a couple of weeks back on mine)

    • Avatar

      The site has




    • Avatar

      WE officially have support for F5121 and F5122 with 2 separate ROMs available on our shop.

  57. Avatar

    As my AquaFish is falling apart and the price for the Sony Xperia XA2 (dual sim) dropped to 219,- Euro on Amazon yesterday I decided to order one before they’re all gone.

    Now I’m just waiting for Sailfish 3 to get released. Any news on the release date or is there a community version available yet?

    • Avatar

      There is no community version available yet, and the release date will be announced a little bit later 😉

  58. Avatar

    Xperia XA2 Plus model is a valid option for many of us. As the hardware is very similar to the XA2 we as a community appreciate if this device is supported officially by Jolla. Waiting for an official announcement ..

    • Avatar

      Please stay tuned for more hardware news when we are closer to the launch! You won’t be disappointed 😉

  59. Avatar

    idk when i log on i see 2 files one for the f5122 and f5122 mabe reach out to jolla

  60. Avatar

    Hello. My Sony Xperia X just got delivered (my firts smart phone). Will it be able to run Sailfish 3? Is it worth to buy OS? Android apps support (i will need few of them)?

    • Avatar


      We advise you to ask your question at as there is a better chance of interaction with users and Jolla employees there.

  61. Avatar

    Hi Jolla,
    keep it going – heart and mind are at the right spot in this endeavour. In fact, given what you produce in your „small“ harbour compared to the giants out there, that is a statement!

    It is great to see you continue to progress overall and I am very excited about the third generation of Sailfish OS. It already works from day to day but honestly I had to solve some hiccups using workarounds (thanks to the community) to get there and still live with some.

    Nontheless, if you make it to finally to…

    1. …improve the camera picture quality to the level of the open camera app
    2. …make bluetooth syncing possible for smartwatches / smart devices levereging Android apps – as Alien Dalvik does not know what the Bluetooth stack is…
    3. …per OS allow/enable Android apps to read/write to the SD-Card (without doing all the stuff mentioned on

    …that would move Sailfish on another better next level.

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much for your feedback! All of your points are noted.

  62. Avatar

    @saniva sim lock free?
    Is it the F5121, activation of developer mode let’s u check if u can unlock the bootloader, if u can’t they it’s a no go for SFOS.
    But I’m not an expert.
    Goodluck and welcome sailor.

    • Avatar

      Yes and yes. When time comes, i hope i will manage install of the os.

  63. Avatar

    Any plans for supporting any affordable Sony models in the 149-199€ range.

  64. Avatar

    Go Jolla, Go Sail 3, Go Refund and bring back the trust!

    • Avatar

      Don’t you get tired of yourself?

  65. Avatar

    My biggest beef is most certainly with the email client. It’s a daily grief. And the Cal/CardDAV implementation…

  66. Avatar

    Don’t forget full utilization of the cam and integrated sip(voip),and NFC.

  67. Avatar

    Just read this, it’s a users review of the Xperia X after using it for a full year

    Hardware related:

    Sometimes (perhaps once a month) the device starts running hot and looking at Lighthouse’s (from Jolla store) CPU info I can see that one of the CPU cores (I believe it has been usually core 5/6) has gone to constant 100%. Reboot fixes this.

    Camera is a big update from Jolla1, but suffers from software issues, see below.

    Battery life has been Ok for my use; I recharge daily and returning from work I am usually at about 60-70%.

    Still unstable switching between wifi and 3G. Weather-app loses connectibility almost daily when moving between wifi and 3G. Also at work switching between AP’s (delivering the same ssid) fails and I need to re-enable wifi to get a working wifi connection.

    The audio out thrue headphones has heavy issues (noise and compression-like noises) and has forced me to use Bluetooth headphones.

    Bluetooth has improved, used to have weekly issues with headphones going mute and having to re-connect. Nowadays mostly stable.

    The fingerprint sensor was a welcomed addition, but so far I haven’t been able to use it daily. I can teach the fingerprint and it usually works for awhile but then I start getting more and more non-recognizitions on trying to unlock the screen and I usually just go back to using the lock code.

    Tap-to-wake doesn’t work, the workaround kinda works but somtimes fail. Would love to see this working officially again.

    More softwar-ish issues:

    YouTube in browser: can’t select resolution. Also sometimes theres is a graphical glitch that artefacts start showing up on the pull-down menus of the OS when you have a video playing in browser (minimized). I used to use YTPlayer in Jolla1 where it worked much better than in-browser but in Xperia it usually fails to load videos at all.

    Browser: occasional glitches, in current version switching between YouTube’s full-screen and normal view causes the normal screen showing a black screen. YouTube playback stops if another tab is opened. Menu system somewhat clunky.

    Sometimes the lock screen fails; the display comes up but the touchscreen won’t. Meaning I can’t unlock the screen. Usually fixes itself by repeatedly locking and unlocking the screen (and/or using the tip from these forums to cover up the proxmity sensor).

    In the current version it seems that the camera app will focus very well ONCE, but the following focusing attemps do not do well. If I restart the camera app it will again focus perfectly on the first try. This I really hope to be fixed in the future.

    Exchange support: started buggy (email often stopped syncing forcing to restart) but lately it has worked without problems.

    Phone app: ending call produces a network failure (+three-tone error beep), used to happen at almost all calls at first but in recent versions this has improved and now I see this very rarely.

    Location services: at the moment buggy, at least on my phone. All my photos are given the same (incorrect) coordinates and map apps give a false position. Running compas calibration did seem to help abit, but still it doesn’t appear to be working. Haven’t really used it, though.

    Android support; I use only a few, but generally the ones I have tried do work. Yle Areena works which is important for me for tv shows and at work I use Yammer.

    VPN support works nicely, big plus for me and my homelab 🙂

    Even being somewhat crude, I must admit that I like to be able to just have an SFTP connection to my phone and transfer files. Having used an iPhone and being forced to do eveything thrue iTunes I feel very much relieved how easily I can move files.

    Some of the issues I mentioned might already have work-arounds or better apps available, I haven’t done too much research. I would like to see the daily stuff being Sailfish apps as I usually keep the Android support off.

    After all complains, I must give me appreciation to the OS itself being pretty stable nowadays. I often get uptimes of several weeks and my record was 31 days of uptime after I installed the latest OS version.

    My favourite apps: Quickddit (reddit client), jBoy (Gameboy emulator), ownKeepass (Keepass-password store), Podcatcher (podcasts, somewhat unstable and would need updates) and Pan Transit (bus/tram stop tracking utility). Also big + for the ability to send gallery photos directly to Dropbox, I use it almost weekly.

    What I would like to see in the future:

    some OS-supported way to easily and reliably share notes between devices (macOS, W10 and Sailfish)
    bigger updates on the general look-and-feel (this appears to be coming with the version 3 soon), the late update of the Gallery apps functionality was in my opinion a very welcome one. Still the way the main background shows thrue the apps I find very nice and generally the menus work very smoothly.
    some form of roadmap or better estimates on future OS updates
    Xperias FM radio could be nice addition

    In general I would say that the first version of Sailfish X was perhaps a 6/10. Now at Nurmonjoki the main issues have improved and currently I would give it a 7+/10. There are still issues that appear at least weekly, not real show-stoppers though. I must admit being a very low-demanding on my phone as I have very little apps. Nowadays it’s still mostly phone, SMS, email, reddit and browser. At the moment the only reason I can think why I would replace my Xperia with Sailfish would be another Sailfish-supported phone with dual-sim 🙂

    I am hoping that the future of Sailfish and Jolla brings more improvements. I am having high expectations for the version 3 that should be here soon, yay! I would very much like the ecosystem to thrive and get more momentum in the pressure of the big players.

    • Avatar

      Let me tell my experience with XperiaX and Sailfish, although I am a low user too.
      The hardware of XperiaX: well made, nice design, only the buttons are at the wrong place. This means: involuntarily screenshots are made and the sound goes lower or even completely goes off when I pick the phone up and replace it. So I miss calls.
      When someone calls me at Telegram, the volume of the sound is very low, odd! I have an ipad and there the sound is normal with Telegram calls.
      I stopped with fingerprint. Not necessary for me.
      The camera shoots sharp pictures now, much sharper than Jolla 1, but the colours are not natural. Too much candy. Low light pictures turn out to be yellowish.To me this means I have to take my ipad with me for good pictures.
      The colours of the apps and the begin screens on Jolla 1 were deeper. For example dark blue is in XperiaX more turqoise and less deep blue.
      I don’t know is this is due to Sony or to Sailfish.
      Battery is ok. Sound is much louder than Jolla1 and I can finally hear the ringtone and listen to the radio app at home. It also works with hearphones, while managing volume on the device.
      I like the gestures and the interface of Sailfish is a pleasure to use. The OS is more stable than on Jolla 1. It works well for me. But on mobile network the browser is quite slow.
      With Meecast I have the same problem as BraapBraap. Every time I have to do a set up for my location, also at home. Formerly this was not necessary.
      YTplayer is ok. HereWeGo also works fine. Piepmatz is an allround Twitter client.
      Calendar is a pain, because CalDAV does not work. Mail is basic and syncing from Sailfish to other devices does happen except when I delete something on XperiaX.
      Android: some apps can be installed because APKpure offers older versions, other apps cannot be installed. Wire for example, and Qwant. Probably this will be solved with Sailfish 3?
      If you don’t use Dropbox or Onedrive, but something else, Stack in my case, there is no way to send a file or picture to it. Sometimes I use Telegram to transfer pictures. Transfers to Piepmatz, Tweetian or Tooter are not possible. I would love to see a share button! Also for files and articles.
      Overall Sailfish has improved and let’s hope that it will become even better soon.

      • Avatar

        my 2 cents for the purpose of a better alternative mobile os:
        I’m not a big fan of the xperia, but it was available hardware and so I ran with it.
        What is really annoying me is the browser. It freezes in every second attempt to opena page. And it doesn’t make a difference if it is in a new tab or if I’m switching let’s say from the bbc-page to the NYT. All that works after a freeze is to kill the process in lighthouse and being fast in reopening the browser and direct it to another page.
        For me as a news-junkie it’s also no necessery feature to get every peace of junk on twitter or any other platform that is part of an article. I want to decide of my own if there is an auto-run of these features. Listening to music is impossible if it is continuously interrupted by audio or video snibbets that take over my headphones.
        One last thing: And another annoying routine is that with every update I have to set my preferd ringtones again. Personalized settings should prevail.
        Might be a detail and in general I’m happy that there is an alternative to android and ios. But let’s say … I stay tuned ’cause I’m a patient guy.

  68. Avatar

    When do I get the last 50% of my Jolla Tablet back?

    • Avatar

      Alternatively I would take a Sony Xperia X preflashed with Sailfish OS.

    • Avatar

      To the wise guys who say “IGG is like a lottery”:

      Yes, BUT Jolla told us we get 100% of the money back. So, where is it?

  69. Avatar


    Sometimes things turn out unexpected. Is it the first time that happens to you? The first time ever someone with good intentions could not keep a promise

    Maybe the first time at all you did not get what you expected and crying just does not help?

    Man, get over it!

    • Avatar

      I wonder how much money these people pour into overpriced Amazon/Microsoft/Apple stuff without complaining. Then they come here because they lost a fraction of that total to Jolla and whine like there was no tomorrow.

      • Avatar

        I should say very ambivalent:

        Some people are asking for their money back.

        Some people,, are asking for more products (XA, SFOS smart watch etc.) to buy without any success. Thus willingly to give money to Jolla.

        I do not understand this situation anymore. I suppose this is not according to the original law of “demand & asking” in the theory of the economy. World is indeed changing all the time.

        • Avatar

          Maybe there should be a crowdfunding for all the crying guys, to support Jolla 😉

          • Avatar

            +1 Plus handkerchiefs for crowdfunders.

            And als comfortation service for those who would like to buy something but are not being able to do this. Thus win – win situation in every cases.

        • Avatar

          Law should be “demand & proposal”.

  70. Avatar

    > … by the end of October.

    I’m excited.

  71. Avatar


    Jolla Fanboy snide is strong here!

    Instead of making us look like the independent and free thinking users that Jolla would like to project, some of the above comments make it look like Jolla users are a bunch of d##ks

    • Avatar

      nah, don’t generalize. There are bigger and smaller d##ks around, like everywhere.

  72. Avatar

    Soooo, it’s the end of the month and we are still impatiently waiting for that ea, i do assume it will be released SOON? :p

  73. Avatar

    hence “some of the above comments”

  74. Avatar

    @Braap that includes ur comments 2. lol.

    On topic I. hope I can get my XA2 run with SFOS 3 asap , im patiently waiting , but getting tired of Andy.

    • Avatar

      …ahem, i meant above THIS comment! 😀

  75. Avatar

    Let James Noori comment on THIS!

  76. Avatar

    Fever is rising! Jolla… We are too excited!

    My mom says in such impatient waitings that “baggage is already shaking although train is not even moving yet” 🙂

    • Avatar

      Guuuuyyyys… Sailfish Lemmenjoki has arrivedddddddd!!!

  77. Avatar

    It’s the end of october, and I can’t wait to get back to using Sailfish OS. Actually bought an Xperia XA2 just for that.

  78. Avatar

    Has any native SIP or IAX client been introduced in version 3.0? It was, most importantly, the lack of any applications like this that made me switch back from the previous releases of the Sailfish OS to Android 🙁

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