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Sailfish OS 2.0 now available for the Jolla smartphone!

I’m sure many Sailfish OS users have been waiting a lot for this – no need to wait anymore! Today we released the software update, which updates your Jolla phone with the new and refreshed Sailfish OS 2.0 user interface. It was first released to our early access user group about a week ago, and now it is available to all Sailfish OS users.

Along with the simplified and beautiful new UI comes many fresh and enhanced features – this is for sure the biggest Sailfish OS software update so far! And the other big thing for Sailfish OS 2.0 is that it now supports both smartphones and tablets, as the first Jolla Tablets powered by Sailfish OS 2.0 are almost ready to be shipped. In the ‘what’s new’ section below you can also see a few tablet specific features, which we’ve prepared to complement the bigger screen size.   

People powered OS

Sailfish OS has always been a people powered platform. While maturing to Sailfish OS 2.0 we’ve listened closely to user feedback through customer polls and, and worked together with our community to build the best user experience possible. The key objectives for this update are to ease and simplify the first time experience and to improve the overall quality of the OS. Of course we also aim to take the user experience of all users to a whole new level.

Enhancing the flow with a new carousel view

The most notable change is the new and refreshed Sailfish OS 2.0 user interface, which introduces a new and simple mental model of core views, enhancing the flow of the OS dramatically.

You can simply swipe left or right between Home and Events, like in a carousel. The App Grid is quickly accessible from anywhere in the UI just by swiping over the bottom edge – you don’t need to go to the Home screen if you want to open a new app. 

Events is now richer and smarter by comprising a weather widget with an option to display five-day weather forecast, a calendar widget, as well as grouped and enhanced notification handling. Now you are able to see and do more with your notifications directly in Events, whether they are from native apps or Android apps.

We also added a lot of other enhancements like redesigned App covers for Gallery, Notes, and Camera apps, added many new animations, and made improvements for existing apps like Jolla Store, Calendar, Camera. Just to mention a few.

More personalization

There are now even more options enabling you to personalize the phone according to your needs. One example is defining the behavior of the top edge swipe gesture: you can choose to keep it as an ambience switcher or change it to close apps directly with one top swipe (like before).

And be sure to check out the cool new ambiences picked from our Jolla ambience photo campaign!

What’s new in this update?

New User Interface:

  • Home is now a carousel. Swipe to cycle between Home and Events
  • App Grid can be accessed from anywhere in the OS (even from inside an app) by swiping up from the bottom edge
  • Swipe down from the top edge of the screen to open Top menu with lock action and ambiences. The currently active ambience is marked with an indicator. You can change it to close apps directly with one top swipe.
  • Tutorial app has been updated to introduce the new navigation of the user interface
  • Refreshed visual style in Home, buttons, pulley menus, time picker, volume bar and remorse timer
  • Refreshed layouts for Calendar, Jolla Store, Clock, Email and Camera apps
  • Refreshed active App Covers for Gallery, Jolla Store, Settings, Notes and Camera apps


  • Events is now richer and configurable via Settings > System > Events
  • Notifications in the Events are now shown by grouping them based on type 
  • New gesture option enables quick Events view access with a left swipe, activate it in Settings > System > Gestures
  • New Calendar widget displays your upcoming events directly in the Events view
  • Redesigned Weather widget shows five-day forecast information – tap on the widget to view it and remember to set your location in the Weather app
  • Jolla Tablet: now you can pick your favorite settings shortcuts to be shown in the Events view
  • Jolla Tablet: perform your favorite actions directly from the Events view. E.g. connecting to internet, search the web, find your location, take a photo, make a note or add a reminder


  • Records video clips in H.264 format now

Android apps:

  • Android apps now use the “Chat” system tone for notifications, and alert with vibration and notification LED
  • Android app notifications now wake up the display

Other improvements/features:

  • Jolla Tablet: three finger volume control gesture enabled – hold three fingers on the screen and slide one of the fingers to adjust volume
  • Support for US English language in the OS
  • Support for Lohit Devanagari font (Indian fonts)
  • New ambiences based on the selections from the Jolla ambience photo campaign with Jolla tones set as default actions
  • Notes can now be shared as text files
  • Media controls on lock screen for native Media app

The next OS upgrade will include further improvements to the Sailfish OS user experience, and it will complete the transition to Sailfish OS 2.0. At that point the software version numbering will also jump to 2.0.

Read more details about this and the next update here.

We hope you love the new user experience! Have fun with it! 

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,



Head of Communications for Jolla. International PR & Communications professional. Music enthusiast. Guitarist and band leader in several bands.


  1. Avatar

    I’m slightly confused now… I have pretty awesome ambience picture on my phone (been there quite long time) and it’s that suggested ambient image size (540×1600 pixels)… In Sailfish 2.0, that image becomes pretty much useless now if there are no longer need for tall images like that… Is this just kinda “oh well” style thing you can’t do anything about?

    • Avatar

      I’m also missing the old ambience photo features. Most of mine are now useless too. Possibly a better UI for a tablet, but I don’t see the new features as better for the phone.

    • Avatar

      What happened to The Jolla Ambience Photo Campaign?

      • Avatar

        Hi cernjol, you can see the selection of photos from the campaign as new ambiences when you update to this release!

  2. Avatar

    Will 2.0 have USB modem support? Am I the only one missing this feature? I would have thought it be important in Indian market?

    • Avatar

      It is on the roadmap for august but not yet implemented: *Enable USB tethering in the UI

    • Avatar

      Huh? I can use my as USB Modem already.

      Only downside is that there is no option in the GUI to do that (you need to do it using SSH)

      • Avatar

        If the support was mature enough, we’d have had UI option for long time. Using SSH to enable USB modem feature is just not cutting it. This is BASIC feature that phones have had for over a decade.

    • Avatar

      In developer-mode terminal run: “pkcon install usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config”. In older releases the package adds a new choice to dialog for USB connect mode. I haven’t tested it with

      • Avatar

        It does not work for me. I get an error saying that the package ‘usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config-0.82-1.17.2.armv7hl.rpm’ is not found on medium ‘’

    • Avatar

      Somebody on had this feature completed in 1.9.28. Great news IF true!

    • Avatar

      Works for me very well including UI (you can chose USB-Modem when you plug in the USB-cable).

      In case it doesn’t work, search for “USB-Tethering” on Together.Jolla – there you find answers in the comments 🙂

      • Avatar

        Searching with “USB-Tethering” I get 0 results. In I have no USB-modem UI option. Maybe feature not included in public release after all?

        • Avatar

          Finally manage to make it work:
          1) Enable developer mode
          2) Enable SSH remote login
          3) Generate and do not change SSH main user password
          4) Open terminal and change to root “devel-su” and give the generated password
          5) In terminal run “pkcon install usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config”
          6) Reboot phone
          7) Plugin USB and you should see USB mode option

  3. Avatar

    Great job guys!! keep rocking =)

  4. Avatar

    Sweet! First impressions are great.

  5. Avatar

    Wow !! Thanks 🙂 🙂 … will have a look soon !

    • Avatar

      I’d prefer a quick one-swipe-lock instead of confirming once again to lock. Choosing ambiances was great by going to the gallery or by swapping the other half ….
      I appreciate directness in daily use. Your OS ( still ) is very smooth & agile so you don’t need to spoil it by making it sort of “extra animated” in secondary details. I’d prefer advanced note-taking with formatting, search functionality, etc. on a minimum level of comfort comparable to the late N900. Or calendar improvements instead of a competing weather app.
      The OS / Apps should support fast workflows and charm with good functionality.

      Leaving more feedback on ….

        • Avatar

          …. but will not work on the phone at least …

          • Avatar

            Yes, it works. You just have to install the patch, enable it in the settings. Restart your phone.

            • Avatar

              … well no matter what I tried, either rebooting, disabling Android services or choosing different patch releases it’ll deliver a “Problem with installing” message – I haven’t got the time yet to dig any deeper …

    • Avatar

      … I fancy the quick access to the app grid though -compliments for that ! 🙂

    • Avatar

      …. after having given the latest design some days of a chance some more feedback :

      ↑ POSITIVE
      • general UI feels “enhanced” – you get the impression there is potential / you could do more & more fluently with Sailfish – congratulations to this !
      • introduction of the “carousel” …. potentials !! 🙂
      • introduction of “show more …”-buttons to keep the Event view straightforward
      • more beautiful ambiences to choos from 🙂

      → SO-SO
      • the typically pure & elegant jolla style got compromised by the introduction of those ( idiot-proof ? ) button-fields …
      • jolla-style clarity: Ringtone volume shows percentages. Make it fade after settings or consequently show values asside any slider. The same goes for the OS-download-progress and the visualization of the remorse timer. Structure all or none. The continuous remorse timer seemed to be more elegant than the “ticking” one …
      • Note-App’s txt export ( instead of vnt ) not a real advantage & substitute for a bit of a minimum comfort of XML-based formatting options …
      • I think ambience-definitions still ( also ) belong to the media gallery. I miss them there. It seemed to be a logical place before.


      ▪ Lockscreen
      • 3+ defineable world time clocks
      • weather forecast could be very informational on lockscreen as well
      • Direct control of active clock-app timers
      • Resuming Maps-Navigation

      ▪ Ergonomics
      → “Direct Achievement”:
      • Device lock: implement as a pulley – i.e. if pulling and releasing the lock ( first option), the device will lock and not require another confirmation. If pulling and releasing an ambience the ambience will become changed and the current user session will be resume instead of jumping into Home.
      • Event view: better a direct pulley – e.g. to directly clear all / select-clear / order by time
      • “Snappy” app-grid: it can be very handy, to lock some rows of the app-grid on homescreen. So it should be possible, to pull up and snap the app-grid to some extent and to have it snapped into the desired position. Within the snapped grid it should be possible to continue scrolling through the grid though. The “snappy grid” could be disabled in Settings if not desired.
      • The “carousel” should become user-expandable in medium term – e.g. for a collection of speed-dial bookmark definitions or a list of the latest downloads or remote desktop sessions, etc.
      • Flashing up twice the current choice from a pulley-menu brings comes with pointless delays to your current session. Just execute the choice ( by vibration if you wish to implement some feedback ).

      → “Single-handed Usability”
      • After waking the phone by double-tap ( usually by thumb ) – why not just double-tap again for Home view – without changing the “flow direction” of interaction ?
      • Why not keeping the last used app / action “hot” – i.e. resumable ? Could be very useful for current note-taking, unfinished email-replies, document reviewing, ebook-reading if it were possible to directly resume activity after waking up / unlocking the device from pausing. Maybe accessible by the “carousel” ?

      ↘ expected / missing functionality
      • general search functions on email home ( searching through all accounts )
      • search function IM / SMS
      • calendar still not offering an rudimentary calendar management comfort such as handling & consolidation of multiple calendars …
      • intelligent adaptability of input-dictionary to a currently presumably used language ( e.g. after a definable 5-10 word or so … )
      • upon shifting the onscreen keyboards language settings, the dictionary should automatically adapt as well – even if current word has not been completed typing yet 😉 …
      • the Japanese keyboard – even though not “jolla-official” – is not available for the browser’s “search or enter address”-field or for searching emails ( but for note-taking, writing emails, IM, SMS, googling, etc . instead ) Don’t know if the same goes for other input languages
      • unlocked picture zoom beyond 100% or possibility to fit undersized images ( e.g. QR-Codes ) to fullscreen

      Thanks again for providing your community with the pre-release for comment & feedback 🙂 … Eagerly awaiting the tablet now 😉 !!

  6. Avatar

    I not sure how many people will agree this with me, but I really wish that they keep the app drawer at the bottom of “main page”.

    • Avatar

      +1, maybe as an opt in/out like with topswipe?!

    • Avatar

      Maybe the app drawer at bottom line had to vanish, because the space of the home screen was needed for the permanent indication of battery-level, time an network-type an Level at the top of the homescreen. With nine minimized apps the space in the bottom gets hardly enough for the app drawer.
      For my side, I don’t need permanent indication of battery etc. I like the tidy way of Sailfish 1. It’s no problem to make a little swipe to get this information. It was part of the unique look of Sailfish OS. In this point I definitly need the app drawer more and it looks quite more focussed on the most relevant part of an OS: the usability

  7. Avatar

    Feels like a new phone. I even think it’s *faster* now. 😆 Hot stuff!

    • Avatar

      That’s my feeling too. Good job! Thanks!
      I still hope to receive my my tablet before Christmas …..

  8. Avatar

    Everything works fine and looks great.

    I’m sure this will be awesome in Jolla Tablet 🙂 🙂

  9. Avatar

    Thank you for the blog post. I think I will pass ob Sail 2.0 for now. I want my jolla cleab so I can judge your code an blane you for all the bugs 😉

    • Avatar

      Appears they can still post then. Just not the subject we (well a good few of us anyway) are really waiting for.

      • Avatar

        yep, thought today was D-Day but apparently not.

        • Avatar

          It is , Delay day .

  10. Avatar

    Nice, but are there any news regarding TABLET…?

  11. Avatar

    Everything looks great with 2.0. Two things hassle the experience:

    1. loading apps is painfully slow
    2. e-mail client really sucks at working with imap folders – no favorites for quick access, no automatic subfolder check, ridiculously slow no-visible-progress mailbox sync etc

    I still don’t understand is GPS location detection supposed to work over WIFI.

  12. Avatar

    Not able to close apps by swiping down from top?

    • Avatar

      Hi osakaripottu. Yes you can, you can choose to enable this feature through settings => system => gestures.

  13. Avatar

    … booting 2.0 … so happy and hope the tablet is in my hands soon (very soon)

  14. Avatar

    Where did Twitter feed / go to Facebook go?

    • Avatar

      The release notes say:
      “Feeds support for Facebook and Twitter accounts are temporarily unavailable (will be re-introduced in the next release)”

  15. Avatar

    … my first post with 2.0
    … and it was – in my opinion – the best OS before … but now it is “definitely” the best.
    It has never been that easy to navigate on any mobile before.
    I’m simply happy!

  16. Avatar

    Maybe jolla cancelled their tabletter becouse they saw the new huge 12.9 inch iPad Pro…

    • Avatar

      Well, I guess you’re watching the Apple event too, eh, Dave? 😉

      • Avatar

        Yeah, love new tech releases 😀

        • Avatar

          OMG, Steve Jobs is truly gone. Apple has come out with a *stylus*! And an amazing one too — they’ve got position, pressure, and angle sensors built in to the thing. FINALLY, an iOS device could be used for actual content creation!

          Anyway, just had to say that. Been waiting for mobile devices you can actually use for decent content creation, rather than just for watching movies. (Jolla’s had the only contender so far, being that you can actually run real software on the thing. 🙂 )

          • Avatar

            Yes , the reason I was so excited about this tablet , something you could use instead of just consuming whats out there .

    • Avatar

      Don’t give them another excuse to delay/upgrade the tablet !

  17. Avatar

    I see that Jolla PR is still ignoring my question, and question of many Jolla contributors. What is with Tablets? When they will be released for God sake?

    • Avatar

      Well, the best information is still on the indiegogo page.

      “We aim to start shipping Tablets from this round by the end of October 2015. “.. and by reading the blog I’ve come to conclusion that this is more or less correct.. If you need a specific date, you’re out of luck as the rest of us mate! : )

      • Avatar

        I have also noticed that, but I hope that indiegogo guys are just jerking us with this information. Why not in year 2025, this is good year for delivery, no?
        Jolla managers should really start taking this seriously. It’s just not funny anymore.

    • Avatar

      It might have something to do with this being a blog post regarding something completely different….

      There was a post on the tablet 6 days prior to this one…. Calm down.

    • Avatar

      Hi prometheus. Apologies if we missed to answer your question – there’s so many of them, and we’re doing our best to handle all of them.

      I can assure you that we’re doing everything we can to have the first tablets shipped asap, and also to communicate about it. We are not hiding or keeping information to ourselves, that you can be sure about! As soon as we have confirmation of factual dates, we will let all of you know. Should not take long.

      • Avatar

        JuhaniLassila, thanks.

      • Avatar

        Thank you. We are waiting impatiently.

      • Avatar

        Hi JuhaniLassila, last time (on 14th of September) you said should not take long to give us the information regarding tablets, but now is 5th of October and still no information about shipment details. You set post about shipping small quantity of tablets to backers but according to many who backed in 19th of November 2014, they haven’t received any invitation. I can only imagine when will the rest of us gonna get it who backed in 2015. (I have contributed on 30th of January 2015) still have no idea when I can expect the tablet. According to lot of people, we lost our enthusiasm due to Jolla notorious “silence” treatment and not delivering what they’ve promised. Any comment on that?

  18. Avatar

    Updated too! In my opinion there are many positive aspects of the new interface! Thank you very much!

  19. Avatar

    Am waiting for my mysterious tablet to arrive, to say Am never EVER, buying a product from Jolla again! They treat there contributors and customers like shit! I’d buy apple products before even considering Jolla again! There there.

    • Avatar

      I’am sorry solo_man, but we should try to calm our minds. It’s a tablet we we are awaiting to arrive.No medicine or other stuff… Communication could have been better, i.e. more precise or realistic. For now as said to the public Sailfish OS 2.0 is in the pipeline, next step is the tablet. Juhani mentioned this in his blog, too:

      “…as the first Jolla Tablets powered by Sailfish OS 2.0 are almost ready to be shipped.”

      • Avatar

        Yes, “almost”, “soon” are the keywords that are frequently used in Jolla communication. No ETA, no prediction of when will approximately be available, nothing. And I am exaggerating things? Please.

        • Avatar

          Yes, you are exaggerating things. I am very unhappy with the almost 4 months delay too, especially because not only the hardware is late, but the software is late too. And actually i did expect 1-2 months delay back in Nov. And btw my wife is now asking/nagging me almost daily when her new tablet will arrive…
          Yet, we now finally have the early access version of Sailfish 2.0. And the production of the final hardware has started this week as far as we were told. So i would expect 1-2 weeks before the inital SF 2.0 software is ready and will be put onto the first tablets. And at that time i also expect first shipments…

        • Avatar

          I don’t know what your day job is, but you must understand that a company the size of Jolla has almost no power over hardware schedules and delivery (from factory to them), and the fact that a small team like theirs can release a competitive OS at all is nothing short of amazing. It’s not as if they can suddenly hire a few hundred more people to handle your tablet, especially for the price you paid for it.

          I’m not saying this as a “fan” but as someone who knows how hard it is to ship software with tight deadlines and too few hands on deck. Give them a break. It’s a tablet, not an ambulance.

  20. Avatar

    Can’t tweet / post to facebook from notifications anymore? Big shame, really enjoyed that, especially being able to post to both (and even two Twitter accounts) at same time. Really hope that is brought back…

      • Avatar

        I really hope so, Tweetian is nice but being able to tweet directly from the Sailfish OS (to multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook at the same time) was a really nice unique feature…

  21. Avatar

    I also will miss the way you used to be able to scroll down from home screen back to lock screen. The screen would them quickly time out and be locked. Only way for me to lock now is by pressing the power button? Much less elegant…

    • Avatar

      I think you can still do that, scroll down from home screen, select the lock in the “pulley” menu…

      • Avatar

        Whoops, yes they do, good call. Have to do it two handed as have to touch top-edge of screen but at least you still can do it…

        • Avatar

          Pull down “buttons” ;(
          Please give our real pulley back!

  22. Avatar

    Thanks all developers and testers, it’s much better in look and feel than I expected based on what I saw on MWC videos. Also great to have options on gestures, and I hope we will see the same about action covers.

    By the way, there is nothing told about Partner Space, but I have ToonsTV when I enable the Stella Angry Bird ambience.

  23. Avatar

    a) I cannot understand why from the lock screen I have to swipe left or right to access the lock keyboard. It feels more natural and easier to swipe/scroll screen up than sideways.

    b) I would prefer the old style of indicating/highlighting menu bars with the faded bar, instead of a solid line at the top of the screen.

    c) Swipe from top of the screen and tap to lock is not that practical, what about flick from top of the screen to lock, while swipe and pause to access ambience menu.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree about the lock mechanism…

      • Avatar

        totally agree also
        and I would like to get back old ambiences please

    • Avatar

      +1 for b
      +1024 for c

    • Avatar

      +1 for b)

    • Avatar

      I agree with all of these. About (c), I think the problem is that there are too many ambiances to make it a pulley menu, so they had to compromise and use tapping. I guess they’re still experimenting with the GUI to see what works best.

  24. Avatar

    Works great. It feels like having a new phone, really. Thanks a lot.

  25. Avatar

    I must say that I am totally impressed! I was a bit worried about the upcoming changes, because I liked Sailfish (1.x) from day one.

    Everything went smoothly with the update process and I like new UI. Of course, there are things that could be better, but during these years, updates have always brought more and more features and improvements to Sailfish. Same thing will happen with 2.0.

    I also believe, that this new UI is much easier to get used to for all those new sailors.

    Keep up your great work! I can’t wait to get my hands on Jolla Tablet…

  26. Avatar

    Awesome, impressed … it’s getting better and better. Keep up the good work!

  27. Avatar

    Deeply impressed! As a matter of personal taste, I prefer the horizontal layout of home / events views vs the vertical which required more finger travel on the screen.

    The depth effect which brings the app grid & the current app on top of the app cards in home view reminisces the amazing N9 UI… only even better.

    The new UI is really swift & smooth. The softer texture of the ambience background image and the flatter UI makes everything more calm, minimal and easier on the eye.

    Great job! Can’t wait for more!

  28. Avatar

    just installed 2.0 and really like it!
    – installation without problems
    – very beautiful UI (!!)
    – improved keyboard
    – nice and meaningful layer messages

    you guys did a great job!
    looking forward even more now to get my tablet 🙂

  29. Avatar

    Great work Jolla – again. I’m very impressed. You guys rock!

  30. Avatar

    I I love it, but I hate one detail.

    When there no apps running, touching the home screen with one finger brings up the bottom 4 apps in a Little drawer, that persists until you touch something else, this is great. But it only works if there are no other apps running? If there is an app running, touching the home screen does nothing? It’s almost like a bug because if you slide up the app drawer, with running apps, the running apps get a little smaller to accommodate the drawer, or rather they recede into the background. I think the action of opening that first four apps with a single touch should happen regardless of what apps are running and cause running apps to minimise a little. It’s such a useful feature to have the phone app just a touch away, instead of sliding and having it at the top left corner, the least accessible corner of the screen. Moving the app to somewhere more accessible when the app drawer is fully opened means it won’t be in that mini top four app drawer that comes up when a single touch happens and no apps are running.

    Does any of this make sense?

    • Avatar

      Yep. I also love the upgrade, and I also agree with your point. It is one of the first things I noticed, introducing a slight inconsistency in an otherwise great upgrade. It would really be better if the 4 quick apps were available even when apps a running !

    • Avatar

      I think they could make that app list to lock after the first row of the icons. That way you could pull just a little bit and get the four icons easily accessible under your thumb or pull more and get the whole list.

      I think that now the first four icons are hard to reach easily as they are at the top of the screen. That is quite the opposite to how it worked before as those were the easiest icons to access.

    • Avatar

      I think the same deveria is like a tap on the bottom and open the quick access to the type application required meego when he was locked something similar, because the option to call or send a sms is something that is needed as quickly as possible

    • Avatar

      App grid: Wrong. App grid close automaticly after some time, couple seconds.

  31. Avatar

    Really don’t like it :(. Especially:

    * animated lockscreen (slow / laggy)
    * pulldown ambiance menu (visually jarring, lost functionality)
    * trading the live system tile for status bar

    Sailfish’s strengths are it’s uniqueness and lean functionality; I was jamming on the 1.x version faster than most people where able to track. 2.x looks more like Android, and traded “pretty” for functionality (=Apple). The delay’s between animations are really annoying.

    The 2.x items I really welcome are the event screen and sound support for android apps. I’m ambivalent on the carousel.

    If I reset the phone, can I upgrade it again to the latest 1.x version?

    • Avatar

      sailfish really is returning to its meego, natuara clear roots and evolution of it, that means sailfish 2.0

      • Avatar

        Not really. My N9 running Meego doesn’t have any of the annoying / unnecessary animations that are all over SF2. The carousel screen layout is closer to Meego, but it’s not really a big deal one way or the other IMO.

        If anything, the more flashy/clunky visual elements of SF2 remind me more of the iPhone. This stuff is pretty the first time, and slows you down the next one thousand times.

        I know everyone at Jolla worked super hard to put this together, but I have to say it feels like their following (Apple / Android) instead of leading. SF1 is awesome because it is different, thus making it a true alternative.

  32. Avatar

    Heard that Marc Dillon is leaving Jolla, he is like a Steve Jobs of Jolla 🙁

  33. Avatar

    Mainly UI changes?! What’s with Apps improvements? For example directories for the gallery app, more supported files for BT, better IMAP support (Abonnements), more format options for the note app, better countdown (e.g. 1m 30sek), local calendar support and so on.

  34. Avatar

    Didn’t jolla say that a release info blog post should appear last week?

    • Avatar

      No, they are not respecting any of the so called “time line” that they’ve presented so far….

        • Avatar

          No, just unprofessional behavior. All the dates that they’ve written on blog are not respected. They supposed to release information regarding tablet shipment last week, and still there is no news.

          • Avatar

            @prometheus btw, my impatient one: Today, for the first time since the beginning of the campaign, they really let a deadline pass without giving any information on a new schedule. Now would be the time to start complaining, young padawan. Not months ago. All the bad feelings you let into your life… for nothing. Energy you’re missing now that the true combat has begun. 😆

            • Avatar

              @ossi1967 I agree. Backing a campaign like this, I don’t expect things to go smooth form the start off and in complex projects like this I expect delays – specially if done by small companies like Jolla.
              However, as you said, now actually would be the time to get nervous…

            • Avatar

              Don’t worry. I think the blog post will arrive on Monday, shipment on Thursday and jolla steps up and cover the tax plus adding a free jolla t-shirt and the delay will be forgotten. kumbaya

              • Avatar

                And of course, for each one of us, one beautiful blond Swedish girl, and we will bury the hatchet.

            • Avatar

              Either you are a time traveler or your time is passing really slowly. “for the first time they let a deadline pass…”. And I thought my jokes are bad…

  35. Avatar

    How do you get the analog clock view on the running apps view?
    I have digital version and would like to change it.

  36. Avatar

    Some (minor) observations:
    – Email notification does not disappear from Events if you check your mail via email icon
    – Cannot see any modification with clock, was there supposed to be?
    – Tweets don’t appear in Events as notifications any more

    But in general outstanding work Jolla! Like a new phone.

  37. Avatar

    Feels like a new phone. But still no copy and paste in native apps. Have they ever try too reach the last post of this blog with Jolla browser? Jolla weather app still can’t find my hometown. Please more good native apps. I would like to kick android from my phone.

  38. Avatar

    Thank God, I received my OnePlus2. Will be at least distracted for a while.
    Maybe Jolla will surprise us with a LTE module onboard to compensate for the delay.

    • Avatar

      Good for you. Always great with new tech. Yeah, jolla should indeed give us LTE, free beer or simular they had all the time to fix it. will see what they will come up with.

  39. Avatar

    For the loyalty you’ll get Jolla stickers… 😀

    • Avatar

      Might be the missing stickers that is delaying the shipment.

      • Avatar

        No, actually it is the t-shirt that they are printing in Hong Kong for me and you, but look like Chinese are out of a rubber, to make front side print… 😀

  40. Avatar

    I like it. But I have noticed something about the app grid background color, why it’s in black; why it’s not in matching with the ambiance color to have it so harmonious with the home screen as the current event screen is on now.

  41. Avatar

    please make it another option for apps view, I would like to have application view on the right side next to home view. just like N9

  42. Avatar

    TABLET WEEK! Hope to see a mail from jolla any second now. This tablet will be Awesome!

      • Avatar

        The Hype is on!

    • Avatar

      Me too. I’m wait message every day, but nothing in email and nothing here … This great …

  43. Avatar

    I have updated 2/3 of my phones to Einehenlampi. I must be senile as it feels like I need to learn the handling of the phone again.

    I actually first updated only my private phone, but quickly run into problems when I switched from one phone to the other as I was always touching them incorrectly: i.e. Using 2.0 getures on 1.0 version and vice versa. Nearly drove me mad. So I upgraded the other one too. I was getting really pissed of until I found the setting to close application by swiping down. Thank you for remembering that.

    Actually what I mis most is native versions of some of the applications. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with the phone.

  44. Avatar

    We would like to be pretty happy with tablet, but there are no news regarding shipping schedule…

  45. Avatar

    Seriously guys, if there is a delay make a blog post about it, it’s not that big deal if there are complications, but saying that there will be a blog post in the next days and then not making one is far more worse then just saying that there will be a delay.

    • Avatar

      100% agree. Just checked my Indiego account and realised i paid the tablet first day of the campaign on 15.11.2014. So tomorrow is my little “anniversaire” 😉 Wouldn’t hurt to get an update soon. Very soon….Even if you tell us there is another delay of 1 or 2 weeks. Just inform your loyal community

      Hendrik (Jolla Phone owner Tablet prepayer)

  46. Avatar

    What will come first iPad Pro or Jolla Tablet?

    • Avatar

      iPad Pro 2 i guess

      • Avatar

        My bet is jolla tablet. But I starting to doubt jollas ability to manage to get the TabLates in the hands of customers before October.

  47. Avatar

    No conversation on twitter either regarding tablets…

  48. Avatar

    Dear Jollateam! I am a fan of your product(s) and satisfied with the phone. But this long delay of the tablet is the worst thing that could happen. The hardware-development must improve, there should not be a delay anymore. I hope you can deliver information about the tablet shipping soon and keep on sailing!

  49. Avatar

    hi , May i know when i will get my jolla tablets. its almost 10 month over i paid for the jolla tablets. Every time i saw you false commitments to deliver this product but at the end what we are getting is another excuse or a new time line. Seriously i am now regretting on myself why i order a tab to you guys.. 🙁

  50. Avatar

    ARRRRRRG. No tablet today? Ok. There is always tomorrow 😀

    • Avatar

      funny fact: tommorow is a new tommorow left 🙂

        • Avatar

          Maybe jolla smuggle the tablet worldWide right now to give it to users TaxFree…

  51. Avatar

    where are Copernicus and ossi1967 to comment how Jolla is fulfilling every community requests, and how they are not late with news and shipping dates…

    • Avatar

      @prometheus what happened between Saturday and today that made you forget my statement? What I said still stands: This time, their late without giving a reason. There’s no need to repeat it twice a day like a spoiled 7 year old girl and spam this forum.

    • Avatar

      Aha, I guess I’ve been called out by name. But yeah, I’m with ossi1967 on this one; this is the very first time, since the tablet project started, that Jolla has let a deadline slip _without_ making a public statement that the deadline would slip. I am indeed worried about that fact; my guess is that something significant has occurred, and they’re scrambling to pick up the pieces and get things back on track.

      I look at it this way: if there’d been another minor slip-up (such as another logistics snafu) they’d have said so, and that everything would be delayed one more week. If there had been a catastrophic failure (something in the hardware that hadn’t been caught before, causing the entire design to be flawed) they would have already made a statement somewhere, and started the process of refunds (or at the very least, they would have immediately stopped selling more tablet pre-orders in the store).

      What we’ve got instead is some significant issue that Jolla believes it can handle in a fairly short period of time, but they don’t yet know _exactly_ how long that will take. Could be a minor hardware glitch, could be a factory issue, could be the continuing Chinese economic meltdown. I’d love to see some sort of update from Jolla, but if it’s an issue involving their subcontractors, they may be under some sort of NDA about all of it. 🙁

      In any case, Jolla seems to be soldiering on for now, so I’m willing to continue the ride and see where it leads…

        • Avatar

          @pakman it would be better if they wouldn’t be saying anything. What’s really bizarre is how they do publish tweets about their new tablet campaign on twitter, saying something like: “Hey, or communication department is up and running, it’s not that we don’t have time or ressources to publish further information. Got it?” That’s mildly irritating, I’d say. 😆

          • Avatar

            It would be enough if they would just say that there is a other delay for the reason xyz.
            Fine, no problem, but saying that there will an update in the next days and then staying quiet about it is just ridiculous.
            For what do they have a communication department then?

  52. Avatar

    The worst part is, freaking Indiegogo website has more information than those managers from Jolla. Perhaps it is time for you all to change your carrier and switch to something that doesn’t require to be done “in time”. Quote: “Estimated delivery: November 2015
    Ships to Many Locations”.

    November?!?!?, this is actually whole year after it is originally planned.

    • Avatar

      @prometheus delivery was planned for Nov 2014? Now that’s way off even by your standards…

      • Avatar

        announced ossi1967, “announced”…

        • Avatar

          @prometheus I can only reply to what you write, not to what you think.

          • Avatar

            Especially if he writes before thinking 😀

    • Avatar

      There is no new information on Indiegogo. Since Jolla reopened the Indiegogo campaign and opened the tablet pre-order shop both state for NEW buyers/contributers: “shipping in the end of October”. Add “5-7 business days” for the shipment/delivery and you get an “estimated delivery: November 2015”.

  53. Avatar

    Guys, It is whensday! Good things always comes on Wednesday. Proper your self for a tablet update today.

    • Avatar

      In Jolla every day is WHENsday… 😀

  54. Avatar

    This is an awesome OS, Jolla. Excellent job!

  55. Avatar

    I’m now nearly a week on the new OS and quite happy.

    … and for sure I can’t wait to get my tablet (very first sailor) but I’m sure they do everything to fix possible problems (I don’t know if there are some). It is also very common not to answer “you are so bad comments” and “where is my tablet questions”, because this makes things worse.

    Maybe some forgot that the initial intention for the campaign was to help a company start with a product. We are all backers and should be proud seeing Jolla release their second (and hopefully not last -> only licensing software) product. Maybe there is a chance to do something like Google with the Nexus devices.

    I know that some of you don’t want to hear words like that … but please don’t blame me for writing 😉

    • Avatar

      Yes, you are correct, we have been happy backers until we found that Jolla is not communication with their followers. Leaving us in the blank is simply not professional. I also can understand that employing Murphy can happen to any company, but if it happens often that people loose faith. Honestly I am quite fed up of it, because they are presenting “cool” and smooth OS, and lot of us who contribute for this to happen are without gadgets to see their effort. The silence is really irritating and they practice it, a lot…

  56. Avatar

    Wow, reading the comments from twitter, many more people are pissed because of their behavior. Tablet is not released. There are no information, ETA, nothing. Actually I truly doubt that any of them will buy Jolla again, and many more that reads those comment, are skeptical about buying the items since Jolla is not delivering them… Way to go Jolla.

  57. Avatar

    @jolla.ok…tablet delay: Days,weeks or months?

  58. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing, but this still doesn’t give us the shipping date., And as I mentioned before, lot of users are pissed regarding it. Please see for your self on twitter

  59. Avatar

    @Jolla.. You guys said September.. Did you mean 2015 or 2016?

  60. Avatar

    Obviously something has gone wrong with the production or shipment preparations for the tablet. Or perhaps the software needs a final touch. Whatever the reason is a info would be nice.

    Imagine if Jolla would have been listed on stock, let say in NY… what would happened after such a long silence?

    • Avatar

      “Imagine if Jolla would have been listed on stock, let say in NY… what would happened after such a long silence?”

      Ah, slightly off-topic here, but this is the main tradeoff between public and private corporations. Going public means you gain access to vast amounts of cash from public investors, but it also means you’re subject to the whims of the mob. If they decide they no longer like you, they can tank your business, regardless of whether you are doing well or not.

      This is why many businesses find an advantage in staying private; they can continue to pursue long-term goals, where their public competitors have to do something to appease the mobs every three months…

  61. Avatar

    I liked to use the three favorite apps from lock screen , swipe down. No way to reach lock screen without turn off and on the phone.More complicated .

  62. Avatar

    nice work 🙂 but why are the events setting shortuts limited to the.tablet – would be so handy on ..

  63. Avatar

    I sent an email to jolla support about the delivery of tablet. This is the answer .”
    Jolla, Sep 17, 10:08
    > Hi,
    > thank you for your message.
    > Next we will be sending out invites to our webshop where we will ask that you complete your order. This means confirming shipping address, paying for any outstanding shipping and VAT and related fees, as applicable.
    > We aim to start sending invites during Sep. 2015.
    > Sail on!
    > Sincerely,
    > Jolla Customer Care
    > Operating hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 – 17.00 GMT +2; close weekends and public holidays (Finland).
    > Join the Movement @ [](
    > Like us on Facebook @ [jollaofficial](
    > Follow on Twitter @ [jollaHQ](
    > Dive deeper into the Jolla world @ [Official Jolla Blog](
    > ——————————–
    > This email is a service from Jolla Service and Support.

    A couple of days left in September 😉

  64. Avatar

    Anyone from jolla actually alive. Feel free to tell us what is wrong now?

  65. Avatar

    I just ordered a 2nd tablet. No joke :). I think the Sailfish tablets will become indispensable in daily use.
    I have no reason for any distrust. Jolla people are on to it and intend to deliver facts – I don’t feel uncomfortable they are not very talkative right now 😉 …

    It’s great an interested community had the opportunity to participate constructively to the outcome of a highly agile and liberal mobile OS on two devices so far. It’s unprecedented and should be continued with all our support.

    • Avatar

      Cool, jolla need more buyers like you. Are you sure you don’t need a third one?

      • Avatar

        … my nephew would be too young 😉

        8 blogs ago on July 25th before the “limited batch campaign” was on – I already offered a guy to take over his investment:
        “I’m willing to take over his investment and his tablet any time – just contact me if interest persists”

        Well, after ventilating a lot he and others never responded 😉 …

        Take care !

  66. Avatar

    We’ll see who’s right, if Jolla comes around with some hopefully better news for us.

    I had some thoughts concerning the cash situations of Jolla Oy. Therefore I had a look in the finnish trade register. These days Jolla Oy published the balances of 2014 (financial statement). It contains the numbers of 2014, the economic forecasts, refinancing etc. for 2015.

    Why not organize some good information, maybe facts, if you don’t get them elswhere… As I am not a finish speaking guy and google translator gives you just a hint:

    Is there anybody who combines two of the follwing:

    – speaking finnish
    – economical knowledge

    to find out what we can expect from Jolla regarding to the financials statements?

    I could share, if she or he shares as well with others here afterwards…

  67. Avatar

    AHA Ha! Jolla seems to be working on a blog post: “We’re almost there with #Jolla Tablet! A schedule update is in the works, and we’ll post it as soon as we can. We apologize for the delays.”

    • Avatar

      I’ve read twitter comment… What can I say. no more Jolla for me EVER!

    • Avatar

      Well, with there track record, maybe we can expect something next week or two? Today not for sure… and the weekend….

  68. Avatar

    “a schedule update in the works” what do they mean?

    1. schedule&releaseprocess done, tablet done – working on blog post.
    X. schedule&releaseprocess not done, tablet not done – working on blog post.
    2. schedule&releeaseprocess done, tablet not done – working on blog post.

  69. Avatar

    Jolla wrote: “We’ve now sent out the first order completion invitations to a group of early Indiegogo contributors. We start with a relatively small group to see that everything works as it should. So please bare bear with us – if you didn’t get an invitation yet, there’s no reason to be worried.”

    unfortunately they removed it so it’s likey that their blog post will start with a small group 😀

    • Avatar

      Dave, please note that this was from a document that I found in Jolla’s online help section that was probably not meant to be made public (at least not yet). It may even have been from a week or two ago, and been superseded by recent events. So, please don’t take my quote from it as being anything official.

      • Avatar

        Its was there, now its not. It was written by jolla. It could be what jolla include in blog post next week. Why else would it be there in the first place…

        • Avatar

          There are lots of reasons. 🙂 For one thing, Jolla is juggling at least three major projects right now: the Sailfish 2.0 release (which is ongoing), the tablet (which is nearing completion), and the Intex phone (or phones) whose release is approaching very rapidly. So yeah, they’ve got a whole lot of documentation to create and manage.

          For another thing, Zendesk is an entirely separate company. When Jolla hands their documentation over to them, I can imagine that there might be snafus as to which documents are to be made public when, and to whom exactly they should be made available. And yeah, I could easily see old documents surfacing for unknown reasons…

          So yeah, it’s an interesting quote, but no, you can’t depend on it to mean anything…

          • Avatar

            1. We have …its jolla behind this, not zendesk.
            2. Sail2.0 or the phone dont use indiegogo and dont invitation to complete order. Its about the tablet.

            • Avatar

              We also have (a) syntax errors (in case you didn’t notice), and (b) it was withdrawn fairly quickly (at least so far as I could tell; it was gone only a few minutes after I saw it). So yeah, probably not a document that Jolla was ready to release just yet.

              • Avatar

                No. But they might be next week.

    • Avatar

      I am sorry, did I missed something? After so much delay, they will start with small group? Are they insane? Release the freaking tablet already and you’ll get a more feedback from all of us… Don’t be a jerk and play with us anymore!

      • Avatar

        Yes, prometheus. Yes, they are insane. They’re just sitting on a pile of half a million already-manufactured tablets, twiddling their thumbs and doing nothing.

        By the way, did I miss something? You just posted “What can I say. no more Jolla for me EVER!” So really, I’ve gotta ask: Why are you still here?

        • Avatar

          Do you suppose to just forget about 270$ or perhaps, to pay tax and than ask for refund. And who the hell are you? their spokesman? If so, you could tell them to stop playing and deploy this freaking thing already. And if you might not noticed, there are many people that are waiting for this too long, and each day they get pissed off because of their behavior.

          • Avatar

            “you could tell them to stop playing and deploy this freaking thing already.”

            Oh come on, man, you’ve gotta be kidding me. You think they LIKE missing deadlines? You think they DON’T want to sell the products they’ve spent years of their lives developing? You think they ENJOY reading all these angry posts you guys are writing? (And yes, I’m certain that they are reading all of them, whether they want to or not.)

            Honestly, prometheus! If you could just flip a switch and instantly create tens of thousands of devices as complex as this tablet is, I’m sure Jolla would have done so last year. No, it takes time, and effort, and amazing amounts of cooperation between _dozens_ of different companies to put these things together, in sufficient volume, with sufficient quality.

            But eventually, they will get everything worked out, and they will ship the tablets to all the backers. Count on it.

            • Avatar

              According to the silence on this blog and twitter, I am not so sure if they read all the comments. Please don’t tell me about production, because tablet is announced in November 2014, and now is almost end of September. By this tempo, it will be released by xmas. They said that tablets are assembled, so what is with holdup? And what is with “small group” for testing? Why don’t they ask people who would be a tester and want to get tablet earlier. I bet my balls that almost all of them would gladly do it…

            • Avatar

              P.S. I am not going to argue over this blog, but reading all the comments that are actually justifying the holdup is just silly. My question for you my friend is, why they don’t comment something. Be more transparent? Talk with the people and explain what is going on. What is with PR? Do they employ students, that don’t have any idea what is going on in company to act as PR or?

          • Avatar

            @Copernicus, you’re completely correct.

            I understand what @prometheus is complaining about, but that type of rhetoric feels like the person has never had to lead a significant project delivery, so simply has no idea how difficult it is to ship a product.

            Everyone complaining how outdated the tablet will be now, seems illogical thinking. If you would’ve received the tablet 3-6 months earlier, you would’ve had a fantastic “modern” tablet for a total of 3-6 months. Oh, that’s such a true quality of life improvement, right? If released earlier, then by Sep 2015 apparently the tablet would somehow be LESS outdated…?

            Worrying too much about the delivery date of a $250 tablet may mean it’s a signal to find some additional interesting things to do in life. I for one keep myself busy building a couple of successful businesses and once you have clients, a tablet delivery deadline is the least of your worries. Ask yourself, what could YOU do to just let Jolla guys work their magic in peace and keep yourself busy with other stuff?

            Sure, if the delivery date went to 2016, I’d be like o_O but wouldn’t really care. The software they’re building lives forever. Already have clear proof of their delivery capability with the phone in your hand. I am with @Copernicus in highly doubting anyone is out to steal our money.

            • Avatar

              Hi Leho Kraav, the project manager. Please teach us how hard is to play with Microsoft Project and similar applications and do actually nothing in your life. Please do tell us what is your true job? what do you do whole day? You really plan your business for 8-10h a day? (please don’t answer to this question). Instead of employing people like you, they might “stimulate” senior developer, electronic engineers, designers and other “heroes” who actually do the whole job… Actually, you have gave us the correct answer why there is such a delay: “I for one keep myself busy building a couple of successful businesses and once you have clients, a tablet delivery deadline is the least of your worries.”. Well my friend, this is actually your true face, and quite important for people to read, so they can avoid doing business with guys like you.

              • Avatar

                (my last reply on this thread)

                @prometheus most of your comment missed everything said by a mile, esp. the “project manager” vs “building businesses” part, there’s not enough time to talk about that any further.

                For “true face” and other randomness you threw out, I do own every Maemo and Jolla device + addon throughout history, because I have supported and will support these guys to the end. That’s my true face.

                Let them work in peace.

              • Avatar

                Wow this answer shows that you’ve completely lost your mind… What gives you the right to judge people that you don’t know? What do you do in your life which makes you think you’re better than anyone else here?

                Leho Kraav just pointed out the truth. It might be difficult to hear for you so I guess that’s why you’re becoming mean, but your comments here indeed show us that you have no idea of the amount of work that a project like this require.

                And it’s also true that whining on not having you 250$ toy on time all day long make us think that you should try to find interesting things to do (working?) and also put things into perspective (it’s a tablet eh, i.e. a useless thing just made for entertainment).

                “they can avoid doing business with guys like you”
                Even if I don’t know how you can possibly come to this conclusion, I will return you your question above: Who the hell are you to say that?

            • Avatar

              give den fact that I used it as main device for max 6 month I think if I got it in may I could found something new buy now, I still think the tablet will be pretty shitty with no or limited services by release so no we could have had 6 months of development. I don’t know any other business where customers have to put up with this delay and get nothing in return. What saves jolla is that this is a crowed unding project, but overall reflect badly on any other project coming from jolla in the future. My concern is not the delay, but what jolla do to make it up for the customers…Like T-shirt, no or limited tax, discount for accessories or something else. Anyhow. Think we have release next week.

        • Avatar

          Let me be more specific and quote people from twitter:

          @JollaHQ This is unprofessional, you are setting post about tablet orders, but you still haven’t shipped those that are already preordered.

          @JollaHQ they are taking preorders before shipping the first batch to the bakers. I DON’T GET THE LOGIC.

          @JollaHQ the whole community is begging for updates, what is keeping you for sharing detailed information?

          @JollaHQ please stop apologizing it’s not trustworthy if you do this every post like you do. What’s the holdup start shipping !

          @JollaHQ Tick, tock, tick, tock.
          The day’s nearly passed, and still nothing from Jolla.
          How hard is it to write a few senetnces?

          Nice to hear Jolla is still alive! Can we have some hard information now please.
          Fed-up with platitudes and empty reassurances

          @JollaHQ delays after delays…we still waiting, but how long we need to waiting again for tablet? 🙁

          @JollaHQ you have a limited batch of buyers. Please act quickly and release the tablet.

          @JollaHQ @gundaharius I thought croudfunding was a great idea, 10 months later I dont

          @JollaHQ when starts the shipping from the indiegogo campaign?

          @JollaHQ @morksDE sounds like a cop out answer a standard thanks for the commment blah blah blah

          @JollaHQ @morksDE take peoples money almost a year ago and still no product once some get it it will be their last product they buy from u

          @JollaHQ @morksDE what is the reason for the delay give us an honest answer not some corporate answer id ex
          pect from a company like apple

          @JollaHQ also, it looks like from previous tweets, you’re seriously pissing off us early Indiegogo backers. Smart. Real smart.

          @JollaHQ How about actually getting me the tablet that should’ve been in my hands months ago?

          @JollaHQ are you going to deliver these pre-ordered tablets some day or they will be also forgotten just like IGG bakers)?

          @JollaHQ i want my tablet! When you will send it to us? I’m ordered in November

          @JollaHQ …ignoring isn’t solving! 🙁 #waiting #backers #indiegogo #Jolla #Tablet

          @JollaHQ stop annoying your backers even more. and try to deserve some trust by delivering your promises….

          @JollaHQ when we will get the one ordered last year?

          Should I continue?

  70. Avatar

    their latest tweet for people who might have missed it: “We’re almost there with #Jolla Tablet! A schedule update is in the works, and we’ll post it as soon as we can. We apologize for the delays.”

  71. Avatar

    I believe Dave999, prometheus plus copernicus have made their point. And now the point is that you guys can continue your productive discussion somewhere else. Unless you have information related to tablet delivery dates. Thank you.

    • Avatar

      indeed I have. Thank you for pointing that out. I’m waiting for jollas next move on Monday with a new blog post with shipping schedule.

  72. Avatar

    oh dear Jolla, its now MONDAY, Twitter announcement was Friday, please talk to us.

  73. Avatar

    It is end of September, any news regarding tablet? Please!

    • Avatar

      @jolla : I actually hope you have not been busy over last few weeks setting up Sailfish manually across the entire batch of devices due some weired issue that went wrong under production 😉 … In that case you could’ve asked the community for some busy hands or provided us with a tablet as is and some set of instructions ! I wouldn’t mind as long as the tablet will work by the end 🙂 ….

  74. Avatar

    Hi sailors,
    as time passes by – some more feedback for further OS 2.x improvements … it still is a blog about OS 2.0 😉

    • Home: reconfirming double-tap as the more straightforward approach to enter the “home carousel” after waking the device ….

    • Cover-tile ctrls: I expected enhancements instead of a degeneration of the COVER-pull-CTRLS as they are HIGHLY DISTICTIVE FOR SAILFISH !
    I wouldn’t expected you were going to drop this for ordinary “micro-buttons” 🙁 … Pulling fwd/bwd to move through through sessions, notes, playlists etc. is so elegant and efficient !
    You might could’ve enhanced the cover ctrls with by a tap-ctrl as well ( slightly longer than opening the app ) to trigger pause / resume / update / etc. …

    • Note app cover-tile: current note is shown in italic script and looks aesthetically off the OS.
    Maybe implement it such as your late “gallery-polaroids” – e.g. notes as colorful torn-off notepad sheets 😉

    • Locking the device while the app-grid is pulled up is not possible but can be very useful in hasty situations.
    Many times I discovered a power-hungry GPS-utilizing app running after having just flap-closed my phonecase before …

    • Browser app: triggering a remorse timer upon choosing “close all tabs” could avoid many mishaps 😉 …

    • TOH-swaps: would be great if getting asked “adjust or keep current sound & feedback settings ?” upon changing “the other half”. So you will get a chance to decide weather to keep your current volume / silence / vibro settings while changing the ambience ( theme & sounds ) though.

    • Browser app: experiencing endless scrolling through jolla’s blogs lately 😉 calls for a more efficient scroll functionality capable of scrolling pagewise/paragraphwise … a bit like scrolling to the beginning/end of a note or a mail list but a bit more sophisticated

    • Auto-completion of hyphenated expressions has to be overseen:
    1. Upon hyphen the first word must not become captialized unless you input capitals or the term is known as a captialized expression.
    2. After typing a hyphen: if your dictionary does not recognize a hyphenated expression it must not freak out but should forget about the first term and try to assist completion of the next / nth term …

    Well I hope this could help to make the UI smoother even more 🙂 ! Thanks for your great work so far !

  75. Avatar

    I didn’t expect to be the first to comment here, but I am amazed that people leave comments 15 days before the blog entry is published.

    • Avatar

      We are “Unlike” 😉

  76. Avatar

    Where is the SDK supporting SFOS 2.0 and the tablet? It keeps AMAZING me how native development is the LEAST important thing for you.

  77. Avatar

    When will Jolla get a feature to select different ring tones or musik for different peaple or a group of peaple?
    It would be very impportant.

  78. Avatar

    To me this update is in several ways an improvement. Swiping from left to right and vice versa is quicker than from bottom to top. Easy access to events. Well done.Fortunately Jolla does not have the caroussel that Android, Apple and Ubuntu have (like cards in the hand). One thing did not improve: the sound of the speaker. I had a traditional ringtone and an ambiance of a picture made by me. Both still exist, but that ringtone does now have a lower volume than before the update. Waiting for a new Jolla phone and/or for Sailfish available to many more phones. Please sail on!

  79. Avatar

    No! After 2.o update the phone is locked and the only thing I can see is an origami that fills half of the screen… Do not update!

  80. Avatar

    After downloading, installing and using the new version for a while the overall impression is positive.

    I don’t miss the row of application icons on the home screen. Normally I had to first go to the home screen to find them anyway (a swipe from the side and a press), now I swipe from the bottom and press instead. No actions added, and the bonus is that I have a whole screen (or should I say drawer) of applications available.
    I think it would be an improvement to keep showing drawer handles (or whatever that application grid indicator is called) as long as there are further pages of applications – perhaps they could be stacked like the ambiences in the top menu for direct access to ‘any’ page?

    I also think the application cover of the Gallery is superb now – although the extra nice touch if one image is displayed in the application only works for (local) photos.

    I see some ambiences now change from vertical to horizontal layout – but only when you are in an application with horizontal layout. I suppose it’s a tablet thing, but although it is quite cool for an engineer like me to see such things I’m not sure it’s a real improvement until the home screen also supports horizontal layout so the ambience can change there as well.

    I still think some of the changes are for the worse though:
    1) Reducing the size of the clock and status when peeking. Keep the status bar if you must, but

    2) Changing the application cover actions from swipe to push/press means
    a) I have to hit a small area to invoke that action. With two actions that area is really small, which is probably why they changed it to only 1 for their own applications.
    b) I can accidentally hit that spot when I just want to open the application.

    3) Keeping the order of the opened applications. It still seems a bad idea. Even worse when a long-press is needed to close applications – but luckily there’s an option to keep the functionality that lets me close with a swipe from the top.

    And I noticed one or two bugs… in the self-training application! A trainer which is simply beautiful.

    The contacts application is displayed with the search field between ‘favourite’ contacts and the index. This seemed like a good idea – so it was a disappointment to find out this was one thing that had *not* changed 🙂 … I hope it’s planned for a future update. On second thoughts, that would perhaps not work so well when you have a lot of ‘favourite’ contacts.

    The second bug candidate is that the application cover for what I believe is the clock displays “Pizza” and a nice clock image with a section of the (round) clock perimeter selected – possibly the name of a timer and the time remaining. It looks really good – but again not available yet. Next month? (1st of October 🙂

    Looking forward to the next update, and looking very much forward to finally getting my own tablet so I don’t have to borrow wifey’s iPad 🙂

    With some good games for kids available I will do my best to convince mine they want a Sailfish OS telephone by the time they get old enough to have their own!

  81. Avatar

    The OS 2 picture arranged by the current jolla devices is awesome ! Congratulations to the people who came up with this idea 🙂 !! Well done.

    If it were possible I’d like very much to ask for a poster-version of it 😉 …

  82. Avatar

    Just downloaded and tested. Not only downright logical, as it was before, but boldly simplified. Near perfect. Even better than Apple’s IOS. Congratulations.

  83. Avatar

    I’ve got this update and i’m confused as f***, After unlocking you can’t access the pulley menu for the shortcuts you created unless you lock and unlock the phone again??? It’s a basic function and now it is broke. Ambiances, why? what’s the point of ambiances now, why are they obsessed with them to the point they shove them in your face in a pulley menu at the top of the screen, who are these people that change ambiance every five minutes? Now they work even less than before, as when you come off the home screen the background is BLACK what’s the f***ing point of ambiances now? The two first things that piss me off are the two I actually liked about this phone, this is why i won’t buy a tablet and it’s also why I’ll end up with a Fairfone or Wileyfox next as this ‘experiment’ of Jolla’s is wearing thin now. It is becoming LESS INTUITIVE not more.

    • Avatar

      It is part of the big project.. All this will become clear and make sense in Sailfish 3.0.
      No seriously, I also don’t get it.. change for the change. (tap cover actions, a well intended but half finished swipe up for icon grid with no more favorites except on first startup screen, lost pulley menu’s replaced by pull and tap where it could be pull and release… ) Oh well,there’s another Deja Vu.
      All the really good things about Sailfish 2.0 seem to be concentrated under the hood and very much on the Android runability side that is. To the point that my native Sailfish music player gets killed in action to make space for the mighty Android 🙂

    • Avatar

      Totaly agree.

      I just don’t like the new design. The Caroussel view is useless with Events on both sides of Home. Ambiences ought to be where the were before on the left side of the Home, instead of top down. We don’t need this all the time. The most usefull menu with Camera, Phone and Parameters has disapeared, from the home, only accessible, when you lock and open. Vere disapointed.
      Maybe for the tablet, such a work around can be OK, but for the phone absolutely useless.

      Fernand St-Georges

  84. Avatar

    Do you think I will upgrade to the new version when the phone went out of the window of the fifth floor on the asphalt, towards the new version? It was a sad accident. Would the money be ordered together with the tablet. By the way when send by the tablet and will not affect whether the sanctions against Russia for the delivery?

  85. Avatar

    Finntastic improvement….great job. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  86. Avatar

    All excitement when down the drain after I updated. It feels like I updated my perfect phone to minitablet. Now I can’t even close the phone with a single swipe down (app closing still works after change in gesture settings). I think the closing gestures where the best part of the functionality.
    How can I revers the update?

  87. Avatar

    Just installed the new sailfish OS. Two things I noticed:

    – connecting to my (Linux) laptop now freezes the laptop until USB is plugged off again. that worked like a charm before

    – what happened to the gestures on active app covers (like refreshing email, twitter …)?

    Lot’s of other stuff I really like 🙂


  88. Avatar

    Can you remove the ad for the Foreca wether app? I like Meecast so I don’t take this app. This ad makes the event screen more messy.
    Another remark about Sailfish 2: with Sailfish 1 it was easier to switch the sound off. Now this is connected to an ambiance and this makes it more complicated.
    How can I remove the ambiances that I don’t like?

    • Avatar

      You can long press the Weather App and select “No thank you” (or something similar).

      You can use the volume buttons to turn your ringtone to silent.

      Go to Settings -> System -> Ambiences -> Long press on an Ambience and select “Remove ambience”.

  89. Avatar

    Hello Guys
    Great work. My congratulations.

    Two things to think about 🙂

    App Grid: It’s a very nice feature but that it is available on the locked screen has its backdraft. My phone did some calls while laying in my trouser pocket …

    But to see my events now I have to do some more work as before. one swipe to unlock, one to see my events.

    In the old version I found it very practical to only swipe and see whats up, without to unlock the phone.

    Guys, keep on working. I like the Sailfish OS. It’s a great system.

  90. Avatar

    Another thing that just bothers me: my carddav address book is gone; more precisely all my contacts are not there anymore. This really sucks.


    • Avatar

      Well, after a manual sync they are back again. Still, this is really annoying.


    • Avatar

      Jolla has only chosen the first 200 or so Indiegogo contributors for their initial group of invites. Well over 5000 people contributed on that first day (Nov 19), so it looks like it’ll still take quite a while before Jolla will be able to start getting tablets out to everybody…

      • Avatar

        … well for trying it out if shipping works, a random selection sheme for this would’ve been more fair …

  91. Avatar

    @ Copernicus Thanks for making it clear

    • Avatar

      @federico, some correspondents on TMO are gathering info on who has an invitation email, based on the timing of their contribution. So far, it looks as if people who contributed at or before 09:10 UTC on November 19 have got invites. The rest of us will have to wait 🙂 See

  92. Avatar

    @pakman Thanks!

  93. Avatar

    Well, I have to admit that I’m not convinced by the update.

    On the positive side:
    + it feels snappier
    + Android notifications work now
    + one can copy a backup to the memory card

    but now

    – the ambiance picture is just a simple
    background picture,
    – the pull menu doesn’t work on the home screen
    – one can’t lock the phone with just a swipe
    (this was cool!!), but also has to tap,
    – the ambiance pictures in the pull down are
    irritating overkill,
    – ambiance pictures are no longer in the gallery
    – icon screen has now a back background,
    (here ambiance part was really nice before),
    – after one year of always pulling up to get
    the notification screen now within an
    application one has to pull sideways from the
    left, which a lot less comfortable for me
    because my thumb is not that long, and
    – by making the move to the notification screen
    sideways one can no longer peek to see just the
    first few entries, instead one always has to
    switch the view completely.

    I hope that some of the old features can be brought back, at least as configuration options.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    • Avatar

      totally agress

  94. Avatar

    Is that blue ship ambiance still around somewhere? I’m already missing it…

  95. Avatar

    Will you updating the media player app? It’s a mess now.

  96. Avatar

    Damn it. Why didn’t you manage to ship tablets already so we could try sail2.0 on tablet before install it on phone. Is it possible to revert back if I don’t like sail2.0?

    • Avatar

      yes you can. It is a shame to have modified the SailFish Os so it is not fitted for the phone

  97. Avatar

    Thank you for the advice. Still I regret that we cannot switch sounds off with the pulley menu anymore.
    I am pleased with the new event screen, pulling sidewards. But I am sorry to say that the new ambiance ‘system’ is not an advantage to me.

  98. Avatar

    Finally, it feel like a successor for N9. Great job for Jolla in new UI.

  99. Avatar

    Lots of new stuff wow. There might be hope for Jolla to do such a complicated thing in the future than show smilies on the text message.

  100. Avatar

    Wow, it feels like a new smartphone. UI is definitely more responsive and user-friendly. Now I can’t wait any longer for the tablet.

  101. Avatar

    Recalling the launch event of the jolla phone … why not offering the opportunity to those who can’t wait delivery to show up in Finland, doing checkout the old fashioned way by EC/CC-terminal and leave happily with their new tablet ? 🙂

    After all served is served 😉 …

    • Avatar

      Because, as has been made clear many times, the tablets are in China! 🙂

      • Avatar

        … thanks for the info 😉

        • Avatar

          …. but then Jolla must have some in Finland for development purposes. Do you feel like trying to prise one or two “from their cold dead hands”? 😉

          • Avatar

            …. well, quoting the penguin “Skipper” from Madagascar 2:
            “… for the better, please !”

      • Avatar

        Are you saying that “those who can’t wait delivery” won’t go to China if they are not already there that is 😉

          • Avatar

            😀 … good ol’ Mr Martin – hilarious !

            Thanks for this 😉

  102. Avatar

    Just wondering if anybody has had this problem since upgrading to latest version of OS on the Jolla phone.
    For no reason my phone switches of when doing normal stuff / sending an sms / reading a mail / answering a call / opening an IM app like telegram or whatsapp. This shut down affects apps from Jolla and some android (although I have very limited android app installed) Is this a known issue or do I have a Monday morning phone 🙁 I really love the Jolla phone and software and its a shame it decides to stop working this often.

  103. Avatar

    This is a very good update. The swan when using any app looks faded, magically giving feel of the swan of Tuonela. please if possible use Kalevala themes (Lemminkainen my favourite).

  104. Avatar

    AWESOME!I just realized how nice and smooth and accurate the keyboard input now is. Great work!

    SailfishOS is way around the best and most stable phone OS I know. Keep working.

    Kind regards,

  105. Avatar

    Hi, first time commenting here. While I’m generally content with my Jolla (I don’t think I’d be happy with any phone on the market), there are some things that could be better.

    First, a really minor point. I like arrow keys on my keyboard, so I’ve added them according to this
    It bugs me to modify InputHandler.qml again every time there is a system update. Perhaps system updates could detect user-modified files and leave them be, adding the new one as a .rpmorig or something.

    Second, also pretty minor. Call recorder
    should be available from the official repo.

    Third, a major complaint. Starting the camera is slow! With my N900, I’d pull the phone from my pocket, simultaneously slide the lens cover, and it was ready to shoot almost by the time it was raised to shooting level. With Jolla, I pull out the phone, press power key, gesture the Camera app from the quick menu on the lock screen, enter unlock code, and only then can I shoot.

    To rectify the camera speed, the most important thing would be to allow users to specify that lock code is not needed when starting an app from the quick menu.

    Other ways to make smaller speed improvements might be to use tabbable icons on the lock screen instead of the pullout menu – the menu can be left there for those who prefer it. And while Jolla lacks a sliding lens cover that could be used to start the camera app, perhaps the app could be started by simultaneously pressing power and volume keys, or something like that.

    But anyways, thanks for reading this, and thanks for all the effort you’ve put into my phone 🙂

  106. Avatar

    Hi Sailers 🙂

    Just received this interesting news..
    I would to ask few things, in order to decide or not, for another Jolla(s). (First one was unsuccesful due to lack of these).

    Is there in SailFish v2.0, any update on:
    -Capability to make a real Backup, complete Image of the Phone to external directory (ex. SDXC, PC, etc);
    -Synchronize with MS Outlook 2010+;
    -Use of 64GB SDXC cards;
    -A way to tell/point an (Android) App, to use the SD card, but not the internal memory;

    Best Regards

  107. Avatar

    I have noticed a huge energy consumption rise since 2.0 was installed. As perviosly I could manage with 25-40 mW during the 24h period, it is now at least 80 mW.

  108. Avatar

    2.0 is a very beautiful system! I really want to stay with you guys, enjoying the tablet (to arrive in December) and hopefully new phones at some point. So don’t give up!
    I would really be happy if there would be a way to increase the font and icon sizes, even compromising a bit the beauty of the system:-) I’m not 20 year old anymore and I barely can read the phone numbers in the Contacts. And there is space… 🙂 Are you thinking about this in the future?
    Sail on!

  109. Avatar

    when jolla next gen smartphone will be available

  110. Avatar

    вопрос к
    JuhaniLassila. обновил до версии и не чего нового не получил. сделали изменения в событиях а зачем? быстрый доступ к управлению соеденениям стал сложнее. лишние движение. а где:
    1. изменение шрифтов
    2. сохранение файлов на CD карту (фото приложения и другой контент) зачем тратить память телефона?
    3. в контактах не могу установить разные мелодии.
    4. очень тихий динамик.может програмно можно увеличить громкость?
    очень удобно просмотр времени и поступивших звонках и смс на заблокированном телефоне.
    если таких простых функций не будет в телефоне то это игрушка для детей. кому нужен не полноценный телефон.я разочарован!!! лучше купить телефон на другом ПО. Я ДУМАЮ КТО ЖДЁТ ПЛАНШЕТ ТО БУДЕТ НЕДОВОЛЕН ФУНКЦИЯМИ ПЛАНШЕТА 🙂
    когда выезжаю из города в режиме 4g ко мне не дозвониться при 3g проблем нет. до по 1.1.9 такой проблемы не было.
    что мне нравится в этом телефоне внешний вид и полная блокировка приложений.
    вопос будут ли модернизация телефона? если да то когда?

    • Avatar

      First, this is an international blog and all participants are supposed to communicate in English. Second, for all of your complaints there is already a handful of posts on site. This blog is not a place for such rants.


      Это международный блог, и общаться тут принято по-английски. Оставляя список жалоб на полэкрана на русском языке, вы сами напрашиваетесь на полный игнор. Для обсуждения недочётов ОС есть сайт

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