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Sailfish OS 2.1.1 now available for Jolla devices through early access

Another rather sizable Sailfish OS release is now available to download for early access on Jolla devices. It brings a bevy of new features such as a new camera interface with direct access from the lock screen, Mobile Device Management (MDM) enablers intended for corporate usage, new VPN features, smarter calendar, faster email app startup and dozens of community-reported bug fixes.

Sailfish OS 2.1.1 Jämsänjoki is named after a river in the town of Jämsä, located in central Finland, flowing from lake Kankarisvesi to lake Päijänne.

Jämsänjoki introduces the ability of having a rather important feature targeted for corporate usage which is Mobile Device Management or MDM for short. It is used by corporate managements in order to keep the employees productive by enabling the employer to introduce usage policies to certain device activities such as OS updates, WLAN, side loading applications, sharing, location settings and more. This feature is not installed on vanilla Sailfish OS devices; however, Jämsänjoki introduces a number of APIs to the OS in order to make MDM compatible with Sailfish OS. We are also introducing a polished camera interface alongside with an easy way to access the camera directly from the lock screen without unlocking your phone by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen. This feature can of course be disabled from the settings menu in “gestures” section.

Other highlights from Jämsänjoki


Upcoming events


Upcoming calendar events

Jämsänjoki will now show you calendar events from upcoming days directly on your notification screen. This feature will help you stay on schedule easier than before.

Tatar language


Tatar language and keyboard

Our community votes which language should be next in line and contributes into translating Sailfish OS strings to those languages. Tatar language was chosen and translated by the help of our dear community for this update. Tatar keyboard was also added to the settings menu. Tatar is a language spoken by roughly 7 million people in the world, 5.2 million of which are located in Russia, so it was only fitting to our agenda and our latest releases in Russia to have this language added.

Bluez5 on Jolla C

This update is also going to allow the much awaited Bluez5 which we added the stack of to Sailfish OS on the previous update, Iijoki, to be put in use on Jolla C devices. This means that using Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE is now possible on Jolla C devices in order to save battery while having reliable and fast Bluetooth connections between supported devices.

New VPN types

L2TP or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol PPTP or Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol are the two new types of VPN that are being included on this update. This compliments the previous update, Iijoki, where we added the capability of using VPN on a Sailfish OS device.

Other improvements

There are dozens of other features and bug fixes added to this version of the OS such as improved Alien Dalvik on Jolla C devices, better connectivity features like the ability to edit saved and out of range WLAN networks and edit WLAN passwords, improved general reliability of OS gestures and many more that can be found in our official release notes here.

You can also follow our detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device here. We hope you enjoy this update and kindly report any bugs found so we can iron them out before the public release of the software.

Special thanks to all of our engineers, designers, and developers who worked tirelessly through the holiday season to get this update out in time! <3

Kind Regards,
James, on behalf of Jolla team

James Noori

Community Manager at Jolla. Gadget geek. Open source supporter and advocate. Long time Jolla blogger in a third party blog. Ready to change the world with unique and unusual alternatives!


  1. Excellent news. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you! Kudos to our engineers and developers who worked tirelessly even through the holiday season in order to get this update out!

      • The new calendar events list is just what I was waiting for.

  2. Good news. I’m looking forward to check the new features.

    It’s just sad, that Google Hangout support is dropped. I think, there is an API still available:

    Does someone know, wether the Google Calendar synchronisation bug is fixed? An updated calendar is essential for business.

    When is the update available for Intex Aqua Fish?

    • It’s not that kind of API.

      • Maybe the link is not the correct reference, but there is an open API for Hangout. There is even a native SailfishOS app for Hangout in Jolla Harbour.

        The deep integration of web sources and services instead of many apps are a very good user experiences. It’s one of the features, that makes SailfishOS to the reference of user experience for any benchmark.

        • Unfortunately, the API used in Hangish (the app in Harbour) is not officially supported by Google and it breaks time to time.

  3. Great news again:-)
    Is Emojis coming to the keyboard any time soon?

  4. Excellent! …Although now I find it even harder to justify myself getting a new Xperia + Sailfish OS while my two fully functional Jolla 1s from 2013 still get updates and serve me so well… ;)

    • I can tell you, it will be worth having a faster device ;)

    • As do I have. I have tried SFOS on Fairphone 2 and, yes, I can also tell you that it will be worth having a faster device!

  5. “access the camera directly from the lock screen without unlocking”

    Thank you kindly!

  6. What is the smart in smarter calendar? I can’t see any changes.

    • As an example, showing future events on your events view.

      • Technically that’s a new feature in events view, not in calendar itself.
        Of course you would have to make a – relatively simple, if coded correctly – interface in calendar, but I can’t see any improvements in the calendar app.

        But it’s great to be able to see upcoming events! :)

        • Well, actually if you are speaking technically, it is a feature that is heavily tied to the calendar. But I get what you mean.

  7. Much to my dismay, the battery on my Intex AquaFish gave up the ghost a fortnight or so ago. I obtained the phone in March and have used it fewer than five times. To make matters worse, I can’t find a bloody replacement battery anywhere online. Does anyone have any suggestions or what?

  8. On which device is done the the demo in video?
    Would it be possible that is the JP1?

    • That is a Jolla C.

  9. Thanks a lot for the support of Tatar language. Бик зур рәхмәт!

  10. Good update guys. Keep them coming. What was the small update that just came down, couple days after the big Jamsanjoki?
    Waiting for the Xperia project to become available for my next upgrade path.

    • Thank you for commenting, Mick.

      That small update was a hot fix that was causing a few issues on some of the devices. We made sure to publish this blog post after that issue was fixed.
      Xperia is being worked on real hard! Thank you for your patience.

  11. @James Noori do you know how long (in far future) will be supported the jolla phone for the oS ?
    Is there already a known date about this theme?
    I think that’s may be the time for the jolla-team to think about it, and maybe give one day this limit. Don’t you think so?
    Or it is planed that for any sfos version, the hardware should support it…?

    • We currently have no plans of stopping the support for Jolla 1. We will however communicate before we do so.

      • Speaking of Jolla 1 :

        - any chance, at some point in the future, to also have its Bluetooth LE supported (and bring bluez5 to it) ?

        - any chance, in the future, to upgrade its AlienDalvik ? Specially to KitKat 4.4 as currently on the Jolla C and Tablet ?
        (JellyBean 4.1 isn’t officially updated anymore by google, and even more app are dropping support for it)

        (Will it cost too much / not worth spending ressource on it ?
        Or is it simply waiting for some technical blocker ?
        e.g.: upgrading to new hardware kernel drivers that are actually compatible with Kitkat’s generation of API)

        Alternatively :
        if it’s a licensing issue, how much money would Myriad ask for an AlienDalvik upgrade and could you try crowdfunding the costs to Jolla 1 users ?

  12. ok easy camera access is nice.
    is calendar search feature added?
    otherwise calendar app is still stone age.
    Or maybe I just fail to find it?
    In that case, guidance appreciated:)

  13. Thank you for the update. Since there is support for Tatar language, wouldn’t it be nice to have support for Dutch also? We are a small country with 17 million inhabitants. A Dutch team did their best to make translations, but official support from Jolla would be better.

    • I am Lithuanian, quite a fraction of the Dutch speaking number.
      Would appreciate Lithuanian added as well.
      But calendar search is a top priority, and if there is a tradeoff, the latter is my pick.

    • Kea , you forget the 6.5 million in Belgium and the 400.000 in Suriname.
      So that makes 24 million in total :-)

      • Sorry, I forgot there are more Dutch speaking countries (Flemish, Sranan Tongo). So that’s an extra reason for supporting Dutch.

  14. Dear James,

    You promised me in February to forward my now almost 1.5 year old request (to add the seconds (hh:mm*:ss*) in the clock app), unfortunately the new changelog still doesn’t contain that change. Did you get feedback from someone in the developer team, and if so, what prevents them from implementing this minor, but very useful change?

    Thanks in advance. :)

    • Hello MeeGoUser!

      Thanks for your comment and reminder. Unfortunately this is one of those requests that hasn’t been prioritized yet and is not even currently in our plans to implement. We do have it as a task to do but sadly it has been untouched for a long time because of our lack of resources and other priorities… I would think that this will be added at some point.

      • Well, at least it’s on your agenda and not prohibited by patents or else. It seems a bit surprising that this improvement (which shouldn’t be more than a finger exercise) is shoved so far back in your roadmap, but if it helps to speed up other endeavours, more power to you. :)

        This makes one look back wistfully to the good old MeeGo days, with 1000+ people at hand.. nevertheless, the work you guys have done with 1/10th of the resources compared to back then is tremendous. Keep it going!

        • It is unfortunate, isn’t it? I checked our internal bugzilla and it turns out it is much more than just a finger exercise. We would be more than happy to have 1000+ people to work on these features but that is still a long way to go in this day and age for a small company that is trying its best.

  15. I have been reading comments to this post and suddenly it dawned on me that I will actually get this update on my Jolla from 2013. And it didn’t surprise me.
    Yes, my Jolla started to get long in the tooth in 2015 :) But it is still warming my heart that I can stay up-to-date.
    Not many phone manufacturers provide such level of support.

    • Yes brilliant… not many phone manufactures providing such a long term hardware like Jolla with the one and only JP1.
      But to play fair: Jolla notified to be a software company these days.
      Which also mean they should get the advertised SFOS-version for the Sony Xperia X device running.
      Fingers crossed!

  16. Those refund backers behave like queen bees.
    Keep the money. Survive, fix the OS and don’t refund.
    The OS was (and still is) not ready for basic daily usage, you had to evolve the OS towards tablet suitability.

  17. Yes! Yes!

    Good to see several posts over a short time frame, this is more like it Jolla! :D

    @James…any ideas as to when we might hear about the Xperia project??

    Any update posts planned?

    • We actually updated the Xperia blog post a few days back if you look, we have released the image to Cbeta and are proceeding with firther verification and testings. That was on 31st of July.

  18. WPA-Enterprise Support, I waited for Years for this feature. Thank You!

  19. Mr. Noori. Talk is cheap. Just make sure Sailfish OS is available and fully functional on all or most Xperia phone by Christmas!

  20. OK James,
    I am really impressed by your communication/ PR skills.
    And the way you avoid some questions, like an experienced sailor avoids rocks and reefs ( pun intended).
    So, what about the search function for the calendar app:)?

  21. It’s very nice that SailfishOS will be updated continuosly. Thanks for that.

    Hopefully some of my wishes will be fullfilled.

    - native PGP in eMail
    - no cd covers and podcast pictures between photographs in Galery
    - more configuration switches
    - get t-mobile SIM working

    for more and better functionalities I would also pay something

    • “get t-mobile SIM working” is too ambiguous. T-Mobile has business in many countries, and I’m pretty sure that Sailfish OS phones work fine with T-Mobile SIMs in most of those countries. In order to fix the problem we have to at least know what the problem is. I would start with MCC/MNC of the SIM card and a short description of the problem.

  22. James, is changing the search engine to others like duckduckgo or qwant on the horizon? And is emoji support coming to keyboard any time soon? :-)

    • Usually, Cisco VPN are the type that one can find at the workplace (my University is using Cisco VPN)

      In other words, SailfishOS is in no position to decide what VPN is used.
      It’s the various employers who decide which VPN to use at their work.
      Empolyees then just require VPN for work.
      Sailfish is then merely just following the demands of their users.

      If you’re not happy with Cisco, just ask your employer to use something else
      (but good luck…)

      If anything : at least Jolla is using the opensource “vpnc” to access Cisco VPNs.
      So at least the code running on your phone is open and less likely to contain backdoors for spying.

      • Then your university made the wrong choice, like many others did. Especially research centres, public services like health instututions, schools, etc. should only use safe, open source systems. Not Google, not Cisco. Unfortunately these big companies are lobbying heavily with their huge budgets and alternatives are quite unknown. Cisco is compromised by the NSA scandal. They even helped building the architecture for the NSA spying activities. They are really a wolf in sheepsclothes.
        The Jolla team is making VPN possible on Sailfish. They do not chose our VPN’s. But offering Cisco products and protocols is something that Jolla should not do. It degradates Sailfish. The best choice we can make on Jolla is OpenVPN.

        • Can’t tell you how lucky I am, being senior, free.

        • Yes, the universities *should*.
          But in practice don’t.

          Some department (mostly data analysis and research) move to Linux OS, use openvpn for VPN, etc.

          But most administrations, just go for the easiest path. Easiest defined as “what they already have” and “what they can just lazily pay a big company with a big name to take care for them”

          So most desktops in other places still run Windows, and their network is built with “Enterprise Grade (c)(tm)(r)!!!!” Cisco hardware, and they picked up their solution for VPN.

          Like I said, at least the implementation used by Jolla is opensource. So no Cisco backdoors on your side (phone).
          Then regarding the other side (VPN server): just DO NOT count 100% on VPN for all your security.

          Best practice is always end-to-end encryption.
          So, above the VPN, you layer a SSH connection all the way from your phone/tablet/latop, to the server you’re contacting.
          Thus even if the VPN server runs proprietary software with government mandated backdoors, this VPN server will only see encrypted gibberish flowing out of the VPN link toward the server you’re contacting.

          Regarding Jolla’s offer of VPN :
          well they have to listen to their customers. Customers want as many VPN solutions as possible, in order to use them on very diverse connections (whatever their employer/university/etc. uses).
          Jolla *has to* listen to customer, otherwise the customer will move away (and switch to Google Android).

          Jolla isn’t in a position where they can afford to impose their view of the world on everybody (they are not Apple).

          They’ll have to match their offer to customer demand and answer to what end users are asking for.

          BTW, some Cisco hardware seems to also have been independently compromised in China at the manufacturing level….

          • Thank you for your long reply. I know it is difficult to resist to the big powers, but it is necessary.
            I am an end user too. And I want Sailfish to be different. That was Jolla’s slogan at first and I still think it is important to use alternatives as much as we can.

  23. Cisco installs surveillance camera’s on squares in our city. I have heard them say in a video-podcast that our personal privacy will disappear. That is how they think. They also are lobbying heavily in Brussels (like many other American companies).

  24. Hello James,
    I would appreciate it very much if you could explain why the Jolla team added the second and third VPN option?

    • Hello Kea!

      Please excuse me for my late reply on this matter. Initially we prioritised support for VPN types like OpenVPN, which is secure and fully open source solution. Support for PPTP and L2TP was added, because both, while having issues, are still very widely used in corporate world and supported by all modern operating systems. Of course everyone has the option of not using them as well.

      • Thank you for the answer! I realise you have sometimes difficult decisions you make. But for customers, end users, it’s also good to know whith whom they are going to be involved. I would like to see employees speaking to their bosses about more ethical alternatives. If nobody dares to speak, nothing changes.

      • Thank you for the answer! I realise you have sometimes difficult decisions you make. But for customers, end users, it’s also good to know whith whom they are going to be involved. I would like to see employees speaking to their bosses about more ethical alternatives. If nobody dares to speak, nothing changes.
        Keep up the good work!

  25. Android apps will work on Xperia X with sailfishOS?

    • Well, duh.

      Of course they will. (At least at the more or less same degree as on J1).

      This is the whole reason of the delay.

      • Great to hear, unfortunnatly I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with sailfish os, and I don`t think taht we get android apps support too

  26. Will the update fix the problems I now have on my Jolla 1?
    1. can’t save new contacts
    2. no text message notifications
    3. camera not saving anything
    4. can’t download email attachments
    5. no missed phonecall notifications

    … and will it make my phone crash and lose everything like it did with Iijoki?

  27. When it was available for intex aqua fish……..?

  28. Since the latest Sailfish update and the udate of Here WeGo (7august) , this satnav app crashes on Jolla 1 .Problem mentioned on Jollatogether, but not yet solved. Here is a good satnav. Can it get support again? Is Here in the Jollastore not a much better idea?

  29. Any way you comments on old blog post?

    Will we see any more refund mail now when you recevied responses and possibly a few donations?

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